BDS Means Boycott Everything

There is some really bad news for the lunatic anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) brigade.  Virtually every electronic device in the world is now produced using Israeli technology.  The systems manufactured by Yavne-based Orbotech are used globally to produce almost every printed circuit board on the planet.  So when you tell the BDS crazies to dispose of all their electronic equipment, here are some recent news reports relating to other everyday items that they also need to steer well clear of.

1. Doctors and medicine

BDS advocates must never approach hospitals or GP surgeries because Israeli discoveries, treatments and life-saving devices dominate the medical arena.  Latest advances include treatments for pancreatic cancer and bladder cancer; a vaccine against avian flu; improved methods for diagnosing ADHD and blood clots; a new durable material for hip replacements; an app for diabetics; a watch that prevents heart attacks and safer cancer radiation therapy.

2. Water, food and drink

There is seldom a day without an announcement from one of Israel’s prolific water treatment companies.  It may be Miya, saving billions of gallons of water in the Americas, South East Asia, South Africa and Australia; or RWL water, supplying water treatment systems to America’s nuclear energy industry.  And the BDS mob will soon need to avoid most well-known food and drink products as the top companies in the US food and beverage industry are adopting Israeli water solutions in their manufacturing processes.

3. Agricultural produce

Israeli companies, products and innovative methods have revolutionized the agricultural industry in many countries.  Israel has established twenty “centers of excellence” in India, providing technological solutions to agricultural issues.  Netafim started propagating Israeli technology in 1965 with its drip irrigation system - now popular even in Arab countries.  Netafim has just completed a successful international pilot project of its uManage platform, which helps farmers to monitor irrigation/fertilizer performance and yields.  Meanwhile, even apparently small-scale Israeli innovations can help feed billions of needy people.  Israelis Moti Cohen and Mendi Pollak won the $20,000 top prize in the Pears Challenge. Their Livingbox “mini-farm” can grow vegetables anywhere, with a self-sustaining “closed loop” of energy and nutrition.

4. Being photographed

Israeli cameras have acquired such a high reputation that members of the BDS cult will almost certainly find that their images have been taken by Israeli-produced equipment and recorded on Israeli-developed storage.  There is nowhere for them to hide - NASA has even adopted Israeli cameras from Israel’s Medigus to conduct inspections in space.  And if they try to find a shady place to conceal themselves, it may have been constructed from one of the Israeli designs entered in the international urban shade competition at the Holon Design Museum.

5.  Human contact

BDS-ers should avoid contact with products and services from almost every country in the world (even Arab ones) because of their ties with Israel; but here are a few recent highlights.

China: - A delegation headed by Ren Zhiwu - deputy director-general of China’s High-Tech Industry Department of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) - arrived in Israel, the first time the high-level government team has come to Israel.

India: - In the biggest pro-Israel, anti-terrorist rally in recent years, an estimated 20,000 gathered in Kolkata, India in a show of solidarity with Israel.

Vietnam: - Trade between Vietnam and Israel increased by 53 per cent year-on-year to $426 million during the first half of 2014.

And if in the not too distant future you should happen to spot any stupid BDS-ers trying to relax and enjoy the lavish gardens and waterfalls at the bio-dome being built at Singapore’s Changi Airport, please whisper in their ears, “Nice isn’t it?  “Designed by an Israeli!”

6. Colored fabric

The final red light for the “dyed-in-the-wool” BDS thugs is that Israel’s Kornit Digital Printing has developed water-based inks that are entirely organic, 100% non-toxic, vegan-friendly and compatible with all types of fabric.  Kornit’s high-speed DTG printers are “revolutionizing” the fashion industry with single step fabric printing and no additional finishing.

So you will be able to distinguish BDS “clowns” very easily.  They will be the sickly, parched, thin, sad and lonely ones, wearing bland clothing.


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