History of Israel's Good News Apr to Jun 2020


In the 21st June 20 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·         An Israeli Covid-19 antibody product is available to treat urgent infections.

·         Israeli artificial skin can repair itself.

·         An Israeli-Arab “superwoman” is also an MDA volunteer.

·         Israelis make energy from wastewater and from humid air.

·         Investment in Israeli financial technology doubled to $1.8 billion in 2019.

·         US versions are to be produced of two successful Israeli TV series.

·         Newsletter supporter United With Israel won a Genesis “Speak out for Israel” grant.


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Covid-19 antibody treatment is now available. Israel’s Kamada (reported here previously) has completed manufacturing the first batch of its plasma-derived Immunoglobulin G (IgG) product for Covid-19 patients. Initial vials of the antibody have been made available for compassionate use in Israel.



Human trials for possible Covid-19 cure. (TY Dick) In a world first, a trial of Ivermectin - an antiparasitic treatment - has been launched at Sheba Medical Center on Covid-19 patients. Ivermectin has been available since 1981 and in the laboratory was recently found to kill the coronavirus within 48 hours.




Remote detection of Covid-19 complications. Israel’s Clew Medical (reported here previously) has just received US FDA emergency use authorization to remotely identify patients who are likely to experience common coronavirus complications, including respiratory failure and hemodynamic instability.



Adapting virus test for Covid-19. (TY Hazel) Israel’s MeMed (reported here previously) identifies whether an infection is viral or bacterial. MeMed is now working with hospitals in Israel, the Netherlands and elsewhere to identify Covid-19 patients and the potential severity of the infection.



Israeli progress combating Covid-19. Good video summarizing some of Israel’s latest projects to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68uvUsUAxGI


More telemedical devices. Israel’s Beecardia connects patients, doctors and remote specialists. The startup of ex-Ukrainian immigrants has developed a portable cardiograph, a wireless ECG recorder, a digital stethoscope, a portable spirometer (measuring lung capacity), a pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor and glucometer.

https://beecardia.com/products  https://beecardia.com/about


Donating blood saves lives. New video featuring Magen David Adom’s blood donation service and how vital it is for use in surgical operations and medical research. Also, blood plasma helps patients with compromised immune systems. Finally, construction of the world’s first underground blood bank is proceeding well.



Self-healing electronic artificial skin. Muhammad Khatib, PhD student at Israel’s Technion. has developed a polymer that is strong, water resistant, conducts electricity and is super elastic. Furthermore, when it is cut and put into water it will repair itself! Future applications include robotic skin, prosthetics and wearable devices.




Focusing protons to kill cancer. (TY I24 & WIN) A new video from Israel’s P-Cure (reported here previously) that is using its focused proton radiation therapy device to destroy cancer tumors.






Special needs kids heal injured animals. (TY Janglo) The Israeli charity Tzohar Halev operates education institutions, rehabilitation centers and housing facilities. It has just opened a therapeutic zoo in Ashdod for special needs kids, called Ohel Dov (Dov’s Tent). The kids interact with birds, hamsters, snakes and chickens.



Urban agriculture in the heart of Tel Aviv. A new video of the farm on the roof of Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff shopping center. The hydroponics grow lettuce, cucumbers, basil and spinach. The vegetables go to local restaurants and non-profits. Leftovers make biogas. There is also a butterfly garden, beehives and a tree nursery.



Tel Aviv beaches are accessible. (TY Jacques) All 13 of Tel Aviv’s beaches are now fully accessible. In the past, only five of those beaches were accessible to people with disabilities. The city also provides paths to the shoreline, accessible parking, amphibious chairs, and an app to guide the visually impaired.



Bedouin woman, 6 children, 2 jobs and an MDA volunteer. Bedouin Arab "superwoman" Asmahan Abu-Yeheya has volunteered for Magen David Adom in Gan Yavne for 16 years. She is also a certified preschool teacher and works as a medical secretary at an orthopedic clinic. Meanwhile, she has raised 6 children!



The skies are open permanently. The EU has given its approval to Israel's permanent membership of the European Union’s "Open Skies" agreement. A temporary agreement was signed in 2013. Now Israel will be permanently open to full competition between airlines, lowering fares and (post-corona) increasing tourism.



Greece’s PM visits Israel first. (TY INN) Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis chose Israel for his first foreign visit post-Covid-19. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu praised their friendship and discussed re-opening mutual tourism. They also signed three Memoranda of Understandings - on cyber, agriculture and tourism.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHHADHgodkg   www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/281960


Top Mexican-Israeli achiever. Mexican magazine Lideres named Dr. Samuel Tobias, a senior neurosurgeon at Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, among 101 Mexicans with significant influential achievements outside their native country. He was chosen for treating hundreds of Syrian civil war casualties from 2013 to 2018.






Israel raises its renewable energy target. In 2016, Israel committed to 17% renewable energy production by 2030. Plans have changed - Israel has just raised the target to 30%. It is investing massively in solar energy, reducing pollution and greenhouse gases. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8NthF2V5Xs


10% of disruptive breakthroughs are Israeli. Five of the companies on CNBC’s eighth annual Disruptor 50 list are Israeli. They are Neteera, Lemonade, Healthy.io, Sentinel Labs and K Health. “Disruptive” companies are those whose breakthroughs are influencing business and market competition at an accelerated pace.



Israel’s international Quantum Hub. Korea’s Hyundai, Holland’s VDL and Israel’s Tadiran and Taavura-Livnat, have jointly established an innovation center called Quantum Hub in Herzliya near Tel Aviv. It will provide tools to grow and connect companies in automotive and mobility, industry 4.0, energy and logistics.



Sustainable development projects. Rural Senses is one of Israel’s “AI for Good” accelerator startups. It uses novel data collection methods plus AI-based data annotation to help analyze the impact and success of social projects. It helps design projects and interventions that are both financially and socially sustainable.



Combating desertification and drought. This video highlights the successes of Israeli scientists in growing crops in the Negev Desert with minimal waste of precious water.



Doubling cycle paths. More good news for a cleaner Israel. The Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality has approved a strategic plan to double the length of bike paths in the city from 140km to 300km by 2025. The municipality announced the plan on 3rd June - World Bicycle Day.



Hi-tech training for medical staff. (TY Hazel) Sheba Medical Center is using Microsoft HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality headsets to train dozens of physicians, biomedical engineers and nurses on how to operate ventilators for Covid-19 patients. It is also helping staff remotely monitor what is happening in a patient’s room.



From hydroponics to respirators. Israel’s Growponics normally produces hydroponic greenhouses. But when coronavirus struck, it teamed up with physicians to develop a low-cost solution to help COVID-19 patients breathe. The device uses a respiratory balloon connected to an oxygen tank and a computer-controlled piston.

https://finder.startupnationcentral.org/company_page/growponics  http://www.growponics.co.uk/


Microsoft’s AI-powered virtual classroom. Microsoft has launched a virtual classroom system that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide feedback on the individual performance of students. Built by Microsoft Israel’s education group, it also provides security, group collaboration and teacher supervision / inspection.



Clean water plus energy. Israel’s Agrobics (reported here previously) purifies wastewater, producing energy to power the process. Its reactor uses anaerobic bacteria Archaea to eat pollutants, clean the water and excrete biogas. It has 3 Israeli test sites and a BIRD grant to build one in California with US firm Bennett & Bennett.



Power from humidity. Scientists from Tel Aviv University simulated lightening by exposing two different metals to different levels of humidity. They found that voltage develops when humidity rises above 60%. It opens the possibility for developing renewable energy batteries that can be charged from water vapor in the air.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/tel-aviv-university-team-takes-cue-from-lightning-to-create-power-from-humidity/  https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-64409-2


ADAM’s driving test. Israeli startup ADAM CogTech can identify a driver’s cognitive state. It tests the driver’s reaction to light stimulation and determines if a vehicle operator is tired, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The system is based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and brain science research.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3833330,00.html  http://adam-cogtec.com/



Anti-radiation vest proved in space. The vest to protect astronauts against radiation from Israel’s StemRad (reported here previously) was worn by Jewish astronaut Jessica Meir on the International Space Station (ISS). Now StemRad has been awarded a grant to turn ISS plastic waste into radiation protection equipment.



Joint US-Israeli space projects. In addition to StemRad, other Israeli companies to benefit from the 7th round of funding from the Space Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership Program include SolCold (manipulate solar energy), Green ICPS (corrosion protection coating), and MobiliComm (communications system).






Record $1.8 billion raised for fintech in 2019. Israeli fintech (financial technology) companies raised a record $1.8 billion of investment funds in 2019 – more than double that in 2018. Israeli firms account for 5.1% of global investment in fintech – the fifth highest country in the world.



SAP expands its Israeli R&D. SAP SE is expanding its research and development office in Israel. It is looking to hire several dozens of software engineers, big data experts, and managers for both its SAP-Gigya development office located in Tel Aviv, as well as its Ra’anana office. SAP has some 700 employees in Israel.



Huge order for wearable medical watches. Israel’s CardiacSense (reported here previously) has signed an exclusive distribution agreement in India worth at least $32.4 million for 150,000 of its medical watches. The device remotely monitors and detects patient vital signs of fevers, heart arrhythmias and chronic diseases.

https://www.cardiacsense.com/news/cardiacsense-doubles-orders-for-its-wearable-medical-watch-with-a-32-4-million-contract-in-india/  https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3833372,00.html


Another smart car connection. Israel’s Otonomo (reported here previously) has added another car maker to the partners for its connected vehicle data analysis systems. Its latest deal with automotive giant Fiat Chrysler is estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars. 



NetApp uses Israeli AI for customers. As reported here, US IT giant NetApp bought its fifth Israeli company recently. NetApp has now paid millions of shekels to Israel’s Iguazio (see here) to use its Artificially Intelligent technology to help data analysis and storage optimization for its customers.



Improved probation system for Latvia. Israel’s Supercom (reported here previously) has won a 5-year contract from the Latvian government to deploy its enhanced PureSecurity product suite. It will provide Latvia’s probation service with innovative advanced features to give a secure alternative to prison incarceration.



Rapid wave of innovation.  Israeli-Australian VC firm Square Peg Capital expects a wave of innovation and says that the equivalent of a decade’s worth of change has occurred in just two months. Square Peg has raised $250 million for its fourth core fund, of which the Israeli market represents around 40% of its investments.



Israeli startups raising funds. Latest investments in Israeli startups include: ECOncrete raised $5 million; CardiacSense raised $6 million; ADAM CogTech raised $2 million; Salt Security raised $20 million; Pagaya raised $102 million;





Photographing the Holy Land. Photographers Jodi Sugar, Yosef Symonds and Moshe Schlass have captured many beautiful and inspirational images of Israel. Click on the links below to view some of their classic photos.


http://www.jodisugar.com/best-sellers.html  https://www.visions-israel.com/



New TV series connects kids with nature. The new TV show Zormim (Hebrew for flowing) is an educational mini-series that promotes Israel’s many rivers and streams and their fascinating ecosystems. It helps connect Israeli youth and the environment - especially important during this time of home isolation due to Covid-19.



Apple buys Tehran. The new drama series "Tehran,” by Israel's public broadcaster Kan has been sold to Apple in what the corporation calls "one of the largest deals in the Israeli industry”. The show is one of the first foreign productions purchased for subscribers of the Apple TV+ video streaming service.




Amazon buys On the Spectrum. Amazon Studios has bought the format to Israeli-made “On the Spectrum,” a half-hour comedy-drama series about three roommates with varying levels of autism. The Israeli show won nine Ophir Awards, Israel’s top honor for TV and movies, in March 2019. The Amazon version is yet to be named.




Universal Music opens in Israel. Universal Music Group, one of the largest music corporations in the United States, has become first major American music label to open a branch in Israel. UMG Israel will be based in Tel Aviv and is said to be engaging in the industry’s strategy of seeking to develop and sign foreign talent.






Israel welcomes Peruvian Olim. 37 members of the Peruvian Jewish community flew to Israel on a charter flight for new immigrants, organized by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Peru is suffering from high rates of COVID-19 infections, plus riots due to the scarcity of food and medical supplies.




They are coming in their thousands. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has just brought another 57 Russian-speaking Jews to Israel, making 1,000 Olim that the ICEJ has sponsored since Feb 2020. Israel expects 90,000 new immigrants in the next 18 months. Many young US professionals are now applying.





Building cities in the Negev desert. Since 2012, the Or Movement has built 8 cities in the South of Israel. Its Equitable Cities program aims to reduce gaps between development towns and the cities in the center of Israel; to strengthen the cities in the periphery and to support the sustainability and success of the Negev and Galilee.

https://www.israelgives.org/amuta/570041251  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMiCBgRLjuU



The Holy City. (TY Sharon) Jerusalem doesn’t stand still. It is installing defibrillators; also small fridges where residents can donate food for those in need. Streets and buildings have been deep cleaned; pathways repaired, and new traffic lights installed at busy crossings. Meanwhile, the Tower of David Museum has re-opened.



Four religious women to enter Knesset. (TY Janglo) Several Israeli ministers have just made way for four religious women to become new Members of Israel’s Parliament. Tehila Friedman, Michal Cotler-Wunsh, and Einav Kabala are all law experts. Hila Shay Vazan was a journalist.



MyLChaim. The Israel Innovation Fund together with Wine on the Vine have launched a new Israeli on-line wine store Israwines. They have also announced the #MyLchaim Campaign to encourage Jews around the world to drink and make Kiddush with Israeli wine every Shabbat.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPjbHV5hEH4  https://israwines.com/


United with Israel is a Genesis Foundation winner. Newsletter supporter United with Israel (UWI) is among the NGO winners of a Genesis “Speak Out for Israel” grant. When applying for the grant, UWI focused on the theme: “Israel’s Global Fight Against Covid-19”, which (as newsletter readers know) Israel excels.



Celebrate Israel Parade – virtually. The Virtual Celebrate Israel Parade 2020 will be streamed on Sunday, June 21st at 1:00 pm (EDT) on-line and on Facebook and YouTube. It will also be available on-demand after the broadcast.  https://celebrateisraelny.org/




In the 14th June 20 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·         The trial of a new in-heart microcomputer has already saved a patient’s life.

·         A newborn Syrian baby has been flown to Israel for urgent heart surgery.

·         Israeli scientists have generated clean fuel hydrogen from plants.

·         A powerful Israeli microscope displays the flow of light and electricity.

·         Israel’s startup ecosystem is number 3 in the world.

·         An Israeli singer in the IDF has been signed up by Atlantic records.

·         Applications for immigration to Israel are at an all-time high.


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A new passive coronavirus vaccine prospect. (TY Janglo) Israeli researchers at Bar-Ilan University have identified short amino acid sequences (epitopes), that trigger an immune response to eliminate Covid-19. The discovery could lead to the development of a passive vaccine.



Corona Data challenge. Sheba Medical Center - Israel’s largest hospital - has offered (non-personal) medical data on its 500+ recovered coronavirus patients to innovators, startups, defense companies and the IDF. They have been challenged to build the best artificial intelligence tool for saving lives in future virus outbreaks.



Doctors, we have a problem. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) hopes to win Sheba’s Corona Challenge with its data analysis artificial intelligence system. It gives an 80% accuracy early warning that a Covid-19 patient is likely to suddenly deteriorate in the next hours. IAI uses similar systems to predict likely failure of its satellites.



Saving lives of ventilated Covid-19 patients. (TY UWI) A new video featuring Israel’s AnapnoGuard (reported here previously) which is saving the lives from pneumonia of hundreds of coronavirus patients on ventilators in Israel, the USA and China. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gv0UXt8yp8


How are you? Check your cheek. Israeli startup Binah.ai was previously into financial analysis (see here). Now it uses its Artificially Intelligent technology to analyze a video the cheek of a human face to extract vital signs and mental stress measurements. It is used in Montreal hospitals to monitor Covid-19 patients remotely.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3832195,00.html  https://www.binah.ai/


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeU0K662BA8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmEVpTSCzC8


Home blood tests for cancer patients. Israel’s PixCell (reported here previously) has partnered with Interreg Germany-Denmark’s Changing Cancer Care (CCC) initiative. They will assess PixCell’s HemoScreen hematology analyzer for cancer patients to perform blood tests as part of their homecare oncology treatment.



How old is your brain? Researchers at Israel’s Ben Gurion University have developed a deep learning framework based on Magnetic Resonance Images (MRIs) for age prediction. Specifically, an ensemble of deep neural networks was trained to predict a subject’s chronological age from brain imaging of healthy subjects.

https://in.bgu.ac.il/en/pages/news/brain_age.aspx https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/hbm.25011


In-heart computer saves grandmother. Israel’s Vectorious Medical Technologies (reported here previously) has now patients from Italy, Germany, the UK and Israel, in the trial of its revolutionary in-heart monitor. It is safe and has already detected and prevented pulmonary edema and hospitalization for one elderly UK patient.



Converting public phones into defibrillators. (TY David F) Israel’s public phone booths are being converted into lifesaving public access defibrillator stations, as part of a new national collaboration between the country’s main phone company (Bezeq) and its ambulance service (Magen David Adom).



Pickles prevent tooth decay. Israeli scientists from Ben Gurion University working with Chinese scientists have discovered that probiotics produced in the pickling process can slow the buildup of dental plaque. The research can lead to a new generation of mouthwashes for maintaining dental health.






Looking after special people for 3 decades. On 10th June 1990, Israeli charity Shalva began providing services for people with special disabilities. It now supports thousands, from infancy to adulthood and their families. This includes therapy, education, social, recreation, employment training, respite and family support.

https://www.shalva.org/about-shalva-2/   https://give4shalva.org/


Special needs kids heal injured animals. (TY Janglo) The Israeli charity Tzohar Halev operates education institutions, rehabilitation centers and housing facilities. It has just opened a therapeutic zoo in Ashdod for special needs kids, called Ohel Dov (Dov’s Tent). The kids interact with birds, hamsters, snakes and chickens.



Israel digitizes 2,500 Islamic books. (TY Janglo) The National Library of Israel, in coordination with the Arcadia Fund, is to open digital access to over 2,500 rare Islamic manuscripts and books. High resolution images of books will be uploaded and accessible via a new English-Hebrew-Arabic digital platform.



Second UAE plane lands in Israel. Just over two weeks ago, the first commercial flight from the United Arab Emirates landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport (reported here previously). A 2nd Etihad Airways plane has just arrived, delivering tons of coronavirus aid to the PA and Gaza. This one bore the full Etihad Airways logo.



Syrian baby flown to Israel for heart surgery. A 10-day-old baby, born to Syrian parents who live in Cyprus, was flown by air ambulance to Israel to undergo an emergency procedure to correct a severe congenital heart defect. He was immediately transferred to Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.



An Israeli-Arab fights BDS in South Africa. Israeli-Arab Yoseph Haddad flew to South Africa, despite the Coronavirus pandemic, to speak in TV debates and to audiences during Israel Apartheid Week. If only more people would see this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewfMjq1BMEg  


Israel’s mission to Poland. Besides the coronavirus pandemic, Poland is currently experiencing its worst drought in recent history. The Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry’s Poland mission, based in the Israeli embassy in Warsaw, includes infection tracing and a webinar presenting Israeli water tech to Polish companies.



World Oceans Day. The theme of 2020 UN World Oceans Day on 8th June was “Innovation for a sustainable ocean”. This video highlights the work of Israel’s Oceanographic and Limnological Research institution and Haifa University’s School for Marine Sciences. Separately, volunteers removed garbage from Israel’s beaches.







Grants for 22 agricultural R&D projects. The US-Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund (BARD) has approved grants of $7.3 million for 22 joint Israeli - US research projects. They include projects involving agriculture-engineering, animal health, animal and crop production, water and renewables.  



Fuel for Israel’s growth engines. Israel’s Innovation Authority is funding NIS 150 million for three new R&D consortia. Andromeda Consortium will target autonomous vehicles; Quantum communications consortium will develop quantum encryption and Advanced Materials Processing Consortium will focus on high-power lasers.



Microscope records the flow of light. The groundbreaking quantum electron microscope at Israel’s Technion Institute gives the clearest images ever produced of light moving inside materials. At a million billion frames per second, it shows light and electricity flowing. It will initiate major advances in nanotechnology.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtcVL7KnfCI  https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2321-x


Israel produces N95 facemasks. (TY Hazel) Israel has inaugurated its first production line for N95 masks, with the expectation that it will produce as many as two million per month.  The factory is situated in the southern city of Sderot, close to the Gaza strip and is one of only a few production lines of its kind in the world.



An eco-friendly facemask. Israel’s Ofertex manufactures personal protective equipment made from recycled materials. It has just launched the EcoMask - an antibacterial and antimicrobial facemask with an inner filter made from recycled textiles and embedded with antimicrobial copper nanoparticles.



Hot water project to save fuel. Israel’s Brenmiller Energy (reported here previously) is piloting a new water heating system to save 36,000 liters of diesel and reduce pollutant emissions at Israeli army outposts. Residual heat from the base’s power generators is stored in crushed rocks and discharged when hot water is required.



AI for good. Microsoft and Israeli NGO “Tech for Good” have launched a new accelerator “AI for Good”.  It has selected 14 Israeli startups for its first cycle considered to be the most interesting cases combining artificial intelligence and social impact. Each will receive expert training alongside an average of $500,000 in funding.



Rehearing the world. Lipifai is one of Israel’s “AI for Good” accelerator startups.  Lipifai translates speech into text by automatically using deep learning technology. Text is generated and displayed in real time to help the deaf and hard of hearing. It even works in noisy environments.  https://www.lipifai.com/


Music to your ears. Israel’s TuneFork creates a personal audio profile for an individual. A 5-minute test with the app using earphones produces a unique “earprint” for integrating and optimizing all audio content. It is designed to improve the listening experience, overcome hearing impairments and prevent further damage.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3830231,00.html  https://www.tunefork.co.il/technology



Energy from plants. Tel Aviv University researchers have successfully produced hydrogen from plants. They injected chlorophyll cells with the enzyme hydrogenase that, with sunshine, produced a tiny but constant supply of hydrogen. This is a breakthrough, as hydrogen produces no pollutants when used as a fuel.





Hi-tech agriculture in the desert. (TY I24 & WIN) One of the most important resources that farmers in Israel’s Negev desert have is the Ramat haNegev Desert AgroResearch Center (RNDARC). It helps them solve problems of water conservation, irrigation, soil erosion, seed selection, crop rotation, harvesting and more.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEGR-NDx_FE  https://www.negev.org/Partners/RNDARC.html


Modernizing the Israeli stock market.  The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) selected five companies for their "Data Sandbox" project to help modernize Israel’s stock market. They are Zirra.co (AI risk factors), Scanovate, (Identity provider), Correlate Capital (liquidity engine), FINTICA and WizSoft (data-mining tools).


https://www.fintica-ai.com/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM00hBLPEZU

https://scanovate.com/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1ANUXvP-gs

https://finder.startupnationcentral.org/company_page/correlate-capital   https://www.wizsoft.com/


3D virtual car showroom. Israeli startup Matter beat 52 teams from 19 countries in Skoda’s ‘COVID Mobility Race’ hackathon.  Matter used 3D technology to create an interactive digital virtual showroom concept. Skoda will help Matter develop the concept and investigate putting the project into practice.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3831977,00.html  https://matter.co.il/






The world’s 3rd best startup ecosystem. Israel rose from 4th in 2019 to 3rd of the 202 countries on Startup Blink’s 2020 Global Ecosystem Report. It lists Outbrain, Fiverr and Moovit as the most popular of the 968 startups listed. Israel was 2nd for Coronavirus innovation. https://www.startupblink.com/startups/israel


Sweden partners Israel for innovation. Sweden’s Innovation Agency, Vinnova, is partnering Israeli non-profit Startup Nation Central to promote innovative R&D projects. Called “Connector”, it will have a 2 million Euro budget for companies and academic institutions to engage in co-development.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3831952,00.html  https://www.theconnector.co.il/



Two new records for currency reserves.  Israel’s reserves of foreign currency rose by a record $9 billion in May to reach a new record total of $142.5 billion.



Good sales for re-opened Israeli stores. (TY Janglo) May was an excellent month for those stores in shopping centers and malls that reopened after lockdown. Their average sales rose 21% in May 2020 compared with May 2019 according to data from Retail Information Systems, which took figures from 2,850 stores across Israel.



Pandemic Innovation Conference. The OurCrowd Pandemic Innovation Conference on June 22 will explore the latest technological solutions to the coronavirus crisis, including vaccination, treatment, diagnostics and prevention of the disease. Thousands of investors from 100+ countries are expected to attend online.



Mobile X-ray devices for Asia. Israel’s Nanox (reported here previously) has just received $20 million investment from SK Telecom who will partner Nanox in selling thousands of its portable X-ray machines in South Korea and Vietnam. SK Telecom said Nanox can make a significant change in early disease detection.



Record sales and exports for IAI. Israel’s state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) had a record $1 billion in sales in Q1 2020. Exports accounted for 71% of sales. Its backlog of orders was over $13 billion. There had been little if any cancelations of contracts or major delays resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.



Team8 raises $100+ million venture fund. Israeli cybersecurity startup foundry Team8 (reported here previously) has launched its Venture Capital arm. It has raised another $104 million to invest in startups working in the fields of data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and enterprise technologies.



Red Dot raises $200 million VC fund. Israeli venture capital fund Red Dot Capital Partners has raised nearly $200 million for its second fund that invests in late-stage companies. Red Dot launched its first fund in 2016, raising $151 million. https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3830270,00.html


Startups raising funds. Latest funding includes: TuneFork raised $1.5 million; Nanox raised $20 million; Upstream raised $32 million; Planck Resolution raised $16 million; Binah.ai raised $13.5 million; Alpha Tau raised $26 million; Opora.io raised $7 million.





A modern twist to ancient exhibits. (TY Jacques) 300 Israeli artists have produced some unique displays for the Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts and Design at Tel Aviv’s Eretz Israel Museum. They include 10 century glass bottles alongside pink liquid cleaner; a 3D printer plus a golden artifact; a mixture of ancient and modern.



Virtual Israel tours with JNF. The whole family can enjoy a week of JNF virtual Israel tours with a licensed Tour Guide. See biblical and modern Israel, famous and off-the-beaten-path sites, JNF projects, hidden gems, The Old City of Jerusalem, Ayalon Institute, Rosh Ha'Nikra, Akko, Sderot, Be'er Sheva, Timna Park and more.



Bars are open so science is on tap again. Now that Israel’s bars are no longer locked down, Weizmann Institute professors are giving their 11th annual “Science on Tap” talks. This year the venues are 32 bars in villages and towns on Israel’s border with Gaza and in nearby Ashkelon and Netivot.   



Biggest record deal for an Israeli. Nineteen-year-old Noa Kirel is currently serving in the IDF. Meanwhile, she has just signed a contract worth millions of dollars with US company Atlantic Records. Coincidentally, she recently released a single on Youtube entitled “Million Dollar”. It has already received 2.7 million views.




A boar ate my homework. (TY Israel21c) As reported here previously, the coronavirus lockdown has encouraged wild animals to take to the streets.  In Haifa, the son of Israeli basketball player Ido Kozikaro had a good excuse for not being able to do his homework – a wild boar had eaten it! Luckily, he had video evidence.



Israelis puts the ads on stadium boards. Israel’s STADS Technologies’ platform markets TV advertising space on the boards around soccer stadium sports fields. It is used by Manchester City, Arsenal, Sevilla FC, Borussia Dortmund, AS Monaco, AC Milan and Real Madrid. Juventus legend Del Piero is a strategic partner.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3832276,00.html   https://stads.io/





Love at a coronavirus hotel. Ruth and Bezalel come from two families who were infected with Covid-19 and taken to a hotel converted into a coronavirus recovery ward. Ruth was impressed that Bezalel had organized Torah activities for the yeshiva students at the hotel. A friend organized a date and the couple soon got engaged.



Jerusalem – a city of contrasts. (TY Sharon) Some remarkable scenes of Israel’s capital city. Green paths, speedily completed roadworks, hotels opening for guests, streets closed to accommodate eating outside restaurants, the Unity Prize winners and three contrasting volunteer medics for United Hatzalah.



Birthright internships continue – virtually. (TY Janglo & Algemeiner) Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Birthright is going ahead with its Excel summer internship project, virtually. It places Jewish university students from the US, Canada, Mexico, Israel and the UK with Israel’s top tech and finance companies.



Aliya applications double in May. (TY TPS) May 2020 ended with a 100 percent increase in North American interest in Aliyah compared to May 2019, with a record-breaking number of immigration applications. Many of the 800 applicants said that the coronavirus helped prompt a decision they long had in the making.




Moving to Israel to avoid racism. Listen to what converted black Jew Elton says at 21:20 on this ILTV video. (Relevant extract begins at 17:30)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2Kr5ea_Z_Y&time_continue=1033




In the 7th June 20 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·         Israeli discovery of bacteria in all types of cancer cells will transform oncology.

·         Israeli engineers make free 3D-printed prosthetic hands for children

·         Israel sent Covid-19 missions to the Congo, Sudan and the Philippines.

·         Israeli smart weeding system ensures more crops with less pesticides.

·         Alibaba uses Israeli technology to help US companies ship their products.

·         9 million people voted in the Israeli Dead Sea photo competition.

·         New technology accurately dates ancient Jerusalem structures.


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Keeping Covid-19 patients off ventilators. (TY UWI) Israel’s Respinova developed Pulsehaler to help COPD patients improve their lungs and avoid ventilation. Repinova is now preparing for clinical trials in Israel on patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) as caused by Covid-19.



Detecting Covid-19 in India. Israel’s Zebra Medical was being deployed last year (see here) to detect TB cases across India. Zebra is now assisting Apollo (India’s largest hospital group) to diagnose coronavirus cases using its machine-learning algorithm that analyzes CT scans of suspected Covid-19 infected patients.



Testing CPAP on Covid-19 patients. Israel’s Itamar Medical (reported here previously) is funding a trial of its disposable WatchPAT ONE CPAP device. It will be given to 200 confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients in the Mount Sinai Health (US) system with respiratory symptoms but who do not require hospital admission.



BGU doctors on the Covid-19 front lines. A webinar from Israel’s Ben Gurion University featuring a student developing software to help advance Covid-19 treatment trials and two alumni - one working for the World Health Organization, and another helping implement a Covid-19 surveillance system in the state of Oregon.



Bacteria protects cancer cells. Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have discovered that bacteria exist inside all types of cancer cells. They protect the cancer by “digesting” and de-activating chemotherapy. These anti-cancer treatments may be made more effective by targeting or manipulating the bacteria.




Nitric Oxide treats babies with Bronchiolitis. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Beyond Air announced positive top-line results from its third pilot study in bronchiolitis patients. 89 infants under 12 months were treated at 8 sites in Israel. https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/05/20/2036389/0/en/Beyond-Air-Achieves-Primary-Endpoint-in-Pilot-Bronchiolitis-Study.html


US approval for latest exoskeleton. Israel’s ReWalk Robotics received FDA clearance of its Exoskeleton Personal 6.0  https://investorplace.com/2020/06/rewalk-robotics-news-boosts-rwlk-stock/


DNA editing to cure diseases. Israel is establishing a consortium to make CRISPR genome editing more precise. Israel’s Innovation Authority has allocated NIS 36 million to CRISPR-IL, for the country’s academic institutions and bio-techs to use AI to advance the technology for repairing disease-causing mutations.



Free prosthetics for children. (TY Janglo, Hazel & ILTV) Scientists at Israel’s Technion 3D-print prosthetic hands for children in Israel, Gaza, the PA and Syria – all for free. They are built to the child’s specifications –and can be even better than a normal hand.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCu8gIdPTeU  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgpSr5cFaHU


Keeping transplants alive. Israeli courier Mishel Zrian races against time for NGO Ezer Mizion, delivering life-saving transplants for bone marrow patients. During the pandemic he often performs logistical acrobatics to avoid quarantine and get transplants to their destinations amid the shortage of flights and restrictions on travel.






Takeaway benefits the needy. Israel’s TAKE is a social impact food delivery service. Order food from certain restaurants that deliver using TAKE’s network of freelance couriers. Separately, when the restaurant has surplus food, it contacts TAKE to deliver it to those in need, providing hot, fresh meals to those who cannot afford it.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3827180,00.html   https://take247.co.il/


Off-grid wastewater treatment at Bedouin village. A solar-operated wastewater treatment system developed at Israel’s Arava Institute has been installed at Umm Batin, a Bedouin village near Beersheba. The water is recycled for agriculture. Previously, residents polluted the groundwater because there was no sewage system.



Drive-in Covid-19 testing in the Congo. Israel’s Magen David Adom has built software for managing a drive-thru facility in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They also prepared a training program of videos and written procedures, which they have passed on to local medical professionals who will operate the facility in Africa.



More ties with Sudan. (TY JTA) Israel sent a medical team to try to save the life of a Sudanese diplomat who had been working to improve relations between the two countries. Other news includes the first commercial Israeli airplane (El Al from Argentina) to be given permission to overfly Sudan, saving 2 hours flight time.



Coronavirus aid for the Philippines. (TY Hazel) Israel donated a large shipment of medical supplies to the Philippines to help the southeast Asian nation cope with the coronavirus pandemic. It included thousands of medical gloves, surgical masks, medical gowns, N95 face masks, face shields and non-contact thermometers.






A health-tech revolution. Newsletter subscribers will know that the coronavirus pandemic has fast tracked the merger of Israeli high tech with the health sector. This article highlights some of Israel’s major advances in remote healthcare and telemedicine that are saving lives thanks to an improved regulatory approval process.



Roads and rail upgraded. (TY Atid-EDI) The Israeli Government has injected over NIS 1 billion to upgrade Israel’s road and rail network during the pandemic’s lull in traffic. The final stretch of the Jerusalem – Tel Aviv fast train and the expansion of a central Israel highway will be finished six months to a year ahead of schedule.



Virus-killing sanitation tunnel. (TY UWI) Israel’s RD PACK has developed a sanitation tunnel that sprays incomers with a safe anti-viral disinfectant. The tunnel can be placed at the entrance to stadiums, hospitals, airports, schools or office buildings. It is being piloted at the VIP entrance to Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv.




Smart way to tackle weeds. Israel’s Greeneye (mentioned here previously) utilizes Artificial Intelligence and deep learning technologies to revolutionize the weed control process in agriculture. It accurately detects weeds at the species level and then sprays with precision in real-time, avoiding dangerous, wasteful use of pesticides.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3827256,00.html  https://greeneye.ag/



Developing Facebook’s digital wallet. Facebook Vice President Tomer Barel is Chief Operating Officer at Israel’s Novi, the team developing the main components of Facebook’s digital wallet – also to be called Novi. He expressed his pride to be part of the thriving technology community in Israel.



Generator for remote villages. Israel’s Aquarius Engines (reported here previously) is launching a field test of its revolutionary lightweight linear engine on a Philippines island where residents have no access to electricity. Aquarius is partnering with Nokia to bring electricity to remote populations and telecommunications centers.



Google’s wireless earphones have Israel inside. (TY Hazel) Israel’s DSPG makes the chip that provides Artificial Intelligence for Google’s new wireless earphones. It includes voice-activation and instant translation. DSPG also produces the chip is responsible for the entire audio system of the Panasonic Technics headset.

https://www.ynetnews.com/business/article/rJL2J6ciU  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MmAbDJK8YY


Alerting lifeguards to swimmers in danger. Israel’s Sightbit uses AI and computer vision technology to detect and prevent drowning, as swimmers return to Israel’s beaches. Sightbit’s pilot program at the popular Palmachim Beach aims to turn the area into one of the first “smart” beaches in Israel.




Join the virtual Houseparty. With 50 million sign-ups in March alone, the app Houseparty, developed by Israel’s Life On Air, has become a top competitor to Zoom, especially among younger crowds. Houseparty recently hosted a 3-day virtual party “In the House” with Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, John Legend and Snoop.

http://nocamels.com/2020/05/house-party-coronavirus-pandemic-app/  https://houseparty.com/


Discover your data leaks. Israel’s 1touch.io uses network analytics, repository scanning, plus management interfaces to discover personal and sensitive data that a company does not even know about. Only then can the company protect that data from accidental or deliberate unauthorized exposure.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3829911,00.html  https://1touch.io/

https://1touch.io/blog/the-story-behind-our-series-a/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyYKXIc5aQo


How do you compare with your competitors? The intelligence platform of Israel’s Watchful reveals useful information about the product strategy of competitors by analyzing their apps. It provides detailed information on the changes that their applications are undergoing and compares it to your own company’s app.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3829997,00.html  https://www.watchful.ai/

https://techcrunch.com/2020/01/03/tiktok-deepfakes-face-swap/ (an example of Watchful’s app analysis)





Opportunities in South Korea. Israel’s $2 billion annual trade with South Korea is set to surge. Covid-19 infections are low in both countries and Korea’s digital and green “New Deals” plus its K-Startup Grand Challenge will attract Israeli innovators. Samsung, Hyundai, LG etc. already partner many Israeli companies.




Locating a doctor overseas post Covid-19. Israel’s Air Doctor (reported here previously) locates a trusted physician if you fall sick abroad. In Dec 2019, it launched a telemedicine service for travelers to virtually meet with physicians who speak their language. Usage of the service has soared 150 percent in the last two months.





Virtual fitting room takes off.  Business for Israeli startup Zeekit, has surged during the Covid-19 pandemic. Zeekit’s technology (reported here previously) virtually dresses on-line shoppers and fashion models. Recent new customers are Walmart, Macy’s, UK’s Asos, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger.



Monday.com is worth $2.7 billion. The valuation of Israel’s Monday.com, which makes software to help employees work remotely, jumped to $2.7 billion - a 42% increase since it last raised funds. The company says its tools help its 100,000 paying customers keep tabs on assignments and avoid communication breakdowns.



Israeli tech powers Alibaba’s shipping for US companies. E-Commerce giant Alibaba has launched Alibaba.com Freight to help American companies dispatch their goods by sea and air. It uses technology from Israel’s Freightos (reported here previously), which compare prices and manages shipments in real time.



Starting a business during a pandemic. Four Israeli entrepreneurs launched their companies during the coronavirus pandemic. Stayy Live streams live broadcasts; Gooo allows greengrocers and farmers to sell direct to consumers; Canditech provides remote recruitment; and Wishbox manages hotel guests during the pandemic.



Investing in cybersecurity. Israeli Venture Capital fund Cyberstarts has just closed its second $100 million fund for investing in early-stage cybersecurity startups. To date, the fund has made six investments, and highlights the growing demand for innovative cybersecurity solutions, particularly in times of crisis.



3d Signals is a European Red Herring. Israel’s 3d Signals has won a Red Herring top 100 Europe award, recognizing it as one of Europe’s outstanding and promising companies. 3d Signals is an Industry 4.0 pioneer with its AI-based IoT Asset Performance Monitoring platform for digitalizing production floors.



Optimal+ exits for $365 million. US giant National Instruments Corp bought Israeli data analytics Optimal+ (reported here previously) for $365 million. Optimal+ founder and CEO Dan Glotter said the deal was “testament to the leading-edge innovation delivered by our R&D, Product and Data Science teams in Israel”.





NetApp spots a fifth Israeli startup. US IT data services company NetApp has acquired Israeli cloud services startup Spot.io for a reported $450 million. NetApp previously acquired Israeli startups Cognigo, Plexistor, Topio, and Onaros.  The technology of Spot.io helps companies save Cloud computing costs.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3830090,00.html  https://spot.io/

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTSiEiAhSDc Beautiful publicity video by sand artist Ilana Yahav.


Startups raising funds. Latest funding includes: Fiverr raised $120 million; GreenEye raised $7 million, Saturas raised $3 million; 1touch.io raised $14 millionl; Watchful.ai raised $3 million.





Pick the cherries. (TY I24 News) Israel’s cherry-picking season in the Golan Heights lasts just one month – May.  Thousands of Israeli tourists visit the region – even to some of the remote Kibbutzim. They enjoy the landscapes, the local culture and, of course - the fruits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCtR6Qqd2XU


An eco-friendly vineyard. (TY ILTV & WIN) The Tabor Winery in Israel’s Galilee enlists wildlife for a cleaner, greener wine. No pesticides, natural flowers between the vines to preserve the soil, trees and nesting boxes to attract birds. Rock islands for smaller animals. The results are complex wines with unique flavors.  



Huge response to Dead Sea photo competition. Over nine million votes were cast in an Israeli-organized competition in which some 3,500 photographers submitted over 13,000 photos of the Dead Sea. There were entries from more than 40 countries, including Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.



Jailbird recaptured. (TY Janglo) An exotic bird escaped from Israel’s Ramat Gan Safari Park and walked North along Route 4 near the busy Bar Ilan interchange. When the police arrived, they immediately blocked traffic for this show-stopping bird and returned it safely to the Safari Park.



Israeli baseball star coaches US youth. Alon Leichman grew up playing baseball on Israel’s Kibbutz Gezer and was a pitching coach for the Israeli All-star team.  He currently coaches for West Virginia Power - an A team in the Seattle Mariners system - but plans to return to the Israeli All-stars for the next Olympics.






Exploring the City of King David. (TY INN) Two new videos exploring the 3,000-year-old City of David, where King David set up as his headquarters.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P96sEZJNa5s  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA9UswJXOEQ


Jerusalem on Shavuot. (TY Sharon) The festive Shavuot (Pentecost) atmosphere in Jerusalem this year was much quieter than on previous occasions. But the Temple Mount has now re-opened after a two-month closure.



New tech to date old stones. Weizmann Institute scientists used new radiocarbon-dating techniques and micro-archaeology to accurately date the construction of Wilson’s Arch, which supported one of the main pathways to the Second Temple. It was built in two phases, around 35BCE and then extended in the first century CE.



Fountainhead discovered from Talmudic period. An ancient fountainhead matching a description in the Babylonian Talmud was recently discovered in northern Israel’s Tzippori National Park. It has the shape of a face as described in the Talmud (Tractate Avodah Zarah, p. 12a) which specifically addresses idol worship.



DNA analysis of the Dead Sea Scrolls. (TY UWI) Israeli and US scientists have decoded the DNA in the animal skins on which the Dead Sea Scrolls were written. It has proved connections between some fragments and disproved others. It has also distinguished locally written texts from those brought from elsewhere.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/pioneering-dead-sea-scrolls-dna-study-reveals-bible-was-changing-2000-years-ago/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNC_2BbioHQ


More real estate for Roman. (TY Janglo) Israeli-Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich (reported here previously) is certainly putting his money into the Jewish State. He has just bought his third property – this time it’s a 2.35-acre estate in Herzliya Pituah for a record $64.5 million.



Emotional homecoming for Argentinian Olim. In this powerful video clip, a father from Argentina cannot hide his emotions as he is welcomed into the Jewish State by singing youth and IDF soldiers.



Disabled volunteer hero. Yerucham has been a volunteer food delivery driver for Israeli charity Yad Ezra V’Shulamit for over two decades, despite having regular dialysis treatment and being in wheelchair following a car accident. He drives a modified van and continues to deliver food to the needy.




Movie proceeds to feed needy Israelis. The Jewish Community of Oporto (Porto), Portugal, is donating all proceeds from the Video on Demand film "The Light of Judah" to Leket Israel – the Food Bank of Israel. The film is part of an interfaith project, in conjunction with the Catholic Diocese of Oporto, to fight anti-Semitism.

https://www.israelhayom.com/2020/06/04/jewish-community-of-porto-lends-helping-hand-to-israeli-food-bank/   http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/281260




In the 31st May 20 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·         Israeli tests found that two Gaucher’s medications also treat Covid-19.

·         Israeli engineers made an artificial arm for a girl to play the violin.

·         Israel is using radar sensors to detect Covid-19 infections.

·         An Israeli has won the Mathematics equivalent of the “Nobel Prize”.

·         An Israeli company trained all its cleaning staff to become IT operators.

·         Israeli restaurants, bars and cafes are open again.


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Gaucher’s treatment also works for Covid-19. In animal tests, Israel’s Institute for Biological Research has found two treatments for the genetic disorder Gaucher’s disease are also effective against Covid-19 and other viruses (e.g. West Nile). Cerdelga is already approved for Gaucher’s and Venglustat may be fast-tracked.



Testing Nitric Oxide treatment on Covid-19 patients. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Beyond Air develops LungFit  - a revolutionary Nitric Oxide (NO) generator and delivery system. The US FDA and Health Canada have approved the use of LungFit in COVID-19 treatment trials in both countries.

https://www.beyondair.net/news-media/press-releases/detail/101/beyond-air-to-initiate-clinical-study-evaluating-high  https://www.beyondair.net/news-media/press-releases/detail/105/beyond-air-receives-approval-from-health-canada-to-study


Israeli-Italian partners for Covid-19 treatment. Israeli biotech Kamada (see here) has partnered Italy’s Kedrion to develop a human plasma-derived Anti-SARs-COV-2 product. Kamada will use its proprietary IgG platform technology and Kedrion will provide plasma from donors who have recovered from the virus.



Patch for monitoring Covid-19 patients. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s G Medical has received Emergency Use Authorization from the US FDA for its Vital  Signs Monitoring System (VSMS) ECG Patch. It can be used to monitor Covid-19 patients whose treatment includes medication that may cause life-threatening arrhythmias.

https://gmedinnovations.com/products/#prod  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRaL2OzzGoY


Treating diabetic children in Texas. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s DreaMed Diabetes (reported here previously) is integrating its Advisor Pro software at Texas Children's Hospital. It allows diabetic children to be monitored remotely and avoids the risk of them (and their parents / guardians) being infected in hospital with Covid-19.




The ICU of the (near) future. HealthSpace 2030, Israel’s high-tech Intensive Care Unit of the future was unveiled in the ARC center of Sheba hospital. 11 technologies integrate augmented reality, communication, monitoring, AI, sensing, and robotic technologies to maximize care and comfort while minimizing risk to staff.



Cancer treatment gets $0.9 million boost. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s VBL Therapeutics (reported here previously) has been awarded a grant of up to $0.9 million by the Israel Innovation Authority.  It will support the Phase 3 study of VBL’s lead candidate VB-111 for the treatment of platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.

http://ir.vblrx.com/news-releases/news-release-details/vbl-therapeutics-awarded-32-million-nis-non-dilutive-grant  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnNsZYrpT_w


Funding for 16 research projects on personalized medicine. The Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP – reported here previously), has granted another NIS 60 million to 16 projects researching into specific targeted personalized medicine that can treat ailments such as autism, cancers and trauma.



Personalized pregnancy care. Israel’s NUVO has partnered with Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital to develop an AI platform for accurate decision-making about pregnancy complications. NUVO has also just received US FDA approval for its INVU device (reported here previously) to be used in monitoring maternal fetal heart rate.



A better medical trial experience. Israel’s Habitu (see here) develops a platform specifically targeting clinical trials and patient support programs in community-based healthcare. It provides flexible, continuous, emotional, professional and procedural support to patients, leading to more efficient trials and lower drop-out rates.



Heart stent gets Breakthrough status. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Endospan (reported here previously) has been granted Breakthrough Device Designation from the U.S. FDA for its NEXUS Aortic Arch Stent Graft System.  It already has the CE Mark of European approval.



Decoding the immune system. Israel’s Immunai is developing a technological platform that aims to map the entire immune system for better detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. It uses single cell genomics that could in the future unlock the secrets of infections, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3822891,00.html  https://www.immunai.com/





A prosthetic arm to play the violin. Yael, from Petah Tikvah, was born without her left arm but always hoped to play the violin. At an event of Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM – reported here previously), Israeli students from Shenkar College of Engineering, Arts, and Design, built the device that made her dream a reality.


https://tomglobal.org/project?id=5e6f8f2b94711e10b13ebdff (includes video of Yael playing the violin)


Two Ethiopian Israeli women become border police officers. Sub-Inspector Oshrat Negosa and Sub-Inspector Tikva Makonnen have made history. They are the first Israeli women to be promoted to the rank of officer in the Border Police, where they will command platoons of new recruits.



Happy Eid to Israel’s Muslim citizens. Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin and other prominent leaders extended greetings to Israel’s Muslims in honor of Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that marks the end of the month of Ramadan. Knesset speaker Yariv Levin delivered his own Eid el-Fitr greeting, in fluent Arabic, from the Knesset podium.

https://www.jns.org/israeli-leaders-bid-muslims-happy-eid-al-fitr-praise-communitys-handling-of-the-pandemic/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6knDcBpo6qg


IsraAID is now working in Israel. Volunteers from Israeli NGO IsraAID are usually in far-flung countries such as Haiti, Nepal and even the USA. But the Covid-19 crisis meant many had to return to Israel. So, they now work as part of a coronavirus response project to help the children of refugees and migrants in Tel Aviv.



Four US States build bridges to Israeli tech. Many US states are expanding links with Israeli companies during the pandemic. Key drivers are the Florida Israel Business Accelerator, Tulsa Oklahoma’s hub for healthcare and cybersecurity; the Texas-Israel Alliance and the Arizona Israel Trade and Investment Office.

https://www.israel21c.org/why-are-4-us-states-building-bridges-to-israeli-tech/  https://www.fiba.io/

https://www.texasisrael.org/  https://www.azcommerce.com/


Educating global disadvantaged communities. Thousands of post-army or post-high school Israeli volunteers help underdeveloped countries by participating in the Jewish Agency’s Project T.E.N. (Tikkun Empowerment Network) – see here. It now operates in Uganda, Mexico, Ghana, Greece, South Africa and Cambodia.



Israel praised on Lebanese TV. In an interview on Lebanon-based TV station LBC TV, Lebanese Journalist Nadim Koteich said, “Israel is scientific, economic, cultural, and military power”. He reported that the per capita contribution of each citizen to GDP was $3600 in Israel whilst in Lebanon it was just $360.



Asiatic lion cubs born at Jerusalem zoo. (TY UWI) Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo saw the birth of a pair of Asiatic lions cubs, the first such animals born in captivity in Israel. Their parents Gir and Yasha were brought to Israel from Sweden and Germany as part of the European endangered species breeding program.


https://www.timesofisrael.com/first-lion-cubs-born-in-captivity-at-jerusalem-zoo/ (Very cute video in report)





4D sensors detect Covid-19. Israel’s Government is using 4D radar sensors from Israel’s Vayyar to detect and monitor vital signs that can indicate early-stage COVID-19 symptoms. The sensors can be placed in hospitals, care homes, factories, airports, public transport, borders etc., to minimize exposure and face-to-face contact.



A facemask that cleans itself. (TY WIN) Ein-Eli is dean of the faculty of materials science and engineering at Israel’s Technion Institute. He has applied for a US patent for his invention of a facemask with a USB-powered carbon fiber heating element that kills germs in under 30 minutes.  




Software to accelerate Covid-19 trials. Ben Gurion University student Daniel Iluz-Freundlich has developed a software program to help find and enroll Covid-19 positive patients in trials for new treatments and vaccines. He has provided the app PI-Enroll at no cost to COVID-19 trials underway in North America, Asia and Europe.



Virtual camera to detect overcrowding. Israel’s Nexar (reported here previously) developed its dashboard smartphone camera to prevent vehicle accidents. It has now launched a Virtual Camera to help public officials resolve overcrowding issues – e.g. at public events, recreational areas and even hospital entrances.



Israeli drone has life-rafts for search and rescue. Elbit Systems' Hermes 900 maritime patrol drone has been equipped with 4 six-person inflatable life-saver rafts, plus detection and identification capabilities as part of a new search and rescue (SAR) package. It can operate for 24+ hours, in adverse weather conditions.



Israeli wins top Math prize. Hebrew University’s David Kazhdan won the 2020 Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences - the first Israeli ever to receive the so-called “Nobel of the East.”  It recognized his “huge influence on, and profound contributions to, representation theory, as well as many other areas of mathematics.”



Security in the code. (TY Atid-EDI) Cybersecurity startup Bridgecrew’s Israel-based R&D team develops and  delivers security as code so that anyone can deploy the defenses needed to protect their cloud infrastructure. Bridgecrew recently emerged from stealth mode with $14 million of new funding.  https://bridgecrew.io/



Smart fleet management. Israel’s Autofleet uses Artificial Intelligence to generate “Vehicle as a Service”. Its software maximizes the use and revenue of each vehicle, minimizing downtime through automated servicing. It allows managers to simulate ride sharing and revenue predicting. Autofleet has just raised $7.5 million of funds.



Reducing the cost of computing. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Granulate has a patent-pending solution that improves an organization’s computer workload performance with up to 60% less computer resources. It means a huge reduction in costs without requiring any changes in the customer's code.  https://granulate.io/



Micro cameras. Israel’s ScoutCam develops minimally invasive endo-surgical tools and innovative imaging solutions. Their CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) video cameras include one of the smallest cameras in the world. They are used by surgeons, by NASA in outer space and to inspect nuclear reactors.

https://www.scoutcam.com/about-scoutcam/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HddemC-PCg


Fast checkout with visual recognition. Israel’s Shekel Scales uses AI and visual recognition to automatically identify products at self-checkout, even if in an acrylic supermarket bag. It also weighs fruit and vegetables.

https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200505005455/en/Shekel%E2%80%99s-Fast-Track-Answers-Urgent-Call-Touchless  https://www.shekelonline.com/news-and-events/87-shekel%E2%80%99s-visual-recognition-svr-included-in-ground-breaking-edge-x-autonomous-shopping-solution







Record Q1 funds raised. (TY Atid-EDI) Israeli companies raised $2.74 billion in the first quarter of 2020 – 76% more than Q1 2019.  March saw a slowdown, but funds raised in April were nearly $1 billion.



Nine years of the Israel-Asia Center. The Israel-Asia Center (reported here previously) was founded in 2011 Since then it has secured some $185 million for the Israeli economy. Its 8-month fellowship has trained almost 100 young leaders from 14 different countries across Asia, including Indonesia and Malaysia.



US gets good value from Israel. The US gets a high return on its annual $3.8 billion Israeli investment. Israel invests almost $24 billion in the US, nearly triple that in 2010. Israeli-designed components are an integral part of US hi-tech products. Areas include IT, biotech, life sciences, energy, defense, cyber-security and much more.



Ukraine-Israel trade to expand. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed with and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu expanding the Free Trade Area Agreement, promoting Israeli investment and resuming flights. He also said that Israel is "an example of an effective fight against the coronavirus epidemic."



Resuming tourist flights to Cyprus. Cyprus announced that Israel will be in the first group of 13 countries, with low COVID-19 infection rates, allowed to resume commercial flights to the country on 9th June. Initially, passengers will require a health certificate confirming that they are virus-free. Cyprus hotels open on 1st June.



How Israeli companies retained employees. Several Israeli firms took major steps during the pandemic to avoid losing skilled staff. Ness Technologies and VeriFone Systems re-assigned many employees from clients who froze their business activity to clients that had increased demand or moved them to development projects.



Turning cleaners into computer staff. When Covid-19 struck, Israeli company Lightricks (developer of photo editing software Facetune) sent home its nine cleaners. Days later, maintenance manager Nadav changed their lives. He taught them basic computer skills and had them inputting photos of faces for image processing.



IKEA opens its 6th Israeli store. As reported here previously, IKEA’s sixth Israeli store has been built at Moshav Eshtaol – north of Beit Shemesh. Now, as the number of coronavirus infections in Israel has dropped, the new store has opened, employing some 380 people.



BuyMe gift vouchers. Micha Berkuz, Shai Darin, and Tal Zuri, established BuyMe in 2012 and turned it into Israel’s leading platform for employee gift vouchers, offering vouchers to more than 1,000 businesses. They have now sold their share in the company to Tel Aviv-based Teleclal Group for NIS 81 million.




Vegan baby formula heads to Canada and India. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Else Nutrition (reported here previously) has just been granted approval of patent applications for its plant-based formulation for infant and toddler populations in both India and Canada.






We were all born in Jerusalem. The first ever English translation of former Israeli PM Menachem Begin’s amazing literary speech in 1972, about his past and present homelands. (Need to register for free trial)



Israeli Innovation – read all about it. (TY Hazel) Avi Jorisch’s amazing book, “Thou Shalt Innovate” (reported here previously) has now been translated into 30 languages – most recently into Thai. See this latest interview with Avi in the Bangkok Post (in English!).



Outfoxed. The Mayor of Nof Hagalil in Northern Israel sent a veterinarian and an electricity department truck with a crane to rescue a fox from the second-floor windowsill of its national insurance office. How the fox got there is unclear, but it readily jumped into the crane’s net. Near the ground it jumped out and fled the scene.



Israel re-opens bars, cafes and restaurants. (TY I24) Israel’s restaurants, cafes and bars have reopened after two months closure. Israel’s PM said “We want to help the economy, but also ease your lives, make it possible for you to get out, return to normalcy, get a cup of coffee, a glass of beer as well, so first of all have fun,”




Feeding the fish at Jerusalem’s aquarium. 60 volunteer divers clean and maintain the fish tanks at the Israel Aquarium in Jerusalem. They also feed a few of the fish that cannot have their food thrown to them from above. The aquarium’s 33 tanks hold hundreds of fish that represent Israel’s diverse maritime environment.






Arab praises Jew who returned lost property. More details of that story (see here) of a religious Jew who traced the Palestinian Arab who lost a bag containing NIS 40,000. On Kol Hai Radio, the Arab said "I am happy I ended up, thank G-d, with someone good, who returned the money to me. He's a holy man."



Bride invites EMT “savior” to her wedding. EMT Yoav Shemaryahu saved Hila Meuda’s life after a kitchen accident sent boiling wax all over her face and arms. Yoav helped her to remove the wax slowly in a way that would not exacerbate the burns. A year later, Hila phoned Yoav to thank him and to invite him to her wedding.



Shavuot in the Land of Milk and Honey. It is traditional to have dairy foods on the Jewish festival of Shavuot (Pentecost) - the most popular being cheesecake and blintzes. Israel has over 800 dairy farms and the Israeli Holstein breed of cow produces on average the highest quantity of milk in the world.





In the 24th May 20 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·         The Israeli Chief Medical Officer of a US biotech reported good trial results of its new vaccine.

·         The first arrival in Israel of a commercial flight from the United Arab Emirates.

·         An Israeli hospital uses ultraviolet light to sterilize rooms from Covid-19.

·         Israeli transportation innovations showcased at EcoMotion 2020 in Arizona.

·         Hidden writing has been revealed on Dead Sea scrolls.

·         Israel celebrates the anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem - online.


·         Click here to see the 17th May newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours), Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel with extra feature on Medical.  Also (TY Sandra) in German and (TY Zachy) in Hebrew. Please pass on the following links to German and Hebrew-reading contacts.  Also (TY Esty) please visit the www.facebook.com/VerygoodnewsIL Facebook page.


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Good progress of Pluristem trial. Seven of the eight critically ill coronavirus patients on ventilators, treated with PLX stem cells from Israel’s Pluristem, survived after 28 days.  Only one of those still needed mechanical ventilation - the other five having been discharged from hospital. 10 further patients have now begun treatment.



US Covid-19 vaccine progress. (TY David F) The Israeli Chief Medical Officer of US biotech Moderna reported that company’s mRNA-1273 Covid-19 vaccine successfully produced antibodies on 8 patients. Dr. Tal Zaks received his M.D. and Ph.D. from Ben Gurion University, joining Moderna in 2015.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/modernas-israeli-top-medical-officer-weve-shown-today-that-our-vaccine-works/   https://www.linkedin.com/in/talzaks/



US patent filed for 8 antibodies. The Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) in Ness Ziona has just completed the patent application process for eight new coronavirus antibodies (reported here previously).




Teva donates medicines for US Covid-19 study. Israel’s Teva is donating the medicines for a US study into the effectiveness of a potential combination coronavirus treatment. The study will evaluate whether combining the antibiotic azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine can prevent hospitalization and mortality from COVID-19.



Bone-grafting cells may treat coronavirus symptoms. While developing its unique treatment for growing human bone grafts, Israel’s Bonus BioGroup (see previously) discovered MesenCure - a new pneumonia treatment that could help coronavirus patients. A study on animals was successful; human trials are planned.



TAU to search for a Covid-19 vaccine. (TY Hazel) Tel Aviv University (TAU) researchers have partnered with Swiss biotech Neovii to find a vaccine against Covid-19. TAU will use their 2015 patented research into the MERS virus to accelerate their work on Covid-19.  https://www.jpost.com/health-science/after-years-studying-coronaviruses-israeli-team-ready-to-develop-vaccine-627882


US approval for vertebrae image analysis. Israel’s Zebra Medical has just received its fifth FDA approval (previous ones reported here) - this time for its Vertebral Compression Fractures (VCF) image analysis product. Zebra’s latest AI solution automatically identifies likely compression fractures from scans.



Results of 10-year Israeli-led gastro study. Dr. Ami Sperber, professor emeritus of Ben-Gurion University, initiated a 10-year epidemiology study of 73,000 patients in 33 countries. It found that over 40% of the world’s population have Disorders of Gut-Brain Interactions (DGBI). The data is vital to gastrointestinal knowledge.







Israeli women join global tech network. The WomenTech Network, a global movement to promote gender diversity in the technology sector, has set up an Israel chapter. It will officially launch at the organization’s 24-hour virtual conference themed “Women Taking Up Space” on 27th May. It features over 150 speakers.



Pedestrians reclaim Tel Aviv streets. The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is adding 11 pedestrian-only areas to key streets around the city as part of an urban policy to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists and restrict car access. It will also allow re-opening restaurants, bars and cafes to place more tables and chairs outside on the streets.



The first commercial flight from UAE. Etihad Airways recently flew the first known direct commercial flight between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel. It brought 16 tons of coronavirus aid for Palestinian Arabs. Sadly, for the Palestinian Arabs, the Palestinian Authority refused to accept it.




Israeli Jewish paramedic saved Muslim boy in US. Yisrael Otmazgin, a paramedic with the United Hatzalah organization in Israel and a reservist in the IDF, donated bone marrow to save a Muslim boy in Michigan USA. The boy’s brothers were only a 50% match, but of 44 million registered donors, only Yisrael was a 100%.



Marking 30 years of ties with Greece. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu held a virtual toast from Jerusalem by video conference with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, to mark 30 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel in Greece. They discussed efforts to resume flights between the two nations.




Iranians seek Israel’s help to emigrate. (TY UWI) The number of Iranians seeking help from Israel has significantly increased, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Many also want to emigrate to the Jewish State. (See here for previous newsletter articles featuring good relations between Israelis and the Iranian people.)



International demand for Israeli courses. The pandemic has delayed the next semester of many overseas universities, but not in Israel. There is now an increased demand for international graduate degrees and other courses in Israel. E.g. see the on-line Open House (24th May) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ).

https://www.jewishpress.com/news/on-campus/hebrew-u-to-host-online-open-house-for-international-students-may-24/2020/05/19/    http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/280673 http://studyinjerusalem.com/virtual-open-day/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ao-vHsQvEk&


Biodiverse Israel. On World Biodiversity Day (22nd May) it is important to highlight that Israel is home to diverse ecosystems and rich biodiversity. It has over 400 nature reserves and urban parks that help protect 2800+ plant species and 650+ animal species. It has rehabilitated rivers and reintroduced rare plants.






UVC lamps to sterilize rooms. (TY UWI) Hadassah hospital’s Dr Boris Orkin has designed an Ultraviolet lamp that kills Covid-19. It is a quick, safe way to sterilize a room previously occupied by an infected patient. The UVC lamp produces no ozone. It is in use at a Bnei Brak hospital and soon at other sites.



Ultrasound test for asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers. Patients of the Maccabi HMO can now undergo a special ultrasound test that scans their lungs and detects effects typically caused by Covid-19. “Focus” is a small, portable ultrasound kit. It has detected infected asymptomatic patients that previously tested negative.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/some-israeli-clinics-said-to-start-using-new-ultrasound-coronavirus-test /


Using military tech to save lives. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has a huge inventory of Healthcare innovations that were repurposed from military technology. It includes a Covid-19 detection breathalyzer, hospital robots, facemask compliance checks, ventilators, protective equipment, and the supervision “cockpit”.



Innovation for urban spaces. Four startups graduated from Highroad Innovation Center’s urban technology launchpad program. Co.ing helps management of community projects. Castory’s construction-tech app detects building defects. Artishok uses AI to improve workspaces and Livv uses AI to replace the real-estate agent.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3825036,00.html  https://highroad.center/

https://www.superco.co/  https://www.livv.co/

https://castory-ai.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WaLsD2QcNQ


Heading for the stars. Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) together with US-based Starburst Ventures, graduated the first cohort of their joint accelerator (see here). The three teams completed proof of concepts involving robotics, autonomous operation, and artificial intelligence for space and satellite applications.



Health tech for Jefferson University. In Feb 2019, Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University set up a $1 million fund (see here) for Israeli healthcare technology solutions. 4 Israeli startups won a share - Agamon (AI report analysis), Art Medical (ICU monitoring), Seegnal (medicine risks) and Somatix (AI remote monitoring).


https://www.agamonhealth.com/ https://www.artmedical.com/ https://somatix.com/

https://seegnal.co/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDkjr4c5yeg


Data communications chips. Israel-based semiconductor manufacturer Xsight Labs is operating in stealth mode. According to the IVC research center, it produces advanced chipsets for the communications market and has received investment funds from both Intel and Microsoft.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3822551,00.html  https://xsightlabs.com/


Yet another Israeli antiviral disinfectant. The newsletter has reported (here) several new Israeli disinfectants that can destroy Covid-19.  This new one, being developed at Israel’s Technion, will keep the coronavirus at bay with a single spray every few months. Its new polymer breaks down the genetic material of the virus.



Mission to Neptune. The Weizmann Institute and Israel Space Agency are part of “Trident” - a team planning to launch a mission in 2026 to Triton, Neptune’s largest and most unusual moon. Trident is one of 4 finalists in NASA’s Discovery Program, each receiving $3 million to develop their plans.






Encouraging investment in startups. Israel is to offer NIS 2 billion (NIS 150 million each) in protection to up to 12 institutional investors who invest in early stage Israeli startups. The program lasts for eight years.



Israel Seed Challenge. The Israeli consulate in Shanghai handed out 1,000 seeds to residents outside the Jewish Museum. They were invited to send in selfies with their growing plants for the chance to win free travel visas to Israel.  https://www.shine.cn/news/metro/2005218568/


Helping Brazil through its Covid-19 crisis. Although Brazil is still suffering greatly during the coronavirus pandemic, Israeli companies are providing help. They are implementing solutions for healthcare. cybersecurity, telecommunications (due to increased online demand), plus several major R&D projects approved last year.



EcoMotion 2020. The EcoMotion 2020 virtual week-long summit has partnered with the newly launched Arizona Israel Trade and Investment Office. It features cutting-edge transportation technologies, smart mobility and autonomous vehicles. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/280582


Driving new transportation technology. Netivei Israel, formerly Israel’s National Roads Company, launched, at EcoMotion, an innovation and strategy division. Its NIS 10 million annual budget will focus on new technologies to handle existing infrastructure, transport management, and initiate extensive research programs.




No more queuing at ToysRUs. Israel’s Shopic is an AI platform that allows consumers to purchase in large retail chains without having to wait in line at checkouts. Its product is based on computerized vision technology that combines applications and barcode scanning systems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWl3ZFSoj1o

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3822930,00.html  https://www.shopic.co/


Don’t buy it, rent it. With gyms and restaurants closed, Israel’s TULU has started a niche business renting equipment and household appliances by the hour. They realize customers do not want to clutter up their small apartments with items they only use occasionally. TULU operates several premises in NYC and Tel Aviv.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3822630,00.html  https://www.tulu.io/


OurCrowd has 350 vacancies. Israel’s global crowdfunding venture investment platform, OurCrowd reports that it has over 350 vacant positions at its 91 portfolio companies. 90 vacancies were added since the start of April. Locations include several Israeli sites, New York, Toronto, California, Brazil and Barcelona.



More Israeli startups raise funds. Recent startup investments include: Shopic raised $7.6 million; Xsight Labs raised $50 million; Aqua Security raised $30 million; Newsight raised $7 million; Immunai raised $20 million and Nexar raised $52 million.





The first Dead Sea Scrolls conference. The Israel Antiquities Authority held the first international conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls from 17-20 May. Over 36 Israeli and international University scholars shared on-line new research and discoveries. Scholars have reconstructed some 950 of the 2000-year-old manuscripts.




Dead Sea Scrolls come alive. Two exciting initiatives involving the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls. The first is a German-Israel project to build a website for digital editions of the pieced-together manuscripts. The second is the recent discovery of hidden writing on fragments of the scrolls that previously seemed blank.

https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/german-israeli-project-to-bring-the-dead-sea-scrolls-alive-on-the-screen-628716  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqqEn4oUWNY  


Jerusalem Writers Festival goes digital. The eighth edition of the Jerusalem Writers Festival (May 10-13) was completely digital. It gave literature lovers across the world a chance to catch up with some of their favorite writers from the comfort of their own homes. Subjects included suspense fiction during the coronavirus crisis.



Israeli awards in the Internet “Oscars”. Two Israeli companies did well in the 24th Annual Webby Awards – the “Oscars of the Internet” for online excellence. Leo Burnett Israel won a “Webby” for the Best Use of Stories for its “Eva” stories. MyHeritage also received acclaim for its Tribal Quest project (reported here previously).

https://leoburnett.com/articles/work/leo-burnett-israel-brings-eva-heymans-diary-to-life-in-honor-of-holocaust-remembrance-day/ https://www.israel21c.org/two-israeli-firms-receive-oscars-of-the-internet-honors/



Jerusalem’s own “Netflix”. The Jerusalem Municipality has launched project "closeup jlm" – its own mini-Netflix equivalent. It provides a stage to Jerusalem’s artists whilst theaters are closed. The videos are free on the project's website www.closeupjlm.co.il and projected on buildings from 8pm to midnight.



Art through a balcony. Since visitors are prohibited from going inside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the museum brought some of its artwork outside, to be enjoyed from homes and balconies across the city. These included screenings of video art in the evenings in various outdoor spaces.






Second Temple underground rooms found by Kotel. A two-millennia-old subterranean system of three rooms has been uncovered near the Western Wall. The rooms, chiseled by hand out of bedrock prior to the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE, is the first evidence of everyday life that went underground in the ancient city.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/in-first-2000-year-old-3-room-underground-complex-uncovered-near-western-wall/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQgRgkaD6pI


Foundation donates $1 million to music industry workers. Israelis Inbar and Marius Nacht are donating NIS 3.5 million (some $1 million) to freelance music industry workers struggling financially during the pandemic. The Nacht Foundation’s money will benefit musicians, light and sound technicians, and production workers.



Helmsley Trust donates $9 million to nursing program. The Helmsley Charitable Trust has donated $9 million to the Jerusalem College of Technology. It will finance a new building for the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences, which has one of Israel’s largest nursing programs, serving more than 1,000 students annually



Aliya surge during the pandemic. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is sponsoring a wave in Aliyah amid the coronavirus pandemic. Since Feb, it has sponsored flights for 601 Jewish immigrants, with a further 160 in the past week. The ICEJ is also sharing the cost of post-flight quarantine with the Jewish Agency.

https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/20-percent-increase-in-demand-for-aliyah-following-the-coronavirus-crisis-628759 https://www.jns.org/aliyah-increases-in-midst-of-coronavirus-pandemic/


Another 119 Ethiopian immigrants arrive. A plane carrying 119 immigrants from Ethiopia landed in Israel on the Memorial Day for Ethiopians that did not survive the journey to Israel. The new arrivals were greeted by the new Immigration Absorption Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata, Israel’s first female Ethiopian-born minister.



Back to shul. Religious worshipers returned to Israeli synagogues, mosques and churches for the first time in almost two months, as houses of prayer reopened under new coronavirus guidelines. Up to 300 people can pray at the Kotel (Western Wall) at any one time, which will be determined in an on-line raffle.



Jerusalem Day past present and future. (TY Sharon) Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, celebrates the reunification of Jerusalem, after the Six-Day War in June 1967. These photographs contrast pre-67 with post-67. This year, very few will celebrate outdoors. But, hopefully, next year will be different again.




Jerusalem is flourishing. (TY Jacques) Jerusalem is Israel’s largest city for both Jews and Arabs with over 919,000 residents (569,900 Jews and 349,600 Arabs). Its tech sector now has 405 companies – doubled in just 8 years.  See beautiful, modern Jerusalem in the youtube video, taken from a drone.





Jerusalem is in our hands. The moment in history when in June 1967, Israel recaptured Jerusalem’s Old City.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6e3kKu5XaU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-goQ4QXU-0


Time to plant fruit trees. The coronavirus is not preventing Israeli farmers from making the land more fruitful.  If you want to join in the spring planting, please click on the UWI link. Or just watch the video to hear from an Israeli farmer who has planted peach trees near the Gaza and Egypt borders.






In the 17th May 20 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·         Israeli surgeons extracted a long metal rod from an Arab patient’s head.

·         An Ethiopian-Israeli woman and a Haredi woman are new Israeli ministers.

·         Israel is to lead a United Nations digital conference to tackle coronavirus.

·         Three Israeli disinfectant and purification innovations.

·         Israel offers incentives for startups to partner overseas medical research.

·         Israel re-opens many national parks and nature reserves.

·         Discovery in Jerusalem of a 1900-year-old Jewish “freedom” coin.


·         Click here to see the 10th May newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours), Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel plus extra feature on Inclusive & Global.  Also (TY Sandra) in German and (TY Zachy) in Hebrew. Please pass on the following links to German and Hebrew-reading contacts.  Also (TY Esty) please visit the www.facebook.com/VerygoodnewsIL Facebook page.


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Detecting heart problems in coronavirus patients. Israel’s DiA Imaging Analysis (reported here previously) uses its AI image analysis of ultrasound scans to detect cardiac problems.  DiA has received a NIS 2.5 million grant from the Israel Innovation Authority to roll out its system to hospitals treating coronavirus patients.



Recovered. The 22-year-old critical coronavirus patient (see here) who woke from a 3-week coma in April has now begun rehabilitation at Sheba hospital.



US approves Covid-19 imaging tech detection. The US FDA has allowed the use of previously cleared technology developed by Israel’s Aidoc Medical.to detect lung anomalies in CT-scans that are associated with coronavirus (Covid-19). It provides early detection of infected patients who show no coronavirus symptoms.



How MDA prevented an even larger disaster. (TY Stuart Palmer) Emergency service Magen David Adom and its 24,000 volunteers were critical to Israel’s pandemic strategy. Its trained volunteer call center handled over 100,000 calls a day and it minimized hospitalizations by testing 240,000 patients away from hospitals.



New crisis ICU for Sheba hospital. (TY Hazel) Israel’s Sheba Medical Center has inaugurated a new intensive care unit with hundreds of beds to provide crisis response in future national emergencies. A significant donation for the unit was received from philanthropist Roman Abramovich, a long-time donor of Sheba Medical Center.



Good news for bone-marrow transplants. Israeli biotech Gamida Cell (see here) published positive results in its Phase 3, 50-center trial of NiCord (now called Omidubicel) that aims to increase the success of bone marrow transplants in blood cancer patients. The stem cells were established much quicker than alternatives.



Surgeons save Arab with rod through his head. (TY IsraPundit) Kamel Abdel Rahman fell from the second floor of the apartment he is building. He landed on a metal rod that penetrated his head from left cheek to right ear. Surgeons at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital extracted the rod in two nail-biting operations.



2-year-old Palestinian Arab boy saved. Surgeons at Israel’s Save a Child’s Heart performed open heart surgery on two-year-old Hamza Ali Mohammed, who was born with life-threatening congenital heart disease. He has been hospitalized during the coronavirus pandemic but has now returned to his family in Ramallah.







First Ethiopian-Israeli woman minister. Pnina Tamanu-Shata is the first Israeli woman of Ethiopian origin to become an Israeli government minister - of immigration absorption. She came to Israel in Operation Moses in 1984 when she was three years old. Benny Gantz was one of the commanders of the operation.



First Haredi woman minister. Omer Yankelevich is the first Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) woman to become an Israeli government minister - of diaspora affairs. She was educated in Haredi schools in both Gateshead (UK) and Bnei Brak. She has a BA degree from Cambridge (UK) and a Masters, in law, from Bar Ilan University.



Arab Muslim twins join IDF. (TY Myer) Twin Arab Muslims Fares and Firas Muhammad spent much of their youth in courts for thefts and violence. Then two separate incidents persuaded them to make new starts. They enlisted in the IDF and are elite troopers in the Golani brigade. Fares is training to become a squad commander.



Celebrating Iftar and Lag B’Omer. Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, celebrated Lag B'Omer and Iftar with local Arab and Muslim leaders. They included Sheikh Abu Khalil Tamimi of Ramallah, Mohammed Massad of Jenin and other leaders who hid their identities. Some interesting issues were discussed.



Vouch For Each Other. Yoseph Haddad, a Christian Arab from Nazareth, served as an IDF combat soldier and was severely wounded in the 2006 Lebanon war. He has founded a non-profit “Together Vouch For Each Other” for Israeli-Arabs, which encourages the involvement of young Israeli-Arabs in Israeli society.



Helping Gulf states battle coronavirus. Top representatives from Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have been in regular contact with Israel’s Sheba Medical Center even before the current health crisis. Now a third (said to be Kuwait) has requested help installing telemedicine solutions to treat COVID-19 patients remotely.



Qatar offers free flights to Israeli medics. Qatar Airways is offering free flights to medical workers in every country. The airline’s CEO Mr. Akbar Al Baker said that “every single country in the world, including our neighboring countries, including the State of Israel, will be allocated numbers of tickets.”



Israeli police & NYPD liaise on Covid-19. (TY UWI & I24 News) Watch Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfield and Charlie Ben-Naim - the NYPD representative in Israel - update each other on the activities of their agencies. Charlie said the NYPD was learning from the Israeli police’s handling of the crisis.



New Allies. The network of parliamentary Israel Allies Caucuses (see here) has expanded with the addition of Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Congo Brazzaville. Each caucus is chaired by a leading parliamentarian who is passionate about strengthening legislative support for Israel.



Jerusalem commemorates VE Day. In Jerusalem, veterans of World War II, Jewish leaders and diplomats marked the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day. They laid wreaths at the Memorial Candle Monument in Jerusalem to commemorate the Allies’ victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.



Israel to lead UN innovation conference. Israel and Ghana are the new heads of the United Nations Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Forum. Although the UN cancelled all forums due to the pandemic, Israel's UN ambassador, Danny Danon, has initiated a digital conference on innovation to combat the coronavirus.






New epidemic research center. (TY Hazel) Tel Aviv University is to establish a new multidisciplinary epidemic research center - the first of its kind. The “Center for Combating Pandemics” will bring together experts from medicine, biology, mathematics, physics, economics, engineering, education and psychology.



The data analysis that helped re-open Israel. Interesting article explaining how Israel-based Qualitiest (reported here previously) was able to help the Israeli Government determine how and where to focus its response to the coronavirus pandemic. https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3819351,00.html


Monitoring virus spread without compromising privacy. The app from Israeli startup Duality collects data and warns people who were exposed to coronavirus (Covid-19) patients, without having to reveal who they are. It can collate statistics about the location where people were infected and make recommendations.



A 1-minute coronavirus test. Ben-Gurion University Professor Gabby Sarusi is developing a test that identifies carriers of the COVID-19 virus in less than a minute. A swab sample is placed on a chip - the virus, if present, resonates in the terahertz spectral range, which a spectroscope detects.




Socrates collects coronavirus data. Israel’s Omnisol has developed Socrates – an Artificially Intelligent research tool, originally for security agencies. It has now been converted for use by Israeli hospitals to advance coronavirus research. Socrates saves researchers the labor of manually gathering data from multiple sources.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3821953,00.html  https://www.omnisol.co.il/


3D-printing of tiny parts. Israel’s Nanofabrica develops 3D printers that manufacture electronic and optical parts. Nanofabrica’s nanoscale technology enables digital mass-manufacturing of complex precision parts. It is now working to adapt its ultra-precise printing to support efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic.


https://www.nano-fabrica.com/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zeq2rApLJDU


Spray kills viruses for weeks. (TY WIN) Israel’s Bio-Fence has developed an anti-microbial surface coating that kills bacteria and effectively destroys viruses. It is effective against the Herpes simplex virus which is much tougher than Covid-19. The treated surface (including walls, floors) actively kills pathogens for many days.



Another coronavirus disinfectant. Israel’s Tera Novel is distributing a state-of-the-art disinfectant developed by Israel’s Institute for Biological Research. Its high concentration of hypochlorite, with special ingredients, was originally developed for the IDF and later to the US army. It was trialed successfully in Israel’s Bnei Brak.



Destroying toxic algae. (TY UWI) Lake Guard from Israel’s BlueGreen Water Technologies (reported here previously) has removed toxic algae from most of Israel’s 600 water reservoirs. BlueGreen recently purified the previously polluted 4.4-sq km Roodeplaat Dam Reservoir near Pretoria, South Africa. It took only a few days. 

https://www.israel21c.org/meet-the-israeli-startup-making-water-drinkable-again/  https://bgtechs.com/

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eT5DoDQS2CM (Amazing video)


Three new waste to energy plants. Israel has approved the building of three plants to convert waste to energy. The Israeli government will invest 70% of the NIS 4 billion cost. It is part of Israel’s plan to reduce the current 80% of waste sent to landfill down to 26% by 2030.



No need for passwords. Israel-based Secret Double Octopus offers a solution that replaces passwords with multi-factor authentication such as fingerprints and facial recognition. The company has just raised $15 million.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3813870,00.html   https://doubleoctopus.com/


Protecting from cyberattacks and disasters. Israeli-American cybersecurity startup Semperis helps government agencies and global companies continuously monitor for security vulnerabilities, intercept cyberattacks in progress, and quickly respond to breaches and operational errors. Business demand is high.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3822273,00.html  https://www.semperis.com/



Making websites accessible. Israeli startup AccessiBe develops an artificial intelligence tool for automating the process of making websites accessible to people with visual, hearing, and motor impairments. It scans websites and automatically makes changes to send data and content formatted to disability standards.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3822211,00.html  https://accessibe.com/


An AI baby monitor. Israel’s Nanit (also known as Udisense) develops a machine learning and computer vision-based monitor that tracks and analyzes babies’ sleep. Its camera monitors and analyzes sleep patterns in real-time, offering sleep insights, behavioral analysis, expert advice, and nightly video summaries.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3821493,00.html  https://www.nanit.com/



High-performance electric engines. Israel’s IRP develops energy-efficient high-performance engines and controllers for electric vehicles. The company uses its innovations previously developed for the aerospace industry, to reduce the cost of the new engines and aims to help accelerate the mass adoption of electric cars.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3821773,00.html  https://www.irpsystems.com/






Incentives to partner healthcare projects. Israel’s Innovation Authority is offering Israeli companies 50% of their R&D budget if they partner world-renowned hospitals on healthcare pilot projects. The hospitals include Mayo Clinic, Hartford Healthcare, Thomas Jefferson University and Germany's Charit√© – Universit√§tsmedizin.



SAP incubates more Israeli startups. (TY Calcalistech) SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv has launched its second 12-week incubator (see here for previous). This time SAP selected seven consumer products startups. Aiola, Hexa, Pecan, Sampler, SRP, TrenDemon, and TVPage will access SAP tech support, mentors and clients.

https://nocamels.com/2020/05/sap-foundry-tel-aviv-2nd-cohort-7-startups/  https://aiola.com/ https://www.hexa3d.io/ https://www.pecan.ai/ https://sampler.io/ https://www.srpanalytics.com/

https://trendemon.com/ https://www.tvpage.com/


Encouraging Israeli startups to focus on Asia. Israeli-based Brilliance Ventures has raised a $20 million fund to focus on Israeli startups with potential for growth in the Asian market. Its initial focus is in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, deep tech, storage, semiconductors, and Industry 4.0 (e.g. smart cities).



Israelis get back to the land. Israeli entrepreneur Nimrod Berger has found paid employment for 100 Israelis who have no work, due to the coronavirus epidemic. He has made them “crop commanders” - mostly ex-IDF, now elite agricultural workers - who are bringing in the harvest in the absence of foreign laborers.



CyberArk’s $70 million acquisition. Israeli cybersecurity company CyberArk has acquired California-based “identity as a service” IDaptive Holdings for $70 million cash. Their technologies will be combined to form a powerful security platform. https://en.globes.co.il/en/article-cyberark-buys-us-co-idaptive-for-70m-1001328476


Recruiting 100 employees. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Israeli-founded Spot.IM is recruiting 100 new staff to add to its 200 Israeli and US employees, as part of its growth plan. Spot.IM is an engagement & community platform for top media companies such as Verizon Media, Microsoft, News Corp and Hearst.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3821373,00.html  https://www.spot.im/


Israeli startups raising funds. This week, Nanofabrica raised $4 million, Udisense (Nanit) raised $21 million, LawGeex raised $20 million, digital health data Alike raised $5 million, IRP raised $17 million, AccessiBe raised $12 million and Semperis raised $40 million.





Drones used to celebrate Lag B’Omer. Israelis were not allowed to light traditional bonfires on Lag B’Omer (33rd day of the Omer), but the Tel Aviv sky was lit up by 36 illuminated drones. They were synchronized to display images of a bonfire, bows and arrows, the Hebrew for the number 33, Sameach (joy) and more.



Israel re-opens 20 National parks. Some 20 national parks and nature reserves all over Israel are now open (for example the ancient Dead Sea fortress of Masada). Tickets must be bought on-line in advance. Meanwhile, an initiative from Olim Mitayalim connects new immigrants to tour guides for special Israel tours.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/some-20-national-parks-and-nature-reserves-to-open-wednesday-by-advance-booking/  https://www.touristisrael.com/masada-dead-sea/848/



On-line chess unites Israelis and Arabs. (TY Jacques) 65 players from 10 countries recently competed in an on-line chess tournament. In one match, one team full of Israelis competed against one with players from Syria, Tunisia, and Algeria. It is another sign of warming ties in the Middle East, especially in sport.



Israeli cycling team is back in training. Israel's cycling team “Start-Up Nation” is the first in the world to return to training for the Tour de France race that is scheduled to begin on August 29th. If the event goes ahead, it will be the first time an Israeli team has raced in the Tour de France.






Bar Kochba coin found near Jerusalem. A 132 CE “Freedom of Israel” coin dating back to the Bar Kochba revolt, was discovered between the Temple Mount and the City of David in Jerusalem. Of over 22,000 coins found in the area of the Old City in Jerusalem, only four are dated to the period of the Bar Kochba revolt.



Help needed during the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on the 18 charities that Myisrael supports. The elderly need virtual support, poor families need food, Ethiopian Israeli students need computers, cancer patients need transport and therapy horses need stabling. Please help if you can.



Protection from above. During the first ever visit by the Vizhnitzer Rebbe to the Israeli Prime Minister’s residence, the Rebbe praised the PM for his handling of the coronavirus crisis. “We see that in Eretz Yisrael we have a special siyata Dishamaya (protection from Above),” the Rebbe said.



More Olim arrive. A second rescue flight this month brought Israeli civilians from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Israel. Of the 89 passengers, there were 25 Olim (new immigrants). Meanwhile, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews worked for months to bring in 53 Olim from Ukraine and 44 from Uzbekistan and Georgia.




NFL legend has touchdown in Israel. All-star Rose Bowl NFL running back Yosef (Calvin) Murray and his wife Emunah (Jeri) were both born Christian. They were youth pastors at a Messianic church but “got too Jewish”. They converted to Judaism through the Chabad, made Aliya and now live in Ma’aleh Adumin.



Israel stands with you. Israel saluted the diaspora by projecting the flags of countries that are home to Jewish communities hard hit by COVID-19 on the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. Minister of Diaspora Affairs Tzipi Hotovely said, “Israel sends a big hug to our brothers throughout the world”





In the 10th May 20 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·         Two major Israeli antibody projects bring new hope to coronavirus patients.

·         Israeli sniff test detects which comatose patients will recover.

·         An Israeli aid organization is helping combat coronavirus in all 5 continents.

·         Israeli VR technology is rehabilitating recovered coronavirus patients.

·         Intel has acquired Israel’s Moovit for $900 million.

·         Watch two hugely inspiring Israeli musical videos.

·         The number of Aliya applications has surged during the pandemic.


·         Click here to see the 3rd May newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours (with great introduction), Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel with extra feature on Jewish State.  Also (TY Sandra) in German and (TY Zachy) in Hebrew. Please pass on the following links to German and Hebrew-reading contacts.  Also (TY Esty) please visit the www.facebook.com/VerygoodnewsIL Facebook page.


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Antibodies to attack coronavirus. The Israel Institute for Biological Research in Ness Ziona has developed four antibodies that attack the coronavirus and neutralize it in the body of an infected person. It is described as Israel’s “Manhattan Project” to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic. Trials and production planning have begun.




Major discovery about Israeli HIV treatment. (TY UWI) The Israeli-developed Gammora HIV treatment is being used to treat HIV patients at the Cliniquie La Source hospital in the Congo. Those also with coronavirus significantly improved from both infections. A subsequent WHO-supervised study has confirmed the findings.



Plasma antibody injections to be scaled up. As reported here previously, seriously ill coronavirus patients have benefited from blood plasma containing antibodies from patients who themselves have recovered from the virus. Now the MDA blood service has enough plasma to produce multiple concentrated antibody injections.

Latest (TY Hazel) up to 100,000 Israelis are to be imminently tested to check if they have the antibodies.


https://unitedwithisrael.org/for-sickest-corona-patients-israeli-doctor-sees-impressive-results-with-plasma-treatment/  https://www.jpost.com/health-science/israel-set-to-launch-antibody-testing-this-week-626747


Micro-needles can deliver Corona vaccines more effectively. Over 4 years ago (see here), Israel’s NanoPass developed a microneedle system to deliver vaccines to cancer immunotherapy patients. Now the system is ready to deliver a future coronavirus vaccine. Its advantage is that less vaccine is required than using a regular needle.



Antiviral treatment starts Phase II trial. Israeli-founded SaNOtize, has been granted approval by Health Canada to conduct a Phase II trial for its antiviral early treatment against COVID-19. The Nitric Oxide Releasing Solution (NORS) was effective in the lab against influenza A, hCoV-OC43 and H1N1 (swine flu).



Helmsley Trust’s $11 million to Israeli hospitals. The Helmsley Charitable Trust has awarded $11 million of coronavirus grants to Israeli hospitals. It includes $5 million to eight Clalit Health Services hospitals. Another million dollars went to each of the hospitals of Poriya, Hadassah, Rambam, Shaare Zedek, Sheba and Sourasky.



Medical clowns tackle coronavirus. Israel’s 600 medical clowns have been lifting the spirits of the elderly, medical staff and their children. Keeping 2 meters apart, they now use dramatic hand and body movements to communicate and decorate their face masks with stickers of crazy smiles, a mustache and silly expressions.



Coronavirus shutdown. Assuta hospital in Ashdod has closed its coronavirus ward, because all its patients have recovered.  So did Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek hospital, to the delight of its medical staff. Finally, Magen David Adom’s 24/7 coronavirus hotline has closed, transferring all calls to Israel’s healthcare companies.






Antibiotic injection fights superbugs. Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed an intravenous injection to fight hospital superbugs (bacteria resistant to most current antibiotics). They used nanotechnology to develop an injected form of mupirocin – which previously was just an antibiotic ointment.



DIY glucose monitoring. Israel’s DarioHealth has just received US FDA approval for the use by patients of their Dario self-test glucose monitors in hospitals. The aim is to reduce exposure of healthcare workers to coronavirus infected patients.



Test shows if hope for comatose patients. Israeli researchers have devised a sniff-test using shampoo and rotten fish, to determine if brain-injured patients have a chance of recovery. If the patient showed a predictable response, that person had a 100% chance of recovering consciousness and a 92% chance of surviving 3+ years.







From soccer to seniors. As soccer matches have been suspended, the players, managers and fans of Beitar Millennium Jerusalem Football Club are teaching digital skills to isolated seniors. It is one of the “Sympathy for Older Persons” projects of the National Digital Israel Initiative of the Ministry of Social Equality.




Ramadan in Israel. In the Jewish State, Muslims celebrate Ramadan freely. The initiative “Ramadan Nights from Jerusalem.” includes virtual events in Arabic, Hebrew and English. There is a Holy City virtual tour on the Tower of David Museum website and virtual lectures at Israel’s National Library and Museum of Islamic Art.



Israel to give $60 million to fight coronavirus. The EU hosted a conference of national leaders including Israel, the UK, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UN. Their aim is to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Israeli PM Netanyahu made a speech, pledging $60 million to the initiative.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/at-international-donors-conference-netanyahu-pledges-60-million-to-fight-coronavirus/  http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/279665


Israelis raise money for US medical workers. An Israeli-American Council’s (IAC) virtual concert raised $325,000 for protective equipment (PPE) and food for health-care workers on the frontlines of the US COVID-19 pandemic. The event featured Israelis Idan Raichel, David Broza, Rotem Cohen, Shlomi Shabat, and others.



Food and PPE for Ecuador. The Israeli Government has donated food for 1,000 families in Ecuador and personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical personnel faced with the health emergency of COVID-19 in public hospitals. https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/Flash.aspx/498764


Aid for every continent. Israeli humanitarian aid nonprofits SmartAID and IsraAID work with local partners to supply Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to health centers in Puerto Rico and Haiti and to five hospitals in Sydney, Australia. They also sent aid to Iraq, Vanuatu, Guatemala, Mozambique, Germany and the Bahamas.



Helping pilots escape coronavirus. The Israeli Air Force (IAF) hosted a virtual forum for global air force commanders, on how to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendees came from Italy, the United States, Belgium, the UK, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Spain, France, Cyprus and Croatia.



Global media goes into reverse. Israel’s Department of Public Diplomacy reports that coverage of Israel in the global media has recently undergone a transformation. Israel’s efforts to control coronavirus were initially criticized. Now, its virus control success, rescue of citizens and interfaith cooperation are being highly praised.



Major honor for Israeli professor. University of Haifa linguistics Professor Wendy Sandler has become just the fifth Israeli woman to be accepted as a member of the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is the first Israeli in the humanities field to be inducted into the Academy since its founding in 1780.






Jerusalem bio-techs tackle coronavirus. (TY Sharon) JLM-BioCity organized a Zoom session to share startup coronavirus technologies with global investors. New to this newsletter are Respinova (COPD device) EDAS Healthcare (remote diagnosis), One Cell Medical (antibodies), BioFence (anti-viral coating) and Academix.

https://www.respinova.com/ https://www.edashealthcare.com/  https://www.onecellmedical.com/  

https://www.bio-fence.com/  https://academix.bio/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y0v0S4Wc7k  


A coronavirus mask for the hearing impaired. Carolina Tannenbaum-Baruchi of Ben Gurion University, whose parents are both deaf, teamed up with a high school robotics team from Dimona to develop the “Read My Lips” mask. Its clear “no vapors” plastic front does not fog up, allowing others to read the wearer’s lips.



Wake-up and smell the virus. Israel’s Nanoscent has developed a chip, software and sensors that recognize odor and unique disease patterns. It has started a trial at Israel’s Sheba hospital to identify people infected with the coronavirus via a simple 30-second nasal breath test. It could be used at stores, hospitals, and airports.




Sterilization kits for hospitals. Israel’s Strauss Water, a subsidiary of Strauss Group, has developed a sterilization and disinfection device for personal equipment. The kit removes coronavirus from stethoscopes, keys, etc. - even cell phones. Strauss has donated 40 kits to Israeli hospitals and has pledged 60 more.



VR rehabilitates patients. The Virtual Reality therapy from Israel’s XRHealth is already used at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center to rehabilitate patients, including those recovered from Covid-19. XRHealth has just received a $450,000 grant from the Israeli Innovation Authority to extend its VR technology to other Israeli hospitals.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3818230,00.htm  https://www.xr.health/

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgW-IDN1HNk   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz9HldHFEKI


New fintech cybersecurity laboratory. Multinationals Mastercard and Enel X are to establish a new financial technology cybersecurity lab in Be'er Sheva. The lab joins six existing innovation labs and two cybersecurity labs in the final process of being established in Be'er Sheva, specializing in energy and smart transportation.



Ecological friendly companies. Israel21c recently featured 9 Israeli companies that focused on sustainability. Those not previously reported here include IMYIM (eco-fashion), Havie (recycled army clothing) and SG Tech (energy from farm waste). https://www.israel21c.org/9-companies-turning-our-waste-into-gems/

https://havie-mnfct.com/  https://sgtech.co.il/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IjGBJcu9jU


Robotic beehive. More details on the revolutionary Beehome hive from Israel’s Beewise (reported here previously) that protects bee populations from colony collapse.







Group of seven. Israel is in a select club with Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece and New Zealand. In all 7 countries the numbers of new coronavirus infections have slowed substantially. Consequently, the Austrian Chancellor suggested establishing trade and tourism links between these nations.





Israel raises $5 billion in Asian markets. Israel’s first-ever public issue bond on Asian markets raised $5 billion. The issue saw high demand from some 300 high-quality investors from over 30 countries. Israel’s Accountant General said it testified to the confidence in Israel’s economy and its response to the corona crisis.



Currency reserves at new record high.  Following successful international borrowing, Israel’s reserves of foreign currency increased by nearly $7.6 billion in April to end the month at a new record of $133.5 billion.

https://www.news1.news/n1/2020/05/nis-7-6-billion-jump-in-the-bank-of-israels-foreign-exchange-reserves-in-april-2.html  https://www.boi.org.il/en/NewsAndPublications/PressReleases/Pages/7-5-20b.aspx


Schools, markets & malls re-open. Throughout Israel, students in grades 1 to 3, plus grades 11 and 12 have returned to classes. Shopping malls and Jerusalem’s famous open-air Mahane Yehuda shuk (market) have reopened after two months, signaling a major step in Israel’s gradual return (with precautions) to normal.





Latest update on anti-viral masks. (TY Hazel) Israel’s Sonovia began producing its anti-pathogen fabric face masks in March (reported here previously). It has now sold 30,000 of the masks, mainly in the United States. The impregnated zinc and copper oxide fabric, blocks viruses and protects even after high temperature washing.



Make people better. Israeli innovation hub Welltech1 is calling for Wellness startups that make people happier and heathier to compete for an investment of up to $200,000. Wellness is defined as self-care as opposed to healthcare. The hub partners the Global Wellness Institute that aims to eradicate preventable, chronic diseases.



Intel moves in on Moovit. Intel has acquired Israel’s smart-transit startup Moovit for some $900 million to join up with Mobileye (acquired Apr 2017). Moovit (reported here previously) provides free real-time crowdsourced information about public transportation schedules. It is used by 800 million riders across 102 countries.




Unemployed Israelis volunteer on farms. Thousands of temporarily unemployed Israelis are volunteering on Israeli farms.  Farmers have incurred severe labor shortages due to coronavirus restrictions on foreign workers entering Israel. Israelis use an app called SunDo from non-profit HaShomer HaChadash to find work.




Nomogoo buys Personali. Two Israeli startups have got together. Namogoo blocks unauthorized ads and distracting content that may disrupt customer experience and engagement, specifically content meant to hijack customers. It has taken over Personali, which develops AI-based tools for personalizing user incentives.


https://www.namogoo.com/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFA-7Mw_sWM



Drone delivery to North Dakota. (TY Hazel) Israeli founded Flytrex, (as reported here previously) delivers food and consumer goods by drones to Iceland and North Carolina. Flytrex has now launched a delivery service to “shelter-in-place” shoppers in Grand Forks, North Dakota.



Tech startups pitch virtually to Arizona. Eight Israeli startups will be virtually attending the UNMET conference in Arizona in May. Their products range from chainless hydraulic bikes to smart-air quality platforms. The founders will pitch to more than 150 global institutions and VC investors.



Covid-19 startups pitch to California. Nine Israeli Covid-19 startups presented to the North California Israel Chamber of Commerce last week.  They included Resmetrix, EchoCare (seniors monitor), CardiaCare, Serreno, Expain (cancer data), Grin (remote orthodontics),  Sanolla, Gynisus (AI diagnosys) and Habitu (trials support).


http://www.echocare-tech.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeB3SRLpiAA

https://sanolla.com/ https://get-grin.com/  https://www.getexpain.com/  https://gynisus.com/



Japan focuses on Israeli investment. Japan's Sumitomo Corp has launched a $100 million Israel focused fund - IN Venture, to invest in smart cities, digitization, health care, cyber, IT, energy, and mobilization. Sumitomo Exec VP Toshikazu Nambu said of Israel, “Your way of life forces you to find solutions and that impressed us."



More funds for Israeli startups. This week, Otonomo raised $46 million; GigaSpaces raised $12 million, Pluristem is raising $15 million, Orca Security raised $20 million, Hargol raised $3 million, Hub Security raised $5 million and Ermetic raised $10 million.

https://orca.security/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58-4UOELehQ

https://hubsecurity.io/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXnzxRXq-JA  https://ermetic.com/





Movie awards for Asia. (TY Janglo) The Israeli movie “Asia” won three awards at the Tribeca Film Festival. Shira Haas won Best Actress in the International category. Director Ruthy Pribar won the Nora Ephron Award for excellence in storytelling by a female director. “Asia” also won Best (International) Cinematography.



We can fix you. (TY UWI) Israeli NGO Koolulam organized over 5,000 People from 66 countries to record themselves singing “Fix You” by UK band Coldplay in 3-part harmony. The end-result was amazing and brings universal hope during the coronavirus pandemic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_7jvxBObaw


Hallelujah.  A Virtual Benefit, “Saving Lives Sunday” on May 3rd has raised $1 million for Israel’s United Hatzalah (UH) in its work saving COVID-19 patients.  UH has released a stunning version of Leonard Cohen’s iconic song “Hallelujah.” The song is performed in English, Hebrew and Arabic - a poignant symbol of unity.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH4UA_Ocf4o (Hallelujah)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL1T6S6rDIY  (video of the event – well worth watching)

https://www.savinglivessunday.com/ (more details and where to donate)


Dolphins and sharks visit Israel. This video shows bottlenose dolphins, an endangered species, off the coast of Ashkelon. Plus, dozens of sandbar sharks off the nearby coast of Ashdod. Finally, a rare whale shark swam up the Gulf of Eilat – the same spot where 4 whale sharks were sighted last August (reported here previously).








Returning lost property. An orthodox Jew from Jerusalem found a wallet with over 40,000 shekels ($11,000). He wouldn’t rest until he found the owner - a Palestinian Arab from Bethlehem - and returned the money to him.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2wwrVGvl4A


Kotel opens for prayers. The Western Wall (Kotel) Plaza in Jerusalem has re-opened to worshippers living outside the Old City. Up to 300 worshippers are allowed to pray in the Plaza simultaneously All must wear masks and stay in marked areas to maintain social distances.



Sudanese refugee’s journey to Judaism. Micha'el Derek Tanju was born in Darfur. At the age of 3 his parents were murdered by terrorists. He escaped to Israel in 2008. After graduating and National Service, he converted to Judaism and is currently studying computer science at the Jerusalem College of Technology.

https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/living-without-a-family/ https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/my-exodus-our-exodus/


Surge in Aliya. Aliya organization Nefesh b’Nefesh received 455 Aliya applications from the US in April. Another 642 have downloaded and are working on their applications. Both numbers are 50% higher than in April 2019. Meanwhile, 18 American new Olim have just arrived in Israel, on a NbN group flight.

https://worldisraelnews.com/aliyah-groups-hold-emergency-meeting-to-prepare-for-expected-wave-of-jewish-immigrants/  http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/279699




In the 3rd May 20 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·         Six coronavirus patients are improving thanks to a new Israeli treatment.

·         Israeli-Arabs lit three of Israel’s 12 Independence Day torches.

·         Volunteers from Israel’s IsraAID are delivering food to needy Californians.

·         The Israeli Air Force saluted medics with an Independence fly-past over Israeli hospitals.

·         New Israeli kiosks allow safe and fast coronavirus testing.

·         The EU is financing half of the development of Israeli coronavirus stem cell treatment.

·         An Israeli app allows Israel’s President to visit your home.

·         During the pandemic, 40 Jews make Aliya from Ukraine and Brazil.


·         Click here to see the 26th April newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel with additional feature on Medical Achievements (with 7,100 shares).  Also (TY Sandra) in German and (TY Zachy) in Hebrew. Please pass on the following links to German and Hebrew-reading contacts.  Also (TY Esty) please visit the www.facebook.com/VerygoodnewsIL Facebook page.


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Israeli coronavirus treatment benefits six patients. Six moderate to severe Israeli coronavirus patients have shown clinical improvement with the new opaganib  treatment from Israel’s Redhill (see here previously). All required less supplemental oxygenation, had higher lymphocyte counts and less lung inflammation.



Startup funds coronavirus treatment. Israeli startup InnoCan is funding research at Tel Aviv University to develop a cannabinoid-based coronavirus treatment. Together with exosomes (particles derived from stem cell culture) it has been shown to be effective against inflammation in lung cells infected with the coronavirus.



Weizmann starts coronavirus testing. Israel’s Weizmann Institute has started conducting tests to diagnose coronavirus. Its world-class, cutting-edge lab facilities include advanced polymerase chain reaction (PCR) systems, which are capable of rapid and efficient gene identification.



Transforming Israel’s ability to combat coronavirus. In just 4 weeks, Israel’s Defense Ministry’s Directorate of Production and Procurement (DOPP) set up of hotel recovery centers, acquired ventilators, testing equipment, and protective gear and then organized for local Israeli companies to take over their manufacture.



Inside Sheba’s battle with COVID-19. (TY Stuart) Fascinating video of the coronavirus isolation compound at Sheba Medical Center. It focuses on Dr Galia Barkai, Head of Pediatrics and Tele-medicine and shows some of the major issues they have been facing.  Sheba also monitors patients in their own homes (see 2nd video).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jue3B5BReJk   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkpO5CIk6i8


Identifying high risk patients. As reported here previously, Israel’s Medial EarlySign has partnered with Israeli health company Maccabi to identify its members with a high risk of influenza complications. The system will now be used to fast-track testing and treatment if these patients report coronavirus symptoms to Maccabi.



Saving children's lives in times of adversity. At the Schneider Center for Pediatrics, despite the coronavirus crisis, three life-saving transplant operations were performed on children: Two livers and one kidney. One very complex liver transplant was for an 8-month old infant. The other was the third sibling to receive a new liver.




More Israelis recovered than still infected. This week, for the first time, the number of Israelis that have recovered from the coronavirus exceeded those that still have the infection. On 2nd May, over 9,600 had recovered while under 6,500 are still infected (mostly mild or asymptomatic). 82 are on ventilators.



Ready for the next crisis. In case there is a resurgence of the coronavirus, Israel has acquired or manufactured thousands of respirators, some 61 million surgical masks, 930,000 advanced N95 masks, about 1.4 million protective outfits for medical teams, 403,000 disposable gowns, and a million coronavirus testing kits.






Helping the elderly during lockdown. (TY I24 news) This video highlights the many volunteers (young and not so young) who are using the time they now have available, to help the elderly. The volunteers deliver food to those who cannot go outside during the coronavirus pandemic.



Computers for special needs children. The Jerusalem municipality in partnership with the Jerusalem Foundation have distributed dozens of tablet computers to children with special needs. Mayor Moshe Lion stated, “During this crisis, determined actions are needed to support families with special needs children.”



Arab-Israelis light Independence Day torches. The honor of lighting three of Israel’s twelve Independence Day torches was given to Arab-Israeli MDA volunteer Yasmeen Mazzawi, Druze IDF commander Colonel Hisham Ibrahim and Arab-Israeli nurse Ahmad Balauna. Youtube below is I24 interview of Yasmeen Mazzawi.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/grounded-israelis-begin-subdued-independence-day-with-salute-to-medical-staff/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEScI16VKEE


Arabs fight in Israel’s war. (TY Myer) In Israel’s war against the coronavirus, Jewish and Arab doctors work side by side. Israel’s public broadcaster reported “This is the first time that Israel is conducting a war and Arab citizens have been recruited”. Arabs comprise 17% of Israel’s doctors, 24% of nurses, and 48% of pharmacists.



Arab doctor carries the Sefer. (TY Janglo) Dr. Abed Zahalka of the Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak has formed deep ties to the Haredi community in the city. Dressed in full protective equipment, the Arab-Israeli doctor recently brought a holy Torah scroll into the coronavirus ward for the patients to read from.



Sheba partners NIH for coronavirus research. Israel’s Sheba Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the medical research agency of the US, are joining forces to undertake applied scientific and clinical research to find treatments to fight the coronavirus pandemic.



Delivering food to the needy in California.  (TY UWI) Volunteers with Israeli NGO IsraAID are partnering with regional food banks and US veterans organizations, among others, to deliver food to Californians in need. They have been working in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Jose and Santa Barbara.



Combatting coronavirus in Africa. Here is the latest video from Innovation: Africa.  It shows the Israeli NGO’s latest work bringing clean water and electricity to remote African villages which are at serious risk of being overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzOlVNlLDYQ





IDF converts 100 respirators into ventilators. (TY Hazel) Nearly 150 IDF engineers worked with doctors and scientists from Sheba’s ARC innovation center to convert non-invasive respirators into 100 invasive BiPap ventilators. They can serve more than one patient at a time and be linked up to a central monitoring system.



Build a low-cost ventilator. 300 businesses and non-profits around the world have taken up the free Israeli design (reported here previously) for the AmboVent ventilator for critical coronavirus patients. Its inventors estimate it can be produced for just $500 and help avert a collapse of the health care systems in Africa.



Ventilator hood protects medical staff. Israel’s Tamar Robotics, founded by alumni of Israel’s Technion Institute, have developed an acrylic covering for coronavirus patients receiving oxygen. It prevents medical staff from being infected. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA1Jwu-6S2g&t=101s


Coronavirus testing kiosks. Israeli furniture manufacturer I.M. Segev and the IDF have built dozens of contact free coronavirus testing booths for the Israeli Health companies Maccabi and Leumit. They have attracted much interest in France, Italy, Germany, the UK, US and China. I.M. Segev is also developing “hugging booths”.



https://www.imsegev.co.il/html5/sbs.py?_id=9912&did=1229&G=9912  https://www.imsegev.co.il/


On-line science learning. The educational arm of Israel’s Weizmann Institute has launched an online learning website, “Stuck at Home?”. It offers science activities to keep students on track if they are not attending school. The science trivia games, videos, experiments and activities are in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.



Touch-free electronics. (TY UWI) Israel’s Sonarax (reported here previously) is marketing its touchless ultrasonic data-transmission technology for a coronavirus world. With the right connections, you need touch only your smartphone in order to check in, check out or ride the elevator. https://www.sonarax.com/



Risk assessment tool for coronavirus. Israel’s Diagnostic Robotics is very busy developing tools to help combat the coronavirus (see previous). Its latest is a digital risk assessment and monitoring platform for health officials to track the spread of the coronavirus in Israel and assess their progress in bringing it under control.




Is coronavirus spreading?  Check the water. (TY Hazel) Israel’s National lab for Environmental Virology is analyzing wastewater for SARS-CoV-2. The level of the virus in the sewage system should correspond with the level of local infections. If not, then local testing needs to increase. It worked during a previous Polio outbreak.



Health-tech contest spawns anti-coronavirus startups. The winners of Tel Aviv’s Time to Care public health design contest (Jan) are now maturing into startups helping to combat COVID-19. EnRoute makes coronavirus patient transportation safer and more efficient. Essential (Eshe) has developed a digital health card for refugees.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/startups-sprouted-in-israeli-design-contest-are-now-recruits-in-the-covid-19-war/   https://www.enroute.tech/


Preventing cattle theft. Here is a recent rustling news story, including mention of Israeli startup Bactochem, that has helped recover stolen cattle thanks to its database register of animal DNA. Also, a reminder of Robin Rosenblatt’s project to bring Texas Longhorn cattle to Israel to help reduce the theft of cattle from Israeli farms.


https://www.bactochem.co.il/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIIS8bIUxD4



Who was that masked man? Wearing a coronavirus mask will not conceal a person’s identity from the face-recognition technology of Israel’s Corsight. Its camera-based technology can identify people in real time with only half of their face showing, even in low light conditions. It controls authorized access to sensitive areas.



Sustainable Nation. Cinemas are closed globally, so just before Israeli Independence Day, the documentary Sustainable Nation had its digital world premiere. It follows three innovative Israelis who are helping to bring sustainable water solutions, developed in Israel, to an increasingly thirsty planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XeLuymnZko





EU finance for Israeli coronavirus treatment. The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) advancing Israel’s Pluristem 50 million Euros to fund 50% of its pioneering regenerative PLX cell therapy platform. Pluristem’s treatment has saved six critically ill Israeli coronavirus patients (see previously).



Israeli funding for coronavirus research. The Israel government has granted NIS 10 million to 84 research projects to combat COVID-19.  18 of these grants (20%) were awarded to projects of the University of Haifa.



Energy projects to kickstart the economy. Israel’s Energy Ministry has proposed a NIS 25 billion raft of mainly privately funded energy and infrastructure projects to help kickstart the post-coronavirus economy. At least half the projects would involve increasing power from renewable sources.



More funds for startups. In this week’s investments, code developer Codota raised $12 million; air-cleaning enVerid raised $20 million; Corsight AI (facial recognition even wearing a mask) raised $5 million, and digital microscope maker Scopio raised $16 million. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIWE4jtI_A0   


Sale of $8 million inspection systems. Israel’s Camtek, manufacturer of metrology and inspection equipment, has received an $8 million order for multiple EagleT-i systems, its advanced inspection system. The purchaser, a tier-one global CMOS Image Sensor manufacturer, highlights strong market demand for Camtek’s products.



50 startups thriving despite coronavirus. CTech has produced a list of Israel’s 50 most promising startups that they believe will survive and thrive despite the coronavirus turmoil. They cover Deep tech, Entertainment & media, Unicorns, Logistics & e-Commerce, Cyber & cybersecurity, and Medical technology.



Making face masks fashionable. Savvy Israeli designers have spotted a marketing opportunity – trendy face masks. They have stopped producing expensive wedding dresses that are inappropriate for low-key events. But the elegant masks are very popular with the public who prefer to feel fabric rather than paper against their face.






Almost every Israeli film to be available on-line. The Israel Film Archive has been digitalizing its 5,000 hours of Israeli feature films, documentaries, newsreels and home movies. It has now started to release them online. Many of the films are delicate and have been repaired prior to digitizing.




Independence Day concert of Israeli classics. The Ra’anana Symphonette orchestra and 4 talented female Israeli Opera singers performed this concert of classic Israeli songs to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day. While all keeping a socially distant 2 meters from each other. https://youtu.be/YMOJuklpkWY?t=575


Israeli President visits your home. Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin was unhappy that citizens were unable to attend Independence Day events this year due to the pandmic. So, he arranged for an innovative Israeli app to download a hologram of himself via smartphones into your home.  You can even take a selfie with him.



The best photographs of Israel. To celebrate Israel's 72nd birthday, Israel21c asked top photographers to share some of their most joyous pictures of the Jewish State.



Drafted into the IDF and NBA. (TY Janglo) Maccabi Tel Aviv forward Deni Avdija, 19, has won an MVP title and two international basketball gold medals. When “hoops” was suspended due to the pandemic, Deni was drafted into the IDF. When play restarts he will get “exceptional athlete” status and be drafted into the NBA.






We all need to know about San Remo. This is a recording of the live broadcast from Jerusalem on Sunday 26 April 2020 on the 100th anniversary of the 1920 San Remo Resolution. The treaty is the recognition in International Law of the rights of the State of Israel, recognizing its Biblical legitimacy and historical links.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9H8edygnsw    https://worldisraelnews.com/israel-marks-100th-anniversary-of-san-remo-conference-that-paved-way-for-jewish-state/


Father & son paramedics donate blood plasma. Magen David Adom paramedics Yoel Glatt and his son Menachem who recovered from coronavirus (see here previously) have now donated their blood plasma. It should contain antibodies that can be used to treat patients critically ill with COVID-19.



16-year-old girl wins youth Bible Quiz. Ruth Cohen, 16, from Gedera won the 2020 World Bible Quiz for Jewish Youth. It was broadcast live on Israeli TV. Education Minister Peretz said, “For the first time in 10 years, we have a female Bible quiz winner. You’ve brought pride to our country.”



New Olim still arriving. Aliyah to Israel is continuing as another nine Jewish Olim (immigrants) from Ukraine arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport on a flight arranged by the Jewish Agency for Israel and sponsored by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ). Also 31 Brazilian Olim arrived on 10 flights over 50 hours.




Flight of honor for grandson of downed pilot. Captain Shelah, is a third-generation pilot in Israel’s air force. His grandfather, Col. Ehud Shelah, was shot down in the 1973 Yom Kippur war. Captain Shelah flew his jet in formation over the military cemetery in Jerusalem where the annual Memorial Day ceremony was taking place.



Builders of Zion. Aliya organization Nefesh B’Nefesh has awarded its 2020 Bonei Zion prizes to seven outstanding Anglo immigrants. They are David Blatt (sports), Debbie Gross (non-profit), Dore Gold (global impact), Deborah Rund (science & medicine), Reuven Asch (education) and Zo Flamenbaum (leadership).



Celebrating Independence Day.  On its 72nd birthday the State of Israel has 9.19 million citizens (up from 806,000 in 1948). 74% Jews, 21% Arabs.  The approximately 6.8 million Jews represent 45% of the world’s Jewish total. 180,000 new Sabras were born in 2019, vastly exceeding the 44,000 citizens who passed away.



Saluting Israeli medics. In a display of appreciation, the Israeli Air Force gave a sky-high Independence Day salute to medical staff working on the front lines to combat the coronavirus. A squad of four stunt planes flew over the country’s hospitals and medical centers. https://www.ynetnews.com/article/SkTeeiIt8




A different Yom Ha’atzmaut in Jerusalem. (TY Sharon) This year’s Memorial Day and Independence Day moved from the Jerusalem streets to the clouds, to Zoom and on-line. At the Western Wall, the President and his honor guard wore masks. As Yom Ha’atzmaut began, many went out to sing the national anthem Hatikvah.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfhe0bNDQXU   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGTTQX4ASSM




In the 26th Apr 20 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·         Another Israeli COVID-19 vaccine and a life-saving treatment are in development.

·         An Israeli has co-developed the first entirely new antibiotic for 3 decades.

·         Israeli-Arab support for Israel has surged during the pandemic.

·         Two Israeli innovations to filter virus-contaminated air.

·         Israelis use radar and thermal cameras to detect coronavirus infection.

·         Economy gets A+ rating as Israel emerges from lockdown.

·         Israel’s vaccine development gets a $12 million investment boost.

·         Israel marks Yom HaShoah, Earth Day, San Remo and looks forward to Independence Day.


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Another potential coronavirus treatment. Israeli biotech Redhill has announced that another of its pipeline medicines RHB-107 (upamostat) is to be tested by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) against SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19. (Redhill’s Opaganib is already saving lives.)



US patent for coronavirus vaccine. (TY Richard) Tel Aviv University Professor Jonathan Gershoni has been granted a US patent for technology to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. The vaccine targets the coronavirus’s Achilles’ heel, its Receptor Binding Motif (RBM), which the virus uses to bind to and infect a target cell.




Giving coronavirus patients a LIFT. Scientists from Israel’s Technion Institute have developed Liquid Foam Therapy (LIFT). It improves the distribution across the lungs of surfactant, the liquid that coats the surface of alveoli in the lungs,. COVID-19 kills the cells that secrete surfactant, making it harder to breathe.



Protecting intubated patients. (TY Hazel) Israel’s Hospitech produces the AnapnoGuard (reported here previously) which seals the trachea of intubated patients and protects them against Ventilator Associated Pneumonia. It was in use in China before the coronavirus outbreak and is now in use in 5 Israeli hospitals.



Recovered from Covid-19. A 45-year-old coronavirus patient at Jerusalem’s Wolfson hospital woke up from a 29-day coma. A 22-year-old regained consciousness after a three-week coma. A 94-year-old Jerusalem woman has recovered from Covid-19. And Eli Beer, CEO of United Hatzalah returned home to Israel after his recovery.


https://www.jewishpress.com/news/us-news/florida/eli-beer-recovered-from-coronavirus-coming-back-to-israel/2020/04/21/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnD3FtoGeiw


Successful caesarian birth. A seriously ill corona patient, 32-week’s pregnant and on ventilation, gave birth to a healthy 5.2lb baby via cesarean section in the isolation ward at Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat (Safed).




The first new antibiotic in 3 decades. Israel’s Regina Barzilay co-led an MIT team that used artificial intelligence to discover Halicin - the first entirely new antibiotic molecule in 30 years. It kills two of the most dangerous and durable bacteria which (unlike with other antibiotics) were unable to develop resistance to it.



The meaning of life. As the cell’s protein factory, the ribosome is the only natural machine that manufactures its own parts and is key to explaining how life develops. Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute are now able to demonstrate the self-synthesis and assembly of the small subunit of a ribosome on a surface of a chip.




National milk bank saves preemie. A premature infant at Haifa’s Carmel Medical Center became the first baby to receive donated milk from Magen David Adom's new national milk bank. The baby was unable to digest formula milk and his mother was unable to nurse him. The baby is now doing well and gaining weight.






4 faiths combine for prayer. The leaders of the four leading religions in Israel – Judaism, Islam, Christianity and the Druze faith – convened in Jerusalem for an unprecedented communal interfaith prayer for the end of the corona epidemic. Following the prayer, the leaders each offered their personal thoughts.



Israeli-Arab doctor makes coronavirus educational cartoons. Dr. Momen Abbasi, a resident of internal medicine at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital, illustrates the fight against corona using his skills as a cartoon artist. The cartoons serve as a useful educational tool and producing them helps reduce Dr Abbasi’s stress level.




Israeli-Arab praise for Israeli pandemic support. Professor Fahed Hakim, medical director of Nazareth Hospital, the largest medical facility in the Arab sector, praised Israel’s Health Ministry for funding 3 coronavirus wards. He also thanked The IDF for providing ventilators and other equipment.



Huge change in Arab-Israeli perception. The Jewish People Policy Institute's (JPPI) 2020 survey of Israel’s minorities finds that 23% define themselves as primarily “Israeli” (5% in 2019). 65% agreed with the phrase "I feel like a real Israeli" and 33% somewhat agreed.  https://www.jpost.com/arab-israeli-conflict/only-7-percent-of-israeli-arabs-define-themselves-as-palestinian-625285


Arab-Israeli MK honors Holocaust victims. History was made on Yom HaShoah when Member of Knesset Mansour Abbas, who heads the religious United Arab List party eulogized victims of the Holocaust at the Knesset. He also recited a prayer from the Quran in memory of those killed in the Holocaust.



Advanced testing machine for Gaza hospital. The IDF has delivered an advanced PCR medical device used for the detection of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to the Gaza strip. It will be used at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, doubling the current rate of Corona tests in Gaza.



Free training in lung ultrasounds. Israel-based Simbionix has launched a special project to train medical staff worldwide for free in performing and analyzing lung ultrasounds. Lung-ultrasound has proven to be one of the key factors in the effective diagnosis of people infected with the coronavirus.  https://simbionix.com/

https://www.jpost.com/HEALTH-SCIENCE/Coronavirus-Israeli-tech-helps-doctors-train-in-crucial-lung-ultrasound-625136  https://simbionix.com/simulators/us-mentor/us-library-of-modules/u-s-covid-19/



An Earth Day like no other. Some of the wildest scenes have been circulating on the Internet on World Earth Day 22nd Apr 2020. They include wild boar roaming the streets of Haifa, jackals in Tel Aviv’s HaYarkon Park, foxes in Ashkelon and on Highway 1. And ibex still wander around Eilat.



Italian startups complete Eilat accelerator. The first seven Italian startups in Eilat’s Acceleration program (see here) have just graduated. They are now negotiating deals valued at NIS 40 million, mostly with Israeli institutions and companies, including health institutions, industrial and real estate companies.



World English Language Day. Although Israel is proud to have resurrected the Hebrew language, there are many English words that are used by Israelis in everyday speech. This video gives a few examples.






COVID-19 decision support for doctors. Israeli startup Kahun uses Artificial Intelligence to retrieve vital data for medical professionals on the coronavirus. Kahun’s algorithm mimics the diagnosis process in searching over 2,500 research papers to help physicians make fast vital decisions. Also open to the public.  https://kahun.com/

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3806600,00.html  https://coronavirus.kahun.com/


Glass chamber to see coronavirus patients. (TY UWI) Steve Walz, international spokesperson, Sheba Medical Center spoke on ILTV about Sheba’s solution for enabling interaction between covid-19 victims and their families.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRo9Pc4KxbU


Filtering out the virus. Israel’s Aura Smart Air (reported here previously) has launched a test of its air purification system at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center. Aura Air is in the final approval stage for European Union funding. The EU is seeking solutions for closed-space infections, with a special emphasis on the coronavirus.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3809121,00.html  https://www.auraair.io/


Self-sterilizing air filters. Scientists at Ben-Gurion University are developing a new type of air-filter that self-sterilizes and decontaminates. The nanotechnology is based on laser-induced graphene (LIG) water filters that eliminate viruses and bacteria in water. Potential applications include face masks and ventilation systems.



Disinfectant from tap water kills coronavirus. (TY UWI) Researchers at Bar-Ilan University have developed powerful and environmentally friendly disinfectants using just tap water. They used electrolysis to bind chlorine hydrogen and oxygen – producing hypo chloric acid. In tests it killed microbes, fungi and corona-type viruses.



Radar to detect coronavirus carriers. (TY Hazel) Israel Aerospace Industries and Israel’s Elbit Systems have converted radar and electro-optic (camera) sensors into high-sensitivity sensors. These can measure pulse, temperature, and respiratory rate, to indicate a likely coronavirus infection.



Thermal cameras check for infection. Israeli startup Iron-Drone has developed ThermoGate to test the temperature of people entering shops and workplaces as per Israeli government regulations. Meanwhile Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has built and installed its own temperature checkers at two Israeli hospitals.



Home coronavirus test. Researchers from Israel’s Technion Institute have developed a process that they say can be made into a simple, inexpensive, fast and accurate home test for the coronavirus. Dip a swab of saliva into a test tube of chemical reagents and then into hot water. If the reagent color changes, the saliva is infected.



Millions of 3D-printed swabs for US. In response to the pressing need for more COVID-19 testing, Israel’s Stratasys and Origin of the US have signed an agreement in which Stratasys will market and promote Origin 3D-printed nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs to healthcare providers and other testing centers in the U.S.




Rapid Response. Israel’s Tikkun Olam (“Healing the World”) Makers or TOM (see previous) has built a platform called Rapid Response Makers (RRM). Medical professionals and developers all over the world are encouraged to design and build medical infrastructure, products, and software to help fight the pandemic.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-created-movement-harnesses-tech-brains-worldwide-to-fight-coronavirus/   https://tomglobal.org/community?id=5e73198894711e10b13ebe3b


Drones pollinate date plantations.  The coronavirus pandemic put Israel’s date industry at risk due to shortage of labor to pollinate trees between February and April. Israel’s Blue White Robotics (see here) is now deploying drones to pollinate date plantations in Israel’s Arava region and the Jordan Valley.



An Artificial Reality studio in your pocket. Israeli startup Arti provides simple, inexpensive software for media professionals to develop Augmented Reality videos. With just a smartphone, a laptop and an internet they can make AR videos containing 2D and 3D objects, movies etc. Arti has just raised $4 million of funds.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3809616,00.html  https://www.arti.tv/


Waze rolls out new features. With a 70% decline in road traffic, Israeli-founded mobile navigation app developer Waze has turned to building new features that help users during the coronavirus pandemic. One can identify locations with “drive-thru” and “curbside pickup”, for safe access to food and essentials.



New Digital Health Tech Innovation Lab. The Israel Innovation Authority is launching a new tech innovation lab with NIS 32 million of funding to promote investments in the field of digital health. Companies have been invited to help operate the lab and assist Israel in the diagnosis and treatment of the coronavirus pandemic.






Fitch gives Israel an A+. Amazingly, Fitch Ratings has affirmed Israel's long-term foreign-currency issuer default rating (IDR) at 'A+' with a stable outlook. It highlights strong external finances, a diversified high value-added economy and solid institutional strength. It projects a rebound in 2021, with GDP growing by 5%.



Airlines renew Israel flights. Good news for Israeli nationals. British Airways and Wizz are shortly resuming their London to Tel Aviv flights. Air Canada is restarting from Toronto and Montreal and Delta is resuming from New York. United Airlines is upgrading its New York service and restarting from San Francisco.




IKEA re-opens 3 Israeli stores. Multinational retailer IKEA has re-opened its stores in Netanya, Tel Aviv Port and Rishon LeZion as part of Israel’s slow return to normality. IKEA will observe the latest Ministry of Health regulati