History of Israel's Good News - Apr to Jun 2014

History of Israel’s Good News Apr to Jun 2014

In the 29th Jun 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        Israeli surgeons gave a new heart to a Druze boy, 3 years after giving a heart to his brother.
·        An Israeli support group for start-ups is dedicated to helping people with special needs.
·        An Israel app gives non-technical people the power to build apps for smartphones.
·        Israel is the first-ever customer for oil from Kurdistan.
·        After the US, Israel exported more computer security products in 2013 than any country.
·        Efficiency improvements have reduced the cost of Israel’s domestic water again.
·        An Israeli TV series won the International Drama award at the Monte Carlo festival.

·        Last week’s JPost Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “The Next Generation of the Startup Nation” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also published in Jewish Business News. “Israel is a World Cup Winner” was published in San Diego Jewish World.

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Non-invasive test for bladder cancer.  Israeli biotech Nucleix has raised more than $5 million to finance its test for early detection of bladder cancer.  Nucleix uses epigenetics (tiny changes in a cell’s DNA) to identify cancer cells. In the future, the product could also be used to test for colon, lung and prostate cancers.

NaNose cancer detector is ready to market.  In international trials, the lung cancer detector developed by Technion’s Dr. Hossam Haick correctly diagnosed early-stage malignant tumors 90% of the time - far better than previous methods.  The device has been licensed to Boston’s Alpha Szenszor, for development to market.

Vegetable collagen gel to treat wounds.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Israeli health organization Maccabi is to commence trials of the Vergenix flowable gel developed by Israel’s CollPlant. Two Maccabi wound clinics will use Vergenix to treat patients with chronic leg ulcers.  Vergenix is based on CollPlant’s plant-based collagen.

Druse brothers both given heart transplants.  13-year-old Dani, from the Druse village of Hurfeish, was born with a genetic disease that weakens the cardiac muscle.  He has now received a new heart at Israel’s Schneider Children’s Medical Center. His brother Rani had the same disorder and received a new heart in 2011.

Nepal uses Israeli public-health model.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Israel’s Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) program has reached mostly poor communities in more than 90 countries since 1960.  Recently the model was implemented, on request, in Nepal at Dhulikhel Hospital in Kathmandu.

Two Weizmann scientists in world “40 under 40” list.  Weizmann Institute of Science, Drs. Maya Schuldiner and Jacob Hanna, are among 40 world-leading scientists in their field that have been selected by the prestigious journal Cell for their “40 under 40” list.  Dr Hanna grew up in the Arab town Rameh.

1000 surgical procedures for MarginProbe.  The MarginProbe cancer scanner developed by Israel’s Dune Medical has successfully performed 1000 tumor tests since it was launched in 2013.  MarginProbe confirms that the entire malignant tumor has been removed, before the surgeon finishes the operation.


An incubator to benefit those with special needs. (Thanks to Israel21c) Jerusalem NGO Pretense has started the business accelerator A3i (Accelerating Inclusion in Israel). It is the world’s first incubator exclusively for startups developing products and services for people with disabilities. A3i currently has 13 companies.

SACH is still saving lives. Since the beginning of the search for Israel’s three teenagers, Israeli doctors at Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) have saved five Palestinian Arab children at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon.  Says Dr. Lior Sasson, SACH chief surgeon, “children from both sides, shouldn’t be a part of the conflict.”

Israel gives young Californian social entrepreneurs a boost.  Los Angeles’s Israeli Consul General David Siegel presented three Californian students with the $1000 prize in the Jewish-Latino, High School-MBA collaboration for their project teaching urban youth how to grow and eat healthy foods. 

Israel offers to help Kenya fight terror.  Israel’s delegation to Africa reached Kenya just after another deadly attack on Kenyans by Somali Islamist terrorists.  Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman promised President Uhuru Kenyatta that Israel would join forces with Kenya in the struggle against terror.

How Israel and (South) Korea can change the world.  (Thanks to IsraelSeen) Tsvi Bisk writes of historic similarities between Israel and Korea. Surrounded by enemies, few natural resources, little arable land and far from markets.  But they are two of the biggest success stories of the last 50 years. They should work together. 

US students get taste of Israeli entrepreneurship.  Haifa’s Hi-Center is part of the Onward Israel program for Taglit Birthright participants who want an intensive “Israel immersion” experience.  US students work four full days a week with three different start-ups. The fifth day is for tours, educational and culture activities, and fun.

Bringing Israeli innovation to African villages.  (Thanks to 12Tribe Films) Israel’s Innovation: Africa has installed solar-power to run water wells, health clinics and vaccine refrigerators. Innovation: Africa’s 75 projects in six countries have changed the lives of over 650,000 people, all using Israeli technology.


An app to build mobile apps.  Israel’s Como has developed a do-it-yourself, mobile-app authoring platform, which lets anyone build their own mobile app, without having to hire technical staff.  10 million people use Como-powered apps every day. Over one million apps have already been built using Como.

HopOn, Zeekit and GreenIQ win Smartup2.  The incubator prize in the 2nd Smartup competition hosted by Bank Hapoalim and Globes includes 20,000 Shekels plus advice.  HopOn’s smartphone app pays for public transport.  Zeekit virtually fits clothes onto a person’s photo.  See second article on GreenIQ’s garden computer. 

Earn money with your “scoop” videos.  Livelens, an Israeli-developed app, lets users take video using their iPhone, Android or Google Glass devices and share them with the world in a live stream, which they can charge money to view.  Livelens even recruited a notorious South African celebrity to promote the app.

Wind farms for Kibbutzim.  Israel’s Afcon Holdings has secured NIS 200 million in financing to build two wind farms at Kibbutz Maaleh Hagilboa and Kibbutz Degania in the lower Galilee.  The two wind farms will generate 21.25 megawatts of electricity altogether.

Technion’s has had 11,000,000 youtube hits.  The popularity of the youtube channel of Israel’s Technion reflects the progress of Israel’s longest established scientific institution.  Subscription is free.

1.8 million Israelis separate wet and dry trash.  There has been a 63 per cent increase in the number of households that participate in Israel’s waste separation-at-source program.  43 local authorities now collect approximately 2,707 tons of organic waste per month, most going to compost and anaerobic digestion facilities.

Israeli water technology for Singapore.  A delegation of 15 Israeli companies made an impressive showing at Singapore International Water Week. 

An app that just sends “Yo!” to your friend’s phone.  Israel’s Or Arbel has built a smartphone app called “Yo!” that with one click sends a “Yo!” sound to another smartphone.  The app has over a half-million users.

skyTran for Tel Aviv.  Israel Aerospace Industries has agreed to evaluate and develop NASA’s skyTran for deployment in Tel Aviv.  The system is a network of computer-controlled, 2-person "jet-like" vehicles employing state-of-the-art passive Magnetic Levitation (MagLev) technology.


Economy grows by 0.2% in May.  The Bank of Israel's Composite State of the Economy Index for May 2014 increased by 0.2 percent, indicating moderate growth similar to the growth rate that has characterized the economy over the past three years.

First oil shipment from Kurdistan goes to … Israel.  Israel has a new Middle East ally – Kurdistan. The new breakaway region of Iraq delivered its first-ever tanker of Kurdish oil to the Israeli port of Ashkelon.

Why Israel’s tech ecosystem became a world leader. (Thanks to David F) Another analysis on why Tel Aviv has become such a magnet for start-ups.  It includes interviews with Gilad Japhet of MyHeritage, Saul Singer (author of Start-up Nation) and Shimon Shocken (Dean of IDC’s Efi Arazi School of Computer Science).

Trendlines is Israel’s best incubator.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Trendlines Medical received the Best Incubator award from Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist. Two Trendlines portfolio companies received Best Start-Up of the Year - Advanced Mem-Tech (water filtration membranes) and MitrAssist (valve to treat faulty heart valve).

Dayton Ohio can mass-produce Israeli innovations.  Israel signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the US State of Ohio to help boost the economic prospects of both.  Dayton’s manufacturing strengths can complement Israel’s technological innovations, especially in the aerospace industry.  http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/business/dayton-seeks-ties-to-israel/ngKsp/

Israel exported $3 billion of cyber security products in 2013.  The total exports of Israeli companies in 2013 amounted to around 5 percent of the computer security market – more than any country except the USA.  In fact more than the combined exports of all those other countries.

The Chinese billionaire who supports Israel.  (Thanks to NoCamels.com) Chinese entrepreneur Li Ka Shing is Asia’s richest person with assets worth nearly $32 billion.  Of the 50 companies he has invested in, 20 are Israeli.  He has also donated $130 million to Israel’s Technion.

Idomoo wins Global award.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Global Telecoms Business awarded Israel’s Idomoo the “Best Consumer Innovation” prize for its "Live this Experience" Personalized Video campaign.

AOL is to invest in Israeli start-ups.  AOL is moving ahead with its new project called Nautilus, an initiative that would see the Internet giant invest up to $1 million in Israeli startups. AOL noted that it would invest at least $100,000 in as many as 10 projects at a time, each for a year’s duration.

Cost of water to be reduced, again.  Israel’s Water Authority is to reduce water tariffs in July, following a previous decrease in January.  The authority has improved efficiency despite the continuing drought conditions.


Jerusalem’s Woodstock revival July 10th 2014.  Artists at the Kraft Stadium, Jerusalem will be performing hits of classic rock stars including The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. http://www.woodstockrevival.com/

Israeli to produce Star Wars movies.  (Thanks to Size Doesn’t Matter) Israeli producer Ram Bergman has been chosen to produce two of the next three episodes in the “Star Wars” saga. 

“Hostages” wins at Monte Carlo TV Festival.  Israeli series "Hostages" won the Best International Drama Series award at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.  "Hostages" lead actress, Ayelet Zurer, took home the Best Actor in a Drama Series award.

Max the lemur predicts World Cup soccer results.  (Thanks to Israel21c) You may remember Germany’s late “Paul the Octopus” who was quite good at guessing results in the 2010 World Cup. The star of the 2014 event, however, is Max the red ruffed lemur at Ramat Gan Safari park. He even predicted the demise of Spain.

Is Israeli software sending you soccer World Cup images?  Israel’s LiveU is responsible for ensuring that broadcasts of most World Cup games get out to the rest of the world.  200 LiveU mini-broadcast boxes are delivering television-quality video of coverage via cellular connections to broadcast centers and the Internet.

Shooting some extremists in Jerusalem.  Don’t worry; this just refers to photo-shoots of the extreme stunt riders and skaters who were brought to Jerusalem on a “Vibe Israel tour” by Israeli PR organization Kinetis.  Thanks also to Zev of Janglo.net


Taglit- Birthright has brought 400,000 to Israel.  Taglit-Birthright’s program’s 400,000th participant is 20-year-old Ryan Hunter, from Syosset, NY (Long Island).  Israel’s Prime Minister personally greeted Hunter at a Birthright Israel Mega Event, attended by 3,200 participants from 60 tour groups. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4534703,00.html

$25 million donation for Ariel University.  Sheldon and Miriam Adelson have pledged $5 million to develop the medical school at Ariel University and another $20 million for future academic programs.  The Adelsons were inspired to action after the abduction of three Israeli teenagers.  “..the medical studies at Ariel University underscore humanity, the desire for life and the value of human life wherever they are..” Sheldon said.


In the 22nd Jun 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        An Israeli scientist is able to destroy cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy.
·        The United Nations voted to select Israel to lead one of its major group committees.
·        Starbucks, Coffee Bean and McDonalds are installing Israeli wireless Powermats.
·        A delegation of 50 Israeli executives has been developing trade links throughout Africa.
·        Lady Gaga is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv on Sept 13th.
·        Tel Aviv broke the Guinness World Record for the largest Shabbat dinner.

·        Last week’s JPost Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “Israel is a World Cup Winner” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also on United With Israel.
·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News and also on IsraelSeen.com.

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China fast-tracks Israeli epilepsy treatment.  Israel’s D-Pharm has obtained fast track status from the China's Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) for its epilepsy treatment, DP-VPA.  D-Pharm is jointly developing the treatment in China with its local partner, Jiangsu NHWA.  DP-VPA has completed a first Phase II clinical trial.

Israeli doctors save babies’ lives in Africa - with simple techniques.  At the Toronto summit, “Saving Every Woman, Every Child Within Arm’s Reach,” Israel’s Dr. “Miki” Karplus described how Israeli doctors in Ghana get round the lack of expensive incubators. Also having only the mother handle the baby reduces infections.

Israeli is one of the first to get a “connected” pacemaker.  Israel, France and Germany are the first countries to adopt the new German Biotronik Etrinsa HF-T pacemaker, which sends text messages to doctors about the status of the patient.  Surgeons implanted the device into an Israeli patient at Ashkelon’s Barzilai hospital. 

Parkinson’s treatment passes safety trial.  Israeli biotech Intec has announced that its Accordion Levodopa treatment for Parkinson’s disease has met all its safety trial endpoints.  Phase 3 trials on Parkinson’s sufferers can now commence.

The “Trojan horse” of chemotherapy.  (Thanks to NoCamels.com)  Dr Yehuda Assaraf of Israel’s Technion has developed the “Pharmacological Trojan horse” strategy to evade cancer cells’ resistance to chemotherapy.  Cancer’s “Achilles heel” is light, which destroys the cell membrane allowing anti-cancer enzymes to enter.

Israeli doctors help Ethiopians smile.  Two Israeli physicians from Haifa’s Rambam Medical center, Dr. Omri Emodi and Dr. Zach Sharony, were part of a 40-person Operation Smile delegation to Ethiopia. From dawn to dusk they performed 91 operations in 5 days to repair cleft lips and pallets and also trained local staff.


Everyone has an equal opportunity in Israel.  Long but important and definitive article, containing everything you need to know about the myth of ethnic inequality in Israel.

Government adopts plan to advance women.  Israel is implementing a five-year plan to promote women into the senior ranks of the public service and to shrink the gap between their pay and that of their male colleagues.  One part of the plan is to allow public sector workers with children to work overtime from home.

Israel is too good.  Adina, wife of PA president Mahmoud Abbas recently had leg surgery at Tel Aviv’s private Assuta hospital. In May, the mother-in-law of Hamas leader Ismail Haniya was treated for cancer in Israel. In Nov, Haniya’s granddaughter was treated in Israel for an infection in her digestive tract.

Moroccan Berbers seek stronger ties with Israel.  Berber minority rights activist Omar Louzi heads the Moroccan Observatory for the Fight against Anti-Semitism. Louzi is planning to organize trips to Israel for Moroccans to “meet the Moroccan Jews and visit their holy places, especially in Jerusalem.

Arabs and Iranians love Israeli books.  Israeli, Arab, Iranian and international publishers have translated books by Israeli writers into Arabic and Persian – and have discovered a popular market.  Akram Ahmadi, one of the executives of the Islam publishing house in Pakistan even gave a TV interview in support of the activity.

US students graduate from Israeli medical school.  Graduates from the 2014 TeAMS (Technion American Medical School) in Haifa achieved exceptional results and have subsequently been assigned residencies at top US medical centers and University hospitals.

Israel appointed Vice-chair of UN refugee committee.  Israel’s Mordehai Amihai won the appointment to represent the Western European and Other Groups on the 4th (Decolonization) Committee.  In a secret vote of 193 member states, 68 abstained leaving Israel with 74 votes to win by a margin of 39 votes.


Detecting contaminated high-voltage cables.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Israel’s Metrycom provides a system – Metrysense – that monitors vital high-voltage grid lines for accumulation of dust and pollution that cause power supply failures.  Electric companies incur huge cleaning costs and Metrysense identifies problem lines.

 “Making” the next generation of the Start-up Nation.  Joanna Shebson interviews Dotan Tamir, co-founder of Israel’s Big Idea Summer Camp.  The camp teaches 12-15 year-olds new technologies, including programming, graphic design, film production, mobile app design, computer game development and more.

UConn and Technion to swap energy students.  Thanks to the Satell Family Foundation, the University of Connecticut will develop an exchange program with Israel’s Technion.  Graduates will visit each other’s campuses to develop joint research, such as into fuel cells, solar power and large-scale batteries. 

New student village in Negev desert.  Ben Gurion University’s new American Associates Village at Sede Boqer has been dedicated. The eco-friendly complex houses 150 extra international students. Previously, the International School for Desert Studies had to reject hundreds of candidates due to the housing shortage.

Teva receives cleantech presentations.  Thanks to the Ministry of Economy’s Israel NewTech, ten Israeli clean technology companies presented to Israel’s Teva on how the biotech giant could save energy and water by implementing Israeli cleantech products and services. The initiative can open more markets to such companies.

7th-graders make water-filtering breakthrough using tires.  A group of 13-year-old students from the Harel School in Lod has made a unique breakthrough in water-filtering technology by using ground pieces of rubber made from scrap car and truck tires.  It can be used as a water-filtering solution for developing countries.

A remote-controlled paper plane.  (Thanks to Nevet www.broaderview.org) Israeli Shai Goitein designed the PowerUp 3.0 – a tiny battery-powered propeller and rudder.  Fold a paper plane, attach the propeller and you control the plane with your smartphone.  Shai asked for $50,000 on kickstarter.  He actually raised $1.2 million.

Recharge your batteries with a coffee, tea or burger.  Starbucks is installing Israeli-developed Powermats in USA coffee shops, for customers to charge compatible devices wirelessly.  Rival chain Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is running a Powermat pilot in Los Angeles and McDonald’s are experimenting with them in Manhattan.
(Thanks to Nevet – www.broaderview.org for the following videos.)

Launch of students’ “rescue” micro-satellite.  A tiny 840 grams satellite designed by a group of Israeli high school students at the Herzliya Science Center was successfully launched in Russia.  Duchifat 1 is intended to orbit Earth every 90 mins for 20 years, assisting in locating lost travelers in areas with no cellphone reception.


Strauss foods expand in Australia.  Strauss, Israel’s biggest food and beverage company, is set to expand its emerging dips and spreads business in Australia to capitalize on growing demand for its products. 

Swiss army decides which Israeli drones it wants.  Israel’s Elbit Systems will supply its Hermes 900 HFE Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) to the Swiss Armed Forces.  Elbit beat Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to the contract.  IAI offered its Super Heron UAVs.  The Swiss are replacing their aging ADS 95 Ranger UAVs.

Hishtil seeds company celebrates 40 years – but not in the wilderness.  1500 people marked the 40th anniversary of Israel’s Hishtil, a world leader in seedling grafting technology.  Hishtil produces over 80 million seedlings a year in this manner and has plant nurseries in Israel, Turkey, Italy, South Africa, France, and Spain.

Two new Technology incubators.  Israel’s Chief Scientist has awarded two new technology franchises.  The Philips-Teva incubator “Inspire Healthcare Innovations Ltd.” will invest in treatments and medical devices.  The Strauss incubator, “Food-Tech Hub LP”, will focus on investments in all food-related technologies.

Abramovich invests $10 million in StoreDot.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Roman Abramovich - owner of UK soccer club Chelsea - has invested $10 million in StoreDot, an Israeli startup that in April revealed a charger and battery set that charges a Samsung mobile phone in 30 seconds.  It is Abramovich’s 2nd Israeli project.

Takudu forms water alliance with Aqualia.  Spain’s water giant Aqualia has partnered with Israel’s Takudu to deploy TaKaDu’s system for detecting inefficiencies in water distribution systems. FCC Aqualia works in 17 countries including China, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Algeria, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Over 50 Israeli executives visit Africa to foster business links.  At least 50 Israeli executives are touring Africa in order to grow the Jewish state’s business presence. In Ghana, they followed up on agreements signed in 2011 and existing projects in agriculture, fisheries and other areas.

Ohio buys $47.8 million in Israel bonds.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) On June 2, The US State of Ohio purchased $47.8 million in Israel bonds, the largest single government purchase of Israel bonds ever in the United States. It surpassed the record established in March 2013, when Ohio made an Israel bonds purchase of $42 million.


But is it Art?  Visitors to the Israel Art Museum in Jerusalem during June will notice a huge construction made of bamboo.  The Big Bambu art installation is a traveling art exhibit from New York, made from thousands of bamboo poles.  It has taken six months to construct and the public is invited to climb on it and inside it.

Israelis & Chinese celebrate Tel Aviv Dragon Boat festival.  Some 200 people competed in races on the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv to celebrate the Duanwu Chinese Dragon Boat Festival.  A crowd of around 1000 Israelis and Chinese, plus the Chinese Ambassador cheered on the 20 colorful boats, each with a crew of 12.

Lady Gaga September concert.  Lady Gaga is bringing her “artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball” to Tel Aviv’s Park Hayarkon on September 13.  She previously performed in Israel in 2009.

Let Her Go – Passenger busks in Tel Aviv.  The folk-rock music sensation Michael David Rosenberg, better known as “Passenger”, performed in Tel Aviv's Barby Club.  His smash hit "Let Her Go," topped 16 international charts and wowed Israelis at an impromptu street concert later on Nahalat Binyamin (see video).

Jerusalem’s beach returns.  For those that believe Jerusalem to be too far inland, an artificial beach has again been built at the First (Railway) Station. This year there is an 18-meter surfing simulator. Children’s events include kite building, wading pools, musical performances, theatrical shows and crafting.

The best video from the Jerusalem lights festival.  The last night of this year’s festival was far too popular to appreciate it properly on foot, but luckily I found this beautiful video from The Real Jerusalem Streets.

Israeli team wins medieval jousting semi-finals.  An Israeli team took first and third place in a medieval knight-fighting tournament in the Austrian town of Hainburg. Israel competed against Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina and Austria and now heads to the World Medieval Fighting Championship in Croatia.


 Tel Aviv Shabbat dinner sets new Guinness World Record.  Tel Aviv hosted the largest ever Shabbat dinner when 2,226 participants (over double the previous record) gathered in a hangar at the city’s port to participate in the Friday night meal. The event was co-organized by Chabad and White City Shabbat.

Sending a Torah scroll to the Moon?  Tel Aviv-based “Torah on the Moon” wants to deposit Torah scrolls on the moon, in case something should happen to the Earth.  The space capsule being designed must protect the sacred text from the moon’s harsh radiation and extreme temperature changes for at least 10,000 years.

South Carolina license plates support Israel.  Thanks to new legislation passed by South Carolina’s House of Representatives, special car license plates have the message: “South Carolina Stands With Israel.” The graphic on the plate shows flags of both Israel and South Carolina. Chabad of Charleston will front the cost.

Israel Longhorn Project – Standing Up for Israel’s Farmers.  Whereas Israel’s dairy cattle are the best in the world, its European beef cattle do not thrive in Israel’s environment. Robin Rosenblatt aims to re-invigorate Israel’s beef cattle industry by building a self-sustainable Israeli herd of 300 pure breed Texas Longhorns.


In the 15th Jun 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        Positive results in trials of Israeli stem cell treatment for ALS.
·        The United Nations is exhibiting art by autistic Israeli children.
·        Israeli satellites will be used to assist rescuers in disaster areas.
·        The racetrack debut of an electric car powered by an Israeli-designed aluminum battery.
·        Israel’s Mapal Green has won its 3rd major UK contract for wastewater treatment.
·        Israel published 7,863 different books in 2013 - one title for every 1000 citizens.
·        Israeli systems are helping secure two of Brazil’s World Cup soccer stadiums.

·        Last week’s JPost Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “Seven Weeks (Part2) – Caring for the Other” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also on San Diego Jewish World.
·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News and IsraelSeen.

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ALS patients improve after stem cell treatment.  Israel’s BrainStorm reported positive interim results of Phase IIa ALS trials of its “NurOwn” stem cell therapy.  71% of patients were in decline before treatment but after treatment 63% were either stabilized or had improved neurological function.

MobileOCT wins prize for cancer screening program.  Israeli start-up MobileOCT has won the 2014 Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project for its program to help residents of the US-Mexican border area detect cervical cancer.  MobileOCT’s technology uses mobile phones with added lenses.

Merck to work with Israeli life science companies.  US giant Merck is to collaborate with Israeli companies on technological projects.  Israel’s Chief Scientist’s Office will grant financial support for joint projects researching into life-saving medicines, which Merck will match.

Six Israeli start-ups in Forbes top 10 world-changing health tech companies.  (Thanks to NoCamels.com) I don’t normally include “lists” of Israeli companies, but this is exceptional.  ReWalk, uMoove, Telesofia, Surgical Theater, TotallyPregnant and HelpAround all are Israeli and classified by Forbes as “world-changers”.


Israel’s first “Gypsy” police officer.  (Thanks to Israpundit.com) After spending her childhood in a roaming Gypsy (Roma) tribe on the frozen plains of Siberia, Tania Leontieff discovered that her mother had Jewish roots. She immigrated to Israel alone and converted, and is about to become a policewoman in Jerusalem.

UN exhibition of art by autistic Israelis.  The Speaking Colors exhibition at the United Nations in New York features 25 paintings by Israeli children with autism.  The exhibition, attended by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, coincided with a conference on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

What happens to disabled Israelis during a rocket attack?  (Thanks to Uri) Lt. Col. Keren Maimon works with disabled Israelis at assisted-living homes, teaching them how to respond when a siren sounds and to find their way into bomb shelters.  Every person counts in Israel’s diverse community, and no one is left behind.

Temech Conference 2014: Religious women who want to start a business.  (Thanks to Janglo) 23 Jun sees the flagship event for thousands of Israeli Torah-observant businesswomen - entrepreneurs and self-employees.  The 2014 Jerusalem Conference is themed “The Next Level” and 500 delegates are expected to attend.

Publicizing Israeli innovations to hundreds of millions.  The first Chinese Media Center in the Middle East has opened in Israel at the College of Management-Academic Studies in Rishon LeZion.  It will publicize Israel’s strengths in agri-tech, high-tech and clean energy to many of China’s 618 million Internet users.

Israeli drone and camera help Brazil capture gang leader.  A Heron UAV made by Israel Aerospace Industries, fitted with a heat-sensing camera developed by Israel’s Elbit Systems helped Brazilian police nab the criminal gang leader "Little P". Brazil is trying to prevent violence in Rio de Janeiro during the World Cup.

Israeli satellites to help rescuers in disaster areas.  The Israel Space Agency has volunteered to provide satellite images to the United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response (SPIDER), which serves as a data transfer hub in the event of international catastrophes.


Build your house with Israeli SmartBricks.  Within 2 years you may be able to build a new house using Israeli SmartBricks - Lego-like bricks costing 50% less than conventional materials.  The modular bricks have removable sides to accommodate wiring and inner supports.

Israel has been using driverless cars for five years.  The Israeli Army has been using unmanned vehicles for at least five years to protect Israelis.  The IDF is to upgrade its driverless fleet, to include vehicles that will safely and autonomously transport weapons and equipment to soldiers already in the field.

24me – the app for the busy person.  Israeli businesswoman and mother-of-three Liat Mordechay Hertanu developed the personal assistant app 24me in 2012 to manage her hectic daily life.  24me now has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, including students, parents and business people.

$7m robotics center for the Technion.  US based software company PTC Inc. is investing $7 million in a new robotics center at Israel’s Technion.  PTC will build the center and finance the first 3 years operating costs.  PTC specializes in 3D design software and has had an Israeli development center since 1991.

Phinergy’s Aluminum battery - the future is in the air.  An electric car equipped with an Israeli-designed aluminum-air battery system made its track debut at Montreal's Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.  Israel’s Phinergy has partnered with global metals engineering company Alcoa, to bring long-distance electric cars closer to a reality.

72 projects displayed at Technology Fair.  Israel's high-tech and venture capital executives examined the innovative new technologies in the seventy-two projects on display at the recent Technology Fair at the Computer Science School at The College of Management-Academic Studies (COMAS) in Rishon Lezion.

Israel and EU sign 80 billion Euros scientific research agreement.  (Thanks to NoCamels.com) Israel and the European Union have signed a key agreement, Horizon 2020, marking the beginning of an unprecedented partnership agreement for the funding of scientific research and innovation.

CNN features Israeli start-ups.  (Thanks to David F) Samuel Burke at CNN took a trip through Israel's tech scene.  He spoke to CEOs and to Israel’s Chief Scientist.  (Stop the CNN playlist when the video finishes.)

IDF deploys “Wind Shield” - a mobile Iron Dome.  The IDF took delivery of the Green Rock mobile missile defense system from developers ELTA - a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries.  Nicknamed “Wind Shield”, the system detects the launch of rockets and mortars and intercepts them before they reach their targets.


Israel has NIS 1.9 billion budget surplus in May.  The government’s budget surplus of NIS 1.9 billion in May 2014 reduced the deficit to 2.4% of GDP for the 12 months through May 2014 compared to 2.5% in April.

Australia seeks Israeli innovation.  Australia’s July trade mission to Israel is specifically designed for senior leaders from businesses, government policy and academia. It will focus on Technology Innovation and Israel’s entrepreneurial environment and explore Israel’s excellence in cyber security, big data and R&D.

Mapal Green signs up its third UK water utility.  United Utilities – the UK’s largest water company – has selected Israel’s Mapal Green Energy to treat the wastewater of its customers. Thames Water and Anglian Water have already chosen Mapal’s system.  The three companies serve nearly half of English households.

Polish oil terminal installs Israeli security solutions. Security at the Naftoport oil transshipment terminal in Poland has been enhanced with the integration of detection and analysis products from NICE Systems of Israel.  Naftoport transships crude oil and refined oil products in the Port of Gdansk.

Israeli company buys Jamaica Private Power Company.  Israel Corporation Power has increased its stake in Jamaica Private Power Company (JPPC) to 100%.  JPPC generates and sells its entire capacity to the Jamaica Public Service.  IC Power already owns power stations in Nicaragua, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

If happiness has a price – in Israel it costs the least.  A new Bloomberg scale uses living standards data, per capita GDP, and the Gallup happiness poll to "price" happiness. It shows that Israelis "pay" $4,491 to be happy, less than people anywhere else in the world.  It “costs” $7,051 in the USA and $14,609 in Qatar.


7,863 books were published in Israel in 2013.  According to statistics from the National Library, Israel published 7,863 books in 2013 - 235 more books than in 2012.  Israel's annual Hebrew Book Week began on Jun 11.

“A cultural beacon (of light) for the nation and the world.”  Tens of thousands of visitors (including this newsletter editor) will converge on Jerusalem’s Old City for the capital’s 6th annual International Festival of Light.  Featuring 17 acclaimed international light artists, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. June 17-19 – all free of charge.

Mick Jagger tweeted a farewell message – in Hebrew.  Last Friday as the Rolling Stones were leaving Israel for their next gig in the Netherlands, Mick Jagger wrote goodbye to his Israeli fans “Thanks to everyone in Israel for a wonderful reception. It was an amazing show and I’ll always remember it.” Plus some more videos.

The Hives at Tel Aviv’s RockandRoller Festival.  Swedish retro-rockers The Hives perform on June 17 at Bloomfield Stadium in Jaffa, along with the Pixies, as part of the two-day RockandRoller Festival.

Yossi Benayoun comes home.  Israel’s long-time soccer hero Yossi Benayoun has signed a two-year deal with Maccabi Haifa worth $1 million.  The 34-year-old Israeli midfielder left Haifa in 2002 for Racing Santander in Spain and then nine years in England from 2005 with West Ham, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and QPR.

Israel reaches U19 Euro soccer finals.  Whilst Israeli soccer legend Yossi Benayoun was returning to his roots, Israel’s next generation of soccer stars was proving its worth.  Israel qualified for next month’s Uefa European under-19 Championships finals in Hungary with a 1-0 victory over Georgia.

Israel is represented at the World Cup – in a security capacity.  Israeli companies NICE and RISCO are supplying Brazil with key security and management technology that officials are counting on to keep the peace during the World Cup soccer tournament.


250 Bnei Menashe to return to Israel this summer.  Non-profit organization Shavei Israel is bringing 250 members of the Lost Tribe of Bnei Menashe to Israel this summer.  The first 40 have just arrived. There are around 7,000 Bnei Menashe still in India.  Their tradition is that they were exiled from Israel 2700 years ago.

The Untold News of Israeli Innovation.  Here is the story of marketing professional Marcella Rosen from New York and how she founded Untold News (www.untoldnews.org). She also wrote the book “Tiny Dynamo”.  Standing on the sidelines while the state of Israel was being denigrated just wouldn’t work for her.

“Out of Zion shall go forth the law of renewable energy.”  Israel’s Knesset hopes to become the “greenest” Parliament.  Projects include 4,600 sq meters of solar panels on its roof, converting paper documents to electronic, LED lighting, charge points for hybrid cars, eliminating bottled water and using recycled paper.

UNESCO Israel exhibition opens in Paris.  The exhibition “People, Book, Land: The 3500 Year Relationship of the Jewish People with the Holy Land” was originally scheduled for Jan 2014 but was controversially postponed by UNESCO.

The 42 winners of “My Family Story” project.  There were over 13,000 submissions to the “My Family Story” competition for the best 3-D Art representation of their family history.  42 students won a trip to Israel and will have their entries displayed at Tel Aviv University’s Beit Hatfutsot Museum of the Jewish People.

Israel has a new President.  Israel’s 10th President is Reuven “Rubi” Rivlin.  He promised to be the President of all Israelis - "Jews, Arabs, Druse, rich, poor, those more observant and those who are less….  Long live Israeli democracy! Long live the State of Israel!"


In the 8th Jun 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        A new Israeli optical scanner can prevent leg amputations in diabetics.
·        The UN and World Health Organization have endorsed an Israeli wheelchair for kids.
·        Tel Aviv University officially opened Israel’s most environmentally friendly building.
·        BBC World News devoted a whole program to Israeli innovations.
·        The US State of Massachusetts sent a 120-strong business delegation to Israel.
·        In a record month for passengers, Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport opened a new runway.
·        The first-ever Rolling Stones concert in Israel was a huge success.
·        A Jewish settlement over 2000 years old has been excavated in Hebron, Judea.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News and IsraelSeen.com.

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.


Discovery may lead to treatments for Huntingdon’s disease.  Tel Aviv University researchers have found that protein clusters are not the long-believed cause of Huntingdon’s disease.  Instead, their formation protects cells damaged by the brain’s stress response.  Tackling the stress response itself may cure Huntingdon’s.

Optical scanner warns of foot ulcers in diabetics.  Israel’s Chief Scientist’s Office has awarded NIS 100,000 to Dr. Assaf Shachmon and Hagai Ligomsky of Tel Aviv University. Their optical scanner identifies diabetics at risk of developing foot ulcers that precede 84% of all diabetes-related lower-leg amputations.

Dr Sagie will get your child dry at night.  (Thanks to Israel21c) The clinics of Israel’s Jacob and Tal Sagie have cured 27,000 children who suffered from enuresis (bedwetting).  Tal Sagie has now launched Therapee - the world’s first online interactive program for treating enuresis - for kids aged four and over.

MobileOCT’s melanoma detector is featured by the BBC.  And it mentions it is based in Tel Aviv! 
In the video clip, CEO Ariel Beery says that the hardware can be 3D-printed anywhere, in order to save life.


Preparing the next generation of water experts.  Israel encourages young water experts with its program “Youth, Water & Knowledge”.  It involves 700 middle graders from 18 schools across all sections of Israeli society.  This year’s first prize went to the Arab middle school Al Mutanabi of Kfar Manda.

Palestinian Arab doctor lauds Israel for saving children.  Palestinian Arab anesthesiologist Wafiq Othman told a Montreal audience that Israeli doctors at Save A Child’s Heart (SACH) saved his younger brother’s life. He then trained for six years with SACH and returned home to coordinate the skills updating for Arab doctors.

Europe recognizes four excellent Israeli schools.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) For the first time, the European Foundation for Quality Management recognized 4 Israeli schools - in Acre, Tamra, Mas'ade, and the ORT school in Ma'alot - for implementing its Excellence Model for organizational management.

The world’s first child-friendly wheelchair.  (Thanks to NoCamels.com) Israeli NGO Wheelchairs of Hope has designed the world’s first affordable wheelchairs built especially for children. They have received backing from the UN, the World Health Organization and Israeli Nobel Prize winner Aaron Ciechanover.

Building bridges in Turkey.  Shosh Kaminsky of Israeli non-profit and provider of therapies for disabilities Beit Issie Shapiro presented and gave a workshop at the International Play Association’s 19th Triennial World Conference in Istanbul. The theme was building social bridges - how inclusive playgrounds create community.

UK’s largest farming company looks for Israeli partners.  Keith Norman, technical director of UK’s Velcourt, met 35 experts from 13 of Israel’s agritech companies on his first visit to Israel.  Velcourt holds 54,000 hectares of UK farmland. Norman’s trip was organized by the British Embassy’s UK-Israel Tech Hub.


Israel’s greenest building is ready.  Tel Aviv University’s Porter School of Environmental Studies has been inaugurated.  The ultimate eco-friendly building features recycled gray water, solar-powered air-conditioning, a green roof, bio-climatic technology, only six car parking spaces (to encourage cycling) and much more.

Mastercard contest to find Israeli technology ideas.  For the third year running, Citi’s Mastercard is running a competition to find the best new financial technology ideas and apps in Israel.  The winner gets $25,000, a spot in the Citi accelerator, plus $10,000 for a trip to Citi’s and Mastercard’s innovation labs in Dublin.

Diagnosis from a distance. (Thanks to Hazel) A new article about the Optophone, developed by Israeli Professor Zev Zalevsky of Bar Ilan University. It can pick up conversations, heartbeats, even blood pressure and blood glucose levels from hundreds of feet away, without a microphone, using a laser beam with a camera.

Israeli sensors ensure water safety in Beijing - China’s capital.  Beijing Water is installing 100 high-precision water quality analyzers developed by Israel’s Blue I Water Technologies for Beijing’s water distribution network. The sensors measure chlorine, pH, turbidity etc. and control pumps to safeguard quality.

New variety of Israeli melon named after Justin Timberlake.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Ein Yahav agriculturists have honored singer Justin Timberlake with a melon named for him. They say the Justin fruit – a cantaloupe-like melon – shares the singer’s sweetness and performance power.  It has a long shelf life of three weeks.

Israel rides out drought with desalination.  After its driest winter on record, desalination and recycling means Israel has no water shortage.  “We have all the water we need, even in the year that was the worst year ever regarding precipitation,” said Avraham Tenne of Israel’s Water Authority. “This is a huge revolution.”

The TWEAK for your sink.  (Thanks to Uri) When Israelis Nitzan Shafat & Aviv Rozenfeld graduated from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design they devised the TWEAK. It keeps the kitchen sink draining smoothly, and solves the problem of scooping cold leftovers out of the sink with your bare fingers.

Did you see Israeli technology on the BBC?  (Thanks to www.BBCWatch.org) On 31st May 2014 BBC World News featured Israel’s innovative technology on its “Click” program.  If you live in the UK you can watch it on BBC iPlayer here.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0465p7b/click-31052014
If you live outside of the UK, here is a 4-minute preview http://bcove.me/52zne77u  

miLAB - where students are developing the next red-hot startup.  miLAB is a research and prototyping lab based at Herzliya’s IDC Sammy Ofer School of Communications.  Students explore the future of technology, media and human-computer interaction, building real, working prototypes.  See the videos of some of the ideas.

The foldable car seat that turns into a stroller.  Israeli industrial designer Yoav Mazar has developed the Doona – for those families with infants that want to avoid packing the car with both a car seat and a stroller / buggy.  You don’t even need to detach the wheels.  It is soon to be launched in Europe.

Israeli wind power for Finland.  Israeli renewable energy investment company Sunflower is purchasing licenses to construct up to five wind farms in Finland each producing 20 megawatts of power.  The wind farms are expected to be ready within the next two years.


Israeli unemployment is still falling.  Israel’s unemployment rate fell in April to 5.6%, from 5.7% in March and 5.9% at the beginning of 2014.  This is one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the OECD.

Massachusetts sends huge delegation to Israel. (Thanks to Hazel) Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick led a trade mission to Israel of some 120 Massachusetts business leaders. At least six business deals or partnerships were announced during the visit. There are over 200 Israeli companies in the US state, providing 6.600 jobs.

MIT opens its first Israeli seed fund with BGU.  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched its first Israeli seed fund in cooperation with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.  The fund will support early-stage collaborations between MIT researchers and their counterparts at BGU.

How China can benefit from close ties with Israel.  (Thanks to Herb) The recent purchase of Israel’s Tnuva by China’s Bright Foods has brought the two countries closer together.  Here’s how Forbes sees how tiny Israel can help China develop both financially and socially.

Intuit buys Check for $360m. (Thanks to Atid-EDI) More than 10 million people use Check’s smartphone app to track and pay their bills.  Check’s Israeli development center will join Intuit's Consumer Ecosystem Group.

RAD opens new $32m Negev R&D center.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Global Network access solutions developer RAD inaugurated its new RAD Negev Research & Development center at Beer Sheva High Tech Park at an investment of NIS 110 million ($32 million).  RAD has hired 30 software engineers and wants 60 more.

Israeli web giant ironSource opens Beijing office.  IronSource, one of Israel’s most successful web companies, is expanding to China. Over 100 million people a month use ironSource’s tech services, which will expand significantly as ironSource deploys its digital delivery technology in the world’s largest market.

Ben Gurion Airport inaugurates new runway.  Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport has completed a 4-year, $1 billion runway upgrade.  The new runway vastly expands airport capacity, allowing simultaneous take-off and landing.  It supports the Open Skies program for increased destinations and lower airfares.  The news coincided with the news that May’s passenger figures were 1.3 million - 13.8% more than May 2013.

Israeli parking system for Albania city.  (Thanks Atid-EDI) Israel’s On Track Innovations’ subsidiary PARX has signed a 20-year contract to help manage the parking operations for Elbasan, a city in central Albania.  It will install PARX’s EasyPark system, which already operates in 45 Israeli cities.


Tel Aviv and St Petersburg to swap artwork.  A new partnership between the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the State Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg means some of Russia’s most important cultural treasures will be available for local Israeli audiences to view. The two museums will exchange masterpieces in 2015.

 “Anachnu Ha’Avanim Ha’Mitgalgalot” – We are the Rolling Stones.  Mick Jagger spoke Hebrew and English to 50,000 Israelis during a concert of 19 unforgettable songs in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park.  Most band members are older than the State of Israel, yet they never missed a beat, and Jagger was in perpetual motion.

Six best Jay Leno lines from his recent trip to Israel.  US comedian Jay Leno stepped into the limelight once again to host an awards ceremony in Israel. And he brought his joke-bag.  OK, 5 jokes and one serious message.

More on Israel’s blind world champion golfer.  Zohar Sharon, 61, has now won the World Blind Golf Championship for the fourth time in a row (his previous victories were in 2008, 2010 and 2012.  Zohar tells of the reason he went blind at age 24 and how he learned subsequently to play golf.


French businessmen have idea to benefit the Jewish State.  Frenchmen Didier Maarek and Gerard Ben Hamou started selling Teva products in their shops. Teva then donated a percentage of the revenues to Israeli charitable causes. Some $5.4 million has been donated so far.

35,000 march in NYC’s Israel Parade.  Thirty-five thousand people marched in the fiftieth annual Celebrate Israel Parade in New York City.  Associated Press reported “Awash in white and blue - the colors of Israel’s flag - tens of thousands of onlookers cheered the celebration that also featured a model of an Israeli spacecraft.

The land of milk and honey.  It is traditional to eat foods made from milk during the Jewish festival of Shavuot just celebrated.  So it was timely that Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics released 2013 figures that the average Israeli cow produces 11,780 liters (3,141 gallons) of milk, making it the most productive in the world.
And this article gives the inside story of Israel’s dairy industry, plus some of the dairy foods it produces.

People of the Book - over 1 million Israelis regularly use a library.  Visitors to Israel's public libraries increased in 2013.  Over 1 million of the 8 million Israeli citizens now have active public library memberships. On a particular day during August one million books were checked out.

Ancient Jewish settlement uncovered in Hebron.  Remains of a Jewish settlement from the Second Temple period have been partially uncovered in Tel Hebron, near Tel Rumeida in Hebron. Finds include an olive press, cisterns, a workshop with furnace and ponds, stone tools and a stamp in ancient Hebrew.


In the 1st June 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        A new, super-fast Israeli process to generate stem cells for bone marrow transplants.
·        An Israeli charity is reducing the incidence of AIDS in Africa.
·        Israeli students won medals for Physics in Singapore and an Engineering prize in Turkey.
·        Machines dispensing free cold water in recycled bottles have been installed in Tel Aviv.
·        Israeli goods are being exported via a Jordanian port.
·        Five Israeli companies have listed on the UK stock market (AIM) in the last five months.
·        Justin Timberlake entertained thousands in Tel Aviv after praying at the Western Wall.
·        Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day – the anniversary of the Six Day War.

·        Last week’s JPost Israel Good News descriptive summary. 
Click here for “Seven Weeks – Medical treatments” (fast-loading version, no adverts).

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News and IsraelSeen.com.

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.


Pancreatic cancer treatment trials continue.  Jerusalem-based biotech Tiltan has raised $1.5 million for the completion of its on-going Phase II clinical study of TL-118, an anti-angiogenic therapy for treating metastatic pancreatic cancer.  80 patients are being tested in seven major Israeli oncology centers and also two in the US.

Generating stem cells quickly and cheaply.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Israeli biotech Cellect has developed a stem cell collection kit that could revolutionize the treatment of leukemia and other immune-related diseases. Cellect’s kit takes only 10 hours to generate sufficient stem cells for bone marrow transplants.

Chip in chin prevents sleep apnea.  Belgium-Israeli medical device company Nyxoah is gearing up for the European trials of its sleep apnea treatment.  A tiny chip is implanted into the patient’s chin, which stimulates nerves to prevent the tongue from blocking airflow – a common cause of sleep apnea.


IDF’s first female Christian officer.  Yasmin Chayach has become the first Christian woman to complete the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officer’s training course.  Chayach, who is from Acre, follows in the footsteps of her brother, who also served in the IDF.  Christian enlistment in the IDF tripled in 2013.

Improved Israel-Arab view of the Jewish State.  In a University of Haifa study, the percentage of Israeli Arabs who recognize Israel’s right to continue to exist as a Jewish and democratic state (53%) rose in 2013 compared to 2012 (47%). 64% (up 5%) thought Israel was a good place to live.

Israel helps Gazan Christians travel to see the Pope.  Israel allowed around 650 Christians from Hamas-controlled Gaza to travel to the PA-controlled city of Bethlehem during the pope's visit.

Israelis help AIDS patients in Africa.  Professor Dan Engelhard of Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center founded the Art Joy Love organization to help AIDS patients.  In Uganda, his doctors, nurses, medicine, medical clowns, social workers and other volunteers in 18 months have reduced AIDS from 18% down to 16%.

India’s Foreign Minister is another friend of Israel.  Last week I reported that India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a friend of Israel.  He has now appointed India’s first female Foreign Minister. Sushma Swara served as chairwoman of the Indo-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Group from 2006 to 2009.

StandWithUs Instagram photographers publicize Israel to millions.  StandWithUs brought nine photographers from Brazil, Spain, Austria, Russia, Britain, Italy and the U.S. to Israel for the first time.  The nine have 4 million followers on the social media photo-sharing site Instagram.


Israeli chips run Cisco’s best router.  Cisco Systems recently declared the ASR 9000 to be its most successful high-end router in a decade. Good news for Israel’s EZchip, which makes the processor that powers it.

Israeli students excel at Asian Physics Olympiad in Singapore.  Israeli 12th graders returned from the Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) 2014 with two silver medals, three bronze medals and three honorable mentions. Each of the delegation's eight members came home with an award.  27 countries competed.

Israeli students win engineering prize in Turkey.  Three Israeli students from Ben Gurion University won second place at the International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students conference (ICAMES), a worldwide engineering project competition organized by the Bogazici University in Istanbul.

Israeli companies at LA’s Israel party.  Nurit Greenger meets the Israeli companies Cornerstone On Demand, BreezoMeter, NSL.comm., PICO, App-To-Eat and SalientEye that came to Los Angeles to celebrate Israel’s 66th birthday. Also US-Israeli organizations IAC, TAMID at UCLA and SCICC - plus 20,000 people.

Gadget saves space in the kitchen.  The Armadillo (RMDLO) is a clever Israeli-designed kitchen strainer / colander that folds flat for easy storage.  Strong, flexible and “green”, it also bends to help serve drained food items easily.  The RMDLO has now reached its funding goal on kickstarter, but pledges may still be possible.

COMAS – where they developed the cellphone re-charging tree.  Tree for charging cellphones; dolls that attach to kids’ clothes; search engine for focused online recommendations. Just a few of the ventures developed this year at the Center of Entrepreneurship at the College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS).

Israel is big on big data (data analysis).  (Thanks to Herb) For a small country, Israeli start-ups are really thinking big.  Many are at the forefront of “crunching data” to give big companies information on what business would be profitable.  (Warning – article is mainly for “geeks” or those with a big interest in IT)

Free drinking water stations – global pilot begins in Tel Aviv.  (Thanks to Size Doesn’t Matter) Israeli start-up Woosh has launched its global pilot, providing free drinking water in Tel Aviv’s public spaces.

Sensibo controls the temperature from anywhere.  Israeli start-up Sensibo is a remote control technology that controls the temperature of your home.  It can reduce energy usage by up to 40 percent. Sensibo is now raising funds on IndieGogo.   


Fitch Ratings give Israel another "A" credit rating.  Fitch gave as positive, Israel’s fiscal consolidation and narrowing of budget deficits.  It also noted, "The start of gas production has caused a structural improvement in the balance of payments that will support continued current account surpluses.”

Teva’s new treatments are worth $1b.  In 2014 Israel’s Teva is launching Zecurity (migraine patch), Adasuve (inhalation powder to treat agitation in schizophrenia patients) and DuoResp Spiromax, (an inhaler).  The combined peak sales of these products are estimated to be $1 billion. It also has 15 treatments in Phase III trials.

Israel passes US, Europe in plastic bottle recycling.  54 percent of Israel's plastic bottles were recycled in 2012, compared to 31.8% in the U.S. and 52.4% in OECD countries.  2013 data shows that Israel recycled 56% of its plastic bottles.  350 million bottles were recycled thanks to more than 20,000 recycling deposit stations.

Israel-Jordan container route inaugurated.  A new route has been inaugurated for the export of Israeli goods to Asia and the Arab world from the Eilat port via Jordan’s Aqaba.  Shipping times and costs to the Far East are less than those from Haifa and Ashdod, as it saves the need (and NIS 300,000 fees) to transit the Suez Canal.

NICE wins 2014 Customer Magazine award.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) TMC Customer Magazine has awarded Israel’s NICE Systems a 2014 CRM Excellence Award.  The award recognizes NICE Interaction Analytics for boosting the sales effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency at a leading U.S. retailer.

Israeli funds outperform foreign funds.  According to a survey released recently by Israel fund administrator Tzur Management, Israel-based hedge funds assets increased in value by 33 percent between 2011 and 2013, outperforming both foreign-based funds and the local equity market.

Wave energy company wins Mixiii 2014 Innovation Award.  Israeli wave energy technology developer Eco Wave Power won “The Most Innovative Technology” award at the Mixiii 2014 event.  Although an Israel-only competition, Eco Wave Power has world-changing potential.  It has raised $10 million to fund its projects.

The mini mobile robot printer reaches its main funding goal.  Israel’s ZUtA Labs has raised sufficient funds to complete the development of the tiny printer that you put it in your pocket (or bag, laptop case etc). You can still order one on kickstarter for shipping in January.

Five Israeli companies list on London AIM.  Israel’s Marimedia, a provider of solutions for optimizing for the sale of online advertising space, has just listed on London’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM).  Other 2014 Israeli (or Israeli subsidiary) AIM listings include SafeCharge, Summit Germany, XLMedia and Bagir.

Hong Kong business heads are impressed with Israel.  (Thanks to Herb) Hong Kong’s government recently arranged for 34 Hong Kong businessmen, investors, and entrepreneurs to visit Israel. Israel is Hong Kong’s second largest trading partner in the Middle East, and Hong Kong is Israel’s fifth largest trading partner in Asia.


Israeli student film wins Oscar.  "Paris on the Water," by Tel Aviv University master's student Hadas Ayalon, is one of three winners in the foreign film category of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 41st Student Academy Awards competition.  The award will be presented on 7 June in Los Angeles.

Justin Timberlake brings 'Summer Love' to Tel Aviv.  American pop star Justin Timberlake rocked tens of thousands of fans in Park Hayarkon during his first-ever Israel concert. Before the event he prayed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem - the photo posted on his facebook site received over 250,000 likes.

Bob Dylan recommended Israel to the Rolling Stones.  Ronnie Wood, guitarist for The Rolling Stones, revealed that Bob Dylan put the idea in the Stones' circle to include Israel as a tour stop.  “He said he loved it there," said Wood. "I said, we've never been there, so we'll have to go play there one day, so there you go.”


On Jerusalem Day, there’s no place like Jerusalem.  Rony Yedidia-Clein writes that although she lives temporarily in London, Jerusalem is the place she refers to as her real home, where she will always return.

From Sydney to Jerusalem - Isi Leibler shares a Jerusalem Day message.  Rabbi Israel Porush, father-in-law of Isi Leibler made a remarkable sermon one year after the Six-Day War.  It is still relevant today.

Not only Jerusalem Day, but also Hebron Liberation Day.  In the same Six Day War in which Israel won back the Old City of Jerusalem, the second most holy city to the Jewish People - Hebron - was also recaptured.
Plus a video of the Jerusalem Day atmosphere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXwPBtpCQGI

NYC’s Israel Day mega concert in support of Israel.  The 21st free annual Israel Day Concert in New York's Central Park on Jun 1st celebrates the eternal bond between supporters of Israel in the USA and the undivided capital of Israel, Jerusalem. It features Gad Elbaz, Lipa, Edon, Bennie Friedman, Ari Lesser and many more.


In the 25th May 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        Bone grown in an Israeli laboratory was transplanted back into the original donor.
·        Israel has sent medical and humanitarian aid to Serbian flood victims.
·        Two Israeli companies have joined forces to develop night-vision display glasses.
·        A new Israeli robot can clear landmines without human intervention.
·        France’s top association of cheese makers has recognized Israeli boutique cheese.
·        Novak Djokovic and Billie Jean King have invested in an Israeli tennis computer system.
·        This year’s Israel Festival in Jerusalem promises to be the best yet.
·        Israel’s Maccabi Tel Aviv has won the European Basketball Championships.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News and IsraelSeen.com.

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.


First-ever bone graft, using bone grown in lab.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) A human patient with deficient jawbone has received a successful bone transplant using bone grown by Israel’s Bonus BioGroup using the patient’s own fat cells. The company expects the graft to be fully tolerated, without immunological rejection.

Protein could reverse Alzheimer’s damage.  A protein discovered by a Tel Aviv University research team may reverse the damage caused by Alzheimer’s.  Laboratory tests showed that TAU (tubulin-associated unit) restored levels of the dementia-protecting protein NAP.  It also restored disease-shrunken brains to normal size.

Protecting the brain during heart operations.  Israeli biotech Keystone Heart’s TriGuard is a cerebral protection device specifically designed to minimize the risk of brain damage during heart valve replacements and other cardiovascular procedures.  Keystone has just raised $14 million of investment funding.

Israeli ALS treatment to be presented at Turkish conference.  Professor Dimitrios Karussis, Principal Investigator of BrainStorm’s clinical trials of its ALS stem cell treatment at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center, will present at the Joint Congress of European Neurology, May 31-June 3 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Israelis live longer.  The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that men in Israel live until the average age of 80.2 and are ranked fourth in the world. Only men in Iceland (81.2), Switzerland and Australia live longer.  Israeli women (84) are tenth in the world, compared to Europe (76) and the rest of the Middle East (68).


PA and Gaza farmers learn Israeli techniques.  Palestinian Arab farmers participated in a five-day course in post-harvest techniques held at the Volcani Institute, within the Israeli Agriculture Ministry complex in Beit Dagan.  The farmers explored a variety of issues related to the packing and storage of fruits and vegetables.

Sheriff surprised by Israel.  Virginia State Sheriff Danny Diggs was one of 17 National Sheriff’s Association members visiting Israel for the first time. He said, "You saw people in traditional Muslim attire, traditional Jewish attire and in modern clothing walking along the street, working side-by-side and coexisting”.

Arabs want Israeli justice system.  Three Arab writers admired Israel for jailing ex-Israeli PM Ehud Olmert.  No similar result would have occurred in Arab countries.  One said, "Law is above all and this is real democracy. Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East."

Christians protest Pakistan’s travel ban to Israel.  Pakistani Christians demonstrated in Karachi, demanding their right to pilgrimage to Christian holy sites in Israel. They held up placards, which included, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” “Israel you are light to the nations,” and “Recognize the Jewish State of Israel".

Israel sends aid to Serbian flood victims.  Israel has sent 1.5 million tons of medical and humanitarian aid to Serbia.  The first shipment of emergency aid included medicine, food, blankets and rain gear.  Israel is due to send more aid, including water pumps. The second link includes both aid to Serbia and to other disaster areas.

French farmers adopt Israeli irrigation technique.  (Thanks to Hazel) Farmers in southwestern France have responded to dwindling water resources by adopting drip irrigation - a money-saving technique invented in the 1960s in Israel.  Growers say that drip irrigation has helped them save water, fertilizer and increase yields.

Israel’s “best friend” wins Indian election.  The International Business Times called India’s newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Israel's best friend in South Asia”.  As Chief Minister of the Gujarat province, Modi endorsed joint projects in industrial R&D, solar & thermal power, water recycling, desalination and more.


Israeli glasses can see in the dark.  “Lumus” and “Opgal“, two cutting-edge Israeli optics companies, have collaborated to develop a Google Glass-style night-vision display system. The Therm-App mobile device, mounted on headgear, transmits high-resolution images to the Lumus wearable display.

Blazing performance.  Israel’s BlazeMeter has developed a cloud-based platform for self-testing of mobile and Internet performance.  Its systems include the JMeter mobile testing platform and have conducted more than 500,000 tests over 50,000 users, including Fortune 100 companies.  It has just raised $6.5 million in finance.

Joint cyber defense research with the UK.  Britain’s Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance and Israel’s National Cyber Bureau have signed a pact in London to finance joint cyber defense research. 

Tel Aviv University Innovation Day.  StarTau’s innovation day was studded with start-up companies big and small, pitching their ideas and connecting with like-minded investors and entrepreneurs.  Students from MBA programs mingled with investors, angels, and new companies alike.

Device to test liquids for bacteria infections.  (Thanks to Israel21c) The Bactusense optical biosensor uses silicon-based microchips to trap bacteria from any liquid. Developed by scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Israel’s Technion, the device is now licensed to Israeli venture capital company Capitalnano.

18 Israeli companies at US Oil & Gas conference.  A delegation of 18 Israeli companies providing solutions to the Oil & Gas industry presented at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas.  They included Flow Industries, who make the “green” AirShock pre-fracking and oil well rejuvenation system.

Coating protects fabric, metal and glass.  Israel’s Nano Z-Tech is developing nanocoating technology that protects many surfaces from liquid spills or rainwater, with diverse uses.  It also allows visible light to penetrate roofs and windows, but not infrared light (heat energy), which makes NASA very interested in the product.

$300 million for joint Israel-China research institute.  Back in September, Tel Aviv University signed an agreement to establish the XIN Research Center with Beijing’s Tsinghua University. Israel and China have now agreed to invest a total of $300 million to build one of the biggest academic R&D centers for either country.

Robot to clear landmines.  Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has presented SAHAR – an autonomous robotic route clearance system.  The system handles functions such as environmental terrain mapping, surveillance, removal of roadblocks, and disposal of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).

The “promised land” of 3D printing?  Dennis Mitzner writes about Israel’s dominance in the 3D printing market.  By 2015, two companies with Israeli CEOs (Statasys and 3D Systems) will together have almost 50% of the 3D printing market.  And the Cross-Lab Network project will put Israel even further in front.

1Gb Internet speed.  The Israel Electric Company (IEC) is offering fiber optic Internet connections to Israeli homes and businesses. From June, the “Unlimited” network is to offer speeds up to 1 gbps (1 gigabit, or 1000 megabits, per second).  The fiber optic network is a national project being implemented out by IEC contractors.

Bell Labs to open in Tel Aviv.  Michel Combes, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent announced that Lucent’s Bell Labs is to open a branch in Tel Aviv this summer.  Bell Labs has been innovating for nearly a century. Combes said its arrival in Israel is a clear confirmation of the confidence Alcatel-Lucent has in Israeli technology.

MIXiii conference - Israel at its full prowess.  The Israel Innovation (MIXiii) conference is the first in the world where Biomed and High-tech join hands in a unique and exciting new international conference format.  At least 1,500 participants from over 45 countries and 4,500 one-on-one meetings are expected.


National debt ratio falls again.  Israel's debt-to-GDP ratio - the most important index for measuring a country's fiscal and financial soundness - fell to 66.1% in 2013 from 67.1% in 2012.  In 2006 the ratio was 82% and in 2002 it was over 100%.  The average debt-to-GDP ratio among developed countries is 108.5%

Israel becomes a “big cheese”.  The France-based international cheese makers' association, La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers, is opening its first office in Israel.  A delegation from the prestigious association awarded membership to chef Meir Adoni, gastronomist Michal Ansky and six local boutique cheese makers.

Global Confidence in Israel's Long-Term Viability.  Ex-Ambassador Yoram Ettinger writes a positive summary of Israel’s recent business and economic activity.

Elbit launches new incubator.  Elbit Systems has inaugurated its Incubit Technology Ventures accelerator at the Beersheva High-Tech Park. Incubit is the first technology incubator in Israel owned by a homegrown Israeli corporation. It has already invested in two ventures and plans more than twenty in the next eight years.

Promoting the Haredi high-tech revolution.  Yossi Rabinovitz, CEO of Israeli e-commerce start-up SelfPoint is showing that the Haredi high-tech revolution is growing rapidly.  SelfPoint, a member of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, lets customers easily set up and use an online store for their merchandise.

Tennis stars invest in Israeli training system.  World number two tennis player Novak Djokovic and tennis women's legend Billie Jean King have joined in the latest $3.5 million round of funding into PlaySight Interactive - the Israeli company that has developed the SmartCourt sports analytics system.


Jerusalem Light Festival.  The annual Light in Jerusalem Festival Jun 11-19 is free to the public. Highlights for 2014 include four light trails to follow; Light body designers and amazing street performers; 17-meter high light towers.  The two videos below are of last year’s event.

Don’t miss the Israel Festival.  (Thanks to www.Janglo.net) The Israel Festival (May 29 - Jun 20) is hosting free jazz and street theatre performances at the First (railway) Station in Jerusalem. Events also take place at Sultan’s Pool, the Israel Museum, the Jerusalem Theater and the Convention Center.

Israeli beer.  Please watch this new video and maybe plan a visit to Tel Aviv’s “The Dancing Camel”.

Guide to the superstars.  Top musicians in Israel this summer include Justin Timberlake, The Prodigy, The Rolling Stones, Passenger, Pixies & The Hives, Neil Young, Backstreet Boys, America and Lana Del Rey.

Blind Israeli golfer wins world tournament - again.  Israel’s Zohar Sharon won the ISPS HANDA World Blind Golf Championship title for a fifth consecutive time, in Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia.  Sharon lost his sight during his IDF service and caddie Shimshon Levi tells him exactly what shot is required.

Maccabi are European Champions.  What was deemed as impossible just a few months ago became a reality on Sunday night, with Maccabi Tel Aviv recording a stunning 98-86 overtime victory over Real Madrid in Milan to claim a sixth European basketball championship title in club history.


In the 18th May 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        Israeli trials show that a synthetic vitamin reduces fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis sufferers.
·        An Israeli is the first female Arab Bedouin doctor in the world.
·        Israel offered to help rescue kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls and also trapped Turkish miners.
·        An Israeli company is building a power plant in North Carolina that uses energy from a landfill site.
·        An Israeli smart water filter irrigates trees and plants only when they are thirsty.
·        Egypt wants to buy Israeli natural gas.
·        Hundreds of exhausted migrating birds recover in Eilat.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News and on IsraelSeen.com.

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.


Vitamin reduces fatigue in MS patients.  Dr Anat Achiron of the Israel’s Sheba Medical Center in Tel-Hashomer has reported that in controlled trials, a synthetic analog of vitamin D significantly reduced fatigue, which is common in patients with multiple sclerosis.  The compound is 1a-hydroxyvitamin D3 (alfacalcidol).

Preventing dangerous growth in heart muscle.  Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that the protein Erbin is an important brake that helps prevent cardiac hypertrophy – the stage before heart failure when the heart grows in an attempt to increase its output.

Breakthrough in understanding genetic disease.  Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have demonstrated the molecular basis of Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) - perhaps the most studied among the class of diseases that involves defects in parental imprinting.  PWS is due to a defective gene on chromosome 15.

The genetic “switch” that thalidomide corrupted.  It is 57 years since the thalidomide tragedy that resulted in thousands of deaths and babies born with severe limb deformities.  Now Tel Aviv University scientists have pinpointed the genetic regulator “switch” responsible p53 and its downstream target gene, MicroRNA34.

US approves Israeli lung cancer scanner.  The US FDA has approved the Duet scanning system, developed by Israeli biotech BioView, for the detection of mutations in lung cancer. 

Huge expansion to Jerusalem hospital.  Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center is to increase in size from 42 acres to 82 acres, allowing it to triple its scope. In the near term, three new buildings have been approved for medical research, emergency services and staffing needs.  The hospital has the highest growth rate in Israel.


Special Service.   Teenagers that are unable to join regular Israeli Defense Forces units are not forgotten in the Jewish State.  Please watch, as they (and their parents) are proud to help serve their country.

Academic campus for Israel’s haredim.  Rivka Yeruslavsky was born into an Israeli ultra-Orthodox family and studied computer science. She then went on to open the Strauss Campus of Lomda - Israel’s largest vocational institute, designed to bring more haredim into the workforce.

Israeli Arabs entrepreneurs get more help.  The Israeli government is offering promising Israeli Arab entrepreneurs and scientists 200 hours of free business consulting, plus research and development grants of up to 85 percent of the funding required to produce their new ideas in the lab.

The first female Bedouin doctor is Israeli.  Israel’s Dr. Rania Okby, a specialist in maternal fetal medicine, is the first female Bedouin doctor in the world and a role model for Bedouin women in Israel.

Gaza girl’s wish came true. In Sept 2012 I included a story about the Israeli emergency service Magen David Adom fulfilling the wish of a 6-year old girl from Gaza suffering from leukaemia. I have just received the youtube video of that story.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7MM4eD_Cw4
Here is the original article from 2012 http://www.imra.org.il/story.php3?id=57941

Syrians treated in Israel:  CNN’s Nic Robertson reports on the work of Israel’s field hospital on the Golan Heights.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khvi3P-74YY

Helping entrepreneurs in the Americas.  (Thanks to Uri) Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) and The Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) will conduct 12 workshops on Entrepreneurship and Business Development for young people from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Nigeria thanks Israeli offer to help locate abducted schoolgirls.  Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan welcomed the offer by Israel’s Prime Minister to send a team of counter-terrorism experts to assist in the search and rescue operations for nearly 200 Christian schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamic terrorists Boko Haram.

Israel’s MDA offers Turkey help in mining disaster.  Israel’s emergency service Magen David Adom has offered the Turkish Red Crescent assistance after an explosion and fire in a coalmine in the town of Soma that killed more than 200 people.  MDA said they could provide valuable manpower and medical equipment.

Keypod features on the BBC – (but…) The BBC News website just featured “Keepod: Can a $7 stick provide billions computer access?  It also included a film “Keepod ‘magic drives’ put Nairobi’s children online”.  But the BBC doesn’t say that Keypod is Israeli!  (It only gives a hint, “Keepod is Hebrew for ‘Hedgehog’”)


Transforming phone camera imaging.  Israeli startup Corephotonics has developed a dual-lens phone camera that can produce crystal-clear images on a smartphone even when the zoom function is used.  It uses two 13-megapixel lenses with their own sensors, thus improving low-light performance and producing cleaner images.

Turning waste into energy in North Carolina.  Israel’s Bluesphere is to construct a 5.2-megawatt power plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, with the fuel for the plant coming from organic waste from the city’s landfill site.

Israeli teens take another top international physics prize.  Pupils from Ilan Ramon Youth Physics Center in Beer-Sheva have won their 45th prize in the "First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics" competition.  Israel has won the most prizes since the US-based competition began in 2007 – more than the USA, Russia, South Korea etc. 

CyberArk wins European award.  (Thanks to elderofzyion.com) Israel’s largest private cyber-security software company, CyberArk, has been selected as “Best advanced persistent threat protection” at the SC Awards Europe 2014.  It was also ranked “highly commended” in the identity-management category.

Intel likes Israeli Ginger.  Intel Corporation has purchased the personal assistant and advanced computing and artificial intelligence part of Israel’s Ginger Software along with 16 staff.  Ginger’s platform allows third parties to create custom personal assistants.  Ginger’s English language training business remains independent of Intel.

Conference of the Haredi Hi-Tech Forum.  The Haredi Hi-Tech Forum was founded in 2012 to assist haredim develop their own business initiatives.  Nine start-ups and groups participate currently in courses run by the forum, with sixty more applying for new courses in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

Now plants can decide when to drink.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Israel’s CommonSensor wireless smart water filter registers how much water is in the soil, rather than measuring pressure or humidity.  It then controls irrigation when the plant needs it without any human intervention.  Distributors are sought for the new version.

Turning video into 3D virtual reality.  Israel’s SceneNet, with funding from the European Commission, is developing technology that combines video footage of events such as sports matches and rock concerts to make a three dimensional film. It also lets you pick the location to view from, such as behind the stage.

The Start-up Nation is now on the radio.  Tel Aviv’s TLV1 Radio has broadcast Israel21c’s first ever radio program. Gil Canaani, founder of Start-up Stadium and Amos Avner, Education Director at Start-TAU join Viva Sarah Press to discuss what that drives Israeli entrepreneurs to make the impossible, possible.


UK on-line retailer uses Israeli software.  UK’s online retail giant Shop Direct, based in Liverpool, has teamed up with Israel’s Cimagine Media and yRuler to launch a new service that will allow shoppers to try-out products virtually before they buy them. The brands include Very, Isme and Littlewoods.

El Al boost number of flights from USA by 30%.  El Al Airlines’ Spring schedule now has 31 weekly nonstop flights between North America and Israel.  They include 22 flights from New York (JFK/Newark), five from Los Angeles and four from Toronto, Canada.

Tourism at new record levels.  (Thanks to algemeiner.com) The number of tourists visiting Israel in April was a record-breaking 385,000 – 9% more than in Apr 2013.  Even after accounting for the Passover/Easter effect, the increase was still 5%.  Over 1 million tourists have visited Israel in 2014 – 16% more than in 2013.

Finance raised to drill Leviathan gas.  The developers of Israel’s massive natural gas deposits at the Leviathan field have successfully raised the $2billion necessary to continue the project.  Leviathan’s 18 trillion cubic feet of gas should start flowing in 2016, ensuring Israel’s future energy requirements are secure.

First Turkey, now Egypt wants Israeli gas.  Israel’s new found energy resource could be a big peacemaker.  Following Turkey’s announcement that it was buying natural gas from Israel, now Egypt’s suppliers have signed a letter of intent to purchase supplies from Israel.  Israel used to import Egyptian gas but not any more.

China wants to improve Israeli STI ties.  Chinese Vice-Premier of the State Council Liu Yandong makes the case for better Israel-China cooperation in science, technology and innovation (STI).  She cites historical links, growth in bi-lateral trade, the value of STI and the mutual benefits of cooperation between the two countries.


America comes to Israel.  One of the most successful pop/ rock bands of the 1970s – America – is going to make its Israel debut on August 7 at the Ra’anana Amphipark.  Original members Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell still perform their hit “Horse with No Name” and in 2007 made a new album “Here and Now”.

NBA star Stoudemire leads academy in Tel Aviv.  Basketball star Amar’e Stoudemire is hosting a sports camp in Israel this summer.  Stoudemire reconnected with his Jewish roots in recent years.  He has married under a chuppah, made pilgrimage to Israel, met Shimon Peres, and applied for dual Israeli citizenship.


Green Eilat “saves” hundreds of birds.  The recent sudden heat wave affecting the Middle East took its toll on migrating Corncrakes as they ran out of fat and muscle during their flight from Africa to Europe and Asia.  Luckily they were able to reach Eilat – the first patch of green habitation after endless deserts.

The future is bright.  Gideon Israel writes the facts that refute any claims that Israel is isolated.  He cites Israel’s improved relations with China, India, Central Asia, South Korea, the USA, Latin America and eleven European countries. (Without even mentioning friendships with Canada, Australia, Japan, Africa, etc. etc.)

UK Rabbis learn more about Israel.  UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and 49 Orthodox British Rabbis have completed a 4-day mission to Israel.  Northwood Synagogue’s Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman said that the trip would help him communicate to congregants not to be emotional about Israel but to seek more information.


In the 11th May 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        An Israeli laboratory has developed a blood test to detect cancer.
·        An Israeli paramedic received the President’s award for saving Syrian lives.
·        Award-winning Israeli video software detects criminals from the way they move.
·        An Israeli-developed 3D printer produces parts for a blood-recycling machine.
·        The TV show “Greys Anatomy” featured Israeli 3D holographic technology.
·        Two remarkable stories of Israeli doctors saving the lives of critically injured civilians.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News and IsraelSeen.com.

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.


Israeli lab develops blood test to detect cancer.  Miami-based Eventus Diagnostics (EventusDx) has its Research & Development laboratories in Moshav Ora, near Jerusalem.  They have developed blood tests to measure cancer-specific antibodies produced by the immune system in response to the growth of tumors.

US approval for Israeli loss of vision monitor.  (Thanks to Israel21c) The US FDA has just approved ForeseeHome, developed by Israel’s Notal Vision, which allows patients suffering age-related macular degeneration (AMD) to monitor the progression of the condition in their own homes. It is vital to identify immediately when “dry” AMD changes to “wet” AMD at which point they can be treated.

CML patients can now be treated at home.  The US FDA has just approved the home administration of Teva’s Synribo (omacetaxine mepesuccinate).  Physicians who treat adults with chronic or accelerated phase Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) can now administer Synribo therapy in the patient’s own home.


New mums can build startups too.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Israel has several networking groups for mothers with babies who want to start their own businesses.  Organizations such as “WeDream”, “Yazamiyot” and “Google Moms” are helping women with babies learn the skills necessary to become entrepreneurs.

How to be a good human being.  (Thanks to Nevet – www.broaderview.org) Yemin Orde Youth Village in Israel’s Carmel forest is home to more than 500 at-risk immigrant youth from around the world.

Heart ops for over 3300 children.  The Israeli organization Save A Child’s Heart has treated thousands of children from over 45 developing countries since it was founded in 1995.  It also holds free weekly cardiology clinics for children from Gaza and the Palestinian Authority.  Please watch its latest video.

President’s award for saving Syrians.  IDF paramedic Noga Erez received The President’s Award for Excellence for her outstanding service for saving lives on the border with Syria.  What other nation would give one of their highest honors to someone who saves the lives of people from an enemy country?

Syrian dissident: “Israel is our last hope”.  Syrian dissident Kamal Al-Labwani gave an interview to the Israeli media in which he said, “People today have begun thinking outside the box, exploring two fundamental things: changing ourselves and seeking help.”  He wants Israel to enforce a no-fly zone in Southern Syria.


Israel’s top nanotech company.  Qlight Nanotech won the Best Nanotechnology Company of the Year Award at the NanoIsrael 2014 conference.  Qlight uses semiconductor nanocrystals to make products for flat panel displays and efficient LED lighting.  The technology reduces power consumption of TVs etc. by nearly half.

Re-charge your phone from a streetlamp.  Thanks to landscaping company Pashut Yarok (Simply Green) Herzliya residents can re-charge the battery of their cell phone free-of –charge from one of seven solar-powered streetlamp charge spots at the city’s main junction.  Each pillar has a USB socket and an automotive spark plug,

Israeli technology identifies criminals automatically.  Israel’s Extreme Reality has developed video software that can interpret the movements of a person and detect anomalous behavior.  Extreme Reality has just been selected as one of the Red Herring Top 100 Europe companies for 2014.

Catching out cyber-criminals.  (Thanks to Israel21c)  Israel’s BioCatch is a cyber security company with a difference.  It has developed software that recognizes the hand to keyboard movements of genuine customers and alerts the on-line website owners when an unauthorized person tries to access a customer’s account.

Israeli water filter to help grow bigger fish.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Israel’s BioFishency provides an affordable water filtration system for fish farmers that minimizes water usage and produces larger, healthier fish. A pilot site is to be set up in Jericho.  The fish waste will be used as organic fertilizer for local date palms.

Wearable Israeli technology.  Israel’s first Wearable Technology Conference takes place on 12th May in Tel Aviv.  Speakers include Steve Mann, who is commonly known as the father of wearable computing.  One of the highlights will be a half-hour session of rapid-fire pitches from 10 Israeli wearable computing start-ups.

IDF robot searched terrorist tunnels.  iRobot, developed by Israel’s Ammunition Corps, has the ability to go through almost every terrain and is equipped with video cameras, encrypted wireless communication as well as lighting apparels.  It was used in the recent discovery of terrorist tunnels reaching into Israel from Gaza. 

Why airlines need Israel’s C-MUSIC.  (Thanks to Nevet – www.broaderview.org) One shoulder-held surface to air missile fired at an American aircraft could be devastating to the U.S. economy.  C-MUSIC (Multi-Spectral Infrared Countermeasures) from Israel’s Elbit’s is the most advanced defense system against missiles.

Israeli 3D printer helps make blood-recycling machine.  UK’s Brightwake used the Dimension 1200es 3D printer from Israeli-US company Stratasys to create models of the parts for its Hemosep machine. Hemosep recovers blood lost or spilled during open-heart surgeries and recycles it back into the patient.


GDP per capita hits new high.  Israel's gross domestic product for the fourth quarter of 2013 crossed the NIS 1 trillion mark ($302 billion) for the first time ever.  The figure was over a third more than the previous high of $226 billion in Q4 2010.  As a result, 2013’s GDP per capita also hit a record high - NIS 130,700 ($37,500).

Currency reserves at new record.  At the end of April, Israel had the equivalent of over $86 billion in foreign exchange deposits - nearly 1 billion more than at the end of March.  Israel’s National Reserve Fund due to the natural gas program now totals over $3 billion.

Israel cuts bureaucracy to help entrepreneurs.  Economy minister Naftali Bennet has unveiled his new “Regulation Light” plan to promote more entrepreneurship in Israel.  New businesses will get a five-year grace period on some regulatory activities in order to make it easier for them to develop and market their products.

R&D between Victoria and Israel.  The Victorian Government of Australia will grant up to $250,000 for Victorian companies to work with Israeli companies on research and development in science, innovation and technology. The Israeli Government will offer Israeli companies soft loans of up to 50% of R&D expenses.


The perfect recipe for a great sunshine trip.  Unusual for the UK’s Daily Mirror - a very positive article recommending Israel.  Its mixture of ancient and modern; Tel Aviv’s trendy bars; 300 sunshine days; fine hotels; plus, “a brilliant country that embraces its past and also looks ahead to the future with a bright smile.”

Ester Rada: Israel’s (Ethiopian) rising star.  A rare balanced BBC interview with popular singer Ester Rada - born in Israel of Ethiopian parents who (along with 8000 others) were airlifted to Israel from Sudan in 1984.  During her IDF service, Ester sang in a military band, and toured the world.  Her 2013 EP is “Life Happens”.

Backstreet Boys in Raanana.  The best-selling boy-band in history, the Backstreet Boys, with sales of over 130 million records worldwide, are expected to give a concert at the Raanana amphitheatre, in July.

Greys Anatomy highlights Israeli technology.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Viewers of the popular TV show Greys Anatomy saw actress Sandra Oh (who plays Dr Cristina Yang) encounter Israel’s RealView Imaging. In real life, RealView’s three-dimensional holography helps surgeons plan the steps of delicate, complex procedures. 

Israeli sitcom sold again.  The US Turner Broadcasting System cable network has purchased the rights to make a version of the Israeli situation comedy “Savri Maranan”.  The pilot episode of the renamed "Your Family or Mine" will air at the start of 2015. The ABC network also bought the show in 2012 to make “Tribes”.


The heavens are shining.  On Israel’s Independence Day, David Weinberg is optimistic about Israel’s future.

The generosity of our friends.  Yael Eckstein of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews writes, “As we celebrate Israel’s Independence Day, it is critical to remember these people who speak loudly and bravely in unity with the Jewish people. Simply put, they are Israel’s greatest ally and friend.”

How Israel remembers.  On Holocaust Remembrance Day and on Yom Hazikaron, watch what happens to the traffic on Israel’s busiest roads when the siren sounds.

Learn sign language with Israeli stamps.  (Thanks to Jacob Richman)  The latest set of Israeli stamps includes individual images of the following words in the Israeli sign language: “Thanks”, “Goodbye”, “Kiss”, “Friendship” and “Love”.

An app to fight BDS.  Rabbi Avi Schwartz, son of the legendary Palmah commander Mordechai Schwartz has launched a PR app to enable users to have the necessary knowledge and resources to protect the Jewish state.

66 great Israeli companies.  On Israel’s 66th birthday, fellow blogger Naomi Goldberg lists 66 companies that make her proud to be Israeli.  They include some that I hadn’t even heard of. 

Ukranian mayor wakes up in Israel.  Gennady Kernes, the Jewish mayor of Kharkiv who was shot and critically injured in the Ukraine unrest has regained consciousness in Haifa’s Rambam medical center.  Kernes underwent two major operations in Israel to treat the damage to his lungs, stomach, liver and spine.

Another medical miracle.  Adi Huja needed 120 units of blood when she was wounded in the 2001 Sbarro terrorist bombing in Jerusalem.  Professor Avi Rivkind of Hadassah hospital told Adi that not only will she fully recover, but that he’ll one day dance at her wedding. 13 years later, Adi danced with Professor Rivkind.


In the 4th May 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        The first patient to receive a new Israeli device to prevent heart failure is doing well.
·        Israeli army medics saved the life of a choking Palestinian Arab baby
·        Even though underwater, a new Israeli camera can produce clear images above the surface.
·        An Israeli device will scan any object and identify its composition.
·        Intel is to invest billions in upgrading its microchip development center in Israel.
·        21 Israeli beaches now have blue-flag status - more than double the number in 2013.
·        The Israeli Opera Company is staging La Traviata in the spectacular setting of Masada.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News and on IsraelSeen.com.

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.


V Wave heart device implanted in first patient.  The implant-able shunt developed by Israel’s V Wave treats congestive heart failure patients by reducing pressure on the muscle controlling the blood flow between the heart chambers.  The first patient to receive the shunt is already experiencing an improved condition.

Israeli Parkinson’s treatment is used in 40 countries.  Japan’s Takeda has signed a deal to commercialize Teva’s innovative treatment for Parkinson’s disease, rasagiline, for use in Japan.  It follows Takeda’s deal in Dec 2013 to develop Teva’s glatiramer acetate for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Relief for back pain sufferers.  Israel’s Teva reported success in a Phase III clinical trial for its abuse-deterrent extended-release CEP-33237 treatment for chronic low back pain. The results showed significant improvement as measured by both weekly average Worst Pain Intensity and weekly Average Pain Intensity scores.

Reduced treatment times for Emphysema patients.  Using the Alpha-P1 Glassia treatment from Israel’s Kamada, sufferers of inherited emphysema can reduce the weekly time taken for infusions down from 70 minutes to just 15.  It greatly improves their quality of life.

Getting under your skin.  (Thanks to NoCamels.com) Israeli biotech StartletDerma has developed a unique system for directing skin cosmetic ingredients deep within the skin where they can be most effective.  Inocyte contains micro-injectors from the sea anemone to penetrate the skin and make channels for the cosmetics.


IDF medics save choking Palestinian Arab baby.  2nd Lt. Ben Tzanani and his medical team rushed to save a one-month old baby from the village of Beitin near Ramallah.  The baby began to choke whilst her sister was playing with her.  Afterwards many Beitin villagers phoned the division headquarters to express their gratitude.

Arab Bedouins protect Israelis border.  Meet Lt. Col. Majdi Mazarib, the commander of the Northern Tracking Unit that operates near the Lebanese border and consists only of Muslim Arab Bedouin soldiers.

The other Zoabi – the Muslim Arab Zionist.  Muhammad Zoabi is a relative of anti-Zionist MK Hanin Zoabi but their surname is all that’s in common.  Muhammad says, “we are living freedom”, “the Jews are a great nation and they always accept others” and vows to “stand with the Jewish people until the last day of my life.”

Where Christians celebrated Easter in the Middle East.  According to David Parsons, media director of International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, Christians living in Israel have much to be thankful for and little to complain about compared to their Christian brethren in neighboring countries.


No need for a periscope.  (Thanks to algemeiner.com) Israel Technion researchers have developed a new camera that enables divers and submarines to see above the surface of the water without a periscope.  The Stella Maris (Marine Refractive Imaging Sensor) counters distortions from the dynamic refraction of water waves.

If you can imagine it – we can print it.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Industrial designers Oded Marcus and Shaul Cohen have set-up Tel Aviv’s 3D Factory – a three-dimensional printing shop.  It features a do-it-yourself ‘experience store’ where anyone can print an actual object from a computer design.

Israel is “the wi-fi nation”.  It starts when you arrive at Ben Gurion Airport and are treated to free wifi. Then you get on the train; for over a year now, Israel Railways provides free wifi. The Kavim bus to work offers free wifi.  Enter a restaurant in Tel Aviv and you will likely be served free wifi. It’s not the same in Europe or USA.

Ladybugs save Israeli sabras.  Israeli scientists have released 150,000 ladybugs into Northern Israel to get rid of cactus-eating parasites that are threatening Israeli sabra shrubs.  The ladybugs were raised in the BioBee Biological Systems laboratories at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, near Beit She’an.

Excess heat makes fuel.  Rehovot-based New CO2 Fuels (NCF) plans to use the waste heat released by steel, glass and ceramics factories to drive its innovative fuel production process.  NCF currently uses solar energy to produce methanol in its proof of concept, but realized the value of a previously untapped energy source.

Turning jellyfish into paper towels.  Cine’al Ltd., an Israeli nanotechnology start-up, is developing technology to turn jellyfish into Hydromash, Cine’al says that this super-absorbing strong, dry, flexible material is several times more absorbent and more biodegradable than the material used currently for disposable diapers.

The database of matter.  Israeli start-up Consumer Physics is developing Scio – a unique handheld sensor that scans any object and tells you what it contains.  For food, it reports carbohydrates, fats, calories etc.  Medicines will reveal their molecular makeup.  Results will also update a central database for future research. (See video)


Israel is the place to become a billionaire.  A report by the UK’s Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) shows that after Hong Kong, Israel is the best place to become a “super-entrepreneur”.  The CPS report analyzed billionaires on Forbes’ lists of the world’s richest people who earned their fortunes instead of inheriting them.

New Trade Offices in Asia, Africa and South America.  Israel will open more trade attaché offices in Asia, Africa, and South America, to follow the growth of its trade balance.  For 2018, Israel forecasts Asia buying 24.5% of its exports, the U.S. 20.3% and European Union 40%.

Venture capital up 53%.  Israeli private high-tech firms raised $673 million in venture capital in the first quarter, up 53 percent from a year earlier.  Foreign investment was the main reason for the increase.

Another Israeli company protects Soccer World Cup.  Israel’s Risco Group has implemented a command and control system for the 44,000-seat Arena Patanal World Cup stadium in Cuiabá, Brazil. In previous news, Israel’s Elbit Systems is providing a Hermes 900 unmanned aerial vehicles for the Brazilian Air Force.

Intel to invest billions in Israel.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Intel has presented the Israeli government with an investment plan to upgrade its Kiryat Gat semiconductor-manufacturing facility. Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said that the investment could reach $6 billion.  The project would require 1000 new employees.

US healthcare provider authorizes Brainsway treatment.  UnitedHealth Group now offers the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatment of Israel’s Brainsway to patients suffering from depression who have not responded to other antidepressant treatments.

Israel’s secret Internet success.  (Thanks to Nevet – www.broaderview.org) You probably haven’t heard of Israeli start-up iBario.  It has kept away from the media as its software installation engine InstallBrain and advertising network RevenueHits earned $10 million last year, without any publicity.  But now you know.

Better water quality for India and Paraguay.  Israel’s Blue I Water Technologies is distributing its water quality analysis products and services to India and Paraguay.  Blue I’s devices measure chlorine, pH, redox, turbidity, conductivity, pressure and temperature, transmitting online alarms if safe levels are exceeded.

Jerusalem boosts recycling by 60%.  Jerusalem sanitation officials report a 60% increase in recycling in 2013 as compared to the previous year. 65,881 tons of garbage was recycled in 2013 as compared to 40,922 tons in 2012. 3,000 new recycling bins receive paper, carton, metals, electronics, textiles and organic materials.


The number of Blue Flag beaches doubles.  21 Israeli beaches and two marinas have just received the Blue Flag international accolade for environmental excellence.  In 2013 only nine Israeli beaches and two marinas reached the sufficient standard.  This year, the Blue Flag was awarded to eight beaches in Netanya alone.

Get in the mood for Yom Ha’atzmaut.  Yom Haatzmaut starts on Monday night.  Kol Cambridge’s DJ Antithesis on Tel Aviv’s Radio TLV1 gets us in the mood with a good dose of Zionist music. You would be amazed how many variations there can be on Hatikva!

Jerusalem is the place to visit.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Leading travel website TripAdvisor has released a new list citing the Top 10 Destinations on the Rise around the world, and ranks Jerusalem as the fourth most popular site to visit. There are over 5,200 Jerusalem related posts on the global travel advice website.

2014 Sunbeat Music Festival.  The Sunbeat Music Festival (June 6-7) is Israel’s leading summer world music, global beats event. Set in the beautiful Pecan Park in the mountains of the Northern Galilee, Sunbeat draws some of Israel’s biggest homegrown musicians, as well as a diverse array of international musicians 

La Traviata in Masada.  Following the successes of Nabucco, Aida, Carmen and Turandot, the Israeli Opera will temporarily relocate Paris to the Judean desert.  They will perform a new ravishing production of Verdi's most popular opera at the footsteps of the majestic Mount Masada from June 12 – 17.


Another great pro-Israel New Orleans event.  Declare Your Freedom 2 (DYF2) at Tulane University, New Orleans, was a resounding success.  Chloé Simone Valdary, an African American Christian Zionist student, organized top human rights speakers, bands who inspired and entertained a crowd of over 400.

How Technion students crossed the Reed Sea.  In the latest TechnoBrain engineering challenge, Technion students had to devise a machine that could cross a pool of water (symbolizing the Reed Sea) fill a glass of wine to capacity and place it on the "Passover Seder table," all without human intervention.  Several managed it.

Takia never stopped dreaming of Israel.  Ethiopian Jewess Takia (not her real name) began her exodus to Israel in 1980 but was stopped in Sudan and forced into a Muslim marriage.  30 years later, on Passover eve, she was reunited with her parents in Beersheva.  She now is working to bring her children to Israel to join her.


In the 27th Apr 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        An Israeli treatment prevents epilepsy brought on by head trauma.
·        An ex-IDF soldier helped save a man and a baby from a burning car in London.
·        An Israeli belt protects against radiation from a nuclear incident.
·        An Israeli company produces music apps that encourage beginners to practice
·        Turkey has announced that it will buy Israeli natural gas.
·        New Whirlpool fridges will be insulated by Israeli technology.
·        Archaeologists have found an ancient chisel used by the builders of the 2nd Temple.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News and IsraelSeen.com

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.


Treatment to stop epilepsy development.  Attacks of epilepsy that have been brought on by head injury could be prevented using a new treatment developed by a team including scientists from Ben-Gurion University. In laboratory tests, Losartan (marketed as Cozaar) significantly cut down seizures.

Genetic-engineered tissue to repair muscle injury.   For the first time ever, Israel Technion scientists have transplanted engineered muscle tissue containing major blood vessels to repair a damaged abdomen.  The breakthrough may lead to full abdominal surgery in humans using laboratory-generated tissue.

The DNA on/off switch.  Hebrew University of Jerusalem geneticists have identified how different species of animals can have so many identical genes.  Genes are silenced by on/off patterns in the epigenome.  They also explain how twins with identical DNA sequences can have so many different characteristics.

What gene silencing can achieve.  Weizmann Institute graduate Leemor Joshua-Tor describes her research which includes the discovery of a protein that can destroy defective genes in the RNA that are responsible for viruses and diseases such as macular degeneration and cancer.

Hypoparathyroidism treatment gets US boost.  Israel’s Entera Bio has obtained orphan status from the US FDA for its oral treatment for hypoparathyroidism (decreased function of the parathyroid glands). The condition results in muscle cramping, twitching, or involuntary contraction, and several other symptoms.

Radio waves treatment for Barrett esophagus.  Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center now offers radiowave treatment instead of surgery to eliminate abnormal cells and prevent the development of cancer in patients suffering from Barrett esophagus.  Instead of 10 days’ hospitalization, patients go home the same day.


African Hebrew Israelite proudly serves in the IDF.  Private Menusa Ben Israel grew up in the African Israelite Hebrew community of Dimona. The cultural group was founded in Chicago, and in the 1960s, its members immigrated to Israel.  Menusa was born in Israel and her father is the leader of the community.

Technology brings together Jewish & Arab teens.  For 10 years, the Middle East Education through Technology (MEET) program has been uniting budding hi-tech Palestinian and Israeli entrepreneurs from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Mevasseret Zion, Nazareth and Beit Shemesh.

Women’s soccer team includes Arabs and Jews.  When the Israeli women's soccer team Hapoel Petach Tikva lost a number of its players to Israel's national team ahead of World Cup qualifiers, founder Rafi Subra made a decision that sets the team apart from many of its rivals - he recruited from the Arab villages of northern Israel.

Ex-IDF soldier rescues baby from burning car.  The Israeli, identified only as Shlomo and his friend heard an explosion outside a synagogue in North London, UK. They managed to save a baby and an elderly man from a car just moments before flames engulfed it.


The world’s top producer of in-cab mobile terminals.  Israel’s Micronet supplies half a million terminals for fleet vehicles such as trucks and taxis – more than any other manufacturer. The company’s new A317 model just released now allows users to run apps developed for Android-based tablets.

Belt protects against radiation.  Israel’s Stemrad has developed a belt to protect first responders from gamma radiation - for situations such as the disaster at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The belt protects the pelvic area, where most of the body's renewable bone marrow is concentrated.

Israeli radar to protect South Korea from the North.  A team of South Korean military and acquisition officials has been dispatched to Israel to purchase low-altitude surveillance radars capable of detecting small, unmanned drones from North Korea.  South Korea recently discovered three UAVs near the border.

The cutting edge of desalination.  British trade journal Global Water Intelligence has bestowed its top awards on Israel’s IDE Technologies. Initiatives such as the Soreq plant and the Carlsbad project “will ensure that IDE remains at the cutting edge of the desalination industry for at least another four decades,"

Israeli scientists spring-clean the planet.  To mark Earth Day, Weizmann Institute’s latest e-magazine includes the work of Professor Berkowitz who has transformed toxic chemicals in water into harmless compounds.  Also Professor Bayer who designed bacteria that turns waste paper into sugar.  And much more.

An app to make you enjoy music.  Weizmann graduate Yuval Karminka found that 85% of non-musicians wish they had learned to play a musical instrument. He then founded JoyTunes that produces popular music learning apps that encourage the novice musician to advance in their practicing. 

Israelis get their jabs.  The vaccination rate among Israeli children is among the world’s highest and the availability of free immunization is among the best the world, the Health Ministry announced during World Immunization Week. About 95 percent of babies and children receive routine vaccinations at well-baby clinics.


Biodegradable packaging attracts Hong Kong billionaire.  Horizon Venture, owned by Hong Kong’s Li Ka-shing is leading a $10 million investment round in Israel’s Tipa. The Israeli start-up has developed beverage packaging that is biodegradable within 180 days.

Amazon Fire TV features Israeli video app.  Israel’s Magisto turns home movies into professional quality video.  Amazon’s newly announced Amazon Fire TV promotes Magisto as giving customers “access to their favorite video and photo memories right in their living rooms, displayed in a visually stunning way.”

Turkey to buy Israeli gas.  Turkey’s Turcas Petrol has notified the Istanbul Stock Exchange that its gas subsidiary has initiated negotiations to buy natural gas from Israel's Leviathan field, for domestic customers.  Israeli gas would be delivered to Turkey via an undersea pipeline.

Trade with Singapore rises 44 percent.  Total Singapore-Israel trade in the first quarter of 2014 surged 44.4% year-on-year to S$604.6 million (approx 483 million US dollars).  Israel exported approx $300 million worth of goods to Singapore whilst $184 million worth of goods went in the other direction.

$570 million for juvenile diabetes company.  Israel’s Andromeda Biotech has been purchased by Hyperion Therapeutics for a total of $570 million.  Andromeda’s DiaPep277 is a therapy for Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. The drug is undergoing a Phase III clinical trial, with results due in the first quarter of 2015.

$200 million for Israeli security company.  Palo Alto Networks has bought Israel’s Cyvera for $200million for its end-point security solution.  Cyvera prevents the latest (zero-day) attacks on mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and laptops), even if the device is not updated with the relevant anti-virus protection.

Israel’s splendid global integration.  Yoram Ettinger’s latest financial report on Israel contains eight key indicators. All positive.

IBM launches Israeli start-up accelerator.  IBM Corporation is joining the wave of technology incubator programs with the launch of its first-ever start-up accelerator in Israel.  IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator will provide a 24-week program providing free use of IBM's development tools and services up to a value $24,000.

Israeli income tax is less than most OECD countries.  The average income tax rate in Israel is 21% (and falling) compared to the OECD average of 35.9% (and rising).  Only three of the 34 OECD countries levy less income tax on its citizens than Israel.

The busiest week for Israeli flights.  A record 1.3 million passengers passed through Ben-Gurion International Airport on more than 8,200 flights during the Passover holiday; a 30 percent increase from 2013.  The increase was partly due to the implementation of the "Open Skies" agreement signed by Israel with the EU.

Israel to insulate US fridges.  In the near future, when you buy a Whirlpool refrigerator, Israeli insulation will be keeping your food cool.  Israel’s Hanita Coatings produces advanced thermal insulation technology that is up to seven times more effective than conventional plastic foams or fibrous insulation.

A whole new world.  This Israel Technion video provides a different view of some amazing microscopic objects.  The images seen through a diverse range of microscopes are the products of 29 Technion researchers working in the different areas of exact sciences, life sciences, engineering, and medicine.


The best young pianists in the world.  The 14th Arthur Rubinstein International Master Piano Competition starting May 13 in Tel Aviv is regarded as one of the world’s most important musical competition. 

World wildlife comes to Israel.  London's Museum of Natural History and the BBC have brought their acclaimed exhibition of striking International wildlife photographs to Tel Aviv’s Eretz Museum.  It goes on display alongside an exhibition of animals in nature in Israel and starts on May 9.

Israeli judoka bronze in Euro championships.  Israeli judoka Gili Cohen won the bronze medal in her weight class at the European Judo Championships in Montpelier, France.

Maccabi Tel Aviv reaches Euroleague’s final four. Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv has made the Euroleague’s basketball final four for the 12th time with a 86:66 victory over Emporio Armani Milan, taking the series 3-1.


Did they use this to build the Temple?  Israeli archaeologists have found a Second Temple Era iron chisel, which may have served the builders of the Second Temple.  The lead archaeologist said, “after two thousand years, we are in the possession of a work tool used by the builders who built the Kotel, the Western Wall.”

After-school recycling.  The ELA Recycling Corporation and the Israel Association of Community Centers are enrolling half a million children in educational programs and activities to collect, sort and recycle beverage bottles.  Israel surpassed the US and Europe in meeting its plastic recycling goals this year.

70% rise in Ukrainian Aliya.  Immigration to Israel from the Ukraine has risen 70 percent in 2014 due to the instability in that country. 375 new immigrants arrived in Israel in the first three months of the year, compared to 221 in the same period of 2013.  Over 100 came from Odessa – 3 times the number for Quarter 1 2013.


In the 20 Apr 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        Israeli scientists have discovered a defective gene that triggers colitis.
·        An Israeli Arab Technion graduate won Israel’s version of MasterChef.
·        Tel Aviv University offers entrepreneurial scholarships to Indian women.
·        Watch as an Israeli device recharges smartphones in 30 seconds.
·        An Israeli scientist has built a bionic fin for an injured sea turtle.
·        Tel Aviv skies lit up with the launch of a new Israeli satellite.
·        An Israeli app has resulted in thousands of Passover meals being sent to needy people.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News and on IsraelSeen.com

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.


Breakthrough in colitis research.  There is hope for many of the 5 million sufferers of colitis thanks to scientists at Israel’s Bar Ilan University.  They have identified that the gene tmf1 controls the production of beneficial probiotic bacteria in the gut, which stop colitis developing.  

Trials start for growing bones.  Israeli biotech Bonus Biogroup, which has developed a method for producing bone grafts from stem cells, has begun a clinical trial of jawbone grafts. The trial's interim results are due in four months.

Remove fat with ultrasound.  Israel’s Syneron has obtained FDA approval for its non-invasive UltraShape System for fat cell destruction.  Pulsed focused ultrasound energy targets subcutaneous fat, while keeping the surrounding tissue intact.  The system is already sold in Europe, Canada and Asia Pacific countries.

New Israeli heart devices successful.  Surgeons at Poland’s John Paul II hospital were impressed with the first use of Israel’s Gardia WIRON devices.  The devices place filters into the arteries prior to stent insertions, which then protect patients against dangerous blood clots and emboli that develop during these vital operations.


International women’s group tour of Israel.  (Thanks to Uri) AdventureWomen’s itinerary for its Sept 2014 “Nature of Israel” trip says, “Long famous for its spiritual wealth and cultural diversity, Israel has always been a stand-out destination, rich with history and natural wonder.”

Arab Israeli wins Israel’s “Master Chef”. Dr. Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, an Arab-Israeli microbiologist from Baqa al-Gharbiyye won first prize in the fourth season of reality cooking show “Master Chef Israel”.  Dr Atamna-Ismaeel studied in a State school and earned her Ph.D. from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Innovation conference for Israeli minorities.  Israel’s Chief Scientist is holding a conference for entrepreneurs and technology executives from Israel’s Arab, Bedouin and Circassian Communities. Economy Minister Naftali Bennett will unveil a plan to promote and fund innovation within minority sectors in Israel.

Passover camp for Jewish & Arab kids.  The Jewish Agency for Israel is hosting a special Passover camp experience for some 100 children (Jews and Arabs) from southern Israel whose lives have been affected by rocket fire from Gaza and by other terror attacks.

Protecting Israelis and nature.  The Israel Defense Forces launched an initiative dubbed "the Environmental Protection Army."  Commanders of nine army units will spearhead activities to advocate for the environment. 

Birds of peace.  This new article features the barn owls and kestrels being used by Israel, the PA and Jordan to control the numbers of rodents in local farms.  Conservationists, scientists and farmers from all three areas meet regularly in Israel to exchange information and to manage and extend the ecologically friendly project.

Joint emergency response teams. Health organizations from Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, together with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, have launched a project to jointly promote community preparedness and emergency response.

Treating wounded Syrians.  Two Syrians were transported to Israel after they were wounded as a result of civil warfare in their country.  The two were severely wounded and have been hospitalized in the Ziv Medical Center’s trauma unit in the city of Tzfat.

The efforts to save Iraqi baby.  Shevet Achim is a Jerusalem-based Christian organization that brings young children from Arab countries to Israel for urgent surgery. Its blog details the total dedication of Israeli doctor Lior Sasson and his medical staff as they struggle to keep Iraqi baby Dyako alive.

Israel equips Indian women entrepreneurs.  An Israeli initiative will give Indian women entrepreneurs the tools to acquire world-class leadership skills. The Bonita Trust, The Israel Asia Center, and Sofaer International MBA at Tel Aviv University offer a scholarship program specially tailored for Indian women entrepreneurs.

Doctors learn to handle terrorist attacks.  Israel's chief pathologist, Dr. Chen Kugel, head of Israel's Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine, is meeting medical students at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Slovakia to discuss ways of dealing with terror victims. 


Recharge your phone in 30 seconds.  The amazing technology of Israel’s StoreDot has sent smartphone users worldwide into wild excitement.  The youtube demo has had over 2.5 million viewers.

Israel to test 1000 mini electric cars.  Israel will import 1000 mini electric cars for a one-year pilot project to evaluate incorporating them into Israel's municipal traffic.  During the August pilot, the general public will be able to buy the 400kg cars from select dealerships approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

Designer-shaped cucumbers.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Israeli company Yofi Shel Yerakot (Beauty of Vegetables) has grown a variety of cucumbers that can be sliced into shapes such as hearts and stars.  The all-year-round vegetables are great for catering parties as well as getting children interested in healthy foods.

The smartphone becomes a thermal camera.  Israel’s Opgal Optronic has launched Therm-App, which converts Android mobile devices into powerful thermal cameras.  For security monitoring, rescue operations, tracing leaky pipes, inspecting faulty machinery, or medical and vetinary diagnostics.

New bionic fin gives turtle real “freedom”.  A disabled green sea turtle named Hofesh (“freedom” in Hebrew) can now swim again thanks to industrial design student Shlomi Gez. Shlomi built Hofesh a dual fin based on the design of Lockheed Martin's supersonic F-22 'Raptor' jet fighter.

$1 million for oil substitute.  Israel’s Science and Technology Ministry, in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s Office and Keren Hayesod - UIA, is running its second annual competition for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation.  The prize will be awarded in December.

Six new solar fields.  Israeli solar energy developer Arava Power Company has inaugurated six solar fields in the Arava and Negev, generating a total of 36 megawatts of electricity.  Arava Power was the first company to inaugurate a solar field in Israel, which supplies 9 million kilowatt/hours of power annually to the grid.

A printer in your pocket.  Jerusalem-based Zuta Labs is developing the Zuta Pocket Printer – a tiny robot print head that can move around on a page and print documents at 1 page per minute.  Zuta has reached its kickstarter goal of $400,000 funding but you can still pledge to pocket one for $200.

New Israeli satellite launched – from Israel.   Israeli-developed radar satellite Ofek 10 was launched on Apr 9th from central Israel.  Its advanced technology provides day and night observation and imaging under any weather conditions.  It is quicker, more durable and less expensive than its predecessors.


Boosting telecoms to Brazil.  Israeli communications specialist Radcom has sold its MaveriQ service assurance solution to a major Brazilian cellular operator in a $3.5 million deal.

$163 million order for Elbit.  Israel’s Elbit Systems has won a $163 million contract from a European country for the supply of defense electronic systems for ground applications.

Walk the web, step by step.  Israel’s WalkMe is a user-friendly app that allows website owners to build step-by-step guidebooks for using their sites.  WalkMe has just raised $11 million in its third round of financing.

“Politicians don’t make peace – people do.”  Dr Haim Shine writes about his meeting in Hebron with Musa, whose family conducted business under the Ottomans, the British, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  Trade between Israel and Hebron amounts to about 5 billion shekels per year ($1.45 billion).

Muscovites get first taste of Israeli chocolate.  Israeli chocolate company Max Brenner has opened first chocolate bar in Russia - on Zvetnoy Boulevard in the cultural heart of Moscow.  Russia accounts for nearly 10 percent of the world's chocolate consumption, making the country a key growth market.

Deficit gets smaller.  Israel’s budget deficit on government activity fell to NIS 2.5 billion in March 2014 from NIS 2.9 billion in March 2013. There was a budget surplus of NIS 100 million in the first quarter, compared with a deficit of NIS 4.7 billion in the corresponding quarter of 2013. 

Lockheed Martin opens Israel office.  Lockheed Martin officially opened a branch in Be'er Sheva, in support of the IDF and the "Move South" campaign funded by the Israeli government.

Microsoft re-launches as Israeli start-up.  Microsoft is turning to the start-up nation for inspiration in reinventing itself as a start-up, according to its local research and development chief.  Yoram Yaakovi was speaking at Microsoft’s annual Think Next event, a showcase for new technologies from Israel and abroad.

$16.4 million donation to put Israel on the moon.  The project to land an Israeli satellite on the surface of the moon has received a huge boost.  SpaceIL, the nonprofit organization competing for the Google Lunar X Prize has received a $16.4 million donation from the Dr. Miriam & Sheldon G. Adelson Family Foundation.

British Airways to add more Tel Aviv-London flights.  Due to rising demand, British Airways is to increase its number of weekly flights between Tel Aviv and London from 14 to 17 (around 1000 extra seats).  The new schedule will also give travelers from Israel more convenient arrival times as well as shorter connection times.


Carla Bruni is crazy about Israel.  French singer and former first lady Carla Bruni will perform in Tel Aviv on 25th May 2014.  Carla’s husband, former French PM Nicolas Sarkozy hopes to come with her to Israel.

Tel Aviv beach - the best place to party.  Matador Network has released the ultimate travel guide to partying around the world and names Tel Aviv as its number one beach party location.  It beat Goa and Ibiza.


New center for Israeli antiquities.  Israel is building a new 35,000-square-meternational archaeological center to store and showcase its rich collection of some two million ancient artifacts, including the world's largest collection of Dead Sea Scrolls. The Antiquities Authority's hoard of treasures dates back as far as 5,000 years.

1300 BCE Egyptian coffin found in Israel.  Israeli archaeologists in the Jezreel Valley discovered a late Bronze Age tomb containing bronze and ceramic votive artifacts and a ceramic coffin - the final resting place of a man who died some 3,300 years ago.

App helps feed needy families.  Israeli charity Latet has launched Emojew - a free application for android smartphones that allows users to send Jewish and Passover greetings whilst donating a meal to families in need.  Over 7900 Passover meals have been donated using Emojew.

Aliya rate jumps 14% in 3 months.  Numbers of new immigrants to Israel have risen by 14% to 3,623 in the first three months of 2014.  They included 899 from Russia and 802 from France.


In the 6th Apr 2014 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        The results of an Israeli-led study will extend the lives of heart failure patients.
·        Israel continues to surprise the world with its aid for injured and displaced Syrians.
·        An Israeli alert system saved many lives following the Chilean earthquake.
·        An Israeli mom has designed a device for disabled children to walk with adults.
·        Israeli geothermal technology is powering ahead in New Zealand and Indonesia.
·        An amazing self-photograph (“selfie”) of an Israeli pilot flying upside down over Tel Aviv.
·        Archaeologists have revealed a fortress from the time of King David and King Solomon.

·        Last week’s JPost Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “Different from all other States” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also on San Diego Jewish World and United with Israel.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News.

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.


Surviving heart failure.  Cardiologist Prof. Ilan Goldenberg from Israel’s Sheba Medical Center led an international study into cardiac insufficiency - also known as heart failure.  It reported that an automatic cardiac pacemaker/defibrillator implanted at an early stage of common heart failure could extend life significantly.

Calcium absorption trial successful.  Israel’s Amorphical has successfully completed a clinical trial of its amorphous calcium. The trial found that the patients' absorption of amorphous calcium was double the average absorption of crystalline calcium.  Amorphical aims to develop a product as a nutritional supplement.

Sleep Apnea treatment for US citizens.  Israel’s Itamar Medical has signed an exclusive marketing agreement with Medtronic Corporation to market the company's sleep apnea diagnostic product to a select segment of the US market - patients with atrial fibrillation..

Innovative endoscope gets USA approval.  The US FDA has just approved the MUSE system from Israel’s Medigus.  MUSE is a unique medical device that allows doctors to examine the stomach and esophagus with a tiny camera. The same device can then be used to stop acid reflux.

How bacteria is controlled in the gut.  Scientists from Israel’s Weizmann Institute have revealed the sophisticated mechanism that the digestive system uses to balance good and bad bacteria.  A protein cluster called inflammasome monitors the bacterial population and signals the secretion of antibiotic proteins.

US patent for Israeli stem cell technology.  Israeli biotech Brainstorm has received a US patent for its autologous stem cell technology for the treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases.  Brainstorm is preparing for its US upcoming multi-center Phase II trial with its proprietary NurOwn stem cell therapy.


Caring for passed-over kids.  The 120-bed, 345 staff ALYN hospital in Jerusalem rehabilitates children from severe injuries or conditions even beyond the orthopedic. It also has a school for children unable to attend mainstream schools.  8 children live at ALYN full-time because their parents cannot, or refuse to, care for them.

Career skills for Ethiopian-Israelis.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Hundreds of Ethiopians study at Jerusalem College of Technology’s “Education for Ethiopians” program. Similar numbers attend the Ethiopian-Israeli program at Ono Academic College. There are also special tracks at Kibbutzim College and Yezreel Valley College.

The world’s first vegan congress.  Over 700 participants convened at Tel Aviv’s Duhl Center for the inaugural congress of the vegan movement.

Moslem prayer room at Ariel University.  Ariel University, located over the “green line” in Samaria has introduced a Muslim prayer room for its 600 Arab students - around one fifth of all students at the University.

IDF treats 20 Palestinian Arabs after bus crash.  Israel Defense Force medics treated 20 Palestinian Arabs wounded when their mini-bus crashed into a car.  Captain Karin Yamin said, “… saving lives is a priority. Whether the patients are Israeli, Palestinian, Christian or Druze, we take care of them all in the same way.”

Go tell the world. Moslem physician, author and women's rights activist Dr. Qanta Ahmed visited the Technion and praised Israel’s academic freedom, plus its freedoms of expression and religion as unique in the Middle East.  And the way to silence the BDS movement is to publicize Israel’s success.

Surprised by Israeli aid for Syria?  A Syrian medical worker speaking at a conference in Miami Beach said, “The last people I expected to help was the Israelis. We got the image that they are our enemies.”  The usually less-than-friendly-to-Israel Christian Science Monitor was equally impressed in a recent article.  Meanwhile, Israeli volunteers at IsraAid are working with a Jordanian NGO to treat traumatized Syrian refugees.

California receives Israeli “water of life”.  (Thanks to Uri) Paul Miller writes that California is in dire economic straits, experiencing a drought of near-Biblical proportions. That is why it has turned to the People of the Book to help hydrate its economy.


Israeli system saves Chileans from tsunami.  No Chileans died in the tsunami caused by the recent 8.2-level earthquake, thanks to the automatic alerts sent by the geo-targeted notification system developed by Israel’s eVigilo. The system was installed after 400 Chileans died in an earthquake and tsunami in 2010.

Nanotech reverses brain drain.  In the past six years, 101 world-class scientists immigrated to Israel to become university nanotechnology faculty members.  Some 750 doctoral students and 850 master’s students currently study nanotechnology and 7,500 nano-scientific papers have been published in the last 3 years.

Water technology to Mexico.  Israeli cleantech Desalitech moved to Boston last year in order to bring its advanced, cost-effective water solutions to Mexico and countries worldwide.  Desalitech uses Closed Circuit Desalination Reverse Osmosis technology to minimize waste generation and energy consumption.

An ecosystem of tech innovation in southern Israel.  Advanced Technologies Park in Beer-Sheva will eventually have 16 buildings on 23 acres adjacent to the main Ben Gurion University campus. Confirmed tenants include Deutsche Telekom, EMC-RSA, NESS, Oracle and incubators Elbit Incubit and CyberLabs.

Building a green future.  Tel Aviv University’s Porter School of Environmental Studies is a study building for green construction in Israel.  Set to open in May, its sustainable structure demonstrates Israel’s green technologies and serves as a living lab for green building practices.

Cool Technion technology.  Two student projects from the Control Robotics and Machine Learning Lab at Israel Technion’s faculty of Electrical Engineering. First, a tiny drone follows someone by tracking his face. Secondly, a Kinect device for the blind, that directs a blind person by telling him or her where to walk.

See it in your home before you buy.  (Thanks to NoCamels.com) Israel’s Cimagine can show you what products will look like in your home before you purchase them.  Cimagine lets you download photos from the web or an on-line catalog and place them on a real-time image of your room.

The first robot-cleaned solar park.  Every night, nearly 100 water-free, energy-independent robots from Israel’s Ecoppia clean the panels at the Ketura Sun solar energy farm in Israel’s Negev desert.  They prevent soiling of the panels, which previously reduced energy production by up to 35%. 

Israeli mom invents the Upsee.  Israeli mother Debby Elnatan’s son, Rotem, has cerebral palsy. She would not accept that Rotem would never walk, so she invented the Firefly Upsee. The harness places the child on top of the shoes of an adult who wears specially designed sandals. The child “walks” as the grown-up moves.

Smartphone spellchecker for dyslexics.  (Thanks to Uri) Israel’s Ghotit has just released the Android version of its spellchecker for dyslexics.

Like swatting flies.  The Chief Executive of Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems gives a positive report on the company’s progress with developing the Iron Beam system for intercepting rockets and mortars.


Another A+ from S&P.  Standards & Poors has given Israel yet another top rating.  S&P expected average per capita income to grow to almost $42,000 by 2017, up from $28,000 in 2009.  Meanwhile, confidence in Israel’s stock market has resulted in the largest increase in investment into Israeli mutual funds since 2002.

The year in 2 minutes.  A new Israeli Government video heralds its achievements since coming to power.

Geothermal energy for Indonesia and New Zealand.  Israel’s Ormat Technologies will supply the energy converters for the $1.7 billion 330-megawatt Sarulla geothermal power plant in North Sumatra, Indonesia.  Also, New Zealand inaugurated its 13th and largest Ormat Power Plant – the 100MW Ngatamariki facility.

The ‘Red-Med’ rail link.  Israel, China and Europe are getting excited about the building of a $2 billion, 300-kilometer rail link connecting Eilat, on the Red Sea, with Ashdod on the Mediterranean.  Construction of the alternative to the Suez Canal will commence within 12 months and take five years to complete.

Now that’s what we call an exchange.  Daniel Abrahams is emigrating to Israel and taking his innovative currency exchange comparison website with him.  CurrencyTransfer.com can make significant savings for import-export Israeli businesses.

Mission-driven investing.  Stephen Schoenfeld is the Chief Investment Officer of BlueStar Global Investors, a firm he launched in 2010 with the explicit purpose of driving investors towards Israeli capital markets.  He markets Israel as a sound investment, with Israeli equities increasing by 324% since 1997.

PA increases imports from Israel.  The Palestinian Authority may be telling others to boycott Israeli products, but its imports from Israel in Jan 2014 grew at a rate of 17.2%, while imports from other countries were down 16.4% compared to January of 2013.  Merchants said Israeli goods are higher quality than from Arab countries.

IKEA opens another Israeli store.  Swedish retailer IKEA has opened its third Israeli store, to join those in Netanya and Rishon Lezion. The new 2,700-square-meter facility is in Kiryat Ata, near Haifa.  IKEA expects to sell 25 million products to 5.4 million Israeli customers in 2014.

Israeli telecom reaches Far East.  Bezeq International is the first Israeli telecommunications company to establish a physical presence in the Far East as a result of its deployment of an undersea cable.  The company has established a point of presence in Hong Kong for customers seeking communications services with Israel. 


Hong Kong likes Tel Aviv.  (Thanks to Size Doesn’t Matter) Time Out Hong Kong classifies Tel Aviv as one of the most vibrant cities in the Middle East.

Hugh Laurie to perform in Israel.  TV’s Doctor House will perform with his ‘Copper Bottom Band’ at the Ra’anana Amphitheater on July 7, 2014.  Laurie is a successful singer and his unique blend of eclectic blues, tango, and South American music is delivered with characteristic sharp humor.

The Nahariya Botanical Gardens.  Lovely video, by Shmuel and Chana of Villa Rimona.

Tel Aviv - the world’s 6th most searched destination.  (Thanks to algemeiner.com) TravelSupermarket.com rates Tel Aviv the sixth most popular destination according to travelers using its site and those using Twitter.

The Selfie of the century.  The Israeli Air Force has gone above and beyond their call of duty with this self-taken photo.  Major Ofer flew the 'Efroni' trainer aircraft upside down above Tel Aviv.  Rabin Square is clearly visible above (or below) his head.

AOL buys Israeli TV series.  AOL has bought the format for Israeli docu-series “Mechubar” (Hebrew for “Connected”) for adapting and broadcasting in the US.  Five participants are given TV cameras to film their own lives for the audiences.  The format has already been sold to Finland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Estonia and Ireland.  It is the first time AOL has bought a long format produced outside of the US.

Everyone will be watching Israel.  Israel will be the center of attention at the Cannes MIPTV event starting on April 7.  In its “Focus on Israel” series of lectures and screenings, the world’s top television industry executives will learn how such a tiny country has emerged as a silver screen powerhouse.


Israelis are happy.  86% of Israelis are satisfied with life in general and more than half of Israelis are happy with their financial situation.  40% also say they expect their situation to improve over the next few years.

Uniting secular and religious.  The hareidi musical duo Aryeh and Gil Gat, who wowed audiences in the Israeli version of American Idol, are now raising funds in Toronto for an Israeli nature trail in honor of fallen IDF soldiers.  From secular lives in Eilat, the brothers became observant but focused on their love of music.

Winning against bigotry.  Sussex Friends of Israel, the Norwegian Cruise Line and others have shown that it is possible to successfully counter those wishing to discriminate against the Jewish State.

“Prime Ministers in Their Slippers”.  Rare photos are on display in a special exhibition at Israel’s Knesset (parliament). It features Israel’s prime ministers after hours, in casual attire and at their most relaxed.

The Start-up Nation is modern Zionism.  Ronn Torossian writes that Israeli start-ups create, build, innovate, create jobs, spark the economy and help make the world better.  They exemplify something great about the Jewish State and the Jewish people.‎ Innovation, guts, brains, hard work – it’s wonderful to see. Zionism 2014.

3,800-year-old fortress excavated.  Israeli archeologists have finished uncovering a massive Canaanite fortress dating back to the time of Kings David and Solomon.  The 3,800-year-old “Spring Citadel” was excavated in the City of David National Park in Jerusalem.