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The United Nations published a very misleading report recently.  No, not that one – I’m referring to the UN report that showed Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Israel was 46% lower last year compared to 2013.  However, if you read the report, it shows that FDI in France, the USA and Austria fell by twice as much; Germany and Ireland were practically wiped out and the Belgians ought to be going around with begging bowls.  So much for UN reports.  In contrast, here are some recent news articles that reflect the real economic success of the Jewish State.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is extremely upbeat about the Israeli economy.  Its recent preliminary report noted that Israel’s economy is “performing well” and that the economic outlook is positive.  Over at the World Bank, Israel signed an agreement to share best practices on water.  And Israel and China are working on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesman said that Israel is one of China's major economic and trade partners in the Middle East and an FTA will lift bilateral cooperation to a new height.

Cyber security products contributed $6 billion per year to Israel’s 2014 exports and the fifth annual International Cybersecurity Conference in Tel Aviv attracted those seeking Israel’s latest innovations.  The Israeli cyber-security start-up Checkmarx, for example, has just raised $84 million of Direct Foreign Investment. Checkmarx customers include the US Army, Samsung, Deutsche Telekom, Deloitte and PwC.

Commercial success is vital in the life-science industry, even though enhancing life is the true priority.  Recent news of Israeli successes include the ApiFix system, which has now been used to correct scoliosis (deformed spines) in 50 adolescents since it was launched in Europe in 2013.  Other Israeli developments with excellent financial prospects include BondVax’s universal flu vaccine, which has just received FDA approval to proceed with clinical trials.  Another is IBM Israel’s Doctome telemedicine platform, which has turned IBM’s Watson supercomputer into a digital doctor. Finally, Israel’s Crowdsourcing platform for insomniacs Sleep ASAP is already described as “Waze for the sleep-deprived”. 

Some Israeli companies have no need of FDI.  Frutarom, for example, has bought up seven foreign companies in the last 12 months.  The latest is Australia’s Taura, a world leading player in concentrated and texturized fruit ingredients, with factories in New Zealand and Belgium, and offices in the US and UK.  The FDI report would probably ignore the growth of Israeli renewable energy company SolarEdge, whose value since its March NASDAQ launch has doubled to $1.5 billion.  And several more billion-dollar Israeli companies are in the pipeline.

The UN report definitely hasn’t recognized the commercial success of Israel’s TV and Film industry which has been selling virtually every new Israeli series to International studios and channels.  The new spy thriller “Kfulim” (False Flag) looks to be the next Israeli “top of the box”.  And the Jerusalem Film Fund announced that several long-term animation projects, including a new Walt Disney Studios TV series, will be based in Jerusalem.

Innovation is key to Israel’s commercial success.  Israeli startup Sound Better is revolutionizing the music business by providing musicians the facility to record themselves at home instead of in a studio and then collaborate online with artists all over the world.  And the world of on-line shopping just became virtual 3D shopping thanks to Israel’s Tridshops.  The advanced platform allows retailers to quickly set up an on-line store where shoppers “move” on a virtual walkway past 3D images of products which they can pick up, examine and manipulate through 360 degrees.

There has been no shortage of commercial visitors to Israel.  100 German industry leaders including from SAP, BMW, Bosch, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Merck, Inc., Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa have been attending an investors’ conference in Israel.  60 general managers and senior executives of the world’s largest hotel company, InterContinental Hotels, booked Israel for their annual conference and enjoyed pitches from six Israeli hotel-related start-ups.  They may have had a few sleepless nights following American tourism magazine Jetsetter’s naming of the Norman Hotel Tel Aviv as the world’s best boutique hotel.  The Israeli hotel industry has also experienced an increase in tourism from Arab and Moslem countries, especially Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and Indonesia.

So how can you best get to share in Israel’s wealth?  Well if you live in the USA, you could follow the advice of Izzy Tapoohi, President & CEO of Development Corporation for Israel Bonds. He advocates buying Israel Bonds to counter calls from the BDS thugs to Boycott, Divest from or Sanction the Jewish State. “The best defense is a good offense”, Izzy says. And investing in Israel’s economy is the greatest form of offense.

Finally, it was sweet justice at the United Nations when Israel’s Yotam Goren was appointed as deputy chairman of the Administrative and Budgetary Committee to the United Nations General Assembly.  The committee functions as the U.N.’s “Finance Ministry,” responsible for a budget of more than $11 billion.

Let’s hope he puts an end to worthless UN reports!

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History of Israel's Good News - Apr to Jun 2015


In the 28th Jun 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         Israel’s “cancer breath-test” professor has now invented a Tuberculosis skin test.
·         The Arab director of an Israeli nature reserve won a global environment award.
·         Jerusalem’s new hi-tech recycling plant serves one million residents.
·         A joint Israel-Norway air navigation project receives EU funding.
·         Tel Aviv has the best boutique hotel in the world.
·         Israel won 2 gold medals at the European Games.
·         Israel is the 5th happiest country, according to the OECD Better Life Index.

·         Last week’s Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “Israel Confronts Crisis” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also published on the Jerusalem Post, IsraPundit, San Diego Jewish World and United With Israel websites.

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TB skin patch wins Gates award.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel Technion’s Professor Hossam Haick has won a Gates Foundation award to help development of a sensing plaster that can detect tuberculosis biomarkers on the skin.  Professor Haick is already famous for his nanotech breath analyzer that detects cancer.

Universal flu vaccine heads for clinical trials.  Israel’s BiondVax has received FDA approval of its application to proceed with clinical trials of its universal Multimeric-001 flu vaccine (M-001).

50 young spines straightened.  The Israeli ApiFix system has now been used to correct scoliosis (deformed spines) in 50 adolescents since the minimally invasive system was approved for marketing in Europe in 2013.

CuPID prevents falling.  The CuPID project, co-directed by Tel Aviv University’s Dr. Anat Mirelman, has developed a smartphone app to help Parkinson’s sufferers who have a common symptom called Freezing of Gait (FoG).  The CuPID app uses sensors on the shoes and alerts the wearer audibly, if they are likely to fall.

Treating gastro problems with newborns.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israeli biotech Nutrinia develops treatments for intestinal failure in preterms, infants and adults.  Its NTRA-9620 treatment has just been granted orphan status by the US FDA.

Crowdsourcing platform for insomniacs.  Israel’s Sleep ASAP (Art Science Awareness Platform) is described as “Waze for the sleep-deprived”.  The sleep-management organization educates sleep-strugglers about getting a pill-free good night’s sleep, and is launching meetups in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Internet tool to analyze genes.  Dr Yuval Tabach of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has developed an Internet tool that will allow any investigator, physician or patient to analyze a gene according to its evolutionary profile. It will help identify genes associated with genetic diseases and cancer.

$5.5 million donation for Israeli healthcare.  Beneficiaries of the latest donation from the Helmsley Trust include Ezra LeMarpeh which is building a medical rehabilitation center in Sderot; the JNF, for a medical center in NW Negev’s Halutza community; and United Hatzalah, for its central dispatch center.


School for all with cerebral palsy.  Some 150 Muslim, Christian and Jewish students, most with cerebral palsy, attend the ONN School for Special Education in Tel Aviv.  The school provides academic, social and life skills for the students, who range from 6 to 21 years of age.

Prisoners volunteer to help disabled.  (TY Hazel) Three times a week, 26 Israeli prisoners from six southern jails shed their inmate garb and board a bus for ALEH Negev to help severely disabled residents. Upon returning, each prisoner discusses the experience with his social worker.

Israeli Arab wins international wetlands award.  Giselle Hazzan, director of the Ein Afek Nature Reserve, in the Galilee, won the “Wise use of wetlands” award at the 12th Conference of the Parties (COP) of the Ramsar (Global Environment) Convention.

Fighter pilot gets her wings.  In Jewish Press’ photo of the day, Prime Minister Netanyahu congratulates one of the newly graduated Israeli Air Force pilots at the Hatzerim Air Base in the Negev on June 25, 2015.

Syrians treated in Israel:  (TY Hazel for recent video)

Israeli appointed to senior UN role.  Israel’s Yotam Goren was appointed as deputy chairman of the Administrative and Budgetary Committee to the United Nations General Assembly.  The committee functions as the U.N.’s “Finance Ministry,” responsible for a budget of more than $11 billion.


Containing an oil spill.  I included details about Israel’s HARBO technologies in my latest blog.  Harbo’s floating boom circles an oil spill, allowing it to be removed before it devastates the coast.  Good news for World Oceans Day.

Thousands attend Israel’s Mobile Summit.  The 2015 Israel Mobile Summit was held in Tel Aviv as part of Israel Mobile Week.  Its popularity reflected the fact that most of the multinationals in the mobile industry, from Samsung to Apple to Huwaei, have R&D labs in Israel.

New recycling plant for 1 million citizens.  A brand new recycling plant has begun collecting the garbage of some 1 million residents of the Jerusalem region.  The NIS 100 million plant uses state-of-the-art technology to transform waste into energy without human intervention.

Israel’s first natural gas powered truck.  Fiat Chrysler (FCA) has announced the first-ever natural gas vehicle for the Israeli market.  The Iveco Stralis 4×2 heavy truck is a huge tractor-trailer-sized truck, powered by an Iveco Cursor 8 Compressed Natural Gas engine.  A natural gas powered bus will also be imported.

New thermal imaging apps.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Opgal has just upgraded its Therm-App product that turns your smartphone into a professional thermal imaging system.  It now includes full radiometric capability, multiple color palettes, video and sound recording.

The world’s smallest wearable GNSS antenna.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s OriginGPS has launched the tiniest wearable device that can be tracked by Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).  The Multi Micro Hornet combines low power, high sensitivity, fast response and accuracy to one meter.

3D on-line shops.  Virtual shopping has arrived, thanks to Israel’s Tridshops.  The advanced platform allows retailers to quickly set up an on-line store where shoppers “move” on a virtual walkway past 3D images of products which they can pick up, examine and manipulate through 360 degrees.  A pilot store launches shortly.

A visual search engine.  A new Israeli search engine called EyeIn will retrieve relevant visual Internet content from global events in real time.  It uses social media and sophisticated algorithms to view an event from different locations in the audience or elsewhere.  EyeIn was conceived by Moshe Hogeg, founder of Mobli.

Israeli water keeps on running.  (TY Michelle) Two good articles on Israel’s wastewater recycling and desalination.

An app to stamp out cyber-bullying.  Israeli nonprofit Red Button has produced the world’s first app that lets anyone, especially kids, easily report negative web behavior.  Click the red button to send web and IP address, site ownership and more to volunteers at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), who collate the information and file complaints with the appropriate sites and/or authorities.

EU grant for Israel-Norway navigation project.  The European Union is to fund a project combining ClearVision from Israel’s Elbit with the ash detection system of Norway’s Nicarnica. The Airborne Volcanic Object Imaging Detector (AVOID) system will enable commercial airline pilots to evade volcanic ash clouds.

Tel Aviv hosts international cyber-security conference.  (TY Hazel) Leading international cyber experts, policymakers, researchers, security officials, and diplomats attended the Fifth Annual International Cybersecurity Conference.


IMF upbeat about Israeli economy.  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released its preliminary report on Israel’s economy on Wednesday, noting that the country’s economy is “performing well” and that the economic outlook is positive.

Crowds flock to Israeli water companies in Thailand.  The Israeli events at the Thai Water event in Bangkok were an “unprecedented” success.  The participating Israeli companies were Aqwise, ATC, Atlantium, Bermad, IDE Technologies, A.R.I. Optimal Flow Solutions, RWL Water Supply, Talis Group, and Watermatic.

The future of Mapme is mapped out.  Mapme, developed by Israel’s Ben Lang when he served in the IDF, has just raised $1 million in venture capital.  The community mapping technology is used in “Mapped in Israel” and “Israeli mapped in NY” which shows the locations of Israeli startups in Israel and Manhattan.

Revolutionizing the music business.  Israeli startup Sound Better allows different artists and sound producers to collaborate from all over the world to make music online.  Musicians can record themselves at home instead of in a studio.  Sound Better has 10,000 participants worldwide.

More fruit for Frutarom.  Israel’s Frutarom, one of the world's 10 largest companies in the field of flavors and specialty fine ingredients, has purchased Australia’s Taura, a world leading player in concentrated and texturized fruit ingredients.  Taura has factories in New Zealand and Belgium, with offices in the US and UK.

Amazon hiring 100 Israeli engineers.  At the AWS Tel Aviv Summit, Amazon announced to 2000 IT professionals that it will hire over 100 Israeli technologists in the next 18 months. Amazon bought the Israeli microelectronics firm Annapurna Labs in Jan 2015, for $350 - 370 million, for its Web Services division.

EasyJet starts Tel Aviv to Amsterdam route.  From Oct, low-cost airline EasyJet will begin its tenth route from Tel Aviv - direct flights to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, from $107 return. Tickets are now on sale.

World’s largest hotel group holds Israeli conference.  60 general managers and senior executives of InterContinental Hotels visited Israel for their annual conference.  They also enjoyed pitches from Israeli hotel-related start-ups EyeOnn, Bizzabo, Vatbox, Howazit, SevenPop and EatWith.

Trade talks with China.  (TY Michelle) Israel and China have begun negotiations on a proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Israel. China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesman said that Israel is one of China's major economic and trade partners in the Middle East and an FTA will lift bilateral cooperation to a new height.

The world’s best boutique hotel.  Luxury American tourism magazine Jetsetter has just named the 50-room Norman Hotel Tel Aviv as the world’s best boutique hotel.  “Tel Aviv’s smart, stylish Norman is the real deal,” Jetsetter explained of its vote, which was based on reviews by 200 international journalists.

Farm2050 invests in CropX.  (TY Michelle) Google CEO Eric Schmidt‘s Innovation Endeavors fund launched the Farm2050 collective in 2014, to accelerate the development and commercialization of agricultural technology.  Farm2050’s first investment is in CropX - Israel’s adaptive irrigation company (March newsletter)

$84 million investment in Checkmarx cyber security.  US-based Insight Venture Partners has invested $84 million in Israeli cyber-security start-up Checkmarx to fund development and global expansion.  Checkmarx’s customers already include the US Army, Samsung, Deutsche Telekom, Deloitte and PwC.

A facelift for Camden market.  (TY Hazel) Israeli Teddy Sagi’s company Market Tech Holdings will overhaul the open-air Union Street Market in Camden, London to construct a two-story market and adjacent boutique hotel.


Opera at Masada.  Behind the scenes at the ancient fortress of Masada in Israel’s Negev desert where the Israel Opera company has been performing Tosca and Carmina Burana in front of an audience of around 6000.

Tel Aviv White Night.  Tel Aviv-Yafo’s all-night White Night event features music, theater performances, folk dancing, dance performances, operatic excerpts, classical music, jazz ensembles, rock concerts, video displays, poetry readings, discussions, sports activities, yoga lessons, parades, parties, guided tours and much more.

NFL Hall of Famers visit Israel.  New England Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft brought a delegation of 19 NFL greats to meet with 10 Israeli startups.  The goodwill week-long trip to Israel, called, “Touchdown in Israel: Mission of Excellence,” was organized in coordination with Israel’s Ambassador to the USA, Ron Dermer.

Israelis win big time at Euro games.  Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah, was played twice at the European games in Baku. Israel’s Sagi Muki won the 73kg judo gold and Ziv Kalontarov won the 50m dash in the Junior swimming championships. Israelis also won two more judo medals, plus in the 1500m swim, air-rifle, women’s wrestling and 3 in team rhythmic gymnastics.,7340,L-4673157,00.html


Jewish roots in Tel Aviv.  Hundreds of children from 25 countries came together in Tel Aviv to mark the 20th anniversary of the “My Family Story” competition.  Each student produced an art installation illustrating their journey into their family roots and connection to the greater story of the Jewish people.

Birthright tour for hearing impaired.  Deafness did not prevent US Jews from visiting the Jewish State this summer on Taglit and Birthright trips. One group specifically catered for those with hearing impediments.  And the highlight was a whole day’s sessions at the Institute for the Advancement of Deaf People in Israel.

New Israeli stamps.  (TY Jacob) Israel’s latest postage stamps include bridal jewelry, WW1, the IAF Cobra helicopter, 50 years of diplomatic relations with Germany and vegetables.

Zoabi is a proud Zionist.  Sarah Zoabi - another relative of anti-Israel MK Haneen Zoabi – is a contestant on Israel’s Master Chef.  In her introduction, she said, “I want to say to all the Arab [citizens] of Israel to wake up. We live in paradise. Compared to other countries, to Arab countries – we live in paradise.”

Arizona rabbi donates kidney to Israeli.  For young Israeli Yossi Azran, 15 years of debilitating kidney disease and 2.5 years of dialysis was like a slow death until Rav Shmuly Yanklowitz donated one of his kidneys.  “I have been teaching about social justice and saving human life for many years,” Yanklowitz said.

The 5th happiest country in the world.  Israel is one of the top 5 happiest countries, according to a new Better Life Index report by the OECD.  Israel came after Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland on 22 variables - including income, education, housing, health, life expectancy, life satisfaction and community.


In the 21st Jun 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         Three important stomach-related medical developments from Israeli scientists.
·         The Israeli Government’s new benefits for Israeli Arabs received all-round praise.
·         Israeli experts helped Georgia recover animals that escaped in recent floods.
·         An Israeli company is cultivating a high-protein vegetable to fight world hunger.
·         SolarEdge is Israel’s latest billion-dollar company and more are on the way.
·         Israel’s Moran Samuel has won the Paralympic Rowing World Cup.
·         An early-Hebrew inscription from the time of King David was found near Bet Shemesh.

·         Last week’s Israel Good News descriptive highlights.  Click here for “What Boycott?” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also published on the Jerusalem Post, IsraPundit, San Diego Jewish World and United With Israel websites. (AOL now blocks my weekly highlights emails, so please read it here if not received.)

·         Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News, IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo and United With Israel with extra features on health, global impact, technology and entertainment.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You Michelle, Barbara, Elaine and many others for sending me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Successful trials for treatment of gastric infections.  Israel’s Redhill Biopharma announced positive top-line results from its Phase III study with RHB-105 for treating Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infections. RHB-105 achieved 89.4% efficacy in eradicating H. pylori with no serious adverse events or unexpected safety issues.

Micro-antenna to treat gastro-cancer.  Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are developing a tiny antenna that can be inserted into the stomach via an endoscopic tube to detect and treat early-stage cancers too small to be treated by current methods.  At present, doctors have to wait until the tumor is large enough to treat.

What you should and should not eat.  Scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute reported the results of their Personalized Nutrition Project (launch reported here in 2013).  They discovered that bacteria in the stomach of different people reacts differently to the same food.  Some even lost weight from ice cream and buttered bread.

Treatment for acromegaly.  Israel’s Chiasma has developed the oral treatment Octreotide, for acromegaly - abnormal growth due to a tumor of the pituitary gland that causes severe life-threatening health problems.  Chiasma is also planning an IPO on NASDAQ.

Israeli experts at international medical conference.  (TY Alan) Israeli medical experts From Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center are involved in about a dozen sessions of the 2015 World Congress of the International Society for Posture and Gait Research.  The Israeli company Meditouch is also exhibiting.

Your digital doctor.  Israel’s Doctome digital doctor platform is part of IBM’s startup incubator.  It links to IBM’s Watson supercomputer (see last week) and to WhatsApp and is the basis of a fully-functioning telemedicine service.


Empowering women in business.  (TY Sharon) Over 600 women attended the 6th annual Temech Conference in Jerusalem.  The Hebrew and English tracks featured prominent speakers from across Israeli society. Temech’s support for religious Jewish women in business includes training courses and Jerusalem workspaces.
Rise in tourism from Arab and Moslem countries.  The number of people visiting Israel from Arab countries is increasing.  14,200 tourists from Jordan, Egypt and Morocco visited Israel from January to May.  In addition, tourists from Moslem countries included 13,300 from Turkey, 1,900 from Malaysia and 9,700 from Indonesia.

Major benefits for Israeli Arabs and Druze. (TY Evelyn) The far-left Ha’aretz newspaper called the new initiatives of the Netanyahu government to benefit Israeli Arabs “praiseworthy” and “revolutionary”.  These address housing shortages and education.  The Israeli Cabinet also approved a $500+ million 5-year plan to develop Druze and Circassian (Moslem) communities. 

Israel’s new annual Arab Book Day.  The first-ever Arab Book Day was celebrated in a special ceremony at the Israeli parliament.  The ultimate aim of the event was to underscore the role literature can play in spanning the divide between Jews and Arabs in Israel.  Israeli Arab MK Issawi Frej said, “Books build bridges”.

Investment for Nazareth startups.  12 Nazareth-based start-ups presented their technology to Tel Aviv tech investors in an event designed to introduce the relatively new start-up ecosystem in the Arab-city to its established Tel Aviv big brother.  As one of the entrepreneurs put it, “If they can do it, we can do it too.”

Israel allows 300 Gazans to pray at Al Aqsa Mosque.  (TY Hazel – from PA news site) An official at the Palestinian liaison office told Ma'an that 300 Gaza residents were driven to Jerusalem via the Erez crossing to pray in the Al-Aqsa mosque.  Israel traditionally eases travel restrictions during Ramadan.

Israeli products in PA shops.  There is no sign of the Palestinian Authority’s BDS policy in Bethlehem.  During Kay Wilson’s visit, she saw plenty of Israeli products in the supermarkets. She saw some Arabs driving cars that the rest of us could only dream of.  Kay’s Facebook post went viral.

A meeting of Israelis, Sunnis and Shiites.  (TY Michelle) In the Indian city of Lucknow, Indian Shiite Moslems met with Saudi Arabian Sunni Moslems and Israeli Jews.  They discussed religious extremism and the mutual understanding necessary for solving the many problems in the Middle East.

100 German company heads to visit Israel.  100 German industry leaders are to visit Israel at the end of June.  They include from SAP SE, BMW, Bosch, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Merck & Co., Inc., Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa.  They will attend an investors’ conference and meet Israeli innovators and researchers.

Israeli agro-tech for Goa.  (TY Michelle) Goa has been actively wooing Israel to resurrect its agriculture since the 2012 Indian election.  Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Narayan Bandeka met with Israeli consul general in Mumbai David Akov to discuss crop, post-harvest technologies and water management.

Israeli vets in Georgia floods rescue.  (TY Hazel) A day after severe floods sent animals from Georgia’s Tbilisi Zoo to towards city streets, a team of veterinarians from Tel Aviv’s Ramat Gan Safari and Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo arrived in the Georgian capital to advise zoo officials and dispense medicines and anesthetics.


Water-saving tips in California.  (TY Michelle) Israeli water technology experts went to Sacramento (twinned with Israel’s Ashkelon), to demonstrate smart ways to secure water from a desert.  These included recycling wastewater, desalination, detecting leaky pipes and different charging structures for water purity.  US cities Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are also partnering with Israel for water conservation.

Water advice for the World Bank. (TY Michelle) Israel has signed an agreement to share best practices on water with the World Bank.

Record $50 million donation for Technion.  Andrew Viterbi, co-founder of Qualcomm, announced that he will give $50 million to the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology - a record gift from an American donor.  Viterbi, a Technion board member, invented an algorithm to eliminate interference in mobile communications.

France-Israel TransTech Conference.  On Oct 27 2015, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel-France holds its 6th TRANSTECH Conference seminar on Technology Transfer, Financial Technology & Clean Technology, to encourage an international cooperation between Israel, France and the European Union.

Beautifying Wikipedia.  Israel’s Wikiwand takes content from a Wiki page and redraws it in a more aesthetically pleasing format, with extra elements – like a table of contents, maps, drawings, etc

$100 million gift to Cornell-Technion.  (TY Michelle) Former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg has donated $100 million to help pay for construction of the new Cornell-Technion Institute in New York.  The first academic building will be named The Bloomberg Center – in honor of his two daughters, Emma and Georgina.

Taking control if pilot loses consciousness.  An Israeli-developed smart flight helmet will detect emergency situations in which pilots are about to lose consciousness, and take control of the plane in order to prevent disasters.  Tel Aviv’s Lifebeam developed the Cannary system with sensors measuring the pilot’s vital signs.

Israeli scientists discover tiny nearby galaxy.  (TY NoCamels) A team of scientists from Tel Aviv University and the University of California have discovered the NGC 5253 dwarf galaxy, containing over a million relatively new stars.  The galaxy was previously hidden by clouds of dust emitted by the galaxy.

Protein from the smallest vegetable.  Israel’s Hinoman is cultivating Mankhai – the world’s smallest vegetable.  Mankhai contains 45% protein, is high in vitamins, low in carbohydrate, fat, sugar and salt and is GMO, gluten and pesticide free.  Hinoman promotes Mankhai as a sustainable substitute for meat and seafood.

Engie cuts car repair costs.  Israel’s Engie is a sensor and app that diagnoses car engine faults and gets the best repair deals.  The sensor costs $9 and the app already has 30,000 users in Israel.  The US target is 2016.


Hong Kong learns from Israeli startups. (TY Michelle) Israel's tech sector makes for a great study for Hong Kong.  The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park recently held a business-matching session when a dozen Israeli tech hopefuls met with potential Hong Kong collaborators and customers.

SolarEdge is worth $1.5 billion. The share price of Israel’s SolarEdge has more than doubled since its March NASDAQ listing, valuing the company at $1.5 billion.  Revenue grew nearly 18% last quarter.  SolarEdge has just released a new solar energy storage system for residential buildings and expanded its commercial products. 

More billion-dollar companies on the way.  (TY Nevet "Israel has produced ten billion dollar unicorn exits over the last two years," says Jonathan Medved, CEO of OurCrowd. "This pace is about to accelerate.”  Webydo and Meta are the next candidates. And many more are in the pipeline.

Another $25 million for WalkMe.  (TY Michelle) I featured Israel’s WalkMe in a previous (Apr 2014) newsletter.  The user-friendly app allows website owners to build step-by-step guidebooks for using their sites.  WalkMe has just raised another $25 million in an oversubscribed round of funding.

Counter BDS – buy Israeli bonds.  Izzy Tapoohi has been president & CEO of Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds since October 2011. He advocates that in an era of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS), “The best defense is a good offense”. And investing in Israel’s economy is the greatest form of offense.

Flying high at Paris Air Show.  11 Israeli companies are exhibiting products at the Paris Air Show that ends on 21 June.  They include Elbit Systems, Rafael, Israel Aerospace Industries, UVision, Elta Systems, Aeronautics Ltd and Ashot (part of IMI). 

Increasing digital performance.  Israel’s XLMedia has just acquired Israel’s Marmar Media, combining the two Digital Performance Marketing companies into one. 

Waze is the most-loved sharing app.  Israeli-developed traffic application Waze is among the best “sharing” apps, according to a study by research group Arc360, a division of Israeli app testing firm Applause.  Waze had over 300,000 reviews and although only fifth overall, the top four apps only had a few hundred reviews.


Israeli photographer wins top UK prize.  (TY Harold) Israel’s Matan Ben-Cnaan won the £30,000 top prize in the 2015 BP Portrait Awards, currently on exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery.  His allegorical portrait “Annabel and Guy” was partly inspired by the biblical story of the Israelite judge Jephthah.

Zionist’s art exhibition.  Tel Aviv’s Museum of Art features (until Oct 5) an exhibition of the works of Israeli artist Otte Wallish (1906 – 1977).  Wallish designed posters and exhibitions promoting Zionism that culminated in the design of the ceremony and scroll of the Declaration of Independence. 

Exhibit of Caesarea treasure.  Jerusalem’s Israel Museum is exhibiting the exciting find of over 2,580 solid gold coins that divers retrieved from the sea bed off the coast of Caesarea in Feb 2015.  The coins from 9th to 11th Century CE weigh a total of 7.5kg.  Some display the Fatimid Caliph that founded the Druze religion.

International Falafel Day.  Ben Lang’s initiative of a day to celebrate the Middle East delicacy falafel began in 2011.  Now for the first time, International Falafel Day has spread from Israel to the Arab world.

Israel is “Top of the Box”.  Since the success of “Hatufim”, American studios or other international channels have acquired virtually every Israeli series (game-show, reality series, drama or comedy).  Now a new spy thriller “Kfulim” (False Flag) has won the Public Prize at the French International TV Festival Series Mania.

New Disney series to be made in Jerusalem.  The Jerusalem Film Fund announced that several long-term animation projects, including a new Walt Disney Studios television series, will be based in Jerusalem, starting immediately.  Disney Studios will be working with Israel’s animation company, Snowball Studios.

Israeli dancer wows LA judges.  Israel’s Asaf Goren used Jewish props in his audition for “So you think you can dance” in Los Angeles.  All three judges and the audience were most impressed with his “Hebrew Breaking”, with Madonna’s “Isaac” playing in the background.  Asaf went straight into the next round.

Israeli paralympic rower wins gold at World Cup.  Israel’s Moran Samuel won the gold medal in rowing at the 2015 Paralympic World Rowing Cup in Italy.  She also broke the Israeli record.


IDF behaved too well.  (TY Hazel) The International Military Group report to the UN stated that, in Gaza, Israel exceeded the standard laws of armed conflict.  And another expert, Michael Schmitt, Director of the Stockton Center for the Study for International Law at the US Naval War College, said “People are going to start thinking that the United States and other Western democracies should follow the same examples in different types of conflict. That’s a real risk”.

Ayala celebrates her Bat Mitzvah.  Ayala Shapira, granddaughter of my shul’s warden, was released from hospital for a week of Bat Mitzvah celebrations.  Ayala was severely burnt when Palestinian Arab terrorists through firebombs at her Dad’s car in December.  Her Bat Mitzvah included a family visit to Temple Mount.

Art’s blessing.  I mentioned last week that Art Garfunkel made the Shecheyanu blessing during his Tel Aviv concert.  Here’s the video of it.

150 Jewish innovators gather in Jerusalem.  Some 150 of the Jewish world’s leading change-makers from 32 countries gathered in Jerusalem for the 2015 ROI (Return on Investment) Summit.  App developers, journalists, toy designers, community organizers, and more; all seeking to build a thriving Jewish future and a better world.

Righting a wrong after 58 years.  Israel Shrir (now 79) survived the Holocaust and in 1957 was awarded a citation for excellence in the IDF.  But due to a clerical error, Israel never received an invitation to the awards ceremony.  58 years later, President Rivlin presented the citation to Israel, in the presence of his 13 children.

Rare Biblical inscription discovered.  A rare proto-Hebrew inscription from the era of King David has been found in Khirbet Qeiyafa, near Bet Shemesh.  “Eshbaal ben Beda” was fired on an earthenware pot.  The name Eshbaal (also that of a son of King Saul) was discontinued later, due to associations with a heathen god.


In the 14th Jun 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        Two Israeli successes in the fight against diabetes.
·        The UN has signed an agreement with Israel for cooperating in Outer Space.
·        Israeli scientists have used pulsed light to keep milk fresh at room temperature.
·        The IAEA is using Israeli nuclear technology to protect Balkan citrus trees.
·        A Muslim UK Government minister hailed “A ‘golden era’ for UK-Israel trade”.
·        After Englebert Humperdinck and Art Garfunkel, Israel looks forward to Bon Jovi.
·        The Jewish State’s first Unity Day honored those who bring Israelis closer together.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News, IsraelSeen, Janglo, and United With Israel with extra features on health, global impact and technology.

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.  Thank You Michelle and other readers for sending me links to so many of these positive news articles.  Use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Israeli shrub treats diabetes.  Israeli researchers at the Judea Research and Development Center have discovered that the Israeli shrub Chiliadenus iphionoides increases sugar absorption and reduces blood sugar levels.  They are now trying to isolate the active ingredient in order to make an accessible diabetes treatment.

Blocking receptor prevents diabetes.  Professor Ofer Mandelboim of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has won the 2015 Kaye Innovation for discovering that blocking the NKp46 receptor on Natural Killer cells delays or prevents the onset of Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes.  Israel’s BioLineRX developed BL-9020 to target NKp46.

Trials for dry-AMD treatment begin.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Cell Cure is commencing a Phase I/IIa study of its OpRegen treatment for geographic atrophy (GA), the severe stage of the dry form of age-related macular degeneration (dry-AMD).  Cell Cure has received another NIS 6.24 million grant from Israel’s Chief Scientist.

Israeli & Irish scientists join up to fight cancer.  (TY Margaret) The 2nd Joint Symposium took place last week between Dublin’s Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute and Israel’s Weizmann and Technion Institutes.  See the pdf report on last year’s event and joint Israeli-Irish research into cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Study neuroscience for free online with the Hebrew U.  Here’s another chance to take the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s free nine-week introductory course by Professor Idan Segev on neuroscience.  Over 60,000 took the original “Synapses, Neurons and Brains” course, including many from Arab countries.

Not for the first time.  BBC and Sky TV headlines hailed a first for a baby born after ovarian tissue taken from the mother was transplanted back.  Readers (see newsletter 31/5/15) will know that Israeli doctors also have done this, without any international media fanfare.


Israel’s Trade Consul to Canada is a Christian Arab.  (TY Hazel) Michael Khoury is Israel’s trade consul to Canada. He hails from the predominately Arab city of Shfar’am, in Israel’s north, near Haifa. He is in the second year of a four-year posting in Toronto. He promotes Israeli exports, companies and investors to Canada.

Gaza deliveries.  I haven’t reported this for some time (due to lack of space) but every day Israel facilitates the delivery of over 500 trucks containing some 14,000 tons of goods into Gaza via the Kerem Shalom crossing.

UN to co-operate with Israel in Outer Space.  The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs has signed an agreement with Israel for cooperation in space.  It was signed in Vienna as part of preparations for a world conference on space that will be held in Jerusalem in October.

Why Israel matters to America.  (TY Michelle) Great article summarizing the truth about Israel, from former Arkansas Governor and US President candidate Mike Huckabee.

US-Israeli Fulbright scholars.  This year, 65 students from Israel and the US will study in each others’ countries under the auspices of the Fulbright Program, which awards scholarships to top students from undergraduate to post-doctoral as well as to teachers, professionals, scientists and artists.

Israeli technology in New York cabs.  Israel’s Mobileye car safety system is being installed in New York City taxicabs.  NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) has launched its Vehicle Safety Technology (VST) Pilot Program with Mobileye alerting drivers if they tailgate or veer out of lane without signaling etc.

A “Roof for All” in Nepal.  (TY Size Doesn’t Matter) Israeli humanitarian aid organization IsraAID has launched its "A Roof for All" program to provide safe and sturdy transitional shelter for thousands of displaced families who have lost their homes as a result of the last two devastating earthquakes in Nepal.

A medical clinic for Ecuador.  María Angela Serrano, a graduate of the Young Leadership: Tools and Methodologies course organized by Israel’s MASHAV, together with members of a rural community in Ecuador utilized recycled materials to build a much needed medical clinic for the local population.

Irrigation for Kazakhstan.  (TY Algemeiner) Israel and Kazakhstan have launched the Israel-Kazakhstan Irrigation Demonstration Center in the Almaty region.  The Israeli Foreign and Agricultural ministries are implementing the project, together with the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry and the “KazAgroInnovation” group.


Pulsed light kills bacteria in milk.  Researchers at Tel Aviv University have shown that pulsed light kills the listeria bacteria that cause many deaths each year in consumers of infected milk products.  In fact using pulsed light once a day, means that milk no longer requires refrigeration.

Research patents rise by 20%.  In 2014 856 inventions were registered by Israeli universities and research institutes – a 20% increase on 2013 figures. 

Celebrating Einstein’s centenary.  On the 100th anniversary of Einstein publishing his theory of relativity, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has unveiled a new statue to the renowned physicist.  Albert Einstein was one of the founders of the Hebrew University, a true Zionist and was nominated to be the first President of Israel.

Phree yourself from paper.  I featured Phree previously here, but here is a new video of the amazing Israeli digital pen.  Phree has raised over a quarter of a million dollars on Kickstarter - the target was $100,000.

Training Watson to think.  Scientists at IBM Israel have been upgrading IBM’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) system known as “Watson”.  After winning TV’s “Jeopardy” in 2011 and turning into a master chef in 2014, it is now at AI med-school.  The Watson Health Cloud can evaluate medical data and make recommendations.

Israeli security for Dropbox.  Israel’s Adallom is taking the vital role of ensuring cyber security on the Dropbox for Business platform, the company’s high-end product aimed at enterprise customers.  Dropbox has over 300 million users around the world, who upload and store documents, photos, videos, and much more.

Trapping the hackers.  (TY Michelle) In my previous (Feb 15 2015) newsletter I featured Israel’s Team8, which launched cyber security startups that had good ideas.  One of these is Illusive Networks, which fools hackers to steal fake data to which Illusive Networks has attached an alarm trigger.  Clever stuff.

Europe’s largest cyber-tech firm to open in Israel. Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Security (SIT), the biggest private organization for applied scientific research in Europe, will establish a cyber-security innovation center in Israel.  A recent attack on the Bundestag has highlighted the need for Israel’s help.

Sterile flies to save Balkan fruit trees.  Israel’s BioBee has won a tender by the International Atomic Energy Agency to supply 400 million sterile flies to protect citrus trees along the border of Croatia and Bosnia.  The nuclear-sterilized flies repel the Mediterranean fruit fly, a pest that has been wreaking havoc in the Balkans.


Making advertising revenue for Facebook.  If you wondered where Facebook gets its income from, one of the answers is Israel’s Bidalgo.  As one of the few official Facebook Marketing Partners in Israel, Bidalgo expects as much as $100 million in revenues in 2015 from selling hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of ads.

The business of conserving water.  (TY Nevet – Recent article in The Atlantic entitled “Selling the Desert's Water-Conservation Lessons to the Rest of the World” It describes the reasons for the success of Israel’s Netafim, with its irrigation system that can grow plants with much less water.

A ‘golden era’ for UK-Israel trade.  (TY Michelle - from the UK Jewish Chronicle)  “The past few years have been a golden era for Anglo-Israeli business,” said British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Sajid Javid during the annual British Israel Business Awards event.  Mr Javid, self-described as a “proud British-born Muslim”, told the audience “I share Israel’s love for freedom and democracy.”

Banking cooperation with Belarus.  (TY NoCamels) Belarus' Center of Banking Technologies (BCBT) and the Israeli consulting company Integrity will develop cooperation and exchange experience.

Israel’s antioxidant in Japan.  Israel’s Algatechnologies has signed a supply and long-term collaboration agreement with Japan’s Fujifilm Corp. for its AstaPure natural astaxanthin ingredients.  Fujifilm already uses Algatech’s astaxanthin antioxidant for its nutrition supplement and cosmetics product line named Astalift.

Israel’s long-term viability.  Ambassador Yoram Ettinger gives a “thumbs up” to Israel’s economy.  In particular, 280 global high-tech giants have established R&D centers in Israel and investment has soared.

US programs For Israeli startups.  The JFE Organization of San Francisco is launching its 7th accelerator cohort for Israeli and Jewish entrepreneurs.  It has also running an investor pitch for Israeli companies raising $5 - $15 million on July 1st.  

$10 rides through Manhattan traffic. (TY Michelle) Israel’s app-based company Gett is offering black cab rides between Manhattan’s 110th Street and Battery Park for just $10 plus tax and tip, irrespective of traffic.  Gett is expected to take much of the business from current market leaders Uber and Lyft.


Israel’s fast-moving mandolin player.  The hectic May itinerary for Israel’s mandolin virtuoso Avi Avital  included concerts in California, several German cities, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Salisbury (UK) and Lancut (Poland).  In 2010 he was the first-ever solo mandolin player to be nominated for a Grammy award.

Welcome back Engelbert Humperdinck.  (TY Hazel) British crooner Engelbert Humperdinck performed another sell-out concert in Tel Aviv.  He sang all the old favorites, from “Love Story” to “The Last Waltz”.

“I’m on your side, Tel Aviv, when times get rough.”  Legendary singer Art Garfunkel made a unique addition to Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge over Troubled Water” as he woo’d the Bloomfield Stadium audience with his ephemeral voice.  When he put on a kippa to bless the event, it was as if “Heaven holds a place”.

Bon Jovi is coming to Israel.  Bon Jovi, one of the most successful bands to ever emerge from the US, is to perform in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park, on October 3.  It will be Bon Jovi’s first performance in the Jewish State.

“And there was light”.  (TY Jacob Richman) Some memorable moments from Jacob Richman’s visit to see Jerusalem’s Festival of light.

Israeli wins $475,007 world poker prize.  Idan Raviv, 24, of Holon, finished first in a 2015 World Series of Poker tournament at the Rio casino in Las Vegas.  Raviv, an IT professional, defeated a field of 1,650 to take the $457,007 top prize in the $1,500 buy-in event.


Jerusalem mayor breaks up fight.  Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem, used his hands-on approach once again to restore peace in the capital when he broke up a traffic-related street fight while pedaling on his bicycle to work.  He separated two men who were hitting each other, and then waited until police arrived.  In Feb, Mayor Barkat tackled an Arab terrorist who had stabbed a bystander near Jerusalem’s City Hall.

Poland parliament’s Jewish State support group.  The Polish Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus was launched at the Polish parliament (Sejm) in Warsaw. An Israeli delegation from the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus and the World Jewish Congress met senior Sejm members to build on shared Judeo-Christian values.

Unity Day.  Israel’s President Rivlin distributed inaugural Jerusalem Unity Prize awards to individuals and organizations that contribute to unity among Jewish communities and Israeli society. Unity Day and the awards were in honor of murdered Jewish teens Gilad Shaer, Eyal Yifrach, and Naftali Frenkel.

Hezbollah gets the message.  A Chabad poster attached to balloons drifted from Israel into Lebanon.  Members of the terrorist organization Hezbollah were seen holding up a banner displaying “We Want Moshiach Now”. 


In the 7th Jun 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         A new Israeli device uses light to identify bacterial infections in minutes.
·         Four news items featuring Israeli cancer research breakthroughs.
·         A female Arab party MK was unanimously elected to head an Israeli Parliament committee.
·         An Israeli company is helping to build the world’s largest radio telescope.
·         A new Israeli supermarket is selling every item for 5 shekels ($1.30) or less.
·         Tel Aviv is to hold its first ever Blues festival this summer.
·         Hundreds of thousands of Israel supporters flocked to New York’s Israel Day Parade.

·         Last week’s Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “In Israel you ‘Can Do’ it” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also published on the Jerusalem Post, San Diego Jewish World and United With Israel websites.

·         Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News, IsraelSeen, Janglo and United With Israel with extra features on health, global impact, technology and entertainment.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You Michelle and other readers for sending me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Bacteria test in minutes.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Pocared Diagnostics has developed a device that can identify the bacteria in a sample within minutes, rather than current tests that take several days.  The P-1000 employs fluorescence, optical analysis and artificial intelligence.  It can also test the bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics.

A cure for addiction.  In clinical tests, scientists at Israel’s Bar Ilan University working with Canada’s McGill University discovered DNA methylation changes occur during an addict’s withdrawal process.  These changes increased cravings and by administering a DNA methylation inhibitor, the cravings ceased.

10,000 operations for spinal surgery guidance system.  (TY Atid-EDI) Spinal surgeons have now performed over 10,000 procedures using the Renaissance Guidance System (and its earlier Spine Assist version) developed by Israel’s Mazor Robotics.  The system is now also being used to perform brain surgery.

$10 million to research genetic diseases.  Canada’s Azrieli Foundation has donated $10 million to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for researching genetic disorders.  The new Azrieli Center for Stem Cells and Genetic Research will focus on Down syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, diabetes, and Fragile X syndrome.

And baby makes three.  (TY Michelle) Israel’s Nuvo Group has developed the PregSense monitor for expectant mothers that need to keep a check on their fetus but do not require hospitalization.  Sensors on an elastic harness transmit data via bluetooth to a smartphone for storage in the cloud that physicians can access.

Wristband stores medical profile.  Israel’s MyMDband is a smart waterproof lifetime-guaranteed silicon band with a laser-engraved QR code on a stainless-steel buckle that displays all the data needed immediately after it’s scanned: prior medical conditions, current medications, allergies.  Everything a paramedic needs to know.

Triple treatment stops lung cancer returning.  Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute discovered how lung cancer cells adapt to stop the effectiveness of treatment that block tumor growth.  So they have found a solution that targets the adaptations.  Applying three treatments together stops tumor growth permanently.

Annotating DNA to prevent cancer.  Israel Prize laureate Dr. Haim (Howard) Cedar of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem specializes in DNA annotation – the instructions that cells use to do their specific function. He is working to detect wrongly reproduced instructions in order to prevent, not merely cure, cancer.

Hope for advanced cancer sufferers.  Israel’s VBL Therapeutics reported good interim results from Phase 2 trials of its VB-111 cancer treatment. VB-111 reduced tumor size by at least 50% in most worst-case Mullerian (ovarian) cancer sufferers.  It also extended the survival of patients with aggressive brain cancer (glioblastoma).

UK cancer breakthrough – the Israeli connection.  There was no mention of Israel in the international media reports about the recent cancer breakthrough at the Royal Marsden hospital in the UK.  So I’d better tell you.  Professor Jacob Schachter from Israel’s Sheba Medical Center was a key member of the UK’s research team.  Please read my 4 Nov 2012 newsletter article and watch the youtube to see what Professor Schachter does.

The doctor will see you now.  Israel’s Teva is investing tens of millions of dollars in American Well – a telemedicine company founded by Israeli doctor brothers Ido and Roy Schoenberg.  A patient can contact American Well who will summon a doctor to an immediate video call.  It’s like an on-line house call.


NIS 100 million for disabled.  Israel has added NIS 100 million to the budget for people with severe disabilities receiving government support.  It has the goal of improving the situation of weaker layers of society, and others who need assistance from the state.

The first Arab to head a Knesset committee.  (TY Michelle) Knesset Member Aida Touma-Sliman of the Arab Joint List party became the first Arab party lawmaker to head a permanent committee of the Israeli Parliament.  She is now Chair of the Committee for the Advancement of the Status of Women and was elected unanimously.

Inclusive magic lesson breaks world record.  Israeli magician Israel Cagliostro set a Guinness World Record for the largest magic lesson. He taught a card trick emphasizing peace to 1,576 Jewish, Christian and Muslim fifth and sixth graders brought together from across Haifa for a day of fun and cross-cultural interaction.

Israel helps Qatar re-build Gaza.  The chairman of Qatar’s committee for reconstructing Gaza reported to the Arab media "The reconstruction process is progressing very well as construction material is being shipped to Gaza everyday without any obstacles”.  “Israel has approved all the Qatari-funded projects in the Gaza Strip.”

IDF supporters in Arab countries.  (TY Michelle) When an Israeli Arab IDF veteran launched the Facebook site Tzahal bistahal (“the IDF is worth it”) he didn’t expect positive messages from Arabs in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Morocco.  But that’s what he got.  And see the photos that prove it.

Flood relief for Texas.  The Israeli organization IsraAID is sending a team to help relief efforts in Texas, where massive flooding has killed at least 21 people and impacted thousands.  IsraAID’s executive director Shachar Zahavi said a team of 10 IsraAID volunteers would help with removing debris from damaged houses.

India’s PM to visit Israel.  (TY Michelle) There are many reports of the announcement that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the first Indian head of state to visit Israel.  This is from the Indian press.


Building the world’s largest radio telescope.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Mellanox Technologies is to supply the components of the precursor of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) telescope - the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world.

Cleaning up oil spills.  Israeli scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have developed another substance that can clean up after an oil spill. (see 5 Aug 2012 newsletter) The NHS+ reagent converts the oil into carbon dioxide and water.

Cleaning 5 million solar panels a month.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Ecoppia has installed its robotic solar panel cleaning system on 5 more solar farms in Israel’s south.  The system is now cleaning 5 million solar panels each month, that generate 35MW of energy.  Desert dust can reduce solar panel efficiency by 40 percent.

The 5th generation of drip irrigation.  Israel’s Netafim, the originator of drip irrigation has, in its 50th year launched its next generation of low-flow drippers.  The new design boosts yields under harsh water conditions by combining low flow rates with excellent resistance against clogging.

Honors for biometric security.  (TY Atid-EDI) At the International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC West) in Las Vegas, Israel’s FST Biometrics won two honors for its In Motion Identification (IMID) technology to personal devices.  IMID mobile uses face, body and behavior recognition to identify visitors.

Train spotting.  Israel and China are exchanging train technology.  Israel’s Radware is developing a ticketing system for China Railways.  Meanwhile China Railway’s Tunnel Group will be working on building the Red Line - the–first of Tel Aviv’s new subway lines that will eventually crisscross Tel Aviv.


BA uses Dreamliner on London to Tel Aviv route.  (TY Hazel) From Oct 2015, British Airways will operate its new wide-body Boeing 787 (Dreamliner) on its flights BA163 and BA162 from London Heathrow to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion.  The scheduled arrival and departure times will connect easily with BA’s New York service.

Bringing jobs to the US.  Two more Israeli companies have announced new factories in the US.  Following Bram Plastics (see last week), kitchen counter maker Caesarstone has opened its first factory in Richmond Hill, Georgia.  And Israeli fabric maker Avgol has opened a new production line in Mocksville, North Carolina.

Funding startups with 1,000 shekels.  Investing in startups used to be only available for high net-worth individuals.  Now, Israel’s ExitValley has designed an investing platform that caters for any Israeli startup to utilize its quota of 35 “regular” investors who wish to invest small sums - usually NIS 1,000 (around $260).

Everything for 5 shekels.  Just 18 months after Cofix upset the coffee market with its NIS 5 coffee and snacks, the company has launched “Super Cofix” – a discount store where everything is NIS 5 (around $1.3) or less.  No need to buy in bulk and then throw away excess food that’s gone bad.

Israeli cyber security exports double. (TY Michelle) Israel exported $6 billion worth of computer security products in 2014 – double that of 2013.  It was the first year that Israel sold more cyber security products than traditional aerospace and defense products.


Tel Aviv Blues Festival.  The first ever Tel Aviv Blues Festival from July 3-6 takes place in 20 different venues and features 40 concerts.

My local river.  Just a few miles up the road from Netanya is the Alexander River. It’s a great spot to watch the sea turtles from, and maybe an occasional mongoose.

Enter the Dragon.  Thirty boats competed in the third annual Dragon Boat Israel Festival on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).  The joint Israeli-Canadian project raised thousands of dollars for research into diseases by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  The Chinese Ambassador to Israel, Zhan Yongxin, opened the event.


A non-Jewish Swede in the Jewish State.  Freja Berggren studies at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.  She writes her reflections as a non-Jewish Swedish student in Israel. It is certainly not what she expected from International media coverage.

40,000 marched in NYC Israel Day Parade.  At least 100,000 people lined both sides of Fifth Avenue to watch 40,000 Israel Day Parade marchers make their way up the famous avenue from 57th Street to 74th Street.

Read all about it – National Hebrew Book Week.  National Hebrew Book Week takes place 11-21 June, with large outdoor book fairs, special Book Week sales at bookstores all around the country, and a variety of accompanying events such as music, performances, children's events, workshops, and storytelling.


In the 31st May 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        A cancer survivor had twins after Israeli doctors transplanted her frozen ovary tissue.
·        A Jordanian is the first citizen of an Arab country to receive a PhD in Israel.
·        An Israeli digital ceramic ink printer is in the Guinness Book of Records.
·        Israeli unemployment is at an all-time low.
·        Visa has opened an Israeli Research & Development center for Israeli startups.
·        Top US group One Republic performed to 20,000 fans in Tel Aviv.

·        Last week’s Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “Who Cares? Israel does” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also published on the Jerusalem Post, IsraPundit, San Diego Jewish World and United With Israel websites.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News, IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel with extra features on health, technology and entertainment.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You Michelle and other readers for sending me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Twins after surviving cancer.  An Israeli woman has given birth to twins five years after cancer treatment made her infertile.  Prior to the treatment, Israeli doctors froze some of her ovarian tissue, which was later transplanted back.  It is only the second time in the world that this procedure has been successfully performed.

Hope for millions of diabetics.  Israel’s Oramed is shortly to commence Phase IIb trials of its oral insulin treatment for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  ORMD-0801 will benefit diabetics currently using injections.

Uncovering the mysteries of brain diseases.  Israel Technion’s Professor Reut Shalgi has been learning the language of proteins in her mission to discover the cause of diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Her career at Tel Aviv University, Weizmann, MIT and the Technion has proved invaluable.

JACIE recognizes Israeli hospitals.  The Joint Accreditation Committee of the International Society for Cellular Therapy & European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (AKA JACIE) has recognized the Bone Marrow Transplantation departments of Hadassah and Schneider hospitals.  It will increase opportunities for international research.

Shira is back on her feet.  Shira Klein, daughter of Dr Klein who works at our local Netanya hospital, was discharged from Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital.  She had been critically injured in a terrorist attack on Apr 15, which killed her boyfriend.  Staff from Neurosurgery, ICU, Orthopedics (and more) helped Shira recover.


Israel’s Center for Accessible Learning.  The Kibbutzim College of Education is opening the Center for Accessible Learning, to promote education, training, and employment for people with disabilities. It will not only help acquire a profession but also improve skills via a range of tailored and accessible training programs

National Hearing Day.  For national hearing day, Shlomi Bracha of the legendary Israeli rock band Mashina - performed a unique performance of the song "Someone Hears Me" by the rock band Eifo Hayeled with children suffering from hearing disabilities. It was a joint project with the NGO MICHA.

The women from iAngels.  (TY Michelle) Shelly Hod Moyal and Mor Assia are founding partners of iAngels, a crowdfunding platform that focuses exclusively on Israeli startups.  Two of their startups are also founded by women – Liat Hertanu of and Maayan Cohen of Hello Heart - both now available on the Apple Watch.

Syrians treated in Israel:  Two wounded Syrians were taken to the Baruch Padeh Medical Center–Poriya Hospital in Tiberias.  One of the injured was 27 years old and had shrapnel in his upper body. The other was 26 and had a bullet lodged in his spine. So far the hospital has treated 176 wounded from the war in Syria.

The first Jordanian to get an Israeli PhD.  Jordan’s Amer Sweity recently became the first Jordanian citizen (and probably the first from an Arab country) to earn a doctoral degree from an Israeli university.  He studied desalination as part of his PhD at Ben Gurion University and wants to bring peace through water.

Israeli doctors in Nepal.  Four of Haifa’s Rambam hospital doctors have been saving lives in Nepal.  Dr Itai Shavit took care of premature babies; Dr Arik Shechter helped set up field hospitals in Northern Nepal. The other doctors were cardiologist Dr Oved Cohen and anesthesiologist Dr Amit Lehavi.  Meanwhile, Sheba (Tel Hashomer sent three doctors and two nurses, including Professor Eli Schwartz, director of Sheba's Travel Clinic.


An app to manage your event.  Israel’s Bizzabo provides event managers (of shows, seminars, demonstrations, projects, marathons etc.) full website building facilities to organize their event.  Including advertising, sales, ticketing, registration, networking, feedback and analysis – all to make the event a success.

Biodegradable plastics for Savannah.  Israel’s Bram Plastics Industries is building a new “green” factory in Savannah, Georgia USA.  The facility will produce 100% biodegradable plastic products, such as food packaging, tableware, storage tools and shopping bags for its US customers, which include Walmart.

Record-breaking printer.  Israel’s Dip-Tech has been awarded the Guinness world record for the largest digital flatbed printer.  18 meters long, it can print on a single pane of glass with an area of 64 sq meters.  It is reported that the printer is being used on the curved glass “spaceship” project for Apple’s new California HQ.

$125,000 desalination prize.  The US Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded the $125,000 Desal Prize to a joint research project of Israel’s Technion and the University of North Texas as part of the Securing Water for Food Grand Challenge.  The project uses wind and solar energy to power desalination.

Canada and Israel to “join up” in space.  (TY Michelle) Israeli-Canadian cooperation is literally “out of this world”.  The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the Israel Space Agency (ISA) have agreed to develop advanced applications in satellite communications.  Two research projects have already been initiated.

Saving money at the pump.  Israeli app Fulltank gives you the location of gas stations nearest to your current location. While the app works worldwide, in Israel it also provides up-to-date gas prices from over 1200 gas stations across the country.  It also helps you navigate to your chosen station.

Israeli tech for Indian state.  (TY Michelle) Israel and the Indian state of Rajasthan are discussing the expansion of their partnership in areas of water management, post harvesting and tourism. State authorities have been invited to Watec Israel-2015 in October to see Israel’s irrigation, desalination and wastewater technology.

Keep an eye on your home.  The new FLIR FX home security camera comes with Recap software from Israel’s BriefCam.  So you can easily see what’s going on that relates to your property or loved ones.

Making technology hands-on.  More than 60 makers exhibited their work at the 2015 Jerusalem Mini-Maker Faire.  There were also five workshops and two performances.  There were many robots, plus a 3D printer that makes pancakes.  (My printer makes pancakes even when I don’t want it to!)


Unemployment hits historic low.  The Central Bureau of Statistics reported that Israel’s unemployment rate fell from 5.2% in March to a historic low of 4.9% in April.  The number employed rose 1.3% to 3,636,000. Participation in the labor force also rose - from 60.2% in March to 60.9% in April.

Economy is good shape.  (TY Michelle) Moody’s chief economist Dr Mark Zandi reckons that Israel has one of the world’s best economies.  It’s fiscal situation is better than ever, the debt-to-GDP ratio is low and continues to fall, its economy has been growing for 15 straight years, and there's almost no unemployment.

Why Israel’s energy matters to the EU.  (TY Michelle) According to the Greek Energy Forum, Israel’s potential source of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) would be of major benefit to Europe.  It could also have some diplomatic benefits.

Israel and China agree trusted companies.  Israel and China have signed an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Agreement, which approves importers and exporters who adhere to all international labeling and shipping regulations.  The AEO agreement fast-tracks the customs process and will increase trade volumes.

More investment in startups.  (TY Michelle) Investment in Israeli startups continues unabated.  In the first 3 months of 2015, 46 Israeli startups raised a total of $54 million.  This compares to the last quarter of 2014 when 44 startups raised only $41 million.

Visa opens new Israeli startup hub.  (TY Michelle) Visa Europe has opened a start-up center in Tel Aviv, taking at least 20 ideas through its 100-day innovation program. Visa will bring the most commercially viable to market.  Zooz, Prontoly, Payitsimple and MyCheck have already entered the Visa Europe Collab pipeline.

Shared taxi service for Manhattan.  Israel’s Daniel Ramot realized that the Israeli monit sherut (service taxi) model could work in New York City.  For $7 (or $5 prepaid) passengers can share a ride with 3 others in a luxury SUV from 110th Street down to 14th Street.

Stay at an Israeli hotel in Europe.  Israel’s Fattal Holdings has purchased 18 European hotels for 200 million Euros.  Fattal Hotels already has 35 European hotels, plus another 30 in Israel (see 15th Mar 2015 newsletter).

It pays to pay for good customer services staff.  Israeli digital ad agency Web3 employs only top customer service people to promote its services.  Web3 and its Maple and Positive Media subsidiaries operate in 15 countries. Customers include L’Oreal, Microsoft, Proctor and Gamble, Heineken, Unilever, Ford and Citroen

A different kind of safari.  (TY Michelle) A businessman is offering Australian entrepreneurs a unique tour of Israel’s Silicon Wadi this October.


Tel Aviv restaurants are “open” again.  Tel Aviv’s unique “Open Restaurants” event is now in its second year.  It’s an opportunity for chefs, journalists and just foodies to enjoy behind the scenes tours of over 70 restaurants, meeting Tel Aviv’s most intriguing chefs and taste their finest dishes.

Foodography – combining food and photography.  This video follows last week’s article about using smartphones to capture pictures of your plate of food.  It’s becoming a whole new form of entertainment.

13-year-olds unearth ancient Jerusalem wine press.  A group of ultra-orthodox boys have exposed a 1400-year-old wine press in the woods near Jerusalem.  The press measures 5m by 5m and is carved into the rock. 

One Republic plays Yarkon Park.  The American group One Republic made their first-ever visit to Israel, appearing at Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv in front of 20,000 fans as part of their “Native” world tour.

Dragon boat races raise funds for disease research.  This year’s Dragon Boat Israel Festival on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is raising funds for medical research by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Also on sale are paddles decorated by famous Israeli artists and students at the Hadassah School for Hospitalized Children.


Friends of Zion museum is open.  The Friends of Zion Museum has opened in Jerusalem. It uniquely portrays the story of the support for the Jewish people and Israel by non-Jews; from the first Christian Zionists of the 19th century who encouraged Theodor Herzl, to those who helped to establish the State of Israel in 1948.

1500 French Jews on Birthright tour.  A record 1500 young French Jews will be arriving to Israel this summer on the Taglit-Birthright Israel program to learn about the Jewish state and their Jewish heritage.  This compares to only 83 in 2013 and 940 in 2014.


In the 24th May 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        An Israeli charity has saved the lives of children from 50 countries.
·        A moving account of the work of Israeli doctors in Nepal.
·        Israel’s technology is helping the dairy industry throughout the developing world.
·        An Israeli startup lets you put leftover foreign currency into digital deposit accounts.
·        Dionne Warwick and the BackStreet Boys held sold-out concerts in Israel.
·        The Chief of Staff to Israel’s President has a PhD and is a mother of 11 children.

·        Last week’s Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “Israel is the Cream of the Crop” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also published on the Jerusalem Post, IsraPundit, IsraelSeen, San Diego Jewish World and United With Israel websites.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News, IsraelSeen, Janglo and United With Israel with extra features on health, global impact, technology and culture.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You Michelle and other readers for sending me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Heart surgery saves baby from East Timor.  Surgeons from Israeli charity Save A Child’s Heart (SACH) successfully operated to repair the congenital heart defect in baby Lisa from East Timor.  The Southeast Asia country is the 50th country to send its patients to Israel.  SACH doctors have saved over 3,500 children’s lives.

How ALEH Negev was founded.  I visited the special facilities for the disabled at ALEH Negev in Oct 2012.  This new video features Maj Gen Doron Almog, who gave up his army career to found the village.

Sensors for Japanese hospital beds.  Israel’s EarlySense makes sensors that detect when patients are at risk of falling from beds or chairs.  EarlySense has just announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Japanese giant Mitsui that will help launch the distribution of EarlySense products in Japan.

Advancing cancer detection.  Israeli biotech Rosetta Genomics boosted its molecular diagnostics capability by purchasing PersonalizeDx in the United States.  Rosetta also received US patent protection for its cancer tests.

Never too late.  65 year-old Chaya Sarah Shahar of Bnei Brak gave birth to her first child, after 46 years of marriage.  The healthy baby boy was born at a Kfar Saba hospital.  Last year, a 61 year-old woman gave birth to her first child in Jerusalem.  Chaya is the second oldest woman in the world to give birth.

ReWalk makes paraplegics healthier.  Israel’s ReWalk exoskeleton not only enables paraplegics to walk upright, it also improves their overall fitness.  It allows users to exercise, use the toilet, boost their self-image and improve their mental health.

Revolutionizing the management of pain.  Israel’s MedaSense Biometrics won the WOW Competition (medical device category) for the most innovative startup at the IATA Biomed exhibition in May.  MedaSense’s pain monitor uses a finger sensor to record vital signs and a unique algorithm to measure pain mathematically.

How the lymphatic system forms.  The origin of the body’s lymphatic system is key to understanding the immune system and the treatment of cancer.  Scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute and at the Technion have discovered the source and have generated lymphatic cells in the laboratory.


ESRA’s project for ex-Ethiopians in Netanya.  Here is what the English Speaking Residents Association is doing to help the 30,000 plus Ethiopian community in my home city of Netanya.

Bring your baby to lectures.  When a student’s baby started crying in one of the Organizational Behavior lectures of Professor Sydney Engelberg, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor picked up the baby, calmed it down and continued the lecture whilst holding the baby.  The photo has gone viral on facebook.

Emergency beepers to protect lonely and elderly.  Israel’s Yad Sarah organization has distributed emergency beepers to 20,000 people who live alone.  Users can contact Yad Sarah, a doctor, police, an ambulance, relatives and others at any time using a button on a bracelet.

A minister for minorities.  Only Israel would consider pensioners, students, minorities and women important enough to have a ministry set-up for them.

Syrians treated in Israel:  Two wounded Syrians were treated at the Baruch Padeh Medical Center in Poriya near Tiberias overnight on Wednesday.  One of the injured, a 17-year-old, was treated for shrapnel wounds.  And a miracle – CNN praises Israel’s treatment of wounded Syrians (although the sound quality is poor).

Israel’s humanity in Nepal.  Please read this article, from Dr Giora Weiser who was part of the Israeli medical delegation and field hospital in Nepal.  He saw devastation and trauma on a scale that he had never witnessed before, but saved many lives.  Dr Weiser would like you to tell this to Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch.

Treating water in Colombia.  Israel’s RWL Water has built a major water treatment facility in Colombia.  RWL treats the 86,000 cubic meters of water a day produced during extraction of oil in Campo Rubiales, so that it reaches a level suitable for irrigation.

What Miami learnt from Israel.  (TY Michelle) A group of leaders in Miami’s budding start-up community recently visited Israel.  Their experiences taught them (a) have a can-do attitude; (b) get institutional support; (c) build a network; (d) embrace failure; (e) play the long game; (f) find strength in diversity (g) open doors.

Hadera twins with El Pasa.  The mayors of El Paso, in Texas USA and Hadera Israel have signed a sister-city agreement.  It will allow Israeli investors to come to El Paso and El Paso-area business operators to go to Hadera to find business opportunities. It also will allow for student and cultural exchanges.


More medals at Asian Physics Olympiad.  Israeli high-school students set new records at the Asian Physics Olympiad, held in China. Competing against 23 countries, they won two silver and four bronze medals. Overall, Israel came in eighth place.

Helping Alibaba beat counterfeiters.  (TY Michelle) Israeli startup Visualead has developed decorative Dotless Visual (QR) Codes for online retailing giant Alibaba, which wants to prevent counterfeit goods from being traded through its site.  The codes are also attractive to encourage potential customers to scan them.

Mapping the genome of the trout.  Israel’s NRGene has mapped the genome of the Rainbow Trout, using its DeNovoMAGIC big data genome assembly tool.  The US Dept of Agriculture initiated the task as an essential part of its breeding program for healthy, protein-rich fish.  Other critical species will now be mapped.

Israel is milking it.  (TY Michelle) A good summary of Israel’s leading position in the dairy technology industry.  It includes Israel’s AKOL, which runs a database that monitors the output, health, genetics and fertility of every cow in Israel. It is now partnering with Microsoft to bring the technology to the developing world.  AKOL’s sensors can also be placed on trees, vines or in the soil to help farmers be more productive.

When to turn off cellular base stations.  Israel’s eVolution Networks’ Smart Energy Solution (SES) examines cell phone usage rates, locations, energy costs etc. to activate and deactivate base stations as needed.  It is saving Telefonica up to 35% of its energy costs.  Warren Buffet has now decided to invest in eVolution.

Picture these dishes.  (TY Michelle) “Foodography“, a joint photography project between Israel’s Catit Restaurant and Carmel Winery, has commissioned a line of dishes specifically designed by Israeli ceramic artist Adi Nissani to hold a smartphone at the best angle in which to capture the best picture of the meal.


State of Economy improves.  Israel’s Composite State of the Economy Index for April 2015 increased by 0.2 percent, driven mainly by increases in industrial production and trade revenue.

Ex-Intel executive forms Israeli VC firm.  Intel Corp's former chief product officer, Dadi Perlmutter, has co-founded the venture capital company Eucalyptus Growth Capital, which aims to raise $300 million (£191.4 million) to invest in Israeli companies seeking listings.

Joint Israel-Ontario research earned $1 billion.  Israel and Ontario have just extended their 10-year research & development collaboration program by another 5 years.  Prior investment of $18 million generated $1 billion in earnings to the companies emerging from the program.  And another $6 million has just gone in.

Rent your apartment using Israeli technology.  The modern way to rent your house or apartment is with Airbnb.  But it can be stressful, time-consuming and possibly costly.  Israel’s Guesty provides your prospective and actual guests with fast responses to their seemingly endless questions.

EMC expands Haifa R&D center.  IT giant EMC is to hire 50 more employees at its Haifa research and development center. EMC has thousands of Israeli employees: in Petach Tikvah, Galil Yam, Herzliya, Haifa and Beer Sheva. EMC came to Israel in 1996. In 2012 it bought Israel’s XtremIO for over $400 million.

What to do with those foreign coins.  When you land at Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Tbilisi, Milan or Manila, look out for the big yellow (Israeli) TravelersBox machines.  Deposit your spare foreign coins and notes and convert them into digital currency.  Coming soon to Brazil and (of course) Tel Aviv.

Saudi airplane lands at Ben Gurion.  (TY Michelle) On 5th May, a leasing company took an off-duty Saudi Arabian Airbus A330-300 to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport for servicing by Israel Aerospace’s Bedek, one of the world’s leading aircraft maintenance companies.  The Saudi owners were not pleased when they found out.

A fruitful time for Frutarom.  Israel’s Frutarom latest record quarterly results consolidate its position as one of the world’s largest companies in the field of flavors and specialty ingredients.  It also has acquired its fourth and fifth acquisitions of the year – India’s Sonarome and Canada’s BSA.

Baidu makes its 3rd Israeli investment.  Chinese Internet giant Baidu has invested millions in Israel’s Taboola – famous for its “you may also be interested in” online advertisements that tempt users to visit other sites.  Baidu has previously invested in Israel’s Tonara and Pixellot, and China is Israel’s number 1 investor.

Connecticut seeks Israeli companies.  (TY Michelle) Connecticut has hired Chaim Oren of the Oren Group to convince Israeli companies to relocate to the US.  Oren’s focus will be on businesses involved in aeronautics, bioscience, advanced manufacturing, green technologies, insurance and digital media.


Germany funds Tel Aviv Bauhaus restoration.  Germany is to donate 2.5 million Euros for the preservation and restoration of Tel Aviv’s famous “white city” – a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The buildings, built in the German Bauhaus style, were designed mostly by German Jews who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Israel Day in Central Park.  The annual Israel Day free concert takes place on May 31 in Central Park New York. It will feature British rocker Alex Clare, Israel’s Gad Elbaz, Lipa Schmeltzer, Mati Shrika, Avraham Rosenblum and the Shloime Dachs Orchestra and Singers.

Backstreet boys came back.  The Backstreet boys cancelled their planned Israel concert last summer due to the fighting in Gaza, but made good on their promise to return.  They performed three shows at the Ra'anana Amphitheatre.  All 20,000 tickets for each concert were sold out.

Dionne Warwick melts hearts in Tel Aviv.  Over 5,000 fans were wooed and soothed by renowned Dionne Warwick’s singular performance at the Menorah Mivtachim Arena in Tel Aviv on 19th May, which left the audience with goose bumps.  And she did “Say a little prayer for you”.

Britpop group Suede.  (TY Size Doesn’t Matter) Another musical icon is coming to Israel: English alternative rock band Suede, which will perform at the Menora Mivtachim Arena in Tel Aviv on July 30.  This will be the group's fifth performance in Israel; their last performance in the country was in 2011.

TV rots your brain, but…..  After Israeli executive Sarit Fishbaine watched a TV medical soap, she decided to get a second opinion about a lump she was worried about.  The decision saved her life.  Coincidentally, Sarit is the daughter of Professor Sidney Engelberg – who appears in another article in this newsletter.


Celebrating Jerusalem Day.  The Western Wall (Kotel) was full of worshippers for a festive prayer service to honor Jerusalem Day.  It was attended by several Chief Rabbis and featured singer Yitzhak Meir.  Thousands of revelers later danced at the Kotel, celebrating the re-unification of the city in the 1967 Six Day War. And (TY Michelle) Jerusalem’s emergence as a Tech Hub has made the city into a link between history and destiny.

Israel’s first ultra-orthodox tech incubator.  Yitzik Crombie and Racheli Ganot have launched a first of its kind tech incubator as part of their Haredi Hi-Tech Forum. The incubator specifically targets the Haredi community - much of which lives below the poverty line - and its goal is to bring the high-tech to Bnei Brak.

Limmud brings Torah to Tel Aviv.  For the first time, the global Jewish learning movement Limmud reached the White City.  The two-day event provided the normally secular city of Tel Aviv with 130 sessions, 120 presenters and seven musical performances.

What’s happening on Shavuot.  Israel is the ultimate place to celebrate Shavuot.  Next year why not stay on a Moshav where you can enjoy folk dancing, horse prancing, kite flying, a cow beauty pageant and the food!  Also on Voice of Israel you can learn why Shavuot is a night of revelation.

President’s Chief of Staff is mother of eleven.  Rivka Ravitz, 39, is Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s Chief of Staff and has been Reuven’s aid for 16 years.  She holds degrees in Computer Science and Politics and a PhD in Public Policy.  She also challenges stereotypes, as she is an ultra-orthodox Jew and a mother of eleven children.


In the 17th May 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        An Israeli-developed blood test is able to detect early-stage colon cancer.
·        Israeli doctors saved the life of a Gaza girl who lost a leg in a traffic accident.
·        Israeli technology displayed UK election results to Sky TV viewers.
·        A new Israeli digital pen writes on any surface and displays on your smartphone.
·        First time (here) news of six incubators/accelerators supporting Israeli startups.
·        An Israeli sports league for mothers has gone global.
·        Israel suspended international flights whilst five baby falcons were relocated.

·        Click here to see the 3rd May 2015 newsletter on Jewish Business News, Ruthfully Yours and United With Israel with extra features on health, global impact, technology and trade.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You Michelle and other readers for sending me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Blood test detects early colon cancer.  The lives of millions may be saved thanks to a new non-invasive test for colon cancer.  Hemoglobin tests on 100,000 patients of Israel’s Maccabi Health Services have led to Israel’s MedialCS developing an algorithm that identified symptoms of early-stage colon cancer in 25% of those tested.

Helping children to grow.  A new supplement developed at Schneider Children's Medical Center in Israel has successfully helped children in the bottom 10th percentile for height and weight grow taller and gain weight.
Studies showed that children on the “Up-Pro” supplement grew 1-2 cm taller than the group given placebos.

App can diagnose ADHD.  Israel’s GlassesOff has published results from a study into attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), showing that its non-invasive, game-like technology can provide an early indication of whether a child has ADHD and to what degree. It can also monitor treatment of the disorder.

Treating sleep apnea and heart disease.  Evidence linking cardiovascular disease and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has prompted Israel’s Itamar Medical to offer a Total Sleep Solution (TSS) to US hospitals and clinics.  TSS links Itamar’s WatchPAT home sleep test with nationwide diagnostic testing facilities, sleep physicians and cloud-based IT platform. Itamar also markets its EndoPAT heart test.

6000 disabled kids can now walk tall.  Since Israel’s Debby Einatan invented the Upsee harness in 2014, UK manufacturer Leckey has sold over 6000 in over 120 countries.  That’s 6000 kids who can walk with their parents for the first time. It can even normalize the child’s hip joint and improve head control.

Thousands attend Israel BioMed 2015.  BioMed 2015 (May 12-14) in Tel Aviv is an annual event that draws hundreds of industry executives, scientists and engineers, with thousands of attendees from over 45 countries. Hundreds of Israeli life science companies exhibit their products, services and technologies.

Another $30 million for brain science.  As reported previously in March 2013, the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel’s largest neuroscience center, has got “off the ground”.  Now a further $30 million from the Safra Foundation will take it to the next level.


A very special school.  I was researching something completely different when I discovered the Alon Center in Kibbutz Alonim.  It caters for the needs of teenagers of normal intelligence with emotional and/or behavioral issues who have been unable to successfully integrate into the regular school system.

An Ethiopian actress in the true Rainbow Nation.  Meski Shibru is an Israeli actress and vocalist. She immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia at the age of 16.

Happy together in the IDF.  At the Israeli Army officers’ training base, the members of Team 12 includes a Bedouin Muslim, an Ethiopian, a soldier who is both Muslim and Jewish, plus rural and city dwellers from both sides of the Green Line.  And one Arab is successfully promoting the IDF to the Arab world.

Gaza girl can walk again.  Israeli doctors saved the life of a 4-year-old girl from Gaza after Hamas finally gave permission for her to be treated in Israel.  In Gaza, Yara had been run over by a truck. Local Gaza doctors amputated Yara’s leg but allowed necrosis to set in.  Israeli doctors treated the injury and fitted a prosthetic leg.

4 Israeli universities in top 300.  The QS World University Rankings rates 800 of 3000 world universities. It includes the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at 138; Technion Institute at 190; Tel Aviv University at 195 and Ben Gurion University at 292.  Many Israeli universities featured in the top 100 for individual subjects.

Nepal – Israelis are on the scene.  So much has happened in Nepal.  A new 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit, with Israelis still on the scene.  IsraAID is working in one of the remote devastated regions.  A Nepalese man, who had previously worked in Israel, thanks Israel (in Hebrew) for saving his mother. And Israeli medical clowns have been improving recovery times for injured Nepalese children.

Tanzania taps Israeli innovations.  (TY Michelle) The Tanzania-Israel Business and Investment Forum (TIBIF) 2015 in Dar es Salaam in May focuses on agribusiness, education, energy, mining, infrastructure, security and technology. TIBIF taps Israel's advancement in scientific and technological innovations, for the economic development of Tanzania.

How Israel helped the blacks of South Africa.  (TY Elder of Zion) In a 1997 article recently rediscovered, David Kaplan revealed Israel’s clandestine support for the blacks of South Africa, during the apartheid era.

35% increase in Chinese tourism.  (TY Michelle) Israel has become a popular destination for Chinese visitors. Israeli Ministry of Tourism figures show that over 35,000 Chinese tourists visited Israel last year, 35% higher than the figure for 2013. The ministry has now opened Chinese language classes for Israeli tour guides.

CHIP – making better citizens of the world.  C.H.I.P (Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program) offers educational tours of Israel - the bedrock of Western civilization.  CHIP teaches tolerance through education, in order to bring about peace and make our world a better place for all of us.

The world’s most dynamic population.  (TY Michelle) A survey conducted by InterNations (a network of 1.5 million expats in 390 cities worldwide) has revealed that expats view Israeli dynamism as “off the scale”.

Mazel Tov to William and Kate.  Israeli President Reuven Rivlin sent Prince William and his wife Katherine the gift of a dress for their new baby, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.  The dress was decorated with the words “From Israel With Love”.


3D printed food.  I reported about the food printer from Israel’s White Innovations in my 30 Mar 2014 newsletter.  One year later, the Genie has received thousands of orders and is about one year from delivery.

How Intel became Israel’s best friend.  Newly found photographs show the history of Intel Israel - one of Israel’s most important business relationships. Intel opened its Israeli office in 1974 - two years after Israeli Dov Frohman invented the EPROM erasable read-only memory chip.  Intel now employs 10,000 Israelis.

BizTEC has launched 122 startups.  Israel’s Technion is running its 10th annual BizTEC competition.  In that decade, it has produced 122 startups that have raised over $100 million in funds.  The winning ideas include a liquid biological bandage, a keyhole surgery system, digital mapping of shipping and much more.

Smart homes for the elderly.  Samsung and Israeli startup Mybitat together are to develop an innovative smart home solution aimed at helping the elderly stay safe while at home.  It combines cloud-based software, advanced sensors and behavior analytics to monitor seniors' daily routine and wellness.

US-Israel Cyber Security Conference.  The Defensive Cyberspace Operations & Intelligence (DCOI) conference featured world-renowned cyber experts from defensive cyberspace operations and intelligence.  It also attracted top speakers, including former NSA directors, Finance and Intelligence Ministers from Israel.

President meets winning young scientists.  (TY Sharon) Israel’s President Rivlin met the 12 winners of Israel’s 2015 Young Scientists Competition organized by Jerusalem’s Bloomfield Science Museum.  The winners will represent Israel at the Intel ISEF competition and the Young Scientists competition in Europe.

Israeli battery swapping for Chinese buses.  Although battery swapping failed for Better Place’s Israeli electric cars, the technology has found favor for buses running in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province in Eastern China.  Israel’s Ziv Av Engineering (ZAE) will design and supply the battery switching stations.

UK election results brought to you by Israel.  If you watched the results of the UK elections on Sky News, then you will have seen the technology of Israel’s LiveU that Sky used to cover 150 key constituencies.

Microsoft hosts 35 Israeli startups.  Thirty-five startups using the best and most innovative of Israeli technologies were on display at Microsoft Israel’s ThinkNext 2015. Microsoft flew in top executives from the US to see a chat search engine, a smart faucet, a Skype language translator and a wearable fitness device.

Holland-Israel Innovation Week.  (TY Michelle) A week that attracted and connected fast growing startups, corporate international innovation teams, exceptional talents and investors from Holland and Israel.

Israeli fish farms can feed the world.  Latest news on the sustainable fish farms built by Israel’s LivinGreen that I featured previously in Jan 2014.  In 2014, LivinGreen led an educational project in Ghana, building farms from local materials.  LivinGreen also participated in other projects in Ethiopia and China.

India to adopt Israeli agriculture grafting.  (TY Michelle) India’s Natural Organic Farmers’ Association is working with Israeli companies to import Israeli grafting technology in order to improve crop yields and pest resistance whilst reducing water usage and the indiscriminate use of fertilizers.

Checking every fruit is perfect.  Most exporters perform random checks on their produce.  Israeli fruit exporter Eshet Eilon inspects every piece of fruit for quality and ripeness.  It uses spectral imaging at a rate of five tons an hour and rejects anything that contains disease or fungus.

How good are your farm workers?  Israel’s Pointer Software Systems has developed Pickapp – a quality assurance (QA) monitoring application for farm managers.  It provides real-time tracking of the progress of harvesting and the quality of the produce harvested.

Israeli apps are already ticking on new Apple watch.  Glide, JoyTunes, 24me, TL;DR and Vonage among the made-in-Israel applications already available on Apple’s new wearable.

Protect the file, not the cabinet.  (TY Michelle) Israel’s Sookasa provides encryption security for sensitive data even when it is accessed from a mobile device.  Copies of data are as important as the original, and Sookasa is the result of a rethink to the entire security approach.

Israel powers into oil & gas tech conference.  Fourteen Israeli companies were on display at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), one of the world’s largest annual trade shows for the oil and gas industry. 94,700 people from 130 countries attended the conference.

Microsoft’s (Israeli) Surface Pen in action.  (TY Michelle) Please watch three creative individuals increase their productivity using the digital pen that Microsoft acquired when it bought out Israel’s N-Trig.

The next generation digital pen.  (TY Michelle) Israel’s OTM Technologies has developed the Phree - a digital pen that lets you write or draw on any surface and see the image on the screen on your smartphone.  It uses 3D motion-tracking lasers and doubles as a Bluetooth headset.  It has smashed its kickstarter funding goal.


Facts about Israeli startups.  (TY Michelle) Between 1999 and 2014, 10,185 Israeli tech companies emerged on the scene.  About 5,400 are still in operation, with 2.6% garnering annual revenue that exceeds $100 million. High-tech exports are valued at about $18.4 billion a year, comprising about 45% of the country’s exports.

Apple expands Israeli office.  Apple has decided to increase the size of its second Herzliya research building to be built later this year by no less than 4,000 meters, enabling it to add 150 to 250 new Israeli employees to its current 700 staff.  Apple’s Israeli development center is its largest in the world outside its California HQ.

Tesla Motors selects Israeli solar power.  Israel’s SolarEdge Technologies is to integrate its PV invertors with Tesla Motor’s Powerwall - its home battery solution.  It will enable homeowners to store surplus energy at point of generation for later reuse, providing either complete energy independence or a backup for electrical outages.

El Al starts an accelerator.  Israel’s national airline El Al has launched its “Cockpit” program that provides help to entrepreneurs who are developing solutions for the travel industry.  It already has two startups, Shopnfly and BidFlyer, who will use El Al as a “test site” for their apps and software and maybe as a strategic partner.

Nielsen’s 10th company.  (TY Michelle) Another incubator has been quietly nurturing Israeli startups.  Nielsen Innovate launched in July 2012 and has just funded its 10th start-up - Furious Corp, a media advertising platform.  Nielsen Innovate focuses on marketing, consumer and advertising research technologies.

As recommended by Lockheed Martin.  US defense giant Lockheed Martin has invested $25 million in Israeli cyber security firm Cybereason.  It also offers Cybereason’s systems to its clients including most of the top Fortune 100 companies and the US Government.  Cybereason uses behavior analysis to detect cyber attacks.

Dual US and Israeli MBA.  (TY Michelle) Israel’s College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) and USA’s Baruch College-CUNY, are launching a unique dual MBA degree.  The joint program leverages the spirit of Israel as a "startup nation" and of NYC as the world's financial center.

An accelerator for entrepreneurs.  Terra Venture Partners (TVP) has launched its “Create Tel Aviv” accelerator that aims to develop the human talent that makes up the Israeli start-up ecosystem.  TVP will invest up to $5m in entrepreneurs who have skills and ideas, even if they don’t have a startup or a project yet.

Giving Israeli startups a US presence.  (TY Michelle) The Israel Syndicate is a new U.S.-based group made up of investors targeting the ever-growing community of Israeli startups that need a US presence to develop the relationships needed to build a successful company. 

Record year for Israeli life science investments.  The Israel Venture Capital Research Center reports that $801 million was invested in 167 life sciences companies in 2014. This was 55% higher than the $516 million raised by 142 companies in 2013.

Claridge returns to Israel.  (TY Michelle) Claridge CDPQ Israel has just opened in Tel Aviv, nine years after Claridge sold its last Israeli investment.  The CDPQ is Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, which manages $225 billion in pension funds, and is an equal partner in the operation.  Claridge CEO Pierre Boivin said “To say we are bullish is an understatement.”


Israel Philharmonic has new young leader.  David Radzynski, 28, the new concertmaster for the Israel Philharmonic, is one of the youngest violinists to lead a major world orchestra today.  Radzynski is an American-Israeli, born in New Haven, Connecticut.  His father fought in Israel’s 1967 Six-Day War.

The movie makers will come to Jerusalem.  NIS 50 million of Jerusalem’s municipal budget has been invested over the past six years to develop a major film studio in Israel’s capital city.  Mayor Barkat said that we will see Jerusalem on screens around the world and it would create hundreds of jobs.

Get a 360-degree view of Tel Aviv.  (TY Janglo) Tel Aviv’s new hot air balloon rises to 120 meters to provide a spectacular panoramic view for tourists and locals alike.  Each ride takes 30 people and has an onboard guide.

Israelis win world birding competition.  A team led by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel took first place in the World Series of Birding competition's Cape May category, identifying 157 species of birds in a 24-hour period. The competition in New Jersey raised $137,000 for conservation projects worldwide.

Mothers in a league of their own.  In 2005, Israel’s Ofra Abramovich founded Mamanet , a sports league exclusively for mothers.  It has since blossomed into a unique social-sports phenomenon with thousands of mothers and branches all over the world.


Getting Israel’s message across.  The Hallelu Foundation has just been established, with the aim of advancing Israel’s global image.  It will show the world what Israel is really all about and make us proud of Israel.  Here is Hallelu’s first video.

Next time perhaps I can vote too.  This newsletter editor booked a trip to the UK before the previous Israeli election date was announced and was unable to vote.  It is now proposed that Israel will amend the law and allow absentee voting in future elections.  We shall see!

0 – 100 in Hebrew.  Two Dutch filmmakers produced this “educational” video featuring 101 Israelis.

2000-year-old copy of the Ten Commandments.  The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has opened its “pivotal moments in civilization” exhibition, featuring the world’s oldest copy of the Ten Commandments.  The 2000-year-old Dead Sea Scroll containing the famous text had never been previously on display in Israel.

El Salvador conversos long for Israel.  Hundreds of years after their forefathers fled Spain, some 300 descendants of Spanish conversos live in El Salvador as a thriving community, observing Orthodox Judaism, keeping the laws of the Sabbath, and dreaming of converting and immigrating to Israel as Jews.

Videos for Jerusalem Day.  (TY Janglo) Here are some classic songs to celebrate the 48th anniversary of the unification of Israel’s capital city.  Plus details of the Jerusalem Day parade.

Baby falcons halt international flights.  Invoking the Torah commandment, not to take the mother bird with its chicks, Tel Aviv airport authorities halted flights for 30 minutes when a nest with five hatched falcons was discovered in a navigational antenna. As the worried adult birds circled overhead, the baby falcons were carefully removed and taken to the nearby Ramat Gan Safari to be raised and then returned to the wild.


In the 3rd May 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        Israeli scientists have mapped the brain’s neuron network.
·        One of Israel’s soldiers honored on Independence Day is a Muslim woman.
·        Israel’s aid team in Nepal is larger than that of all other countries combined.
·        35,000 attended Israel’s top agricultural technology event – AgriTech 2015.
·        Israeli scientists have generated an illusive sub-atomic particle in their laboratory.
·        Infinidat has become yet another $1 billion Israeli company.
·        Robbie Williams performed his first ever concert in Israel.
·        Chabad and a family donation helped locate hundreds of Israelis stranded in Nepal.

·        Last week’s Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “Israel opens doors” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also published on the Jerusalem Post and United With Israel websites.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News, IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel with extra features on health, culture, trade and technology.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You Michelle, Hazel and others for sending me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Mapping the brain.  Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Harvard University in Massachusetts have succeeded in mapping the circuitry of the brain.  The Neuronal Positioning System (NPS) maps neuronal circuits to help understand how messages are sent within the brain or to other parts of the body.

Link between gluten and ALS.  Researchers at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center have detected large concentrations of a specific antibody in some ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) sufferers. The same antibody is present when Celiac disease sufferers consume gluten.  Further studies are being conducted into the link.

Israel is Polio free.  Two years ago, the international press reported that the Polio virus was found in Jerusalem’s sewage system, although no one was infected.  I doubt if the press will report that the World Health Organization has now declared that the virus has been eradicated.  That’s why I’m reporting it in my newsletter.

Delayed release treatment.  Israeli biotech Intec has signed a deal with a major (but unnamed) international company worth $150 million to distribute Intec’s treatment for mental and neurological diseases.  The delayed release treatment remains intact until it reaches the intestines, in order to release more effectively into the body.

EyeOn sees more investment.  I reported on Israel’s EyeOn Medical’s contact lens to treat corneal edema in my 11 Aug 2013 newsletter.  EyeOn began selling the product this year and has just raised $3.6 million of funds to help recruit staff and develop further innovative ophthalmologic products.

Philanthropy funds medical research.  (TY Size Doesn’t Matter) A $1.6 million gift to Israel’s Technion and Canada’s Waterloo University by the Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman Foundation will fund joint research into lung disease in prem babies, nanotechnology treatment therapy and quantum computing.


Israel21c helps special Olympians.  An article written by Israel21c about special swimmer Mati Oren has helped raise NIS 300,000 to send 40 special Israeli athletes to the July World Games in Los Angeles.

Israeli discovery is important for Druze community.  Israel held a ceremony to honor the six divers who discovered 2,600 gold coins on the seabed near Caesarea (see 1 Mar 2015 newsletter).  Also invited were Israeli Druze leaders, as most of the coins bore the name of their founder, Fatimid caliph al-Hakim bi Amr Allah.

IDF honors female Muslim soldier.  (TY Hazel) Among the 120 soldiers receiving a "Medal of Excellence" at the President's Residence on Israel Independence Day was a Muslim woman who grew up in an Arab village and is currently a cadet in an IDF officer's training course.  Her family doesn’t even know she is in the IDF.

Easing the journey to work.  (TY Hazel) Israel has provided permits for 100 Palestinian Arab doctors to work in Israeli hospitals.  It halves the time taken to drive into Jerusalem from Judea and Samaria.

Syrians treated in Israel:  (TY Hazel) Israeli doctors at Poriya Hospital near Tiberias treated a 28-year-old man who suffered a broken leg and shrapnel lodged in other parts of his body.  Also, a 40-year-old man who stepped on a landmine.  The hospital has treated 166 Syrians wounded in their civil war.

Environmental program with Morocco.  The Galilee International Management Institute in the Israeli city of Nahalal is to develop joint environmental training programs in cooperation with Morocco’s new Euro-Mediterranean University in Fez and the established Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane.

Zambia opens Israeli embassy.  (TY Michelle) Zambia has opened a diplomatic mission in Israel, after a gap of 40 years, reflecting improved relations between the two countries.  Zambia’s Jerusalem House of Prayer also organized an inter-domination march-past in Zambia’s capital of Lusaka, to celebrate Israel Independence Day.

The largest aid team, from such a tiny country.  Over 250 Israeli doctors and aid workers are saving lives in Nepal - more than all other countries combined.
The IDF field hospital treats hundreds a day and delivered its first baby.
Dr Avi Yitzchak, an Ethiopian Jew honored on Israeli Independence Day, leads the IDF medical team.

Not forgetting Vanuatu.  (TY Hazel) Israeli humanitarian organization IsraAID may now have arrived in Nepal, but it is also still busy in the Islands of Vanuatu devastated by Cyclone Pam.

UN praises Israel’s fight against corruption.  A report by the United Nations Convention Against Corruption praised Israeli law enforcers for their efforts to eliminate public corruption. The report noted Israel’s success in putting leading public figures on trial and passing laws against bribery. 


AgriVest 2015.  Israeli agritech startups pitched their technologies at the 3rd International AgriVest Conference held at the Weizmann Institute of Science on 27th April.  It featured a startup competition, won by Israel’s DouxMatok for its development of sweeter sugar that reduces the amount of sugar required in foods.

You can grow rice on a mountain.  35,000 attended Agritech 2015 in Tel Aviv, including 200 Gaza farmers. Israel’s Netafim installed the biggest agricultural wall in Israel to demonstrate how its drip-irrigation systems can help grow crops anywhere – even vertically.  Israel’s flux showed its system for vertical hydroponics. 

Keeping produce fresh.  A new technique developed by Hebrew University researchers that extend the life of vegetables for weeks without refrigeration could help break the cycle of poverty among rural farmers in the developing world.  The technology was on display at Agritech 2015.

India’s smart cities.  (TY Michelle) Chief Minister of India’s Maharashtra state, Devendra Fadnavis, was so impressed with Israel’s smart city Tel Aviv that he will partner with Israel to make six smart cities in his state.
Maharashtra’s Chief Minister also requested Israeli help to stem the suicide rate of the state’s farmers, which amounted to nearly 1,200 in the first 3 months of 2015.

Water sensitive cities.  Three Israeli universities are developing a new program, “Creating Water Sensitive Cities in Israel.”  Ben Gurion University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Technion Institute will develop strategies and solutions for improving water security and reducing the carbon footprint.

Israeli technology saves lives in Nepal.  Israeli aid workers in Nepal are using innovative Israeli products such as the Emergency bandage, the Pocket BVM ventilator and the NowForce Life Compass.

Taiwan & Israel sign R&D agreement.  (TY Michelle) Taiwan and Israel signed the Taiwan and Israel Industrial Research and Development Cooperation Agreement.  It will foster research programs between Taiwan and Israel in the future, creating new innovative research potential between the two countries.

French scientists study Israeli robotics.  Eight scientists from France attended the HCST Medical Robotics symposium in Tel Aviv on 23rd March.  The following day they visited Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Universities to see Israeli robotic devices under development.

The Cornell-Technion alliance.  (TY Michelle) Dan Huttenlocher is the Founding Dean of Cornell Tech and Vice Provost of Cornell University. He describes the new Joan and Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech on a visit to Israel’s Technion Institute campus.

Now imagine it smaller.  10 Israeli companies showcased at Imaginenano 2015 in Bilbau Spain, Europe’s largest nanotechnology conference.  Two, Melodea and Valentis, are using cellulose nanocrystals to make a variety of groundbreaking products out of wood pulp sludge and other plant-derived waste. 
Meanwhile (TY Michelle) See how Technion scientists engraved the 1.2 million letters of the Hebrew Bible on a microscopic wafer of gold.

The Higgs boson is super-cool.  Bar-Ilan University researchers have revealed the illusive sub-atomic particle known as the Higgs boson, during low-temperature superconductivity experiments.  The Higgs boson, believed responsible for most of the mass in the universe, had previously only been observed in high-energy collisions.

Proving that you are a good driver.  Scientists at Israel’s Ben Gurion University have developed an app that records if you break the speed limit, swerve, stop short, or switch lanes too often.  Insurance companies could use the information to reward good drivers and “punish” bad ones.

Another 3D printed car.  Israeli startup Massivit is using Autodesk’s “Spark” to print a full-sized car. The Strati is billed as the world’s first car where all the non-mechanical components have been produced on a 3D printer.  The Strati was designed and developed by US-based Local Motors. (See also 23 Nov 2014 newsletter)

Toys from recycled spare parts.  Israel’s OffBits has produced “build it yourself” kits, comprised of throwaway screws, springs etc.  Kids can assemble the kits into cool little toy robots and add their own “bits”.


Another $1 billion Israeli company.  (TY Michelle) Israel’s Infinidat has raised $150 million, valuing the company at $1.2 billion.  Infinidat has filed more than 100 software patents, and its product, InfiniBox, lets customers store as much as 2 petabytes (2 million gigabytes) of data on a standard 19-inch, 42-unit storage rack.

Jerusalem – an emerging tech hub.  (TY Michelle) Best known as the ancient city holy to billions of people around the world, Jerusalem has become a flourishing center for biomed, cleantech, Internet/mobile startups, accelerators, investors and supporting service providers.
And please listen to Roy Munin, CEO of MadeinJLM, who explains why Entrepreneur and Time magazines named Israel’s holy capital city as top global startup ecosystem. 

Citi challenges startups in Jerusalem.  (TY Michelle) I included Citi’s Mobile Challenge in the 29 Mar 2015 newsletter.  There were 12 Israeli startups among the 21 contenders at Jerusalem’s “Startup Nation demo day”.  Winners will receive $100,000 and get the opportunity to give Citi’s customers “remarkable experiences”.

Israel and Korea Strengthen Water Industry Ties.  At the World Water Forum in Daegu, Korea’s 3rd largest city, Israel and Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding to advance cooperation in the water arena.  A large delegation from Daegu is coming to the WATEC (Water Technology) conference in Tel Aviv in October.

Growing farms in Zimbabwe.  (TY Michelle) Israeli startup Platfarm has developed a platform for farmers in developing countries to improve their production and delivery to buyers.  It has a pilot running in Zimbabwe and aims to roll out to South America, where Platfarm’s co-founder Leonardo Marcovitz was born.

Brazil and Israel startups meet up.  (TY Michelle) Israeli and Brazilian entrepreneurs and investors joined up at a “Meet the Brazilian start up scene in Israel.

What makes Tel Aviv the hottest tech hub?  (TY Michelle) Israelis explain the secrets of Tel Aviv’s success.

Just Gett it.  (TY Hazel) Israeli-based start-up Get Taxi is branching out.  It has re-branded itself as Gett and will soon allow customers to order a wide range of services and products, from pizza and sushi, to flowers and wine, massages and manicures, cleaners and even doctors – and all within 10 minutes, the company promises.
Meanwhile, (TY Michelle) Gett has introduced guaranteed maximum (fair) fares for its black cab taxi service in New York City.  And unlike most competitors, it keeps prices constant, even during busy times.

$10 million for Windward.  (TY Michelle) Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-shing, has made another big Israeli investment through his Horizons Ventures fund.  This time, its Windward - the maritime data and analytics company.  Horizons invested in Israel’s Waze, before Google bought it for $1 billion.

Starting up in NYC.  (TY Michelle)  Two articles featuring new Israeli startups in New York City. ICONYC is a new accelerator for Israeli startups.  And six startups pitched to investors at a “Series A Demo Night” event.

Mississippi wants Israeli companies.  (TY Michelle) Mississippi governor Phil Bryant hosted Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer and invited Israeli companies to “come to Mississippi”.  Dermer listed agriculture, defense and cyber security as Israeli sectors likely to find a home and/or a partner in Mississippi. 


The Nobelists.  The new film “The Nobelists” was screened in honor of Israel’s Independence Day. It is a documentary series in five 35-minute parts, of Israel’s Nobel Prize winners Robert Aumann, Aaron Ciechanover and Avram Hershko, Daniel Kahneman and Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel.

King David Suite saved.  Jazz-band leader Lionel Hampton wrote the King David Suite in 1953 as a tribute to David Ben Gurion and the State of Israel.  A 1977 fire destroyed what was thought to be the only score but in 2008, Hampton’s arranger Frank Como found a copy. Now 93, he has just donated it to Ben Gurion University.

Robbie Williams entertained Tel Aviv.  British pop star Robbie Williams arrived with his family on Thursday evening.  Over 40,000 fans then enjoyed his very first concert in Israel.


616 scholarships in memory of fallen students.  Bar-Ilan University awarded 616 scholarships in the name of two graduates of its joint BA program with the IDF’s elite Tactical Command College.  Tsvika Kaplan and Dima Levitas were killed during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge.

Reasons to love Israel.  (TY Janglo) This is a great video for those contemplating Aliya – but also for those who just love Israel.

From Afro-American to Israeli Jew.  Malynnda Littky grew up in inner city Detroit.  After 9/11 she began a spiritual search, which involved an Internet quiz about which religion would best suit her.  She is now an Orthodox Jewess, with 4 children and lives in Israel.

Celebrating Israel in New Orleans.  Over 1,000 students gathered on the campus of Tulane University in New Orleans to celebrate Zionism at the DYF (Declare Your Freedom) Music Festival.  Most of the attendees were non-Jewish.  There was a similar event at Indiana University a week later.

Declaration of Independence.  A copy of the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel was printed in the Israeli Independence Day editions of the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, LA Times, and Washington Post.  It was to celebrate 67 years of the special relationship between the United States and Israel.

Israelis are the happiest people in the Middle East.  Looking at Israel’s neighborhood this report by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) isn’t too surprising.  What is perhaps surprising is that Israel is the 11th happiest country in the world - ahead of the USA and the UK.

Chabad satellite phones saved lives.  All Israeli climbers visiting Chabad of Katmandu are given one of the satellite phones donated by the family of Nadav Shoham.  Nadav was killed last year while climbing in the Himalayas. His family teamed up with Chabad to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.  And it worked.

What happened to the wheat field?  I remember watching a video of this incident during Operation Protective Edge.  But I never knew about the amazing reason as to why the Hamas terrorist cell was so easily detected.


In the 26 Apr 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        An Israeli hospital has opened the world’s largest pressurized oxygen chamber.
·        One of Israel’s new members of parliament used to be an Ethiopian shepherd.
·        Israel is sending relief teams to help victims of the earthquake in Nepal.
·        3 more giant foreign companies are to set-up R&D centers in Israel.
·        Israel’s drip-irrigation technology now provides food for one billion people.
·        An Israeli whiz kid is inspiring international high-school students to run startups.
·        Israelis celebrate Israel’s 67th birthday.

·        Last week’s Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “67 but not retiring” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also published on the Jerusalem Post, San Diego Jewish World, IsraPundit and United With Israel websites.  (Apologies to Professor Dan Peer, whose age I gave incorrectly in earlier editions.)

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News, IsraelSeen, Ruthfully YoursJanglo, and United With Israel with extra features on health, global impact, technology and culture.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You Michelle, Jewish Business News, Atid-EDI and other readers for sending me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


The world’s largest oxygen chamber.  The new hyperbaric unit at Israel’s Assaf Harofeh Medical Center has a capacity for 150 patients per day.  It provides high-pressure oxygen to treat victims of diving accidents, burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, radiation damage, bone infections, fibromyalgia, strokes, dementia and more.

The blind can “see” sounds.  Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists have published more results of their research into the brains of the blind from birth.  Their visual cortexes are similar to the fully sighted.  They can even be trained to “see” sounds.
Kids in sync physically and socially.  Research by Hebrew University of Jerusalem psychologist Prof. Ariel Knafo shows that children who mimic each other’s body language for mere minutes are more likely to share feelings of similarity and closeness, and to potentially engage in more pro-social, positive behaviors.

Bacteria use DNA memory to stop viruses.  Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have discovered how bacteria protect themselves from invasive viruses called phages.  Their immune system adds part of the phage DNA into the bacteria’s genome.  The research may lead to new treatments for autoimmune diseases.

Arthritis treatment can stop hair loss.  Joint research between Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem and Columbia University has discovered that the rheumatoid arthritis medication Baricitinib is effective in the treatment of Alopecia Areata – an autoimmune disease that causes sudden or gradual hair loss.

Tablets to lower your blood pressure.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Teva has launched, in the USA, a generic alternative to Exforge (amlodopine and valsartan) tablets used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure).

Probiotic for kids in South Korea.  Israel’s Anlit has developed a new probiotic supplement for children in South Korea. Released in Costco stores under the global Cenovis Kids brand, the new supplement has a delicious vanilla flavor and teddy bear shape.

The future with no brain diseases.  Professor Marta Weinstock-Rosin – inventor of Exelon for treating Alzheimer’s – says that the end is in sight for the debilitating disease and others like it.  Dr Weinstock-Rosin lit one of the ceremonial torches at this year’s Israeli Independence Day ceremony.


From shepherd to lawmaker.  Avraham Naguise was born in Ethiopia and became a shepherd in his village.  He immigrated to Israel in 1985, obtained degrees in social work and law and a PhD in education.  He entered politics and in March became a member of the Israeli Knesset.

The woman in charge of FX technology.  Ilit Geller is CEO of Israel’s TradAir.  TradAir’s systems allow smaller banks to trade high volumes of foreign exchange currency – and get a slice of the profits normally only available to large multinationals.  Ilit also has broken into an area of finance that is traditionally a man’s world.

Israeli safari celebrates Earth Day.  At Tel Aviv’s Ramat Gan zoo, one of the keepers placed a camera at the bottom of animals’ water troughs to find out how they drink.  An innovative way to mark Earth Day.

Maccabi Nahalal’s Muslim captain.  Another video of the multi-cultural youth team Maccabi Haifa Nahalal.  This time the focus is on the captain, Aaron, from the Circassian (Sunni Muslim) village of Kafr Kama.

Swapping graduates with the UK.  Sir Paul Nurse, president of UK’s Royal Society, and Professor Ruth Arnon, president of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities have signed an agreement that provides funding for 12-15 post-doctorate exchange fellows to conduct joint research in each country.

The other Israel.  (TY Michelle)  More info on the Apr 29th conference in Montreal: “Israel's High-Tech Miracle & Canada: Innovation for Humanity” taking place in Montreal, Canada.  It will highlight how much Israel contributes to the world economy and to the US and Canada in particular.

Israel sending rescue teams to Nepal.  Breaking news of the Nepal 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, which has caused thousands of casualties.  Israeli humanitarian organization IsraAID and the IDF are sending emergency relief teams.  Readers can contribute to the IsraAID mission using the link.


German electric giant opens Israeli R&D center.  German energy giant RWE AG, one of the five largest energy and gas companies in Europe, is opening an innovation center in Israel in order to develop tech for a smart grid – a metering system that will keep track of how consumers use electricity.

Blackberry to establish Israeli R&D center.  (TY Michelle) Canadian handset maker Blackberry has bought Israeli device security company WatchDox, whose 100 employees will form the basis of Blackberry’s Israeli Research & Development team.

Bringing TV reports to life.  Israel’s Orad Hi-Tec has developed many of the slick graphic technologies used in live broadcasting.  Orad has just been bought for an estimated $60 million by US video production giant Avid Technology and will become part of Avid’s new Israeli research and development facility.

3D printing of aircraft components.  (TY JBN) A new consortium of top Israeli companies and universities is to develop 3D printing technologies for the Israeli aerospace industry.  The aim is to design and manufacture complex geometric structures that can only be produced by printing.

A great site in your area.  Israeli startup Meetey has a new app that allows you to post a review about your experience at a particular location.  The review is then highlighted to people in the area who can then decide if they want to visit.  It’s like a mobile guest-book.

Free website builder.  Israel’s Simbla is a free mobile and tablet compatible website builder that allows users with no coding skills to build their own impressive, beautiful website. 

Smartphone for blind becomes hands-free for drivers.  I reported about the Project Ray smartphone for the blind in my 13 Oct 2013 newsletter.  The project team has now adapted the touch and voice technology to make the RayGo smartphone for sighted car drivers who need to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

A new way to see yourself.  Israel’s Percepto is a tiny camera that fastens to a drone and uses smart technology to capture pictures and videos “from above”.  It has applications that even Percepto’s developers can’t imagine.

Joint Israeli-French studies.  (TY Joy) France’s Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission (CEA) will host a PhD student from Ben Gurion University for 3 years.  He/she will study nuclear core degradation, as part of CEA’s feasibility study for the ZEPHYR project into its Zero Power Experimental Physics Reactor.

Israeli agri-tech for Mumbai.  (TY Michelle) Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of India’s Maharashtra state, is heading to Tel Aviv to attend Agritech Israel 2015.  He wants to replicate Israel’s agriculture technology in Maharashtra, the second most populous sub-national entity in the world, with Mumbai as its capital.

Israeli tech feeds a billion people.  Rafi Mehudar is one of this year’s Israeli Independence Day torch-lighters.  42 years after he invented the modern form of drip irrigation, it is still used by only 5% of the world’s farmers.  But that technology is responsible for crops that feed over a billion people.


Israel’s surging stock market.  (TY Michelle)  Here is a detailed analysis of the economic and political factors behind the recent gains in Israel’s stock market.  Note the statement that Israel “is the dominant leader in technological innovation, which is pulling solid capital into the country.”

Lower credit card transaction costs.  The Israeli-developed Zooz platform allows shops, hotels etc. to get the lowest transaction fees when processing credit cards from customers.  Zooz will find the cheapest financial institution to process the transaction, which ultimately could mean lower costs to the end customer.

See the forest through the trees.  (TY Michelle) An interview with Ben Rudin of Israel’s Intelescope.  As reported in my 29 Mar 2015 newsletter, Intelescope uses drone and satellite imagery to provide critical data on the forests that cover 31% of the earth’s land mass.  It can also predict and help fight forest fires and diseases.

One of the best bike rentals in the world.  USAToday has rated Tel Aviv’s Tel-O-Fun bike-sharing program as the 8th best of 533 similar facilities around the world.  Tel-O-Fun began operations in Apr 2011.  Its 2000 bicycles provide around 9,000 individual rides per day.

Why every teen should run a startup.  Please watch Michael Matias (son of Google Israel Director Yossi Matias) as he explains the value of building a startup when you are still at High School.  Michael, in his gap year, is organizing events around the world inspiring students to develop innovative apps and products.

Music Messenger takes South America.  (TY Michelle) The world’s 20th most popular music app is Israel’s Music Messenger.  It averages one million new users a month and has just raised $35 million of funding from investors including UK Chelsea soccer club owner Roman Abramovitch and ex Abba star Benny Andersson.

Ryanair really wants Israel.  Europe’s largest airline Ryanair is resuming talks in Israel to operate flights from Tel Aviv to several destinations in Europe with return tickets at around €140 (about $150).  “We want our flag in the State of Israel”, said Ryanair's deputy director of route development, Kate Sherry.

Georgia looks for Israeli cyber security partners.  (TY Michelle) A delegation of 32-member team from the US of Georgia has returned from visiting Israel and is enthusiastic about attracting Israeli cyber security companies to the US State.

67 portfolio companies.  Israel’s OurCrowd, the world’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, marked Israel’s 67th birthday by announcing its 67th portfolio company. ElMindA (see Sept newsletter) developed the world’s first FDA-approved neural functional assessment tool to visualize serious brain trauma and illnesses. 

Artificial Reality becomes a reality.  (TY Michelle) I featured the Artificial Reality goggles from Israel’s RideOn on 15 Feb 2015 and 5 Apr 2015.  RideOn hoped to raise $75,000 by crowd-funding on Indiegogo.  It actually raised over $113,000.  Delivery is expected in Sept 2015.


The Bell Caves.  (TY Sharon) Excellent photos of Israel’s Beit Guvrin - UNESCO’s latest World Heritage site.

From field to fork.  See how Israeli agricultural produce (grapes, tomatoes, wheat, olives, fish, milk, dates and pomegranates) is transformed into a healthy and tasty culinary experience.

3rd most US TV imports are Israeli.  Israel ranks as the third largest content importer for U.S. television after the U.K. and the Netherlands.  Israeli companies Armoza Formats, Keshet Media Group, and Dori Media have sold the concepts of more than 100 shows to countries including France, Brazil, Indonesia and the U.S.

Israel’s beaches are open.  Lifeguard services began on all of Israel’s beaches on April 20th and continue until October 12th 2015.  9 million visitors are expected onto Tel Aviv’s award-winning beaches, where beachgoers can also enjoy board games, free wifi and even borrow library books.


Israeli Independence Day.  Some of the ceremonies, gadgets, trappings and events to celebrate Israel at 67.

Why we are celebrating.  Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sends a birthday message.

Israel in a nutshell.  This article nicely sums up the Jewish State on its 67th birthday.

Israel in 3 minutes.  This animation video is entitled “Israel’s Miraculous Story As Never Seen Before!”

Promoting Israel.  The editor of VeryGoodNewsIsrael broadcast to radio and Internet audiences recently. 
On 6th April he was Yishai Fleisher’s guest on “Voice of Israel”.
Then on Yom Ha’atzmaut, he spoke on “AJC Live” with Scott Richman on WVOX (Westchester, New York).


In the 19th Apr 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        New Israeli tests can help identify the best treatment for secondary cancer.
·        Two Israelis won gold medals at the 2015 International Bowls for the Disabled.
·        Israel now grows grapes that can be harvested all year round.
·        An Israeli company won “Best security system to be installed in Spain”.
·        Israeli firms raised $1.5 billion on Wall Street in the first 3 months of 2015.
·        UNESCO has added Israel’s Beit Guvrin caves to its World Heritage list.
·        Six Israelis have donated their kidneys to strangers.

·        Last week’s Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “Time is on Our Side” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also published on the Jerusalem Post, San Diego Jewish World and United With Israel websites.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News, IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo, and United With Israel with extra features on health, technology, global impact and entertainment.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You Michelle and other readers for sending me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


New tests for cancer.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Rosetta Genomics has received a US patent for its microRNA-based test for the primary tumor type in primary and metastatic (secondary) cancer.  By identifying the origin of the tumor, physicians can select the best treatment options for the patient.

Cancer detection proven.  In a study of 484 people (99 with stomach cancer), Israel’s NaNose breath detector gave an 80% accurate diagnosis - matching far more expensive, slower and invasive alternatives.  NaNose (developed by Technion’s Dr Hossam Haick) also detected pre-cancerous growths that needed attention.

Technion to develop cancer treatments.  (TY Michelle)  Israel Technion’s Nobel laureate Aaron Ciechanover is in the news for the second week in a row.  His recent findings form the basis of a joint project to develop cancer treatments with India’s Sun Pharma.

How nanotechnology can cure cancer.  I featured the amazing work of Tel Aviv University’s Professor Dan Peer in my 8 Mar 2015 newsletter.  But I thought that you’d like to hear the story from the Professor direct.

Canadian patent boosts AAT treatment.  Israel’s Kamada has been allowed a patent in Canada for the large-scale production of Alpha-1 Proteinase Inhibitor.  The process is key to Kamada’s treatments for alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficient patients suffering from type-1 diabetes and pulmonary diseases, amongst others.

Pregnancy rejuvenates.  Medical researchers at Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem studying the effects of liver transplants in mice, found that in 96% of older, pregnant rodents, the liver regenerated within two days. This compared with 82% of young, non-pregnant mice and 46% of older, non-pregnant ones.

Motor skills development app for Ohio.  (TY Michelle) Israel’s Timocco makes motor skills games for developmentally disabled and autistic children.  It is now locating its US HQ in Akron Ohio and is working with Akron Children's Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals to introduce the software.

A new device to treat sleep apnea.  (TY Atid-EDI and Globes) Israel’s Ninox Medical has raised $10 million to fund its development of a new device for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  It is designed to be effective, comfortable to use, and without the side effects typical of other treatment devices.

Shir returns.  (TY Hazel) Motivation, physiotherapy from Sheba medical center and use of a Wii console were key to Captain Shir Klevner’s speedy return to his unit, where he completed intensive training only 8 months after his leg was shattered by a sniper’s bullet in Gaza. 


Women are starting up in Israel.  (TY Michelle) Chen Levanon describes how the Israeli education system, work-life balance, reserve duty and role models all contribute to the growing number of opportunities for women tech leaders in Israel.  Chen gave birth to two children whilst CEO of Israel’s ClicksMob.

Lawn bowls for the blind.  The all-volunteer Israel Lawn Bowls Association for the Blind coaches 50 adults with visual disabilities at clubs in Israel.  Israeli blind and partially sighted bowlers recently won 2 gold and 3 bronze medals at the 2015 International Bowls for the Disabled World Championships in New Zealand.

Team of Equals.  Two soccer academies - one from the Arab neighborhood of Beit Safafa and the other from the Jewish neighborhood of Katamon - partnered last month to create Team of Equals, a joint team bringing together soccer enthusiasts across the national divide.

Solving Brazil’s water crisis.  A delegation of 13 Israeli water companies visited Brazil to help the country overcome its worst-ever water crisis.  The Israelis offered long-term solutions involving new technology and also recommended quick fixes using water conservation to maximize existing water resources.

Boosting milk production in India.  (TY Michelle) India has signed a memorandum of understanding with Israel to set up a dairy center of excellence in Haryan.  It will include a model dairy farm with 110 cows and train Haryana farmers about Israel's technology to increase production in the world's largest milk producer.

Aid for Ukrainian farmers.  (TY Hazel) Israel and Canada have joined forces to provide equipment and training to farmers in the Ukraine.  “This agreement is another example of how Canada and Israel can leverage mutual expertise to help make the world a better place,” said Israeli Ambassador Rafael Barak.

Solar power for Burundi.  Gigawatt Global, headed by Israel’s Yosef Abramowitz is building a 7.5MW solar power plant for 60,000 households in Burundi, Africa.  Gigawatt Global has an R&D center in Israel and was nominated for the 2015 Nobel Peace prize for its solar field at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda.


An accelerator for satellite tech startups.  Israel’s ImageSat, together with Peregrine Ventures, are launching an accelerator for Israeli startups developing satellite information-based applications.  They will invest NIS 15 million in up to six startups over the next two years. Each venture will receive $600,000.

Teenage ‘Cyber Ambassadors’.  The Rashi Foundation has chosen 12 teenagers as “Cyber Ambassadors” on behalf of the Foreign Ministry.  The 12 are top achievers in the Magshimim national cyber education initiative, which is now to be expanded to include 4800 students.

Israeli grapes available all year round.  Researchers in the south of Israel have used special pruning techniques and plastic sheeting to cover the vineyards and convince an existing variety of seedless grape, Early Sweet, to ripen during the winter months. It will allow Israeli farmers to harvest grapes throughout the year.

Long-lasting flowers.  Israel’s Danziger Innovations and the Hebrew University’s Yissum tech-transfer company have developed a patented technology called MemoGene, which together with a DNA editing platform developed by Precision Biosciences in North Carolina, extends the shelf life of popular flowers.

Weizmann hosts AgriVest.  The third international AgriVest conference will take place at the Weizmann Institute of Science on April 27 2015.  Israeli startups will present their finest in agritech innovation to hundreds of professionals, government officials, businesspeople, scientists and leading investors from Israel and abroad

Israel’s hi-tech desert.  (TY Michelle) Here is a brief insight into the work being conducted by scientists and researchers in Israel’s Arava Desert, trying to solve some of the problems in the world’s poorest countries.

Roll up for a flexible screen.  Tel Aviv University scientists have developed a single-layer, organic material that emits a full range of colors.  It can connect to a microprocessor or video chip to display images in the same manner as rigid LCD or LED screens.  Soon you can watch films on a big screen that you can roll up to go.

Israeli teens win “robotics Olympics”.  100 teams competed in the annual Trinity College Robot Contest in Connecticut USA - one of the top robotics contests in the world.  Haifa’s Ironi G High School won 1st prize for its Dalek firefighter and Israelis came 1st and 2nd in both individual and team Olympiad exams.

The robot printer wins over Las Vegas.  I just received this video of Israeli startup ZUtA’s Pocket Printer making an indelible impression at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

Israeli innovation in NYC.  Over a dozen Israeli startups exhibited and recruited staff at Innovations Israel in New York City.  TorchPAC and several NY University organizations put the event together.  Sponsors included, StandWithUs, WZO and ZOA.

Israel’s global tech impresses US students.  (TY Michelle) The Global Module Course students from Wharton University of Pennsylvania were humbled and motivated by their visit to Israel.

Spanish award for Magal.  (TY Atid-EDI) The Fortis 4G advanced command and control solution installed in the Port of Tarragona, Spain by Israel’s Magal Security Systems was awarded “best security system installed in Spain during 2014” at the XXVIII Seguritecnia International Security Awards in Madrid, Spain.

The largest science park in Israel.  The 4.25-acre Carasso Science Park in Be’er Sheva is the largest science park in Israel. It features an interactive museum, scientific garden, games and hands-on activities for all ages, ten interactive exhibitions on Genetics, Communications, Microelectronics, Nuclear Energy and more.

Israel’s first “Innovation Report”.  Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist has produced its first annual Innovation Report. It highlights the flourishing startup industry but also the need to generate big companies, introduce hi-tech in traditional industries and in the public sector, and to improve government involvement.

Guardian features Israel’s Dog TV.  I reported on Israel’s DogTV in my 6 Jan 2013 newsletter. It now has TV distribution deals in nine countries and is popular with millions of canine and non-canine viewers, including the normally anti-Israel UK Guardian newspaper.


Israeli firms raise $1.5 billion on Wall Street.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israelis companies conducted 11 offerings on Wall Street in the first quarter of 2015: three IPOs and eight secondary offerings. An almost unimaginable total of $1.5 billion was raised, considering that $3.9 billion was raised in all of 2014.

Another successful NASDAQ launch.  Israeli garment printing company Kornit saw its share price jump 40% on the day following its NASDAQ IPO.  Analysts were bullish on the prospects for Kornit’s digital inkjet printing using non-toxic water-based inks, highlighting low-costs, flexibility and lack of competitors.

Kids’ games company is growing up.  (TY Michelle)  Israeli kids’ games publisher TabTable has made its 4th acquisition, and its first in the USA with the purchase of rival Sunstorm Games.  It will add another 5 million users to the 40 existing active users of TabTable’s apps.

More European satellite coverage.  Israel’s RR Media is a leading provider of digital media services to the broadcast industry.  RR Media has just bought Eastern Space Systems in Romania, extending RR Media’s Intelsat coverage to more than 17 million TV households in Central, Eastern and Nordic Europe.

India’s new Israeli R&D center.  (TY Michelle) India’s Tech Mahindra is working with US-Israeli Comverse to set up an Israeli research & development center.  Tech Mahindra has 98,000 employees in 51 countries. Tech Mahindra president Manish Vyas said, “Given the culture of entrepreneurship in Israel we need to be here.”

Checkpoint buys Lacoon.  Israeli cyber security giant Checkpoint has just acquired another Israeli security company – Lacoon that detects malicious software on mobile devices.  Lacoon – whose founders worked in the IDF 8200 security unit – recognizes viruses by their behavior and can prevent any damage or information leak.

Tonara’s passport to China.  (TY Michelle) Baidu is China’s largest search engine.  It has also become an investor in Tonara – Israel’s developer of the interactive sheet music app.  Baidu will help the Chinese distribution of Tonara’s “Wolfie” teaching and evaluation tool for music instructors.

Wix Music. (TY Size Doesn’t Matter) Israel’s “make-your-own-website” firm Wix has launched a new service for those working in the music industry.  Specially designed tools and templates help groups promote and sell their music commission-free.  They can track number of plays by track, album etc. and sales of merchandise.

Apple buys LinX.  (TY Michelle) In my July 6 2014 newsletter I reported about the miniature multi-aperture cameras for mobile devices developed by Israel’s LinX Imaging.  Well, Apple has just bought LinX for an estimated $25 million.  We will probably see LinX cameras in a future version of the iPhone.

Pay with your Apple watch.  (TY Michelle) Israel’s 24me is the first company to launch a payments facility for the Apple watch - even before the watch has been shipped.

James Packer buys home in Israel.  (TY Elaine) James Packer, the 4th richest man in Australia, has bought a luxury home in Caesarea.  He also met Prime Minister Netanyahu and is apparently looking to invest in Israel.


New UNESCO World Heritage site.  (TY Hazel) Israel’s Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park has become Israel’s 8th site to join the UNESCO list of the world’s outstanding sites of natural and cultural importance.  UNESCO described Beit Guvrin’s man-made caves as a “city under a city”.

Topol wins lifetime achievement award.  Veteran Israeli actor Chaim Topol, best known for playing Tevye the milkman in "Fiddler on the Roof," will receive the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement on Israel's upcoming Independence Day.,7340,L-4642812,00.html

Kim Kardashian visits Israel.  (TY Hazel) American reality television star Kim Kardashian and her rapper husband Kanye West met for a meal with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat during her visit to Israel.  Kardashian flew in from her ancestral home in Armenia and baptized her daughter at Jerusalem’s St James cathedral.

Alcohol-free music club for Jerusalem.  On Monday, April 27, Blaze Bar will be hosting a benefit for Sobar - Jerusalem's first alcohol-free and cigarette-free music bar for teens and young adults. 

Israeli tennis player wins ATP event in Turkey.  Israel’s Dudi Sela won his 17th ATP Challenger Tour title, beating Blaz Kavcic 6-7, 6-3, 6-3 in the final of the Batman tournament in Turkey.  Dudi will climb around 20 ranking places as a result, returning to the world’s top 100 and earning an automatic place in the French Open.


Israelis donate kidneys to strangers.  Avraham Shapira 32, from Yitzhar in the Shomron, gave his kidney to a 50-year-old man whom he had never met.  When persuaded to publicize his act, his brother-in-law donated one of his own kidneys to a 60-year-old woman.  Four more men from the Shomron have since followed suit.

The smallest Bible in the world.  To mark the Israel Museum’s 50th anniversary, the Shrine of the Book is displaying a gilt nano chip, the size of a sugar grain, on which the entire Bible is inscribed. The bible was produced at Israel’s Technion Institute. The text needs to be magnified 10,000 times in order to be legible.

New Israeli stamps.  (TY Jacob) To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Israel museum, new stamps include the Cyrus declaration allowing Jews to return to the Land of Israel 60 years after their exile to Babylon 2600 years ago.  A replica of the declaration is on display in the museum’s “Rivers of Babylon” exhibit.

Israeli flags for Independence Day.  Israeli flags distributed free in newspapers by Bank Hapoalim were made in Israel by Hamishkam, which employs thousands of disabled people in 40 communities around the country.


In the 12th Apr 2015 week’s edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        Two major Israeli scientific breakthroughs may lead to new cancer treatments.
·        Tel Aviv scientists held a 3-day event to design products for the disabled.
·        Israel’s Mobileye has been guiding prototype driverless cars across the USA.
·        An Israeli startup is to build a wave-energy power plant off the Chinese coast.
·        Israel is expanding trade with Latin and South America.
·        A new gazelle park has opened in Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.
·        The UN hosts the exhibition of the 3500-year Jewish connection to the Land of Israel.

·        Last week’s Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “Israel is the Smart Choice” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also published on the Jerusalem Post, San Diego Jewish World and United With Israel websites.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News, IsraelSeen, IsraPundit, Ruthfully Yours and United With Israel with extra features on health, and inclusiveness.

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.  Thank You Michelle and other readers for sending me links to many of these positive news articles.


Natural chemicals that protect against cancer.  Scientists working in the Technion laboratory of Israeli Nobel Prize winner Professor Aaron Ciechanover have discovered that high concentrations of the chemical KPC1 and protein p50 suppress malignant growth and protect healthy cells.

Stop cell “spam” to prevent cancer.  Scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have identified that cancer can be triggered by an overload of specific messages from the cell membrane to its nucleus.  They have also found a molecule that can filter these messages, similar to the way spam emails are blocked.

Pomegranate juice and dates for healthy arteries.  Researchers at Israel’s Technion and Haifa’s Rambam hospital have discovered that combining pomegranate juice and dates (with their pits) provides maximum protection against the buildup of plaque on the endothelium of the arteries, and prevents heart attack or stroke.

Heart muscle re-grown after heart attack.  Scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute working with Australian scientists have used the hormone neuregulin to re-grow heart tissue damaged by a heart attack or heart disease.  See this rare positive report in the normally anti-Israel UK Guardian. Also published in Nature Cell Biology.

Mobile app approved for hip-replacements.  FDA approval has been given to the iPhone / iPad app TraumaCad by Israeli health-tech firm Voyant, which helps doctors plan hip replacement on mobile devices.  It allows doctors to import digital implant images from secure hospital networks and visualize the operation.

FDA approves Teva asthma treatment.  Israel’s Teva has received FDA approval for ProAir RespiClick - the first and only breath-actuated, dry-powder rescue inhaler to be approved by the FDA for the treatment of acute asthma symptoms.  ProAir RespiClick eliminates the need for hand-breath coordination during inhalation.

Auto-immunology – a new specialty of medicine.  Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld of the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer has founded the field of auto-immunology and connected 81 different diseases through the immune system.  The latest is narcolepsy from which sufferers fall asleep due to an autoimmune reaction.

AposTherapy marches on.  (TY Myer) Good video showing how successful the remedial shoes of Israel’s AposTherapy have become in the US.  Its new CEO stopped building clinics and now trains physiotherapists to use AposTherapy shoes on patients suffering back and ligament pain.  (Stop the video after the Apos feature.)

Diabetic technology goes global.  Israeli medical tech firm DreaMed Diabetes has struck a deal with Medtronic, the world’s biggest medical device company, to use its MD-Logic Artificial Pancreas algorithm in Medtronic’s insulin pumps.  The algorithm regulates the insulin released to the diabetic individual.

Medical images for computer diagnosis.  (TY Michelle) Israeli startup Zebra Medical Vision is building a database of medical images (X-rays, CT scans and MRI scans) of real patients but without names or IDs.  The database provides research data, previously unavailable due to privacy laws.

Patient saved by last-minute transplant.  27-year-old Ran Azulai, who was born with a serious congenital defect, received a heart and two lungs in a rare, lifesaving operation.  Ran had 3 previous heart operations and only a few weeks to live.  The donor’s organs also saved 3 other transplant patients.


Young cancer patients enjoy extreme sports.  Israeli cancer charity Zichron Menachem took some 100 young cancer patients on a special 3-day camp in the Galilee.  They took part in ice-skating, bowling, paint balling, sailing, rafting, jeep tours and a helicopter flight.  It also gave their parents a well-deserved rest.

Designing products for the disabled.  Israel’s Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) held a 3-day make-a-thon - a unique marathon in Tel Aviv, geared to producing affordable and cutting-edge products that will significantly improve the lives of people living with disabilities.

A center for autistic children.  Yona and her son Tomer aged 3, live in Kiryat Gat, a small town in Israel's Negev. Tomer was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 2014. Watch the video to discover how the JNF UK funded Marianne's Early Childhood Center has given Tomer and Yona the support they need.

Israel’s “green” army.  In between defending the Jewish State, Israel’s Defense Forces are embarking on several ecological projects.  They include repairing the Tel Kadesh archeological site, turning the Army Radio building into a habitat for indigenous animals and plants, and restoring the swallows to the IDF's Tel Aviv base.

Young Israeli-Arab soccer sensation.  I featured Maccabi Haifa-Nahalal’s youth football academy in March, with its Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Circassian players.  Here is a video of Wiam - the team’s talented 13-year-old forward. Please listen to / read what his father says.

Sharing data on swine flu.  (TY Hazel) Palestinian Authority and Israeli health officials met in the Judean town of Beit El, North of Ramallah, to discuss the recent outbreaks of swine flu in the region. Officials on both sides shared information on cases they had encountered and discussed ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

Hebrew entrepreneurial terms in India. (TY Michelle) R Gopalakrishnan is a non-Executive Director of Indian giant Tata.  He was previously Chairman of Unilever Arabia, in Jeddah.  He also understands how important to Israel’s success are the terms “Rosh Gadol, Chutzpah and Bitzua.  Read his translations here.

Alleviating drought in the Marshall Islands.  When Marshall Islands President Christopher Loeak appealed to Israel for assistance with their acute water shortage, Israel’s Foreign Ministry called in Israel’s G.A.L. Water Technologies.  G.A.L supplied the islanders with a GalMobile that purifies enough water for 6,500 people.


Mobileye steers cars across the USA.  (TY Michelle) An Audi A7 traveled over 560 miles, from California to Nevada, aided by a high-resolution, wide-angle 3-D video camera from Israel’s Mobileye.  For 95% of the 560-mile journey, there was no driver.  And then a Delphi Automotive “Roadruner” drove itself nearly all of the 3000 miles from San Francisco to Manhattan, using Mobileye’s Advanced Drive Assistance System.

Israel to host World Science Conference.  Delegations including up to 20 Nobel Prize laureates and 400 young scientists and thinkers from 60 countries will attend a conference in Jerusalem in August.  The five-day event will be the largest such event of its kind ever to be held.

International microscope workshop.  120 students from 11 European countries plus Israel attended a 4-day electron microscope workshop at Israel’s Technion.  The workshop was led by Technion graduate Professor Dganit Danino and was free, so that no student would be deterred from participating for budgetary reasons.

More about CyberTech 2015.  8,700 people from 50 countries attended the two-day CyberTech 2015 conference in Tel Aviv on 24 March.  The exhibition featured a "Startup Pavilion," where 100 Israeli startup companies displayed breakthrough technologies and products.

3 new tech incubators.  Israel’s Ministry of the Economy Office of the Chief Scientist is opening three new hi-tech incubators in Akko, Haifa and the Golan, each running for 8 years.  Projects in the incubators’ program receive an 85% grant from a budget of NIS 2 million for the first two years in the incubator.

Body protection inspired by fish scales.  (TY Michelle) Researchers at Israel’s Technion and USA’s MIT have developed a suit that offers 40 times more protection than existing body amour.  Designed like the scales on a fish and produced on a 3D printer, the suit is resilient to bullets, knives and even radiation.  Also in NewsWeek and UK Mail Online.

Laser imaging for US marines.  Israel’s Elbit Systems has been awarded a $73.4 million contract from the US Marine Corps to supply a laser imaging system. The Common Laser Range Finder-Integrated Capability system enables soldiers in concealed positions to carry out imaging, range finding and navigation in combat arenas.

Wave-power for China.  Israeli startup Eco Wave Power is to build a wave-powered plant on China’s Zoushan Island.  The Chinese Government is funding the $450,000 100kw power plant, which is targeted for completion by the end of 2015.  EWP is negotiating more projects in Zhejiang Province.

Smart AC controller starts shipping.  (TY Michelle) I reported in June 2014 about Israeli startup Sensibo’s innovative technology that controls the temperature of your home.  Well Sensibo smashed its $70,000 Indigo target, has completed manufacture and has started shipping.  (And a reminder of Sensibo’s “really cool” video).

Israel treats over 90% of its wastewater.  Israel continues to hold the world record for wastewater reuse.  90% of its 500 million cubic meters of wastewater is treated.  10% of that is released into rivers to maintain their quality.  325,000 acres of land is irrigated with recycled wastewater - nearly double that of 10 years ago.

Augmented Reality in 3D.  (TY Michelle) Israeli startup Infinity Augmented Reality has developed a software-based Augmented Reality (AR) engine that can turn any device with two simple cameras into a powerful real time 3D platform.  Infinity has just raised $5 million of funds, including from SUN Corporation.


Israel’s stock market boom.  Despite the geopolitical turmoil in the rest of the Middle East, Israel's stock market is doing well.  The Tel Aviv 25 has gained 6.9 percent in the past month 16.1 percent over the year.

Petah Tikva is Israel’s top export city.  (TY Etid-EDI & Globes) 17.2% of Israel’s exports (excluding diamonds) originate in the inland city of Petah Tikva.  The city is home to 1,540 exporters – more than twice that of Haifa and nearly three times those in Ashkelon and Tel Aviv.

Israeli business expands into Latin America.  (TY Michelle) Israel’s Ministry of Economy is developing new Free Trade Agreements between Israel and both Panama and Peru.  It already has ones with Mexico and Colombia, as well as a cooperation agreement with Mexico for industrial Research & Development. 

Turkish startups compete in Israel.  At Israel’s Startup Fusion 2015 on 22nd March, over a dozen startups, (including 3 Japanese and 3 Turkish) competed for a $100,000 seed investment to be provided by Samurai Incubate.

CyberArk – a safe refuge in stormy seas.  (TY Michelle) Since its successful NASDAQ launch in Sep 2014, sales at Israel’s CyberArk have risen by 81 per cent.  CyberArk protects privileged accounts and passwords inside a company. Its 1800 customers include 18 of the top 20 banks.

Israel is building BIG companies.  Good informative article, which highlights the growing trend for Israeli companies to resist the temptation to make quick exits, but rather stay the course and become large companies.  The video discussion includes business leaders from OurCrowd, Pitango, ReWalk and Barclays Israel.


Jerusalem’s gazelle nature park is open.  Jerusalem’s Gazelle Valley Nature Park is now open to the public.  The 62-acre park contains a female gazelle from the original wild herd that lived in the area, plus others from zoos and their offspring.  There are also porcupines, hedgehogs, moles, snakes, insects and 200 species of birds.

Duran Duran is coming to Israel.  Pop legends Duran Duran will be performing in Tel Aviv on 10 June.  Lead singer Simon LeBon worked as a volunteer on Kibbutz Gvolot in the 80’s and the band even wrote an instrumental piece called “Tel Aviv”. 


Wounded Syrian boy recovers with Matza.  Israeli doctors performed complex surgery to enable a Syrian boy to walk again after he was severely injured by a shell in Syria’s civil war.  Having to spend Passover in an Israeli hospital, he really enjoyed eating traditional matza crackers, calling them a “delicacy”.

The 4 questions in Israeli sign language.  Jewish Deaf Multimedia released this video of Rafael teaching how to ask the famous “Four Questions of the Passover Seder” in Israeli Sign Language. Start learning now and you'll be able to ask “Why is this night different from all other nights?” in a different way next year!

UN sees Jewish connection to the Land of Israel.  The exhibit entitled “People, Book, Land – The 3,500 Year Relationship of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel” has opened at the UN headquarters in New York.  The opening event was co-sponsored by the UN missions of Israel, the US and Canada.


In the 5th Apr 2015 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·        An Israeli biotech is developing safe vaccines using computers and your own cells.
·        Israel’s new deputy Chief Scientist is a Palestinian Arab.
·        Two Israeli competitions inspire Kenyan farmers and Israeli entrepreneurs to Kenya.
·        Israel’s Knesset has completed the largest solar roof for a parliament building.
·        3,555 Israeli patents were registered in the US in 2014 - a 21% increase on 2013.
·        Dionne Warwick and Art Garfunkel have confirmed dates for Tel Aviv concerts.
·        130,000 tourists are in Israel to celebrate Passover and Easter.

·        Last week’s Israel Good News descriptive summary.  Click here for “Just look at us Go” (fast-loading version, no adverts).  Also published on the Jerusalem Post, San Diego Jewish World and United With Israel websites.

·        Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News, IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo, and United With Israel with extra features on health, technology, entertainment and Jewish State.

Page Down for more details on these and other good news stories from Israel.  Thank You Michelle and other readers for sending me links to so many of these positive news articles.


Vaccines from your own cells.  (TY Nocamels) Israeli biotech SynVaccine is developing safe synthetic vaccines from the recipient’s own tissue cells, which the body’s immune system can easily recognize and build protection.  In addition, SynVaccine’s computer-engineered vaccines cannot release the original virus.

Treatment to stop pain.  Israel’s Teva has begun a Phase 2b trial of TV-45070 in patients with post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN).  TV-45070 inhibits the sodium channels expressed in the pain-sensing peripheral nervous system and can treat patients with various pain indications, including neuropathic and osteo-arthritis pain.

Cause of ovarian failure discovered.  Tel Aviv University and Schneider Medical Center researchers have discovered a genetic mutation responsible for Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) that affects one percent of all women worldwide.  The study began after DNA testing two affected Israeli-Arab girls.

US journalists see Israeli medical innovations.  For the past 10 years, the Murray Fromson American Associates, Ben-Gurion University Media Mission has brought US reporters and editors to see cutting-edge Israeli research at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.  This year’s themes included neuroscience, stem cells and medical robotics.

Saving lives of the wounded.  A higher percentage of Israelis were seriously or critically injured in last summer’s Operation Protective Edge than in the 2006 Lebanon War.  Yet recovery times were faster and treatment much more effective this time, thanks to faster evacuation to hospital and technology to stop bleeding.

Prize for life.  Israel’s Prize4Life is funding $1million prizes for research and treatment for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).  At Tel Aviv’s BrainTech 2015 conference, every delegate stood up to applaud Prize4Life’s CEO and ALS sufferer Shay Rishoni, who demonstrated a device that translates eye movements into computerized voice.


Free car seats for babies.  Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center delivered 22,030 babies in 2014 - probably the largest number in the world. Together with Yad Sarah and a nearby taxi company have for the first time arranged for the free lending of infant car seats to parents to get the babies home safely.

Palestinian Arab is Israel’s deputy Chief Scientist.  Tarek Abu-Hamed, of Sur Baher in East Jerusalem, was named as deputy chief scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Space.  He will be responsible for overseeing national scientific infrastructure, state intellectual property and taxation of academic institutions. 

Israeli doctors save Maryam.  In my 1st Mar 2015 newsletter I reported that 18-month old Iraqi Christian Maryam Mansour had arrived at Israel’s Hadassah hospital for heart surgery, but her survival chances were slim.  Well the good news is that the 8-hour operation was successful and Maryam should make a full recovery.

Medical students ‘adopt’ wounded Syrian boy.  A Syrian boy, who lost a leg in an explosion while tending sheep, was sent to Israel for treatment.  As the boy has no family in Israel, six Israeli medical students entertain him and with their own money bought him a digital tablet with headphones, games and movies in Arabic.

Jordanians float to Israel.  A 10-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl from the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea floated to Israel after their inner tubes were swept westward by the current. A Jordanian soldier, who had tried to stop the children, was carried away as well.  The children (ex-Iraqi refugees) now want to remain in Israel.

Miami learns from Israel.  (TY Michelle) A delegation of leaders in the Miami tech-startup community has just spent a week in Israel with Project Interchange, an educational institute of the American Jewish Committee, to learn from Israel’s thriving tech and innovation sector, while sharing best practices and making connections.

Israel & Canada innovate for humanity.  The Canadian Institute for Jewish Research will showcase Israel’s and Canada’s contributions to the world at its 27th annual international conference in Montreal on 29th April.

Helping Taiwan combat drought.  (TY Michelle) Following its seminar in November, Simona Halperin, head of the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, has been advising Taiwan’s government on how to deal with its worst drought in over a decade.  Public campaigns, recycling and better infrastructure are a priority.

Israel's gift to Asia: water and cyber security.  A delegation of Israeli information security companies is in South Korea showing how Israeli technology can better secure the Asian state.  And a Chinese delegation from Shouguang visiting Israeli water technology companies as part of Israel and China’s joint “water city” project.

More on Israeli ties with Rwanda.  A delegation from Rwanda’s ICT Chamber has just visited Israel as guests of Israeli venture capital firm Kaenaat & YPO, which has been working with them for the last two years.  Israel is helping Rwanda to jump-start its technology ecosystem using education, skills exchange and investment.

Advancing Kenyan agriculture.  (TY Michelle) Israel’s Embassy to Kenya is hosting the Israel Kenya Agri Challenge in which 10 Kenyan agricultural entrepreneurs will compete for a fully paid trip to Israel to experience up-close the exciting Israeli start-up ecosystem.  Meanwhile, Tel Aviv University’s Pears Challenge for Innovation and International Development encourages Israeli agricultural entrepreneurs to develop tech solutions for Kenyan farmers.


Israel’s US water partner.  (TY Michelle) Akron Ohio has reached an agreement with five Israeli water technology companies to make Akron the exclusive partner for Israeli water research in North America. 

Wastewater award-winner.  Israel wastewater treatment company Emefcy won the prestigious award for Excellence in the Field of Environmental Technology Development at CleanEquity Monaco 2015.  Emefcy’s CEO and founder Eytan Levy received the award from Monaco’s Prince Albert II.

TaKaDu sponsors UK water conference.  Amir Peleg of Israel’s smart water monitoring company TaKaDu is Chairman of the Swan (Smart WAter Networks) Forum and is one of the sponsors of Swan Forum’s Conference entitled “Smart Water: The time is now”, taking place in London on 29-30 April.

Agritech 2015.  (TY Michelle) An interesting article on Israeli agricultural technology, plus 4 Israeli “AgTech” companies developing creative solutions for sustainable agriculture.  BioFishency, Morflora, Roots and Amitec will feature at Israel’s 19th annual Agritech International Agricultural Exhibition & Conference on April 27.

Knesset’s solar roof is complete.  Israel’s Knesset building now has the largest solar field for any parliament in the world.  1,500 solar panels were installed on the Knesset’s roof, and on those of surrounding buildings, producing 450kw of energy.  Phase 1 of Israel’s Green Knesset project also cut paper and water consumption.

Safer, cheaper driving.  Israel’s Green Road Technologies sells systems for monitoring real-time driving data, using a smartphone or its own hardware installed in vehicles.  The systems raise awareness of safety, save fuel, reduce insurance premiums, motoring costs and accidents.  Green Road has just raised $26 million of finance.

How safe is your smartphone?  (TY Michelle) Israel’s Skycure offers two main products, a free app that secures mobile devices for consumers and software that keeps companies safe from external mobile devices.  Skycure has just raised $8 million of funding.

Basic yet smart.  Israeli start-up E2C (Easy to Connect) has developed an interface for smartphones that make them easier for seniors to use.  A large display menu, longer response times, vibrating keys, voice activation, simple navigation and a one-click response all make life much easier for the technically-challenged.

Wireless battery charging.  (TY Michelle) I featured Israel’s Wi-Charge in Sept 2013, and it was recently demonstrated in San Francisco.  The infra-red laser transmitters are due to launch in 2016 and cost $50 - $100.

Weizmann wins most Euro research grants.  The Weizmann Institute of Science has the distinction of having the top percentage of grants awarded to it by the European Research Council’s 7th Framework Program.  Between 2007 and 2013, it had 35 percent of its grants proposals accepted, totaling nearly 150 million Euros.

Lockheed Martin promotes Israeli education.  Lockheed Martin and Israel’s Ministry of Education are to build a program in the Israeli education system to increase the number of Israeli teachers in computer science and cyber security.  Lockheed Martin will also sponsor a nationwide high-school cyber security competition.

Skiing gets even more exciting.  (TY Michelle) I featured the Augmented Reality (AR) ski goggles from Israel’s RideOn in February, but this article includes a video that shows you what you see when you wear them.

A magic touch.  MUV Interactive (featured in this newsletter in Sept 2014) was one of Israel’s innovative technology companies starring at the recent AIPAC Conference in Washington.  MUV’s $200 “Bird” sits on your finger to control and design interactive presentations, just by pointing.  Shipping starts in a few months.

Matching stories to users.  (TY Michelle) Israeli startup Keewee uses natural language processing, machine learning and social graphs to provide you with relevant stories.  Over 60 brands and publishers use its service, including the New York Times.  It has just raised $9.1 million of funds, including from the NYT and Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt.

Huge increase in Israeli patents.  (TY Size Doesn’t Matter) According to Israel's business information group, BDICoface, Israeli companies and entities registered 3,555 patents in the United States in 2014 – an increase of around 21 percent over the previous year.  Israel comes 3rd in the world for patents, after Japan and Taiwan.


Analyzing social media for businesses.  (TY Michelle) Israel’s Tracx is a social intelligence platform that provides sales, marketing and support teams with social media data to help make their products better suited to potential customers.  Tracx’s story of entrepreneurs and innovative hi-tech mirrors that of the Startup Nation.

UJA-NY invests in Israeli social impact projects.  The UJA-Federation of New York has invested $1 million in two Israeli social impact funds, which fund profitable Israeli businesses that give good investment returns but also help people at risk, special needs individuals, the elderly, and the unemployed.

Israel and China get down to business.  The Prime Minister’s Office’s Israel-China task force was launched at the China-Israel Cooperation Conference in Tel Aviv. For the first time dialogue on China combined         the business sector, academia and government in order to expand bilateral commercial ties.

Santander backs Israeli startup.  (TY Michelle) Spanish bank Santander, via its Innoventures Fund, has invested in MyCheck - the largest mobile payment company in Israel.  The product also has the potential to be marketed to Sandander’s 107 million-plus retail and commercial customers across Europe and the Americas.

SolarEdge shines.  (TY Michelle) SolarEdge, Israel’s latest company to float on the NASDAQ, raised $126 million and then rose in price from $18 to $22 in the first week.  SolarEdge’s innovative products effectively allow solar panels to act independently of each other and thereby increase overall power production. 

Teva buys Auspex for $3.2 billion.  Israel’s Teva has bought US biotech Auspex for $3.2 billion and acquires Auspex’s portfolio of innovative medicines for people who live with movement disorders.  Auspex also has pipeline treatments for Huntingdon’s disease, Parkinson’s, dyskensia and Tourette’s syndrome.

Moovit arrives in Australia.  (TY Size Doesn’t Matter)  Israel’s Moovit has launched its transportation app in Australia.  It already has 200,000 users after beta trials in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth.  Moovit uses crowdsourcing to get you to your destination in the quickest way possible.

Legally share TV clips.  (TY Michelle) Israeli-developed Whipclip has launched its TV-sharing app with Comedy Central, ABC, CBS, Fox and other TV networks.  Whipclip’s free mobile app lets users create and share 30-second video clips of TV shows and music videos - legally.

Look who’s investing in Israel.  (TY Michelle) Horizons Ventures is owned by Asia’s richest man - Li Ka-shing.  Horizons is Israel’s largest foreign startup investor, and was very successful when it invested in Waze.


International children’s theater festival.  The 25th annual Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival begins on Apr 5.  The al fresco entertainment lineup constitutes 19 shows from nine countries, such as Holland, Spain, Switzerland and Austria, as well as a co-production between Italy and Israel.

Israel’s first international Yiddish music festival.  TLV/1 radio has this interview with Eli Grunfeld, the artistic director of the first international Yiddish festival in Tel Aviv.

Richard Gere arrives; Dionne and Art are coming.  Richard Gere is in Israel as a guest of the Peres Peace Center and for the filming of Oppenheimer Strategies.  Legendary soul and R&B singer Dionne Warwick will perform at Tel Aviv’s Menorah Mivtachim Arena on May 19, where she may just “say a little prayer”.  And Art Garfunkel is “Homeward Bound” and will perform at Tel Aviv’s Bloomfield Stadium on June 10.

The biggest climbing wall in the Middle East.  The largest Israeli extreme park has just opened, after an investment of NIS 22 million. Park Extreme in Acre (Akko) includes the biggest climbing wall in the Middle East, the highest bungee jump in Israel; air surfing, hanging bridges; and many more facilities that defy gravity.


More Ukrainian Jews make Exodus to Israel.  Dozens of Ukrainian Jews live at The Jewish Agency’s refugee center in Dnepropetrovsk in preparation for Aliya on the eve of the festival of Passover.  1,400 Ukrainian Jews arrived in Israel during the first quarter of 2015, compared to approximately 400 in 2014. 

Muslim scientist’s exodus from Egypt.  Noha Hashad’s story is just coming to light.  After 11 years in an Egyptian jail, for pro-Jewish Quran research, she escaped and fled to Israel in 2011.  “Israel is like a jewel, a diamond, I am very fortunate to be here,” she said. Noha has founded a center for peace in the Middle East.

130,000 tourists.  The Tourism Ministry is expecting about 130,000 visitors in Israel over the period of Passover and the Christian Holy Week.  Hotel occupancy levels in most of the popular tourism areas will reach 80-90% during the holidays, with some areas completely full.

Feeding 100,000 over Passover.  Yad Ezra V'Shulamit, an organization dedicated to eliminating poverty in Israel, will be distributing upward of 15,000 food baskets this Passover to feed 100,000 people in Israel.  Also Colel Chabad is implementing Israel’s Food Security Project, while Leket Israel gathers produce from farmers.