History of Israel's Good News Oct to Dec 2021


In the 26th Dec 21 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·       An Israeli treatment for Parkinson’s has successfully finished trials.

·       Israel is the only Middle Eastern country where Christians are thriving.

·       Israeli nanomaterials are reshaping the manufacturing industry.

·       The UAE hosted an event in its Embassy to showcase Israeli technology.

·       An Israeli woman has won Israel’s first World Championship swimming gold medals.

·       Three major archaeological discoveries in Israel.


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Covid is not what it seems. Scientists at Israel’s Ben Gurion University have found that coronavirus patients have damaged mitochondria in the blood, but not in the lungs. They now urge a medical re-think, in that it is the immune system that needs treating and that antioxidants may be more effective than respiratory medications.  



Amorphous calcium to treat Covid-19. (TY Hazel) 18 COVID-19 patients hospitalized with moderate or severe symptoms were treated with Amor-18 from Israel’s Amorphical (see here previously). All recovered and were discharged in a few days. https://www.jpost.com/health-and-wellness/coronavirus/article-689543  



Parkinson’s treatment success. (TY Hazel) Israel’s Pharma Two B (see here in 2015) has successfully completed the Phase 3 human trial of its P2B001 treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. The trial met its primary and key secondary endpoints, and the company can now prepare for US FDA approval.



$5 million grant to test Alzheimer’s treatment. Israel’s ImmunoBrain Checkpoint (see here previously) has been awarded a grant of $5 million over 3 years to support human clinical trials of IBC-Ab002, for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Development was based on Weizmann Institute immune system studies.



Monitoring babies’ hearts at home. (TY Hazel) The partnership between Israel’s Datos Health and Israel’s Sheba Medical Center has progressed to at-home monitoring of babies born with complex heart malformations. Babies monitored include in the Palestinian Authority, Gaza, Iraq, Kurdistan, and Cyprus.




Link between sleep and the gut. Scientists at Haifa University and the Technion Institute have found a link between bacteria in the gut and sleep patterns.  Those that eat fatty foods tend to be night owls, whereas those that have a high fiber diet tend to be early risers.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/gut-tweak-can-make-everyone-a-morning-person-israeli-poop-analysis-suggests/  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34695305/


3D digital X-ray imaging. Israel’s Nanox (see here previously) has delivered the first of its next-generation X-ray machines to Israel’s Shamir Medical Center in Tzifrin. The Nanox.ARC uses low-radiation X-rays to produce high-resolution 3-D digital images, previously only available from expensive CT scans.



Preventing errors in the ICU. The virtual reality simulator from Israel’s DecideVR identifies decision-making errors by doctors in medical treatment in intensive care units (ICU). The platform, developed by Professor Alex Mintz, formerly of Herzliya’s Reichman University, currently focuses on life-saving cardiovascular decisions.




Helping to tackle infertility in the UK. Israel’s AiVF (see here previously) has received regulatory approval to sell its IVF analysis platform product in the United Kingdom - one of the largest IVF markets in Europe. It can predict, without the need for a biopsy, whether a given embryo is genetically suitable for transfer.



The selfie that could save your life. Israel’s Binah.ai (see here previously) has come a long way in the last 18 months. Some 50 million customers of the world’s top insurance companies now use Binah’s remote health and wellness monitoring platform to measure vital signs, from the changes in the reflection of light on facial skin.






Second “special” brother joins IDF. Ittai graduated from Lotem Special Education School in Rehovot last year and, thanks to “Special in Uniform”, has just been inducted into the Israel Defense Forces. His brother Roi, who has cerebral palsy, joined the IDF five years ago and managed the medical clinic in one of the IDF bases.



Helping Ethiopian Israelis access higher education. (TY I24 News) Since it began in 1994, Israeli foundation Hanan Aynor has given scholarships and funding for higher education fees to 4,500 Israelis of Ethiopian origin. It also gives priority to older people, for whom it might soon be too late to enroll, as well as to single mothers.




The first female Military Secretary. (TY JNS & WIN) Intelligence officer Col. N. is the first woman to be appointed Military Secretary to the Israeli President and will be promoted to Brigadier-General. She has served 22 years in the IDF Intelligence Corps. The previous Military Secretary was an Israeli Druze (see here).



Five new female foreign Ambassadors. Israeli President Isaac Herzog has received the credentials of the new ambassadors from five countries, including close friends of Israel - El Salvador, Malta, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Nauru. All five are women.



84% of Christians happy in Israel. Some 182,000 Christians live in Israel – 1.4% more than in 2020. They comprise about 1.9% of the State of Israel’s population. And contrary to some recent negative stories in the Mainstream Media, 84% of Christians said they were satisfied with their life. 




Christmas trees. The Jerusalem Municipality has again distributed free Christmas trees to Jerusalem residents celebrating Christmas. And KKL-JNF (Jewish National Fund) supplied 108 trees to 27 embassies, consulates, and foreign missions in Israel. The trees came from environmentally managed groves in the Galilee.




Arab and Haredi women create a startup. Arab Moslem Amira Jabar Qassem and Haredi Jew Hani Sabag co-founded Israel’s Job 360, to train Arabs and Haredim in interview techniques for hi-tech jobs. Their website allows job seekers to simulate interviews. This article describes both their professional and private relationship.



Israel leads international cyber training event. Israel led a 10-day simulation of a sophisticated cyberattack on the world’s financial system to learn how to minimize the potential damage to banks and financial markets. Participants included the US, UK, UAE, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the IMF, and the World Bank.



British army receives Israeli night vision systems. (TY Hazel) Israel’s Elbit Systems has delivered the first tranche of its lightweight micro binocular XACT Night Vision Goggles to the British Army. They were manufactured at Elbit Systems’ UK subsidiary.



UN passes another Israeli-proposed resolution. Israel is the recognized global leader in technology to conquer world hunger. 135 countries chose to partner with Israel in its United Nations proposal to promote access and use of advanced agricultural technologies to developing countries and drought-stricken areas.

https://www.jns.org/israels-un-resolution-on-sustainable-agricultural-technology-passes-with-landslide-majority/  https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/317448


Aid to the Philippines. (TY Hazel) The Embassy of Israel in the Philippines has sent food packs, hygiene kits, and NUF water purifiers to the victims of Typhoon Odette in Bohol and Cebu. It also sent solar energy systems to provide electrical power to some 2,000 typhoon-hit families. The storm has displaced some 600,000 people






NIS 20 million for energy projects. Israel’s Energy Ministry is giving grants worth NIS 20 million for 16 projects to develop energy storage prototypes. They include 11 lithium battery projects and two hydrogen initiatives. One project is a combined solar panel and storage system for Bedouin farmers.



Modi’in - Israel’s next tech city. Built in the 1990s and branded as “the city of the future,” Modi’in is ranked 10th in Israel on StartupBlink’s Start-up Ecosystem list, and 627 worldwide, for tech ecosystem size, quality, and ease of doing business. Advantages include location, transport links and young English-speaking residents.



The future materialized. Israel’s Nemo Nanomaterials is producing game-changing nanomaterials that can transform products in industries such as automotive, electronics, textile, construction, telecom, energy, and aerospace. The startup is already working with 10 large companies, including multi-billion-dollar corporations.

https://jewishbusinessnews.com/2021/12/16/israeli-startup-nemo-emerges-from-stealth-to-industrialize-nanomaterials/    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpSIrj9HKIA


Another Israeli-led vertical farm. Infarm, led by Israelis Osnat Michaeli, Erez and Guy Galonska, distributed their 25sqm “vertical crop farm on a platform” to hundreds of supermarkets across Europe. Each can grow over 65 kinds of herbs and vegetables and said to be more than 400 times more efficient than land-based agriculture.

https://forbes.co.il/e/the-agriculture-cloud/   https://www.infarm.com/


Pizza-making robots. The Pizza Hut chain (see here previously) has many branches in Israel. One branch is soon going to be run entirely by robots. Udi Shamai, owner of Pizza Hut Israel and CEO of Hyper Food Robotics, explains how the technology works and why robot-made fast food is the future.




Mastering sweetness. Israel’s B.T. Sweet has unveiled Cambya™, a plant-based sugar replacer for multiple food applications. The proprietary formula is based on soluble fibers, monk fruit, and select botanicals.



Spearheading sustainable packaging.  More news about the sustainable packaging from Israel’s Melodea (see here previously). Its wood pulp-based, compostable, recyclable, and completely non-toxic products include MelOx™ and VBcoat™ that protect packaged goods while eliminating the need for aluminum and plastic.

https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/melodea-spearheads-new-era-in-sustainable-packaging-301437846.html  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbqqL5bMTBc


Reasons to be cheerful at end of 2021. (TY Nicky Blackburn & UWI) Israel21c’s summary of Israeli achievements in 2021 includes some facts new to this newsletter. It’s healthy to interact with plants; Israel’s TurboGen’s micro-turbines to power buildings; and WaveBL & DockTech improving the supply chain.






Unemployment down again. The rate of unemployment in Israel in the second half of November 2021 fell to 4.3% from 4.7% in the first half of November. Many of the 143,000+ job vacancies are for software developers and computer engineers.



Tax relief for hi-tech returnees. Israel is upgrading its tax-benefit program to attract Israeli high-tech workers currently living abroad, to help resolve Israel’s workforce shortage. They will pay no taxes for two years on passive income and capital gains earned outside Israel. They can also deduct expenses incurred in returning.



$100 million to advance hydrogen tech. Israel plans to spend NIS 100 million over five years on a national institute for hydrogen production and storage. It has also established a pilot hydrogen filling station in northern Israel and will open the first commercial hydrogen filling station for trucks next year in the Haifa Bay area.



Business forum in UAE’s Tel Aviv embassy. The United Arab Emirates hosted a first-of-its-kind business conference on Israeli technology and innovation, in the UAE’s Israel embassy. Some 200 people attended the summit, including a UAE delegation led by two UAE ministers.



University to fund dozens more startups. Tel Aviv University’s Venture Capital arm has raised another $50m (see first fund here in 2018) to invest in early-stage Israeli startups. It plans to invest up to $1 million in 15-25 companies founded by Israeli entrepreneurs. All the investors from 2018 have reinvested in the new fund.



It’s all happening in the kitchen. (TY JNS) The Kitchen (see here previously), established in 2015, is Israel’s first FoodTech incubator. It now has 22 portfolio companies cooking up innovations to feed the world more efficiently, sustainably, and securely. Israel’s agri-tech knowhow is making breakthroughs on a global scale.



A VAST new development center. Israel’s VAST Data (see here previously) has opened a new center in the city of Haifa, an addition to its main development center in Tel Aviv. It seeks to recruit graduates from the North of Israel, so the new facility is located close to Haifa University.



Helping entrepreneurs in Judea & Samaria. Israeli non-profit Bikurim develops and delivers technology tools that family-run small businesses in Judea and Samaria need to grow. It subsidizes the cost of web design, helps fund marketing materials, and promotes businesses through an online directory.



Israeli mergers and acquisitions: Israel’s Ness Technologies is acquiring Israel’s DXC Technology for $65 million combining 5,000 employees.


Investment in Israeli startups: Innovid raised $251 million (IPO); PlainID raised $75 million; Greeneye raised $22 million;





Love Jerusalem. (TY Sharon) Positive things to share from Jerusalem’s streets include - daily prayers outside the Mamilla Mall; the Knesset Museum project; the Prime Minister’s street is open; seasonal decorations and market; children; Temech conference for businesswomen; winter festivals and Teddy Park’s musical fountains.




Jerusalem’s Sacher Park is upgraded. One of the highlights in The Jerusalem Streets is the improved Sacher Park. The municipality has upgraded the infrastructure, improved accessibility, and is even adding Wi-Fi. New features include a unique playground, running trails, sports fields, security cameras and a dog garden.



Israel’s first truly green hotel. The Six Senses hotel in Shaharut, near Ovda airport in the Negev, is the first hotel in Israel to receive the American Green Building Council approval for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). It also complies with the Israeli standard for green construction.




New Israeli stamps. (TY JR) Jacob has updated his website of Israeli stamps to include Waterfalls (Banyas, David, and En Avdat); Foot and mouth painting; Israel-Czech Republic Joint Issue; and “With Thanks to All Those Fighting COVID-19”.  https://jr.co.il/stamps/index-2021.html


Israel’s first ever World swimming golds. Israel’s Anastasia Gorbenko (see here previously) won Israel’s first two World Swimming Championships gold medals in Abu Dhabi.  The 18-year-old won the women’s 50m breaststroke final and the women’s 100-meter medley final. Hear Hatikvah in the UAE.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/anastasia-gorbenko-wins-israels-1st-ever-world-swimming-championships-gold/   https://www.israel21c.org/gorbenko-wins-two-gold-medals-for-israel-in-world-championships/





Look what they found in the garbage. (TY JNS) A marble sarcophagus lid dating back some 1,900 years has been rescued from a garbage dump site in Ashkelon. The Roman-era artifact, which weighs some two tons, is believed to have been unearthed at a construction site and discarded on an illegal trash heap.



Discovered underwater. Marine archaeologists have uncovered ancient artifacts off the coast of Caesarea, many dating back to the third century CE. They include a gemstone engraved with a lyre (like King David’s harp). Also, a gold ring engraved with a shepherd boy, plus a hoard of gold coins from the Mamluk period.



Unearthing Yavne. (TY WIN & UWI) Remains of a building and a cemetery containing Jewish relics from the time of the Sanhedrin have been uncovered in Yavne. They date from the 1st century CE when the Jewish legislative assembly relocated after the Romans destroyed the capital Jerusalem and the 2nd Temple in 70 CE.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/in-first-sanhedrin-era-building-found-in-yavne-where-assembly-fled-temples-ruin/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-Oaj_ETEpM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfvkBKtrYaY


Ukraine to recognize Jerusalem as capital. Ukraine’s Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk stated that his country recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s “one and only capital” and that a branch of its embassy would be opened there in the next year. Security issues are being finalized.




Awards for positively representing Israel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a “Light Ceremony” to present awards to personalities who excel in their professional arena while promoting Israel’s image in the media and on social networks. They include Idan Raichel, Lior Suchard, Netta Barzilai and Sivan Yaari.



Helping communities navigate the pandemic. The Jewish Agency for Israel is marking the first anniversary of JReady, a unique platform for emergency preparedness, response, and rehabilitation created to address the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. JReady now reaches 39 countries with its crisis management training.

https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/317987   https://www.jready.org/


Hebrew language day. (TY Jacob Richman) Israel marks Hebrew Language Day on 21 of Tevet - the birthday of Eliezer Ben Yehuda, the father of modern spoken Hebrew. This year, the date corresponds to Dec 25, 2021. Jacob Richman here publicizes the Hebrew quizzes that Israeli dairy company Tnuva prints on milk cartons.





In the 19th Dec 21 FULL edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·       Two major Israeli breakthroughs in treating serious brain diseases.

·       Israeli scientists have printed an ear that can hear.

·       The 6,000th patient of Israel’s Save a Child’s Heart is a boy from Gaza.

·       Israeli technology protected the Pope from an unauthorized drone.

·       Three award-winning Israeli hi-tech individuals and startups.

·       Israel’s 2021 hi-tech investment is three times that of record-breaking 2020.

·       The latest inspirational Israeli world champion para-athlete.


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Targeting a cause of ALS. Scientists at Tel Aviv University have developed an experimental molecule that breaks down the protein TDP-43, a key cause of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). TDP-43 causes motor neurons to degenerate. The new molecule enabled motor neuron activity to be restored and opens the door to an ALS cure.




Slowing dementia. Tel Aviv University scientists have made progress in developing a treatment using the NAP peptide to counter Alzheimer’s and other neurological conditions (see here previously). Their new compound dramatically decreased the excessive buildup of the protein tau, which misfolds in Alzheimer’s patients.




Blood test for early cancer detection. An Israeli-led team of scientists have developed a blood test that analyzes fragments of DNA to determine the impact of the immune system. The test is like a liquid biopsy and can detect cancer early in remote tissues, e.g., bone marrow, lymph nodes and other organs.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-scientists-say-new-test-can-gauge-vaccine-response-before-antibodies-form/   https://elifesciences.org/articles/70520


Identifying high-risk hospital patients. Tel Aviv University Professor Noam Shomron has developed an AI tool that interprets routine hospital blood tests to assess patients at danger levels in the case of blood infection.  The tool is shortly to be trialed at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center.



Designing antibodies to fight disease. Israel’s Biolojic Design is developing an AI platform to generate antibodies that have specific targets and biological effects. It instructs the immune system to precisely attack the causes of disease, such as the mechanism underlying autoimmune disease, cancer or diabetes.

https://www.biolojic.com/  https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3922316,00.html


Smart bandage to heal wounds. Professor Hossam Haick’s lab at Israel’s Technion Institute (see here previously) has developed a smart suture-less dressing that binds the edges of a wound together, wards off infection, and even digitally reports on the wound’s condition to the surgeon.

https://jewishbusinessnews.com/2021/11/25/israeli-innovation-novel-antibacterial-surgical-cut-band-aid-monitoring-healing/  https://www.israel21c.org/a-smart-polymer-that-would-heal-wounds-without-sutures/


Mitral valve replacement. Israel’s TruLeaf Medical, part of Israel’s Allium Medical (see here) has developed a Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement (TMVR) solution to save the lives of numerous Mitral Regurgitation patients worldwide. The device has already completed animal studies and is set to be tested in humans soon.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3924605,00.html  https://www.truleaf-medical.com/


Paint additive helps prevent listeria. Israel’s Bio-fence (see here previously) has completed a study showing that its antimicrobial paint additive extends the power of disinfectants. A major Israeli sausage manufacturing plant completely wiped out listeria after applying Bio-fence’s paint coating.



Preventing glaucoma. Israel’s Ophthalmic Sciences has developed IOPerfect - the world’s first AI-based contactless intraocular pressure (IOP) measuring device. It allows those at risk of going blind from glaucoma, to measure their eye pressure anytime and anywhere and communicate the results to their doctor.

https://www.jpost.com/business-and-innovation/tech/israeli-company-says-novel-ai-device-could-help-prevent-adult-blindness-688544  https://op-sci.com/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAQKplraP4M


How bacteria evade antibiotics. Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that some bacteria enter a “disrupted” state when attacked but not destroyed by antibiotics. A different chemical is then needed to “finish them off”, otherwise they can eventually recover and reproduce. See also here.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-lab-finds-out-why-some-germs-dodge-drugs-opening-door-to-life-saving-fix/  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MXRVJqbhN7-Zcm8j_WLZJkjqvgSUTvRG


Less antibiotic wastage. An AI tool from Israel’s Technion Institute helps combat antibiotic resistance. It reduced ineffective antibiotics prescribed for urinary tract infections by 35%. The tool was trialed by Israel’s Maccabi Health Management Organization (HMO) and will now be used for other infection types and HMOs.



Seaweed can protect against Covid. (TY Hazel) Researchers from Tel Aviv University have found that Ulvan, extracted from the “sea lettuce” algae, Ulva, could help stop coronavirus from infecting human cells. The team is still working on identifying the specific chemicals in Ulvan that counter Covid infection.




“Alexa – watch my mother”. The home monitoring system Vayyar Care (see here previously) is soon to be available as part of Alexa Together, a new subscription service from Amazon.  If Vayyar Care detects a fall, it contacts an urgent response emergency helpline. Alexa will also send a notification to the designated caregiver.



We are not mice.  Excellent article about Israel’s Quris (see here previously) which has developed the ability to test new medical treatments on a human simulation chip. Watch the video where Quris founder (Israeli Nobel Prize winner) Aaron Ciechanover explains the problem with previous “mouse model” testing methods.



A 3D-printed ear. The mouse model is still useful for developing groundbreaking medical innovations. Researchers at Israel’s Technion Institute combined organ printing and tissue engineering to create a mouse implant that replaced ears that failed to develop in the womb. Can’t wait to hear if it works in humans too!



Healthcare platform for research. Israel’s Lynx MD has developed an environment which allows scientists to access and analyze massive amounts of real-world anonymized medical data. It has recently joined forces with leading health organizations to collect real-world data from patients hospitalized with Coronavirus.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3924888,00.html   https://www.lynx.md/


Doctors restore sight of blind Israeli-Arab woman. 60-year-old Hanan Awad from Nazareth had been blind for 20 years due to a severe corneal disease. Doctors at Israel’s Beilinson hospital restored her sight with an implant combining an artificial cornea and a piece of her shin bone. After 3 months, the bone was removed.



100 doctors come to Israel’s aid. Masa Israel Journey has brought 100 doctors to Israel to help relieve the pressure in parts of the Healthcare system. The Fellows come from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Lithuania. The Masa Doctors program has brought almost 1,000 qualified doctors to Israel.






Fashion neck brace for wounded IDF veteran. Israel’s Stratasys is part of “Restart’s Makers for Heroes”, an Israeli project to create innovative tech solutions that help injured soldiers overcome disabilities. They printed a comfortable, fashionable 3D neck brace for Moran Barash who still suffers 12 years after a debilitating injury.



Award for helping hands. Professor Alon Wolf, of the Israel Technion Institute Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, has won the Variety Israel Prize for Breakthroughs in Science and Technology award. His lab’s Helping Hands Project provides disabled children with bionic hands (see here previously).

https://austechnion.com/2020/05/18/helping-hands-technion-students-develop-3d-printed-bionic-hands-for-children/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGoSEgk8ank


First responders with disabilities. Dec 3rd was International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2021. Israeli emergency service United Hatzalah has highlighted some of the inspiring men and women who, despite their disabilities, continue to rush out and save lives in an effort to help those around them whenever they are needed.



Jerusalem exhibit showcases Jewish-Arab links. The Maktoub Hebrew-Arabic calligraphy exhibit at the Jerusalem Biennale cultural festival - highlights the newfound ties between Israel and Arab countries. It is curated by a US-Israeli artist with Syrian-Jewish roots and a Moroccan artist whose grandfather was Jewish.



Gaza boy is 6,000th child saved by SACH. 11-year-old Mazen from the Gaza Strip became the 6,000th child saved by the Israeli humanitarian organization Save a Child’s Heart (SACH). As Mazen grew, his complicated congenital heart condition required multiple medical procedures. To survive, he needed emergency surgery.



Free health clinic for underprivileged in Dehli, (TY Hazel) The Embassy of Israel, in partnership with a medical delegation from Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Centre, organized women’s health clinics in urban slums of South Delhi and North Delhi. The clinics provided free tests, check-ups, and medicines.



More help for Rwanda. The Embassy of Israel in Rwanda has donated another 20 cows to vulnerable families in Rwanda – this time in Rulindo District (see here previously). It has also donated $100,000 to purchase computers and other devices for teachers whose schools are being connected to the internet.




Israeli drone tech protected the Pope. (TY WIN) Israel’s D-Fend (see here previously) used its EnforceAir technology to remove a rogue drone that was interrupting a mass held by Pope Francis with 60,000 worshippers in Slovakia in September. There were also 90 bishops, and 500 priests present during the incident at the event.



First Israeli Leader to visit the UAE. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett concluded a historic first visit to the United Arab Emirates. In addition to his meeting with Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, he met with the UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and the UAE Minister of Culture.




Aid to victims of Kentucky tornadoes. Volunteers from Israeli NGO SmartAID are helping to set up a coordination center for emergency workers in Mayfield and Benton, Kentucky, which were hit hard by recent tornadoes. Another Israeli NGO, IsraAID, is helping with the recovery and clean-up efforts.



A million vaccines for Africa.  The Israeli government is donating 1 million AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines to the UN-backed COVAX program, which distributes shots to poorer countries. (N.B. Haaretz say it’s 2.5 million vaccines.) The government stated that the vaccines will reach close to a quarter of African countries.







Breakthrough of the Year award. Dr. Shlomi Kotler of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is one of the winners of UK Institute of Physics’ “Physics World’s 2021 Breakthrough of the Year Award”. The work of Dr Kotler’s team advances the development of quantum networks – the future of computation and communication.



3rd consecutive CES Innovation award. Israel’s OrCam Technologies (see here previously) has won a CES 2022 Innovation Award - its third consecutive win at the annual awards. Orcam’s MyEye PRO voice-activated wearable device was named an innovation honoree in the Accessibility and Health and Wellness category.



Packing a punch. Israel’s Sufresca (see here previously) develops edible food coatings that extend shelf life, prevent food waste, and reduce plastic packaging. Sufresca has also won Fi Europe’s award for Most Innovative Processing Technology and the NexTerra Challenge for most promising new technology.

https://www.israelhayom.com/2021/11/21/packing-a-punch-startups-green-solution-takes-aim-at-food-waste-plastic/  https://www.sufresca.com/


A tech park for Israeli Arabs. (TY JNS) Israel is to build a high-tech park in Nazareth - a first of its kind for Israel’s Arab sector. The 10-acre NIS 21 million park will be built in Nazareth’s industrial zone, house industrial plants and employ some 200 high-tech employees.



Hong Kong Uni’s Israeli Innovation Center. The University of Hong Kong has launched an innovation center in Tel Aviv to promote the cooperation between Israel, Hong Kong, and the Greater Bay Area. The first program begins at the end of December and will focus on Desertech (desertification technology) challenges.



Improvate. (TY Sharon) One of the key events in Jerusalem during Chanukah was the first Improvate International Innovation Forum on Nov 29 - the anniversary of the 1947 UN vote that led to the establishment of the State of Israel. The Forum showcased Israeli future technology to hundreds of world finance leaders.





App rewards trash removers. Israeli startup Clean Coin encourages the public to pick up litter by paying them virtual currency “clean coins”. These can be exchanged for cash, store discounts or donated to charity. Users can also earn coins when they map trash, sort it, or transport it to recycling centers.




A giant technological leap. Hebrew University Professor Oded Shoseyov (see here previously) has set up 17 companies developing super-performing materials. His most promising one is Smart Resilin which aims to produce industrial quantities of resilin - the natural material that fleas use to jump relatively huge heights.

https://nocamels.com/2021/11/smart-resilin-humans-jump-high-statue-liberty/  https://www.smartresilin.com/


Instant hummus. Israeli food giant Strauss Group is launching Humix - an instant hummus-making machine, aimed at cafés, restaurants, hotels etc., that wish to serve hummus without making it. It combines cooked, ground, and seasoned chickpea mash with raw tahini paste at the push of a button.



Partnering the US to combat ransomware. The U.S. Treasury Department is expanding cooperation with Israel to combat the threat of ransomware. It is to set up a U.S.-Israeli Task Force on Fintech Innovation and Cybersecurity. The Treasury will also send delegates to the CyberTech Global Tel Aviv conference in January.



Exposing liars from their facial muscles. Researchers at Tel Aviv University detected an unprecedented 73% of the lies told by participants in a trial based on the contraction of their facial muscles. The technology, already commercialized by Israel’s X-trodes, uses stickers containing electrodes to monitor muscles and nerves.




Smart shopping trolleys for Israel. Israeli supermarket chain Shufersal is deploying the smart shopping trolleys from Israel’s Shopic (see here previously) at 200 of its largest stores starting 2022. Computer vision tracks when customers add and remove items from their shopping cart and allows them to skip the checkout.



Massive indoor vertical farm. Israeli-founded, Israeli-Dutch startup Future Crops has developed the first indoor vertical farming system that grows its crops in a unique soil substrate composition. The fully automated 8,000sqm indoor vertical farm is installed in Westland, Netherlands.

https://www.foodnavigator.com/Article/2021/12/09/Future-Crops-develops-first-soil-based-indoor-vertical-farm-developed-for-greater-crop-stability-and-resistance  https://www.future-crops.com/


Protecting one million users. Israeli cybersecurity startup Guardio has developed an in-browser extension which detects and prevents Internet users from phishing and malware. It has nearly one million users (mostly private and small businesses) including some 100,000 paying customers. It has just raised $47 million of funds.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3925009,00.html   https://guard.io/


Find and fix. Israeli cybersecurity startup Dazz states that “The problem isn’t finding flaws.  It’s fixing them.” Dazz’s product finds the right person to fix the problem and what they need to do. Often the repair is done automatically, and in other cases the product will help security professionals with the remediation.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3924974,00.html   https://www.dazz.io/


Discover the unknown. Israeli cybersecurity startup Reposify’s platform enables security teams to detect, prioritize, and manage all exposed internet-facing assets. Gartner included Reposify in its 2021 Emerging Vendors list of technology vendors spearheading the future success of cyber innovation.

https://reposify.com/news/gartner-recognizes-reposify-on-the-2021-emerging-vendors-list-for-external-attack-surface-management/  https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3925023,00.html


Read and understand text faster. Israel’s AI21 Labs (see here previously) has launched “Wordtune Read,” an artificial intelligence-based reading companion designed to summarize documents and allow readers to get the information 75% faster. It aims to end work-related “reading fatigue” and save time for workers and students.



Water-powered fiber optic Internet. Israel’s National Water company Mekorot has developed technology to use its system of water pipes as a conduit for fiber optic cables. It has sold the use of the pipes to (Bezeq, Hot, Partner, Unlimited and other communications companies to help connect Israelis to fast Internet services.



Freedom to communicate. Israel’s hiSky (see here previously) provides satellite Internet of Things (IoT) networks and solutions. Its Smartellite™ Dynamic is a cost-effective solution for on the move satellite IoT connectivity.  https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3924503,00.html



Window blocks radiation but not sunlight. Hebrew University of Jerusalem Professors Shlomo Magdassi and Daniel Mandler have helped the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore develop a nano coating for windows that blocks up to 70% of infrared radiation while allowing in up to 90% of the sunlight.



Touching the Sun. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is the first spacecraft to "touch the sun". The probe has successfully flown through the sun's corona, or upper atmosphere. It is carrying the CMOS imagers developed by Israel’s TowerJazz, used to capture high-resolution images of the sun’s atmosphere.

https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/318662  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkaLfbuB_6E





Record funds for Israeli tech. Investments, takeovers, and stock market offerings have netted over $107 billion for Israeli tech companies so far in 2021 - over 3 times that in 2020.




Israeli cybermania. Tel Aviv University Professor Eviatar Matania and Israel Defense magazine founder Amir Rapapor reveal in their book “Cybermania” that 40% of global private cyber investments are in Israeli firms. Cyber accounts for 15% of Israeli hi-tech exports and every third billion-dollar company is Israeli.



$160 million to strengthen Negev communities. The Israeli government has approved a $160.8 million plan to strengthen the communities of the Negev. Projects include a new hospital and enhancement of transportation and infrastructure. The development of the South is expected to improve the prosperity of the entire country.



Converting UAE planes. (TY JNS) Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has won a contract from with the Emirates airline to convert at least four of its Boeing B777-300ER passenger planes into cargo carriers at a newly opened facility in Abu Dhabi. (See here for IAI’s previous customers for this conversion work.)



Fujitsu cybersecurity center. Japanese giant Fujitsu is partnering with the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev to launch a new cybersecurity center in Beersheba. It will employ 20 Israeli researchers and focus on joint research and technologies that help secure systems based on artificial intelligence (AI).



Investing in the future of food. Israel’s BioMeat is a public research and development partnership for foodtech investment traded on the Israeli stock exchange. It invests in Israeli companies, such as Rilbite and More Foods, which are developing non-animal protein foods that will be able to sustain the world’s growing population.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3924575,00.html  https://biomeat.co.il/en/home/

https://www.rilbite.com/   https://www.more-foods.co/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KRVUQmgYaw


A POWER sports business. Israel’s Pixellot has been included in the top 50 sports businesses in terms of innovation, according to the STA Group’s latest POWER List rankings. Pixellot was also named one of the top brands revolutionizing the sports broadcasting and OTT (Over the Top broadcast platform) industries.

https://jewishbusinessnews.com/2021/11/21/israeli-sports-analyzer-startup-pixellot-makes-the-power-50-inventive-list/  https://sportstechgroup.org/power-list/the-2021-list/


Israel’s first new bank in 4 decades. Israel’s First Digital Bank (FDB), Israel’s first new bank in over 40 years has just raised $120 million in funds. It is currently operating in pilot mode, offering banking services to its 200 employees and their families. The on-line-only bank has some 60,000 people on its waiting list.


https://en.digibank.co.il/   https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3917184,00.html


$120 million for mystery medical project. Israel’s 1E Therapeutics has raised a record $120 million for an Israeli startup in the medical sector. Not much is known about 1E Therapeutics, but it is believed to be active in medicine development. It employs dozens of scientists working on an unspecified project.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3924482,00.html  https://www.1etx.com/


All-Israeli cloud merger. Israeli data analytics platform SQream (see here previously) has acquired Israel’s no-code cloud data platform Panoply (see here previously) for an estimated $60-70 million. SQream will now be able to expand its cloud offering, allowing customers to generate insights from any data environment.



Another Unicorn. Israel’s Noname Security (see here previously) has just raised $135 million in funds at a $1 billion valuation.  Its customers include some of the world’s five largest firms, and it is actively working with 20% of the Fortune 500. https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3925078,00.html


Investment in Israeli startups: Claroty raised $400 million; Fireblocks raised $400 million; Future Meat raised $320 million; Tipalti raised $270 million; UBQ Materials raised $170 million; Noname Security raised $135 million; 1E Therapeutics raised $120 million; First Digital Bank has raised $120 million; Ermetic raised $70 million; Justt raised $70 million; IRONSCALES raised $64 million; Dazz raised $50 million; Mesh Payments raised $50 million; Guardio raised $47 million; Cylus raised $30 million; Hisky raised $30 million; Robust Intelligence raised $30 million; Powermat raised $25 million; Grip Security raised $19 million; Lynx MD raised $12 million; Edge Gaming raised $10 million; Reposify raised $8.5 million; Vault AI raised $8 million; Amosec raised $6 million; Sneaky Panda raised $6 million; Sufresca raised $3.5 million;





Walk 4 cubits in Jerusalem. This year’s Jerusalem Biennale runs until Dec 30 and is titled “Four Cubits,” - the ancient measurement that equates to some two meters. It features 300+ artists from 10 countries whose works can be seen “up close”. And the exhibit “#TakeMeHome,” allows visitors to take home art works for 6 months.



“Miss Universe” was good PR for Israel.  (TY JNS) Hundreds of millions globally watched the “Miss Universe” pageant in Israel. Contestants gave glowing reports of their experiences, especially the winner Miss India – a strong advocate for women's empowerment, but also Miss Morocco, Miss Turkey, and Miss Bahrain.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/israels-beauty-on-full-display-as-india-takes-the-crown-at-miss-universe-in-eilat/  https://www.israel21c.org/10-things-you-didnt-know-about-this-years-miss-universe/



Jerusalem hosts World Flag Football Championship. (TY Sharon) A record 39 teams (900 players, coaches, etc.) from 22 countries participated in the 10th International Federation of American Football Flag Football World Championships in Jerusalem. Most of them also experienced their first Chanukah candle lighting.





World para-Taekwondo champion. Israel’s Assaf Yasur (19) won gold at the World Para Taekwondo Championships in Istanbul. Yasur, who lost both his arms below the elbow six years ago, beat Turkey’s Qli Can Ozcan by 57-42 points to win the under 58kg category. In the semi-final he beat the European champion.






Ancient synagogue discovered. A 2,000-year-old synagogue from the Second Temple period was recently discovered in Migdal, the second synagogue from the period to be found in that location. Migdal was the main base for Yosef Ben Matityahu (Flavius Josephus) when he fought against the Romans in the Great Revolt.



A Talmud “survivor”. A book found on the Israeli roadside has been identified as a copy of a section of the Talmud that survived the Nazis. The book (tractate Sanhedrin) will now be preserved in the archives of Yad Vashem. It is further evidence of Jewish devotion to Torah study, even in the most difficult of times.



A light for the indigenous nations. Israel is an inspiration to the New Zealand Maoris. They see parallels in the two nations - specifically the revival of the Hebrew language, the genealogies in the Tanakh, the literature describing the longing for Jerusalem and the reverence for the Tomb of the Patriarchs.



3,000 Israel supporters at Florida summit. The Israeli-American Council’s (IAC) 2021 National Summit in Hollywood Florida became “little Tel Aviv” as 3,000 participants enjoyed a weekend of music, culture, and discussions. All were Covid-19 tested and the communal Shabbat dinner was held on the poolside terrace.

https://www.jns.org/toned-down-from-previous-years-iac-conference-still-delivers-israeli-spirit-in-south-florida/ https://worldisraelnews.com/this-is-who-we-are-iac-summit-delivers-israeli-spirit-and-unity-in-florida/


A prayer to take into space. Israel’s President Isaac Herzog presented Israeli astronaut Eytan Stibbe with a glass cube inscribed with a prayer for the welfare of Israel that he will take into space next year. The prayer is in the handwriting of its author, the president’s grandfather Isaac Halevi Herzog, Israel’s first chief rabbi.





In the 12th Dec 21 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·       Israeli scientists have developed a process to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

·       An Israeli woman has won a European prize for innovation.

·       Three positive Israeli news events connected to the United Nations.

·       An Israeli startup uses sunlight to purify water.

·       Israeli innovation has attracted business links from Mastercard and Morocco.

·       Israelis enjoy the first international rock music performance since Covid.

·       Discovery of a relic of the battles that brought about the festival of Chanukah.


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Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research. Scientists at Israel’s Technion Institute have developed a method of removing copper ions that cause the toxic buildup of amyloid plaque in Alzheimer’s patients. Professor Galia Maayan and PhD student Anastasia Behar have patented the groundbreaking “chelation” (extraction) process.



Genetic database saves lives in 44 countries. Israel’s Genoox (see here previously) has developed Franklin – a repository of genetic biopsy information relating to cancer mutations. Doctors in more than 1700 healthcare organizations in over 44 countries use Franklin to personalize cancer treatments to the patient’s genetic makeup.



Covid treatment reduced deaths by 70%. (TY Hazel) In its latest Phase 2 trial at three major Israeli hospitals, MesenCure from Israel’s Bonus BioGroup (see here previously) reduced Covid-19 deaths to 6.7% compared to 23.3% of the control group. It is now aiming for emergency use authorization in US, EU, and Israel.



Saliva-based test kits. Israel’s Salignostics has developed Salistick, the world’s first and only saliva-based rapid pregnancy test kit. It detects the pregnancy hormone β-hCG and delivers a test result in 10 minutes. Another of Salignostics kits, SaliCov, detects Covid-19 from saliva in just 15 minutes.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3922310,00.html   https://www.salignostics.com/salistick/  

https://nocamels.com/2021/11/salignostics-world-first-saliva-based-pregnancy/  https://www.salignostics.com/



The memory can aid healing. Researchers at Israel’s Technion (a team of Jews and Arabs) have discovered that the brain can induce a psychosomatic response not only to cause illness, but also to heal it. Inflammation in mice activated specific neurons which later could be manipulated to re-create or control the inflammation.



UK extends partnership for research into aging. The Britain-Israel Research and Academic Exchange (BIRAX) partnership has launched a new £1.6 million grant program to fund joint research between Israeli and UK scientists in the field of ageing. (see here for 2018 initiative)

https://english.tau.ac.il/news/healthy-aging-research   https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/316469


Stay on your feet. Comprehensive article describing the innovative device from Israel’s Votis (see here previously) that can identify peripheral artery disease (PAD) in its very early stages.



$75 million initiative to tackle diabetes. Bar-Ilan University is creating a program to transform diabetes care. The Social Precision-medicine Health Equity Research Endeavour (SPHERE). is supported by a $20 million grant from the Russell Berrie Foundation and will identify genetic mutations that cause diabetes.



Fixing hearts of children from the Congo. (TY I24 News) Israeli charity Save a Child’s Heart (SACH – see here previously) is bringing its first group of Congolese children to the Jewish state for life-saving heart surgery at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDTcl8UqLZo



Saving a life while wearing pajamas. United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Noemie was asleep after finishing a late shift in the pediatric ward of Sheba Hospital. She was suddenly alerted to go to the aid of a 92-year-old unconscious woman but had no time to get dressed. She saved her patient, performing CPR in her pajamas!






Solutions for the disadvantaged. Israeli-founded Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM – see here previously) has just held its latest virtual TOM Global Innovation Challenge to provide tailored solutions to people with disabilities, the elderly or poor. The winner was a 3D-printed hand support, enabling 5-year-old Shani to draw, play and eat.



EU prize for female innovator. Israel’s Dr. Daphne Haim-Langford is one of the three winners of the 2021 EU Prize for Women Innovators, awarded to founders of successful innovative companies. Dr Haim-Langford (previously of Israel’s Eximore) is CEO of Israel’s Tarsier (targeting autoimmune inflammatory eye diseases)



Flight school’s first female squadron leader. For the first time, a woman was appointed as a squadron leader in the Israel Air Force’s flight school. Major ‘Yud’ will command the IDF school’s combat navigators’ squadron and train the next generation of navigators. (see here for previous female IAF leaders)



She Space. The International Astronautical Federation has awarded Ben Gurion University an excellence award for its educational project entitled "She Space". The project encourages girls to be involved in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) studies.



Israelis set up a US bank with a charitable ethos. Spiral is an Israel-founded socially-responsible “neobank” (on-line bank) for US customers. Up to $250,000 of each customer’s savings are protected by FDIC Insurance. Its app facilitates easy donations to any charity with a 501c3 designation, which Spiral matches up to $150.

https://www.israel21c.org/a-bank-with-a-charitable-ethos-and-no-building/   https://www.spiral.us/


Arabs and Jews blend in Abu Ghosh. Chen Kupperman is founder of the non-profit Blend.ar (short for Blend Arabic) a unique Arabic language school in Abu Ghosh. Studies consist of formal classes, informal practice in small groups with Arab tutors, and involvement in the daily lives of the residents of the Israeli-Arab town.



Surfside firefighters visit Israel. 15 firefighters from Florida, Ohio and Virginia who had worked with the Israelis at the Surfside Miami disaster, came to Israel for five days. They participated in a rescue training drill with the IDF Home Front Command and conducted a joint review of the Surfside rescue operation.




Sustainable energy in refugee camps. Israel’s HomeBiogas (see here previously) has won a UN contract to supply refugee camps in several African counties with systems to convert organic waste into cooking gas and fertilizer. HomeBiogas will soon distribute around a dozen systems in Africa, increasing over time.



Eilat birding center wins UN recognition. The UN Conference of the Parties (COP15) on biological diversity chose the International Birding & Research Center in Eilat as one of the 19 (out of 258) most outstanding projects presented. Millions of birds migrate across Eilat - the only land-bridge connecting Eurasia and Africa.



Israeli UN event with 25 African ambassadors. (TY WIN) Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan together with Innovation: Africa founder Sivan Ya’ari held a program to showcase Israel’s technology and boost ties between the Jewish state and Africa. It was attended by 25 ambassadors from Africa.



UK and Israel sign 10-year agreement. The UK and Israel signed a new memorandum of understanding to work more closely over the next decade on cyber, technology, trade, defense, and security. A new UK-Israel Bilateral Roadmap “will elevate the UK-Israel relationship to a strategic partnership” for the next 10 years.






Pre-IDF cybersecurity program for women. Israel’s Cyber Defense Directorate and IDF’s C4I have launched a 15-week pre-enlistment program for women that focuses on cybersecurity training that they can use during their IDF service and benefit from later when they enter the job force. Some 80 women are currently enrolled.



Hydrogen from water. scientists at Israel’s Technion Institute have developed another innovative process to efficiently produce hydrogen from water (see here previously). It is the fastest system of its kind reported so far that operates with available metal (copper) catalysts.




Clean water for everyone. Israel’s Alumor has developed a water-purification technology based on ultraviolet LED light. Miriam’s Well (named from the Bible) is solar-powered and can purify any type of surface water. It produces water at a low price, uses very little energy and can purify a liter of water every 10 minutes.

https://nocamels.com/2021/11/alumor-miriam-well-israel-water-tech/   https://alumor.tech/


Water from the air in your car. (TY Hazel) US carmaker Ford is partnering with Israel’s Watergen (see here previously) to deliver a built-in drinking water generator in their adventure and recreational vehicles. Customers of the new Ford Ranger can install the Watergen Mobile Box, to produce up to 25 liters of drinking water a day.




Capturing CO2 by balloon. (TY UWI & WIN) Israel’s High Hopes Labs is creating a fleet of balloons that can each capture a ton of CO2 from the atmosphere. Ten miles high, carbon dioxide freezes and becomes easier to remove. The wind blows it into a CO2 filter inside a pressurized storage vessel carried by the balloon.




Disinfecting coronavirus in seconds. Scientists at Israel’s Ariel University have shown that millimeter waves can be used as an effective tool to kill over 99% of viruses (including coronavirus) on different surfaces in just two seconds. This is much faster and safer than using UV radiation.

https://www.jpost.com/health-and-wellness/coronavirus/special-radiation-can-kill-covid-19-and-polio-virus-israeli-study-shows-686981  https://www.ariel.ac.il/wp/rnd/en/remote-inactivation-of-the-corona-virus/



Better than Iron Dome. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled a new state-of-the-art defense system that uses electromagnetic beams to down targets. The "Scorpius" system is efficient in eliminating both ground and aerial threats by disrupting systems, such as radar, electronic sensors, navigation, and data communications.




Drone partnership to zap mosquitos. Israeli malaria-fighting startup ZzappMalaria (see here previously) has partnered Israeli autonomous drone solutions platform Airobotics (see here previously). Their $300,000 pilot project will locate stagnant water across sub-Saharan Africa where mosquitos are likely to congregate.



Another pilotless helicopter. Israel’s Steadicopter has unveiled a new unmanned helicopter (see here for others). The Black Eagle 50 Electric is marketed as the first electrically powered unmanned helicopter with a maximum takeoff weight of 50kg. It makes it ideally suitable for search and rescue and heavy cargos.



Meet Gary the robot. Israel’s Unlimited Robotics (see here previously) has unveiled Gary – named from the initials of the 3 children of CEO Guy Altagar - Gali, Rani and Yaeli. Gary is a robot that does household chores such as picking up toys or socks, watering plants and stripping bedsheets. He’ll be on the market next year.






Still A+. Fitch Ratings reaffirmed Israel’s A+ rating with a stable outlook. It said the improvement in Israel’s finances in 2021 has been “driven by the strong economic rebound, the gradual withdrawal of pandemic support measures, and particularly buoyant fiscal revenue from high-tech sectors.” It also praised Israel’s new budget.



Morocco buys Israeli anti-drone defense systems. (TY Hazel) Morocco has purchased Israel’s Skylock Dome anti-drone defense system to “preserve the country’s national and strategic stability”. Morocco acquired five systems, in a deal signed at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi.




Mastercard opens Israeli innovation lab. (TY Hazel) Financial services giant Mastercard and Italy’s Enel X officially opened their “FinSec Innovation Lab” in Beersheba. It will work with Israeli cybersecurity startups, focusing on digital identity and authentication, platform security, fraud prevention and countering ransomware.



Smart trolleys heading for the US. Israel’s A2Z Smart Technologies (see here previously) is launching a pilot program for its Cust2mate smart shopping carts with Evergreen Kosher Market in New York and New Jersey. A2Z also launched a pilot with Morton Williams supermarkets in October.




Virtual shops are eco-friendly. Israel’s ByondXR (see here previously) is marketing itself as a sustainable alternative to physical stores. It generates no waste, no pollution from customers’ cars, no cleaning. Its pop-up stores now include Armani, L’Oréal, and Proctor & Gamble. It is active in 20 countries, using eight languages.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLfg94jyUQA  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bwp7sJ4NX-o


Significant exits: Since the beginning of the year, some 86 Israeli tech companies have been bought at a total acquisition value of $9.5 million. This is in addition to the $40 billion invested in Israeli startups, 28 Unicorns and 20 more going public on Wall Street. Latest is Intel’s acquisition of Screenovate for $150 million.




Takeovers by Israeli startups: Israel’s Minute Media has acquired Israel’s Wazimo Media for at least $60 million;


Investment in Israeli startups: (November investments under $30 million)

Lumigo raised $29 million; Swimm raised $27.6 million; Bit raised $25 million; Frontegg raised $25 million; Anyword raised $21 million; AI21 Labs raised $20 million; Cymbio raised $20 million; Darrow raised $20 million; N-Drip raised $20 million; Xtend raised $20 million; Velocity raised $17 million; Vensica raised $16 million; Anchor raised $15 million; Vesttoo raised $15 million; Blink Technologies raised $14 million; GigaSpaces raised $13.5 million; Imagindairy raised $13 million; Whatslly raised $11 million; Autotalks raised $10 million; Geneyx Genomex raised $10 million; Neema raised $10 million; Agora raised $9 million; Shield-IoT raised $7.4 million; NeuraLight raised $5.5 million; Oxeye raised $5.3 million; LeO raised $5 million; Zenity raised $5 million; Blings.io raised $4 million; Staircase AI raised $4 million; Sedric raised $3.5 million; Nokku raised $3 million; Svix raised $2.6 million; Spectralics raised $2 million;





Bedouin ceramics culture. Israeli Arab Zenab Grabia creates ceramics embellished with traditional Bedouin embroidery motifs. Her gallery is a popular stop for tourist groups in Israel, and she also exhibits abroad.



On Center Stage. Future events and activities at Israel’s only dedicated English-speaking theatre in Ra’anana include Sorcerers’ Night (Dec 20), FUN Innovation (22 Dec), Whistle (23 Dec), SongTalk (29 Dec), Cabaret Reflections (30 Dec) and New Year's Eve. https://www.centerstageisrael.com/


Almost bending credulity. Two thousand twisted pieces of cutlery adorn a 1976 Cadillac parked in the new Uri Geller Museum in Jaffa. Bending spoons was Uri Geller’s trademark. But exhibits also include unique gifts and memorabilia from celebrities, e.g., Houdini’s handcuffs, Muhammad Ali’s boxing gloves and much more.



Black Eyed Peas rocks Jerusalem. The Black Eyed Peas performed at Jerusalem’s Pais Arena on the 29th November, the first major international show in Israel since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Group mastermind will.i.am is a longtime friend of Israel and an investor in Israeli technology.



Miss Universe beautifies Jerusalem. At Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, 40 of the Miss Universe pageant contestants heard Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion say “The Talmud teaches us that God gave 10 measures of beauty to the world, and Jerusalem got nine of them. Well today, we have been blessed with the final one”.



Seeing the invisible. The Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem is currently featuring an Augmented Reality (AR) art exhibit. “Seeing the Invisible,” features 13 virtual works by established and emerging international artists. Visitors use a dedicated AR app, which superimposes images, text, and sounds onto green spaces in the garden.






Letting kids just be kids. Jeremy’s Circle is the first organization in Israel focusing on children and teenagers whose parents or siblings have cancer. It has created a “community of fun” with events (such as for Hanukkah) to entertain the children and allow them “just to be kids”.



Permits for Gaza’s Christians. Only 1,000 Christians remain in Gaza – mostly Greek Orthodox. Israel has granted them 500 permits to visit family members and Christian sites in Israel and Judea & Samaria during the holiday season. Israel is also increasing access to Jerusalem for Christians in Judea & Samaria.



Blessing Israel in song. (TY WIN & ILTV) Religious Jews in Israel can receive the priestly blessing Birkat Cohanim every day. Award-winning Christian and Jewish musicians from the US, Africa and Israel wanted to show solidarity with Israel and they united to produce a beautiful musical rendition of the blessing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NflJg6PY3OU  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIE1qIk96Ec


Four Mazeltovs for three generations. Ludmilla (85) and Boris (88) made Aliyah from Russia with their daughter and granddaughter in the 1990s. After studying Judaism at Giyur K’Halacha, all three women decided to convert on the same day, followed by Boris and Ludmila remarrying under a chuppah (wedding canopy).



The Battle of Lachish. Archeologists have uncovered more verification of the account by the Biblical Prophet Isaiah of the battle of Lachish (see here previously) where the Assyrian army under Sennacherib defeated the Judean forces some 2700 years ago. They found the quarry used by the Assyrians to build their siege ramp.



Sticks and stones will not break us. An archeological discovery announced on the first day of Chanukah was a lead slingshot stone found at Tel Zif in Judea. It was inscribed in Greek with the name of Diodotus Tryphon, who reigned over the Seleucid Empire between 142 and 138 BC and fought against the Hasmoneans.





In the 5th Dec 21 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·       Israeli scientists have found a new way to destroy blood cancer cells.

·       Israel continues to see a reduction in serious coronavirus patients.

·       Colombia has opened a Jerusalem trade and innovation center.

·       An Israeli startup can track your eyes to control smart devices.

·       Another month of economic growth and investment in Israeli startups.

·       Two major multinationals are opening Israeli R&D centers.

·       Israelis celebrate Chanukah - the Jewish Festival of Light.


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New way to treat blood cancer. (TY JBN & WIN) Scientists at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University have found that malignant cells in hematologic cancer (leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma etc.), rely on a cytoskeletal protein, called WASp. Attacking WASp can destroy malignant cells without threatening healthy ones.

https://www.jpost.com/health-and-wellness/bar-ilan-u-team-develops-treatment-approach-for-hematologic-cancers-683190    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25210148/


Digitizing neurology. Israel’s NeuraLight uses video from smartphone or web camera, to catch neurological patterns and digital markers. Its computer vision and deep learning algorithms help accelerate development of therapies including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and other neurodegenerative diseases.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3921318,00.html   https://neuralight.ai/


Small molecules to treat ALS. Israel’s Neuromagen is developing a new class of small molecules to treat ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and other neurodegenerative diseases. The molecules activate the enzyme telomerase reverse transcriptase, which protects and rehabilitates neuronal cells.

https://in.bgu.ac.il/en/pages/news/ALS_neuromagen.aspx   https://www.neuromagen.com/


Innovative eye treatment technology. Israel’s BioLight (see here previously) is partnering with Tel Aviv’s Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center, to locate and develop innovative technologies in ophthalmology. Also, Biolight’s subsidiary Diagnostear has begun a clinical trial in India of its diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease.




Natural remedies for feminine ailments. Israel’s Algamed is using natural-based compounds made from algae plus its own innovative FemTech to treat sensitive feminine conditions. The algae excretes a gel that keeps it moist, and has numerous anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-aging benefits.



Fast genetic data analysis. Israel’s Geneyx Genomex utilizes the world’s largest unified global knowledge base for interrogating genetic-based diseases and disorders. It provides fast analysis, interpretation, and reporting to help labs accelerate the development of targeted and personalized therapeutics.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3922324,00.html  https://geneyx.com/



Massive donation for autism research. The Canadian-Israeli Azrieli Foundation has given NIS 40 million ($13 million) to the National Autism Research Centre of Israel in BeerSheba (see here previously). It is the largest ever donation for an autism infrastructure project in Israel.



Best of Health. Israel’s Aidoc, (see here previously) has been selected the “Best New Health Application” award of the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Health Awards competition. Aidoc’s artificial intelligence (AI) solutions have revolutionized medical imaging.



Anti-viral nasal spray is a hit. Israel’s Enovid (see here previously) is ramping up production of its SaNOtize anti-Covid Nasal spray to keep up with demand. It is to manufacture up to 250,000 units per month in the US alone. In August, Enovid struck a deal with India’s Glenmark to manufacture the spray for South-East Asia.



Smell the coronavirus. Very interesting article about Israel’s NanoScent (see here previously), which has developed a device so sensitive that it can detect viruses in the breath, such as SARS-Cov2. 50% of employees are female and it is another example of Christian Arabs, Muslims, and Israeli Jews working side by side.



The world’s steepest decline in Covid morbidity. Israel has seen the biggest drop in coronavirus morbidity anywhere in the world, according to global trackers. Covid-19 may be here to stay, but thanks to boosters, virus-killing masks, nasal sprays, and vaccine passports, Israel has only some 5,500 active cases (115 serious).


https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-30/israel-uses-booster-shots-masks-and-passports-against-covid/100569256  https://www.timesofisrael.com/





An Israeli accelerator for startups in Ghana. The Israeli Embassy in Ghana help promising local agricultural startups bring their ideas to the next level with the help of Israeli tech experts. Ghana is Africa’s largest cocoa producer and Israel can help with irrigation, electricity and treatment against viruses and pests.



Israeli astronauts “are making history”. The two Israeli members of the AMADEE-20 Mars Simulation mission (see here previously) met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. “You are making history,” Herzog said. “If there is something that unites humanity, it’s the future life of the universe and the life of the human species.”



Economy ministers meet for first time in a decade. Israel’s Economy Minister Orna Barbivai and her Jordanian counterpart Yousef Alshamali met in Jordan to discuss strengthening economic ties, the first such meeting in a decade. They proposed renewing the countries’ trade agreement, improving tourism and more.



Colombia opens innovation center in Jerusalem. Colombia’s President Ivan Duque opened the Jerusalem office of Innpulsa, Bogota’s entrepreneurship and innovation agency. Colombia’s first overseas trade and innovation office is seen as deepening the already close ties between Israel and its South American ally.



Weizmann joins giant telescope project. Israel’s Weizmann Institute has joined the Giant Magellan Telescope Organization (GMTO) to help it complete the largest and most powerful Gregorian optical-infrared telescope ever engineered. Weizmann previously helped develop the telescope’s exo-planet-seeking spectrograph.






Center for Innovation Lab. Tel Aviv University is launching the Center for Innovation Laboratories. Initially comprising six laboratories (with additional under construction), the goal is to adapt research to the needs of society, industry and public institutions. It will also bring together experts from a wide range of disciplines.



Jupiter’s Red Spot is measured. Scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute devised a 7-year innovative plan to use sensors on the Juno spacecraft to determine the mass and depth of Jupiter’s red spot for the first time. The huge storm is the size of the Earth and extends to a depth of about 500 kilometers below the planet’s clouds.  

https://wis-wander.weizmann.ac.il/space-physics/jupiter%E2%80%99s-great-red-spot-measured-depth-first-time   https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abf1015


Building AI platforms with IBM. IBM and Israel’s NeuReality (see here previously) are partnering to develop AI platforms using NeuReality’s NR1-P Artificial Intelligent centric server on a chip. The aim is to enable finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, smart cities etc., to deploy AI systems.



Optical film is clearly of interest. Israel’s Spectralics is developing includes state-of-the-art next-generation optical chip and imaging technology. Its multi-layered thin combiner (MLTC) is a new type of thin optics ‘film’. Volvo Cars has invested $2 million to possibly use the film to displaying images on car windscreens.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3923165,00.html   http://www.spectralics.com/


Managing home servicing. Israel’s Workiz is an all-in-one service management platform that allows home service professionals to focus solely on their customer’s jobs while outsourcing back-office operations.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3922781,00.html  https://www.workiz.com/


In the Blink of an eye. Israel’s Blink Technologies is developing eye-tracking software to enable a faster and more natural way of communication with the growing number of smart devices and intelligent hardware devices across many industries. Its touchless technology uses gaze tracking with no special glasses necessary.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3922120,00.html  https://blinkeye.com/


A “next-gen” replacement for MP4. Israel’s Blings.io won Calcalist and Poalim Hi-Tech’s StartUp+ competition. The startup is developing a platform for creating dynamic and interactive videos, coming up with MPFlyer (MPF) - a new, vastly more efficient video format than MP4 and 100 times smaller.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3921760,00.html  https://blings.io/


Intelligent data analysis. The founders of Israel’s Metrolink.ai include members of the IDF’s intelligence units. They are building a DataOps platform that will allow companies to build their data infrastructures in a way that can retrieve and process complex data in hours - not weeks or months, without writing any code.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3920463,00.html   https://metrolink.ai





OECD raises Israel’s growth forecast. The OECD has raised Israel's GDP growth forecast to 6.3% in 2021 (from 5%) due to its successful Covid vaccine rollout, recovery in demand and the jobs market. Israel's Ministry of Finance is even more optimistic, at 7%.



$100 million climate tech fund. Israel’s Firstime is raising a $100 million fund aligned with UN sustainability development goals. It aims to help build Israeli unicorns working in the climate technology industry, and has already invested in BeeHero (see here previously) - Israel’s precision agriculture and pollination company.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3921400,00.html   https://www.firstime.vc/


Building Jerusalem’s tallest tower. Jerusalem has approved the construction of what will become the tallest tower building ever built in Jerusalem. The Marom Tower, part of the City Gateway business park (see here previously) will be forty stories high with a cultural center, art galleries and a museum on the first 8 floors.



Ten more startups ignited. Ignite, Intel’s startup growth program, has selected 10 more startups for its fifth Tel Aviv cohort. They are CADY Solutions, ClairLabs, DeepAI, Echo3D, Exodigo, Finout, Helios, HyperSpace, Illumex, and Oxeye.  https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3921615,00.html

http://cadysolutions.com/  https://deep-aitech.com/  https://www.exodigo.com/  https://www.finout.io/  https://illumex.ai/   https://www.oxeye.io/


AT&T opens Tel Aviv R&D center. Telecom giant AT&T is opening a new R&D center in Tel Aviv’s ToHa Tower. It is in addition to the R&D center in Airport City which already employs 500. AT&T plans to hire an additional 100 people to expand its activities.



UBS to establish Israeli R&D center. Global wealth management giant UBS will establish an R&D center in Israel for the first time, initially employing up to 100. General Manager Gerry Livnat recognized that Israel is a cyber center, so it is important for UBS to hear about new developments.



Vertical farms open in Russia and Ukraine. Israel’s Vertical Field (see here previously) has just opened the first of its indoor farms inside retail stores in Dnipro (Ukraine) and Krasnodar (Russia). The mobile walls grow healthy greens such as lettuce, spinach and basil, to be harvested immediately for customers at the store.



Generating revenue for content creators. Israel’s LetsTok is building a video platform for influencers and content creators. It will allow them to connect with their fans in a marketplace format for personalized advice, counseling, and guidance, plus generate a stable revenue stream.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3920388,00.html   https://www.letstok.com/


New Unicorns. Israel’s Fundbox (see here previously), developer of an AI-powered financial platform for small businesses, raised $100 million at $1.1 billion valuation. Israeli gaming company Moon Active raised $300 million at $5 billion valuation. Finally, Israel’s StarkWare raised $50 million at $2 billion valuation.


https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3923217,00.html  https://www.moonactive.com/


Significant exits: Schwarz Group bought XM Cyber for $700 million; Celsius bought GK8 for $115 million;


Takeovers by Israeli startups: Global-e Online is acquiring Flow Commerce for $500 million; Lemonade is acquiring Metromile for $500 million.  Traffilog and SafeRide are to merge.


Investment in Israeli startups: Israeli startups raised $2.8 billion in November, following October’s record $3 billion. These are the largest investments (over $30 million).

Moon Active raised $300 million; HoneyBook raised $250 million; Verbit raised $250 million; Stoa (FlipOS) raised $136 million; Via raised $130 million; Autobrains raised $101 million; ControlUp raised $100 million; CyCognito raised $100 million; Fundbox raised $100 million; Overwolf raised $75 million; TriEye raised $74 million; Mindspace raised $72 million; Cycode raised $56 million; SafeBreach raised $53.5 million; Nexar raised $53 million; EasySend raised $50.5 million; 8fig raised $50 million; StarkWare raised $50 million; DeepCure raised $40 million; Fyllo raised $40 million; Workiz raised $40 million; Obligo raised $35 million; Zesty raised $35 million; illumigyn raised $33 million; Laminar raised $32 million;





Netta lights up NBA game. Israel’s Eurovision song contest winner Netta Barzilai sang at the L.A. Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors game at the Staples Center on the first night of the Jewish Festival of Lights. After the game, the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles, hosted a candle-lighting ceremony.



Chanukah humor and more. (TY Jacob Richman and EEJH) Funny pictures and jokes related to the Festival of Lights. He has also added 80 links to his useful resources, including Jewish Prayers, Israel Medical, Volunteering in Israel and Maps of Israel. https://jr.co.il/humor/chanuka.htm   https://jr.co.il/links/index.html


World artistic gymnastics medal winner. Israel’s Andrey Medvedev won the bronze medal in the vault event at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Kitakyushu, Japan. Aged 31, he was the oldest competitor in his category. He has now won six medals in international competitions, including two golds.



Just a second. (TY Nevet) Israel’s Lonah Chemtai Salpeter came fifth in the recent London Marathon. She finished the race with a time of 2:18:54, just over a second after the first-place winner.



Cycling over to the President. (TY Sharon) Israeli President Isaac Herzog welcomed Team Israel Start-Up Nation professional cycling team on returning to Israel after a two-year absence because of COVID-19. The cyclists spoke of their season, with 17 victories, including at some of the world's biggest cycling tournaments.






The Festival of Light. Israeli Chanukah highlights included kits sent by Israeli charity Yad Lachim to Jews in Iraq, Yemen, and Kurdistan to enjoy the festival. Also, Israel’s National Library displayed some very rare Chanukah artifacts. And a 700-year-old Chanukah lamp was just excavated in Susya, in the Hebron hills.

https://www.israelhayom.com/2021/11/30/israeli-ngo-sends-hundreds-of-hanukkah-kits-to-jews-in-enemy-arab-states/  https://www.israelhayom.com/2021/12/01/national-library-of-israel-shares-rare-hanukkah-items-with-public-for-first-time/  https://worldisraelnews.com/in-time-for-chanukah-700-year-old-lamp-found-in-hebron-hills/


Chanukah on Jerusalem Streets. (TY Sharon) Jerusalem is always even more beautiful at Chanukah time, when the streets are illuminated with oil lamps. And visitors can experience the Festival of Light on a Chanukah tour. http://rjstreets.com/2021/11/28/jerusalem-lighting-up-for-hanukkah/  



New exhibit at Bible Lands Museum. (TY Sharon) The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem (BLMJ) has opened a new exhibit – “Digging Down: Art of the Pre-Future”. It is a group exhibition of 42 contemporary Israeli artists whose main subject is archaeology: painting, sculpture, photography, video art, and sound.



18 years of Masa journeys. 3,000 young professionals and organizers gathered at Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park to celebrate 18 years since the founding of Masa Israel Journey (see here previously). They participated in community-building workshops to launch Masa Israel’s new year for gap year students, interns and volunteers.



Bible quiz. On the fourth night of Chanukah, Israel’s Education Ministry held the final of the International Bible Quiz for Adults at the Hebrew University. The winners were Israel’s Liron Ben Moshe from Alfei Menashe and Yair Yosef Guggenheim from Karnei Shomron.



More reasons to make Aliyah! Great article advocating immigration to Israel. 10 months’ sunshine; exotic food; vaccination success; Government tax incentives and support for hi-tech training to fill 14,000 vacancies; entrepreneurship programs; demand for English speakers with Western culture experience and more.





In the 28th Nov 21 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·       Two Israeli breakthroughs in cancer research.

·       Two Israeli women “break the glass ceiling” - in innovation and IDF leadership.

·       Two historic events uniting Israel and the UAE.

·       Two more cool Israeli energy-saving innovations.

·       Boost in Israel’s economic ties with Serbia and Morocco.

·       Four more billion-dollar Israeli companies.

·       Israeli wins at the Emmy awards and in the World jiu-jitsu championships.

·       Two major Temple-era archaeological discoveries in Jerusalem


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Silencing tumor communications. Researchers at Israel’s Technion Institute have developed a breakthrough cancer treatment by injecting analgesic nanoparticles into the bloodstream. These anaesthetize the nerves inside the tumors, shutting down communications between them, thus inhibiting tumor growth and spread.




Immunotherapy dose reduced by a million. The NanoGhost cancer treatment targeted delivery mechanism developed by scientists at Israel’s Technion Institute is truly revolutionary (see here previously).  It enables the dose of existing immunotherapies (e.g., TRAIL) to be reduced by a millionfold, to prevent toxic side effects.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/immunotherapy-drug-now-works-with-a-millionth-of-a-dose-thanks-to-israeli-tech/   https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/adfm.202105701


Insulin pump gets attention. Israel’s Triple Jump is developing a unique small insulin pump patch that is placed on the patient’s body. The patch has mobile connectivity capabilities and will be included in a future artificial pancreas system. The device has attracted interest from medical devices giant Medtronic.




Diabetes cured – in mice. Researchers at Israel’s Technion Institute genetically modified muscle stem cells from diabetic mice to express high levels of GLUT4 molecules, which transport glucose in the body. When re-implanted into the mice, it reduced blood sugar levels by an average of 26% and lowered levels of fatty liver.




Hospital to launch neurology startups. Tel Aviv’s Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center and Ra’anana’s Sanara Ventures are partnering to turn ideas and projects developed in the neurology department into groundbreaking projects in the fields of digital health and neurology. These include brain diseases, strokes and sleep disorders.



An Israeli medical hub in New Jersey. Israel’s Sheba Medical Center is partnering the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey to develop Liberty ARC HealthSpace2030 - a high-tech hospital simulation hub on at Jersey City’s SciTech Scity innovation campus. It will focus on digital health and home healthcare solutions.



Keeping employees healthy. Israel’s Insurights has developed an AI platform to help employees utilize their health benefits. It answers questions, highlights preventive care benefits, and finds lower-cost providers. Its key feature is Zoe, a “Virtual Chief Health Officer,” who can analyze any insurer’s healthcare plan.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3920525,00.html  https://www.insurights.com/


Networking for patients. Israel’s Alike.Health connects patients with a similar medical condition at various stages of treatment or illness, allowing them to learn from each other about ways to cope. The startup has just been selected to join the “Google for Startups Accelerator”, Google’s 3-month mentoring program.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3921201,00.html  https://www.alike.health/


It’s never too late. A 102-year-old woman has become the first Israeli to undergo cryoablation (freezing) treatment for breast cancer developed by Israel’s IceCure (see here previously). The usual surgical solution was not an option for her, as a previous heart catheterization meant that an operation was too risky.






Israeli woman is top innovator. World Biz Magazine has chosen Israel’s Hamutal Yitzhak, CEO of Else Nutrition (see here previously) as No. 1 (of 40,000+ entries) on their list of “Top 100 Innovation CEO” awards for 2021. Shahar Fogel, CEO of Israel’s Rookout (see here previously), was also included in the top 100.



Israel’s top female General. Brigadier General Orly Markman has been named as head of the IDF’s court of appeals. She will be promoted to Major General, becoming only the third Israeli woman to ever receive the rank.  Israel’s first female Major General, Orna Barbivai, is now Israel’s Minister of the Economy.



IDF Chief praises Specials. IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi gave an inspiring speech at Special in Uniform’s annual benefit for IDF soldiers with disabilities. He stated, “You are blessed in the IDF, you are essential to the IDF, and you are wanted by the IDF!”. Some 750 young “specials” perform important work at 60 IDF bases.



Ultra-orthodox site spreads cancer awareness. Throughout last month, Israel’s largest ultra-Orthodox news site, Kikar HaShabbat, colored its logo pink and wrote that it was doing so to give public expression to October being breast cancer awareness month.  



4 Israeli universities in top 50 entrepreneurs list. Four Israeli universities were listed in PitchBook’s 2021 ranking of 50 leading undergraduate programs that produce the most VC-backed entrepreneurs. Tel Aviv Uni was 8th, Technion Institute (12th), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (31), and Ben-Gurion University (44).



Outstanding entrepreneurs. The Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers recently awarded the title of “Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Center” to the Innovation Centers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev - the first ever such award for institutions outside of the US.

https://jewishbusinessnews.com/2021/10/25/israel-won-worlds-most-prestigious-awards-for-academic-innovation/   https://www.cfhu.org/news/asper-huji-innovate-wins-prestigious-international-prize/


Resurrecting New York. Some 400 people attended a ”Unicorn party”, organized by Israel’s Margalit Startup City in Soho, New York. Founder and Executive Chairman Erel Margalit said, “Israeli tech played a significant role in bringing New York back to life.” They included "People who innovate and don't take no for an answer.”



Electricity for water deal with Jordan. The UAE has brokered a “water for solar energy” exchange deal between Israel and Jordan. Jordan will export 600 megawatt of electricity to Israel from a UAE-built solar farm. Israel will export up to 200 million cubic meters of desalinated water to Jordan. The deal was signed in Dubai.




Israeli flag raised at UAE presidential palace. (TY David O) In a historic ceremony, the Israeli flag was hoisted and the Israeli national anthem Hatikva was played for the first time at the Qasr Al Watan Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi. It marked the inauguration of Amir Hayek - the Israeli Ambassador to the UAE.




Aiming for the Moon, with the UAE. The United Arab Emirates signaled its interest in joint space missions with Israel back in Dec 2020 (see here). This has now been formalized in an agreement to work together on a number of space projects, including a joint launch of the “Beresheet 2” space mission to the moon.







Promoting innovation. Israel’s Innovation Authority (IIA) is investing around NIS 220 million over 3 years in four new technology consortiums. They focus on cultivated meat, insect farming, human-robot interface, and fluid sampling focused medical diagnosis. IIA CEO Dror Bin praised Israeli tech as “magic”.




Cyber training for religious graduates. The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) has launched Cyber Elite 2.0, a program that provides cybersecurity training for orthodox and ultra-orthodox computer graduates. It aims to supply Israel’s high-tech and defense industries with newly skilled employees to meet its talent shortage.



Protection against ransomware attacks. Israel’s Cymptom protects businesses and lifesaving networks at hospitals, against cyber threats. Its software monitors, prioritizes the risks and recommends how to address them in real time. Cymptom was named Cybersecurity Best Product at the 2021 Global InfoSec Awards.

https://www.timesofisrael.com/spotlight/securing-hospitals-and-other-vital-systems-against-the-next-ransomware-attack/  https://www.israelhayom.com/2021/05/18/israels-cymptom-named-cybersecurity-best-product-at-global-infosec-awards/


See through walls from afar. Israel’s Camero-Tech has developed technology that can “see through walls” at long-range. The Xaver™ LR40 (XLR40) portable system can detect, in real time, live objects hidden behind walls from over 50 meters away. Besides security applications, it is relevant for search-and-rescue operations.

https://www.jpost.com/opinion/new-israeli-tech-that-can-see-through-walls-to-be-unveiled-at-paris-military-expo-681612   https://camero-tech.com/


New lightweight communications satellite. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) revealed its new GEO Mini Communication Satellite at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) expo in Dubai. It weighs only 700 kg, so can be launched together in rideshares with other satellites, significantly reducing launch costs.



Safer public transportation. Israel’s Optibus (see here previously) has partnered with Israel’s GreenRoad (see here previously) to increase passenger safety and comfort. They aim to use historical road safety data (e.g. road and ride quality, collisions, injuries, and driver behavior) early in the transportation network planning stage.



Eco-friendly cooling. Israel’s NAM Technology has developed Ecokor - a new cooling system that saves up to 40% of electricity consumption and reduces emissions. Its innovative multi-cascade refrigeration works with the latest refrigerants. Ecokor can be installed in factories, warehouses, supermarkets, refrigerated trucks etc.  




Storing green energy. Israel’s Storage Drop has developed a system designed to store renewable energy (e.g. solar) as high-pressure air when the demand for electricity is low, and to convert the compressed air into electrical energy when required. The system is to be installed at the Israeli port of Ashdod.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3919427,00.html   https://storagedrop.co.il/


Boosting crop yields in California. The robotic pollinator from Israel’s Edete Precision Technologies (see here previously) has increased yields by 24%, during a pilot trial at an 82-acre pistachio orchard in Sacramento, California. Edete plans to use the system on thousands of acres during the 2022 blooming season.



Get the best price for a product. Israel’s Karma's has developed an Artificial Intelligent shopping tool that offers consumers a “guaranteed best price” on many e-commerce sites. It features an automatic coupon finder, cash rewards, plus price and inventory tracking.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3919872,00.html  https://www.karmanow.com/





Economy moves forward. Israel’s latest Composite State of the Economy Index returned to pre-Covid levels of increase. It was buoyed by increases in services revenue and services exports. Job vacancies are at a record high, reflecting employers’ desire to expand their operations following the reopening of the economy.



Serbia opens trade office in Jerusalem. Serbia has inaugurated its innovation and trade office in Jerusalem. The office, located in Margalit Startup City Jerusalem, is a sign of burgeoning business ties and designed to enable the countries to fulfill their bilateral economic potential.



More flights to Arab countries. Moroccan national airline Royal Air Maroc is launching direct flights between Casablanca and Tel Aviv 3 days a week, commencing Dec 12. Also, UAE’s largest airline Emirates is starting daily flights between Dubai and Tel Aviv on Dec 6.



Hi-tech data center for Bank of Israel. The Bank of Israel has a new “state of the art” data center. It is fault tolerant, earthquake resilient, and based on energy-saving green technologies.



Deloitte launches 7 more startups. Deloitte has selected seven more Israeli startups for its Launchpad initiative (see here previously). They will be mentored on how to grow their businesses in the US. They are Agora (see here), BlazePod, Craft.io, DigitalOwl, Hyro (see here), IVIX (see here) and SavorEat (see here).


https://www.blazepod.com/  https://craft.io/  https://www.digitalowl.com/


Techstars accelerates. In its fifth year, Techstars Tel Aviv has launched its second 13-week accelerator program of 2021 (see here previously). The 11 Israeli startups are AgadoLive, Binsight, EyeKnow, Insuretax, EZCheck.me, optimusQ, Ovvio, Renbizz. retravel, Sea Analytics and YieldX.   https://www.yieldx.biz/

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3920841,00.html https://www.agadolive.com/ https://www.binsight.ai/ https://ezcheck.me/ https://ovvio.io/ https://optimusq.com/ https://www.insure.tax/ https://www.eyeknow.ai/ https://www.renbizz.com/ https://retravel.io/ https://www.sea-analytics.com/


Checking the state of Continental’s tires. The technology from Israel’s Traffilog (see here previously) will remotely diagnose the condition of truck tires for Continental AG. The German tire giant already has partnerships with several Israeli startups (see here previously).



Doing good while doing well. Israel’s Browzwear (see here previously) has been named one of Fortune Magazine’s Impact20 - companies that generate revenue while offering products or services that have a positive effect on the world. Browzwear’s VSticher 3D prototype software reduces fabric waste in the fashion industry.




Significant exits: Renasas acquired Celeno for $315 million; Medtronic to acquire Triple Jump for $300 million; Slinger acquired PlaySight for $82 million;


4 more Unicorns. Latest Israeli startups to become billion-dollar Unicorns are Celsius Networks (raised $400 million, value $3 billion); Lusha (see here) raised $205 million, value $1.5 billion; Augury (see here) raised $180 million, value $1 billion; OpenWeb (raised $150 million, value $1 billion).




https://celsius.network/  https://www.openweb.com/


Look who is investing in Israel. One of the investors in Israel’s latest $1 billion company OpenWeb is the New York Times, which rarely prints anything complimentary about the Jewish State.



Investment in Israeli startups: Celsius Network raised $400 million; Lusha raised $205 million; Fabric raised $200 million; Augury raised $180 million; OpenWeb raised $150 million; DustPhotonics raised $33 million; Backbox raised $32 million; Tactile Mobility raised $27 million; OurCrowd raised $25 million; Deci raised $21 million; Autofleet raised $20 million; Piiano raised $9 million; Bites raised $5 million;





Travel to Israel is back. Tourists can now return to Israel and here are 25 places to visit free of charge.



Israeli drama wins an Emmy.  The thriller “Teheran”, produced by Israel’s Kan public broadcaster, won Best Drama Series at the prestigious 2021 International Emmy Awards. The show streams on Apple TV+ and the cast and crew includes Israelis and Iranians. The second season of the series is currently in production.



A very good read. If you haven’t yet read Israeli American actor and producer Noa Tishby’s new book, please try to obtain a copy of “Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth.”.



HBO features NBA star’s journey to Judaism. A new episode of HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” focused on Amar’e Stoudemire and his transformation from NBA star to Israeli citizen to Orthodox Jew..



Making a splash. The Wingate Institute in Netanya, Israel was the venue for the FINA Women’s Water Polo World Junior Championships. Israel finished the competition in a creditable 7th place overall.




World champion at Jiu-Jitsu. Israel’s Amit Burstein, 17, won the Jiu-Jitsu World Cadet Championships in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In 2019, Israel’s 21-year-old Nimrod Ryder won the gold medal in the Under 77kg adult category (see here previously). An application has recently been made to make Jiu-Jitsu into an Olympic sport.






Is this the “lost” Temple balsam? Archeologists found a 2000-year-old amethyst seal under the Pilgrimage Road in Jerusalem. It is inscribed with a bird and a branch of a plant identical to the persimmon plant grown at the Balm of Gilead farm., The farm reproduces the balsam balm, as was used in the 1st and 2nd Temples. 





Silver shekel from Roman revolt found in Jerusalem. (TY WIN) An 11-year-old Israeli girl found a 2,000-year-old shekel of pure silver whilst sifting dirt excavated from under the Pilgrimage Road in the City of David. Inscribed Shin Bet (2nd year) it was minted by Jews during the Great Revolt against Rome around 67-68 CE.




Happy Israelis and why not? (TY Stuart Palmer) In Israel, in spite of all the challenges, the level of happiness is higher than Canada, UK and USA. GDP per capita in 2009 was $27,733; in 2020 $43,610 - one of the fastest rates of economic growth in the developed world.   https://tinyurl.com/2mdv63hp


See our olive trees grow. In 2019, my wife and I helped plant 1,000 olive trees near Yavniel in the Galilee.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-xPCfnxfi4 https://www.buyapieceofisrael.com/agriculture-yavniel/  




In the 21st Nov 21 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·       Breakthrough Israeli-led research has located multiple weaknesses in cancer cells.

·       Tel Aviv University is ranked world’s fifth best for entrepreneurship.

·       Four Israeli products in TIME Magazine’s best inventions for 2021.

·       Three major solar energy success stories.

·       Record month for investment in Israeli startups.

·       Gold medals for two Israeli judokas.

·       Bar and Bat Mitvah celebration for 700 Israeli orphans.


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Targeting cancer hotspots. A team of researchers, led by Israel’s Weizmann Institute, used algorithms to find neoantigens - “hot spots” on tumors - that provide access to current immunotherapies for multiple cancer patients. The scientists then engineered T cells from healthy individuals to completely destroy the tumors.

https://www.jpost.com/health-and-wellness/new-israeli-cancer-study-leads-to-possible-breakthrough-in-immunotherapy-682152   https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/315059

https://www.jci.org/articles/view/129466   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLbQwKHpLF0


App lowers blood pressure. A 3-year study of the digital health app from Israel’s Hello Heart (see here previously) shows that over 84% of participants with stage II hypertension achieved a reduction in their systolic blood pressure. It was the largest multi-year efficacy study of a digital therapeutic to control hypertension.




11 more projects for precision medical research. 11 new projects have been granted a total of NIS 32 million in the 4th annual round of the Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (see here previously). They include AI for cancer and Crohn’s, discovery of new disease genes, and treatments for rare disorders.



New AI innovation lab for personalized treatment. Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck and Teva have opened AION Labs - a new Israeli innovation lab for startups to develop cutting-edge AI-based technologies for personalized treatments. Startups will use computational biology to discover and develop patient-centric precision medicines.




Testing new treatments for safety. Israel’s Quris has launched a “patient on a chip” - the world’s first AI platform for predicting which candidate medicines will work safely in humans. Quris’s leadership team includes Israel’s Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover and Dr. Robert S. Langer, co-founder of Moderna.




Roche partners Ibex for AI cancer detection. Roche has entered an agreement with Israel’s Ibex Medical Analytics to jointly develop an embedded image analysis workflow. It will allow pathologists to check biopsies using Roche's NAVIFY & uPath software while seamlessly accessing Ibex’s AI algorithms, insights, and tools.




Hospital counters obesity with computer game. Israel’s Sheba Medical Center has launched a smartphone gaming-based program to help overweight children adopt a healthier lifestyle. They are using the Rumble app from Israel’s UVTAL (see here previously), and a smartwatch to monitor sleep, heart rate and physical activity.



A faster Aliyah for medical professionals. A new Israeli government program will speed and support the Aliyah process for Jewish health professionals. It will benefit some 3,000 Jews, mainly from the former Soviet Union, the US, Canada, France and Argentina and overcome the shortage evident during the Covid pandemic.




Surgeons rebuild soldier’s shattered face. Two weeks after an IDF captain was shot in the head, surgeons at Rambam Hospital used 3D technology to rebuild his face. A bullet hit the officer near his brain, eyes, and tongue, shattering his jaw. But with the exception of some scarring, it will soon be completely restored.



Magician saves choking baby. United Hatzalah’s Aharon HaKosem, “the magician” works performing magic shows in Hod Hasharon. In his unpaid work as a volunteer EMT, he was called to save a choking baby. After back blows and chest compressions, “abracadabra” - the infant spat out a small object and re-started breathing.   






Global network for Israeli businesswomen. (TY Robert) Orly Carmon, head of Canada’s Orca Global Leadership and Networking, has established a network of 31,000 Israeli business or professional women across the world. Members connect socially and professionally, while Orca also offers development training courses.



First woman to head elite Navy defense unit. Captain Ophir Huri is the first-ever female commander of the Israeli navy's Northern Snapir unit. The unit, of which 40% are women, is responsible for securing Israeli civilian and military ports and protecting them from threats on land, sea. underwater and from the air.



Welcome to the Kotel. A delegation of nine Bahrainis, in traditional dress recently visited the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem. They recited prayers and left notes in the wall.  Jews, both young and old, embraced the Bahraini visitors, with some greeting the guests in Arabic.  (See some of the unique photos.)



Coronavirus aid to Romania. Israel has sent 40 oxygen concentrators to Romania, which is confronting its worst wave of Covid-19 infections since the pandemic started nearly two years ago. The devices were made possible with help from AFI Europe Romania and Israel’s Elbit Systems.



More water to Jordan. Israel is to double, to 50 million cubic meters, the amount of freshwater it provides to neighboring Jordan, one of the world’s most water-deficient countries.



The Cherokee stand with Israel. The Tribal Council of the Northeast Alabama Cherokee has recognized the “sovereign Jewish nation” of Israel, with Jerusalem as its “eternal undivided capital.” They expressed solidarity with the Jewish community and compared the Jewish experience with that of native tribes in North America.




Israel mediates in Sudan. Sudanese media have reported that an Israeli delegation that visited Sudan recently mediated between military leader Al-Burhan and ousted Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok.



World class entrepreneurs. Tel Aviv University was ranked fifth in the world in the 2021 ranking of Startup Genome - a world-leading innovation policy advisory and research firm. TAU was the only non-US university in the top 10. It followed Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, and Harvard. 1,300 TAU alumni have founded startups.




From the Moon to cancer detection. Yonatan Winetraub was one of the three Israelis who initiated SpaceIL’s project to send an Israeli spacecraft to the Moon. He has just won an Early Independence Award and funds from US National Institutes of Health to detect cancer without biopsies, using optical coherence tomography (OCT).






The best inventions of 2021. (TY UWI) Four Israeli inventions feature in TIME magazine’s 100 Best Inventions for 2021. They are OrCam’s Read (text to audio), Percepto’s AIM (drone software), SupPlant’s plant irrigation sensors, and ElectReon smart road. All have been featured previously in this newsletter.



Intel launches Alder Lake. As previously predicted here, Intel has finally launched its Israeli-developed Alder Lake microchips, including its best gaming processor the Core 19 12900K. Intel say it is its most ambitious project in the last decade, with 1,000 Israelis working for three years on the entire processor lineup.




The largest solar field in the US. (TY WIN) Israel’s Doral Energy (see here previously) is building what will become the largest solar field in the United States. Indiana’s Mammoth Project will ultimately produce 1.3 gigawatts of electricity – sufficient to power over one hundred and seventy thousand households.



Israel’s largest floating PV field. Israel’s Shikun & Binui Energy (see here previously) and the Hof Harcarmel Water Association have inaugurated Israel's largest floating photovoltaic (PV) solar energy field. The 51,500 panels cover 112+ acres of the Habonim reservoir and can produce 23 megawatts of electricity.




Cooling without electricity. Israel’s SolCold (see here previously) has developed paint that uses solar energy to trigger a cooling process without air-conditioners. Its eco-friendly double-layered coating absorbs the sun’s heat and re-emits it as cold. Each coat lasts up to 15 years and can be applied almost anywhere.

https://jewishbusinessnews.com/2021/10/18/israeli-startup-socold-turns-suns-rays-into-electricity-free-cool-air-conditioning/   https://solcold.co/


Recycling buildings. Israel’s female led Criaterra creates sustainable building materials to build office and residential buildings that can be recycled and later even reused. Their production emits only 20% of CO2 and some 10% of energy, compared to standard products. Their thermal insulation is 600% better.


https://www.criaterra.com/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf36Q_LONPM


Emergency communications network. Israel’s Commtact has unveiled a real-time wireless communications network for first responders. CommNet is also designed for large events and command-and-control center teams. The software-defined radios operate in rugged conditions over a wide range of radio frequencies.




Israel to import tech workers. Israel is to allow foreign students studying engineering subjects in Israel to receive a visa to continue working here. Also, foreign tech experts will be granted visas, in order to meet the government's target of 15% of Israel's work force employed in the tech sector by 2026.



Vertical take-off air taxi is revealed. After four years of operating in secret, the Israeli startup AIR (see here previously) has unveiled its AIR ONE electric vertical takeoff and landing self-driving vehicle. The two-seater plane will have a range of 100 miles and a maximum speed of 155 mph. Production target is 2024.



Israel approves air filtration system. Israel’s Ministry of Health has confirmed that the air filtration system from Israel’s Aura Smart Air successfully neutralizes nearly 100% of Covid-19 viruses in an enclosed space. Aura will now market the system to Israeli institutions, especially in the health and education sectors.



Sushi beer & ice cream by air. The Israel National Drone Network Initiative (see here previously) entered its 3rd phase (of eight) with drones delivering sushi, beer and ice cream orders to the waiting media. The 10-day demonstration tested drone flights above urban areas in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Ramat Sharon, Herzliya and Hadera.



Non-stop checkout in central London. Israel’s Trigo (see here previously) is powering the first autonomous checkout-free grocery store. Tesco Express in High Holborn central London has ceiling cameras that customers to take items and walk out without stopping at the checkout. Payments and receipts are settled digitally.



FoodTech winner. Israel’s ProFuse Technology won FoodTech 2021 using Israel’s Weizmann Institute’s technology to accelerate the growth of cultured meat cells. ProFuse will receive up to $100,000 for commercial integration with Tnuva, or as an investment, and up to NIS 50,000 for advertising on Calcalist Digital.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3920540,00.html  https://profuse-tech.com/


A grateful Jerusalem garbage can. A garbage bin installed next to a bus stop in Jerusalem applauds those who use it. Drop a piece of trash in, and a recording of a child’s voice says, “Thank you very much!”. It’s part of an initiative by local residents to clean up the streets in the Pat neighborhood of the city.  It is silent on Shabbat.






Investors keep coming. Israeli tech firms have raised a staggering $17.8b so far this year - almost double the total for the same period last year, and over 70% more than for the whole of 2020.  October’s $3 billion investments were an all-time record.




Deficit reduced. Israel’s cumulative fiscal deficit for the twelve months to the end of October 2021 narrowed to NIS 47.1 billion.  It represents 5.5% of GDP, which is far less than the 7.2% at the end of September.



Oracle opens huge data center. Tech giant Oracle has inaugurated its new data center in Jerusalem, which will function as a cloud provider for Israeli clients.  The facility covers thousands of square meters, over four floors and over 50 meters underground. Oracle also announced plans to launch a second Israeli data center.



7-Eleven, but not on Shabbat. US mega-chain 7-Eleven is to open hundreds of Israeli stores. However, unlike other locations, they will be closed on Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, from Friday evening until Saturday night. Local company Electra will invest NIS 60 million in setting up the stores over the next three years.



New Unicorns. Israel’s Hibob (see here previously), the company behind human resources management platform 'bob', is raising $150 million at a $1.65 billion valuation. Meanwhile Israeli biotech startup Immunai (see here previously) has raised $215 million at a valuation of just over $1 billion.



Investment in Israeli startups: Deel raised $425 million; TripActions raised $275 million; Wiz raised $250 million; Immunai raised $215 million; Cato Networks raised $200 million; Hibob raised $150 million;  Hailo raised $136 million;  Arbe Robotics raised $118 million (IPO); SeaLights raised $30 million; Karma raised $25 million; Insurights raised $22 million; Metrolink raised $22 million; At-Bay raised $20 million; Navina raised $15 million; Better Health raised $10 million; Quris raised $9 million; Valence Security raised $7 million; Futora raised $6 million; X-trodes raised $4.5 million; LetsTok raised $1.5 million;





Enjoying a return to life in Jerusalem. (TY Sharon) People are slowly coming back onto the Jerusalem streets, like bears emerging slowly from hibernation, lumbering up from deep in their caves. What a pleasure it is to reunite and speak to people in real life, rather than via a computer screen.



Useful links. Jacob Richman has created a web page of 130 useful links about English news, Hebrew news,

Hebrew radio, Jewish resources, Hebrew resources, Internet resources, social networks, Israel business,

Israel shopping and Jerusalem.  https://jr.co.il/links/index.html  


Israeli judokas strike gold. Israeli women judokas won two gold medals and a bronze at the Paris Grand Slam, finishing 3rd of the 45 nations in the medals table. Gefen Primo won the gold medal in the under-52 kg category. Raz Hershko won gold in the +78kg category. Inbar Lanir won bronze in the -78kg category.







World’s largest Byzantine winepresses. A huge complex of 1,500-year-old winepresses has been uncovered by archaeologists in the city of Yavne, south of Tel Aviv. The 4th-5th century CE facility could produce some two million liters of wine a year and is the largest known example from the period.



14th century hand-painted scroll of ancient Israel. The Israel Museum has unveiled the Florence Scroll. The 11-meter hand-painted 14th century parchment is the focus of “Painting a Pilgrimage,” an exhibit depicting the earliest known visual travelogue to the Land of Israel by a medieval Egyptian Jew from Cairo.



Crusader relics. An ancient Crusader encampment has been uncovered in the area of the Tzipori Springs in the Galilee. Also, an Israeli scuba diver found a meter-long Crusader sword on the seabed off the Carmel Coast. The Crusaders initiated several military campaigns in the Middle East between the 11th and 13th centuries.




Israel marks Aliya Day. (TY Sharon) 13th Oct was Aliyah Day and the number of new Olim (immigrants to Israel) from North America are on track to top 4,500 in 2021 - the highest in 20 years. Most new arrivals are coming from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida and California.




235 Bnei Menashe arrive. 235 new immigrants from the Bnei Menashe community in Manipur, Northeast India landed in Israel on Aliyah Day. More than 4,000 Bnei Menashe already live in Israel. They claim descent from one of the ten Lost Tribes of Israel that was exiled by the Assyrian Empire more than 27 centuries ago.




Bereaved children celebrate Bar & Bat Mitzvot. Over 700 children, who had lost a parent to illness or other tragedy, celebrated their Jewish religious “coming of age” together. The event at the Superland amusement park in Rishon Lezion included Jewish arts & crafts, rides, food, and a concert by Israeli pop star Eden Hasson.



National exhibit of “secret” Jewish genius. The National Library of Israel is to display the notebooks of “Mr. Shushani,” or “Monsieur Chouchani,” who taught Elie Wiesel and the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas. He had a photographic memory of the Bible and Talmud and traveled the world while keeping his real identity secret.



Nothing’s going to stop us. After delays due to Covid, Roni and Svetlana finally arranged their wedding date. But then Roni was suddenly rushed to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon on suspicion of having had a stroke. Rather than postpone their wedding again, they decided to get married in the yard of the neurology department.



Late delivery. 56 letters penned by a fretting wife to her husband on the frontline, during the Yom Kippur War have finally been delivered, 48 years after they were mailed to him. They eventually reached Baruch “Buki” Snir, who had endured three months of war without hearing a word from his wife.





In the 7th Nov 21 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:


·       A new Israeli-developed cancer treatment has just been approved.

·       Nearly half of all Israeli medical professionals are Arab.

·       An Israeli system is monitoring the world’s largest network of beehives.

·       Nearly all top Fortune 100 companies use an Israeli tech review site.

·       Israel shines in Glasgow and Dubai.

·       An Israeli gold medal at the European swimming championships.

·       Israeli archeologists discover some unique ancient artifacts.


·       Click here to see the 17th Oct newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, San Diego Jewish World and United With Israel.  Also (TY Sandra) in German here and (TY Stuart Palmer) here.  Also (TY Zachy) in Hebrew here. Please pass on those links to German and Hebrew-speaking contacts. Also (TY Esty) please visit the https://www.facebook.com/verygoodnewsIL Facebook page.


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Coronavirus news. Less than 6,400 Israelis now have the coronavirus, with just 178 serious cases. Also, an Israeli study shows Vitamin D deficient Covid-19 patients are 14 times more likely to be seriously or critically ill. Finally, Oramed’s oral vaccine has been cleared to begin Phase 1 clinical trials in South Africa.





Cancer treatment approved. (TY Hazel) The US FDA has approved Doxorubicin-HCI Liposomal Injection from Israel’s Ayana for the treatment of ovarian cancer, multiple myeloma, and Kaposi’s Sarcoma. The novel chemotherapy was developed by Hebrew University professor Yechezkel Barenholz (see here and here).



The digestive effects of sugar substitutes. Scientists at Israel’s Ben Gurion University have found saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose disrupt the mechanism that gut bacteria use to keep us well. Acesulfame potassium (Ace-K), advantame, and neotame did not have this effect. The results have relevance for obesity and diabetes.





Everything through your eyes. (TY JBN) Israel’s Beyeonics (see here previously) has raised $36 million to enhance the development of its products. Beyeonics Surgical is focused on Neurosurgery and Orthopedics products. Beyeonics Vision’s One is a visual reality surgical microscope for cataract and retina surgeries.




Mapping the nerves in the brain. Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists used the 140-year-old Nissi staining technique to reveal fiber pathways in the brain’s white matter. They found that previously ignored glial (glue) cells are arranged in short rows that align with the nerve cells. It will help the study of brain diseases.




Electrotherapy for pain and inflammation. Israeli startup Healables is developing wearable devices for the “electroceutical” treatment of pain and inflammation in the arms and legs. ElectroGear is for athletes, to be sold via sports professionals, and a medical model will be available by prescription, pending regulatory approval.



Brain stimulation for the elderly. Israeli and US researchers have discovered that gentle stimulation of part of the brain improves the ability of seniors to perform multiple tasks. The study of 57 subjects aged over 70 improved simultaneous walking and talking, thus reducing their risk of having a fall.




Monitoring patients across the US. Israel’s DarioHealth (see here previously) is to provide remote patient monitoring services to one of the largest providers in Hawaii. It also has won a contract with a primary care system in Atlanta Georgia with multiple locations. All these patients live with diabetes and/or hypertension.



Arab mother and baby saved. In August, the Galilee Medical Center delivered a baby at 35 weeks when his unvaccinated Arab mother, Mira, suffered respiratory failure and pneumonia from Covid-19. After months of treatment and rehabilitation, Mira has just been discharged, thanking staff for two gifts - her life and her baby.






Guarding our beautiful Land. Young Nigerian-Israeli Sharona Shnayder is founder and CEO of Tuesdays for Trash, which encourages people to convene on a weekly basis to clean public spaces of discarded trash. It now operates in 23 countries. In 2020, Sharona interned at Israeli recycling company UBQ during a Masa program.



Helping single mothers re-enter the jobs market. Israeli NGO ‘itworks’ has partnered the Jerusalem-based Yedidut Toronto Foundation to help find jobs for the estimated 20,000 single mothers who were placed on unpaid leave by their employers when the first wave of COVID hit Israel.



Nearly half of Israeli medics are Arab. (TY Hazel) Israel’s Health Ministry reports that Arabs and Druze constituted 20% of Israel’s population but 46% of all Israel’s medical licenses. They also comprise 50% of new nurses, 53% of dentists and 57% of pharmacists. Arab doctor numbers have increased fourfold from 2000.



Arab Muslim female head of surgery. (TY Mickey) Dr. Marian Khatib has been appointed the director of the Breast Surgery Center at Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center. She is the first Arab breast surgeon in the country. Khatib said being an Arab woman from a conservative Muslim society has never been a barrier.



Bedouin honored. More than 600 Bedouin Israelis enlisted in the IDF in the past year. The details were announced during “Alliance of Brothers” - a ceremony to honor Bedouin contributions to the security forces.



Blind Arabs employed in Jerusalem. (TY WIN & I24 News) The Arab Blind Association is the first collective of its kind in the Middle East. Dozens of blind Arabs have obtained valued work making high-quality brooms. The concept has been spread across the Arab world, to Iraq, the UAE, and Egypt.



First EgyptAir arrival. History was made with the arrival at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport of the first official direct flight from Cairo by Egypt’s national airline EgyptAir.  The airline had previously operated a service, but by its subsidiary Air Sinai, in unmarked planes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2y7VuM2y0M  



Israeli EMT on holiday in Vienna saves a life. Chani, a volunteer paramedic with Israel’s United Hatzalah, was on vacation in Vienna when a woman fell off her electric scooter right in front of her. She didn’t have a helmet and suffered a serious head injury. Chani treated her, both before and after Austrian medics arrived.



Israeli wheelchair stations at UK hospitals. The UK National Health Service is installing wheelchair docking stations from Israel’s Wheelshare (see here previously) at its Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital and North Tyneside General Hospital. The docking stations operate at all hours of the day and are free.



Rescuing female cyclists from Afghanistan. More on IsraAID’s operation to take 57 Afghan women cyclists out of danger from the Taliban in Afghanistan (see last week’s article here and as UWI saw reported on CNN).



Maize irrigation for Kenyan women farmers. (TY JBN) Israel’s SupPlant (see here previously) is bringing its smart irrigation systems to the aid of 500,000 Kenyan smallholder maize farmers – mostly women in Bungoma and Busia. SupPlant aims to help 2 million+ smallholder farmers across Africa and India by 2022.



Israel at COP26. At Glasgow’s UN climate conference Israel’s Prime Minister highlighted that Israel’s innovations can help solve the world’s environmental problems. And Israel’s state comptroller led the meeting of his international counterparts who are tasked with monitoring the actions of their respective governments.







Homeland security projects. The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation is funding two homeland security projects involving Israeli startups. A collision avoidance system for aerial first responders (Israel’s Ciconia) and multimedia emergency call communications (Israel’s Carbyne).



Tel Aviv is on the (electric) road to clean air. Israel’s ElectReon (see here previously) has struck a $9.4 million deal to launch its wireless road-charging infrastructure for powering 200 Dan electric buses in Tel Aviv and in the south of Israel. ElectReon is already piloting its smart road tech in Germany, France, and Belgium.



Accommodation for 1,000 more students. Israel’s Ben Gurion University has opened a 1,000-bed student village in time for the new academic year. The complex includes studio apartments, housing for married students, religious and those with disabilities. They include smart TV, full kitchen, solar water heater and more.



Keeping a “beady” eye on the bees. Israel’s BeeHero (see here previously) has developed low-cost, Internet of Things (IoT) AI sensors, and inserts them into beehives to monitor in-hive changes. In the US, BeeHero implemented the world’s largest network of simultaneously monitored hives over tens of thousands of acres.



We are not cute! Israel’s Unlimited Robotics is developing a service robot for homes, restaurants, gyms, airports, elderly facilities, and practically anywhere that needs assistance. CEO Guy Altagar stated, “Amazon is developing something very cute… We are not in the cute industry. We are the functional, practical industry,”



Cardiac ultrasound study in space. More details about the cardiac study to be conducted by Israeli astronaut Eytan Stibbe in the Rakia mission on the International Space Station. It will test GE Healthcare’s pocket-sized Vscan Air wireless ultrasound with the AI guidance software from Israel’s UltraSight (see here previously).



Developing sustainable solutions. Israel’s NRS Agro Innovation is helping Israel’s Volcani Institute prevent the culling of male chicks (see here previously). It is also working to eradicate salmonella in eggs. An NRS subsidiary, RumenEra, is working to reduce methane emissions from cows and improve land and water usage.



Foldable emergency vehicles. (TY Hazel) Israel’s City Transformer (see here previously) is to provide 1,000 of its electric folding vehicles to emergency NGO United Hatzalah over the next 5 years. It will allow the network of volunteer EMTs to locate a vehicle and use it to respond to medical emergencies.




Timing traffic lights to save fuel. Several Israeli companies are developing smart traffic light systems (see here previously). Now early reports of Google Israel’s four pilots of its AI system pilots in Haifa, Beersheba and the Israel National Roads Company, show a 10-20% reduction in fuel use and delay time at intersections.



Checking your digital identity. Two Israeli companies have been funded by the Israel Innovation Authority to develop solutions to protect systems from unauthorized users. FinCom.Co searches for a person's name in 38 different languages. Scanovate’s facial identity technology extracts text from a picture.


https://scanovate.com/  https://fincom.co/


Happy landings for drones. Israel’s Wonder Robotics is developing a system that supplies autonomous drones with an understanding of their surroundings. It will prevent collisions, negotiate obstacles and avoid unsafe landings.  https://www.israel21c.org/this-startup-will-make-sure-drones-dont-land-on-kids/

https://www.wonderbotics.com  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ebXtw0D9po


Trusted reviews. Israel’s IT Central Station provides a review site for enterprise B2B (Business to Business) technology products, including cybersecurity, DevOps, and IT management. Its 500,000+ registered members include 97 of the Fortune 100 companies and last year the site was accessed by 3.5 million users.

https://www.itcentralstation.com/   https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3919241,00.html






$2.2 billion. Despite the many holidays, Israeli startups raised over $2.2 billion in September. Israeli tech companies have now raised $17.5 billion in the first nine months of 2021, already far above the record $10 billion raised in all of 2020.



$320 million to invest in Israeli startups. Israeli Venture Capital TLV Partners firm has launched its fourth fund to back new Israeli ventures. This latest fund is its largest yet - $220 million, plus an additional $100 million to support some of its 45 existing portfolio hi-tech companies and founders.



Israel showcased in Dubai. (TY UWI) Arabs and Israelis mixed happily together at Expo 2020 in Dubai. Israel's open tent expo pavilion showcased diversity. Also in Dubai, Israeli companies showcased their satellite, camera and space technology at the International Astronautical Congress.





Climate tech startups. 1,200 Israeli companies are working in “PLANETech” - which covers ag-tech, food-tech, water-tech, and clean-tech – including over half since the year 2000. Israeli focus is on clean energy, smart agriculture, and sustainable mobility. The rapid growth areas are alternative proteins and green construction.



Amazon boost for Israeli shoppers. Online retail giant Amazon has re-introduced free delivery to Israel on many items at the low threshold of $49.  They also allow Israelis to split up multiple purchases into separate packages, to avoid paying the VAT that the Israeli tax authority imposes on orders over $75.



Investment in Israeli startups: Neuroblade raises $83 million; Aquant raised $70 million; Beyeonics raised $36 million; Adaptive Shield raised $30 million; Duality Technologies raised $30 million; IT Central Station raised $30 million; WeMatch raised $19.5 million; BeeHero raised $15 million; Voom raised $15 million; Moodify raised $8 million; echo3D raised $4 million;





Jerusalem park protects the climate. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has selected Jerusalem’s Gazelle Valley Park (see here previously) in its top 8 examples for climate protection. The criteria included social needs, biodiversity, adaptable and analytical management, and long-term sustainability.



TAU virtual gala. American Friends of Tel Aviv University held a virtual gala to support the University’s mission to advance the world through innovation, education, and impact. The gala raised over $2 million for initiatives including student scholarships, medical research, and the Center for Combatting Pandemics.



The Jerusalem marathon. (TY Sharon