Israel's Good News Newsletter to 14th Jul 24


In the 14th Jul 24 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·       Miracle Israeli survivor of Nova massacre walks out of hospital.

·       Dog that fled from Hamas attack is now giving therapy to traumatized Israelis.

·       Groundbreaking cell therapy saves limbs and lives.

·       Israeli tech is preventing global money laundering and human trafficking.

·       Israeli robots connect solar farms to agricultural farms.

·       Israeli companies are working on space tech projects for Florida, Japan and Morocco.

·       Israel’s Jewish population continues to grow.


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Wounded paramedic has a strong spirit. Tal, an IDF paramedic was wounded when he went to the aid of a soldier shot by Hezbollah, who subsequently fired an anti-tank missile at him. He is in rehabilitation but has returned to manage the Golani distillery that he and his family own. He is literally keeping up everyone’s spirit!


Miracle survivor leaves hospital after 9 months. Nova victim Sa’ar Ben Sela was almost dead before a Hamas terrorist aimed his gun to finish him off.  But the gun jammed and Sa’ar was eventually brought to Ichilov hospital. After surgery and nine months of recovery, Sa’ar was discharged and walked out of hospital.


A healing trip to Mexico. A group of 30 orphaned Israelis recently returned from a 13-day healing retreat in Mexico. The trip, arranged by Israeli NGO OneFamily and the Jewish community of Mexico City, brought orphans who lost both parents to terrorism (including on Oct 7) along with their adopted families.


Scholarships for Gaza border students. The Russian Jewish Congress and the Center for Jewish Impact have awarded scholarships totaling NIS 430,000 to students at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University residing within 7 km of the Gaza border fence. Many of the students were directly affected by the Oct 7 events.


Global support for Gaza border towns. The Jewish Agency for Israel has launched Communities2Gether, to pair 25 Israeli communities with those around the world. The pairings aim to help rebuild infrastructure, mend social bonds and foster long-lasting connections. The priority is to help everyone to return to their homes.


Released hostage passes IDF training with honors. Noga Weiss, who was released from Hamas captivity in November, has just completed an IDF training course with honors.  She said, “Today I have finished the course and I feel that I have won. I am excited for the future, to feel that I am able to help other soldiers."


The search for Stevie. (TY Yanky) When Rebecca travelled from Tel Aviv to London, she left her dog Stevie with friends in a village 7km from Gaza. On Oct 7, Stevie ran off and went missing for 41 days.  Thanks to two animal charities and posters, Stevie was found and now has a new job comforting human victims of Oct 7.


Israel lives. (TY Joan) Kathleen Hayes writes in the Jewish Journal about her first trip to the Jewish State. In her opening sentence she states, “there’s something almost biblical about the Israeli people. Ever-emerging stories about October 7 continue to awe and humble me.” And afterwards, “they are getting on with living”. 





Preventing loss of limbs. Israel’s BioGenCell (see here previously) is conducting Phase 2 trials of its Tissue Regenerative Activated Cell (TRACT) Therapy. It is preventing amputations at Netanya’s Laniado Medical Center, the US (Yale and Johns Hopkins), Belgium, and Georgia. It is now raising funds for Phase 3 trials.


Preventing clash of medications. A study by Israel’s FeelBetter (see here previously) at Boston’s Mass General Brigham, of its medicine interaction algorithm shows it could reduce hospitalizations by 24%. It has now signed with New Jersey’s Atlantic Health System, which administers to over half a million Americans.


Saving lives in Ohio. (TY Atid-EDI) Cleveland based University Hospitals is deploying the aiOS diagnosis platform from Israel’s Aidoc (see here previously) across 13 of its hospitals and many outpatient locations. All patients undergoing CT scans for injury or pain will be analyzed by aiOS for expected and unusual conditions.


Sealing wounds after heart surgery. EndoRon Medical provides abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) patients undergoing endovascular aneurysm repair with a long-lasting sealing and fixation solution for their endograft.


American Jewish medical professionals see this. (TY Yanky) The American Jewish Medical Association (AJMA) is a non-profit, national organization representing health professionals (doctors, dentists, nurses, and others) who stand strongly with Israel, and promote Jewish values and ethics in medicine. Please join them.


First Aliyah event for South American medics. The inaugural South American MedEx event took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over 60 doctors came from all over Argentina and neighboring Uruguay to be assisted with their Aliyah planning and licensing. (see here for previous MedEx events in Europe and USA).





A new children’s center in Jerusalem. Israeli charity Yad Ezra V’Shulamit has purchased a new building for their Jerusalem Children’s Center. They are renovating it and will soon be able to double to 200 the number of impoverished kids that they can give daily hot lunches, tutoring, therapies, and fun.


Arab Professor wins biomedical prize. Muslim Arab Professor Ashraf Brik of Israel’s Technion Institute was featured here back in 2013. He has just been awarded the 2024 Rappaport Prize for Biomedical Research for his work on protein mechanisms that can lead to treatments for diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s.


Study at the Technion in English. Following Oct 7, many university campuses in the US and UK no longer are safe for Jews. Israel’s Technion Institute enables Jews from around the world to come to Israel to study in English at the undergraduate and graduate level, and to strengthen the ties between Israel and the diaspora.


US-Israel friendship group. Israeli and American political leaders have inaugurated the House-Knesset Parliamentary Friendship Group, the newest body aimed at deepening ties between the two countries. Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana said, the relationship between the two countries "transcends parties and administrations”.


Showcasing the “real” Israel. Philanthropist Sylvan Adams is promoting the “real Israel” to the world. His new business cards say “self-appointed ‘Ambassador of Israel’”. He aims to project Israel to the silent majority who don’t know Israel but get a negative impression from the media. Please forward my newsletter to him.


The world’s smallest underground railway. (TY Yanky) The UK’s Express news site featured Haifa’s 1959 Carmelit subway, the oldest underground transit system in the Middle East and the smallest in the world, having only four cars and six stations for just over 1.1 miles. It descends Mount Carmel – a height of 274 meters.


Combatting money-laundering. (TY OurCrowd) In 2023 Israel’s BioCatch (see here previously) identified and helped banks shut down more than 150,000 mule bank accounts in the Asia-Pacific region. Criminals use mule accounts as intermediate stops between the victim’s account and where they withdraw money from.


Combatting slavery. (TY OurCrowd) Israel’s ThetaRay (see here previously) with global bank Santander, received the “Best Use of Data for Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Detection” award at London’s Digital Transformation Awards. ThetaRay’s system alerted Santander to potential human trafficking networks.


Marching for hostages in NYC. Every Shabbat afternoon since Nov. 4, pro-Israel Manhattan residents have marched for about 45 minutes carrying signs drawing attention to the hostages whom Hamas holds in the Gaza Strip. New York’s Jewish community cannot rest - even on the Day of Rest.





Groundbreaking polymer for 3D printing. (TY OurCrowd) Israel’s Nexa3D (see here previously) has launched Xyon, a groundbreaking carbon-fiber filled plastic 3D printing filament. Xyon is versatile, durable, high performing, and cost-effective, designed for numerous 3D printing applications.


Combating mosquitoes. Israel’s Hebrew University is developing a natural mosquito repellent; it is also using genetics to make sterile male mosquitoes; Haifa University is working to synthesize fish microbiota for use as a mosquito repellent; meanwhile Israel’s Senecio (sterile males, see here previously) is partnering with Rentokil.


Post-grad course in green energy. (TY Atid-EDI) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is launching a new master’s program focused on green energy technology. It will incorporate eco-friendly materials, creating green energy production devices, and tackling challenges in energy storage and management.


Connecting the sun and the soil. Israel’s is developing an AI-powered robotic system for solar farms that incorporate agricultural farms. The robots perform precise spraying, pruning, autonomous picking, and more, alongside automatic control and maintenance of the solar fields.


Enhanced cowpea approved. (TY OurCrowd) Israel’s BetterSeeds (see here previously) has received US Department of Agriculture approval for PeaMAX - its gene-improved cowpea. The new high-protein, hardy variety has a shorter growing season and is easier to harvest. Ideal for summer cultivation by soybean farmers.


Lasers to stop hair loss. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Lumenis (see here previously) has launched FoLix – its FDA-approved breakthrough laser system designed to combat hair loss.  FoLix’s unique technology delivers precise pulses of laser that leverage the body’s natural processes to stimulate hair follicles.


Accident prevention software unveiled. (TY OurCrowd) Israel’s CorrActions (see here previously) has developed AI software that determines a driver’s cognitive state – sleepy, inebriated or simply distracted. Its Driver NeuroMonitoring (brain analysis) System integrates with motion sensors in the steering wheel, seats etc.


Empowering the deaf to use the phone. Israeli-founded Nagish allows the deaf to talk on the phone. The solution uses AI to enable real-time transcription, adjustment of the text display to the user's needs, and an intuitive interface. There are about one billion hearing impaired people worldwide.





$220 million to focus on Israeli startups. European venture capital firm Forestay Capital has closed its second fund at $220 million, with a key focus to invest in Israeli startups and help them expand in Europe. Forestay said, “… we will continue to support Israeli tech innovation in the enterprise AI space for the long run.”


Meta accelerates Israeli AI startups. Meta is launching AI Accelerator TLV to boost the potential of early-stage Israeli startups with a focus on AI capabilities and products. 10 startups will be selected for the 15-session program, which will run from Sep to Dec 2024. They will be supported by Meta’s AI Research Lab.


Space tech. Space Florida, the state’s aerospace finance and development authority, and the Israel Innovation Authority are funding joint space-tech projects involving US & Israeli companies. The Israeli startups:- Purammon (hydrogen electrolysis & water purification), StemRad, Novelsat, and Mobility Insight.


Helping Japan cut greenhouse gas emissions. Japanese insurance giant Sompo and Israel’s Momentick (see here previously) will work to cut greenhouse gas emissions from Japanese energy production sources, rigs and gas pipelines. Momentick’s solution identifies and measures greenhouse gas emissions through satellite images.


Billion-dollar deal. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has announced an agreement worth $1 billion over five years with an unnamed third party. (Calcalist states that IAI will supply Morocco with an intelligence satellite.) The company expects completion of the deal by 2029.


Billion-shekel Netanya server farm. A new server farm costing NIS 1.1 billion is being constructed by NED, an Israeli-British partnership in the Poleg Industrial zone of Netanya, Israel. The server farm will extend over 13,500 square meters and is designed to connect to undersea cables that will land in Netanya.


Canada approves muscle toning system. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Sofwave Medical (see here previously) has received approval from Health Canada to commercialize Pure Impact™ utilizing PlyoPulse™ EMS (“Electric Muscle Stimulation”) technology in that region. The system already has US-FDA approval.  


Exits, takeovers & mergers – to 14/7/24: Israel’s 3D print company Nano Dimension has acquired US 3D print company Desktop Metal for $183 million.


Startup investment – to 14/7/24: K Health raised $50 million; Sola Security raised $28 million; Volumez raised another $20 million; Buildots raised $15 million; Nagish raised $16 million; Endoron Medical raised $10 million; Vee raised $7 million; Enso raised $6 million; Dono raised $3.7 million.





See what’s emerged from the ground. The Israel Antiquities Authority is offering limited tours of its new National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel, next to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. When complete, the 36,000 sqm campus will feature galleries, laboratories, display rooms and storage centers. (Hebrew video)


Israeli is world chess champion for the deaf. Rabbi Yehuda Greenfeld has won the title of World Champion for the Deaf in Belgrade. 38 participants from 20 different countries challenged for the title. Competing over 11 rounds, Rabbi Greenfeld secured an impressive nine points, finishing the tournament undefeated.


Dutch soccer fans support Israel. (TY JNS) At Euro 2024, supporters of Holland were very supportive of the Jewish State when they learnt that they were being interviewed by an Israeli. The Netherlands had just beaten Turkey (Turkiye), to the dismay of the Turkish president Erdoğan who was at the match.


Cyclists accelerate. The Israel PremierTech cycling team had more successes in the 2024 Tour de France (see last week’s report here). Pascal Ackermann came 4th in Stage 8, and 3rd in Stage 10. Team member Derek Gee came third in Stage 9 and has moved up from 21st place overall to 9th of the 174 riders.





Returning more “lost” property. IDF soldiers have found menorahs, Seder plates, and even challah boards in their battles across the Gaza Strip. The items of Judaica had to have been stolen by Gazans either on Oct 7 or previously. The IDF has posted photos of the objects on Facebook and other media to locate their owners.  


Preserving our heritage. Yad Vashem has inaugurated its Holocaust Heritage Campus, featuring the state-of-the-art Collections Repository. Stretching over 63,000 feet, the new center houses millions of documents, pictures, testimonies, and pieces of art collected by the museum since its founding.


So much happens in Jerusalem. (TY Sharon) As you would expect of Israel’s capital, it is at the center of events in the Jewish State. The Pulse of Israel Conference; the launch of the Knesset–House Parliamentary Friendship Group; July 4th (Entebbe Day); reunions and school holiday events.


Go fourth and multiply. (TY UWI) A 35-year-old Israeli mother of two gave birth to quadruplets at Israel’s Beilinson Medical Center. The two boys and two girls weighed between 2.95 to 3.57 pounds. Naturally conceived quads occur globally only once in every 720,000 births - in Israel an average of once in four years.


Huge increase in Aliyah. 2,000 new immigrants are arriving or have arrived on 14 summer Aliyah group flights from Jun to Sep 2024. Nearly 1,800 North Americans made Aliyah with Nefesh b’Nefesh since Oct 7 with over 10,000 new requests received – a huge 76% increase compared to the same period last year.


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