History of Israel's Good News - Jan to Mar 16


In the 27th Mar 16 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         An Israeli treatment for a fatal heart condition was successfully tested.
·         Israel is responsible for over a quarter of all medical innovations.
·         Six African countries have asked Israel to help them combat terrorism.
·         An Israeli has designed a wheelchair that can push a baby stroller.
·         Two major Israeli bio-techs list on USA and Canadian stock exchanges.
·         Two Israelis won World Ju-Jitsu gold medals.
·         19 Jews and a 500-year-old Torah scroll were rescued from Yemen.

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Treatment for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.  (TY Dan) Israeli startup SoniVie has a novel system for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, a progressive and fatal illness with no current cure. SoniVie has just successfully completed the first two procedures for its First In Human (FIH) multi-center clinical trial.

US approval for airway ventilation system.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Hospitech Respiration has received US FDA clearance for its AnapnoGuard 100 intubation system.  AnapnoGuard is already CE2 cleared.  More than 100 million patients annually require manual ventilation - the largest reason for admission into intensive care.

Diagnosing Dry Eye syndrome.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s BioLight Life Sciences has completed a successful U.S. clinical study designed to assess the effectiveness of its TeaRx multi-assay test in evaluating tears’ components of patients suffering from dry eye syndrome (DES) as well as those of healthy subjects.

Diagnosing thyroid cancer.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Rosetta Genomics has announced that its RosettaGX Reveal diagnostic test for thyroid cancer is now approved for use in all 50 US states. 

The potential to save millions of lives.  Israel’s MobileODT demonstrated its life-saving smartphone technology to detect cervical cancer at the Innovation Showcase at this year’s AIPAC Conference.  Launched only last May it has been used 6000 times in 20 countries.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3Cg4snYV6g

How to cope with stress.  Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed tests to highlight the different rates people recover from stress.  The study can help individuals to train themselves to relax.  It also may lead to a blood test that can diagnose undue stress and help with the recovery process.

Preventing hospital readmissions.  A study by Israel’s EarlySense has shown that the unresolved respiratory problems of heart patients was the most significant cause of their readmission to hospital.  EarlySense’s “under the mattress” device monitors a patient’s breathing amongst many other factors.

New life for Gaza boy.  (TY Hazel) 13 year-old Mohammed Abu Jazer from Gaza got a new lease on life when surgeons from Israel’s voluntary humanitarian organization Save a Child's Heart in Holon implanted an Israeli pulmonary valve. The Medronic Melody device will improve blood flow and help him avoid future surgeries. 

One in four medical innovations has Israeli roots.  (TY Dan & Hazel) Ruti Alon, co-chairman of this year’s IATI-Biomed Conference, highlighted that Israeli research is present in between 25% and 28% of the world’s successful biotech-based solutions.  E.g. Exelon for Alzheimer’s, Doxil for cancer and Copaxone for Multiple Sclerosis.  http://www.timesofisrael.com/one-in-four-life-science-innovations-has-israeli-roots-says-expert/


Everyone has the right to trek.  Israel’s Paratrek organizes hiking trips and outdoor adventures for the physically challenged and impaired using chairs with oversize wheels, mountain bike tires and a harness that allows them to be pulled like a rickshaw. Paratrek’s slogan is “Where there's a wheel, there's a way!”

Developing for the disabled.  Jerusalem’s Alyn Hospital, Israel’s biggest rehabilitation center for physically challenged youngsters, aims to become the world’s first full-time “maker lab” to develop projects to help the disabled. Alyn just held its first-ever Makeathon, for developers of technology with global social benefits.

It’s ability, not ethnicity.  (TY Hazel) Israel Technion’s Professor Hossam Haick, whose breakthrough work in nanotechnology has garnered global accolades, says his success as an Arab citizen of Israel proves that education knows no boundaries and is key to improving his community’s lot.  Prof Haick was included in Good Magazine’s 2016 “Good 100” and also awarded the Humboldt Research Award in Germany.

Simply Sing.  (TY Hazel) “Simply Sing” is a Jerusalem-based cross-cultural project that has Jews and Arabs meet every few weeks for an evening of musical performances and singing. 250 attended the latest event at Jerusalem’s Museum of Islamic Art which featured three Jewish and three Arab Israeli musicians.

Muslims that support Israel.  (TY Steve) This blog by Steve of IsraelSeen, featuring nine important Muslim intellectuals, needs to be seen.  http://israelseen.com/2015/08/27/9-incredible-muslims-that-support-israel/

Six African countries ask Israel for help.  (TY IsraPundit) Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that he has been entrusted by Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan to form an alliance with Israel to rid their countries of the jihadist Islamic State, Al Qaeda and their affiliates. 

Bulgaria, one of Israel's best friends in the EU.  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that it was a pleasure to welcome “my good friend” Boiko Borissov, Prime Minister of Bulgaria, when he visited Jerusalem.  They discussed cooperation in the energy sector.  Bulgaria often votes for Israel in the UN. 

Canadian Aborigines leadership mission to Israel.  (TY Dan) For the third time in five years, Grand Chief Ron Evans of the Norway House Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba is taking a youth group on a leadership development tour of Israel.  Ron believes Israeli entrepreneurship can motivate his community’s youth to achieve more.  http://www.cjnews.com/news/business/aboriginal-trip-to-focus-on-israeli-innovation

Israel’s mobile industry has extra benefits.  10% of the 2,000 companies presenting at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona were either based, or do the majority of their R&D work, in Israel.  This has led to the event being an opportunity for Israelis to show the positive side of Israel that few abroad are aware of.

See what Israel has done for the World.  (TY Dan) If you are travelling through Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport be sure to view the exhibit, between customs and the departure hall, of 60 posters showcasing Israeli developments and discoveries that have influenced the world.

Israel is only one call away.  (TY Zev) The ultimate video shows that Israel is more than just another country.


Israeli space odyssey.  This video highlights Israeli technology presented at the 66th international astronomical congress in Jerusalem. Tech that will help NASA fly to Mars and Europe to study Venus. New Israeli satellites will provide Internet access to remote areas of Africa and help research into alleviating global drought.

Israel & MIT celebrate 8 years of growth.  (TY Dan) Formally incepted in 2007, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Israel Program recruits, selects, and places qualified MIT students in internships across Israel.

A baby stroller for wheelchair users.  (TY ToI) Dana Yichye-Shwachman, a designer with Israel’s Jonathan Bar-Or Industrial Design has developed Easy Stroll - an aluminum attachment to a wheelchair’s footboard that latches on to a baby stroller.  Dana is now extending the prototype to fit a variety of wheelchairs and strollers.

US ranch to grow rice with Israeli irrigation.  The 17,000 acre Conaway Ranch in Woodland, California will be the first US rice grower to use Israeli drip irrigation.  The Conaway Preservation Group is partnering with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research and Israel’s Netafim.

Emerging from stealth mode.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israeli cybersecurity startup Siemplify has revealed its innovative security operations platform that can help companies identify security threats and respond quickly to incidents.  Siemplify has just raised $4 million of funding.

35 billion chips checked.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Optimal+ analyzed more than 35 billion semiconductor devices on behalf of its customers in 2015 - a 50 percent increase from 2014.  The information has contributed to significant quality improvements and fewer defective chips shipped for use in next-generation devices.

Soft wheels for cars.  (TY JBN) Israel’s SoftWheel is to bring its innovative automatic suspension system to the automobile sector.  No flat tires, because the SoftWheel system uses a rigid tire that is not filled with air.  At AIPAC, SoftWheel demonstrated the company’s Acrobat wheelchair and revealed its ambitious plans.

Almost limitless communication.  Israeli start-up SkyFi is developing a network of 60 nano-satellites to cover the globe and enable any type of communication between two points – telephone, digital, and even television.  It will also provide Internet access to some 4 billion people in rural areas without wired or wireless connections.
(Ariel University video on nano-satellite development https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIUZZvE5yl4)

Belgians use Israeli tech to register as “safe”.  Facebook activated its Safety Check app to help people stay in touch and let friends and family know they’re safe following the deadly attacks in Belgium.  The social network tool was developed at the Tel Aviv headquarters of Facebook Israel.  Some 4.1 million people used the app after the Nov. Paris attacks.  http://www.israel21c.org/belgians-turn-to-israeli-tech-to-mark-themselves-safe/

Low-cost renewable energy storage.  (TY Dan) Israel’s Electric Fuel Energy has developed a novel Iron Flow energy storage technology that is projected to be less costly, safer, and more environmentally friendly than other large-scale battery storage solutions.  It is particularly suited for renewables and long-duration storage.


Israeli economy grows again.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s economy grew by 3.3% in the fourth quarter of 2015 from 2.5% in the third quarter - stronger than expected.  Overall GDP growth for 2015 was 2.6% compared to its previous estimate of 2.3%.  Consumer and Public spending increased significantly, whilst inflation fell.

$1 million of benefits for $75 per month.  Israeli incubator Lighthouse Innovations offers startups a benefits package that includes services worth up to a million dollars.  It includes unlimited time, office space, advice, mentoring, marketing plans and investor connections, with no strings attached. For a nominal $75 a month.

Boeing contracts for Israel.  (TY Dan) Boeing has awarded Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) a new contract to build the empennage leading edges for the 777X, which will enter into service in 2020. IAI was also awarded an extension of its existing 777 contract and a strategic agreement worth up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Vaxil Bio lists in Toronto.  Israel’s Vaxil Bio, developer of the ImMucin cancer vaccine, is the first Israeli biotech to list on Toronto’s TSX-Venture Exchange.  Vaxil’s Isaac Maresky rang the 21st March opening bell at the Toronto Stock Exchange, along with Israeli Consul General DJ Schneeweiss and many Israeli flags.

NASDAQ launch for blood sugar monitor.  (TY Dan) Israel’s LabStyle, developer of the Dario smartphone blood sugar monitor, has raised $8.5 million from its launch on NASDAQ.  (Previous newsletter links)

$50 million Russian fund for Israeli startups. (TY Atid-EDI) Russia's Titanium Investments has unveiled its $50 million fund for investing in Israeli startups. Titanium was originally focused on investments in Russia, but has since expanded its scope, investing mainly in Israeli startups since November 2014.

Zero-interest loans for social projects.  (TY JNi.Media) Israel’s LivinGift has opened applications for zero-interest loans to social impact enterprises from all sectors, including health, education, animal protection, social impact technologies, environment, and support for disadvantaged populations.

New trade agreements with Japan.  (TY Dan) 30 top Japanese government and business officials recently visited Israel, including from Hitachi and Panasonic and principal cities Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto.  Officials from the Kansai region signed a memo of understanding on increasing trade and economic ties with Israel.


“Unexpected Israel”.  A new book “Unexpected Israel” written by Ruth Corman is worth reading

Explore the Upper Galilee.  High peaks, rivers and streams, breathtaking landscapes and evergreen forests make the Upper Galilee particularly attractive to hikers. No wonder it has been nicknamed The Israeli Tuscany.

Top scoring words.  (TY Hazel) Forty-six players from 10 countries took part in the 2016 Israeli Open Scrabble Tournament in Tiberias.  The top prize was $3000.  Israel - though not an English-speaking country - hosts the largest regular Scrabble gathering in the world, in Jerusalem.

World champions at Ju-Jitsu.  Israeli women won two gold medals at the World Ju-Jitsu Under 21 Championship in Spain. Rony Nisimian won gold for 62 Kg, Meshi Rosenfeld the gold for 70 Kg.  Ma’ayan Diamond, won a bronze medal for 55 Kg.  The men’s team won three silver medals and three bronze.

World cup fencing medal.  (TY Nevet) Israeli fencer Yuval Freilich overcame the Olympic gold medalist and two former world champions to win the bronze medal in the epee competition at the Peter Bakonyi World Cup event in Vancouver, Canada.


Joint Druze / Jewish Sabbath.  (TY Hazel) In honor of of Zidan Seif, the brave Israeli-Druze policeman who gave his life stopping the Nov 2014 massacre at Jerusalem’s Har Nof synagogue, Rabbi Yaakov Kermaier has brought Jews and Druze together for Jethro’s Shabbat, when Jews read the Torah portion of the Druze founder.

Nice venue for a Chuppah.  (TY Avi) This Jewish wedding song Likrat Kala was written and sung by Shlomo Broner and Orchestra. It was filmed on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and includes gorgeous footage of the Israeli coast.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYz8og8A8qk

Israeli goods for Purim parcels.  (TY Dan) Like many synagogues around the world, the Young Israel of Teaneck New Jersey has led a community-wide initiative to include Israeli products in its Mishloach Manot (Purim parcels) that it distributes to families this Purim.  It said “Buycott Israel” is the ideal response to BDS.

Purim costumes in Tel Aviv.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5qeAeF93E0

Nazi hunter gets Israeli citizenship.  German Nazi hunter Beate Klarsfeld, 77, who is non-Jewish, has been granted Israeli citizenship.  Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said at the ceremony, “You are a hero who has dedicated her life to the Jewish people.”  Beate’s husband Serge and son Arno already hold Israeli citizenship.

Israeli village is the missing link.  (TY SDM) Archaeologists from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem have uncovered a unique prehistoric village, in excavations at Nahal Ein-Gev.  The village contains tools typical of the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic period) but art and architecture typical of the New Stone Age (Neolithic period).

19 Jews rescued from Yemen.  Israel has completed a secret operation to rescue 19 of Yemen's last remaining Jews.  They included head of the Raida community, Rabbi Dahari, who also brought a Torah scroll dating back to the fifteen or sixteenth century.  “I am so excited to reach the land of our forefathers,” he said.

He saved a whole world.  Ezer Mizion’s bone marrow transplant database connected Yehuda to Leukemia sufferer Itai Chanan.  A year after the transplant, Yehuda met with Itai - now the father of a one-year old boy. 


In the 6th Mar 16 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         “Cool” Israeli research will help long-term storage of organs for transplant.
·         An Israeli boy-genius is revolutionizing the study of brain disease.
·         Did you know that Israel has Sharia law courts for its Muslim citizens?
·         Watch the US Ambassador to Israel ride in an Audi with no driver.
·         An Israeli air-quality detector is now available in 11 countries.
·         World Cup gold and silver for Israeli rhythmic gymnasts.
·         Under an IDF base, archaeologists have found German, Roman and 2nd Temple-period remains.

·         Click here to see the newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours (including great intro), Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel with extra features on Health, Global impact, Technology and Sport.  Also (TY Sandra) available in German.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You to all who have sent me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Ice-tech could end organ shortage.  (TY UWI) Currently it is not possible to freeze organs in order to preserve them for later transplant. Now researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have studied ice-binding “antifreeze proteins” that protect frozen cells from expansion damage when they thaw out.

Cancer pre-dates the modern era.  Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered evidence of colon cancer in the mummified remains of an 18th century Hungarian corpse.  The mutation of the Adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) gene is the earliest recorded case of colorectal cancer.

Merck and Weizmann sign medical agreement. US giant Merck has signed a new framework agreement with Israel’s Weizmann Institute to research new solutions in the area of biotechnology and cancer research.  Merck has more than 300 employees at four sites throughout Israel.

Portable ultrasound device demonstrated.  (TY Hazel & JBN) Here is a video to demonstrate the power of the portable ultrasound device developed in the laboratory of Israel Technion’s Professor Yonina Eldar.

The 19-year-old neuroscientist.  Israel’s Amir Goldenthal began his PhD when he was 16 and just one year into his first degree.  Now 19, his doctoral dissertation involves breakthroughs in the understanding of neurological diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.  Amir won a prize at the Nobel Laureates Conference in Japan for best research paper.  http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4772307,00.html


Free smoke detectors for the poor and the elderly.  (TY Janglo) Jerusalem’s Fire Service is distributing smoke detectors to large families, the elderly and Holocaust survivors in the city.  3,000 detectors will be installed nationally.  The costs have been donated by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

President Rivlin hosts new Sharia judges.  (TY Hazel) Israeli President Rivlin greeted, at his Jerusalem residence, seven newly appointed judges to Israel’s Sharia courts, saying the institution's viability served as a testament to Israel's strength in diversity.  Israeli law recognizes Sharia courts’ jurisdiction on personal status issues within the Muslim community, including marriage, divorce, custody of children and inheritance.

Israel is 8th world power.  A report published by US News & World Report listed Israel as the 8th most powerful country in the world.  A country's power was categorized in terms of being a leader, being economically influential, politically influential, having strong international alliances and a strong military.

And 3rd best for quality of life.  (TY Atid-EDI) In the biannual report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Israel was rated third in quality of life among advanced nations, after Japan and Switzerland.  The report also praised Israel’s high employment and high economic growth.

The only free state in the Middle East.  (TY UWI) Please have a look at this handy little interactive map of the world from Freedom House, showing the freedom rating of each country.  Use the + key to enlarge, otherwise it is impossible to find tiny Free Israel amongst some of the Worst of the Worst in the Middle East.

And the only one that could produce a soldier like me.  Major Alaa Waheeb is the highest ranking Muslim officer in the Israel Defense Forces.  Not only has he fought alongside Jewish soldiers, but he now trains them too.  Here is his own story.  (see also newsletter July 2014)

The first PM to visit Africa in 50 years.  (TY algemeiner) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received an invitation from Kenyan President Kenyatta to visit Kenya this summer, in what would mark the first visit by an Israeli leader to Africa in 50 years.  He intends to do so around the 40th anniversary of the raid on Entebbe.  The announcement coincided with the launch of the new Knesset Caucus for Israel-Africa Relations.

Mobile desalination unit donated to Papua New Guinea.  Israel’s G.A.L. Water Technologies, with the Israeli Foreign Ministry, have donated a mobile desalination unit developed in Israel to Papua New Guinea.  The Galmobile will provide the Pacific islands with clean drinking water from the ocean or any water source.


US Ambassador in driverless car in Jerusalem.  US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro tried out Israeli company MobilEye’s driverless car on Jerusalem roads - and was impressed.  Shapiro said, “it’s probably safer than if a driver was in control of the vehicle, because drivers can be distracted but this vehicle cannot.”

 “Israeli technology is improving the world.”  The 2,000 people at the Microsoft Israel’s “Think Next” event in Tel Aviv, including CEO Satya Nadella, had a video call from the man who started it all, Bill Gates.  Gates said that Israeli developments in tech areas like analytics and security were “improving the world.”

Another Israeli airport safety system.  (TY Dan) Israel’s Controp has teamed up with USA’s Pharovision to develop the Interceptor and Sentinel detection systems.  They are designed to warn of potential collisions between airplanes and either airborne birds or foreign object debris on the ground.

Now an app can learn about humans.  (TY Dan) Israel’s SimilarWeb has launched SimilarWeb Portrait - smart software that builds up a (non-identifiable) profile of a human computer user.  This allows app developers to tailor their apps to give a friendlier user experience, from the moment they are installed.


Startups raise over $0.5 billion in one month.  (TY Atid-EDI) In Jan 2016, Israeli startups raised an astonishing $556.4 million.  They included ForeScout Technologies ($76m), JFrog ($50m), Zerto ($50m), SiSense ($50m), BlueVine ($40m), Elastifile ($35m), V-Wave ($28m) and Insightec ($22m).

Cisco pays $380m for Israeli startup.  Cisco Systems has acquired two-year-old Israeli Leaba Semiconductor for $350-$400 million.  Leaba is so new that it is still operating in “stealth” mode.  Its website says that "Leaba is a fabless semiconductor company providing innovative solutions for significant infrastructure challenges.”

Haim Saban invests $100m in Israelis startups. (TY The Tower & Israel21c)  Israeli-born billionaire Haim Saban has set up a new fund (Saban Ventures) to invest $100 million in Israeli startups. The fund will invest in startups in the mobile, social networks, ecommerce and digital media sectors.

Israel’s best-performing tech stock in 2015.  (TY Dan) Israel’s Nano Dimension (reported here in Oct 2014) was Israel's top performing technology stock in 2015.  The Israeli startup uses 3D nano-printing to create printed electronic circuit boards (PCBs). Its DragonFly2020 printer is in beta test with several Tier-1 customers.

Clearing the air in 9 new countries.  Israeli startup BreezoMeter has now expanded its air quality analysis coverage from just the USA and Israel to nine more countries.  These are China, the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Finland, France, Mexico, South Korea and Taiwan.  BreezoMeter currently has over 50 million daily users.

Perrigo opens $46 million factory.  Irish biotech Perrigo said it expected a $100 million boost to annual sales from the new $46 million factory it has just inaugurated in Israel.  Perrigo's president, John Hendrickson said, "It allows us to stay on the cutting edge of being a leader of complex products."  Perrigo is listed on the TASE.


Magic at Jerusalem’s Winter Noise festival.  (TY Sharon) All was quiet in the City of Peace whilst Jews, Moslems and Christians enjoyed the Winter Noise festival.  On four Mondays nights in February, residents and visitors enjoy colorful street performers, lectures, music and food and some even “flew” on a magic carpet.

Israeli represents France at Eurovision.  French-born, Israeli singer Amir Haddad will represent France at the Eurovision song contest this May in Stockholm, Sweden.  Haddad made Aliyah with his family at the age of 8.  In 2014, Hadad came 3rd in France's version of "The Voice,” and has since become popular in France.

Heavens above.  There's no place like the Ramon Crater for stargazing. This breathtaking long-exposure night sky photo gives but a glimpse of the enchanting nighttime views in the Negev desert!

Israel wins gold at Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup.  Israeli rhythmic gymnasts won a gold and two silver medals in the first World Cup Series competition of 2016 in Finland.  They won one silver in the group all-around final and another in the ribbons before winning a gold in the hoops and clubs final.

The new national stadium in Haifa.  Open since August 2014, the Sammy Ofer Stadium is a home to Haifa's two football clubs and Israel's national football team.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTasOeGCnOE


New Israeli stamps.  (TY Jacob Richman) The first new Israeli stamps of 2016 include Pioneering women; Ephraim Kishon; Greece-Israel diplomatic relations and Turtles. 

80 years of Emunah.  Emunah, the National Religious Women's Organization, celebrated the 80 years since its founding.  In that time, it has established 140 day-care centers for working women, 5 homes for at-risk kids, a children's crisis center, the Women's College of Arts and Technology, 13 family counseling centers and more.

Brazilian Jews feel safe in Israel.  A record 463 Brazilian Jews immigrated to Israel last year – 41% more than in 2014.  An in-depth report by Brazil’s Globo TV featured the major reason for Brazilian Jews to claim Israeli citizenship as the desire to flee Brazil’s severe urban violence atmosphere.

Bnei Akiva helps remaining Ethiopian Jews to make Aliya.  World Bnei Akiva, will send two shlichim (outreach workers) to Ethiopia, at 2-monthly intervals for five years, to help the last 6000 Ethiopians of Jewish origin prepare for Aliyah. They will teach Hebrew, Torah and Zionism to those in Ethiopian transit camps.

Thanks for the miracle.  As we approach the Jewish festival Purim, the wife of Roi Harel described how her husband heroically fought off two Arab terrorists who stabbed him several times and forced their way into his house in the community of Eli, where the other members of Roi’s young family were hiding.

Under the feet of the British army.  (TY Sharon) The British expelled the Germans from the Schneller orphanage in WW2.  The British army base was then replaced by an Israeli one in 1948.  Current excavations of the site have revealed a 2nd-Temple-period mikva (Jewish ritual bath), Roman baths and a winery.

How to give a positive message about Israel?  (TY Dan) Gerald Ostrov, CEO of the reThink Israel Initiative, spoke at the recent Jerusalem Conference of Presidents.  reThink Israel is targeting, via social media, the 70% of Americans who don’t know, don’t care and aren’t interested in Israel.  reThink Israel focuses on “food, nature, arts, lifestyle, health and innovation. (See my Oct 2013 newsletter)


In the 28th Feb 16 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         An Israeli system could save millions of intensive care patients.

·         An Israeli smartphone app can determine your spectacle prescription.
·         The Egyptian government has upgraded its relations with Israel.
·         Kenya made its first state visit to Israel in 21 years.
·         An Israeli startup won Best Mobile Innovation at the Mobile World Congress.
·         A 3rd major car manufacturer signs up for Israeli self-driving technology.
·         An Israeli artist is to construct the first sculpture in outer space.

·         Click here to see the newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel with extra features on Health, Global impact, Technology and Entertainment.  Also (TY Sandra) available in German.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You to all who have sent me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Detecting the dangers in ICU.  Israeli startup Intensix is trialing an Intensive Care Unit patient monitoring system at Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) hospital.  Using data collected from 8,000 patients over the past 8 years, the system gives an early warning of impending sepsis and organ failure that kills 30% of ICU patients.

Control disease – deactivate genes.  Scientists at Israel’s Technion have discovered how to use proteins to suppress unwanted gene activity. It could lead to a cure for cystic fibrosis and sickle-cell anemia, as well as more common diseases that are caused by gene activity or mutations, such as many forms of cancer.

Protecting USA from radiation sickness.  (TY The Tower) I previously reported (here) on the therapy from Israel’s Pluristem for treating patients exposed to lethal radiation doses.  Pluristem is to join the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases program designed to protect people from catastrophic incidents.

Keeping hip and spinal surgeons on target.  Another great invention from the students of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s BioDesign Medical Innovation program.  Their BendGuide system monitors and detects minute changes in guide-wire trajectory during hip and spinal surgery. Surgeons can correct drilling trajectories, prevent guide-wire breakage and significantly reduce operation time while increasing safety.  

Another test for Alzheimer’s.  (TY Hazel) Researchers from Tel Aviv University, the Technion and Rambam Medical Center propose testing the blood biomarker ADNP for cognitive aging and Alzheimer’s disease.  ADNP is essential for brain formation and cognitive function.  I reported another blood test in January (here).

Alzheimer’s therapy is available.  (TY Hazel) I reported previously on the neuroAD transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and cognitive training from Israel’s Neuronix (see here).  NeuroAD now has CE approval and is commercially available in Israel, Europe and Asia.  US FDA approval is subject to results of latest trials.

Exercise and dance to reduce Parkinson’s symptoms.  (TY Hazel) I reported previously (in August) that dancing can treat Parkinson’s.  Now Israeli Alex Kerten has developed a mind-body therapy for Parkinson’s called Gyro-Kinetics.  It includes breathing exercises, relaxation and dance.

An app to check your eyesight.  Israeli startup 6over6’s GlassesOn smartphone app helps check your latest lens prescription without having to visit an optometrist.  It can also help those buying spectacles on-line and in developing countries.  The app won the startup contest at the mHealth Israel Conference in Tel Aviv.


Ethiopian-Israelis get top IDF roles.  Derech Kfar (The Village Way) Educational Institute operates preparatory programs that helps Ethiopian Israelis to be assigned as IDF medics, social services NCOs, drill instructors and intelligence NCOs.  In its first class of 14, three recruits became commissioned officers.

Empowering women in workplace and home.  (TY Sharon) Three Israeli groups, Ima Kadima, Women In Wireless and Digital Eve Israel, held their first joint event at Tmol Shilshom Cafe in Jerusalem.  The room was crowded with women eager to network with others they had only ever communicated with on the Internet.

Disabled can type in Hebrew.  The IssieBoard is an adaptive Hebrew iPad keyboard that makes typing easier for children and adults with learning disabilities, visual impairments, developmental and intellectual disabilities, and can even assist immigrants who wish to learn Hebrew.  It was developed by a collaboration of SAP and the Israeli charity Beit Issie Shapiro.  http://en.beitissie.org.il/new-at-the-app-store-issieboard/

Israelis under cover to save Syrian lives.  Some 200 or so Israeli volunteers working for the nonprofit Il4Syrians have been secretly operating in Syria since the civil war began in 2011.  They have delivered food, medical supplies, sanitation kits, baby powder, survival kits and even 3000 protective suits for doctors treating victims of chemical attacks.  http://www.israel21c.org/the-israeli-who-goes-undercover-to-save-syrian-lives/

Egypt’s new Ambassador is proud to be here.  Egypt’s new ambassador to Israel, Hazem Khairat, told Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin that he was very happy and very proud to be in Israel and that he hoped for a situation in which the friendship between Jews and Arabs will be such that they can live in peace.  And in a first, a new Egyptian schoolbook teaches about the peace treaty with Israel.

Kuwaiti reporter praises Israel.  Ahmad Al-Sarraf, of Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas, wrote on Israel's advantages over the Arabs in democracy, military, science, technology, human rights, freedom of worship and economics. He called on the Arabs to look at the reasons for Israel's success and superiority, instead of viewing it as a political-religious foe.  http://www.memri.org/report/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/9020.htm

Arab trade via Israel.  In 2015, some 13,000 trucks laden with products from Turkey and Bulgaria passed through Israel on their way to Arab states - an increase of more than 25% on 2014.  An additional shipping line is to be added next month between Turkey and Israel, which will add another 150 trucks a month.

Interview with IsraAID’s founder.  (TY Scott) A recent edition of the AJC Live radio show focused on Israel's humanitarian work around the globe being carried out by IsraAid, which is supported by AJC. AJC Live interviewed Shachar Zahavi, the Founder of IsraAid.  Here is the link to the show: 

California-Israel Water Summit.  (TY Jacob) The JNF is presenting the first ever California-Israel Water Summit in Beverly Hills on March 2nd.  Political and policy leaders, utility officials, investment executives, labor, business, and environmental leaders will discuss the future security of California’s water supply.

First visit by Kenyan President in 21 years.  (TY Sharon) Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta came to Israel for a 3-day state visit - the first such visit by a Kenyan president to the Jewish State since 1994.  The visit focused on economic and security cooperation.  Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said “Israel is coming back to Africa, and Africa is returning to Israel.  http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Politics-And-Diplomacy/Netanyahu-Israel-is-coming-back-to-Africa-and-Africa-is-returning-to-Israel-445825

International bird conservation.  (TY Simon N) In mid-March, Israel will host over 30 international scientists at a 4-day meeting of the Technical Committee of the AEWA (Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds).  The meeting is a vital stage in the implementation of this UN treaty.

Get a law degree in Israel and practice in the USA.  (TY Dan) Israel’s Lirom Global Education offers foreign students graduate courses in a variety of fields - far cheaper than a US degree.  Eg, a 3.5 year bi-lingual bachelor of law degree (LLB), that qualifies students to practice law internationally, at the age of only 22.


Huge Israeli presence at Mobile World Congress.  The largest mobile expo in the world – the annual GSMA Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona - showcased 2,100 companies, including a delegation of over 100 Israeli high-tech companies in the field of mobile solutions and apps.

Best mobile innovation.  Israel’s Anagog, developer of the world’s largest crowdsourced parking network, won the ‘Best Mobile Innovation in Automotive Award’ at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  Anagog can detect if a smarphone user is at home or at work, walking, driving, riding a bus, where he parked and more.  

Laying the foundations for 5G networks.  One of the companies showcasing at the Mobile World Congress is Israel’s Ceragon and its 5G wireless backhaul technologies.  Commercial 5G services are expected to begin by 2020, bringing increased capacity, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M) solutions.

A most innovative company.  Fast Company magazine has included Glide - Israel’s mainstream video messaging app - in their Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Video list (#7). Glide was specifically recognized for its efforts to "provide a social communication tool for the deaf community."

Top of the world in fire safety.  Israel has invested 2 billion Shekels ($505 million) in its firefighting service since the 2010 Carmel forest fire.  Hundreds of new firefighters helped reduce average response times from 14 minutes in 2010 to six minutes in 2015.  There were 70 fatalities in 2010; 23 in 2011; 17 in 2013 and 9 in 2015.

Award-winning seedless papaya.  (TY Dan) The Aurora, a seedless papaya from Israel, was crowned winner of the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award (FLIA) 2015.  It began as an accidental mutation which breeder Assaf Avizohar spent 12 years developing hybrids with better taste and color.

A better way to get a better job.  Israeli job-matching start-up Woo matches the right people with the right job via an anonymous employment platform that provides tailor-made offers for each user.  Woo’s platform recognizes that 75-80% of people don’t actively look for new jobs, but would accept a better job if offered.

The Israeli tech in Lady Gaga’s Grammy performance.  Intel Israel showed at the Grammy Awards ceremony what the Israeli-developed RealSense 3D camera is capable of.  As Lady Gaga began her “David Bowie tribute” performance, her dynamic makeup was digitally projected onto her face.


Majority of Haredi men are employed.  (TY Janglo) More than 50 percent of ultra-Orthodox Israeli men are participating in the workforce for the first time in recorded Israeli history, the Central Bureau of Statistics said.  In 2003, Haredi male employment was only 36%.  The employment rate for Haredi women is now 73%.

Mapped in Jerusalem.  (TY Janglo) MadeinJLM  has produced a new interactive map with more than 500 Jerusalem startups.  http://madeinjlm.org/locations

New Ryanair route Bratislava to Eilat.  Ryanair has launched a new route from Bratislava, Slovakia, to Eilat Ovda, Israel. The route is part of Ryanair 2016 winter plan, with two flights per week scheduled.  This new route adds to the 3 routes already operating by the airline to Ovda, from Budapest, Hungary, Kaunas, Lithuania, and Krakow, Poland.  http://www.touristisrael.com/ryanair-starts-flights-from-bratislava-to-ovda-israel/18086/

Oracle buys Israeli cloud startup for $500 million. Israeli cloud software start-up Revello Systems has been purchased by Oracle - the world’s second largest software developer - for an estimated $500 million.  Ravello’s software enables the transfer of data between different cloud platforms and servers.

Nissan to use Israeli self-driving technology.  Japanese car giant Nissan and Israel’s Mobileye have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to integrate Mobileye's new Road Experience Management digital maps technology into Nissan’s fleets.  The Nissan deal, follows similar ones with General Motors and Volkswagen.

Honduras buys Israeli radar to stop smugglers.  (TY UWI and algemeiner) Honduras is currently in the implementation stage of installing 3 radar systems developed by Israel Aerospace Industries.  The systems, worth $30 million, will help Honduras combat South American smugglers.

Taxi startup wants happier drivers.  (TY Dan) Israeli ride-hailing startup Juno is building a driver-friendly business to compete against its rival Uber.  Firstly, it will take only a 10% cut of each fare (Uber takes 20-25%).  Secondly, Juno’s drivers will be shareholders in the startup.  Juno is to launch in New York City in the spring.

A business matchmaker.  (TY Dan) Jeremy Lustman set up the Israel branch of DLA Piper law firm in 2009.  Like a Jewish matchmaker, he introduces clients and builds relationships.  In just the first half of 2015, he helped facilitate seven M&A (merger and acquisition) transactions that collectively exceeded $1.5 billion.


Simultaneous festival with Turkey.  The Sound Ports Festival, Istanbul - Tel Aviv, is a unique music event at its first edition. Taking place simultaneously in Tel Aviv and Istanbul, from March 9 to 12, the music, lectures, exhibitions and culinary events aim to create a bridge between the two cultural capitals of the Middle East.

The first art to be made in outer space.  Israeli concept artist Eyal Gever is working with NASA to produce a digital representation of a human laugh.  The image will be uploaded to the International Space Station and will be the first piece of art to be made in outer space when it is turned into a sculpture using a 3D printer designed to work in zero gravity.  http://unitedwithisrael.org/israeli-artist-to-create-first-sculpture-in-outer-space/ http://www.eyalgever.com/laugh/

When the Jerusalem shuk shutters close.  When the Jerusalem market closes, 300 shutters go down, to reveal one of Israel’s cultural marvels.  300 portraits of inspiring individuals that built the State of Israel.  Spray-painted on the shutters themselves.  http://www.israelvideonetwork.com/the-shuk-gallery/

The daughters of Tzelofchad.  (TY Sharon) The Rebecca Crown Auditorium of the Jerusalem Theater was filled to capacity when the talented women and girls from the Gush Etzion, Raise Your Spirits Theater (RYS) performed, “Sisters: The Daughters of Tzelofchad” to an all-female audience.

World Windsurfing Championships in Eilat.  Eilat - Israel’s most southern spot – where the combination of warm tropical waters and beautiful coral reef running along the sandy shores of the Red Sea provide the perfect venue for the RS:X World Windsurfing Championships and RS:X Under 21 Windsurfing Championships


Piecing together the Dead Sea Scrolls.  A German-Israeli research project is building a digital environment to connect thousands of fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The project involves the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), Haifa University, Tel Aviv University and the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Do unto others.  Volunteering at Israeli cancer charity Ezer Mizion often requires self-sacrifice.  Eli refused his specialist’s cancellation appointment, in order to take a patient to hospital and support her when she asked for help.  Just then, Eli’s father was brought in on a stretcher - and was amazed to see Eli already there to greet him.

How to beat terror – by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.  Forty years ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe spoke precisely about the current situation.  Read about his solution in this article. 

100 Israelis enliven wedding celebration.  (TY David F) Only 20 invited guests were able to attend the party of Judd and Ma’ayan who came from the US to get married in Israel.  Guests at a nearby Bat Mitzva party noticed and used Facebook to enlist over 100 friends to boost the numbers and cheer up the wedding couple.

Making Aliya from China.  Five women, descended from the ancient Chinese Jewish community of Kaifeng, are returning to the Jewish homeland.  The women have studied Hebrew and Judaism for several years in order to convert, and are being brought home by Jerusalem-based nonprofit Shavei Israel.


In the 21st Feb 16 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         Israeli research led to life-saving leukemia treatment.

·         The first school for Israeli-Arab entrepreneurs has opened.

·         An Israeli aid organization is saving lives in Serbia.
·         Israel is building the world’s tallest solar tower.
·         A smart Israeli finance system won a major European award.
·         The US Dept. of Defense is sponsoring Israeli security development.
·         A French-Israeli has won France’s “Singer of the Year”.
·         A stranger on a train paid a large debt of a needy family.

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Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You to all who have sent me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Breakthrough leukemia cure is “Israeli”.  I was suspicious of the BBC’s report on the “innovative” US immunotherapy that cured 27 of 29 “no-hope” leukemia patients.  Sure enough, the genetic modification of T-cells was developed by Weizmann Institute Professor Zelig Eshhar, and the US researchers accredited him.

Positive trials for treatment of Graft vs Host disease.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Kamada has reported positive interim results from a Phase 1/2 clinical trial of its proprietary alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) to treat steroid-refractory Graft Versus Host Disease (GvHD).  Subjects responded well to treatment in the small study.

Patent for kidney cancer test.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israeli biotech Rosetta Genomics has been granted a US patent for its gene signature method of distinguishing four different types of kidney cancer.  The molecular diagnostic test recognizes the profile of 29 microRNAs that are expressed in patients with renal cancer. 

Watching memory at work.  Tel Aviv University Professor Itzhak Fried has completed his study of how memory neurons behave in real time when they are “remembering.” He will present his findings at an upcoming Jerusalem symposium. These have important implications for understanding dementia such as Alzheimer’s.

ReWalk is medically necessary.  (TY Dan) A US surgeon, confined to a wheelchair following a spinal cord injury, has successfully won his case to be reimbursed by his health plan for a ReWalk exoskeleton.  The ruling will help make ReWalk available to all eligible patients.  http://rewalk.com/rewalk-robotics-exoskeleton-deemed-medically-necessary-by-independent-medical-review-organization/

Hospital search engine wows Russia.  Russia’s most dominant email service Mail.Ru is integrating the database of Archimedicx. Health Mail.Ru is one of the most popular health portals in Russia.  Israeli Moni Milchman (see here) developed ArchimedicX, the world’s first search engine for information about hospitals.

Israel-California biotech agreement.  Israeli Science, Technology and Space Minister Ofir Akunis signed a biotechnology agreement with the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Its focus is stem cell research and breakthroughs in treating diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and HIV-AIDS.  


How to avoid employee burn-out.  The Wisdom 2.0 Conference in Tel Aviv gave employees ideas for protection against the onslaught of technology forcing people to be connected to work 24/7.  The organization’s first Israel conference had speakers from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Israel’s Glide and ex-Israeli MadMimi.

The first Arab-Israeli startup school.  (TY algemeiner) The first school for Arab high-tech entrepreneurs in Israel is set to open on Feb 23 in Kafr Qasim, an Arab city northeast of Tel Aviv.  Sponsors of the project include Tsofen, an Arab-Jewish organization that aims to help integrate Arab Israelis in the high-tech industry.

Odisha, India seeks Israeli investment.  (TY Dan) A large business delegation led by the Minister of Industries Indian state's Debi Prasad Mishra reached out to leading Israeli businesses seeking collaboration in areas of joint interest during the three-day visit to the country.

Teaching water conservation in California.  The rainwater catchment systems from Israel’s Rain Harvest serve over 140 schools in Israel.  Now students at three California elementary schools will use Rain Harvest’s barrels to recycle rainwater.  http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Local-Students-Learn-Water-Conservation-With-Rain-Barrels-366623781.html   http://www.sdjewishworld.com/2016/02/01/67062/

Another Israeli aid organization.  Natan-International Humanitarian Aid (NIHA) is a network of Israeli disaster relief organizations and civil society organizations, working to alleviate humanitarian crises and disasters.  In 12 years it was active in Sri Lanka, Georgia, Haiti, the Philippines, Nepal and now Serbia.


More cybersecurity startups.  (TY Nevet) Cybertech 2016 in Tel Aviv proved that Israel is a cyber superpower (see report by Adam Segal linked below). Also, more Israeli cybersecurity startups get their first mention in my newsletter.  IronScales (TY Atid-EDI) protects companies from phishing attacks.  GreenSQL (TY Atid-EDI) has rebranded as HexaTier and protects databases in the Cloud.   http://ironscales.com/irontraps/

Israel’s “electric” cyber defense.  (TY Dan) Israel Electric Company’s Yosi Shneck is senior VP in charge of computer security.  The IEC is known the world over for its expertise in foiling catastrophic cyber events.  It works on a model called “cyber everywhere” and a team of 100 full and part-time security experts.

US DoD sponsors Israeli security contest.  (TY Dan and NoCamels) The US Department of Defense is one of the sponsors of Israel’s 2016 Combating Terrorism Through Technology challenge program. Two $100,000 prizes will be awarded for innovative technologies that could help combat terrorism or homeland security.

UK Foreign Office advisor praises Israeli science.  (TY Dan) It could be the nearest Israel has been to getting praise from the UK Foreign Office.  Ahead of a visit by 11 Israeli scientists, UK Foreign Office deputy chief scientific adviser, Emma Hennessey, said Israel was “an important science partner for the UK”. 

Astronauts arrive for Israel Space Week.  (TY Dan & algemeiner) Israel’s Space Week includes lectures and discussions with several astronauts: NASA's Shannon Walker, Joseph Acaba and former astronaut Garrett Reisman.  South Korea's Yi Soyeon, and European Space Agency’s Samantha Cristoforetti, will join them.

Another Israeli UAV.  (TY Dan) Here is one of the first glimpses of the Impact unmanned air vehicle (UAV) being developed by Israeli startup Meteor Aerospace.

SolarEdge energy storage goes global (TY Atid-EDI) The StorEdge system from Israel’s SolarEdge Technologies is now available in Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the United States.  With StorEdge, unused solar energy is stored in a battery and used when needed, and for power backup.  SolarEdge also reported the shipment of its 10 millionth power optimizer, of which nearly 5 million were sold in 2015.

The world’s tallest solar tower.  Israel-based Megalim Solar Power is building the tallest solar tower in the world at Ashalim, in the Negev desert.  50,000 computer-controlled mirrors will focus solar rays onto the 787-foot tower producing, when the project is complete, 121 megawatts, to cover 1% of Israel’s electricity needs.

Israeli water stations in Ohio.  Sinclair Community College in Dayton Ohio is the first site outside of Israel to test the water stations from Israel’s Whoosh (see previous newsletters).  Woosh customers can take virtually any bottle or cup of their own and fill it with filtered, chilled tap water. The can also cleanse a drinking bottle.

Cheaper fish.  Israeli startup Subflex builds cages for the planned offshore fish farms near Ashdod, that I reported on previously (in Aug). The submersible, flexible net cage systems will allow for the managed raising of fish in the ocean, providing large, locally grown harvests that will help lower the cost of fish.

Backup your data in the Cloud.  Israeli startup OwnBackup is the first graduate of this year’s Microsoft Ventures Israel’s Accelerator to receive funding - $3.5 million in fact.  OwnBackup provides a data backup and fast recovery service to companies using 3rd party services in the Internet Cloud.

The last smartphone standing.  (TY Atid-EDI) In the Flagship Smartphones Battery Life Challenge in China, the Meizu PRO5 with PowerXtend from Israel’s Lucidlogix was running gaming programs 16 mins after all other screens went dark. It beat the Nexus 6P (3.5hrs), Huawei Mate8 (6.2hrs) and the iPhone6s Plus (6.75hrs).


Low cost hospital food machines.  (TY Janglo) The price of food in Israeli hospitals will no longer make you sick.  Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman has just inaugurated the first set of cheap food vending machines at Ichilov Hospital.  You should get soft drinks, water, juice, hot drinks and a variety of snacks for 5nis each.

Israeli AI is “Best in Show”.  (TY NoCamels) Israeli startup Capitalise won one of five Best in Show awards at London’s FinovateEurope 2016.  The Capitali.se platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to read the text of an investor’s investment strategy and convert it into executable market trading instructions.  www.capitali.se

Testing services for HP customers.  Israeli cybersecurity startup NorthBit has struck a deal with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to develop test automation software for mobile application developers.  NorthBit’s 20 researchers are graduates of the top technological units in the Israeli army.

WeWork opens Israeli R&D center.  (TY Dan) Co-working space WeWork has opened an R&D center.  It already has office space in Tel Aviv, Herzliya and Be’er Sheva. http://news.nocamels.com/2016/02/01/wework-opens-rd-center-in-israel-to-develop-digital-services-platform-for-its-creators/

The King is back.  (TY Janglo)  After a six-year absence, Burger King has re-opened in Tel Aviv.  It sold its franchise to Israel’s Burgeranch in 2010 after Muslim groups boycotted it.  Now it plans to open 10 branches in 2016 and fifty in the next five years.  In response, Burgeranch is partnering with discount coffee chain Cofix.

Flight training systems for the UK.   (TY Dan) Israel’s Elbit has won a $713 million deal to supply the UK Ministry of Defense with an 18-year training program for its air crew.

The first joint Israeli-Chinese VC fund.  (TY Dan) Israel’s Catalyst Private Equity and China Everbright Limited have launched the first dedicated Israel-China private equity fund. The $200 million fund will invest in mid-to-late-stage companies with a special focus on pushing their tech in China and emerging markets.

The largest fund ever raised in Israel.  (TY Dan) FIMI, the leading private equity firm in Israel, has just completed a $1.1 billion financing round for its sixth fund - the largest fund ever raised in Israel.  FIMI's strategy is to acquire control of Israeli companies with sales of $75 million or more.

Working with Shenzhen Stock Exchange.  (TY Dan) The chairmen of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.  They will share experience in SME and technology financing, cooperate in index-based product development and explore market linkup.

Israel hostels are a bargain.  Here are five hostels in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa which are promoted for groups and lone explorers who want the comforts of a good hotel, but without the hefty bill.


Israeli-designed video has 55 million hits. (TY SDM) Coldplay’s “Hymn for the weekend”, starring Beyonce, was filmed in Mumbai, the design, animation and additional visual elements were done in Israel by by Yaron Yashinski.  http://www.sizedoesntmatter.com/events/coldplay-and-beyonces-new-music-video-made-in-israel/

Opera in Tel Aviv market.  (TY UWI) The Tel-Aviv market is a place where the sounds a myriad of vendors advertising their products obscures even the loudest noise.  But a group of opera singers created an “only-in-Israel” moment to replace the familiar sounds and take over the show.

France’s ‘Singer of the Year’.  Israeli-French singer-songwriter Yael Naim is France’s singer of the year. The French-born, Israeli-raised 38-year-old soul singer won Female Artist of the Year at the 2016 Victoires de la Musique (France’s Grammys).  Her new album, Older, was also nominated for Album of the Year.

Beyonce wears Israeli dress at Grammy awards.  One of this year’s most talked about gowns is an Inbal Dror-designed wedding dress worn by none other than Beyoncé, Queen of Pop.  “It was an amazing moment to see one of my favorite stars wearing one of my designs,” Shenkar-trained Dror told BRIDES magazine.

Oscar nominees to get trip to Israel.  A free 10-day first-class trip to Israel, valued at $55,000, is the most valuable gift in the Oscar “goody bag” given to nominees for this year’s actor and director Academy Awards.

Faster than Ronaldo.  International soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo features in a new commercial for Israeli internet provider HOT – advertising its 200Mb fast Internet service.


He helped fly a million Jews to Israel.  Read about entrepreneur Aaron Frenkel’s role in flying Jews from the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to Israel.  A phone call in 1988 triggered his entry into the aviation industry.  Soon between 20,000 to 35,000 Jews per month were being flown to Israel.

Martial arts fighter now fights terror.  Israel’s Noy Peles is a skilled former MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) champion. Last March she enlisted in the IDF and chose the Border Police, despite the adverse impact on her martial arts career.  She now helps defend Jerusalem against terror attacks.

Largest-ever Conference of Presidents.  The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations convened its 42nd consecutive annual Leadership Mission to Israel with a delegation of more than 100 leaders from the Conference’s 53 member organizations, the largest group ever.

Air-conditioning saves a life.  (TY Chani) Moving story of how a teenager’s desire just to get out of the summer heat resulted in him registering on Ezer Mizion’s bone-marrow database and from there to saving a 9-year-old with leukemia.  http://www.ezermizion.org/blog/one-grows-up-and-the-other-by-kobi-arieli/

Angel pays electricity bill for soldier’s family.  (TY David F) A soldier on a train pleaded with the Israel Electric Company not to cut off her elderly disabled family.  Suddenly a fellow passenger grabbed her phone and paid her overdue 1,950-shekel bill.  An eye-witness said the episode filled her with pride to be part of a nation that devotes itself to helping one another in times of need.


In the 14th Feb 16 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         A prize-winning Israeli sealant prevents damaged lungs from collapsing.

·         IsraelAID has sent a team to Taiwan to help victims of its earthquake.

·         An Israeli security startup catches cyber criminals in the act.

·         An Israeli pesticide works by spraying the greenhouse, not the crops.
·         Israel is to spend $28 billion on upgrading its railway system.
·         An Israeli movie is a Sundance Film Festival winner.
·         The World’s oldest Bible in Jerusalem is now a UNESCO world treasure.

·         Click here to see the newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel with extra features on Health, Global impact, Technology and Entertainment.  Also (TY Sandra) available in German.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You to all who have sent me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Reversing Alzheimer’s symptoms.  (TY UWI) Israel’s Dr. Shira Knafo heads Spain’s Molecular Cognition Laboratory at BioCruces Health Research Institute.  She has discovered a small protein, which inhibits the processes normally associated with impairment, including depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

Sealing wounds without stitches, tape or bandage.  Israel’s Vigor Medical Technologies won the Innovex Disrupt contest at Tel Aviv’s Innovex2016 conference.  Vigor’s sealant system treats thoracic trauma, a chest injury that can cause the lungs to collapse. If treated within one hour, the patient has an 80% survival chance.

Sensors to monitor the elderly.  Kytera is another Israeli startup that has developed innovative sensor technology to keep a close eye on at-risk seniors.  It also collects anonymous data that can be used to provide vital research on specific illnesses or medications.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOTn_rmJexc

Heart device saves more lives.  (TY Atid-EDI) I reported on Israel’s V-Wave in May 2014 when it implanted its first heart shunt to treat congestive heart failure patients.  It has since successfully treated over 30 patients.  V-Wave has just raised $28 million to expand clinical evaluation, development and production.

Portable ultrasound.  Professor Yonina Eldar at Israel’s Technion is developing an innovative portable ultrasound system that transmits scans to the treating physician immediately.  Scans can be performed in disaster areas, at road accidents, and in developing countries where the medical infrastructure is limited.

Socks to warn of foot ulcers.  Another great innovation from Hadassah / Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s BioDesign students.  Their SenseGo socks contain dozens of micro-fabricated pressure sensors that send warnings via smartphone of incorrect posture or ill-fitting shoes that may cause foot ulcers to develop.

Another app to cure stuttering.  Israel’s Ninispeech enables people who stutter to take control over their speech, using unique mobile feedback technology.  NiNiSpeech catalyzes assimilation of speech strategies, encourages communication, sharpens learning curve, and maximizes success rate.  3 top Israeli doctors are cofounders, including Dr Yoav Medan, ex-CTO of Israeli focused ultrasound specialists InSightec.

Device to shakeup a snorer.  (TY Dan) Israeli startup Nexense manufactures a device to treat snoring and sleep apnea.  Worn as a chest strap or wristwatch, it detects snoring or sleep apnea and then vibrates to help the patient resume breathing or stop snoring, without waking him / her up.  http://nexense.com/?page_id=87

Linked to Life.  (TY Chani) Cancer charity Ezer Mizion has a unique WhatsApp Group.  “Linked to Life” has about 4,000 volunteers who respond fast to (sometimes life-threatening) problems.  Like forgotten medication or a premature baby who needs special formula.  http://www.ezermizion.org/blog/whats-app-by-kobi-arieli/


Autistic boy uses facebook to make new friends.  4-year-old Tommy Traitel from Tel Aviv has set-up a facebook page to set-up play dates with normal kids and improve his communication skills.  It has also generated interest from Israelis in the US and celebrities who have arranged to meet Tommy.

Israel appoints its first Muslim police commissioner.  Israel’s Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan has announced the setting up of an executive administration to enforce law within the Arab sector.  The executive head will be Muslim Arab Jamal Hakroush, who will be promoted to the rank of Deputy Commissioner.

Muslims of Israel.  This facebook page is a collection of news & images of Israel's almost 2 million Muslim citizens enjoying the good life in Israel. Please share.  It is an open page, allowing anyone to post comments.  

A Syrian refugee thanks Israel.  Syrian refugee Aboud Dandachi has set-up a website “Thank You Am Israel” and writes “I am morally obligated to ensure that the goodwill that Israelis and Jews have displayed towards my people will not be overlooked nor forgotten.” “...it is imperative that Syrians reciprocate the enormous goodwill shown towards us by Israelis and the Jewish people.”  http://www.thankyouamisrael.com/thank-you-am-israel

Bahraini princess treated in Israel.  A secret 2010 visit to Israel of a Bahraini princess has just been revealed. She received life-saving treatment at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center.  She stayed 2 months in Israel, including time at a rehabilitation center in Nesher, near Haifa.  She chose Israel, rather than an alternative in the USA.

Aid to Taiwan.  Israel is sending search and rescue teams to Taiwan where many have been killed and are still missing in the magnitude 6.4 earthquake.  Taiwan’s new President Tsai Ing-wen previously visited Israel in 2013 and was very impressed.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikw6tsu_r9I

Empowering women in Nepal.  IsraAID has launched a project in Nepal by opening a beekeeping school near Kathmandu.  64 women have learned how to become beekeepers, form a cooperative to sell honey to local stores and tourists in Nepal. Each woman received one beehive stacked with a colony of local Himalayan bees to start her venture. For many of them, this beehive was one of the first things they completely owned. 

How to hack a hacker.  This is the message of the latest ad in the New York Times from “Israel is on it”.  It highlights Israel’s dominance of the cybersecurity market and particularly the innovative software from Israel’s Illusive Networks.  http://www.israelisonit.com/inventions#/how-to-hack-a-hacker/

Success at English debating championships.  (TY Dan) At the 2016 World University Debating Championship in Thessaloniki, Greece, Israel’s Ayal Hayut-man won Best Speaker at English as a Second Language with partner Dan Lahav as runner-up.  The two reached the semi-final stage of the Open Finals – an Israeli record.  Three Israeli teams reached the Open Finals.  http://www.tabletmag.com/scroll/196361/israeli-debate-teams-achieve-record-showing-at-world-university-championship

The all-time best iPhone apps.  (TY Nevet) Mashable’s 100 all-time best iPhone apps includes three from Israel.  Waze ranks 22 (“So good that Google bought it”); Meerkat (video streaming) is at 86 and Yo (the best dumb app) at 91.  http://www.israel21c.org/three-israeli-apps-make-the-100-best-iphone-apps-of-all-time-list/


Recognizing your digital identity.  Israeli startup Neura’s artificial intelligence recognizes and analyzes human behavior. Neura develops what it calls a “digital identity” for each person, that can be used to personalize applications, services, and devices.  http://venturebeat.com/2016/01/18/neura-raises-11-million-to-create-digital-identities-from-consumers-connected-lives/

Catching the successful hacker.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s TopSpin Security detects and stops cyber attackers who have already breached an organization’s perimeter and are now attempting to steal or damage internal assets.  TopSpin has just obtained $7 million of funding.  http://www.topspinsec.com/news/topspin-security-obtains-7m-series-a-funding-from-israels-leading-cyber-security-investors/

Turning agricultural waste into energy.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Doral Energy is teaming up with Kibbutz Lahav to build a facility to generate energy from organic waste and animal waste from local kibbutzim.  There are 14 Israeli projects at varying stages to generate electricity from waste, 3 in the agricultural sector.

Keeping patients and staff safe.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s SuperCom has more facets than I reported previously in Feb 2015.  The NASDAQ listed company has just launched a suite of software for the Health Care industry that addresses staff, patient and residence safety.  It incorporates mobile applications and wearable technology.

Summer cybertech training course.  Ben Gurion University will launch a cybertech program for international students this summer focusing on data mining and business intelligence.  In addition, students will visit leading Israeli companies to gain practical experience and enhance their understanding in the field.

No more zombies.  A team from Ben Gurion University, working with Deutsche Telekom, has been able to track the source of botnets - illicit and secretive networks that have turned half a billion computers into zombies that try to crash websites, send out spam or run click fraud scams.    

New light railway line for Jerusalem.  Last week I finally experienced my first-ever ride on the Jerusalem light railway Red line from the Bus Station to Jaffa Central.  So I was pleased to read that a second line has now been approved.  The 20km Blue line will connect Northern and Southern Jerusalem districts.

Startups to watch.  (TY Eli M) Here are seven Israeli startups that I hadn’t previously reported.  Audioburst (radio search engine), AzurePCR (virus and bacteria identification), DaPulse (project collaboration), Fairfly (price saver), Fraudlogix (fraud detection), Riskified (credit card checker) and Tipalti (automatic payments).

Smartphone security bug found.  Security experts at Israeli companies BugSec and CyNet have helped smartphone manufacturers LG fix a major security flaw in their popular LG G3 device.  It is the second time in a month that the team has uncovered a breach in cybersecurity that could have exposed millions to hackers.

Tracking the bad guys at sea.  (TY Dan) In Nov 2015, Israel’s Windward tracked 10,000 vessels entering Europe. Of those, 650 ships originated from, crossed or entered the territorial waters of Libya, Syria and Lebanon.  Among those 650, 34 of them reported a fake identity.  Is the world listening?

Natural pesticides prove effective.  (TY Hazel) Israel’s EdenShield has completed studies in Italy, Spain and Israel that show its non-toxic natural pesticides protect crops without damage to the environment.  In fact, the plants don’t need to be sprayed at all – EdenShield’s Net product is sprayed on the netting and vents of the greenhouse.  http://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-start-up-keeps-bad-bugs-at-bay-no-poison-needed/

An app to analyze your app.  (TY Dan) Israeli startup Gingee has developed Curve – app metrics tools for marketers and developers to review metrics of their app on a single dashboard from multiple mobile platforms.  Its most beneficial use is in helping transfer an app to another platform (e.g. from Android to iPhone).


Global confidence in Israel’s economy.  Ambassador Yoram Ettinger has written another positive account of Israel’s economic prospects.  He cites hi-tech funding (especially cybertech), increasing Chinese investment, shrinking trade deficit and reduced public / private debt to GDP rations. 

Funding for 9 new US-Israeli projects.  (TY Atid-EDI) The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation approved another $7.5 million in funding for nine new projects between U.S. and Israeli companies.  BIRD has financed 926 projects with over $10 billion in its 38-year history.

NIS 28 billion railway project.  Israel is to spend NIS 28.3 billion to overhaul its railway system over the next 4 years.  NIS 12 billion will electrify the system (see previous newsletter).  The rest will go to add new lines, expand and build new stations and replace signaling communication and maintenance systems.

Spanish startups’ digital mission to Tel Aviv.  (TY Dan) Spain's internet development agency Red.es, together with trade and investment body ICEX and trade association Adigital, have organized the first digital mission of Spanish tech startups to Tel Aviv in March.  They will visit leading Israeli digital economy players.

Israeli women behind JFE.  (TY Dan) Israelis Jenny Belotserkovsky and Michal Tavrovsky founded Jews for Entrepreneurs (JFE) to advance their own startups and help connect them to the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

The die is cast.  (TY Dan) Israel’s Omen Casting Group is opening a new high pressure die casting factory in Richmond, Indiana, USA, creating up to 100 new jobs.  Omen will manufacture aluminum parts for drivelines, steering components and oil pumps at its new facility, to be installed in US and German cars. 

Fans can invest in their clubs and players.  (TY Dan) Israeli startup FBFM (Football Fans Marketplace) is developing an online marketplace to allow football (soccer) fans worldwide to invest in their favorite players and clubs.  Fans provide loans to clubs for players and then receive a portion of any future transfer proceeds.

More automated parking systems.  Since I wrote about Israel’s Unitronics (see Mar 2015) it has built five automated parking facilities in North America including two in New Jersey and one in California.  It has just won a $4.5 million deal to build another facility in New Jersey.

Netflix buys “The Greenhouse”.  (TY Dan) US media giant Netflix has bought its first Israeli television show.  It has acquired the youth drama “The Greenhouse” (HaKhamama in Hebrew), created by Giora Chamizer.  The US version will be set in California, although filmed in Israel.

The first non-Jewish Israeli bond.  (TY Dan) Michael Shah’s Delshah Capital secured nearly $82 million through the first phase of the firm’s bond issuance on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. In doing so, Shah became the first non-Jewish developer to tap Israel’s corporate bond market.


Publishing Israeli academic books globally.  (TY Nancy) Israel Academic Press (IAP) is a peer-review press, dedicated to making the finest Israeli academic writing available worldwide. It aims to disseminate knowledge about the complexity of Israel and its society.  http://www.israelacademicpress.com/ 

Gazelle Valley - Jerusalem's Urban Nature Reserve.  I reported on Jerusalem’s Gazelle Valley Park twice previously.  Israel's first urban nature reserve is named after a herd of about 30 wild gazelles, which roam freely throughout the 250-acre park.  This video shows how Israelis and nature can coexist for mutual benefit.

A horticultural tour of Israel.  (TY Dan) John and Kelly Schroeder of Canada’s Valleybrook Gardens will host a tour of Israel’s greenhouses, garden centers and nurseries from Oct 24 to Nov 7 2016. It includes “plenty of time to enjoy the incredible culture, history and sights of this fascinating country”.

Israeli film wins Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.  (TY Dan) The Israeli film "Sufat Chol" (Sand Storm), written and directed by Elite Zexer, was awarded the prestigious Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.  The film follows the story of two Bedouin women and their struggle to change their destiny.

Megadeth to perform in Israel.  Megadeth is considered to be one of the world’s four biggest thrash metal bands, having sold 50 million records worldwide and received eleven Grammy nominations. Megadeth will perform at the Rishon Live Park, just south of Tel Aviv, on July 2, 2016.

Wix’s Super Bowl ad.  (TY SDM) Wix.com, the Tel Aviv-based do-it-yourself website development company broadcast a stunning commercial featuring Kung Fu Panda during the Super Bowl on Feb 7.

The most grandmasters per capita.  The Israeli city of Be’er Sheva holds a world record of number of chess grandmasters per capita, with one in 20,000.  Former chess champion Eliyahu Levant left the Soviet Union in the 1970s and came to Be’er Sheva.  His teaching made Be’er Sheva into a dominant force in Israeli chess.

The surf’s up in Netanya.  (TY Hazel) The World Surf League held its SEAT Pro event at Netanya’s Kontiki beach Jan 16 – Jan 25.  Conditions were ideal for testing the competitors’ skills. The winners took home $10,000 and trophies containing shofarim (rams’ horns).  http://www.worldsurfleague.com/posts/176181/hd10


Israelis pass the “Blind Man” test.  An Australian test of honesty was repeated in Israel.  A blind Israeli asked strangers to change a 10 or 20-shekel note, but held out a 100 or 200-shekel note to see if anyone exploited his disability.  100 per cent of Israelis corrected the blind man’s “mistake”.

Fight BDS – drink up.  (TY Dan) The first linked article highlights some delicious wines made in Judea and Samaria.    Meanwhile, the 2016 Sommelier Wine Exhibition in Tel Aviv featured the products of 80 different Israeli wineries with the Golan Heights Winery being very popular in Europe.  “Lechaim!”

Campaign to bring Subbotnik Jews home.  Michael Freund of Shavei Israel writes that there are still 15,000 to 20,000 Subbotnik Jews in Russia and many want to make Aliya.  They are descendants of Christians who began celebrating the Jewish Sabbath in the late 18th century.  Many formally converted to Judaism.

Bibi’s miraculous recovery.  No, not the Israeli PM; this is Border Police Officer Raz Bibi who was stabbed by an Arab terrorist in May and nearly died.  He was discharged from hospital a month later and immediately went to pray at the Western Wall. Bibi returned to duty in November and now a ceremony has honored him.

Oldest bible is a world treasure.  The Aleppo Codex in Jerusalem’s Israel Museum has been recognized by UNESCO as a unique world treasure.  It was written in Tiberias around 930 CE and is believed to be the world’s oldest copy of the Hebrew Bible.  The Codex joins UNESCO’s registry of 300 items and collections.


In the 7th Feb 16 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         Israeli scientists have developed a way to kill the HIV virus.

·         Israel’s MobileODT donated cervical cancer screening devices to Kenya.

·         Israeli doctors’ discovery saved the life of an Arab girl.

·         India’s Foreign Affairs Minister made an historic visit to Israel.

·         A 13-year-old Israeli girl has designed a satellite to produce Oxygen in space.

·         An Israeli startup has an EU grant to develop electric buses without batteries.

·         Amazon will print custom shirts using Israeli digital printers.
·         Honest, caring Israelis found and returned valuable lost property to their owners.
·         The world’s oldest man is an Israeli.

·         Click here to see the newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel with extra features on Health, Global impact and Technology.  Also (TY Sandra) available in German.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You to all who have sent me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Breakthrough treatment for HIV.  Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have destroyed the HIV virus using peptides containing multiple copies of the virus’ DNA.  Combined with existing HIV medications the peptides activate the cell's self-destruction mechanisms.  After two weeks there was no sign of the virus.  Human trials will commence in a few months.  http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4750903,00.html

Gold lights up blocked arteries.  Researchers at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University are developing gold nano-rods to help identify and treat blocked arteries.  The tiny gold particles are absorbed by macrophages (bacteria-viruses) in the blood to illuminate problem areas.  Combining them with good cholesterol can then clear the blockages.

A high-definition image of your eye.  Scientists at Israel’s Technion Institute have developed innovative imaging technology to capture fine, high-quality optical images of the retina of the eye (including blood vessels and neurons) non-invasively.  It could transform eye research.  http://www.jpost.com/Business-and-Innovation/Health-and-Science/Health-Scan-Looking-sharply-into-the-eyes-443311

MDA’s “Life Guardians” go live.  Magen David Adom has launched its new “Life Guardians” program. It relies on Israelis nationwide to respond to an emergency in their area until Emergency Medical Support units arrive. MDA states that anyone with first aid training can become a part of the program.  

Predicting cancer & obesity using artificial light.  Haifa University’s Nataliya Rybnikova has been granted NIS 500,000 ($126,000) to help her research into satellite images of artificial light at night and its link to high levels of cancer and obesity.  Night shifts may endanger health, and LEDs can damage melatonin production.

How well do you sleep?  Israel’s EarlySense has “got into bed” with US-based iFit to develop the first “sleepable”- an Internet of Things connected sleep sensor that will be integrated with iFit mattresses and mattress covers. By monitoring sleep quality, users can improve sleep and overall wellness.

More donors and transplants.  2015 saw a 60% increase in organ donations agreed by Israeli families of the deceased.  It led to a 28% increase in the number of Israeli organ transplants – to 433 in 2015.  In addition, 668 corneas were donated and 42 burns patients received donated skin. There was a 5% increase (to 850,000) in registered donor cards   http://www.jpost.com/Business-and-Innovation/Health-and-Science/Highest-ever-rate-of-family-agreement-to-donate-organs-in-2015-443214

Free screening devices for Kenya.  Israel’s MobileODT has donated 20 of its Enhanced Visual Assessment (EVA) cervical cancer screening devices to healthcare providers in Kenya.  On World Cancer Day (4th Feb), nurses trained by the NGO Rotary International aim to screen over 700 Kenyan women using the devices.

Overseas paramedics recognized.  The Israeli Knesset has approved an amendment to a law on health professions. Professional paramedics, who were certified in a country where their job does not require an academic degree, can convert their qualifications in Israel without having to go back to school.  http://www.jewishpress.com/news/new-knesset-law-recognizes-paramedical-degrees-obtained-abroad/2016/02/03/


Israel’s first special needs basketball league.  Israel’s first ever basketball league for people with special needs has been launched in Jerusalem.  There are many special needs basketball teams throughout Jerusalem and Israel, but until now there had been no official or organized framework for such teams.

Boosting job skills for Ethiopian-Israelis.  The Israeli government is to spend NIS 55 million ($14 million) on programs to improve the job prospects of at least 3,600 Ethiopian immigrants. It will focus on job training, academic programs, and grants to employers for hiring Israeli workers of Ethiopian descent.

Building multi-ethnic Israeli companies.  Forsan Hussein and Ami Dror are the Muslim and Jewish Israeli cofounders of Zaitoun Ventures.  They build and invest in companies either cofounded by Jews and Arabs or with diverse employees, including Myndlift, Sidis Labs, Ninispeech, Comedy Break, Teramount, Galapromter and IceCure.  Zaitoun is poised to invest about $100 million in 2016.

Helping Israeli-Arab employment. (TY Eli) In 2015, over 8,000 new participants visited the 20 employment centers set up for the Arab, Druze, and Circassian populations throughout Israel. 13,600 people found jobs through the centers and 24,000 have received assistance.  68% of visitors found work – far more than the government’s 56% target.  http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4759117,00.html

Israeli doctors save life of 17-year-old Arab girl.  Doctors at Rambam Medical Center, Haifa saved the life of Jummana, a 17-year-old girl from Nablus suffering from a serious and rare endocrine problem.  With help from the US National Institutes of Health, the doctors traced the source to a tiny tumor, which they removed.

An Israeli mall in Israeli-Arab town.  (TY Hazel) Supermarket magnate Rami Levy is building a $50 million shopping mall in the Israeli-Arab town of Al-Ram near the Palestinian Arab city of Ramallah.  Levy anticipates that Jews and Arabs will be attracted to shop at the mall and will travel from both Jerusalem and Ramallah. 

The island of tears.  (TY Denis) New video of some of the thousands of refugees from Syria arriving daily by boat on the Greek island of Lesbos, hoping to find a new start in Europe. Waiting for them on the shore is a rescue team of doctors and nurses, both Arab and Jewish, from the Israeli humanitarian organization IsraAid.

Israel to host Forbes 600 under 30.  (TY Dan) Forbes is to hold its Under 30 Summit EMEA in Israel.  600 young entrepreneurs and game changers from across the world will take part in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv events 2-7 April 16. The game changers include 200 from Europe, 200 from the US and 200 from Israel.

High return on US investment in Israel.  (TY Dan) Ambassador Yoram Ettinger describes the USA’s “win-win” relationship with Israel.

Strengthening relations with India.  Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj came to Israel, seeking new areas where the two countries can cooperate.  Speaking from Jerusalem, she stressed the importance of Israeli-Indian ties and said the “potential of our relations are much much more.”  Meanwhile the number of visitors to Israel from India during 2015 increased by 13.5% compared to 2014 - to around 40,000.

Health agreement with Cyprus.  Cyprus and Israel signed a healthcare sector cooperation agreement covering issues such as improving health systems, epidemiology, prevention of infectious diseases, food safety and environmental hygiene.  It also includes sending patients abroad for treatments and transplant procedures.

Israel is on it.  The latest Untold News ad publicizing Israeli innovation in the New York Times.

How to combat terror.  (TY Algemeiner & Dan) 15 Massachusetts law enforcement officials are on an organized 10-day trip to Israel to learn about fighting terrorism.  The trip was sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. http://www.masslive.com/politics/index.ssf/2016/01/massachusetts_law_enforcement.html


Smart Video On Demand.  Israeli streaming company Vonetize's may be the first 2016 launch on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The company's service is called Smart VOD (Video On Demand) and is a similar service to Netflix.  http://www.globes.co.il/en/article-vonetize-plans-raising-nis-30-34m-on-tase-1001098407

EdTech startups get a boost.  Israeli entrepreneurs Yair Brosh and Shachar Vilner have set up a new platform using Edvantage - a combination of venture capital fund and accelerator - to encourage start-ups in informal education. Edvantage, from Israel’s Time to Know, helps build technological solutions and assists start-ups to enter international markets. http://www.timesofisrael.com/edtech-start-ups-get-a-boost-from-new-funding/

Israel is a nano-superpower.  NanoIsrael 2016 in Tel Aviv on Feb 22 will show the world just how far Israel’s nanotechnology industry has come.  There are 1,995 nanotechnology PhD graduates plus 2,908 with masters’ degrees from Israeli universities.  Israeli nanotechnology researchers have filed 1,590 patents.

Producing oxygen in outer space.  (TY Dan & Nevet) 13-year-old Israeli Roni Oron won a “Satellite Is Born” award from the Israel Space Agency for her design of a system to produce oxygen in outer space.  Her “BioSat” uses algae, carbon dioxide, water, sunlight, mirrors and photosynthesis.  She will develop the satellite at a NASA summer camp in Florida.  http://www.algemeiner.com/2016/01/21/13-year-old-israeli-girl-develops-satellite-system-for-producing-oxygen-in-space/  http://www.cjnews.com/news/business/13-year-old-israeli-girl-invents-system-for-producing-oxygen-in-space

Making water out of thin-air.  (TY Dan) The technology of Israel’s Water-Gen (featured here previously) can extract clean water from the ambient air humidity. The technology is now used by the Israeli, British, French and US armies.  GENNY, the civilian version, is now used in India, Africa, Central America and China.

Everything you want to know about birds.  (TY Dan) Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University have developed a new bird tracking device called Atlas.  The tag transmits radio signals that tells more about wildlife than ever before – and for a fraction of the cost of previous devices.

The most popular VPN in the world.  (TY Dan) Israel’s Hola is the most popular free VPN service in the world, used by tens of millions of people daily, mainly to watch TV shows in countries outside the country of origin.  Hola is so busy, it is now offering $7,000 to anyone who refers new hi-tech employees to the company.

Exposing a security flaw at Ebay.  Israeli cyber-security firm Check Point has discovered a serious flaw in online e-commerce giant eBay’s security, allowing hackers and cyber criminals to use malicious code to target users and steal their online information.  

Power from the open road.  Israel’s Electroad has developed Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) that will charge electric buses from the road they are being driven on.  No need for a battery or charging spots.  ElectRoad has won a grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program.


OECD report.  The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) biannual report on Israel is chock full of mostly good news.  Increasing GDP, well-stimulated economy, high employment, low unemployment, rising wages, stable banks, high quality of life and long life expectancy.

Israel is “beyond expectations”.  (TY Dan & Eli) Credit ratings agency Moody's has reported that Israel’s fiscal performance was improving "beyond expectations."  It also said that Israel is the only high-rated country (A3 or more) to have seen a consistent decline in its debt burden. Also S&P has maintained Israel’s A+ rating.

Encouraging the move to natural gas.  (TY Dan) Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources is offering grants of NIS 1 million ($250,000) for the building of each one of a network of 30 to 40 compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling stations.  It is a key stage of Israel’s transition to cleaner energy.

EU puts $170 million in Israeli startups.  Israel has signed no fewer than 240 agreements with the EU as part of the Horizon 2020 research and development program, with grants to Israeli start-ups and research groups worth up to €155 million euros ($170 million). http://www.timesofisrael.com/eu-e155m-in-rd-deals-proves-theres-no-boycott-of-israel/   https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/doc/call/h2020/space-sme-2015-2/1700114-sme-instrument-phase1-beneficiaries_january_2016_en.pdf

Invest in top Israeli companies.  (TY Dan) International finance giant BlackRock has launched an exchange-traded-fund (ETF) that allows European investors to invest directly in Israel’s top 25 listed companies.  The iShares TA-25 Israel UCITS ETF (TASE) allows global investors to invest in the Israeli economy.

Israel is on it.  Marcella Rosen’s non-profit organization Untold News (see newsletter) has launched a new advertising campaign promoting Israeli inventions. “Israel Is On It” aims “to raise mass-market awareness of one tiny country whose citizens are curing cancer, making the ocean drinkable, freezing cancer tumors, preventing hospital infections, stopping airport terrorism, and changing all our lives for the better.” 

Amazon to publish T-shirts using Israeli tech.  Israel’s Kornit is already revolutionizing the custom-printed textile market with its digital garment printing technology.  Now Amazon plans to use the Kornit systems to digitally print shirts on receipt of online customer orders.

More Aegean Airways flights.  (TY Dan) Greece’s largest airline Aegean Airways has increased its schedule to Israel to 20 flights per week.  They include 3 more to Athens and 4 more to Larnaca, Cyprus.

Digitizing content for Oxford University Press. The Oxford University Press (OUP) has signed deals with three Israeli digital book start-ups - Tiny Tap, Kidoz, and Total Boox, to help OUP digitize and distribute its content. The OUP wishes to develop products and services that improve the lives of teachers and learners globally.  http://www.timesofisrael.com/oxford-university-press-signs-deal-with-3-israeli-start-ups/

A fun way to motivate employees.  Israeli startup GamEffective offers firms exciting ways to get staff to achieve better results.  The technique, known as Gamification, refers to the incentivizing component of game-playing – awarding points, badges and other rewards for good performance.


110 years of art and design.  The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel’s national school of art, was established on 16th Jan 1906 with just thirty European art students.  Today around 2,000 students are enrolled at Bezalel. Many of Israel’s best-known artists, designers, filmmakers, and sculptors are among its graduates.

Combining rich history & gourmet food.  Jerusalem's Mahne Yehuda Market is a melting pot of cultures and culinary experiences.  The sounds, smells and colors are as varied as the people.  Songs and stories were written about the market that dates back to the 19th Century.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJDQXICPiOk

Israel Trail now on Google Street View.  The 1,100 km Israel National Trail, from north to south, became the first such trail to be uploaded to Google's Street View service, in honor of Tu Bishvat (the Jewish New Year of trees).  250 staff from Israel's Society for the Protection of Nature and Google filmed the path for three months. It is now accessible to any user of Google Maps.  http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4757567,00.html

Scorpions are returning.  German hard rock band Scorpions will perform at Tel Aviv’s Menorah Mivtachim Arena on July 14 as part of its 50th anniversary tour.  It is the band’s third time in Israel, after performing in 2010 and 2012.  http://www.algemeiner.com/2016/02/01/scorpions-lead-singer-sends-message-to-israel-ahead-of-world-tour-tel-aviv-performance/

Tame Impala’s first Israeli concert.  Australian psychedelic/indie-rock band, Tame Impala will be heading to Tel Aviv for their first ever Israeli concert at Rishon Live Park, on 11th July.  Tame Impala’s internationally successful 2015 album “Currents” includes hits “Let It Happen”, and “Cause I’m a Man”.

A different kind of battle.  (TY Dan) Tel Aviv became a battlefield for medieval knights when Israel hosted the World Medieval Fighting Championship.  Representatives from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, UK, Estonia, Denmark, Moldova, France and Israel. took part in the unique competition.

Golden Judokas.  (TY Dan) Israelis Yarden Gerbi (under 63kg) and Linda Bolder (under 70kg) won gold medals at the Judo Grand Prix in Havana, Cuba.  In addition, Shira Rishony won silver in the under 48kg event. 


Yeshiva boy finds & returns NIS 130,000 lost property.  (TY Janglo) A Belz yeshiva student found a small bag containing 130,000 shekels (over $32,600) in cash at a bus station in Haifa.  He then waited until the owner of the cash turned up and handed it over to the astounded (previously anti-orthodox) man, refusing any reward.

Engagement ring found in the garbage.  A wedding nightmare had a happy ending after a lost engagement ring was found in a garbage pile and returned to the frantic bride-to-be.  Volunteers sifted through trash at the Municipal warehouses in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem after the bride’s family put out an appeal on facebook.

From Iranian army, to Jewish State.  Dr. Shahab Davidfor, an Iranian Jew, served as a doctor in the Iranian army, treating patients at an Iranian air force base. He made Aliyah 2 years ago and is now working in a Terem (emergency) clinic in Romema, Jerusalem.  http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4760152,00.html

Keep Olim in Israel.  (TY Eli) Liami Lawrence (featured here in Jan 15) made Aliya from California in 2014.  Now he has formed a group “Keep Olim in Israel” for the thousands of new immigrants to Israel, providing a positive channel to helping them settle in Israel. 

Aliya at age 97.  Melba Landa, 97 was the oldest woman to make Aliyah in 2015. She was born in Odessa and now lives with her son and daughter-in-law in Haifa. By profession she is a geologist but she dedicated the bulk of her time to fighting for human rights and for Soviet Jewry.

Rare minerals discovered near Haifa.  Corundum stones found in the Kishon River, near Haifa contain a variety of rare minerals, including Moissanite and tistarite.  Until now, tistarite has been found on a single meteorite that came from outer space; this is the first find in a natural source deep inside the Earth.

Israelis don’t pick flowers.  (TY Nevet) In the 1960s, Uzi Paz realized Israel’s wildflowers would simply disappear at the rate people kept picking them.  Uzi helped found Israel’s Society for the Protection of Nature, convinced the government to make picking illegal and campaigned successfully for protecting the wildflowers.

112-year-old Israeli is world’s oldest man.  Yisrael Kristal Kristal was born in 1903 to a religiously observant Jewish family in what is now part of Poland. His first wife and two children were murdered in the Holocaust. He survived Auschwitz and other death camps, remarried, made Aliyah, and had more children.


In the 31st Jan 16 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         Israel’s ZAKA emergency response organization received UN recognition.

·         Israel is to spend an extra $3.3 billion on Israeli-Arabs in the next five years.

·         Seven major news stories highlight Israel’s dominance in cybersecurity.

·         The EU has selected Jerusalem’s water company for a major project.

·         Sony, Honda, GM and Mercedes all announced deals with Israeli startups.

·         A BBC video captures an amazing display of starlings in Israel.

·         Israel is making it easier for dentists and therapists to make Aliya.

·         Click here to see the newsletter on IsraelSeen, Janglo and United With Israel with extra features on Health, Global impact, Technology and the Jewish State.  Also (TY Sandra) available in German.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You to all who have sent me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Early detection of lung cancer in smokers.  Scientists at Tel Aviv University and Rabin Medical Center have discovered they can detect lung cancer early in smokers by performing a CT scan at the time they are admitted as pneumonia patients.  Often, the pneumonia is caused by young cancer cells blocking air pathways.

The reason lack of sleep leads to obesity.  Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have detailed for the first time how human biological clocks work in tandem with intestinal gut bacteria to control blood sugar levels.  Digestion suffers when the schedules of the gut bacteria are interrupted by late-night wakefulness.

Why the blind have better hearing.  Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered how the brain compensates for the loss of one of the senses (e.g. sight) by improving another (e.g. hearing). They studied the simple roundworm and manipulated synapses to control the sensory ability of the organism.

US approval for smartphone blood sugar monitor.  Israel’s LabStyle has received US FDA approval for its Dario device for measuring blood sugar levels using a smartphone.  It already has approval for European sales.

Turning rehabilitation into a fun exercise.  Israeli startups BioGaming and Motorika use virtual-reality and robotics technology to introduce fun into physical therapy exercises.  BioGaming’s algorithms power a Microsoft Kinect 3D motion-capture camera. Motorika’s robotics enable neurological and orthopedic rehab.

ZAKA secures official U.N. status.  (TY algemeiner and Dan) The Israeli emergency response organization ZAKA has received official consultative status from the United Nations.  ZAKA will now be recognized as an official body in the U.N., which will help it to expand its international search, rescue and recovery missions.

NIS 300 million more for health.  Eighty-three new medications and medical technologies were added to Israel's "health basket" on Thursday, benefiting 108,500 patients at the cost of NIS 300 million.  Cancer treatments include myeloma, leukemia, pancreatic, kidney, prostate, breast, ovarian, lung and more.

The top Israeli responder.  (TY Janglo) The average Hatzalah emergency response volunteer will attend to some 300 calls annually, but 58-year-old Yehuda Londner of Bnei Brak recorded an impressive 2,370 calls last year.  In 29 years with Hatzalah and Magen David Adom he has responded to over 45,000 emergency calls.

Novotalk founder’s startup cured his stutter.  The founder Novotalk (see Dec 27 newsletter) Moshe Rot describes how he suffered from stuttering since age 3.  Then at age 22 he went for fluency shaping at Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital.  He started up Novotalk to teach and reinforce the skill online at much less cost.


Connecting kids to Israeli seniors.  The HaVeDa project connects senior Israeli citizens with Jewish and Israeli children living in the diaspora who want to keep in touch with Israel – its people and its language.  The Israeli seniors live at home or in a nursing home and are happy to share their stories with young people.

El Al’s first all-female cockpit.  An El Al flight that flew from Israel to Larnaca, Cyprus was a small-but-significant historical moment for the Israeli airline: its cockpit was comprised entirely of women.  The controls were in the hands of Captain Smadar Shechter and First Officer Meirav Schwartz.

35% of Teva’s senior management are women.  Israel’s Teva has reported that 49% of all its management positions are staffed by women, with a female level of 35% in senior management.  Teva launched 315 generic medicines in 2015. It saved UK local authorities $4.3 billion in 2014 and tens of billions of dollars worldwide.

Free on-line English courses.  Israel’s Education Ministry is paying for Israeli university students to take English language courses offered online by the Open University in preparation for further study at academic institutions.  It will save students thousands of shekels and improve their career opportunities.

$3.3 billion to help Israeli-Arabs.  (TY Hazel) Israel will spend around 13 billion shekels ($3.3 billion) over the next five years to improve the standard of living of its Arab minority.  Investment will be boosted in education, infrastructure, culture, sports and transportation in Arab areas.

Syrians see Israel’s good side.  (TY Hazel) Another report about some of the 2,000 Syrian war wounded who have been treated in Israeli hospitals.

R&D agreement with Colombia.  (TY Dan) Israel and Colombia have signed an agreement on cooperation in industrial R&D.  Colombia is the fourth largest economy in Latin America, after Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, which have also signed agreements with Israel in recent years.  http://www.port2port.com/article/Industry-Trade/Economy/Israel-and-Colombia-signed-R-D-cooperation-agreement/

Irrigating Indian farms.  The Indian state of Haryana - located just northwest of Dehli - will initiate micro-irrigation projects based on Israeli expertise at 14 sites throughout the state over the course of 2016.  Israeli agricultural professionals work extensively in Haryana and neighboring Punjab, as well as around the country.

Apple learns Hebrew.  iPhone and iPad users will know about Siri - Apple’s speech-recognition robot.  Now Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) will be available in Hebrew in March.

Where Israel gives humanitarian aid.  (TY Hazel) Israel21C has produced a map showing all the top locations where Israel offers aid to people in need around the world.  http://mapme.com/israel-aid


$3.5 million more to tackle pollution.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry is to invest NIS 14 million ($3.5 million) in projects to encourage use of public transportation and bicycles. The funds are in addition to the NIS 6 million ($1.5 million) transferred to local authorities in the past year to promote similar initiatives.

An intelligent extra eye.  Israel’s OrCam has moved on from its camera that helps visually impaired.  It has now launched MyMe – an augmented attention device that gives you an extra eye and ear.  It can perform face recognition, speech to text translation, time analysis etc.  OrCam also opened a European HQ in London.

Bringing back the sound of voice.  Israeli app HearMeOut reinvents vocal features in social media.

“Israel is a global agricultural force”.  On Tu B’Shvat – the New Year for Trees in Israel – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Israeli agro-tech at an exhibit of Israel’s latest developments at the Agricultural Research Organization’s Volcani Center, in Beit Dagan near Tel Aviv.

Magnificent seven.  Last week there was good news about seven Israeli cybersecurity companies - the first six are their first mentions in my newsletter.  LightCyber won awards in both SC Magazine and CRN Magazine; SafeBreach launched its continual testing platform; Fireglass raised $20 million of funds for its critical systems solution; ImVision raised $4 million for its anomaly detection technology; Nubo raised $7 million to expand its Cloud-based mobile protection; and ForeScout became a billion-dollar value company.  Finally, Elbit’s CYBERBIT unit exposed the workings and solution for Dridex - the most dangerous virus in existence.

$100 million in STEM scholarships.  Real estate magnate and publisher Mortimer Zuckerman has announced a 20-year, $100 million scholarship program to pay for American graduate students in the sciences to study in Israel.  It will allow leading US and Israeli academics to work together on cutting-edge research.

Helping firms make IoT products.  Israeli startup Seebo makes it easier for companies to develop smart products. Seebo provides them with end-to-end tools and technology that connect the products to the Internet of Things (IoT).  Seebo has just raised $8.5 million of funds.

The brains behind Iron Dome.  Israel’s mPrest provides monitoring and control software for the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling organizations to connect any sensor at any time.  mPrest also developed the brains for the Iron Dome missile defense system. mPrest has just raised $20 million of funds for international expansion.

Don’t waste time dialing.  Israeli startup MyState shows the availability of a contact before dialing by displaying if the person is on a call, offline, on vibrate or silent, has no Internet connection, is in a different time-zone, or their battery is running low, or charging. MyState has just raised $6.5 million of funds.

Israeli tech in one third of Smart TVs.  A third of the smart TVs sold in the world today contain Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA) - an essential piece of technology made by Israeli start-up Giraffic.  Both Samsung and LG use Giraffic’s AVA to stream content, uninterrupted by network glitches and slowdowns.

Jerusalem Water on EU research project.  Hagihon - Jerusalem’s water company - has been awarded a key role on the 4-year European Union project to improve governance and social awareness of water environmental challenges.  It involves setting up a Digital Social Platform to share details of water scarcity, security, quality and water consumption-related issues.  https://www.hagihon.co.il/News/NewsItem.aspx?nodeId=227&id=180

A better mousetrap.  Israeli start-up IoTBox has developed a hi-tech sensor tracking system for super-fast elimination of rodent infection at food processing sites.  It utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive analytics to calculate the travel pattern of the vermin and identify where pest control needs to be applied.

The best gadgets at CES.  Thousands of products were displayed to over 100,000 visitors at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  Both winners in the “Last Gadget Standing” category were Israeli.  The VUZE Camera from HumanEyes was the Live Audience winner and SteamCC’s Ripple Maker was the on-line winner http://www.timesofisrael.com/two-israeli-inventions-voted-ces-favorites/


Water rates to fall by 14.5%.  (TY Dan) Israel's cabinet has approved a 14.5% cut in water rates to be effective from 1st Feb.  It follows a 10% reduction a year ago.

Huge investment in Israeli startups.  As you will see in this week’s newsletter, there is a huge surge currently of financial investment in Israeli hi-tech companies.

3000 attend investor summit.  The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem brought together technology leaders and innovators from around the world to see some of Israel’s hottest start-ups.  This article features Engie, BIRD, freeD, HIL and UpNRide, who were among the many presenters at the packed event.

2000 attend China-Israel investment summit.  Over 100 Israeli companies and 2000 delegates were in Beijing at the first ever China-Israel Technology Innovation and Investment Summit.  They came to raise capital, market their products or build strategic partnerships.  $3 billion worth of deals were anticipated.

NIS 1 billion boost for small & medium businesses.  Israel’s Economy Ministry has chosen two Israeli venture capital funds, Cogito Capital and Peninsula Investments, to create a billion shekel ($27 million) capital growth fund for firms that have an annual sales volume of NIS 100 million ($27 million) or less.

Sony buys Altair for $212 million.  Sony Corporation has purchased the Israeli chip manufacturing company Altair for $212 million or 25 billion Yen.  Sony enters the prestigious Israeli startup market to help its aim to become a world leader in the IoT (Internet of Things) field, connecting various devices to the Internet.

Advanced Inhalation to launch on NASDAQ.  Israeli biotech Advanced Inhalation Therapies (AIT), plans to raise $12 million on NASDAQ.  AIT develops products for the treatment of respiratory infections including Cystic Fibrosis.  See previous newsletter articles (here) of its Nitric Oxide treatment.

A massive space in the Cloud.  Hundreds of top enterprises and carriers currently run the flagship Cloud products Cloudify and XAP from Israel’s GigaSpaces to enhance IT efficiency and performance.  GigaSpace has just raised $20 million of funds for global expansion and product development.

Honda seeks Israeli smart car technology.  (TY Dan) Honda has engaged Israeli crowdfunding equity platform company OurCrowd to help its plans to build intelligent automobiles.  Honda is already working with Israel’s VocalZoom, which has developed a robust speech interface for cars and motorbikes.

Infotainment for GM & Mercedes cars.  Israeli video tech company Valens has announced that two of the biggest automakers - GM and Mercedes - are to install its HDbaseT world standard cable technology into their vehicles and products.  HDBaseT eliminates waiting time for the display of apps, videos and other content.

The largest investment of its kind.  Netanya’s jFrog has just raised $50 million – one of the largest ever investments in a Development / Operations company.  jFrog’s products allow IT departments to build and maintain new systems.  http://www.globes.co.il/en/article-israeli-devops-startup-jfrog-raises-50m-1001096830

Frutarom continues to Grow.  Israeli flavors and natural ingredients company Frutarom has made its second acquisition of 2016 following 12 takeovers in 2015 and 29 in five years.  It has now bought US ingredients company Grow for $20 million.  Grow has an R&D and marketing center and production site in New Jersey.

Fly from Rosh Pina to Eilat.  Domestic Israeli travel has been enhanced with the inaugural flight from Rosh Pina airport to Eilat.  Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation Ayoub Kara is planning a 34 million Shekel ($8.6 million) program to develop the Rosh Pina airport and turn it into a regional hub for local flights.

Save money on your bills.  (TY Janglo) Israeli startup EZSave has an app that renegotiates your service provider contracts to optimize your service and save you money.  Just send a photo of your bill and EZSave does the rest. It currently works in Israel for phone, Internet, TV and gas bills.


Israel has the X-Factor.  The purchase of Israel’s media production company Abot Meiri, by South Africa’s FremantleMedia, gives an Israeli development arm to the owner of X Factor, Pop Idol, and Got Talent.

Deep Purple returns to Israel.  Deep Purple, one of heavy rock's most legendary bands, will be back in Israel on May 22 in Rishon Lezion. It'll be the band's fifth visit to Israel since their first show in 1991. 

A new viewing experience.  Tech giant Intel is working with Israel’s Replay Technologies to enable sports fans to re-watch key moments of sporting events from nearly every conceivable angle.  Replay’s “freeD” technology and Arena stadium system of super high-definition cameras will be optimized for 6G Intel Core processors and Intel server technology.  http://www.thetower.org/2787oc-intel-teams-with-israeli-tech-company-to-give-sports-fans-new-viewing-experience/

Suddenly Jerusalem flashmob.  The spirit is high among these young dancers in Israel’s capital city.

BBC finally films a beautiful Israeli sight.  (TY Avi) A BBC cameraman looked up at the Israeli sky and captured an amazing sight.  Thousands of starlings forming “dancing clouds” – known as murmurations.

Israel’s first men’s Olympic Taekwondo competitor.  (TY SDM) Ron Attias will be Israel's first-ever male Olympic Taekwondo martial arts contestant, when he competes in the under-58 kg category at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Attias won the gold medal at the qualification tournament in Turkey.


Running for ALEH.  Read about the young people who are running the Jerusalem marathon on March 18, to raise funds for ALEH – the Israeli charity for disabled children.  Please join in the race if you can, or give a donation if you can’t.  http://runforaleh.org/about-aleh-ascend/  http://runforaleh.org/register-jerusalem/

1700-year-old graves of Rabbis found.  Three 1,700-year-old burial inscriptions in Aramaic and Greek have been uncovered in the northern Israeli community of Tzipori.  Two belong to Rabbis, whose names have yet to be deciphered.  http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/17000-year-old-gravestones-of-unknown-rabbis-uncovered-in-northern-israel/2016/01/27/0/

A unique language.  Israel is the only country to have revived an unspoken language and establish it as its national tongue.  Thanks mainly to Eliezer ben Yehuda (1858-1922), Israelis hailing from all corners of the globe now speak Hebrew as the language of everyday communication.

From Japan to the IDF.  Daniel Tomohiro is not the typical Israeli soldier. Born from a Jewish mother and a Japanese father, he learned how his Hungarian grandparents survived the Holocaust, made Aliyah, and fought in Israel’s War of Independence.  Now Tomohiro serves in the 50th Battalion of Israel’s Nahal Brigade.

Easier for dentists to make Aliya.  New Israeli legislation is being introduced to allow dentists with at least five years’ experience to practice in Israel without having to take an exam.  Certified occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and dietitians can practice without an academic degree but with a test.

Israel’s oldest and youngest trees.  For the Jewish festival of Tu Bishvat (New Year for trees) Israel21c published a Do-It-Yourself tour guide to the most impressive trees in Israel.  Israel is also one of the few countries to enter the 21st century with more trees than 100 years ago.  Please help to beautify the Holy Land.

Eyelid surgery saves porcupine.  Veterinarians at Israel’s Ramat Gan Safari park had to call on the help of Dr. Ayelet Priel, an ophthalmologist at Tel Hashomer’s Sheba Medical Center who performed a first-of-its-kind operation in order to save the eyesight of a porcupine that had hurt her face while trying to escape from a trap.


In the 24th Jan 16 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         Israeli scientists have used a cancer treatment to fight Alzheimer’s disease.

·         An Israeli-Arab rescue team proudly wears the IDF uniform.

·         The World Bank is using Israeli technology to improve healthcare in India.

·         Israeli streetlights also measure traffic congestion, climate and pollution.

·         An Israeli startup detects underground water leaks from outer space.

·         Discovery of another potentially huge Israeli natural gas deposit.

·         A video of 3 Israeli Yemenite singers has gone viral in Arab countries.

·         The BBC has produced a positive program about Israel’s rescue of Ethiopian Jews.

·         Click here to see the newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo and United With Israel with extra features on Health, Global impact, Technology and Entertainment.  Also (TY Sandra) the newsletter is now in German.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You to all who have sent me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Cancer treatment can fight Alzheimer’s. Scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have discovered that PD-1 blockers used as cancer treatments are also able to destroy the plaque in the brain that causes Alzheimer’s disease.  The blockers keep the immune system working to fight disease and repair damage in the body.

Partnering to treat pancreatic cancer.  Israel’s BiolineRX is to perform a Phase II clinical test combining BiolineRX’s BL-8040 with Merck’s KEYTRUDA anti-PD-1 therapy in the treatment of patients with metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

Come to Israel to fix your child’s spine.  (TY Atid-EDI) Australian, Canadian and US kids are traveling to Europe and Israel for the ApiFix non-fusion treatment of their Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (twisted spine).  Israel’s ApiFix is approved in Europe and Israel and ApiFix helps parents to identify suitable spine surgeons.

Eight organs transplanted in 48 hours.  Surgeons at Israel’s Beilinson hospital in Petah Tikva set an Israeli record when in 48 hours they transplanted 4 lungs and 4 livers into 7 patients.  One of the liver transplants included surgery to shorten the stomach – only the eighth such operation in the world.

Nearly 200 cartilage regenerations.  Israel’s CartiHeal has now implanted its Agili-C cartilage regenerator into nearly 200 damaged knees since the biotech was founded in 2009 (see here for previous newsletters).  CartiHeal has just raised $15 million to expand trials prior to a planned European launch in 2017.

Free dental care for more kids.  Israel has allocated NIS 80 million to extend free basic dental care to children up to age 14.  Previously children received free dental care up to age 12.  http://www.jpost.com/Business-and-Innovation/Health-and-Science/Cabinet-expands-free-basic-dental-care-to-children-aged-13-and-14-437922

Computer training to treat depression and anxiety.  Researchers at Ben-Gurion University have devised simple computer-aided brain exercises that help individuals ignore negative stimulation.  Functional MRI scans showed reduced activation in the brain region involved in negative emotions, including sadness and anxiety.

Foods that trigger autoimmune diseases.  Scientists at Israel’s Technion and in Germany have discovered evidence that certain processed foods damage the intestine and weaken its resistance to bacteria, toxins and other hostile elements. This “leaky gut” syndrome increases the likelihood of developing autoimmune diseases.

Another successful Brainstorm trial.  A four-year study at Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital of the stem cell treatment from Israel’s Brainstorm has been shown to inhibit the progression of the fatal neurological disease ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) in 87 percent of 26 patients. 


Aging with dignity.  In Israel, although there is yet no cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia, the charity Ezer Mizion provides caregiver services, a counseling center, an empowerment center, walking groups, a variety of workshops, visits by volunteers and a unique “Bonding with Motion” program.

The Israeli-Arab rescue team.  The existence of a 60-member search-and-rescue team wearing IDF uniforms in the Israeli-Arab town of Abu Gosh may surprise you.  The team’s leader, Muslim Arab Imad Jaber, said “We rescue people. It doesn't matter gender, race or religion. Our goal is to save human lives.”

Christian Arabs in the IDF.  Father Gabriel Naddaf of Nazareth celebrated Christmas with Christian soldiers at an IDF base in Northern Israel.  He works with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews to encourage Christian Arabs to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces. Only 40 enlisted in the whole of 2012 before Father Naddaf began his project, but in March 2015 alone, 102 Christian Arabs volunteered to serve in the IDF. 

The Swede that turned.  Sweden’s Daniel Borg was working for the anti-Israel ISM organization in Ramallah, East Jerusalem and Hebron.  Then contact with some Zionists and Israeli Arabs changed his whole mindset.

Israeli doctors save Syrian girl.  Christian organization Shevet Achim brought two-year-old Niyaz from a Syrian refugee camp to Israel where surgeons from Save A Child’s Heart (SACH) repaired a large hole in her heart.  She already suffered lung damage, but the surgery was successful and Niyaz will now lead a normal life.

Teaching desert farming to Nigerians.  (TY Hazel) For five years, Israel’s Galilee International Management Institute is to train 100 farmers each year from Kano state Nigeria, which is on the edge of the desert.  Israelis will also go to Kano to train the farmers in advanced water management, desert agriculture and drip irrigation.

Connecting power grids.  (TY Dan) Israel, Greece and Cyprus are connecting their power grids to continental Europe.   The 1,518 km subsea power cable, known as the EuroAsia InterConnector will allow Israel and Cyprus to sell their excess electricity generated from natural gas to anywhere in mainland Europe. 

World Bank enlists Israeli help for India.  The World Bank’s International Finance Corporation has launched TechEmerge in Israel – a project matching top Israeli health technology innovators with interested healthcare providers in India.  India needs Israeli tech to address the rise in non-communicable chronic diseases in India.


An app for the really serious shopper.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israeli startup Shopicks has launched a platform to help you discover, collect, organize, and manage all of your online shopping.  It also sends you sale alerts for your items, tells you where the items are sold locally and can share shopping ideas with friends to get feedback.

Upgrading Real Madrid’s app.  Israel’s Interacting Technology, via its Spanish subsidiary Sportech Interactech, is to upgrade Real Madrid’s official mobile app.  The Spanish soccer club seeks to add online games and develop communication and interaction between fans, which would contribute to its monetization.

Really smart streetlights.  Israel’s Ga’ash Lighting is installing its Apollo smart LED streetlights in the South Tel Aviv suburb of Bat Yam.  The lights not only save energy, but they include Wi-Fi repeaters, security cameras, temperature and air quality sensors, and systems to measure traffic congestion.

Center for 3D and functional printing.  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has launched Israel’s first center for research into 3D and functional printing - for example adding light emission or movement to a 3D-printed object. It will help develop the printing of sophisticated 3D products such as robots, solar equipment, radiation detectors, smart windows and medical devices.  http://new.huji.ac.il/en/article/28249

A back-end for your app.  Israel’s RapidAPI saves 70% of app development time as it provides the operations common to most apps, such as entering user name and password, purchases, and data keeping. Developers can borrow and insert RapidAPI’s routines into their apps without having to write a single line of original code.

A recipe to better health.  The Israeli app MakeMyPlate has some well-known users, including Jennifer Lopez.  MakeMyPlate makes dieting more accessible and easier as it motivates users by literally getting to see what their plate should look like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpUDoDiwIKo

Save space on your smartphone.  (TY JBN) Israel’s Invoke Mobile has developed Camra – an app that lets you quickly upload photos and videos directly to the cloud, bypassing your phone’s storage. 

Spotting water leaks from outer space.  Israeli startup Utilis uses readily-available satellite images to pinpoint underground water leaks.  Spectral microwave imaging, plus Utilis’ patented set of algorithms, tracks the “signature” of drinking water as it leaks from distribution pipes.   http://www.utiliscorp.com/

Your smartphone fixed in under 1 hour.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israeli startup CellSavers can fix your smartphone within the hour at your preferred location, such as home, office, café or gym.  CellSavers has just raised $3 million to enhance its technology-driven logistics and expand into other major U.S. cities.


More potential natural gas.  (TY JBN) An estimated 8.9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas has been located by seismic surveys in the Mediterranean at Israel’s new Daniel natural gas field.  The discovery is of similar size to the massive Tamar deposit currently being extracted.

Increase in Israeli cyber security exports.  Exports of Israeli cybersecurity software and services grew by 10% in 2015 from their previous $3 billion value in 2014.  There are 300 Israeli cybersecurity companies, led by Checkpoint which has a $14.2 billion valuation.

Israelis pay less tax.  According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Israelis pay less tax than residents of 22 of the OECD’s 34 member countries.  Israelis pay an average of 31.4% in total taxes, compared with the OECD average of 34.4%.

Israel’s other $ billion companies.  There are several Israel “Unicorn” companies – those valued as more than $1 billion.  But Israel’s strength is that it has thousands of million-dollar startups – which add up to several more “unicorns”.  http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/celebrating-israels-other-unicorn-economy/

Israeli startups in Moldovia.  Interesting article of how two Israeli entrepreneurs have built up an Israeli start-up hub in the Eastern European state of Moldovia.  http://jewishbusinessnews.com/2016/01/16/two-israelis-entrepreneurs-help-build-a-startup-scene-in-a-tiny-country-moldova/

The first green industrial complex.  Intel Israel has received Israel’s first Green Building Standard for an industrial complex. The new Intel complex in Kiryat Gat meets the requirements of SI 5281, the sustainable buildings standards. 

New fund for Israeli startups.  The former chief product officer at Intel, David Perlmutter, has set up an fund aiming to invest $300 million in Israeli tech companies, with the goal of eventually listing them on Nasdaq.

3M expands Israel operations.  (TY Dan) Multinational hi-tech 3M has launched a customer innovation center in Herzliya.  It signals 3M’s interest in Israel as a market as well as a source of technology.  3M’s Israeli acquisitions and investments include Attenti, VocalZoom and Takadu as well as establishing an R&D arm in Israel. http://www.jpost.com/Business-and-Innovation/Tech/3M-expands-Israel-operations-with-first-customer-innovation-center-436511


Earth Color Project.  (TY Barbara) A good friend and newsletter reader has sent me details of the new album that her Israeli granddaughter Michal Hoter has produced.  Please support her project and be amongst the first to receive her CD.  Any money for pre-bought CDs will only be taken if Michal reaches her crowdfunding goal.

Songs for Schubert.  In honor of the composer Schubert’s birthday on 31 Jan, the annual Schubertiade takes place in Israel.  There are concerts at the Israel Music Conservatory in Tel Aviv, Hechal Hatarbut in Rishon Lezion, the Mishkan Performing Arts Center in Ra’anana, and the Mormon University in Jerusalem.

A magical night at the opera in Jerusalem.  Right under the walls of Jerusalem's old city, opera lovers had a chance to experience an evening of musical joy at the premiere of 'The Elixir of Love' opera.

Israeli band is a hit with the Arabs.  (TY Dan) Sisters Tair, Liron and Tagel Haim are collectively known as A-Wa, or “yes” in Arabic slang. They are descendants of Yemeni Jews who immigrated to Israel decades ago.  The youtube video has had over 2 million views and is extremely popular in Yemen and other Arab states.

Just for the birds.  The Hula Valley Bird Festival is an initiative of the Israel Ornithological Center and has been running since 2000.  The festival aims to highlight the fantastic birding opportunities Northern Israel and the Hula Valley in particular can offer.  500 species of birds in a fabulous local area – unheard of in Europe.


Feeding the poor - one bag at a time.  For the 1.6 million Israelis living under the poverty line, hunger is a reality.  8000 Pantry Packers volunteers distribute monthly food boxes to more than 40,000 families in 24 Israeli cities.  The Colel Chabad run Jerusalem volunteer center celebrates its third anniversary on Jan 31.

2700-year-old farmhouse unearthed. A 2,700-year-old farmhouse has been discovered during recent excavations ahead of the construction of a new neighborhood near the town of Rosh Ha’ayin, just east of Tel Aviv.  Archaeologists uncovered the ruins of a Byzantine monastery built on the site 1200 years later.

Help find the guitar man.  15 years ago, Israeli Arnold (Arik) Nesis received the gift of a 1983 Ibanez X Explorer Destroyer X guitar from a US donor.  The guitar helped Arnold launch his musical career and now he is asking social media users to help him find the person who changed his life forever.

The daring mission to save the Jews of Ethiopia.  A rare thrilling BBC documentary about Operations Moses (1984) and Solomon (1991), that brought the lost Jews of Ethiopia to Israel.  (Editor’s note – on both occasions, my wife and I landed at Ben-Gurion Airport as the C-130 planes were flying out – amazing sight)


In the 17th Jan 16 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         An Israeli anti-Rabies vaccine is now available in 10 countries.

·         Israel is opening a chain of 40 non-profit supermarkets.

·         Israel’s UK aid team is now helping flood victims in Scotland.

·         Israeli 3D sensors can see through walls and find tumors under the skin.

·         An Israeli hands-free suitcase will follow you around.

·         Global deals boost prospects of two Israeli water companies.

·         Aliya from Western Europe is at an all-time high.

·         Click here to see the newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel with extra features on Health, Global impact, Technology and Jewish State.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You to all who have sent me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Rabies vaccine is ready for US market.  Following successful trials, Israeli biotech Kamada has launched its KamRAB anti-Rabies vaccine in 10 countries, including Israel.  Kamada will now apply for a Biologics License Application (BLA) from the US FDA - the last step before offering a remedy for sale in the United States.

Collagen wound treatment final trials success.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s CollPlant announced positive final trial results for Vergenix FG (Flowable Gel), designed for the treatment of chronic, hard to heal wounds and surgical wounds.  4 weeks after a single application, average wound closure was 80% with 45% fully closed.

Blood test for Alzheimer’s. Israeli biotech NeuroQuest is to begin clinical trials of its blood test for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.  Human trials in Israel have already proved 87% accurate – with blood tests, anything over 70% is considered medically significant.

Non-implant heart valve treatment.  Israel’s Pi-Cardia has developed the Leaflex Catheter System - a novel non-implant based technology for treating patients with aortic valve stenosis, rather than replacing the heart valve.  Pi-Cardia has just raised $10 million to help complete development of a second-generation device.

Faster diagnosis of a heart attack.  Dr Amos Danielli, now of Israel’s Bar Ilan University, developed technology at Tel Aviv University to identify minute quantities of chemicals using magnetic particles attached to fluorescent molecules.  One use is to detect the protein Troponin, an indicator of an imminent heart attack.  Dr Danielli has founded the company MagBiosense which has won a NIS 900,000 grant from the BIRD foundation. http://www.globes.co.il/en/article-magbiosense-to-shorten-heart-patients-er-wait-time-1001093195

Israel hosts emergency response conference.  Israel hosted hundreds of delegates from 30 countries, plus the World Health Organization, at the Fourth Israeli International Conference on Healthcare System, Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters in Tel Aviv and Beersheva.

Helping us get to 120.  Israeli-born Technion graduate Dr Nir Barzilai is now director of the Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. As he approaches his 60th birthday himself, he is working with the US FDA on treatments that could make everyone live a lot longer.


More opportunities for the disabled.  The Israeli Government is establishing the first national employment center for disabled Israelis.  In addition, a new Israeli law will prohibit banks from denying mortgages to individuals with significant disabilities, such as those suffering from ALS or autism.

Non-profit supermarkets to help the poor.  Israel’s first non-profit supermarket co-op store has opened in the southern Israeli city of Sderot.  Ten co-ops are planned to open each year, providing a low-cost shopping alternative for the socio-economically challenged communities in Israel’s northern and southern periphery.

Speak for yourself.  (TY Chani) Israeli charity Ezer Mizion’s Speech Generating Device Lending Center is one of only three of its kind in the entire world.  Read how its remarkable technological solutions for the speech impaired can help those imprisoned in their own bodies to communicate and to be included in society. 

Bedouin in the Israeli hi-tech sector.  (TY David and Hazel) Highlights that even Israeli Arabs living in the Negev desert can succeed in Israel’s hi-tech workplace.  (Still several major errors and bias, but a relatively positive article in the usually anti-Israel NY Times.)

Bedouins help Israel fight terrorists.  25-year-old Mohammad Ka’abiyah, a Political Sciences student at Haifa university, is one of around 1,700 Bedouin soldiers voluntarily serving in the Israel Defense Forces. “I am proud of being Bedouin, Arab, Muslim and Israeli” he says.” “I am also proud to fight in the Israeli army.”

Nazareth mayor & PM call for co-existence.  Mayor of Nazareth, Ali Salam, invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit his city, saying “It would be a great honor for me to host you in Nazareth. I believe in coexistence and in the only way – that we should live together and continue together." 

Making changes in China.  The Startup Nation is driving dramatic changes in the culture and politics of China.  One of those influencers is the Lahav Executive Education, a Tel Aviv University project that organizes and runs executive training programs in management and business skills.

Israeli flood aid team moves on to Scotland.  Five volunteers from the IsraAid disaster relief team have finished their work in Leeds UK and are now helping residents of Aberdeen in Scotland.  Parts of the city in have been badly affected by storm-force winds and heavy rainfall, with rivers bursting their banks.

Ukraine’s solidarity with Israel.  During his official state visit to Israel, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed several bilateral agreements focused on developing and strengthening scientific and technological cooperation.  He also expressed his desire to increase bi-national trade from its current $1 billion level.

25 years of friendship with Albania.  Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama met Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem and signed bilateral agreements on medical cooperation and other matters. They also signed a declaration of friendship to mark 25 years of diplomatic relations with Israel.


Agritech on Gaza border.  Despite its location close to Gaza, Israel’s Phytech (see July newsletter) is to receive funds from major firms interested in its crop sensor technology. Phytech’s PlantBeat is used in the biggest farms in the US, Brazil and Australia, plus 60% of tomato farmers and 40% of cotton growers in Israel.

3D imaging at your fingertips.  (TY Atid-EDI) The 3D sensors from Israeli startup Vayyar can see through skin and tissue to detect cancer, through walls to detect structural foundations, and can track a person’s location and vital signs as they move through a Smart Home.  Vayyar has just raised $22 million to launch globally.

Protecting UK kids from unsafe WiFi.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israeli cybersecurity specialist Cyren has been accredited as a "Friendly WiFi" approved provider by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety.  CYREN’s cyber security solutions protect thousands of public WiFi installations in the UK.

A more relevant comment.  Most of the comments you see about Internet articles are tucked away at the bottom of the article, where no-one is looking.  Israeli startup Fidback, however, allows you to make comments directly next to the text that you are referring to, so you can get into a really good on-line conversation.

Leak detection could save your home.  Israel’s Aqua-Rimat is running a pilot of its Flowless water leak detection system in 500 Israeli homes.  The system is one of the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing you to remotely turn off the water to your property. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chAqjIx_8So

Get the right price for your product.  Israel’s Feedvisor allows on-line suppliers to quickly change prices for their products in response to changing market conditions.  Feedvisor analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points in real-time to determine the precise point at which customers will make a buying purchase.

Fast broadband for the UK.  Israel’s Gilat Satellite Networks is supplying its HTS VSAT Networks to Broadband satellite operator Avanti Communications to provide the fastest available broadband Internet access to rural households throughout the United Kingdom. http://www.gilat.com/Avanti-Deploys-HTS-VSAT-Networks-from-Gilat-for-Broadband-Connectivity-Across-the-UK

A suitcase that follows you around.  Israel’s NUA Robotics has designed luggage that travels hands-free on flat surfaces.  It has a camera sensor to detect where you are and Bluetooth connection to your smartphone and an alarm to deter against theft.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EGPmuxnQbE

The world’s second-largest cyber event.  Hundreds of overseas delegations, companies, and investors will attend Cybertech in Tel Aviv on Jan 26/27.  Cybertech is the world's second largest cybersecurity event. It includes an exhibition with 250 companies, 100 of which are Israeli startups.

Vegan baby milk at Food Tech Nation.  (TY Dan) If you are interested in the progress of INDI - the Israeli non-dairy, no soy infant milk (see Oct 2014 newsletter) it was one of the stars at Tel Aviv’s Food Tech Nation 2015.  Stage 3 formula milk should hopefully be available commercially by the end of this year.


Less exits but more profit.  Israeli high-tech companies generated $9.02 billion in profits from 104 exits in 2015.  The number of exits decreased by 10% compared to 2014, as more Israeli companies grew rather than sold out.  Total profit from exits rose 16%, with the average exit deal in 2015 amounting to $87 million.

Optimistic economic prospects.  (TY Nevet) Israel’s economic future looks good, according to this report.

The worst kept secret.  Israel has no diplomatic relations with Indonesia - the largest Muslim country, but bi-lateral trade reaches hundreds of millions of dollars a year.  One of the Indonesia’s top venture capitalists spoke to a crowd of 600 at Tel Aviv’s Israel Foreign Trade Conference, but his name could not even be reported.

VW eyes Israeli tech for self-driving car.  Israel’s Mobileye has signed an agreement with Volkswagen in preparation for installing Mobileye's self-driving technology in Volkswagen vehicles.  Mobileye is already working with two other car manufacturer that with VW would account for one third of global auto sales.

Frutarom buys into Israeli algae.  Israeli flavors and specialty natural ingredients company Frutarom has purchased 50% of Algalo Industries, based at Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz near Haifa.  Algalo has a unique and innovative method for cultivating algae that contain active ingredients for the food nutrition industry.

Cleaner water.  Israel’s Amiad has opened its first UK office, in Swansea - home of Welsh Water, to support increasing demand in the UK and Europe.  Also, Israeli irrigation specialists Netafim has signed an exclusive distribution agreement to market Amiad's Arkal product lines for the irrigation market in numerous countries.

Purifying Schweppes in Australia.  Israel’s Mapal Green Energy has signed its first major contract in Australia – supplying a system to clean up wastewater from Schweppes’ factories throughout the country.

Business is booming in China.  An unprecedented 150 leaders from 90 Israeli companies recently attended a two-day investors’ summit in Beijing.  Meanwhile, Israel Aerospace Industries is to build a development center in Shantou, China in order to expand local aircraft manufacturing.

Trendit launches on UK Stock Exchange.  Israel’s Trendit has raised 4 million Euros with a successful IPO on the UK Stock Exchange.  Its share price has since risen by 22%. Trendit’s app tracks smartphone signals and uses them to analyze population samples at a specific time or location for a variety of targets.

Plenty of credit for Israeli tech startups.  Recent successful fund-raising for Israeli hi-tech companies include $17 million for MultiPhy - developer of DSP-based high bandwidth CMOS communications semiconductors for Data Center connectivity. Also, $35 million for Israeli flash storage company Elastifile.


Chamber music festival in Eilat.  The Eilat Chamber Music Festival from 1st to 6th Feb is one of the leading international festivals in Israel. Renowned French, Belgium and German ensembles will perform, as well as Jewish musicians from Spain and Israel.  http://www.eilat-festival.co.il/content/about-festival

Pat Boone to perform in Tel Aviv.  US legendary singer, composer, actor and TV star Pat Boone will perform at Tel Aviv’s Mann Auditorium on 1st March 2016.  His famous songs include “Speedy Gonzalez”, “April Love”, “Love Letters in the Sand” and “Moody River”.

Living next door to Alice.  Chris Norman, legendary front man of the British rock band Smokie, is to perform at the Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv on March 30th. Chris and his band gained popularity in the ’70s, with hits such as “Living next door to Alice”.  “Midnight Lady” is one of his most popular solo songs.

“Together against the Odds-2” (TY Grant) More opportunities to see this two-person comedy musical about falling in love, converting and making Aliya. See the youtube.

A new seaside park - inland.  (TY Janglo) The city of Modi’in Maccabim-Reut is building an artificial beach park.  It will include a wave pool, water installations, restaurants and cafes and will take 3 years to build.


Level of Lake Kinneret begins to rise.  Despite having plenty of drinking water from desalination, Israelis are very happy to see the first increase in the level of the Kinneret / Sea of Galilee this winter.  Previous rains fell mostly in the center and south of the country.

Over 30,000 make Aliya in 2015.  Over 30,000 new immigrants arrived in Israel in the past year, 10% more than in 2014 and the highest number in over a decade. Nearly 8,000 came from France, while around 7,000 came from Ukraine. Tel Aviv received the most immigrants, followed by Netanya, Jerusalem and Haifa.  Aliya from the UK in 2015 increased by 25% from the previous year.  Aliya from Western Europe hit record levels.

Returning to the Jewish State.  Israel’s Academy of Sciences and Humanities is running its first-ever job fair to help over 3000 Israeli academics working overseas who have applied for assistance in finding a job in Israel.  Over 1,700 of the applicants are currently working in the US, and 228 are employed in the UK. 

This land is your birthright. (TY Sharon) 3,000 young Jews from seven countries gathered in the Jerusalem International Conference Center for Taglit-Birthright’s Mega Event of 2016.  And Israel is making it easier for Birthright and Masa participants to extend their stay in the Jewish State without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Emunah celebrates 80th anniversary.  (TY Sharon) Israeli President Rivlin welcomed leaders of Emunah, the National Religious Women's Organization, to honor 80 years of caring and educating.  Emunah in Israel operates 140 daycare centers, serving 9,000 children. Educational institutions include 19 midrashot for women.

Stabbing victim recovers to celebrate Bar Mitzvah.  13-year-old Naor Shalev Ben-Ezra recently has just had his Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall, two months after suffering life-threatening injuries when stabbed on his bike, by two Palestinian Arab teenagers.  One guest was David Dalfon, the MDA paramedic who saved his life.


In the 10th Jan 2016 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         An Israeli therapy is now available to treat prostate cancer.
·         Israel has approved the building of a new town for Druze Arabs.
·         Israel is providing aid to flood victims in Paraguay and England.
·         Israeli shock-pads are preventing injuries in Europe’s playgrounds.
·         The first ever startup investment roadshow was held on an Israeli train.
·         Israel is helping to build a massive dairy in South Sudan.
·         An Israeli bird race funds prevention of illegal killing of European birds.

·         Click here to see the newsletter on IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo, IsraPundit and United With Israel with extra features on Health, Inclusiveness, Technology and Culture.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You to all who have sent me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


Prostate cancer therapy completes successful trials.  Prostate cancer therapy (laser plus TOOKAD Soluble) invented at Israel’s Weizmann Institute completed Phase 3 trials on 480 patients in Latin America and Europe and was approved by Mexico’s health authority.  Minimal side-effects were associated with the high cure rates.

Pain therapy has 100% success.  Israeli and US trials of Israeli-developed Hyperbaric (high-pressure) Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) reported relief for all 48 sufferers of the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia.  Dr. Shai Efrati, lead author of the study at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center noted his own mother suffers from the syndrome.

A treatment for pancreatic cancer.  Israeli biotech Silenseed has completed a Phase 1/2a clinical study of its siG12D LODER treatment in 15 patients with Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer (LAPC). The treatment combined with chemotherapy was well tolerated and demonstrated promising efficacy with durable responses.

Your virtual personal nutritionist.  Israeli app Nutrino (with a little help from IBM Haifa’s Watson supercomputer) promotes healthy eating.  Enter your details, goals and tastes and Nutrino gives you meal plans and more.  http://www.timesofisrael.com/coffee-during-pregnancy-app-tells-you-pros-and-cons-of-morning-java/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr89Bnh9ISk  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df8CYPD90fM

Training Chinese doctors.  (TY Hazel) The MASHAV organization of Israel’s Foreign Ministry is to train medics from the underdeveloped southwestern regions of China.  Doctors from Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces will study medicine in Israel in 2016.

Enabling paraplegic US veterans to walk.  (TY Dan) The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) has issued a national policy for the evaluation, training and procurement of Israel’s ReWalk Personal exoskeleton systems for all qualifying veterans across the United States who have suffered spinal cord injury. 


Vital roles for autistic volunteers.  I featured Israel’s Roim Rachok (seeing far) program in a previous (Mar 2015) newsletter.  Then there were 12 autistic young adults in the IDF program - in focused roles such as interpreting detailed satellite photos.  Now some 50 volunteers do vital work and learn skills for their future.

Israel to build new town for Druze.  For the first time since 1948, Israel has approved plans for the establishment of a new Druze town in northern Israel.  The town will be established in the Lower Galilee, near Tiberias and close to centers of employment.

Priest and psychiatrist help kids at risk.  Israeli psychiatrist Henri Cohen Solal founded Batim Hamim (“warm houses”) in the 1980s to give Israeli kids at risk (both Jews and Arabs) safe places to meet.  Argentinian Catholic priest Pedro Opeka met Henri in Madagascar and their joint work now benefits kids in both countries.

Cornerstone laid for joint China-Israel University. Israel’s Technion has laid the cornerstone for its new research center in the southern Chinese city of Shantou. The Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT) will provide BA, MA and PhD courses in chemical engineering, materials engineering and biotechnology engineering.  http://www.timesofisrael.com/technion-lays-cornerstone-for-china-campus/

Israeli technology protects the Pope.  (TY Dan) The Ugandan government used the Israeli-made Skystar 180 surveillance balloon system to monitor Pope Francis on his recent historic visit to Uganda.  Newsletter readers may recall that the system was also used to protect the recent UN climate conference in Paris. (see here)

Israel helps UK flood victims.  Four IsraAID volunteers have travelled to Leeds, UK to begin repairing homes and distributing food to victims of devastating floods in the area.  They have been hailed as heroes by residents and were praised by the Lord Mayor of Leeds for travelling the distance to help those affected by the flood.

Israel aid for flood-stricken Paraguay.  (TY Algemeiner) Israel is to provide food and assistance kits to Paraguayans impacted by massive flooding of the Paraguay River from El Niño storms during December.  Some 100,000 people in Asuncion have been displaced from their homes.

Joint Israeli and Hong Kong projects.  Israel and Hong Kong have launched a Research & Development Cooperation Program to fund projects where Israeli companies are matched with those in Hong Kong.  


Kishon River flow restored.  As part of the ongoing rehabilitation efforts of the once highly polluted Kishon River, about 1.1 million cubic meters of water is being pumped annually into the basin to restore its flow.  High quality fresh water is being used, which has encouraged native Israeli flora and fauna to return and flourish.

The FoodTech Nation.  The first Foodtech Nation Conference, in Tel Aviv, brought together entrepreneurs, academics and corporate executives from Israel and abroad to examine how made-in-Israel food technology can help manufacturers produce processed food that is easier to store, cheaper to produce, and healthier to eat.

Joint research with China.  Israel and China are to conduct joint research into scientific fields including the human brain, nano-technology, 3D printing, bio-medicine, renewable energy, computer science, smart cities and aging populations.  China will invest $5 million and Israel $1 million.

Clean solar energy.  One of the many Israeli companies exhibiting at the COP 21 Climate Conference in Paris was Ecoppia with its smart, robotic, water-free solar panel cleaning system.

80 genomes mapped in 12 months.  Israel’s NRGene has assembled more than 80 complete genomes over the past 12 months – an average of one every 4.5 days.  The data from NRGene’s DeNovoMAGIC version 2 can be utilized for pinpointed trait analysis, in order to deliver better crops and thus benefiting billions of lives.

Safe surface for European playgrounds.  Israel’s Pashut Yarok (“Simply Green” in Hebrew) is exporting “shockpads” - plastic foam safety surfaces for childrens’ playgrounds - to countries in the European Union.  The shockpads are installed under synthetic grass to absorb the shock if a child falls.

24 ways to wear one shirt.  Israeli startup Morf has sent the fashion world into a spin with its patented shirt that can be worn up to 24 different ways.  Morf raised 524 percent of its crowdfunding goal, attracting $131,089 from 1,788 backers.  It should at least provide for some extra space in the suitcase.  There is also a Morf dress.

Deaf father is impetus for son’s startup.  Israeli Zeev Gruber got the idea for his startup Vocavu when he no longer could tolerate the noise of his deaf dad’s radio. Vocavu transforms speech from radio and TV into text that you can read on your smartphone.  It also then displays content relevant to the subject of the broadcast.

Flying car completes first untethered test flight.  The Air Mule from Israel’s Tactical Robotics has successfully completed its first autonomous, untethered flight at Israel’s Megiddo airfield.

Israeli tech headed to Jupiter.  (TY SDM) The JUICE satellite of the 3GM (Gravity & Geophysics of Jupiter and Galilean Moons) Project will carry an atomic clock technology-based device to detect any signals of life. The device was developed by Israeli firm AccuBeat, working with the Weizmann Institute’s Dr. Yohai Kaspi,


Lower corporate tax.  (TY Dan) Israel has reduced its rate of corporate tax by 1.5% to 25%, giving a boost to the growth rate, cultivating investment and making Israeli companies more competitive.

New record for foreign currency reserves.  Israel’s foreign exchange reserves at the end of Dec 2015 stood at an all-time record of $90.6 billion, an increase of $1.8 billion from their end Nov 2015 level.  There is now $8.7 billion in the reserves fund built up from Israel’s natural gas program.

NASDAQ / TASE venture to boost Israeli startups.  The US NASDAQ is partnering with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to allow Israeli startups to raise funds on a new private exchange.  The venture will operate in Tel Aviv, using NASDAQ trading technology.

A train journey to fame and fortune.  Israel’s Terra Venture Partners organized the first of its kind startup investment event – on an Israeli Railways train from Haifa to Beersheba.  Billed as the MoneyTrain, Terra reserved one carriage on a train for startups to make 10-minute pitches to top international investors.   The CEO of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Yossi Beinart, was also on the train.

More tech giants join The Junction.  (TY Dan) Following its partnership with The Junction - Israel’s successful startup accelerator (see here), SAP has been joined by HP, insurance giant Munich Re, and Australia’s Telstra.

A leap into reality.  (TY Dan & JBN) Augmented Reality (AR) startup Magic Leap was founded by Rony Abovitz,- the son of Israelis.  It has raised a massive $1.4 billion and set-up an Israeli development center.

Another $108 million telecoms project in Peru.  Israel’s Gilat has won a new $108 million project for its satellite networks in the Cusco region of southern Peru.  The deal is in addition to the $286 million Peruvian contract that Gilat won in March (see here). 

The West’s largest desalination plant goes live. (TY Dan) (As forecast here) Israel’s IDE Technologies has now begun operations at its Carlsbad, California site – the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere.  It will produce 190 million liters of water a day and employ some 2,500 people.

A huge Israeli-designed dairy for South Sudan.  Israel’s Alef Bet Planners Ltd is designing a $150 million large-scale dairy project in South Sudan - where milk production is currently very low.  The Israeli cowshed model has been used successfully in Vietnam, China, the US, Russia and India. 

Netflix comes to Israel.  American streaming service Netflix is now available in Israel as one of 130 new countries it has just begun services to.  The service will be only in English and Arabic initially, with packages costing between approximately $8 and $12 per month.


Ein Gedi Reserve – an oasis in the desert.  Enchanting new video of the abundance of life at Israel’s Ein Gedi Nature Reserve in the Judean Desert, just a few minutes’ drive from the Dead Sea.

Izhak Perlman wins Genesis Prize.  Israeli violinist Itzhak Perlman has been awarded this year's Genesis Prize – the "Jewish Nobel" to add to his recent US Medal of Freedom.  Perlman intends to use his $1 million prize money for projects to assist individuals with disabilities and to develop young musicians of special talent. 

Israeli series for US cable TV.  (TY Eli) American cable network Showtime is to broadcast the Israeli-made 8-part docuseries "Dark Net" beginning this month.  The series, exploring the dark side of technology, was created by the Israeli Mati Kochavi, owner of media and technology company Vocativ.

Stunning photos of starlings. (TY Nevet) Amazing pictures of a starling murmuration (flock of migrating birds) in the Israeli desert – featured in the normally anti-Israeli UK Guardian, no less!

A bird race with a difference.  On 29th March 2016 the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel is staging Champions of the Flyway – a bird race for conservation in Israel’s migration hotspot of Eilat.  The 2015 event raised $60,000 to help stop illegal trapping in Cyprus and the 2016 race will help protect birds in Greece.  http://www.champions-of-the-flyway.com/

Use your shoes for self-defense. (TY Eli) Israeli Avital Zeisler teaches the Israeli Krav Maga method of self-defense but with a twist – she uses high-heeled shoes.  The objective is to disrupt the attacker’s thought process.  Dubbed “the Soteria Method," it is now a hit across the US.


A journey.  (TY Chani) This blog posting from one of cancer charity Ezer Mizion’s children is a moving account of his/her physical and spiritual journey from treatment to remission.

Saving an endangered species.  Here is a new video of Israel’s unique Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBAxAVvceIU

Art depicts Jewish Biblical land deals.  The three Jewish purchases of land recorded in the Torah are depicted in a painting by the artist Baruch Nachshon.  The picture of Hebron’s Cave of Machpelah, Shechem’s (Nablus) Joseph's Tomb and Jerusalem’s Temple now hangs prominently in Israel’s Foreign Ministry.


In the 3rd Jan 2016 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

·         An Israeli portable ventilator is saving thousands of lives.
·         Disabled Israelis are receiving free hands-free smartphones.
·         Israel was the first country to send aid to flood victims in Kenya.
·         An Israeli device can reduce the noise from snoring.
·         A versatile Israeli mobility scooter folds up into a trolley.
·         An Israeli company broke the record for most takeovers this century.
·         A Jerusalem concert in a cave dug by King Hezekiah 2700 years ago.

·         Click here to see the newsletter on Jewish Business News, IsraelSeen, Ruthfully Yours, Janglo and United With Israel with extra features on Health, Inclusiveness, Technology and Entertainment.

Page Down for details on these and more good news stories from Israel.  Thank You to all who have sent me links to many of these positive news articles.  Please use IsraelActive to search the archives.


A treatment for migraine.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Teva is partnering with Japan’s Heptares to develop small-molecule calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) antagonists discovered by Heptares for the treatment of migraine.  Migraine affects 36 million people in the United States and 10% of people worldwide.

Brain link to diabetic foot ulcers.  Researchers at Ben Gurion University have discovered that sufferers of diabetic foot ulcers frequently also have substantially impaired cognitive function.  Systemic vascular changes affect the whole body including the feet, heart and brain.  The researchers propose new treatment strategies.

Unique brain imaging study with UCL. (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Teva has begun a unique study with University College London (UCL) to use PET scans of the brain in order to analyze the role of inflammation of the brain on dementia and other neuro-degenerative diseases.

Portable ventilator is saving lives.  The Israeli-invented Pocket BVM (Bag Valve Mask) mini-ventilator has saved US soldiers in Afghanistan and is now being used to treat thousands of people at disasters, as in Nepal. It is also carried on many El Al planes.  (See http://www.israelifirstaid.com/ for other Israeli medical equipment)

Transforming patient care.  (TY Atid-EDI) Israel’s Zebra Medical Vision has signed a multi-year agreement with Dell Services to deliver its screening and diagnostic decision support platform to hospitals worldwide. Zebra’s systems can identify patients at early risk of osteoporosis, cardiac disease, liver disease etc. 

An app to lower your stress level.  (TY SDM) Israeli startup Eco-Fusion has developed Serenita - an app that measures and can lower your stress level.  Cover your smartphone lens with a finger to measure heartrate, blood flow, and respiration.  Serenita’s 5-minute personalized breathing exercise then visibly reduces your stress.

Safer ingredients.  Israel’s Frutarom has launched a new line of natural food extracts compatible with new EU regulations prohibiting polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and other contaminants in food supplements.  Frutarom’s patented EFLA HyperPure technology purifies raw materials susceptible to contamination by PAHs.


“Ability” technology.  Israeli accelerator A3i is developing ‘ability’ technology to help millions with disabilities.  Setup by Israel’s PresenTense, Beit Issie Shapira, the Ruderman Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, A3i focuses on ideas to improve the lives of challenged individuals.

Hands-free smartphone for free.  Israel’s Sesame Enable is giving away its specially-designed smartphone to those who have limited or no use of their hands.  Co-sponsors of the initiative are Israel’s organization for the disabled Beit Issie Shapiro and Google.  See here and here for previous newsletter features on Sesame Enable.

Where Jews & Arabs work side-by-side.  There are close to 350 businesses and factories in the Mishur Adumim Industrial Park near Maale Adumim.  Some are Jewish owned and some of them are Arab owned.  Most of these factories have Jews and Arabs working side by side.  

More Israeli Arabs do National Service.  4.500 Israeli Arabs volunteered for National Service in 2015 – an increase of 13% on 2014.  Israeli Arabs are not drafted, but can volunteer for the IDF, or can serve the State by doing National Service.  By doing so, they receive rights and benefits similar to those of IDF soldiers.

Israeli customs officer saves Gazan merchant.  A merchant from Gaza suffered a heart attack at the Erez crossing into Israel. An Israeli customs officer, who had paramedic training previously, began resuscitation using a defibrillator.  Magen David Adom paramedics transported the Gazan to hospital where he underwent catheterization and regained consciousness.  http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_article.php?id=30053

Jerusalem Art Club – for Jews, Muslims and Christians.  (TY Hazel) The Art Club, organized by the Machol Shalem Dance House and funded by the Jerusalem Foundation, brings together East and West Jerusalem teens (aged 13-15), to create art and break down barriers.

Helping farmers in Ethiopia.  Israeli nonprofit Fair Planet, is giving smallholder Ethiopian farmers access to cutting-edge seed technology and showing them how to get the most from these seeds with minimal changes to their traditional practices.  The farmers can increase their productivity five times and income up to eight times.

Water for peace?  (TY Michelle & Barbara) In 1967, only four of the 706 Arab towns captured by Israel had running water. Today, Israel supplies clean water to 96% of Palestinian Authority Arabs.  In thirsty parts of the Islamic world there may be a chance that Israel could now trade “water for peace”.  Hope springs eternal.

Beer for Germany.  Israeli brewery Herzl Beer of Jerusalem has been chosen to make a joint Israeli-German beer to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot, Germany's and perhaps the world's first beer purity law.  The new brew will be introduced at the Munich Jewish Museum in April 2016.

Jerusalem is 11th Best City.  Jerusalem scored 84.715 out of 100 to earn 11th place in Conde Nast Traveler’s “Best Cities of the World”.  The cities were selected from the 128,000 comments of Conde Nast readers.

Relief to Kenyan flood victims.  The Israeli Government has donated food and humanitarian supplies to Kenya to help flood victims in Migori county.  Aid included blankets, water tanks and mosquito nets.  Israel was the first country to respond to requests for assistance in mitigating the effects of El Nino rains.

Liberia thanks Israel for helping to eradicate Ebola.  Liberia’s senate president Armah Zolu Jallah, is making the first visit to Israel by any head of his country’s parliament. He thanked Israel for its help in wiping out the fatal disease Ebola in Liberia.  Israel sent mobile clinics and medical experts who trained Liberian medics.  http://www.jpost.com/Business-and-Innovation/Health-and-Science/Liberia-thanks-Israel-for-helping-to-wipe-out-its-Ebola-outbreak-437502

Israel’s high education standards.  The OECD’s “Education at a Glance 2015” report shows Israel well above the OECD averages.  Its high school dropout rate was just 14.6% compared to the OECD average of 24.7%.  Israel is one of the few states to increase education spending during the global financial crisis.


Still nothing.  (TY 12TribeFilms) I reported about Silentium’s Anti-Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology in previous 2013 and 2014 Newsletters.  Here is an update in a video from the CES 2015 event in Las Vegas.

Snoring? Not a problem.  Another Israeli startup Silent Partner has developed a device that uses Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) – this time to reduce the sound of someone snoring.  It works irrespective to the reason for the snoring.  Silent Partner has raised over $210,000 of funds on Indiegogo (its target was just $40,000).

Monkey makes a spear.  (TY Nevet) For the first time, a scientific study by Itai Roffman of the University of Haifa, has observed bonobos (an analogous race to chimpanzees) making and using tools to search for food.  One bonobo even fashioned a spear from the branches of a tree and used it to threaten Mr. Roffman.

Never hit a red light again.  The Israeli app Green Wave tells drivers the ideal speed to drive at, in order not to have to stop at a red traffic light.  Green Wave came third in Hyundai’s i-Way hackathon, winning 15,000 shekels.  The app uses municipality data and a crowdsourced database.

Finding the lowest prices.  The Israeli app Pricez is helping the hundreds of thousands who have downloaded it to save money by directing them to the stores where the products they need are the cheapest.  It uses location data, plus the database that Israeli stores must by law update automatically direct from their cash registers.

A green and sustainable new city.  The town of Harish, east of Hadera is being developed into a major city (see previous newsletter Sep 2015).  Buildings will be built according to official Israeli Standard 5281 for green, or sustainable, construction. The Israeli government has allocated NIS 9 million to build new schools.

Technology to let robots “see”.  Intel Haifa’s RealSense is using Israeli 3D tech and the Israeli-developed Skylake microchip to give robots sight. (See previous Sep 2015 newsletter).  Intel bought Israel’s Omek in 2013 to help develop Intel’s 3D cameras and infrared lasers so that robots can interact with their environment.

Protecting airport runways.  Israel’s Xsight has been busy since installing its Foreign Object Debris detection system at Ben Gurion airport in May 2013.  RunWize / FODetect now operates at Seattle, Boston and Bangkok airports.  Xsight has also installed FODspot at Paris Charles De Gaulle and launched BirdWize and SnowWize.

Keep your pets healthy.  (TY SDM) Israel’s PetPace has developed a hi-tech pet collar to track the health of your pet cat or dog.  Its non-invasive sensors monitor temperature, pulse, respiration, activity level, positions and calories. If the collar detects any abnormalities, an alert is sent in real-time to owners and veterinarians.

Revolutionary mobility scooter.  “Be like everyone else” is the motto of Israel’s Moving Life - developer of the Atto, the world's first trans-folding freedom scooter.  This versatile scooter folds into a trolley to wheel or put in a car or plane, transforming the lives of the disabled, elderly or those who just have problems walking.

The street can tell you where to park.  I have featured many apps where crowdsourcing or municipality data helps find a parking space. But Israel’s Spaceek uniquely uses road reflector sensors to detect one.  It alerts relevant drivers and the first to “select” the space has a few minutes to reach the spot before the alert resumes.


Record Balance of Payments surplus.  Israel had a record balance of payments surplus of NIS 3.8 billion in the third quarter of 2015.  The main reason was a fall in the cost of imported oil and coal and Israel’s growing use of its own natural gas.

Israeli Haredi entrepreneurs wow New York.  Six members of Israel’s Kamatech accelerator impressed crowds of investors with their technologies at Demo and Investor Day at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square, New York.  Kamatech was the first accelerator / incubator for ultra-Orthodox entrepreneurs.

A database for commercial real estate.  (TY Dan) Israeli startup CredFi has developed a database on commercial property, covering 1.5 million properties.  It is the first to give crucial data for making investment decisions.  http://www.timesofisrael.com/big-data-a-big-deal-in-commercial-real-estate-says-credifi/

Upgrading MGM’s WarGames movie classic.  I featured Israeli video tech company Interlude previously here and here.  Now MGM is leading an $18.2 million investment in Interlude so that it can make an interactive digital short video, inspired by MGM’s three-time Academy Award-nominated 1983 feature film “WarGames.”

Record-breaking acquisition opens Chinese market.  Israel’s Frutarom’s 12th acquisition of 2015 - China’s Inventive - smashed the 21st Century record (10).  Frutarom’s new R&D center in Shanghai, together with two Inventive R&D centers, will boost Frutarom’s fruit and flavors market in China and Southeast Asia.  Frutarom also made its first acquisition of 2016 - Wiberg of Austria for $130 million - Frutarom’s largest ever purchase.

Israeli incubator for Australian startups. (TY Dan) As part of its global innovation strategy, the Australian government is opening an overseas startup hub in Tel Aviv.  Entitled “Landing Pad”, it will give Australian entrepreneurs and start-ups a short-term operational base in Israel’s key global innovation hotspot.

Deal shatters solar glass market. (TY Dan) Israel’s Rioglass Solar has acquired the thermo-solar receiver business of Germany’s Schott Solar - Rioglass’s main competitor with 70% of the market.  Rioglass bought the other 30% from Siemens in 2013 and is the preferred supplier for all new thermo-solar projects globally.

Bosch to open Tel Aviv development center. (TY Dan) German electronics giant Bosch is setting up a development center in Tel Aviv.  Bosch executives visited Israel in June (see previous Newsletter)

The 10th most innovative Fintech company.  Israel’s OurCrowd was voted the 10th most innovative Fintech company worldwide, in the annual ‘Fintech 100’ list, the leading Global Fintech innovators report published by investment firm, H2 Ventures and KPMG.  http://blog.ourcrowd.com/index.php/2015fintech100/


Music in a Jerusalem cave.  (TY Sharon) A unique event took place at Zedekiah’s Cave (also known as King Solomon's Quarry) in Jerusalem.  Hundreds of Jerusalem residents and visitors were treated to Israeli pianist Gil Shohat and singer Nurit Galron as the melodies of Chopin reverberated from the stone walls.

Israel is the place for puppet theatre.  The annual International Puppet Theatre Festival in Jerusalem is the biggest in the country.  Here is an enchanting new video of the 2015 festival. 

Acre – history meets vibrant cuisine.  The northern port city of Acre / Akko once served as the last stronghold of the crusaders in the Holy Land 1,000 years ago. Today it attracts not only history buffs, but many who enjoy the old city's culinary scene, from traditional handmade hummus to Middle Eastern fusion cuisine.

Daily Israeli TV News in English.  You can now watch a daily newscast from Israel in English – a morning brief and a daily roundup.  It claims to broadcast “fair, honest, real, true televised news” with “no slant, no political agenda, just the news”.  http://www.iltv.tv/

Miss Israel is full of surprises.  She didn’t win Miss Universe but Avigail Alfatov (Miss Israel) has won Israel’s Youth Fencing Championship seven times and hopes to compete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  She currently works in computer security whilst serving in the Israeli Air Force. Prior to that she was a volunteer for Akim, the charity that supports those with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Record points for Israeli hoops star.  Israeli basketball star Omri Casspi scored a career best of 36 points for Sacramento Kings, including a team record nine 3-pointers.  But his team still lost 122-103 to NBA champions Golden State Warriors.  http://www.timesofisrael.com/omri-casspi-scores-career-high-in-loss-to-nba-champs/


Israel’s Jewish pedigree is “rock solid”.  Excellent analysis of the major discoveries of Biblical proportions, during excavations in the Land of Israel.

Stamps for centenary of NILI.  (TY Jacob Richman) Two of the new stamps issued in December commemorate the founding of NILI – the Jewish organization that helped the British in World War 1 to defeat the Turks in pre-State Israel. 

It’s never too late to laugh.  I missed sending out this link to amusing Chanukah videos during the Festival of Light.  But hopefully you will still be able to appreciate them, during these long (Northern hemisphere) nights.

The menorah that faced the Nazis.  (TY TPS News) In 1932 Rabbi Dr Akiva Posner, leader of the Jews of Kiel, Germany, lit his menorah in the window of his house overlooking the Nazi Party’s local HQ.  Rabbi Posner’s great-grandson, also named Akiva, now lights the menorah in Israel next to an amazing 1932 photo.