History of Israel Good News July to September 2011



The discovery of the cancer enzyme.  This wonderful film features Professor Gera Neufeld of Israel’s Technion whose team discovered the LOXL2 enzyme and has led to drug treatments for cancer and fibrosis.

Better than drugs.  Results of trials of the new electromagnetic stimulation device from Israel’s Neuronix show significant improvements for Alzheimer's sufferers that are superior to currently available medication.

Follow the nose.  This excellent instructive Israel Technion film explains how the early diagnosis ‘Nano Nose’ works.  The breakthrough Israeli device recognises minute traces of molecules emitted by mutant cells.

You’ve got to hand it to Israel.  The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Israeli biotech Bioness’ H200 Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System for treating hand paralysis brought on by strokes, spinal injury etc.

Parkinson’s treatment trial success.  Israel’s InSightec Ltd. today reported success in a clinical trial of its noninvasive focused ultrasound ExAblate Neuro system to treat chronic neurological disorders.

Israel hosts congress for medical clowns.  At least 200 medical clowns from America, Europe and Australia will attend the October convention. Dream Doctors, funded by Magi Foundation, helped set up the world's only undergraduate degree program in clown therapy as a paramedical profession at the University of Haifa.

Rebuilding limbs.  Father and son, Yehuda and Israel Pilosof, work around the clock making prosthetic limbs for survivors of disasters such as the Haiti earthquake. Their life motto is “make possible what is impossible”.


Irrigating Senegal farms.  Israel’s MASHAV Centre for International Co-operation has introduced drip irrigation to 700 farming families in Senegal.  It means farmers can produce three crops a year instead of one.

Treating burn victims in Kenya. Israel’s MASHAV has sent 360kg of medical supplies to Nairobi, to help treat casualties of the recent fuel-line explosion that killed more than a hundred people injured hundreds more.

Ghana restores diplomatic ties. Ghana and Israel have renewed their diplomatic relations some 38 years after mutual ties were severed, with the Israeli Embassy in Accra officially reopening last week.

Nigerians beat swords into ploughshares in Israel.  Thirty-two Nigerian ex-militants were sent to the Galilee Institute in Israel, for a six months vocational program. They will attend a comprehensive course on agricultural skills, learning how to start agricultural farms and agricultural businesses.

Blogging to millions.  Five of the world’s top bloggers, with a total of two million hits a month, were invited to Israel’s Technion.  Watch this video, where they see and hear about Israel’s achievements at first hand.

Very special operations. The first female bomb disposal specialist Inbal Gawi joined the Israel Police on Monday, after completing a gruelling 10-month training programme.

Women head two of Israel’s top political parties.  With the election of Shelly Yachimovich as the leader of the Labor party, women, now lead both the Labor party and Kadima.

Haifa Ulpan for special needs is a success.  22 new immigrants with disabilities have completed a new intensive Hebrew study program and made their transition into Israeli society.

Music is the Sound of Peace.  Voices rose up into the night like a prayer at the Arab-Jewish Community Centre in Jaffa. The free concert included Israeli youth ensembles Bat Kol and the Voices of Peace Choir.

A smash-hit for Arab-Israeli tennis players.  The Freddie Krivine Foundation has built over a dozen tennis courts in Arab-Israeli cities like Nazareth. It has subsidized tennis lessons for about 6,000 young Israeli Arabs, including Bedouin Ruan Zubidate, who travels to tennis matches around the world representing Israel.

Saving children from Gaza.  Please read the story of Ahmed Hneidik, a 9-year-old boy from Khan Younis in Gaza. Born with a congenital heart disease that had already claimed the life of his brother. Ahmed was saved by surgeons from Save A Child’s Heart (SACH).

Israel is good for the Palestinian Arabs.  Israel's policy in the West Bank has contributed significantly to growth. Trade between Israel and the PA continuously increased by 7% throughout the first half of 2011.

What’s wrong with the water?  It seems that ‘more’ is less!  Israel now supplies Palestinian Arabs with 80% more water than specified in the Oslo agreements.  So why are they complaining?  Also, unlike Israel, which recycles 90% of its water, the PA takes fresh water and recycles nothing.  More details are in this article.


Israel’s CERN status upgraded.  Israel has been upgraded from Observer status to Associate Member of the European Nuclear Research organisation.  Full membership will be considered after a further two-year period.

New solar energy device is more than hot air.  Heliofocus and the Weizmann institute have built a 35-meter high experimental device that generates electricity by heating air, instead of current water or oil-based devices.

The Israeli responsible for Intel’s success.  Technion graduate David Perlmutter took the decision that made it possible for you to read this newsletter.  (More in the book ‘Israel – Start-up Nation’ by Senor and Singer.)

Turn your video into a masterpiece.  Israeli online video editing solutions developer Magisto “takes your unedited video and automatically edits it into short, fun clips."  Magisto has signed up wit YouTube.

Twitter buys Israeli search engine.  Israeli entrepreneur Ori Allon will become Twitter’s Head of Engineering in charge of their search engine, as part of the multi-million dollar sale of his start-up Julpan.

Watch the MUSIC.  A new video explains the latest aircraft defence system from Israel’s Elbit systems.  C-MUSIC directs a laser beam that is directed towards any incoming heat-seeking missile.

World record science lesson.  Over 1000 Israeli students and teachers held the world’s largest chemistry lesson and re-enacted the experiment conducted in outer space by Israel's first astronaut, Ilan Ramon.

The best deals sent to your cell phone.  Israel’s Towntouch has developed a new innovative platform that identifies the location of the phone and sends information on special deals in nearby stores.

Keeping the bugs out of food.  Prof. Shlomo Navarro, co-founder of Israel’s Bio[pack], has launched a new non-toxic solution that prevents insect infestation in packaged foods.

Fibres carry 40 times more electricity.  Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed super-conducting wires using fibres made of single crystals of sapphire. Each wire can carry approximately 40 times more electricity than a copper wire of the same size and have the potential to revolutionize energy transfer.


Another improvement.  Israel’s latest Consolidated State of the Economy index increased by 0.3% in August.  July and June’s CSE historical indices were also adjusted upwards to reflect latest revised statistics.

Bloomberg – “Israeli economy just keeps growing”.  Bloomberg’s Business Week’s report focussing on Israel has the headline “Israel Punches Above Weight as GDP Beats Developed World”.  Read more here.

"Safer investments in times of uncertainty" That’s the view from Barclays Capital regarding Israeli technology stocks.  Among its tips are Amdocs, Ceva, EZchip, Mellanox and NICE. (NB no advice from me)

Citigroup to set-up R&D centre in Israel.  The US bank is already seeking high-tech employees for the centre, which will receive a NIS 93 million five-year Israeli government grant.

 ‘A happy and sweet new year.’  The head of the Bank of Israel, Professor Stanley Fischer issued a positive message, prior to departing for the annual IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington.


Israeli actress breaks world record.  Guinness World Records declares that veteran Israeli actress Hanna Maron's 83 years on stage qualify as the longest career as a theatrical actress.

Israeli version of iTunes launched. With the new service, you can listen to music from any device, anywhere and anytime, without having to download files.  Up to 2 GB of storage is provided free.

The Tel Aviv beach comes to Warsaw.  The special beach was set up in honour of the Singer Festival of Jewish Culture held in the Polish capital.  Even the weather imitated the Israeli heat with temperatures if 32°C.

Turkish offer gets sweet response.  Maccabi Tel Aviv fans head to their match with Turkish club Besiktas with 100 kilos of toffee as a present for their opponents’ fans who have promised them Turkish Delights.

Israeli gymnast wins historic medal.  Neta Rivkin won a historic medal for Israel at the 2011 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Montpellier, France after coming in third in the hoop individual final.


1000 Finns rally for undivided Jerusalem.  Over 1,000 Finns demonstrated their support for Israel at a rally in Helsinki and called for Jerusalem to remain the undivided capital of the Jewish state.

Israeli buses to carry 200 passengers.  Tenders for the new Bus Rapid Transit System will specify the largest buses in the world, which will run every 5 minutes and link Ra’anana, Herzilya and Kfar Saba toTel Aviv.

Support at the UN.  The rally outside the UN building included a Palestinian Arab, born in Ramallah in 1971 – who loves Israel.

Aliya increases by 19%.   21,300 people immigrated to Israel during the Jewish year of 5771.

Yes or No?  The truth about the Peace Process. A reminder of some crucial historical facts, by Danny Ayalon.

Lubavich will fight for Israel.  In a historic deal, the IDF and Chabad leaders have agreed that yeshiva graduates will forgo their “Torah as profession” tradition and return after a year’s study and another year’s emissary work, to perform full military service.

Jewish News One has launched.  The first 24-hour global Jewish news network has started broadcasting.  It is intended to counter anti-Israel networks such as Al Jazeera, CNN and the BBC.

“I had a dream”.  After dreaming that he played the lottery and won, an Israeli man in his mid-60s woke up and decided to purchase the first lottery ticket of his life. The grandfather of four bought an automated ticket and saw his dream come true when he won the week's jackpot of NIS 12 million ($3.4 million).



Heart surgery for Angolan children.  Five Angolan children left Luanda for Israel last week where they will undergo a heart surgery thanks to surgeons from Save A Child’s Heart.

The balloon goes up.  Israel’s BioProtect has developed a biodegradable balloon that creates a physical separation between tumours and healthy tissues during radiation therapy, reducing damage to healthy tissue.

Lymphoma trial succeeds.  Israel’s CureTech Ltd. announced the final successful results of its Phase II clinical trial of CT-011 stem cell treatment of Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma.

Stem cells can treat radiation sickness.  Israeli biotech Pluristem Therapeutics has announced that initial animal studies found that its placental stem cells can treat Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS).

ADHD drug is safe and effective.  Israel’s pharmaceutical giant Teva Industries has announced positive results from its Phase II trials of MG01C1.

Hadassah Hospital’s Healing Tower.  Construction of the new 14-storey hospital building is complete.  It will replace the current 50 year-old round building, which will become Hadassah’s research and admin centre.


Trauma support for Japan.  Israel’s unique Hibuki (‘hug’ in Hebrew) trauma program will soon help Japanese children recover from the trauma of the tsunami. It is based on the principle that children who actively confront their stressful situations can alleviate their fears and better adapt to life after a trauma.

Israeli emergency system will save Kenyan lives.  The Kenyan Ministry of Health has decided to adopt the model of the Terem emergency medical centres in Jerusalem, and set up a similar chain of clinics in Kenya.

Backpacking in India.  Israel’s Adam Le’Adam has launched its backpackers program to develop small, profit-making organic farms for the poorest sections of the South Indian population.

Greece signs pact.  Greek Defence Minister Panos Beglitis met with his Israeli counterpart Ehud Barak in Jerusalem and signed a cooperation pact in the security sector between the two countries.

Louisiana is “the Business”.  New Orleans and other Louisiana state organisations have organised a program “Doing Business with Israel”.  In 2010 the US state exported over US$ 306 million worth of goods to Israel.

The last Ethiopian Jews make Exodus to Israel.  82 Falash Mura (Ethiopian Jews who converted to Christianity to escape persecution) have asserted their Jewish ancestry and are immigrating to the Jewish State.

Three faiths unite in Israel to heal the planet.  Jews, Muslims, and Christians from the Jerusalem-based Interfaith Centre for Sustainable Development held an Eco-forum to confront environmental degradation.

Arab donor saves five lives.  Arab-Israeli Nabil Hourani from the village of Deir Hannah died of a cerebral haemorrhage, but donated his heart, both lungs and both kidneys to five Jews and Arabs.  Hourani's brother said. "My brother now lives on, in both Arabs and Jews, and this is very important to me."

East Jerusalem Arabs like Israel.  A new survey shows that 40 per cent would rather move than become citizens of any PA state.

Saudi writers praise Israel.  Khalaf Al-Harbi opined that the secret to Israel's success lay in its democratic regime and its respect for the human rights of its citizens, while Fawaz Al-'Ilmi wrote that Israel's prosperity was due to its investment in education and science.  (Translated by The Middle East Media Research Institute.)


Enjoy the ride.  An Israeli start-up, called Ridefrog, offers a new perspective on carpooling, by integrating its feature with Facebook events. People can see exactly who is going and how those people are connected to them

The Tel Aviv Hub is a space for social, environmental and technological innovation.  More than 50 Israelis use the hub to network and adapt technological ideas for a social purpose.

Israel unveils ‘Othello’.  Israel Aerospace Industries’ Optical Hostile Fire Source Locator system locates precisely the sources of hostile fire, including antitank missiles, RPGs, and gunfire on the battlefield.

Unmanned ships will defend Israel.  Israel will use ‘Protector’ unmanned naval patrol vessels built by home-grown Rafael Advanced Defence Systems to guard its oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean.

NIS 13 million to renewable energy projects.  The National Infrastructure Ministry will be allocating NIS 13 million to entrepreneurial projects in renewable energy. 


Brazil and Israel develop UAVs together.  In a joint venture, Israel’s Elbit Systems will build Unmanned aircraft systems, avionics and simulators in Brazil’s capital Brasilia.

Kika kicks off. The global furniture chain Kika has opened its first Israeli store – near Ikea’s site, in Netanya.

In two worlds.  Sportswear designer Nili Lotan has a house in Tel Aviv and an apartment in Manhattan.  Her 18-8 collection was named after the Jewish number 18 (signifying ‘life’) and her 188 Duane Street NY studio.

Israel’s credit rating rises to A+.  International credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s announced it had raised Israel’s long-term sovereign credit rating from A to A+.  The agency said its decision reflected Israel’s rapid economic growth and responsible economic policy.

More competitive.  Israel rose two places to 22nd in the 2011 World Economic Forum index of Competitiveness.  It was 6th for innovation, 4th for number of patents and 10th for financial environment.

Yet more gas and oil.  The latest 3D seismic survey of Israel’s Gabriella and Yitzhak fields has produced a best estimate of 4.54 trillion cubic feet of gas and 297 million barrels of oil.


Heavy metal to Turkey.  Not an export or a peace offering.  The Israeli rock band Orphaned Land will be performing in Istanbul.  The band is popular in Arab countries and considers itself an envoy of the Jewish State.

From TA to LA.  Jazz pianist Tamir Hendelman left Tel Aviv aged 12 for the West Coast of America but returns every 2 years to Israel.  He has accompanied singers including Natalie Cole and Barbra Streisand.

On tap in the capital.  The Jerusalem Beer Festival took place at Jerusalem's Old train station compound.


The Kingdom of David is uncovered.  This CNN video shows more evidence of Jewish roots to our land.

Eco-tourism in the Negev.  Pro-Israel organisation StandWithUs is bringing international journalists to Israel to spread the word and encourage tourists to Israel’s ecological and agricultural projects.

Public Diplomacy training is essential.  Natalie Menaged, describes how Hasbara Fellowships educate, train and inspire students to stand up for Israel on campus.

‘Wonder’ Rabbi preaches common sense.  Ashdod Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto advises the rich and famous.  But his message is simple "People create their problems," Pinto said. "The rabbi's job is to explain, with love, that these problems are only small things. People think these things are great, but they are not."



Israelis discover short-sightedness gene.  Ben Gurion University researchers have identified a mutation of the gene LEPREL1 by studying a Bedouin tribe where the defect is the cause of hereditary myopia.

Morpheus gets US wake-up call.  Israel biotech WideMed has obtained US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its sleep apnea monitoring system, Morpheus Ox, for home use.

Israeli breakthrough to save species.  Israeli scientist Dr. Inbar Friedrich Ben-Nun is leading a US team that has produced the first stem cells from endangered species and could save animals from extinction.  This report was also broadcast on BBC World Service – without mentioning that the lead scientist was Israeli!

MRI scan performs virtual autopsies. A new MRI device that can accurately determine cause of death was inaugurated at Assaf Harofeh Hospital.  The systems allow doctors to view the inside of the body and observe the condition of organs and other internal components without the need to cut open the body.

How to stay healthy.  Happier and more optimistic men have 20 percent more chance of staying alive than pessimistic ones.  So Israeli biotech Synapsot has set-up what they call a “toolbox for optimistic health”.

Medical support for Palestinian Arabs.  Last year Israel treated 83,000 Palestinian Arabs like 29 year-old, mother of five, Baraa Inhabi.  This is a “must-see” film clip, in order to appreciate what really goes on.


Back to Africa.  The humanitarian organisation IsraAID has dispatched a team to the border of Kenya and Somalia to help refugees displaced by the worst drought in the horn of Africa for over sixty years.

Israel and France join forces.  The two countries signed a cooperation agreement to provide aid to Haiti and to emerging countries in Africa.  It covers agriculture, irrigation, public health and gender.

Belgium PM visits Israel.  Yves Leterme is here to open the new Belgian embassy in Tel Aviv.  He also meets the Israeli President, PM, ministers, businessmen, Yad Vashem, the JNF and the Palestinian Authority. 

Abandoned dogs help humans heal.  The Israeli organisation HAMA (Humans and Animals in Mutual Assistance) matches rescued animals with elderly, holocaust survivors, AHDT and PTSD sufferers.

Let’s co-operate.  World leaders have come to Tel Aviv to attend the International Conference for Economic Regional Cooperation to boost Israel's work with the Palestinian Arabs and the Arab world. 
Presentation summary (and slides) by Prof Stanley Fischer, Head of the Bank of Israel.

The closer they are, the more they understand.  85% of Palestinian Arabs want to co-operate with Israel on joint projects.  This compares to 40% of Jordanians and only 20% of Moroccans.


The biggest construction project in Israeli history.  The port of Ashdod is being expanded to double its cargo capacity in a project costing around half a billion dollars.  In fact it will result in a new port – Hayovel.

Make room for the Israelis.  This year’s annual Technology conference and exhibition, run by international Web publication, TechCrunch, includes so many Israeli start-ups that they will have their own branded area.

Bizzabo really means business.  Their iPhone application won over the 150 attendees at Tel Aviv’s TechAviv Founders Club.  Its interactive attendee list and networking software won the Peer Award for top demo.

Designing the next “killer app”.  Microsoft is always encouraging young Israeli scientists to invent software for their mobile phones.  In its latest competition, 300 Israeli students demonstrated their ideas in Tel Aviv.

Write a book – automatically.  The “People of The Book” have done it again. You can now produce your own book on a subject of your choice, using Bookit! – a program developed by a group of Israel Technion students.

We know about innovation.  A paper written by Israel Technion members on Team Management has won first prize in the European Business School’s Innovation Management competition.

Total control of the defence.  Certainly not a story about Israel’s football team!  This relates to Rafael’s new MIC-AD system which displays on a single screen all the threats that air defences need to deal with.

They’re flooding to Tel Aviv.  The 2011 WATEC (Water Technology) conference and exhibition is to take place in Israel in November.  The UK is one of many countries that will be sending a delegation.

Tel Aviv justice is ‘green’.  Or it will be when the new 20,000 sq. m. courthouse is built.  The architects have designed it to be built from eco-friendly materials.  It is scheduled to be ready in 2014.

A 21st century upgrade.  The Museum of the Jewish People – Beit Hatfutsot is to undergo major renovations. The new Core Exhibition will take visitors on a journey of discovery and exploration into our ongoing story.

The Technion makes the world safer.  This powerful video highlights the Israel Technion’s work in counter terrorism. It features nano parachutes to detect killer spores, search & rescue robots and 3D face-recognition.


Everything you wanted to know about Israel’s economy, but were afraid to ask.  The Q2 edition of the OECD Observer should make up for the fact that there are only two business / economy articles this week.

Red Sea / Dead Sea channel is viable.  A survey conducted by the World Bank has concluded that a canal channelling water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea would be financially worthwhile.


He loves Israeli wines so much, he’s making Aliya!  New York wine expert Seth Weiser made a special guest appearance at Clara Bar on the beach in Tel Aviv to promote Israeli wines.

Helen Mirren is a Mossad spy!  Well, she will play one in the US remake of the 2007 Israeli film "The Debt."

Israeli Jazz prodigy takes on New York.  15 year-old Jazz pianist Gadi Lehavi has a six-night spot at the Village Vanguard with grammy-nominated saxophonist Ravi Coltrane.  The video is when he was only 13.

The former Egyptian comes to Israel.  Robyn Hitchcock used to play for the 80s punk group The Egyptians.  Now as a “respectable” UK solo artist he returns to Israel, 40 years after working on Kibbutz Givat Haim.

Martha Stewart tours Israel.  The American lifestyle guru, magazine publisher and TV show host arrived last Thursday for her first visit to Israel. Her plans include scouting for a possible episode of her show here.

River without water.  Despite the heat, the Irish troupe Riverdance is flowing through Tel Aviv, Haifa & Jerusalem.

An Israeli sings out at the UN.  David D’Or, one of the most acclaimed Israeli singers, will perform at a memorial ceremony for the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks at the United Nations headquarters in New York.


“We always expect the unexpected.” Researchers exploring caves near Jerusalem expressed their amazement on becoming the first people in 2000 years to find and map tunnels where Jews hid while fighting the Romans.

Firm foundations.  A few miles to the south, archaeologists have uncovered the entire base of King Herod’s temple and will soon be able to unveil a complete architectonic picture of the whole fascinating site.

Wish list.  If you want to donate to the brave people defending the Jewish State, here are some of the items that the IDF have requested contributions for.  They include workout rooms, medical clinics and clubhouses.

Christian Friends to fund MDA station.  Magen David Adom’s Kiryat Shmona ambulance station is to be completed thanks to finance from the Christian Friends of MDA who will raise the £375,000 needed.

Sportsmen catch Tel Aviv assassin.  A bad news story became a good story when a gangland hit-man was chased and cornered by a basketball player and a football team determined not to let the murderer escape.

Israel’s greatest art collector.  Ayala Zacks Abramov, who passed away aged 99, bequeathed valuable works to the Israel Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum. Her trust fund already benefits young students of the arts.

School is electrifying.  Boys Town Jerusalem has been providing education to orphans and children of destitute parents for over 60 years.  It is now helping to power Israeli homes thanks to its new rooftop solar field.

Timna Park becomes an Oasis.  The 66,000 sq meter park, north of Eilat, has been transformed by expanding the lakeshore and with new bike trails.  Further plans include 400 new trees and a modern tourist centre.

American idol can wait.  Tania Didio left Las Vegas for Kibbutz Magen and a regular barrage of Kassam rockets from Gaza.  But the calmness shown by children under fire has made a big impression on her.

15,000 Israelis start National Service.  Volunteers assist in day care centres, teach Judaism in secular schools, help hospital staff, help the physically or mentally handicapped or work with environmental and aid groups.

Lifesaver wins scholarship.  17-year-old Arina Shestopolov Censor saved two men badly injured from Grad missiles.  Her actions were rewarded with a certificate and a full scholarship to Ben Gurion University.

And finally,

Watching Us.  This newsletter was issued on Sept 11th 2011 – the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  This musical video depicts someone who missed being killed because he was in hospital instead of at his desk at the World Trade Centre.  He was visiting a man receiving treatment following the Sbarro Pizza restaurant bombing in Jerusalem a month earlier.   Why was he there?  Please watch, reflect and remember.



Treatment for cancer and alcoholism.  The Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) devices being tested by Israel’s Brainsway work for both malignant brain tumours and alcoholic addiction.

Dead Sea dip helps diabetics.  Just being in Israel can be beneficial to one’s health.  Ben Gurion scientists have shown that 20 minutes in Dead Sea water reduces blood glucose levels by an average of 13.5 percent.

US approves Israeli treatment for Buerger’s disease.  Israel biotech Pluristem has received orphan drug status from the US Food and Drugs Administration for its stem cell treatment of blood vessels disease.

Combating the snake in the grass.  Israeli biotech Kamada has started producing anti-viper venom serum as a national priority project, financed with NIS 20 million of government money.


Opportunity for all.  Kefar Saba delivers used plastic billboards to a factory run by the organization ‘Green Hands’ where people with special needs recycle them into toys, newspapers, wallets, lamps and bags.

Women can also fight.  A study by the IDF medical corps has confirmed that women are able to join combat units under certain conditions and with supervision.

Sudan returns Israeli pelican transmitter.  When a migrating pelican was killed in a Sudanese fisherman’s net, the fisherman’s father ensured that the valuable on-board data about the endangered species was not lost.

Israelis promote peace in Morocco.  Five Israelis attended a conference entitled ‘The Role of Interfaith’ in Rabat, the capital of Morocco.  Other delegates were from Jordan and Tunisia.

Israeli-Palestinian Arab team wins over Aussie fans.  They may not have won the tournament, but the camaraderie inside the Australian Rules ‘Peace’ Team was the highlight of the International Cup event.

$10 million gift.  Joan and Sandy Weill made a generous donation to Haifa’s Rambam hospital.  It will help establish a children’s haematology oncology department and support the Israeli-Palestinian Friendship Centre.

Co-existence club has a lot of punch.  In the Jerusalem Boxing Club, Israeli Jews, Arabs and Palestinian Arabs, religious, secular and women happily square up to one another in the name of Sport.

Rescued from her own people.  The IDF rescued an Arab mother and daughter who were returning from medical treatment in Israel. Palestinian Arab terrorists were firing mortars at them at the Gaza Erez crossing.


We can all ‘relate’ to Israel.  Google’s Israeli R&D centre has launched a new tool ‘Google-Related’ that finds and displays useful additional material when you are searching for articles or browsing on the Internet.

Israel’s inventions under one roof.  The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem is featuring Israel’s 50 Greatest Inventions.  From the cherry tomato to the Better Place electric car.  And much more.

More power to Jerusalem.  NIS 35 million worth of solar systems have begun to be installed on the roofs of 48 capital city schools and community centres.

Sign of the times.  Your email signature can give a really good impression of you.  The software from Israel’s WiseStamp has been installed already by almost one million users.  Hmm… I think I’ll give it a trial.


Unemployment drops again.  At the end of June, unemployment had dropped to 5.5% - another all-time low.

More homes going up.  75,000 apartments are under constructions – a 10 year high.  Prices should fall soon.

Exporters are doing nicely.  Israel’s top 100 exporters increased their exports by 3.7% in Q2 2011 compared with Q1 2011.  All four manufacturing sectors grew, with low-technology exports doing surprisingly well.

Israel’s Fischer is ‘A’ grade.  Global Finance awarded Bank of Israel chief Prof Stanley Fischer the top grade in its annual report.  Bank of England’s Mervyn King got a ‘B’ and the US Fed’s Ben Bernanke got a ‘C’.

Lower inflation forecast.  The expected rate of inflation for the next 12 months is down to 2.5%

A better exchange.  Information between Israeli and US banks can flow much more freely now that a new Statement of Co-operation has been signed.


Jerusalem is in another dimension.  A 45 minute IMAX 3D film of Jerusalem is currently in development.  When released, it is scheduled to play for 5-10 years in over 35 countries.

Hollywood becomes Holy Wood.  So many scenes of Jerusalem are actually shot in Italy.  But now Hollywood producers are being encouraged to come to the real Holy Land to make their movies.

Extra-ordinary tourist spots.  If you’re looking for some more unusual sites to visit in Israel, then this article should be right up your street.  An underground bullet factory, experiential museums and Mount Carmel caves.

More alternatives.  For the young – the alternative music culture in Israel was on display at Tel Aviv’s Pic.Nic festival.

Jewish Eurovision winner.  Mexican Adam Kleinberg won the 2011 Hallelujah song contest in Ramat Hasharon.  The song ‘Zeh lo kal’ (it’s not easy) had the audience in tears.  He is a distant cousin of Ben Gurion.

Seen and heard at Eilat.  Blind US musician Raul Midon ‘saw’ no reason to cancel his appearance at the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat.  You can see and hear him in this video.

“Gesher is miracle of Jewish Culture”.  Writers, actors, artists and friends of Gesher attended the theatre’s 20th anniversary celebration by watching a special show at the home of Israel’s President Shimon Peres.

Proud to represent Israel.  Laetitia Beck prepares to tee-up in the Canadian Women’s Open golf tournament. She is the first Israeli to perform in an LPGA tournament and wears the Israeli flag on her golf shoes.

A basket of goodies.  The Jewish American basketball player Jordan Farmar arrived in Israel to play for Maccabi Tel Aviv on a temporary basis until the recent NBA strike is over.

Double-header.  Another US basketball star Jon Scheyer, who signed for Maccabi Tel Aviv in June, stepped off the plane at Ben Gurion and immediately made Aliya.

Extreme sports, Israeli style.  With a 273-kilometer coastline, Israel offers easy access to rafting, stand-up paddle-boarding, windsurfing and kite surfing. Israelis also enjoy bouldering and scuba-diving in the Dead Sea.


 We do not target civilians.  In any riot scenario or attempt to breach our borders, Israel has developed a doctrine and system to avoid fatal civilian casualties.

Bus stop libraries.  I’ve said it before.  We are the ‘People of The Book’.  So what better way to spend the time waiting for your bus in Kfar Saba than to borrow a few books?  I hope there’s no fine if the return bus is late!

Adaboye visits Samaria.  The massively popular Nigerian spiritual leader paid a return visit to the Jewish State and made a point of supporting Jews right to settle anywhere in Biblical Israel.

Israeli diplomats train on ‘Twitter PR’.  Staff from Israeli embassies across Europe have realised finally that they need to get to grips with Social Networks in order to fight political battles on behalf of the Jewish State.

‘Do More With Less’.  That is the name of the competition that will distribute NIS 100,000 of prize money for ‘green’ projects that will benefit society or the environment.

They stood with us.  Over 500 pro-Israel supporters held a rally in London to show solidarity with the Jewish State.  Due to larger than expected numbers, the venue was moved from Downing Street to Trafalgar Square.

Another Iron Dome for the South.  A third battery is to be deployed to protect Israelis from Gaza terrorists’ rockets (160 were fired in the last two weeks).  Of those directly threatening civilians, 93% were shot down.

Breeding cows that can defend themselves.  It is not only the Israeli Sabra that needs to be tough in today’s world.  Israelis are crossbreeding local cattle with breeds like the Texas Longhorn in order to resist rustlers.

Wrestler, optician, writer and Rabbi.  Not four people, but separate successful careers enjoyed by Rafael Halperin, who passed away recently at the age of 87.

Get your tee-shirt.  Israel Journey and The Zionist Federation of Great Britain are producing a video to show support for the Jewish State.  It could include you.  Please watch the trailer here.

“A place for forgiveness” is the name of the current nighttime tour of the City of David.  During the Hebrew month of Elul, it provides an authentic musical experience, in preparation for the Jewish New Year.

Only in Israel.  I’m sitting writing this week’s newsletter and music outside gets louder and louder.  I look over the balcony and see a hundred people dancing towards us, following a float and decorated scrolls of the Torah.

Finally some humour, but with a serious side to it. In the style of British comic actor John Cleese, this video clip asks “What has Israel ever done for Peace?”



Computer model targets cancer cells.  Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a computerised genome-scale model of cancer cell metabolism which can help predict which drugs will be effective.

Treatment for Type 1 diabetes.  Israel’s Andromeda Biotech is conducting Phase III tests of its synthetic peptide in America, Europe and Israel.  DiaPep277 can preserve the few remaining insulin cells of sufferers.

Sleep Apnea monitor gets European ‘nod’.  Israel’s WideMed Ltd has just received the CE mark for its mobile sleep apnea system Morpheus Ox for home use.

The best diagnostic system?  Talk to the patient!  Israel may have invented the most sophisticated scanning techniques, but Kaplan Rehovot researchers have proved that basic clinical skills give the most accurate results.

Medical supplies go South.  Hatzalah volunteers have distributed $100,000 of emergency medical equipment to the cities suffering from Gaza rocket attacks.  The equipment was donated by the Moskowitz Foundation.


First, let’s eat.  Israeli President Shimon Peres hosted Egypt’s deputy ambassador to a Ramadan dinner following the aftermath of the terrorist attacks near Eilat that resulted in the deaths of 8 Israelis and 5 Egyptians.

Removing superstitions.  Israeli Arabs used to believe that owls were bad luck.  But seminars have explained that they are important assets for organic farmers to keep rodent pests under control.

Working together for the environment.  Israeli Arab Dr Abu Hamed is director of the Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, based at Kibbutz Ketura.

Israel & Iran sing together.  OK, it’s over the Internet, but this Aug 17th event was still unique.  Israelis sang in Persian and the Iranians in Hebrew.

ZAKA’s special mission.  Members of Israel’s primary non-government rescue and recovery organization took sick and disabled children on an adventure jeep trail to a fun day in the Jerusalem hills.

Strong ties with Canada.  Students from the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business and Ben Gurion University are on an exchange with lectures and workshops in three cities across Canada and Israel.

Climbing mountains for children.  Fundraisers for Save A Child’s Heart have reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise $1million towards the medical costs of heart surgery for children in Africa.

Improving life for Israel’s youth.  The Rashi Foundation in Beersheva, Ofanim in the Galilee and the Israel Sci-Tech Schools Network are increasing the prospects for young students in the periphery of Israel.


Sun, water, wind and natural gas.  Some 20,000 people headed to Tel Aviv to see ideas in green energy advances coming out of Israel.

Everyone dreams of flying.  Anatoly Cohn was deported from Russia for building micro-light aircraft.  Now his Apco Aviation in Caesarea is internationally famous for 15 world records and its life-saving parachutes.

Bouncing back.  We featured the Israel Technion’s TechnoBrain yoyo competition back in June. Here, a new short film has been released of the event that challenged Israel’s scientists of the future.

Another wireless wallet.  Israel’s Cellarix Ltd. has developed a software-only product that enable any person with an Internet-access cellphone (2.5G and up) - and not just a smartphone - to make purchases at stores.

Who left the tap / faucet running?  The Bware from Israel’s a2design not only shows how much water you have used, on the LED display, it can also help detect different kinds of leaks.

Are we on the same page?  When two people visit the same website simultaneously they can now choose to chat with each other. Israel’s WhoIsLive transforms the Internet into a giant social network.

Vikido – ‘facebook for kids’.  Now parents of small children can train their offspring with this safe social network from Israel.  Targeting ages 3-12, Vikido was visually designed to work using the most basic skills.

Power in the Golan.  While Syria’s Assad is using military power against his people, across the border Israel’s Enlight is harnessing the power of the wind for peaceful purposes by building six wind farms in the Golan.


Thumbs up from Morgan Stanley.  The giant US financial company stated that the Israeli economy "remains one of the most robust and well managed among both the developed and the emerging market economies."

Two more factories for India.  Israel Chemicals’ factory in India manufactures specialised fertilisers.  It has been so successful that the company is to build two more.

Israeli water company buys UK coffee maker.  Eden Water wants to expand its UK distribution of water coolers to include coffee brewing machines.  Hence its acquisition of the Shakespeare Coffee company.

$10 million to expand into China.  Investment fund Infinity Israel-China has joined forces with the Chinese government to encourage 10 high-tech Israeli companies to do business in Harbin – China’s 10th largest city.

Out flows Israeli oil.  In just six weeks from 1st July, Givot Olam Oil produced 35,000 barrels of oil from the Meged 5 well.  There are at least another 2.6 million barrels to tap and probably another 7.9 million.

$2 billion of trade with Turkey.  Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan may hate Israel, but his policy appears to be ‘business is business’.  Trade has increased by 26% in the last six months compared to the same period in 2010.

An economic matchmaker.  The Maryland/Israel Development Centre connects Maryland companies with Israeli partners to promote trade. It also invests in Israeli start-ups through a new venture capital fund.

‘Israel is about to have its moment.’  That’s what Saul Klein, one of Europe’s top venture capitalists, believes.  He has moved his family to Tel Aviv to take advantage of the opportunities.


Crafty exhibits in Jerusalem.  The 36th International Arts and Crafts fair in Jerusalem featured 150 artists from Israel and around the world.  It also included food, theatre, dance and musical performances.

Get into the act.  Three musicals for children and a game show with questions from the audience, will feature at the 2011 Beit Lessin Open Stage festival of Israeli plays in Tel Aviv in September.

Thousands taste the wine.  The Israel Museum in Jerusalem held its 8th annual wine-tasting festival at which huge crowds came to savour Israel’s best wines, sample cheeses and experience soothing jazz music.

Big screenings for little people.  Jerusalem’s 4th International Film Festival for Children and Youth has a program that will entertain young audiences for the entire five days.

Super-heroes come to Israel.  Superman, Spiderman, Batman, X-men, Captain America and Wonder Woman are just some of the characters brought by comic artists Joe and Adam Kubert to the Cartoon Museum in Holon.


See the miracle of Israel.  Don’t read about Glenn Beck.  Watch him and make up your own mind.

Bad news is good news.  There is a saying that everything happens for the good.  Meir Dimri suffered a heart attack but escaped with his life as he was recovering in hospital when a Gaza rocket hit his Beersheva home.

Paul Newman’s legacy for Israel.  A camp belonging to the deceased actor opens to Israeli kids who are terminally ill, or suffer from genetic or chronic diseases.  It is the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Keeping greenhouse gases down.  The Israeli government has allocated NIS 151 million for projects that aim to reduce emissions.  It supports Israel’s commitment given at the Copenhagen summit in Dec 2009.

Uncovering the largest city in Canaan.  Hazor was so important, it was burned down three times.  First by Joshua, then by Deborah and finally by the Assyrians.  Now Israeli archaeologists are raising it from the ashes.

Retired at the age of seven.  As a guard dog for the Knesset, Kai the Labrador retriever has reached the age where duties, such as sniffing out explosives, put too much strain on his fitness.  Time to put his paws up!

Ambulance of wishes.  Donated by Swedish friends of Magen David Adom, this vehicle is for taking terminally ill patients to any desired destination in the country, in the utmost comfort.

The Blue and White flotilla.  400 people boarded a small fleet of four ships, including the ‘Gilad Shalit’ and set sail on Sunday afternoon from the Ashkelon Marina on a mission to show solidarity with Israel.

A pro-Israeli artist in London.  Noam Edry held a solo exhibition at Goldsmiths College as part of the MFA Fine Art Degree Show. It challenged the relentless campus demonisation of the Jewish State.

Jon Voight visits rocket attack victims.  The Oscar-winning actor (and father of Angelina Jolie) expressed his support for Israel and strengthened those who were being treated at the Soroka Hospital in Beersheva.

300,000 in 12 years.  That’s the number of young Jews that have participated in Taglit/Birthright trips to Israel since they began in 1999.  150 guests attended the birthday event.



European Cardiologist of 2011.  Israel Technion’s Prof Lior Gepstein produced a unique model for research and treatment of heart disease. He has also transformed adult skin stem cells into heart cells.

You are what you eat.  Especially when you are a hen.  The eggs we eat can damage our health if the diet of the hen that laid them was bad.  Research by Dr. Niva Shapira of Tel Aviv University has proved this.

Hope for trauma sufferers.  Trials at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem have proved that Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy is safe and effective in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Fix your dodgy knees.  Israel’s Apos’ walkright attaches to shoes to strengthen the knee muscles and alleviate pain.  So far they have treated 20,000 patients – half of them in Israel.  New funding will help them expand.


International diplomats see Israel at work.  Nineteen senior diplomats representing nations from four continents learned about Israeli development programs around the world.

Taiwan opens up to Israel.  The Israel-Taiwan Businessmen Friendship Association was inaugurated in Tel Aviv.  The first step was to implement a visa-waiver arrangement between the two countries.

Nigeria welcomes Israeli leaders.  Druze MK Ayoub Kara and other Israeli leaders are in Nigeria to promote trade and support for Israel in the UN. They met President Good Luck Jonathan and Enoch Adeboye.

US troops learn from Israel.  How to capture enemy territory without harming civilians?  That’s what US marines were practicing at Israel’s module city at the IDF Urban Warfare Training Centre in the Negev.

Boston use Israeli methods to SPOT terrorists.  A new Israeli-style security program goes into operation at Boston’s Logan airport. Screening Passengers by Observation Techniques, or SPOT, will help focus resources.

More monkey business in India.  Israel’s Jerusalem zoo has provided five mandrill monkeys to India’s Tata Steel Zoo in Jamshedpurm. 

Diversity is beauty.  Baha’i writings compare the human race to different flowers in the same garden.  The beauty of the Baha’i gardens in Haifa is displayed and introduced in this new video. 


Ashdod desalination plant is agreed.  The new construction will be completed in 2013 and produce 100 million cubic meters of drinking water a year.  Israel will then get 75% of domestic supplies from desalination.

Tel Aviv - Europe’s hottest start-up capital.  Great feature in the latest Wired magazine.

A program for Israeli high-tech entrepreneurs.  A technological recipe for success.  If you read, understand and follow these instructions you can make it big in Israel’s fast-moving high-tech industry.

Frustrated with your computer?  Israeli start-up Soluto claims to fix slow computers and crashing applications by removing unnecessary processes.  It has won international IT awards and $10m of new funding.

Sewage-eating bacteria get bigger.  Apologies if you’re reading this whilst eating.  More funds are pouring into Israel’s Emefcy Ltd, which is building a fuel cell that uses bacteria to break down waste in water.

He nose, you know!  Prof Abraham Tamir of Ben Gurion University has categorised the shape of the Caucasian nose into 14 types.  BGU students can pick his course on the interaction between art and science.

Warning kids of Internet dangers.  Rather than blowing the whistle to parents, Israeli company, Sensegon, has developed ‘Kangaroo’, to detect and alert the child to a potentially dangerous Internet relationship.

Dogs clean up.  OK, we have included this Israeli invention before, but not the photo!


Israel GDP at 3.3%.  Israel’s economy grew during the 2nd Quarter of 2011 by a healthy 3.3% compared to the Euro block’s 0.2%.  The figures were better than the market expected, and the Shekel strengthened according.

Inflation rate falls.  There was a welcome 0.3% fall in Israel’s Consumer Price Index to an annual 3.4%.

Still plenty of jobs.  Unfilled job vacancies in Israel rose by 2.3% to 69,200 in July 2011 from 67,700 in June.

Barclays is back.  Barclays bank was a feature of mandate Palestine.  It has now has received a license for commercial operations in Israel and has applied for membership of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Asia buys Israeli optics.  Israel’s Elbit systems has won contracts with unspecified Asian countries worth $20 million for its electro-optical and night digital imaging systems.


Something for everyone.  The Arad music festival runs from Aug 23 to 25 and is Israel’s longest-standing music festival. It comprises acts for all ages and, most importantly, all the shows in the program are free.

Music and wine.  Two festivals are running simultaneously in the Galilee.  The 24th annual Klezmer Festival in Safed, plus the Bein Hakramim (Among the Vineyards) Festival.  Sing Lechayim – to Life!

Kosher monkeys in Eilat.  The Three Monkeys pub has recently undergone a complete renovation.  Music, beer and their kosher Monkey Business hamburgers – sounds like a swinging place to hang around in.

‘The Three Cohens’.  What other name would you give to the globe-trotting jazz family of Yuval (saxaphone), Anat (clarinet) and Avishai Cohen (trumpet)?  They are also excellent representatives for the Jewish State.

Savannah and the Kibbutz.  In episode 1 of the new docu series IS.REAL Savannah revisits Kibbutz Maagan Michael where she studied and worked at the same time.

Young Israelis hit gold.  Israel’s Young Cadets National Baseball Team took the gold at the recent Tuscany Series Tournament in Italy.  This was the first time an Israeli cadet team won the tournament.

Omri comes home.  There’s no action in the US national basketball league at present due to a dispute.  So top Israeli NBA star Omri Casspi will do what any overseas unemployed Israeli worker can do – get a job in Israel.


Astronomic honour.  A Jewish day school in California has been renamed in memory of the first Israeli astronaut.  The Heschel West School in Los Angeles will now be known as the Ilan Ramon Day School.

These soldiers really perform.  Talented musicians Ori Wissner-Levy (violin), Tal Yahalom (guitar) and Amir Dubester (saxaphone) combine army duties with instrument practice and entertaining the elderly and children.

President Peres meets two fat ladies.  But only if he was playing UK bingo.  He celebrated his 88th birthday.

A blessing for Glenn.  Glenn Beck’s Aug 24th Jerusalem “Restoring Courage” rally has received the blessing of Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger.

Find love on Tu B’Av – if you’re quick.  The 15th of Av is the traditional Jewish date for finding a partner.  Some sixty singles gathered at Zedekiah's Cave in Jerusalem for a special speed-dating marathon.

10 years of the IDF ‘bridge’.  Gesher (Hebrew for ‘bridge’) has been working for a decade to bring Jewish and Zionist identity and unity to trainee IDF officers.  Here Exec director Ilan Galdor describes Gesher’s program.

Learning Hebrew is fun.  So kids are finding at the A-Ba-Ga-Da exhibit in the Diaspora museum in Tel Aviv.  Climbing walls, slides, slot machines, computers and a dog that says words when you put letters its mouth.

Israel is on track.  Transportation minister Israel Katz announced major extensions to railway lines to connect outlying towns and provide citizens with a fast commuter service to the centre of Israel.

Hercules lost his head.  This week’s archaeological discovery was a Roman marble statue of the Hercules, from the shoulders down.  It was unearthed in the Jezreel valley, during the building of a new rail line.

Israel’s chef of chefs.  Shalom Kadosh is the first Israeli to join the prestigious “Club des Chefs des Chefs” – which comprises 30 top chefs including those cooking for the heads of state of France, England and the USA.

The pelicans are back.  We may be basking in temperatures above 30 degrees centigrade, but thousands of our feathered friends have already begun their autumn migration through Israel.



Universal flu vaccine gets closer.  Israel’s BiondVax has announced that in Phase II laboratory trials, its technology has proven capable of providing protection against all known strains of flu (even swine & avian).

Israel funds ‘wonder drug' trial.  Israel is giving 2.2 million shekels for trials by Israeli bio-tech Biocancell into the effectiveness of its BC-819 drug in treating pancreatic cancer.  BC-819 may also treat other cancers.


Is the patient breathing OK?  Doctors were unable to monitor CO2 blood levels quickly enough until Dr Ofek Hornick invented the Capno-Pulse. Israeli start-up Neetour is testing the device at Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv.

Brain cancer markers.  Hebrew University researchers have discovered biomarkers that predict the likelihood of developing brain tumors and can also help in their treatment.

New treatment for hypertension.  For the first time, doctors at Hadassah’s Heart Institute used an innovative Israeli renal catheterization tool to permanently lower the blood pressure of a 72 year-old woman.

Protection against date rape drugs.  Tel Aviv University chemists have a patented device that detects even small amounts of ‘date-rape drugs' lurking in a beverage.

Insulin pumps go Stateside.  Israel’s D.Medical has announced that its safe, innovative infusion sets will soon be available to the 350,000 Type 1 diabetics in the USA that need this carefully controlled treatment.

Sleepless in Seattle?  Perhaps that’s why GE Healthcare has ordered 3 Morpheus Hx sleep disorder diagnostic devices from Israel’s WideMed Ltd for installation at US hospitals.

Closing up wounds.  Johnson & Johnson has invested in Israeli bio-med start-up Lifebond that is developing a surgical sealant apparently superior to the one that J&J already owns the rights to.

Prized scientists.  The 2011 Juludan Prize for outstanding practical research was awarded to Technion’s Dr Dvir Yelin for nano-therapy and Weizmann’s Prof Noam Sobel the use of the sense of smell in treating disease.  http://www.focus.technion.ac.il/newsStory.asp?id=113


Slum-dog millionaires.  31 Urban planning professionals from 15 countries came to Israel to learn how to upgrade their ‘poor urban areas’, known to the world as slums.

MDA clinic in Uman.  The Ukrainian facility will serve both the local residents and also the thousands of Israelis who visit every year to make a pilgrimage to the grave of Rav Nachman of Breslav.

Another life saved.  A Palestinian Arab mother of five was rushed to an Israeli hospital for emergency treatment for an intestinal infection.

Who is wise?  One who learns from every person.  For the first time ever, Magen David Adom staff received training from Palestinian Red Crescent Society instructors.

Investing together.  Hadasit - the technology transfer company of Hadassah Medical Organization has launched Ways, a medical investment incubator for joint Jewish-Arab biomed ventures in the Galilee.

Strong Women, Strong Girls.  SWSG has empowered over 1000 disadvantaged schoolgirls using inspiring female role models from all fields and ages.  Now in Israel, SWSG has launched its International programme.


The right chemistry. Israel Technion’s Prof Yitzhak Apeloig has been awarded the German Order of Merit for building German-Israeli scientific relations.

Is it alive?  The robots of Israel Technion scientists make tracks on this video.

A sporting chance.  Keren Shahar, a doctoral student at Tel Aviv University, has proved that participation in sports is good for a child’s cognitive, emotional and behavioral well-being.

Israelis are thirsty for knowledge.  Academia and ale intermingled in the bars of Rehovot during the Festival of Beer, Science and Good spirits.  Talks by Weizmann staff were washed down with a few friendly drinks.

Rain-maker. A simple model connects cloud formation and predatory / prey relationships.  Research involving Weizmann’s Dr Ilan Koren has established such a pattern that may help environmentalists in both areas.

Scan for the memory.  Instead of inscribing a brief message on his mother’s Haifa gravestone, Yoav Medan had a QR code engraved on it.  Visitors can scan the code to access a website of photos and stories of her life.

Solar window is a success.  We reported Pythagoras Solar’s GE award in early July.  Here is a full feature article on its “game-changing” green contribution to the construction industry.

Unveiling the “Ghost”.  Israel’s new unmanned surveillance drone is a tiny, silent, vertical take-off machine.


Israel is still good for its debt.  Whilst S&P were downgrading the US’s credit rating, it re-affirmed Israel’s.

And good for Start-ups.  Venture capital investment into Israeli Internet start-up companies soared by 300% in the second quarter of 2011 compared with the same quarter in 2010.

And the money is still streaming in. In the first seven months of its three-year investment programme, the Israeli government has already received institutional commitments for half of NIS 800 million it requested. 

Another 415,000 tons of potash for India.  Worth $203 million to Israel Chemicals.

Exports to China up 33%.  Israeli exports to China in the first half of 2011 were worth more than $1 billion – a 33% increase compared to the same period last year.  China is now Israel’s 4th largest export destination.

More cruisers; less day-trippers.  Tourist figures to Israel from Jan to July show a 42% increase in visits by cruise ship passengers compared to 2010.  However day tourists from Egypt have unsurprisingly dried up.

Israelis buy more cars.  There may be protest tents in 10 cities, but the new car market is not slowing down.  Over 142,600 new cars have been sold in Israel in 2011 so far – a 15.5% increase on 2010.


Water fighter.  An IDF soldier has broken the Israeli 200 meter backstroke swimming record and qualified for the 2012 London Olympics.

Will will thrill Israeli children.  Detroit Pistons star Will “the thrill” Bynum has returned to Israel to host a basketball summer camp and repay a favour.  Bynum’s NBA career was jump-started at Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Watch Is.real  A new docu-reality series, by Tel Aviv University students, shows the real side of the lives of 4 diverse citizens of the Jewish State.  See this video or go to the site to meet Savannah, Shay, Yair and Ayman.


81 congressmen to visit Israel.  About 20 percent of the US House of Representatives will visit Israel over the next three weeks during Congress’s summer recess.  So who’s minding the store?

Revealed for Tisha B’Av.  A Roman sword and a menorah scratched on a stone were discovered in an ancient drainage tunnel under Jerusalem. The artefacts were from the period of 2nd Temple destruction 2,000 years ago.

Hear the bell.  This is the sound of the recently discovered 2000 year-old garment bell.

Jewish Unity on the day of mourning.  A special Tisha B'Av program brought together secular and religious Israelis in Petah Tikva to talk about Jewish unity.

‘The IDF defends our people and our environment’.  So said Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan as he presented environmental awards to soldiers and army units for outstanding environmental projects.

We have beautiful beaches.  94% of Israel’s beaches received 2 or 3 flags denoting excellent cleanliness and facilities.

$5 million donation.  Philanthropists Sheldon and Miriam Adelson are giving a $5 million matching grant to Taglit-Birthright Israel to allow Jewish 18-26 year-olds to visit Israel for free.

We want to fight for Israel.  Some 100 young Jewish adults from US, Canada to join the Israel Defence Forces immediately after arriving in Israel on Aliya this week; nearly all of them want to be combat soldiers.

Forming friendship at chronic care facility. The word Reuth means friendship. This summer, eight young American women selected to intern at Reuth Medical Centre in Tel Aviv and formed unforgettable relationships with the patients.

Glen joins up.  There are now 700,001 members of Christians United for Israel.  A long speech, but please skip to the 30-minute point to hear an important highlight that will astound many sceptics.



Making the body repair itself.  Israel's MacroCure helps the body heal itself with CureXcell, a unique product based on white blood cells from healthy donors. 4500 patients with severe chronic wounds have been treated.

Stem Cell treatment helps paralysed man.  A patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has testified to the effectiveness of the treatment developed by Israel’s Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Ltd.

No prints.  Israeli researcher Dr Eli Sprecher, from Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre, has identified the gene mutation associated with the rare condition that is associated with an absence of fingerprints.

‘Every preemie is a new adventure’. The directors of neonatal care at Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Centre in Bnai Brak have a new approach to family-centred care and long-term assessment for fragile newborns.


Israel Helps Stem Global Food Crisis.  Read how Israeli experts, with their innovative technology, are helping the world’s developing nations face an urgent new challenge.

Water for the UK.  A delegation of Israeli water innovation companies held 120 meetings with UK counterparts during a two-day visit.

And water for Mumbai. Thirteen Israeli water companies went to Mumbai to collaborate with Indian companies, leading to the signing of agreement between the municipal corporation and the Israeli government.

Trauma support for Mumbai.  The Consulate of Israel ran a two-day workshop with doctors in Mumbai on how to help patients cope with trauma in the wake of the recent terror blasts.

Sniffer dogs to Finland.  The Finns have a problem with counterfeit drugs.  So two specially trained Israeli “viagra” dogs have been sent to help “nose around”.

He speaks for Israel.  The new deputy speaker for the Israeli parliament (Knesset) is MK Shlomo Neguse Molla who, in 1984 at the age of 16, immigrated from Ethiopia as part of Operation Moses.

“Anything is possible” is what “Bene Yechalal” means, in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. So it was an apt name for the Rehovot football team that is giving young Ethiopian Jews hope for a better future.

Happy Ramadan.  Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, wished all Muslims ‘Ramadan karim’. Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat fired the Ramadan cannon on Wednesday to mark the end of that day’s fast.  IDF soldiers in Judea and Samaria have been requested not to eat, drink or smoke in front of fasting Muslims.

Only in Israel.  28 artists from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco and Egypt are exhibiting their works at the Museum on the Seam in Jerusalem.

“And they will beat their swords into ploughshares” - maybe.  It could come true one day if Gazan farmers learn from the Israelis running this educational agricultural conference.

Meanwhile, in Arab countries.  A short video on the treatment of Palestinian Arabs by their Arab brethren.


Turning paper waste into reusable foam.  Researchers at the Hebrew University have developed a new method to convert waste fibres from the paper industry into non-synthetic foam that can be re-used.

We’re cooking on gas.  Taking advantage of new gas discoveries, Israel will convert four of the six coal-driven turbines at the Orot Rabin Power Station in Hadera to natural gas turbines with coal backup.

Showcasing to the Dutch.  The best of Israel’s innovative New Media Technology companies will be exhibiting at IBC 2011 – the leading global media tradeshow in Amsterdam in September.

Lights without wires.  Israel’s Globe Light and Water (GLW) has developed Orion - a new standalone light fixture that stores solar energy to emit light at night, replacing expensive and polluting generators.

“Hack into us and we’ll hire you”.  Not an advert for an ex-UK newspaper.  This challenge is from Israeli Internet security company 6Scan that wants to recruit the best technology people to test their products.

When your mobile phone “Pops”.  Forget about ringtones. Soon, Pops - a new Israeli application - will flash an animation or video of the person calling you.  It can link to facebook or to your own animation library.

The colour of diamonds.  Up to now, sought-after coloured diamonds were only found rarely in nature.  Now, Israeli company Briza has developed technology to turn polished whites into colour-enhanced diamonds.


Promoting Israel in London.  Heads of top Israeli companies, plus the Bank of Israel and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange impressed leading British businessmen at the Israel Opportunity 2011 conference in London.

Israeli shopping mall – in Serbia.  Israeli owned Central European Estates is to build a mall in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Expanding manufacturing in China – of diapers!  Israeli firm Avgol is consolidating its niche market share of Chinese non-woven fabrics.  A third production line in China is needed to cover the ever increasing demand.

$5 for your thoughts?  Or for a bedtime story, or advice, or half a million other services.  Check them out on Fiverr – an Israeli website that is generating income for thousands of people.

A Channel of opportunity.  Almost missed this June visit by Jersey (Channel Isles, not USA) senators to Israel to discuss business opportunities in Financial services, Clean technology and e-gaming.

Steady as she goes.  Israel’s foreign exchange reserves at the end of July 2011 stood at $77,943 million, an increase of $529 million from last month.  The downgrading of US debt has been anticipated.


Returning to his roots.  Hassidic singer Avraham Fried is celebrating 30 years of his musical career by releasing an album that contains only original Jewish sources.

Dragons in Israel.  The first Dragon Boat Festival on Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) is to take place on May 17-18 next year.

Monkeys rehabilitated.  The Monkey Park at Ben Shemen Forest had an exciting day, when it opened an open area for two of its mangabey monkeys.

Israel gears up for 2012 Olympics.  In a special session at the Knesset, UK Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould and Sebastian Coe invited Israeli athletes to take part in the greatest show on earth.

50 Years of the Israel Festival.  Video of some of this year’s acts, including Dixieland Jazz and a ballet performed on 10-meter flexible poles.


Don’t waste our water.  Dozens of high school students departed on a seven-day trip with the Society for the Protection of Nature around Lake Kinneret to encourage water conservation.

And it’s working! Israelis used 7.5 percent less water during the first half of 2011, when compared to the same period last year, data released by the Mekorot national water company showed.

The Haredi Spring.  Modiin Illit has got its own strictly kosher Internet café for the very first time.  “We are becoming a small global village, and one can no longer do with just faxes and telephones.”

Israelis don’t need much room – in Poland.  An Israeli writer has commissioned the building of the world’s smallest house. It will be built in a crack between two buildings in Wola, Poland.

Don’t drop your lulav.  On the festival of Sukkot it’s almost a miracle to be able to carry all 4 species, your prayer book and prayer shawl.  A new gadget invented by Israel’s Kanfot Hadar will make this a lot easier.

“I don’t need $2 million”.  A 90 year-old lottery winner is giving his seven million shekels winnings to his grandchildren.

Thousands flock to Ariel.  Potential students poured into Ariel University to explore new courses at the fastest-growing academic institution in Israel.

‘How Goodly Art Thou Protest Tents of Jacob’.  Religious Zionists are distributing to ‘tent city” protesters a new version of the traditional “Blessing of the Home” with a prayer for unity.

An Israeli love story.  Shulamit Shamir, who passed away earlier this month, was adored by her husband ex-Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir (now aged 95).  They met at a British internment camp and married in 1944.

Jerusalem of Gold.  The Bank of Israel has issued a new solid gold coin, called ‘The Western Wall’.

Hole in the wall?  A coin is one thing, but someone deposited a cheque (check) for $100,000 into a crack in the Kotel (Western Wall).  Maybe he was confused by Danny Ayalon’s video (see last week) about the West Bank?



Breakthrough screening device for breast cancer.  New Israeli 3D infrared solution undergoing trials from Real Imaging is more accurate than mammography as well as radiation free, painless and suitable for all ages.

Heart surgeons go to Africa.  For the first time, 20 Save A Child’s Heart surgeons and nurses visit a foreign country with a week’s visit to Tanzania where they will operate on ten children born with congenital defects.

Give up – chew our gum.  Smokers looking to kick the habit can now get help from the flavoured nicotine gums from Israel’s Perrigo.  The US Federal Drugs Administration has approved the new cinnamon flavour.

Detecting malaria – with your phone.  A simple mobile-phone imaging system developed in Israel for diagnosing and monitoring malaria has won a $100,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Linking the Kinneret to Lake Michigan.  Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and National Infrastructures Minister Dr. Uzi Landau have established a “Sister Lakes” research relationship between the two critical bodies of water.

Our new friends.  Israel has established formal ties with the new state of South Sudan.

Farming in South Sudan.  Now that diplomatic ties have been established, Israelis can reveal that they have been working with the East African community for the last two years.


We’re up there.  Circling the earth, the European Space Agency needs help to monitor its low-earth orbit imaging and surveillance satellites.  So Israel’s Orbit Technologies remote sensing devices are really useful.

A big hit with the defence.  Israel’s new Arrow3 interceptor successfully shot down a mock enemy ballistic missile in a trial flight.

Summing up our future prospects.  Five Israeli high-school students won medals, including a Gold, at the 52nd International Math Olympiad.  Israel finished 23rd of 101 countries – its best overall result since 2004.

Earth Mover.  Prof. Yossi Steinberger, of Bar Ilan University has won an international achievement award from the Soil Ecology Society.  His research deals with microbial population dynamics and its diversity in soil.

A diaper (nappy) for dogs.  This Israeli invention could literally signal the end of the problem of dogs fouling the pavement.  I hope they step on it and get it developed quickly.

One inbox to rule them all.  Some of us have two email accounts, plus facebook, twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc.  So Israeli start-up Zbang has developed Multimi to amalgamate them all.


No slacking.  Another fall in the unemployment figures in May, now running at a new record low of 5.7%.  Only 183,000 people are looking for work.

More natural gas.  Estimates are that the new gas strata discovered in Tamar's deep sands contains 0.5-1.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.  The discovery also implies that there is more gas in the larger Leviathan field.

Sending them packing.  Israel’s agrochemicals maker Makhteshim has opened a new packaging plant in India to serve the company’s growing business in India and other Asian and African markets.

More holiday packing.  The tourism economy of Eilat will certainly expand when Israel completes the new Eilat International airport.  It will be named after Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut.

UAVs for the French Air Force.  For the first time, Israel Aerospace Industries will manufacture the Heron Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for an overseas country.  The contract is worth 300 - 400 million Euros.

No funny business.  Israel has signed agreements to share intelligence on money laundering with the US and India. It already has agreements with Russia, Australia, Argentina, Canada, South Africa and most of Europe.

Israeli designer wins top fashion award.  Niran Avisar, a student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan, won the 2011 Diesel Award at the International Talent Support contest in Italy.


An Israeli festival in Italy.  Two Israelis have been organising a two-week music fest in Perugia, Umbria for the last six years.

Pulling his weight.  Aged 76, Israel’s Teddy Kaplan was tons better than his nearest rival at the 2011 European Masters Weightlifting Championships in Germany.


From sea to land.  The Bible’s account of life beginning in the sea has been born out by research at Haifa University.  Transition from aquatic to land has been traced through a genetic discovery in the Judean desert.

Unearthing Herod’s city.  The ancient city of Phasaelis, King Herod’s last construction project in 8BCE, is being excavated in the Jordan Valley.

When David slew Goliath.  Archaeologists are busy uncovering the 3000 year-old Philistine city of Gath.

What a family!  Ephraim and Shoshana Bluth have reason to be proud of their eight children.  All served in the Israel Defence Forces and are still regulars or reserves. Most were officers in elite units.

Israel’s greatest contribution – Dissatisfaction!  President Shimon Peres explains that Israelis always believe they need to change things.  And he praises the Israel Technion for helping to change the world.



Live longer in Israel.  In the last decade, mortality rates have plummeted, especially for cancer, strokes, respiratory disease and diabetes.  Life is more healthy here than in the USA and Europe.

New Parkinson’s drug works well.  Israel biotech Intec Pharma announced positive interim results in the Phase IIb clinical trial of its Levodopa accordion pill treatment for Parkinson's disease.

When to use antibiotics?  The common dilemma as to whether you have an infection or a virus can now be tested quickly thanks to a team of researchers from Ben Gurion University.

Fast detection of MRSA infections.  Israeli biomedical company Eldan is pioneering the distribution in Israel of the most technically advanced MRSA screening test available today.

Watch your back.  The reason for back pain may be genetic.  Tel Aviv University Professor Gregory Livshits has opened up new avenues for research into the deterioration of intervertebral discs of the spine.

Rehovot ER chief saves Israeli on flight to China.  The right person was definitely in the right place when Zevulun Shalom had a heart attack on an Uzbekistan Airways flight.  Dr. Yael Dinai resuscitated him.

Priority to the family.  Israel understands how important it is for couples to have children.  Which is why Israel is the world leader in IVF treatment. Free unlimited treatment is available up to age 45.

‘The Operating Room of 2030’ - in Israel today.  The seminar at Haifa’s Rambam hospital highlighted the technical revolution within the medical industry that Israel has spearheaded.

A lifetime saving lives in Africa.  Dr. Zvi Bentwich has won a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in eradicating common parasitic infestations that contribute to Africa's AIDS and tuberculosis epidemics.

‘We love Israel’.  Read some more of the compliments that delegates from Ghana, Uganda, Thailand, Russia, Indonesia and the Philippines said about Israel at the American Cancer Society conference in New York.


Israeli doctors save Gazan baby with open-heart surgery.  A regular event at an Israeli hospital.

Adopt an athlete.  A group of millionaires (Arab and Jewish) have launched a fund to help Israeli athletes reach the 2012 Olympics.  The first athlete to benefit is Yousef Abdelghani, an Israeli Arab boxer.

Rehabilitating orphans.  The Israeli consulate in Houston raised funds for three Texan children badly injured in a car crash that killed their parents.

The world learns English from Israelis.  No joke, Israeli start-up SpeakingPal has developed the software used by Educational Testing Services, which administers 50 million exams a year in more than 180 countries.

Together we can learn how to teach.  Teachers in America met with their Israel counterparts to learn from one another about how best to inspire students in disadvantaged areas to succeed in school.

Israelis treat paralysed lion in Brazil.  Ariel's symptoms are similar to MS.  A team of Israeli veterinary neurologists the Hebrew University of Jerusalem were contacted because of their experience with large animals.


Top high-school physicist.  Oren Halevy of Be'er Sheva outclassed high-school students from 75 countries to win the 19th international First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics research contest in Poland.

Meanwhile, in Thailand.  Israeli students won two gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal in the 42nd International Physics Olympiad in Bangkok.  Israel finished 13th of the 84 participating countries.

Up, up and away.  The US Army in Afghanistan is using Israeli reconnaissance equipment – three aerostat systems (hot air balloons) to protect American troops.

Even higher – purifying water in Outer Space.  One of the final space shuttle experiments was to test an Israeli biomedical water purification device that removes bacteria and viruses from polluted water.

Giving a lift to the US Air Force.  Israel’s Elbit Systems are to provide the wing flaps to help get the USAF’s stratotankers off the ground earlier and at lower speeds.

Select a kindergarten with Israeli software.  Israeli start-up Infogan has developed an internet-based platform designed to ease the search process for kindergartens, according to parents’ needs.

Building a silicon valley in Moscow.  Russian tycoon Victor Kesselberg met Israeli leaders, researchers and  hi-tech heads, to plan medical equipment, drugs, agriculture, green energy and communications developments

Power and Control.  A new device, developed by Israel’s Panoramic Power, can tell you how much electricity every plug in your home is using.

Telegraphing the Israeli hi-tech scene.  Excellent showcase of Israeli innovations in a top UK newspaper.

100 years in 3 minutes.  Some people found Israel Technion’s one-minute centennial video a bit too fast.  So they have produced a three-minute version, giving us more time to appreciate their amazing achievements.


Economy up again.  Another 0.2% increase in Israel’s Composite State of the Economy index.  Mainly due to improved manufacturing output and revenues from trades and services. Imports were down and exports up.

48 US shopping centres are Israeli.  Israel’s Elbit Imaging Ltd has certainly diversified by its purchase of EDT Retail Trust in the USA.

More renewable energy for Israel.  The Israeli cabinet has raised the maximum quotas for rooftop solar energy, biomass and wind energy facilities.  The target is 10% of Israel’s energy from renewables by 2020.

England “Gets” Israel’s taxis.  We mentioned the new smartphone application ‘Get Taxi’ in Dec 2010.  After successful trials in Israel, it has now launched in London.  Soon Paris and Moscow will ‘Get’ the app.

Welcome to the Lord Mayor of London.  He didn’t arrive in a taxi, but he was here to promote London as the place for Israeli companies to do business.

Walking?  Wear these shoes.  Jerusalem design student Sharon Golan has designed a modular shoe that you can re-assemble into 256 different styles.  A bargain!

Carinos is a great restaurant.  It’s in Gaza, of course.

“The best-kept secret in the aid industry”. According to UK’s Sky News journalist, Tim Marshall, “Palestinians are among the most foreign aid funded people in the world and the place is awash with money.”


Brazilian legend returns to Israel.  After his successful April concert, Gilberto Gil “The voice of Brazil” brings his full six-piece electric band to perform on July 24 at the Ra’anana Amphitheatre.

Transforming the face of live music.  Yuval Oz, an Israeli performance artist, musician and acrobat, is producing a new form of live concert combining music, circus and dance.

The Sound of Simon.  More traditionally, Paul Simon gave his Tel Aviv audience a concert to remember.

The wind in their sails.  Israelis Gidi Kliger and Eran Sela won the bronze medal at the 470 Class European sailing Championships in Helsinki.  It was the second consecutive year that they won a European medal.


Young, gifted, black and female.  No, not a music hit – rather an officer in the non-apartheid Israeli army.

Life-changing visit to Israel.  Dave Goodman was profoundly affected by his experiences on Birthright. When he returned to Canada he quit his job and decided to fully devote himself to fundraising for Israeli social causes.

Critically wounded by Hezbollah, but now he’s back.  Following a long recovery, Major Shlomi Biche is back in uniform as an urban combat instructor in the Israel Defense Forces.

Vietnam veteran, ex IDF, non-Jew, record-breaking biker, parachutist and no legs – what more? 
Oh yes, Dave Scott Barr loves Israel.

10 million visit Wailing Wall.  The number of visitors to Israel’s holiest site in 2010 was 3 times that in 2003.

The Dead Sea is worth its salt.  Nice two-minute video showing Israel’s natural treasure and the lowest spot in the world.

Israel sparkles.  The Eretz Museum in Tel Aviv is featuring the largest exhibition of Israeli glass in the history of the State.  It includes displays from 67 Israeli artists.

What is “The West Bank”?  Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon explains in this new video.

Archaeological find certainly rings bells.  In the ‘ding-dong’ battle against delegitimisation, the discovery of a second-temple priestly garment bell reminds us that we have thousands of years of history in our homeland. 



The essence of cancer knowledge.  Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists have identified the molecular basis for the breakage of DNA – the hallmark of cancer cells.

Hormone slows pancreatic cancer.  Researchers from the Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Hashomer have found that the natural protein klotho, shrinks pancreatic cancer in mice.  They are now working to reduce side effects.

1st-ever ‘domino triple kidney-pair exchange’ saves 3 lives.  Unrelated donors provided their organs to strangers so that their own loved ones would likewise receive treatment.

HIV carrier produces healthy twins.  Thanks to Haifa Ramban hospital’s new viral IVF unit, a HIV-infected husband was able to father two babies clear of the deadly virus.

Training the UK’s Health Service.  UK NHS training director Dave Bull visited Tel Aviv to get to know Magen David Adom’s training programmes for managing of multi-casualty and non-conventional incidents.


Israel aids new country.  The new Muslim state of South Sudan is only days old, but Israel is providing humanitarian aid through IsraAID.  With 90% illiteracy, little water and no infrastructure, they need help fast.

Free holiday for cancer sufferers.  The Israeli charity Zichron Menachem is taking 130 children with cancer abroad, with doctors, nurses, psychologists and counsellors, to give them respite from their treatment.

Nigerian doctor learns from Israel.  Sunday Olasanmi is one of 16 African doctors learning at Hebrew University to improve the public health of their home countries. In this video Dr Olasanmi tells his story.

China ties widen and deepen.  Good review of Israel’s growing relationship with the most populous nation.

Saving the Mediterranean.  12 young marine scientists, most of them doctoral students from Israel, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, Turkey, Tunisia, Malta, Greece, the UK and Italy have formed the project EcoOcean.

Israel is a global laboratory.  The UN Economics Commission held a special conference in Tel Aviv where UN Under Secretary General Jan Kubis praised Israel’s innovations – especially in technology.

The colours of success.  A paint-can design competition is generating funds for innovative projects to prepare at-risk Israeli teens for careers in the graphic arts.

Israel fully opens baptism site for Christians.  Israel even cleared the area of minefields and spent $2.3 million renovating the famous River Jordan site.


Good looking – on the inside.  Innovative medical devices and miniature cameras from Israel’s Medigus treat gastro patients across the world.  Soon their unique SRS endoscopes should be approved for use in the USA.

Facebook or Google+  Or why not both?  The two competing social networking platforms can be merged with this new Israeli software from Crossrider.  Over 100,000 people have already downloaded it.

MUSIC to a pilot’s ears.  Gripping video advertisement for the anti-missile defence system from Israel’s Elbit Systems.  Keeping passenger aircraft safe from terrorist hand-held rocket-propelled weapons.

Knock-out shell.  The Kalanit can explode midair over hiding terrorists and can breach concrete walls. The shell has been successful in hitting Gaza terror cells.


Tourism records smashed.  The figure of 262,000 tourists to Israel in June 2011 was 7% higher than the previous record month in June 2010.

Preventing fraud in Malaysia.  In the first 30 days following deployment, Israel’s NICE Systems anti-fraud software has prevented major losses at the Muslim state’s CIMB Bank.
China hungry for Israel’s potash.  Israel Chemicals has won another $235 million order for the chemical fertiliser to improve China’s agricultural output and feed its enormous population.

Smoother skin.  More people will now benefit from Israeli products for hair removal, acne treatment and skin rejuvenation now that Israel’s Radiancy has merged with US company Photomedex.

Visibly, it was a bargain.  Newport Corp of California has bought Israel’s Ophir Optronics for $230 Million.  Ophir makes infrared optics and optics for lasers.

World shares fall; Israel shares rise.  As world stock markets are in turmoil, Israeli indices seem unaffected.

Start-up showcase hits the USA.  These fifteen top Israeli start-up companies are touring the US thanks to Bootcamp Ventures, an organisation that introduces Israeli innovators to new sources of investment capital.

Honesty is the best policy.  Tel Aviv University researchers have proved that companies that are open about their products’ faults usually attract more customers.

Cabling China.  Isr\ael’s Broadlight’s communications processors

‘Like streams in the Negev’.  The verse from Psalm 126 seems very apt for Israel’s world-famous fizzy drinks machine company Sodastream, which is building a massive new factory near Beersheva.


Oh what a night.  Tel Aviv’s all-night celebration this year was something special.

Walking on water – why not?  For professional kite-surfer Maciek Kozerski, a 26-year-old from Poland, this photo taken at the Sea of Galilee feat was not a miracle – rather the result of four rigorous days of wet practice.

Bollywood comes to Israel.  The first-ever Bollywood delegation is visiting Israel to explore joint ventures and scout location sites. The delegation includes the heads of some of India’s largest film and television companies.

And here’s why.  The Israeli film industry is in the ascendancy with Israeli films winning top prizes at both the Czech and Detroit International Film festivals.

Robbie Williams wears the Israeli flag.  This home movie of the UK star’s recent Wembley concert is suddenly given a boost when he parades the flag brought in by some young Israeli supporters.

Record-breakers.  3,520 Gaza children entered the Guinness Book of Records by playing with 176 multi-coloured parachutes, more than double the previous (2006 UK) world record.  Is Gaza really a prison camp?


A tough choice – but for him it’s Israel.  An American Jew chooses the IDF over the US Army.

35 years since Entebbe.  Remembering the miracle when some of Israel’s finest commandos plucked Jewish passengers, high-jacked by Arab and German terrorists, out from under the noses of Idi Amin’s Ugandan army.

The day of rest, 2000 years ago.  An ancient Hebrew inscription denoting the Sabbath boundary has been discovered near Lake Kinneret in the Galilee.

Rebuilding Jerusalem – Green.  Israel’s Environment Protection Ministry has unveiled a new ‘Israel Standard for Green Building’ that ‘will significantly reduce electricity and resource consumption in the country’s new and renovated structures’.

A brave mother.  This video is really too sad to be classified as Good News.  But you’ll see why I included it.

A real friend.  Glenn Beck’s visit to Israel was very successful.  "There are millions of people (who support Israel) that you don't see, because the media doesn't want to tell their story," Beck said.



A filter to prevent strokes.  Israeli cardiologist Dr Dov Shimon has invented a simple device that stops calcium fractures, dislodged during surgery, from blocking the passage of blood to the brain.

Do you remember?  Weizmann scientists have proved that social pressure plays tricks on our memories.

Prized scientists.  Dr. Eli Pikarsky and Prof. Sigal Ben-Yehuda of the Hebrew University received awards for their work into the treatment of cancer, and antibiotic-resistant infections.

A ‘good’ hair day.  Hundreds of International researchers and clinicians at the annual conference of the European Hair Research Company in Jerusalem will discuss how hair stem cells can treat chronic diseases.


‘You came from Jerusalem?’ A new video of the IsraAID Conference for Africa features Bob Geldof, Save A Child’s Heart and Israelis for Congo.  Humanitarian workers from the Jewish State tell some inspiring stories.

Free spirit.  History was made at the Israel Air Force’s graduation ceremony, when the Jewish State’s first religious female pilot received her wings.

Especially proud.  It wasn’t the winning that really mattered, but Israelis won 51 medals, including 17 gold, at the 2011 Special Olympics in Athens.

Praying together.  A unique religious event will be held in northern Israel: A joint Jewish-Druze celebration to mark the anniversary of the death of Rabbi Ishmael ben Elisha, who was revered by both Druze and Jews alike.

A Canadian Pakistani Muslim in Israel  Raheel Raza enjoyed a riveting President’s Conference.

Help for foster parents.  The Israeli Parliament has passed legislation extending to foster families maternity leave rights similar to those new mothers get, and providing those adopting children with greater security.

Green applications from beyond the ‘Green Line’.  Take a photo of a flower with your smart phone and it identifies the plant.  Ariel University students (including Arabs) present their clean-tech projects.

Mini world cup football.  200 Israeli and Palestinian Arab boys competed during Mini World Cup tournament in Jaffa.  http://www.sportanddev.org/?3181/200-Israeli-and-Palestinian-boys-compete-during-Mini-World-Cup-tournament-in-Jaffa

What’s the weather like over there?  Israeli scientists at Hebrew University are using satellite data to identify micro-climates from one field to another to help world farmers grow the best crops.


Wikimania in Israel.  This year’s annual Wikipedia conference takes place in Haifa in August.  Israeli talent includes a programmer on the language committee who is helping make wikipedia accessible to the blind.

Another plug for Israel.  UK’s Channel 4 News has broadcast another major positive report on Israel’s success as the silicon-valley of the Middle East.  What’s going on?

How am I?  Check my earpiece.  A tiny device that fits behind the ear will alert army commanders to any life-threatening problems with their soldiers.  Civilians can use it too. It’s a sort of ‘ear-ly’ warning system!

Putting the brakes on.  A mother’s nightmare of a runaway buggy / stroller is prevented by the Israel’s Smart Wheels 2 Go.  A simple invention that limits the maximum speed of the wheels.  Nice video to demonstrate it.

A century in 60 seconds.  In keeping with its cutting-edge technology, the Israel Technion, has already cut a terrific video to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2012.  Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

India and Israel collaborate on clean-tech.  A 37-member delegation of corporate bosses from India held a 4 day joint seminar with their Israeli counterparts to discuss cooperation on desalination and renewable energy.

Excellent Green Fuels.  27 scientists from Ben Gurion University and the Weizmann Institute are to set up Israel’s Centre of Excellence into developing renewable liquid fuels.

Decoding the Bible and Talmud.  Biblical scholars at Bar Ilan University have developed a computer algorithm that may help verify the identity of previously unknown authors of historical texts.

Adapt and survive.  Israel Technion researchers have analysed vital bacteria in the seas that consume CO2 and produce Oxygen.  They now know how bacteria mutate to combat virus infections and environmental changes.


Morgan Stanley raise growth forecast to 4.8%. “Without doubt the Israeli economy remains one of the robust and well managed among both the developed and the emerging market economies."  They added.

In good shape.  Israel’s Fitch ratings are A and A+ and it has the 17th most competitive economy in the world.

Plenty of opportunities.  The demand for hi-tech workers has soared in Israel during the last six months, which was up 25% from the same period last year.  The last quarter was 60% up on the same quarter in 2010.

Business is definitely on the “up”.  Two new high-rise office towers are planned for Kiryat Atidim in Tel Aviv, which will make it the biggest business park in Israel.

Not just oil and gas.  “The Government sees research, development and implementation of technologies that reduce global oil use in transport as a national mission.”  And has invested 1.5 billion shekels to achieve it.

$1billion for you, and $1 billion for us.  In a new Massachusetts-Israel Innovation Partnership, companies engaged in joint industrial research and development projects receive a share of a $2 billion fund.

Israel teaches English to the Chinese.  Israeli firm Infinite Memory has won a deal to distribute 100 million memory sticks to Chinese children to help them learn English.

Albania needs Israel’s help.  Israel’s Foreign minister met Albania’s Prime Minister and coincided with a Business Forum between the two countries in the capital Tirana.

How Israel benefits Egypt.  Israel pays $300 million per annum for Egyptian gas.  Israeli firms employ thousands at their Egyptian factories.  And Israel opens up the USA for $1 billion of tax-free Egyptian exports.


Open House in Tel Aviv.  International ‘Houses From Within’ weekend allowed tourists and residents to visit some unique properties in Israel’s architectural heritage centre.

Second violin?  Israel’s Itamar Zorman shared top prize in the International Tchaikovsky competition in Russia.  The judges probably were possibly confused, as Itamar sounds just like he is playing two instruments.

Silver service.  Four top New Orleans chefs have been touring Israel, serving up classic dishes from the USA’s famous Southern state city.

An Oscar for Israeli student.  Student director Tal Shamir won the ‘alternative film’ category for the movie trailer ‘The Vermeers’ which let the viewers experience Vermeer’s paintings through digital media.

‘Israel Magic’ in Croatia.  Over a million people will enjoy a two-week summer party on the Croatian island of Pag organised by the Israeli Embassy.  It will feature a fashion show, bands, art exhibits and Israeli food.

Cheers!  At last, in the Garden of Eden I have discovered the amber nectar. The Netanya Beer Festival has arrived.  http://israelseen.com/2011/07/03/beer-and-more-in-netanya-israel/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+israelseen%2FSwuw+%28IsraelSeen.com%29


Uncovering a Kingdom.  Haifa University archaeologists unearthed a 3000-year-old house from the Kingdom of Israel.  They also excavated a 2400-year-old Persian settlement and a 1500-year old Byzantine house.

Helicopter Olympics.  Israeli helicopter pilots trained with their Greek counterparts at Larisa air force base.

The people of The Book… with coffee!  More than 200 cafes around the country have signed up to the project ‘Same Old Story,’ which consists of selling second-hand books to customers for under NIS 20 ($6 / £4).

The best place to work.  The Weizmann Institute of Science was again named “best place to work in academia” in The Scientist magazine’s annual survey.  It also had the most scientific citations in the decade.

Preserving our heritage.  Over 150 initiatives are included in the NIS 32.5 million plan signed by the PM to rehabilitate and strengthen national heritage sites in order to preserve the Jewish People's heritage in its country.

A special relationship.  As the USA celebrated the 4th July, Israel’s Prime Minister sent a message of praise.

Talking the same language.  Israel’s Prime Minister has hired its first Arabic-speaking spokesman and unveiled a new Arabic-language website.



How we grow.  Israeli researchers are opening windows of knowledge all the time.  Ben Gurion University scientists have unlocked a key part of the mystery of the protein cell production process using E.Coli bacteria.

How we keep going.  At the cellular level, Weizmann scientists have identified that two proteins are vital in maintaining healthy cell development.  They perform organic “re-cycling” for the body.

And going, and going.  At the age of 101, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, the leader of the Lithuanian haredi Orthodox community, underwent successful carotid artery surgery in Jerusalem.

Israel’s first cancer drug….  was developed 40 years ago.  Liposome’s co-inventor, Prof. Yechezkel Barenholz was honoured on his 70th birthday. He hosted a Liposome conference to 300 international specialists.

Israel’s latest drug.  This one treats inflammatory diseases such as IBD.

Breathe out, to test for ulcers.  BreathID from Israel’s Exalenz Bioscience has been installed at 50 hospitals to detect Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacterium, a cause of peptic ulcers.

Successful trials.  It’s all go at Israel’s biotech Brainsway.  Positive results of trials for chronic diabetic pain relief and for treatment of aphasia (language disorder); and trials for obesity treatment were given the go-ahead.

Diagnosis in their sleep.  The earlier illness can be detected, the better.  With Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).Weizmann scientists can detect autism in the brains of toddlers without them even noticing.

From UK to Romania to Israel.  We spotted this article in the Rotary Club’s on-line magazine.  The UK charity has sponsored 8 Romanian children to be operated on by surgeons at Israel’s Save A Child’s Heart.


Working together for Tel Aviv’s future.  The city's young entrepreneurs encouraged to promote their ideas for social action, and to do something about them.  The 2:45minute video starts after a short advert.

From desert to University.  A few decades ago Ethiopian Jewry was transported across time and space to the Jewish State.  Now 108 Ethiopian students at Tel Aviv University have been honoured by a new sculpture.

High expectations for peace.  Palestinian Arab Ali Bushnaq and Israeli Dudu Yifrah conquered Everest together in 2006. Today they are still climbing together – at slightly lower altitudes, in Jordan.

Peace Prize.  The 2011 Goldberg IIE Prize for Peace in the Middle East was awarded to Amal Elsana Alh'jooj and Vivian Silver, co-Executive Directors of the Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development.

Our children are our future.  Haifa University ran a three-day International conference entitled “Kaleidoscope of Child Maltreatment” to raise awareness, change policy and develop new solutions.

So keep them smiling.  The Israeli government increased the maximum age limit for children to receive free dental care, from eight years to ten. Soon they will increase the age to fourteen.

Japan thanks Israel.  Japan's ambassador to Israel, and several Japanese mayors, expressed their appreciation to the IDF medical aid delegation that travelled to Japan in late March to treat earthquake victims.

Our best shot.  Lieutenant Noy made history as the first female commander of an IDF sniper platoon.

Israeli superheroes save the world.  They may be only cartoon characters, but the Leafers are teaching Israeli children that being an environmentalist is super-cool.


Top USA start-ups are actually Israeli.  At least four of the top 100 North American innovative companies are in reality based a few thousand miles to the East.

The sun shines here. General Electric chose Israel’s Pythagoras Solar, from over 74000 energy innovators, as one of ten  $100,000 winners of the ecomagination Challenge prize for its photovoltaic glass unit technology.

Israel is shining in space.  The European Research Council is funding 1.5 million Euros for Israel Technion Professor Pini Gurfil’s research into virtual satellites using separately orbiting modular components.

Energy from sewage.  No puns with this one.  Another General Electric story, as its Technology Venture Capital fund makes its first non-US investment - into Israel’s “bio-energy from wastewater” company Emefcy.

Need to know.  In a car crash, many drivers, if badly injured or unconscious, would want relatives to be informed.  The Israeli MayDay iPhone app recognises a high-impact collision and transmits SMS messages.

The car of tomorrow.  General Motors is another US giant with an R&D centre in Israel.  It’s CEO said “staff in Israel picks up new information and ideas much faster than employees at other GM development centres”

Israel’s silicon valley.  Good summary of the new Israeli revolution in Yahoo news.

Arabs recognise Israel.  At least the ones writing about Israeli hi-tech in the following Qatar website.  Even most of the initial comments are positive.  In fact, #1 could have been written by verygoodnewsisrael.


Unemployment hits historic low.  Only 5.8% of Israelis were looking for work in April; down from 5.9% in March and an all time record low.

Hello Kitty - Israel is purrfect for business.  So the Japanese brand is opening 18 stores across the country.  Attracted by prospects, or something to do with wanting to be in the land of milk and ….?

The best coffee in Kiev.  The Israeli café chain Aroma has won the title of Kiev’s best coffee shop for the past two years.  It has just opened its 3rd and largest (600 sq meters) branch in the Ukrainian capital.

Gourmet Ice Cream.  Mmmmm – a new low-fat Israeli ice cream from goats’ milk.  I’ll try the coffee flavour.

Barclays recommends Israel for investment.  Barclays Capital has good things to say about Israel’s prospects

India really likes Israeli hi-tech.  Indian digital marketing company Ybrant Digital Ltd has made its third major investment into Israeli mobile, digital and advertising technology companies.

$700 million for Fundtech.  Israel’s leading provider of payment systems has been bought by S1 Corp.

Yet more gas.  Almost under our feet, off the Netanya coast, the Myra and Sarah fields have potentially 6.5 trillion cubic feet of gas and millions of barrels of oil.  ILDC Energy CEO announced “Today is a celebration.”

Moses was right.  The old joke was that if Moses had only turned right instead of left, Israel would have had rich oil reserves.  Well now we know that Moses was being guided in the right direction after all.

Fashion design – Israeli style.  Israelis don’t have access to the variety of fabrics available in other countries.  So they invent it themselves.  And in the process they have regenerated a whole neighbourhood of Tel Aviv.

Global Networking.  Israel’s aspiring entrepreneurs, plus IBM, Microsoft and Intel attended StarTAU’s Global Network Forum designed to “help creative minds form and build on their ideas, thereby enriching Israel”.

Meanwhile, things are still fine in Gaza.  New York Times reporter Ethan Bronner did not expect to see near universal literacy, low infant mortality, and health conditions better than across much of the developing world.


White night, all night.  Tel Aviv annually celebrates being declared a White City by UNESCO in 2003. Again this year, the city opens its doors to the public for an all-nighter festival of fun, song and good times.

'Jewish Jordan' signs with Maccabi Tel Aviv.  Former Duke Blue Devils basketball champion Jon Scheyer has signed a two year deal to play for Israeli champions Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Catch the train in Jerusalem.  The famous Swedish string quartet, Fleshquartet, will perform the composition “Different Trains” next week as part of Jerusalem Season of Culture.

“Bless my homeland forever.”  Oscar Hammerstein’s words from “The Sound of Music” have resonated with his granddaughter, who made Aliya last week.  She attended Carousel (another of his musicals) in Jerusalem.


From tragedy to inspiration.  12-year-old Tamar Fogel, orphaned in the Itamar terror attack, visited Europe with her Bnei Akiva group.  The French Jews expected to strengthen the Itamar youth, but it was the reverse.

“Our exiles will return”.  This week, Israel promised to bring to the Jewish State over 7,300 members of the Bnei Menashe “lost tribe” from North Eastern India.  Please also watch the 2008 video of their amazing history.

14 new Maccabees.  Five graduates of the Maccabim-Reut high school obtained their pilots wings this week while nine of their classmates receive their stripes as officers in the Israel Defence Forces.

Really old news.  One of the recent finds uncovered during the excavation of the first Temple era Ophel City Wall site was part of a letter from the King of Jerusalem to the King of Egypt written over 3400 years ago.

Yet another link to the past.  A Jewish burial container has been certified as a genuine 2000 year-old artefact from Judea.

Recycling “holy” water.  Not really holy, but water is so precious to Israelis that even the ritual bath water is to be recycled.  In just one town near Jerusalem, it will save more than a million gallons of water each year.

Some you win…  Usually her husband buys the lottery ticket and wins nothing.  Last week she gave it a shot and won… twice!  First and second prize in the national lottery were worth a total of 36 million shekels.

Cleaning up Jerusalem.  100 Birthright Israel participants spent the morning cleaning, gardening, and painting. Over 11 years, the project has organised over 500,000 hours of voluntary work.

Shalom Ambassador.  Diplomats from many countries attended a Tel Aviv seminar to show their willingness to learn Hebrew and communicate with Israelis in the local language.

Our ambassadors.  20 students have begun a 10-day tour of UK university campuses to put over Israel’s case face to face.  Good luck!

Good dog story.  Leaving no “stone” unturned, we discovered that the Labrador is the most popular of man’s best friend.  There are 387,289 dogs in Israel and not one has ever been sentenced to death!