History of Israel Good News January 2011 to June 2011



Keeping babies alive.  Babysense from Israel’s Hisense monitors breathing and prevents Sudden Infant Death.   Ben Gurion Uni students have now built Baby Beat which detects changes in heart rhythm and skin tone.

Israel to try to help Europe’s children grow.  Europe’s medicine Agency EMEA has accepted Israel’s Prolor Biotech plan for a clinical trial of its long-acting human growth hormone (hGH-CTP) in children in Europe.

We’re all heart.  Haifa-based Pluristem’s unique PLX cells have been selected for development into a product for treating pulmonary hypertension, which (if untreated) can lead to heart failure.

Cinnamon is the new wonder spice.  Prof. Michael Ovadia and scientists at Tel Aviv University have isolated CEppt, from cinnamon and used it to stop the progression of Alzheimer's in mice.

And there’s more.  New Israeli bio-techs are working on treating Toxic Shock syndrome, autoimmune diseases, cancer drugs interaction, arthritis and Alzheimer’s. A new fund could help them succeed.

Sweet-talking.  We weren’t sure whether to include this, but halitosis (bad breath) can be a big problem.  So Israeli start-up Breezy’s candy that destroys the offensive bacteria on the tongue could be a breath of fresh air.


Doctors learn the truth.  When Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem hosted an International seminar on emergency medical aid, 60 overseas doctors came face to face with the reality of Israel’s work with Palestinian Arabs.

A multi-coloured nation.  The black community in Dimona celebrated the Jewish festival of Shavuot in style.

Shakira visits Israeli-Arab school.  Colombian pop singer and UN Goodwill Ambassador Shakira is promoting her global education campaign with a stop at a joint Israeli-Arab school in Jerusalem.

Safe farming for all.  Soldiers in Israel’s Engineering Corps finished clearing three minefields in the Arava (South) region for the agricultural benefit of thousands of Jewish and Arab Israeli citizens.

Israel is a foreign aid power.  Israel was the first country to understand that there was a need to establish an international aid agency.  Haim Divon reports on MASHAV – Israel’s humanitarian aid organisation.

No construction problems in Gaza.  Israel approved the delivery of $100 million of materials needed to build 1,200 new homes and 18 new schools in Gaza.  “I welcome this significant step,” said UN Envoy Robert Serry.


Protecting our fragile planet.  Please watch this video of some of the exciting exhibits on display at Israel’s Cleantech conference in Jerusalem last month.

In Israel, “big” means small and green.  The "Nano IS Green” conference at Bar Ilan University this week, combined academic lectures with visits to state-of-the-art green nanotechnology facilities within Israel.

A sonic cane for the blind.  The visually impaired can soon throw away their white sticks.  Hebrew University researchers have patented a sonar device to guide its owner. It can even tell if someone is smiling.

Are you sweating?  A Hebrew University invention can tell if someone is under stress.  It can be used for identifying suspects or in medical situations to help monitor patients in hospital.

UK Channel 4 News promotes Israeli technology.  C4 News is rarely positive about Israel.  However they report enthusiastically on the WAZE mobile phone application that will revolutionise driving and journalism.

There’s too much news!  20 hi-tech stories alone this week, so finally, the Israeli invention we’ve been waiting for.  Herzliya-based Genieo free award-winning application turns your browser's homepage into a constantly updating newspaper, guaranteed to bring you only the stories you want to read.  I’m testing it right now.

Making Buenos Aires a safe city.  Israel’s C Mer Industries has won a contract to provide the Argentine capital with telecommunications, video, and movement control systems to protect against crime and disasters.

Alabama will be safer now.  Israel’s Promisec has signed a deal with the State of Alabama to install security compliance software.  The system will alert management to irregularities in the security of their systems.

South Korea want Iron Dome.  Under threat from their North Korean adversities, South Korea sees Israel’s successful Iron Dome missile defence system as a potential lifesaver.

Finding French forces.  Israel’s Elbit systems subsidiary, Elisra, will supply hundreds of its unique AN/PRC-684 personal locator search and rescue (SAR) beacons to the French Air Force, Army, and Navy.

More chips to China.  Israel’s Tower Semiconductor Ltd has been selected by China’s SWID to develop its high-performance Radio Frequency (RF) integrated circuits for walkie-talkies.

Innovating in Ra’anana.  The new AT&T Foundry innovation centre enables Israeli start-ups and developers to work with AT&T.  The centre is located at Israel’s Amdocs premises, in what used to be their gym.

Already innovating.  Two start-ups working at the AT&T centre are SundaySky, which is developing an automated video solution for information, and Ringbow, which is building peripheral devices for touch screens.

Another R&D Centre.  This time it’s the US giant General Electric (GE) and this is their 8th centre in Israel.

Quality images from Space.  Just a short video to give some idea of the phenomenal success of Israel’s satellite industry.

Israelis show off in Paris.  The 49th International Paris Air Show featured 15 Israeli companies demonstrating some of Israel's top defence systems.  Stars included “Windbreaker”, “Magic Wand” and “Iron Dome”.

An Israeli Airbus.  The aircraft manufacturer Airbus has joined forces with Israel Aircraft Industries to build a new airborne early warning and control aircraft. It is a derivative of Airbus' C-295 passenger and cargo plane.

The best defence.  Israel’s football team may be a bit “leaky” at the back, but IMI’s Porcupine Quill anti-tank missiles let nothing pass. It works in all weathers, at night, prevents shrapnel and identifies the source of attack.

Your cell phone as a credit card.  Bank Hapoalim’s Isracard customers will soon be able to place their mobile phone next to selected Point-of-Sale (PoS) device, to make payments in leading Israeli cafes and chemists.

Help, I’m stuck in transit.  Luckily this hasn’t happened to us yet, but the beta version of the rescue platform of Netanya-based SOSTravelers has already helped many stranded air passengers.


Getting its teeth into India.  Sialo Technology Israel Ltd has signed an agreement to market its root canal and dental implant products in India.

A billion-dollar business.  Major telecommunications company Cellcom Israel has announced its merger with Israel’s ISP and call carrier NetVision to form a hi-tech giant worth over £3 billion.

Italy wants our defence systems.  Israel’s Elbit systems has won a $15 million order to supply its anti-missile system to the Italian Air Force for protecting helicopters and cargo planes.

We are sailing.  Over 50,000 tourists will disembark 37 cruise liners docking at the ports of Haifa and Ashdod this month.

Still going up.  May was another month where the Composite State of the Economy index increased - by 0.3%.

Feel like a million dollars?  In 2010 10,153 Israelis were worth at least that amount – 20% more than in 2009.

The secret of our success – Start-ups.  At Israel’s Presidential Conference, Saul Singer, co-author of “Israel - Start-up Nation”, said that Israel must continue to invest in small innovating new businesses.

New luxury 5-star hotel opens.  Where?  In Gaza, of course!


“Tangled up in Blue (& White)”.  A “Hard Rain” fell from the cloudless sky over Israel’s national stadium as Bob Dylan returned to his homeland down “Highway 61”.  “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” but was it a “Simple Twist of Fate” or a far greater power that a allowed me to see him for one more encore?

Brian Ferry in Israel.  The lead singer of 1970’s band Roxy Music is performing at Tel Aviv’s Heichal Hatarbut on June 22nd.  Not quite Dylan, though.

TV stars in Israel.  Six Hollywood actors and actresses are visiting this week, including two from Greys Anatomy.  One of their visits is to the theatre in Jaffa where the performers are actors who are deaf or blind.

Israel’s “Aliens” hit New York.  The beat-box / cappella group “Voca People” is about to perform off-Broadway.  They claim to be from an alien planet, but their out-of-this world performance is definitely Israeli.


Israel chairs UN group.  Israel’s new UN representative Ron Prosor made his debut as chairman of the Western Europe and Others Group (WEGO). He welcomed Ban Ki-Moon’s re-election as UN Sec-General. He has also already got busy with serious work putting over Israel’s case to this controversial organisation.

New UK Ambassador is an expert.  Daniel Taub replaces Ron Prosor as Israel’s UK ambassador.  His skills as a lawyer and a previous Oxford University debating champion will be vital in this key posting.

No tortillas, but …  The Mexican who protects Israel's coast.  Sergeant Haim Roffe moved from Mexico to Israel and serves on a patrol boat based in Ashdod.

A very personal gift.  Keren Urzach from Jerusalem celebrated her bat mitzvah and gave a gift instead of receiving one.  Her long hair was made into a wig for a 13-year old girl who went bald due to cancer treatment.

The largest animal collection in the Middle East.  The Ramat Gan safari park in Tel Aviv has 250 acres of wildlife and is the 5th most popular paid-entry site in Israel.  See this, plus the other nine, in the following video.

“They will all come to Jerusalem”.  The ROI Summit in Jerusalem brought together young Jewish innovators from around the globe. Writers, activists, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, fundraisers and social media gurus.
Like Dylan’s classic – “Come gather round people wherever you roam … for the times they are a changing!”


Israel’s Medical Achievements

The eyes have it.  Another far-sighted Israeli company Nano Retina has developed the Bio-Retina bionic implant for people with damaged retinas.  Special eyeglasses, transform light into an electrical impulse that stimulates the neurons to send images to the brain.

Down to the bone.  Hebrew University Professor Dan Gazit is one of the winners of this year’s Kaye Innovation Award for his breakthrough in the field of stem cell-based bone tissue regeneration technology.

It’s patently obvious.  Israeli biotech IceCure has been awarded its 8th US patent, this time for the application of liquid and gaseous nitrogen as part of its non-invasive treatment of removing benign breast tumours.

Two for the price of one.  Israel’s BioControl Medical has products that stimulate the vagus nerve to reduce heart failure symptoms.  The stimulation also helps epileptics, and now a new company will take this further.

Forget the addiction.  Israeli scientists have discovered that a protein removes the memory of drug dependency.  Current research is with rats but in future this may give addicts the ability to “kick” their habit.

Israel saved his life – twice!  Haji Hamis from Zanzibar came to Israel eight years ago for heart surgery.  Now aged 23 he has returned for a second operation, through the work of Save a Child’s Heart.

Teaching Chinese medicine to the Chinese.  Haifa’s Roni Sapir is a world authority on the ancient medical art, teaching it to Israelis and Chinese and treating patients in several countries.

Israel is Inclusive and Global

Benefiting minorities.  The Israeli government paid out 131 million shekels earned income tax credit in 2010 to the poorer sections of Israel’s economy.  The Arab sector received the largest proportion (26%).

Library for refugees.  Lewinsky Park in South Tel Aviv has been revolutionised by a library designed for migrants. It has no walls or doors and its huge bookcases resemble a pair of open arms.

Lt.-General of Israel’s police is a Muslim.  Jamal Hakrush, will be promoted to the post of deputy head of Traffic Police this week.  He is the first Muslim policeman to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.

Honouring the Druze.  The Druze minority in Israel has always been proud to serve in the Israel Defence Forces.  Now the Israeli government is building a national heritage site to commemorate fallen Druze soldiers.

Sheikh Peres.  Israeli President Shimon Peres visited the Bedouin village of Hura in the Negev. He was made an honorary sheikh - an Arabic term of respect reserved for village elders and religious leaders.

Gaza has plenty.  Israel transfers 15,000 tons of supplies to Gaza every week.  In two months Israel transferred 133 million litres of fuel to Gaza – enough to power every car and truck in Israel!  Read this about medical aid.

Now you see it, now you don’t.  The longest total lunar eclipse for eleven years was best seen from Israel, of course, on Wednesday night.  Now we just need a blue moon or two for world peace to break out.

Hi-Tech Technology

e-Future in Israel  If you only have time for one video, it must be this one!  4.5 minutes highlighting Israel’s achievements in education, co-existence, democracy, health and overseas humanitarian work.

Outside the Solar System.  Tel Aviv University Professor Zvi Mazeh has helped identify ten new planets circling distant stars.  But don’t book any holidays there yet.  They don’t appear to have much atmosphere.

Still circling the Earth.  Two Israeli experiments were completed aboard the shuttle Endeavour but for the first time an Israeli experiment (as to the effects of cosmic rays on DNA) was left on the International Space Station.

High over Africa.  Israel’s Spacecom Amos 5 satellite is to provide communications services for Africa.

Flying in the wind.  Israel Aerospace Industries has decided to enter the renewable energy business. IAI is to build wind turbines to generate electricity.  Each turbine will have a three-megawatt capacity.

Up and Down.  The Israel Technion is running the TechnoBrain contest to build the largest yoyo in the world.  It involves a 30 meter crane, a 20 meter rope and some of Israel’s most inventive engineering students.  Update!  The winner was Eyal Moshe Cohen – a mechanical engineering student and (wait for it) an ex Paratrooper.

Green fuel for the USA.  The US Department of Energy is investing $9 million in Israeli alternative fuels start-up companies.  Israeli biotech HCL says “We take agricultural waste and turn it into food for man and beast”

From little seeds… Professor Haim Rabinowitch – one of the recipients of this year’s Kaye Innovation Award – developed seeds for tomatoes, onions and shallots that contribute $50 million to Israel’s economy.

“Buy this, sell that”.  It could be your mobile phone talking.  Ex-members of elite IDF Unit 8200 developed Sentigo’s Wall Street Scanner.  The iPhone app analyses 15,000 financial web sources to produce stock tips.

Protecting children.  Israeli start-up United Parents has developed free software to guard children when they use the Internet.  Parents are alerted when suspicious relationships or activities are detected.

Rescuing computers.  So many readers have asked what to do with their old desktop or laptop.  Eco Tech is an NGO which can upgrade potentially 1000 computers, employing 120 teenagers and benefiting 5000 people.

3D TV with no special glasses.  We reported about Israel’s 3DTV in Oct 2010.  In a recent 2 minute interview, their CEO mentioned that they are able to deliver the same technology onto a laptop.

The Economist recognises Israel is moving.  It took only eight months for the “not so Israel-friendly” publication to notice BriefCam’s unique video security system that focuses in on the important moving images.

Go on - invent something.  In order to graduate, students at Israel’s College of Management in Rishon Lezion must present a new product or service that can be marketed or sold “as is”.  Look what some came up with.

Business & Economy

Invest in Israel.  Another brilliant video, features the leaders of some of the world’s top companies extolling Israel’s cutting-edge technology and the major breakthroughs that are driving Israel’s economic miracle.

They were Israeli.  Drip irrigation pioneer Netafim (worth $900 million) is now European-owned.  Also, US giant Citigroup has bought Ness Technologies (building Barclays Israeli R&D centre) for $307 million. Finally Advasense’s image technology was too good for US company Pixim to resist. Click highlighted words for info.

Israel’s economy still on the up.  The latest report from the Bank of Israel shows that growth is continuing.

And our captain is still steering the ship.  The myopic IMF may have considered Professor Stanley Fischer too old to lead them, but here in Israel we hope he will continue to direct the Bank of Israel for many years yet.

More oil than in Saudi.  Israel Energy Initiatives owns the concession for drilling in Israel’s Shfela basin.  Its CEO believes that under Israel may be as much as half a trillion barrels of oil – twice that of Saudi Arabia.

Towering high.  Back above ground, Tel Aviv’s skyline may soon have 3 huge new skyscrapers.

If it’s good enough for Israel, it’s good enough for US.  Anyone cleared by Israeli security can now work on US defence projects without further security checks.  That includes Israeli Arabs and those born outside Israel.

Strong and secure.  Israel has advanced from 1948 when Al Schwimmer smuggled planes into the country.  In 2010 Israel exported defensive equipment to the tune of $7.2 billion.  Now the world looks to us for protection.

Entertainment & Sport

Israelis are fighting in Turkey.  Don’t worry – it’s just the European boxing championships in Ankara, where Israel is fielding four contestants.

Germany’s Israeli hero.  Israel’s Sergei Richter learned to shoot aged 13 in the IDF youth corps.  Last year he helped the German team Kolber gain promotion.  Today he is the first Israeli to book his place to London 2012.

Tour of Jerusalem, at night, by bike.   Jerusalem Midnight Biking is akin to a spiritual experience.  It has been awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate for Excellence and the number 1 ranking for the last six months.

Lights to the nation.  If you’re quick you may catch the end of the Jerusalem Festival of Light from 15th to 22nd June; every evening between 8pm and midnight, and it’s FREE! Video below has excerpts of 2010 event.

How to stay fit & healthy.  Israeli athletes know how to look after themselves.  Now the Israeli Air Force is using them to educate their pilots in how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and help reduce air accidents.

Electric at Caesarea. Vanessa Mae performed her unique brand of virtuoso violin playing to the 2000 year-old Caesarea amphitheatre on June 18th.

Matisyahu in Jerusalem.  It’s been a good year for rap stars in Israel. Following Antithesis, Prodezra and Shyne, the Hasidic musician from New York, Matisyahu will perform on June 23 at Safra Square in Jerusalem.

Black swan gives birth to signet.  Academy award winning Israeli actress Natalie Portman (star of The Black Swan) has given birth to a baby boy.  She has named him “Alef” – the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

The Jewish State

Our new man at the UN.  Ron Prosor will be well known to UK readers of this newsletter.  His excellent record in London has vaulted him into the “lions’ den” of world politics.

They’re still coming.  May 2011 was another record month for tourism.  308,000 tourists arrived – 5% more than May last year.

Free-wheeling.  The JNF have launched 3 new bike trails in the North of Israel.

What have they found this time?  Dig under a car park in Acre and find a 1500 year-old Byzantine church.  History is uncovered almost every time someone disturbs the soil in this amazing country.

Morocco comes to Jerusalem.  A newly restored centre for North African Jewish heritage promises to become one of the capital's most colourful tourist sites.

The new curriculum.  The standard of Jewish Studies in Israel’s state schools is often criticised.  Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar here defends the performance of the first year of his new “Culture of Israel” programme.

Read all about it.  The 50th Annual Hebrew book week began this week.  The Israelis are the people of The Book and eleven cities will host planned readings, activities for children, plays and discussions with writers.

Israel’s first start-up company.  Read how Israel’s aircraft industry began.  Al Schwimmer, who passed away last week, was Israel’s first entrepreneur.  One of the stories in the amazing book “Start-up Nation”.

Running with the people.  The Golani brigade has reached Tel Aviv on its annual run down the length of the country.  Its aim is to show Israeli citizens that the elite soldiers are an integral part of the Jewish people.

Somebody loves us.  In British Colonel Richard Kemp’s speech to Israeli Defence Force personnel he praised their ethical behaviour in battle and their unprecedented efforts to minimise civilian casualties.

“Old soldiers never die…” Yitzhak Taito has just celebrated his 70th birthday – and he is still serving in the IDF.  He has spent 52 years in uniform, having enlisted in 1959, and is Israel’s oldest soldier by a long shot.


Israel’s Medical Achievements

Premature babies saved.  Born at only 23 weeks, two now healthy Israeli babies have gone home.  “There is no limit to what we will do to preserve the life of a baby. We have the best resources and no expense is spared.”

MS test successful.  Israeli biotech Glycominds has reported that it has discovered a method for predicting clinical episodes in people who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

A cell phone to detect malaria.  It sounds incredible, however the idea has convinced Bill Gates to fund scientist Dr. Alberto Bilenca at Israel’s Ben Gurion University to the tune of $100,000.

A cure for obesity?  A Hebrew University of Jerusalem research team has discovered and enhanced a new citrus extract – naringenin, in order to radically improve the body’s ability to break down fats and sugars.

Meanwhile.  Israeli biotech Prolor reported positive pre-clinical trial results of its long-acting anti-obesity drug candidate oxyntomodulin.

Lipegfilgrastim reduces severe neutropenia.  Teva’s new successful medication is just an example of “everyday” advances that Israeli biotechs make in the treatment of cancer sufferers.

Seeing is believing.  We reported the amazing optics work of Bar Ilan University Prof Zalevsky back in December.  Now his achievements have been recognised by top country in the optical field – Germany.

Israel is Global and Inclusive

Darfur refugees are free in Israel.  This is the video to watch this week.  A really moving account of how Israel is appreciated by Sudanese families that have escaped from the brutality in their original country.

A special trip.  Disabled children were given a holiday in Switzerland, care of Israeli charity Kav Lachayim.

National blind day.  Israel annually identifies with the vision-impaired community.  This year, a team of blindfolded members of the Israeli parliament were soundly beaten at Goalball by a team of blind athletes.

Israeli woman of distinction.  Hadassah award winner Dalia Itzik was born and gave birth at Hadassah hospital.  She praised the social aspects of Israeli Arabs and Jews working together at Hadassah.

Empire State building is lit up in Blue & White.  New York City’s “Celebrate Israel” parade was magnificent

Land of Milk…  Israel’s AfiMilk exports herd management technology to 52 countries.  Its advanced software systems allow farmers to manage every aspect of their herds, on site or remotely through the Internet.

Israel values all life.  Israeli paramedics deliver at least one Palestinian Arab baby every single month.

Shh!…don’t tell the neighbours.  New personal stories from the Israeli organisation “Save A Child’s Heart”.  SACH performs nearly half its operations on Palestinian Arab children, whose parents can hardly believe it.

Let peace begin with water.  Israelis, Palestinian Arabs and Jordanians build EcoCentres to make the most of scarce water supplies.

Jordan buys water from Israel.  Following secret purchases last year, Jordan has again requested that Israel sells some of its precious resource to its Arab neighbour.

Environmental Impacts Know No Boundaries.  Students from Israel, the PA, Malta, Lebanon, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, Turkey and the UK are working together on a project to protect their unique shared ecosystem.


Hi-Tech Technology

Selling the future.  These Israeli hi-tech start-ups were busy marketing their innovations last month.
Do@ - revolutionises the way you search the Internet with a mobile phone.
Ineze – finds the exact product you want without futile searching.
Simplee – analyses and explains your medical and dental expenditure (important for USA residents).
BillGuard - alerts users of hidden fees, billing errors, scams and fraud on credit card bills.
And here are 10 more (yes, ten) that have launched in the past year.  Israeli hi-tech is phenomenal.

Inventing the future.  The IDC in Herzliya is a hothouse for the next generation of inventors.  The Info Fridge, the Stui, How2UDo, PBI, 4T2, Plick, Mooderator and Moozot are all final projects of miLAB 2011 graduates.

Israel “rocks” the world.  Prof Yossi Hatzor of Ben Gurion Uni has won an international Rock Mechanics award for his way of estimating Paleoseismic PGA – the key cause of the devastating Christchurch earthquake.

The marvels of the heavens.  A new supernova (exploding star) has been photographed by the three Israeli observatories – PTF Sky (Weizmann), Martin Kraar (Rehovot) and Tel Aviv Uni’s (Mitzpe Ramon).

Israel’s Centres of Excellence.  The Israeli Government is investing a massive 1.35 billion shekels in its I-CORE programme and hopes to attract hundreds of top Israeli research scientists to return to Israel.

 “Green” Energy.  Israel’s Ormat Industries is to build the largest geothermal power plant in the world in a deal worth $130 million.  New Zealand generates a third of its energy from geothermal sources.

“Green” Chemistry.  The new environmental chemistry degree course at Israel’s Ariel University allows students to specialize in clean-tech - including ozone depletion, pollution and the ecological impact of energy.

More Milk.  Details from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics confirm that Israeli dairy cows produce more milk than those in any other country.

Business & Economy

The colours of Benetton are Blue & White.  Italian clothing retailer Benetton will open its first flagship store in Israel at Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Centre.  At least ten new Israeli stores are planned.

The best hostels.  And they’re getting better. As the tourist industry boom continues, Israeli Youth Hostels are to have a $33 million upgrade and expansion.  All rooms have cable TV, fridges, air con and private bathrooms.

Fischer for IMF chief?  It’s official; Bank of Israel chairman Sir Stanley Fischer is a candidate.  According to a Reuters’ poll of economists, he is the person they think is most suitable for the role.

 “UK blogger” gets publicity.  We’re not sure when our location changed, but our email complaint two weeks ago (to a Scottish council boycotting Israel) appears to have spread across the Internet.  Here’s one example.
You can still read Part 1 of the complaint (featuring the technology and food contributions Israel has made to the world) on the Jerusalem Post website.  Part 2 (highlighting Israel’s medical achievements) is due soon.

Entertainment & Sport

Egypt comes to Israel.  Verdi’s opera Aida was performed spectacularly at the Dead Sea desert fortress site of Masada – a highlight of the Israel Opera festival.

 Shyne on.  To celebrate the opening of Israel’s first solar field, rap artist Shyne has released his new song “Solar Energy” with lyrics “No oils, barrels. Powered by the sun.  Solar energy. The revolution has begun.”

The Fountainheads wow Canada.  Starring Shani Lachmish, daughter of our friend Leonie.

Dancing in NY.  Contemporary Israeli Dance Week is a feature of this year’s La MaMa Moves Festival in New York.  It also hosts a project by Israeli film schools where students combine dance films and animation.

Crashing out in Tel Aviv.  It is not the high-tech side of Israeli engineering that we are used to.  But designing colourful giant model aircraft just to plummet straight down into the water sure is entertaining to many.

The Jewish State

The cherry on the top.  The cherry-picking season is upon us and due to the late rains, the crop is a good one.

No more land loss.  Israel will spend $135 million preserving its Mediterranean coastline from erosion.  The work will focus on protecting archaeological treasures such as Caesarea, Apollonia and Tel Ashkelon.

Jackie Mason on 67 borders.  Personally, we never really appreciated the controversial comedian’s frequently bizarre style, but in these crazy times somehow his irony strikes a chord on this occasion.

After the fires.  The report following the Carmel disaster highlights valuable lessons to avoid a future tragedy.

Tourism boom in the Negev.  This video highlights spectacular scenery, history and agricultural innovation in this apparent desert.  Here they produce cherry tomatoes that can last over a month without refrigeration.

A land of contrast.  This video features Gan Hashlosha - a beautiful nature reserve in the North of our tiny country.

Never seen before.  This video was taken 10 days before Uzi Narkis passed away.  Uzi commanded the Israeli forces that re-captured the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967.  The video was released on Jun 1st 2011.

Lightening hits Peres’ plane.  Good news?  Hear President Shimon Peres’ comment following the incident on El Al’s Milan to Tel Aviv flight.  “What do have I to fear? I'm in the hands of the world's best pilots.”

End of a Legend.  Al Schwimmer smuggled planes to Israel in 1948. He subsequently founded and ran Israel Aircraft Industries for 30 years.  The Israel Prize winner passed away on 11th June on his 94th birthday.


Israel’s Medical Achievements

27 lives saved.  Israeli doctors performed a record number of transplant operations this past week.  Surgeons at nine hospitals worked round the clock as Israel’s ADI donor card program proved its worth again.

Operation on 109 year-old is not to be sniffed at!  Meir Korner must be the oldest person in the world to have a nose job.  Skin cancer required Haifa surgeons to replace 50% of his nose with skin from his forehead.

At the cutting edge.  The new Bar-Ilan University medical school in Safed will specialise in leading-edge research into treatments for cancer, heart disease, aging and infectious diseases.

A biotechnology giant.  Israel is the world leader in patents for medical devices, relative to population size. And the world has come to see them at the 10th annual Biomed Israel show in Tel Aviv.

HIV & Alzheimer’s drugs approved.  The US Food and Drugs Administration has approved Israeli giant Teva’s generic versions of HIV drug Combivir and Alzheimer's treatment Aricept.

Epilepsy medication licensed to the Far East.  A Chinese company has bought Israeli biotech D-Pharm’s DP-VPA epilepsy drug, for use in China, Hong Kong and Macau.  And it hasn’t even completed trials yet.

Israel is Global and Inclusive

From crawling to walking in 4 days.  A five year old boy from Russia suffers from cerebral palsy and never walked before he was brought to Israel’s Alyn Hospital in Jerusalem.  50 more children will arrive this year.

UNESCO chief praises Israel.  UNESCO’s new director-general Irina Bokova from Bulgaria highlighted “excellent cooperation” with Israel in many fields including education, culture, science and communications.

Israel doubles aid budget.  Whilst most countries are cutting back, Israel is spending twice as much this year on helping developing countries with medicines, science and technology, disaster relief, and battling hunger.

Trade ties expand with India.  Israeli and Indian industry associations signed a memorandum of understating, as the two countries add high technology to their growing network of trade and economic cooperation.

Bob Geldof supports IsraAid.  The rockstar-activist spoke in Herzlia where he praised Israel’s work in Africa and requested more help for the impoverished continent.

Golda Meir’s legacy.  As the International Women’s Conference at Mount Carmel finishes, watch how Golda’s institute continues her International humanitarian work to this day.

 “Peace must begin among us.”  A delegation of senior physicians and medical technicians from the Palestinian Authority arrived last week for a study program at the Carmel Medical Center in Haifa.

Abu Ghosh Music Festival.  The bi-annual event in the Israeli Arab town near Jerusalem will cover the Jewish festival of Shavuoth (Pentecost) and involve 700 musicians.  (Second link gives details of last year’s event.)

We are listening.  Israel has introduced National Hearing Day to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by deaf people.  Initiatives include a new programme to teach sign language in schools and free hearing tests.

Hi-Tech Technology

The power of Jerusalem.  Intel Jerusalem has installed 228 solar panels on its roof that will generate 85 thousand kW a year to feed into Israel’s electric grid.  It is Intel's first photovoltaic system outside the USA.

More chips please.  For years, Intel was the only microprocessor manufacturer developing microchips in Israel.  Now its main competitor Advanced Micro Devices is to set up a Research & Development centre here.

Hello Moto Israel.  Israel is strategic for Motorola.  They have just inaugurated their new Research & Development centre next to Ben Gurion Airport, which cost $28 million to build.

Triple whammy.  Israel’s High-Tech Industry Association 2011 conference included 3 breakthrough Israeli products.  2P2D’s ClinicAid drug dispenser,  MicroPointing’s tiny mouse and SolChip’s solar semi-conductors.

EUREKA in Israel.  The pan-European network for market- oriented industrial research & development and innovation biennial conference used the Israeli parliament to announce its commitment to expanding R&D.

A system on a chip.  The Israeli management team that runs DSP Group have announced the release of the world’s first wireless multimedia and telephony system on a single microprocessor chip.

The “age-old” question.  Another Israeli experiment was aboard the Endeavour space shuttle.  It compared cellular decay in space with that on Earth in order to determine some of the factors that affect why people age.

The ideal relationship.  This excellent short video emphasises how the increased co-operation between the two high-tech “giants” America and Israel benefits both countries.

World Cup Israeli technology.  Israeli building designers Ziggurat are working with Brazil in the architecture planning of one of its main stadiums for the 2014 Football World Cup.

Drink up….  To help ease Israel’s water shortage, the Palmachim desalination plant is to increase output.


… And don’t waste it.  Israel’s Curapipe will launch its new pipe sealant technology in a pilot program this summer.  The system stops leaks internally.  A quarter of the world’s water is lost each year from leaks.

A hi-tech Birthright.  The Birthright tour now includes Israel’s “silicon valley”.  Most participants come away impressed after visiting Ra’anana and Herzlia and feel connected to Israel’s innovative industry.

And here’s another $100 million donation.   Alfred Mann has already put $100 million into his AMIT Institute for commercialising medical technologies developed at Israel’s Technion.  Now he is doubling it.

Business & Economy

Turkey loves Israel goods.  Despite the ongoing spat with Turkey, Israel’s exports to them doubled to $0.5 billion in the first three months of 2011.  Turkey is now Israel’s 3rd highest customer of Israeli products.

Israel “exports” its economic plan.  Hailed as an innovative success, Israel’s idea of a two-year state budget cycle is to be adopted by Western countries, including the USA.

Firmly at the helm.  Despite rumours that he may be offered the position of the next head of the IMF, Sir Stanley Fischer proudly presented a rosy picture of the Israeli economy and stated that he liked his current job.  Meanwhile, the Bank of Israel revised upwards its GDP forecast of economic growth from 4.5% to 5.2%

Building a homeland.  The rate of construction of new properties in Israel has reached a 10-year high.

Good news for customers.  It may sound minor, but the 500 shekel compensation, awarded by a judge to a traveller on Israel Railways due to overcrowding, was a big surprise to us often forgotten Israeli consumers.

Milking the applause.  Israel’s cows produce the most milk in the world, and Sufa is the top of the milk.  She produced 20,000 litres last year (nearly twice the Israeli cow average) despite the stress of rockets from Gaza.

Entertainment & Sport

Jerusalem’s best kept secret.  We visited friends in Jerusalem last week and were treated to a guided tour of the beautiful and restful Botanical Gardens.  Then just this week a new video appeared on youtube.

Israeli Judo star strikes gold. The former European champion and Olympic medalist Arik Zeevi won the gold medal in the under-100-kg weight class of the prestigious Moscow Grand Prix.

Music after the fire.  The artistic village of Ein Hod suffered badly during the Carmel fires but is still able to run this year’s Maestro music festival.  The festival aims to expose children to different forms of music.

Another victory for Israel.  In the latest round of Euro 2012 qualifying games, Israel beat Latvia 2-1.

The Jewish State

4000 years of Jerusalem described in 5 minutes.  Almost an impossible task, but see if this works for you.  A new video, to celebrate Jerusalem Day - the anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem in 1967.

Jerusalem has deep Jewish roots.  A new underground passageway connects the present-day Old City with Jewish Jerusalem of old and sheds light on Jewish life over 2000 years ago.

Israel’s largest underground lake is right underneath Jerusalem’s central bus station.  200 meters long, it includes a canyon and a series of waterfalls.

Jewish home returned.  A Jerusalem home was restored to the family that owned it 150 years previously.  A new mezuzah was inserted into the original crevice discovered on the doorpost.

Matthew supports Zionism.  British Ambassador Matthew Gould declared his commitment to the principles of Zionism at an evening dedicated to his new personal project: Kibbutz Eshbal, helping children at risk.

Abbas speaks the truth.  News this week reveals that PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas admitted in an Arabic interview, that his family were forced to flee in 1948 due to threats by Arab leaders.  Jews were not responsible.

Some humour with a serious message.  Andrew Klavan has an interesting proposal.

And finally, hold the front page!  Hot off the press, your very own blogger highlights what an organisation would lose if it boycotted Israel.


UN recognises Israeli medical organisation.  Save A Child’s Heart has been recommended for special status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council.  SACH treats children and trains doctors from across the globe.

DVT diagnosis & treatment in one.  The US Food & Drugs Administration has approved this unique device from  Israel’s MCS Medical Compression Systems.  It will start saving lives in 2012.

Controlling inflammation.  Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have discovered the mechanism used by the body to shut down the immune system response.  IBD sufferers can look forward to new treatments.

Why cancer cells divide too easily.  Weizmann scientists have exposed the process controlling cell division.  When suppressor gene p53 is missing, the cell goes out of control. This has major impacts for chemotherapy.

Our feathered friends.  Two Tel Aviv University professors can thank “bird-brains” for unlocking the secrets of what may be responsible for the build-up of phosphorus in the human brain, which causes Alzheimers’.

Saving athletes’ lives.  Tel Aviv Uni cardiologist Sami Viskin has developed a simple test to detect athletes at risk of Sudden Death Syndrome.  Screening for this heart abnormality was vastly expensive, but not any more.

We value our brains.  President Shimon Peres announced that Israel will set-up a non-profit organization to support brain research.  Neurotechnology can lead to breakthroughs in the treatment of many brain disorders.

Preparing kids for an operation.  Jerusalem hospital Shaare Zedek has produced a storybook to help children minimise the emotional strain prior to surgery.  “The more they know, the less traumatic it will be.”

Sometimes it all seems worthwhile.  24 years ago neo-natal Prof Michael Schwimmel of Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek hospital delivered a tiny 13-week premature baby.  Imagine his feelings to be present at her wedding.

Support from our friends.   Israel invents medical technology for the world, but sometimes needs help to buy it for its own hospitals.  So a donation of 3 MRI scanners by the IFCJ was very welcome indeed.  Thank you.

World’s women leaders come to Israel.  The 2011 International Women Leaders' Conference takes place this week at the Mount Carmel International Training Centre. The centre has empowered over 17000 women from over 150 countries since Israel’s first female Prime Minister Golda Meir established it in 1961.

No discrimination in Israel.  Orna Barbivai will make history when she becomes the IDF’s first-ever female major-general. Opposition leader Tzipi Livni said “There is no rank that is too heavy for a woman’s shoulders”.

Arab girls represent Israel.  Five students from an Arab school in the Galilee develop groundbreaking device to ease side effects of cancer patients and will represent Israel in an international competition in Netherlands.

Israel’s team is really special.  Two Arabs will be in the four-person tennis team representing Israel at the Special Olympics in Greece in June.

New Gaza mall nearly ready.  The three-story, 3000 square meters shopping centre will open mid-June.

Life goes on.  Despite the signing of the agreement between Fatah and the Hamas terrorist organisation, Israel continues to co-operate with the Palestinian Authority and to help its economy grow.

The largest desalination plant in the world.  Finance Ministry approval for the Sorek “state-of-the-art” reverse-osmosis facility means that by 2013 Israel will produce 65% of its water requirements by desalination.

It’s so good, you can have it for free.  Israeli wastewater developer Mapal is giving away its innovative system for a share of the cost savings that it generates.  “It’s a win-win situation”.

Israel helps Africa go mobile.  Mozambique and Uganda are the latest countries to have Alvarion’s 4G mobile network installed.  Over 70 of the Israeli company’s networks have now been implemented in Africa.

Upgrading Romania’s air force.  Israel’s Elbit has won an $18.6 million contract to upgrade Romania’s C-130 Hercules transport planes with advanced electronic systems.

Sensitive to the smallest vibration.  Scientists the Weizmann Institute have built a detector that can measure the movement of a single atom.  It will benefit quantum sensors in physics labs around the world.

New optics from a car antenna.  Technion Professor Erez Hasman had a “Eureka moment” when driving along in his car.  From looking at car aerials he discovered a new source of light for computer processing.

Give them a “Daps”.  iPhone users will soon be able to send appreciative “Daps” messages to friends in the same way that they can “Like” a friend on Facebook.  Bound to take-off – thanks to Israeli company Dapsem.

Drink “Green” Soda.  Israel’s internationally successful company Sodastream is re-branding its products to highlight their environmentally friendly nature.  Sodastream has 4 million customers in 42 countries.

Hollywood rushes to buy Israeli shows.  In the last two years, US studios have bought 10 Israeli series.

If it’s Israeli – buy it!  Even the Israelis can’t understand why a US company would pay $30 million for a tiny Israeli toolbar developer.  The “Israel factor” seems to have an appeal all of its own in the high-tech market.

Israel is a Marvel for R&D.  US giant Marvel Technology is to invest $200 million in its Israeli Research & Development centre in 2011.

Profits rocket.  Israel Aerospace Industries is one of Israel’s most important developers of technology.  Its profits soared by 170% in the first quarter of 2011.

The Land of Einstein.  This 7.5 min video shows how Israel was promoted to the Chinese at Shanghai Expo 2010.  The original Chinese soundtrack has now been changed to English.  Not everyone’s cup of (China) tea.

Our economy is still going up.  Israel’s State of the Economy Index improved another 0.2% in April.  Exports remain strong despite currency appreciation.

Even more gas.  The estimate of Israel’s gas reserves has been revised upwards to at least 35 trillion cubic feet.

They’re ringing our bell.  The head of London’s Stock Exchange rings the bell to open trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.  Xavier Rolet’s visit marks Europe’s recognition of the Israel Securities Authority.

I don’t do it for the money.  Bank of Israel Governor Sir Stanley Fischer is one of the reasons for Israel’s economic success.  His annual salary is only £60,000 but he has refused to accept a pay rise for himself.

Who is rich?  He who serves his country.  Dominique Romano is a successful businessman in Paris.  He enlists in the Israel Defence Forces reserves every year and has set up a fund for students who serve in combat units.

Rocket Men.  Three astronauts are in Israel.  Of the two Russians, Alexei Leonov was the first man to walk in space.  American-Jewish astronaut Garret Reisman was a good friend of Ilan Ramon – the first Israeli astronaut.

The next king of the chessboard?  Israeli grandmaster Boris Gelfand will be playing for the chess world’s top prize next year in the World Chess Championship, after winning the six-game Candidates Final.

Life is good in Israel.  According to the new Better Life Index, Israel is above the OECD average in high-school education, life expectancy, community support and happiness.

Religious people are happier.  It probably didn’t need the Israel Centre for the Treatment of Psychotrauma to work this fact out.  And that religious men are happier than religious women.

All fired up.  The Lag B’Omer festivities in the Israeli shopping centres included some unusual juggling.

We love Israel.  The Israeli ambassador to Senegal was surprised to be invited to a Christian community in neighbouring Gambia that admire Israel so much, they have built a synagogue and follow Jewish rituals.

Proud to be.  Rap band Prodezra Beats put out a rhythmic message to the world about being Jewish and Israeli.

Verdi’s “Jerusalem” to be performed in … Jerusalem, of course!  Israel’s capital city is the ideal place to stage one of the highlights of the 2011 Israel Opera Festival.  Now, where to perform Aida?

Music to our ears.  Daniil Trifonov won the 13th Arthur Rubinstein Piano Competition in Jerusalem.  The contest is one of the most prestigious in the world of classical music.

Happy birthday Bob.  “The times they are a-changing”.  Bob Dylan turned 70 this week – the same day as the postman delivered Michael’s ticket for Bob’s Tel Aviv concert on Jun 20th.

New arrival.  Jerusalem Zoo hatched the first of the year’s chicks of the endangered Griffin Vulture. The zoo is rearing the birds for re-introduction into the wild.  Watch the way some are hand-reared.

Walking for Benji.  Until Benji died in Lebanon, he cared for his comrades so much that they are now building a home for lone soldiers in his memory.  Read about the 5th annual Benji Hillman walkathon here.

More Security.  The US Department of Defence last night announced plans to purchase four Iron Dome missile defence systems to help Israel defend the region around Gaza from short-range rockets.

26 standing ovations.  Did you miss our PM’s speech to Congress because the UK media didn’t show it?
“Only 0.5% of the 300 million Arabs in the Middle East are truly free – and they are all citizens of Israel”


Lymphoma treatment success.  Tests of stem cell treatment by Israeli biotech CureTech (part of Teva Pharmaceutical) revealed that the disease was halted in 70% of trial patients.

Alternative to chemotherapy.  Israel’s BiolineRX’s project targets the molecules responsible for tumours.

Stem cell treatment works.  Pluristem Therapeutics is succeeding with its treatment of peripheral vascular disease.

Another vital aid to heart surgery.  The new cobalt stents from Israel’s (family run) biotech Medinol, feature important technological advances.  Please also read the company’s wonderful article entitled “Israel’s promise”.

Israeli scanner reduces impact of breast-cancer surgery.  Dune Medical’s MarginProbe scans the edges of tumours as the surgeon removes them. Trials in Israel have proved that less-invasive lumpectomies can remove all cancer cells.

Why do bad things happen to good people? His father’s illness inspired Prof. Moussa Youdim to study neuro-chemistry and led to him developing revolutionary treatments for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Multiple Sclerosis & Crohns biotech is now public.  The funds will help Israeli medical company Glycominds expand in the USA, but its treatments may assist sufferers worldwide.

Making drugs cheaper.  Perrigo took over Israeli biotech Agis in 2005 for its generic drugs.  Allergy and heartburn sufferers taking Xyzal or Zantac may prefer newly approved alternatives to more expensive brands.

This week’s miracle - Israel’s fire-fighting squadron is ready just in time.  On May 12th PM Netanyahu dedicated Israel’s first aerial fire-fighting squadron. Five days later it went into action against a fire in Northern Israel that could not be reached from the ground and prevented a repeat of the devastating Carmel forest fires.

Only Israel could save Haitian girl.  The heart operation was so complex; Amy’s valves had to be swapped over and then repaired.  The $30,000 costs, plus transportation to Israel were funded by the Jewish State.

Relieving poverty in Nepal.  Israel’s medical mission is setting up an eye hospital in Nepal. This excellent new video shows some of the other vital aid work that Israel is performing in the country at the top of the world.

Water purified with sound.  Israel’s Kolmir Water Technologies has developed an environmentally friendly water filter without chemicals.  An acoustic filter forces the impurity particles to separate and sink.

Watch out for that child!  Avoid car crashes and accidents with the Israeli-developed Mobileye - a single camera-based safety solution integrating pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, and vehicle detection for the driver.

Israelis love children.  Which is why Omer Ginor, CEO of Touchoo developed interactive storybooks for iPhone and iPad.  His 18-month old toddler is a key member of the quality testing team.

Saved from fire.  It wasn’t good news for the little Arab boy when Arab rioters miss-threw a firebomb into his parents’ house.  Luckily an Israeli policeman was on hand to rescue him.

Stroller or cycle?  This Israeli-developed convertible pushchair / bicycle is green, healthy and just so clever.

Recycle the Olympics.  Israel’s Professor of Architecture, Michael Burt has designed a floating, reusable stadium that can be transported to countries that want to host the Olympics but cannot afford to build facilities.

From garbage to oasis.  It used to be the Hiriya rubbish dump.  The first stage of Sharon Park opened formally to the public on Wednesday.  When finished, it will be three times the size of New York’s Central Park.

New desalination plant completed.  The new facility near Ashkelon can purify 20,000 cubic meters a day.
Its builders Global Environmental Solutions said “It is one of the most advanced facilities in the world”.

Protecting China’s trains.  Last week, Moscow.  This week, Israel’s Nice Systems won a contract to install its NiceVision’s IP video security solution for the 23 stations on the metro in the North China city of Tianjin.

Protecting Asia’s coastline.  Elbit Systems’s CoMPASS surveillance platform was purchased by an (unnamed) Asian country with one of the largest maritime patrol fleets in the world.  Another “secret” Israeli success.

“The best discovery of the year”.  "Oil and Gas Investor" has ranked Israel’s Leviathan natural gas field, as the best discovery of 2010.  Leviathan is estimated to have 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

The Italian job.  The Israel embassy in Rome will host a joint Italian-Israeli business conference next month. 100 Israeli companies will attend and at least 15 new commercial contracts are due to be signed.

Electrifying news.  Israel’s new electric car will be available in July.

Growing steadily.  Israel’s GDP grew by an annualised 4.7% in the first quarter of 2011.

Israel is the world’s top investor in R&D.  As a proportion of GDP, Israel leads the world in how much it invests in Research & Development.

Successful and profitable.  An incredibly high 43% of Israel’s 700 bio-medical companies are making a profit.  Not bad, seeing that nearly half of the total are recent start-ups or at trials stage.

Israeli firms are valuable – even when they fail.  Israeli modular mobile phone start-up “modu” went into liquidation. Google bought up over 100 of its patents for innovations, worth over $4.5 million to Google.

Honouring a great engineer.  Bernie Gordon helped build the first digital computer, the first foetal monitor and first CAT scanner.  He now becomes an honourable member of the Israeli Society for Systems Engineers.  Since 2002, Israel Technion’s Gordon Center has produced hundreds of Israel’s outstanding systems engineers.

Israel’s new friend.  Bank of Israel Governor Sir Stanley Fischer attended Ivory Coast President Ouattara’s inauguration.  Fischer said ex-IMF colleague Ouattara “will be able to restore past glory to the Ivory Coast”.

Jews & Arabs play to Australian rules.  A team of Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs were narrowly beaten by an ex-pat Aussie team in a practice for the Australian Rules International Football Cup later this year.

Support for lone soldiers.  The Israeli Army will help fund the wedding celebration for soldiers who make Aliya without their family. It includes photographer, DJ, invitations, a wedding dress and a suit for the groom.

 “Broadway Sensation” for Israel.  Over 100 performers from popular shows performed in a special Broadway benefit concert for Israel. The performance was broadcast live in New York’s Times Square.

The Hagen Quartet returns to Israel.  The renowned string quartet from Salzburg will perform concerts in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv this week.  They have produced over 45 CDs on the Deutsche Gramophon label.

Coen brothers finally reach Israel.  "Our mother tried to get us to come here for many, many years."  The Oscar winning filmmakers made their first trip to Israel to receive the Dan David prize for outstanding artists.

Not all Israelis are sane.  The Israeli magician Hezi Dayan has broken many of David Blaine’s endurance records.  He stood for 35 hours on a tower 25 meters above Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square.  Here, he finishes in style.

“Out of Zion shall go forth the Law” For the first time in 2000 years, a Torah scroll - the five books of Moses - has been written on top of Masada – the site of Jewish defiance against the mighty Roman army.

The final frontier.  A Hebrew University experiment on board the penultimate shuttle mission will help mankind prepare for interplanetary travel.  It may also help those suffering from osteoporosis here on Earth.

And finally …. Sam Green comes home.  Sam is the son of our friends Hazel & Colin.  Sam made Aliya after many years of fighting Israel’s cause in England and as the rap artist “Antithesis”.


Paraplegics walk tall.  Amazing story of how Dr Amit Goffer from Israel’s Technion invented “ReWalk”. Those paralysed from the waist down can walk, climb stairs, drive cars and literally “face the world” again.

A very special girl.  We can hardly believe this short film of Efrat - a Downs Syndrome “sufferer” – co-hosting the “Independence for People with Down's Syndrome” conference.  Please be patient until after the brief advert.

Israeli Doctors save Indonesian baby.  After repairing the 18-month Moslem child’s heart the doctors went on to fix his cleft lip and palate.  In Indonesia, the disfigurement was such a stigma, that he was kept indoors. 

Everybody smiles in the same language.  The paediatric dental clinic in Jerusalem run by Dental Volunteers for Israel treats Arabs and Israelis alike.  This week the children are completing a wall-hanging, together with UK artist Lynne Stein.

Removing benign breast tumours with ice.  A benign lump in the breast can obscure a real cancer.  IceSense3 from Israel’s IceCure Medical penetrates the tumour and destroys it by freezing it, without invasive surgery.

Treating skin allergies without steroids.  Hebrew Uni Prof Oded Shoseyov has developed an ointment that prevents allergens from penetrating between skin cells by attracting the allergen molecules to the ointment.

The cautious approach saves girl’s life.  A 10-year old Jerusalem girl collapsed at school but seemed fine at hospital. Standard tests showed nothing.  However the doctors decided to investigate further.  Please read on.

Learn to be gifted.  Prof. Roza Leikin of Haifa University presented a study showing that flexibility and fluency (two key traits of creativity) can be learnt over time.  Originality, though, must be divinely bestowed.

Torah is good for you.  Jerusalem doctor Ephraim Jaul links the weekly Torah portion to healthy aging.

Israeli Jew funds Arab female cancer scientist.  Moshe Arkin has invested $4 million in Metallo Therapy of Nazareth.  Metallo’s DNA irradiation cancer therapy was developed by physicist and CEO Dr. Amal Ayoub.

World leaders in water technology.  New report showing how Israeli firms are quenching a thirsty world.

We’re ready to share our skills.  Israel’s Environment minister tells UN’s Commission on Sustainable Development that Israel yearns to work with its Arab neighbours to improve life for everyone in the region.

Protecting Moscow trains.  Israel’s NICE Systems will supply security systems for the rail transportation services between Moscow’s train terminals and its three airports.

Israel protects US soldiers.  Here is a typical example of an Israeli company directly supporting US troops.  The US Army has bought 28 training systems from Arotech Corporation to help clear mines (IEDs).

Keeping the Macedonians hovering.  The former Yugoslavian state has purchased a $60 million helicopter pilot training centre from Israeli defence company Elbit.

Israel welcomes Thai princess.  Princess Chulabhorn is in Israel, to promote scientific cooperation with her country. She will visit the Rambam Medical Centre, which is collaborating with Thailand on cancer research.

Turks raise funds for Israel.  The Turkish Cultural Centre of New York helped raise $10,000 for restoring the Carmel forests. Its director said “Our friendship with Israel and the Jewish people goes back for centuries”.

The Chinese think every Israeli is a genius.  The Chinese see all Jews as Israelis.  Our skills in medicine, science, finance and our influence on the world are all seen as positive traits and they want to learn our secrets.

Israeli songs aid Syrian protestors.  Israeli-Druze politician Ayoob Kara has responded to requests from anti-Assad demonstrators.  Kara sent them songs in Arabic by the Israeli Amir Benayoun, who is popular in Syria.

What connects a retired Muslim US basketball star to Israel’s ex-Chief Rabbi?  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s father liberated Rabbi Israel Meir Lau from Buchenwald.  The two will meet in July to discuss a new movie.

Israeli Arabs get TV station.  Israel’s Communications Ministry has granted a license to independent Arab broadcaster Hala TV.  Israeli Arabs already enjoy 7 hours of Arabic programmes on State TV channels.

Israeli company launches Arab talent show.  Yagur Studios in Haifa is responsible for The Palestinian Arab equivalent of “A Star is Born” and “X-factor”.  The program is even shown live on Saudi Arabian TV.

Israel hosts 12th Asian Physics Olympics.  14 countries including China, Russia & Indonesia each sent up to 8 competitors to the week-long competition at Tel Aviv University. Israel won 6 medals including a 1st ever gold.

Israel exports increased.  Up 28% in the last 3 months, following a similar rise over the previous 3 months.

Never miss a bill again.  Pageonce is used by 4.5 million Blackberry and iPhone users.  The company, founded and run by Tel Aviv graduates, raised $15 million to develop its smart wallet functionality for the US market.

I’ll buy that!  Another US takeover of a top quality Israeli high-tech company.  US Wireless network giant Broadcom has picked up SC Square’s Tel Aviv based software security team for $42 million.

High-tech Israelis start young. … but a keyboard for toddlers?  On the Internet, no one knows you’re a baby.

Instant Intelligence.  Israel is to upgrade its satellite communications to enable download of data on military threats in real-time.  There is a 90-minute delay currently until a satellite passes directly over Israel.

UK biotech launches on Israel’s stock exchange.  A UK company is to raise funds from Israeli investors.  Morria Biopharm develops drugs for hayfever, asthma, IBD and more, using technology from the Hebrew Uni.

Millions celebrate in Israel’s parks.  Over 1.5 million Israelis flocked to JNF parks and forests to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day.  Thousands of others visited nature reserves, urban parks, and museums.

Israel’s Future.  A huge birthday party was held last week for 45 babies of new Israeli immigrants from English-speaking countries.  All were dressed in blue and white to celebrate Israel’s 63rd birthday.

Volunteers of 1948.  A moving Independence Day film tribute to the 4000 volunteers from the USA, UK, South Africa etc. who made such a difference in helping the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

Now that’s a barbecue!  At 7.5 meters, chefs at Jerusalem’s Grand Court hotel prepared the longest skewer of meat in Israel for Independence Day.

Finally Fred’s come home.  90 year-old philanthropist Fred Worms made Aliya following a lifetime funding Jewish State institutions, such as the Maccabiah games, Israel Museum, Scopus student village and much more.

Topol to judge Zionist art prize.  Chaim Topol was famous for his role as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof.  Now he is to chair the board of trustees tasked with awarding prizes to artists that express the values of Zionism.

A thrilling finale.  Israeli basketball team Maccabi Tel Aviv almost won the European championship but were narrowly beaten 78-70 in the final with Panathinikos. A great attempt, as no-one thought they’d reach the final.

Tribute to Avi Cohen.  The ex-Liverpool & Israel footballer died in a motorbike accident in December.  His son Tamir Cohen now plays for Bolton Wanderers and dedicated his first goal for the club to his father.

Deep Purple are here.  Known as “the loudest band in the world” they have been shouting out to other groups and musicians to perform in Israel.  They’ve even dedicated a song in memory of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon.

Paul Simon is coming to Israel.  The legendary singer/songwriter is “Homeward Bound” in July for his first concert in Israel since 1983.  “Still crazy after all these years” aptly describes how some of us feel about him.

More recycled rubbish.  No, nothing to do with these news stories – they are all 100% new.  But annual statistics released this week show that Israel is serious about reducing waste.  So please pass this email on!

Fly the flag; sing the song.  The Public Diplomacy Ministry is promoting an initiative to turn Israel's national anthem – "Hatikva" – into one of the most popular videos on YouTube.


Israelis find key to containing cancer.  Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists have discovered how the P53 gene can keep malignant cells from spreading to healthy tissue.

Breath test for cancer success.  We reported last year that Israeli-Arab Dr Hossam Haick started experiments at Haifa’s Technion.  He has just reported that his tests can detect early cancers lurking in the head and neck.  Each year in the UK 8,700 people are diagnosed with these cancers which are rarely picked up until too late.

Seeing is believing.  Preventing Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is crucial as we get older.  Israel’s Notal Vision has a unique home-monitoring system that was featured recently in the magazine Retina Today.

Save a Child’s Heart update.  Currently 21 children are being treated; 7 from the Palestinian Authority.

The smallest camera in the world.  Israeli companies Tower Semiconductors and Medigus have together developed a disposable endoscopic camera less than 1mm in diameter.

“Improving quality of life for millions”.  With its unique non-invasive optical blood screening monitors, OrSense has tapped into the Israel Healthcare Venture funding to market its FDA approved devices globally.

Next generation of stents.  The EU has just certified new artery stents from Israel’s ITGI Medical.  These are covered in live tissue and are easier to insert, prepare and sterilise.  They are also cheaper than existing types.

What causes obesity?  Weizmann Institute scientists have shown how a protein active in the brain contributes to weight gain.

Israeli company is worth its salt.  UK magazine "Global Water Intelligence" named IDE Technologies Ltd. as the 2010 desalination company of the year, making the greatest overall contribution to the desalination industry.

Top Israeli-Arab judge promotes Israel.  Justice Salim Joubran sits on the bench of Israel’s Supreme Court.  On his 10-day US tour he continually praised Israel’s diversity and democracy.

World’s biggest dish of Humus.  Israeli-Arab Jawadat Ibrahim runs the Abu Ghosh restaurant near Jerusalem.  He loves Israelis and got into the Guinness Book of Records with a 4087 kg satellite dish of humus.

From Slave to IDF officer.  Ibrahim from Guinea was 15 when sold to slave traders and smuggled into Israel.  This week, he became 2nd lieutenant Avi Be’eri.  “My dream is to contribute as much as I can to this country.”

The biggest Israeli company just got even bigger.  The world’s largest generic drugs company, Teva, bought US giant Cephalon and its huge range of drugs for a cool $6.8 billion.  Another $490m bought Japan’s Taiyo.

Keep out of the sun.  Israel’s death rate from melanoma skin cancer has dropped significantly, thanks to heightened awareness, early diagnosis and increased protection from exposure to the sun.

The cycle of life.  Tel Aviv has rolled out a bicycle rental network to reduce pollution and ease traffic congestion.  There are 35 switching stations and 100 km of cycle paths for the 45% of residents with bikes.

Solar power to fuel a third of Eilat.  A 40 megawatt solar power plant is to be built in Kibbutz Ketura.  Its clean energy will cost about half of the current polluting power stations.

New Intel chip - made in Israel.  The revolutionary new Ivy Bridge processor will be produced at Intel’s Kiryat Gat factory.  Intel has spent $2.7 billion upgrading Israel’s high-tech plant to build the new technology.

Another R&D centre for Israel.  US data storage giant EMC has launched its Research & Development centre in Beersheva.  EMC’s COO announced proudly "We're ready to move forward in Israel”.

Swiss snap up Israeli 3D dental scanners.  Optimet Optical Metrology Ltd. has received a $4.4 million follow-on order for its desktop 3D dental scanner from Switzerland's Nobel Biocare.

Go to sleep at the wheel.  Student Erez Horev of the Civil Engineering faculty at Haifa’s Technion has designed a magnetic car that travels on a rail at 400km/hr and requires no steering.

Big enough to cover Oz. Tiny Israel may only be the size of Wales, but its network specialist Gilat Satellite Networks has won a huge contract to install and operate broadband connectivity to the whole of Australia.

Always at the right temperature.  AeroScout, has completed another successful implementation of its Israeli developed wireless temperature monitoring system, at TIFT Regional Medical Centre in Georgia, USA.

How does Israel do it?  Last year 7,200 US graduate interns came to Israel to get unpaid work experience in the Start-up nation.  An increase of 50% on 2007’s previous record numbers.

Israel has record foreign currency reserves.  The key measure of economic strength rose by $2.88 billion in April to $77.4 billion.

Consumer confidence improves.  Israel’s index of consumer confidence rose by 4.2% in April to 87.6.  This is a major increase on March’s 1.7% rise and reverses February’s 7.7% fall.

Ohio learns about Israeli innovations.  Dayton’s World Trade Day 2011 focuses on links with Israel.

Where to gogo?  Not a typing error – the new Israeli start-up Gogobot allows personalized travel recommendations based on suggestions from friends.  A kind of Facebook add-on.

Israeli buses for Amsterdam.  Don’t be surprised if an Amsterdam bus driver wishes you “good morning” in Hebrew.  Egged Europe has won a contract to run the Dutch city’s public buses for at least the next eight years.

Leah – an Ethiopian Princess.  Watch this trailer for the movie about Leah Biteolin who was carried on her father’s shoulders across Ethiopia to freedom in Israel.  (Click HD off, if necessary to speed up the download)

Claim your birthright.  Birthright Israel month was launched this week.  Over 30,000 Jews aged 18 – 26 will be able to visit Israel this summer on free tours.

Enjoy the Music of Israel, with these next three items:-

Wave your flag!  Celebrate Israel’s 63rd birthday with this inspiring music video.

Song for Israel.  No, not the Eurovision entry.  This one is a stirring tribute to the young soldiers defending our land, on this Independence Day. (Best in High Definition; download the whole 4min 23sec clip)

Moby is coming to Israel.  Performs at “Pic.Nic 2011”.  Cool, but I’m fine with my Bob Dylan concert ticket.

Conducting business or an orchestra?  It’s the same thing really, for multi-talented Israelis.

Mark Twain revisited.  In 1867 Mark Twain described then Palestine as a barren wasteland.  Not so in 2011.

Israel’s golf course is watered by sea-water.  Thanks to specially imported grass and Israeli high-tech, Caesaria’s golf course stays in top condition even when watered by a highly brackish water mixture.

Bargain Israeli holiday.  But only if you’re a flower, though.  For two shekels a night, leave your prize orchid here whilst you enjoy a well-deserved break away from home.  The first ever hotel for true vegans!

A “Pearl” of a view!  Lynette and I celebrated our 30th (Pearl) anniversary at the restaurant on the 49th floor of the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv.  What an amazing panorama.  And the food was pretty good too.

Lucky bird.  The Israel nature and parks authority and Jewish National Fund called in a helicopter to rescue a pelican that injured its wing whilst migrating from Africa.  Fortunately it found refuge in the Holy Land.

Osama Bin Laden is dead.  A fitting end to the mass murderer – killed on Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day and the anniversary of Hitler’s suicide.  US President Barak Obama declared “Justice has been done.”


Still saving children from Chernobyl.  25 years after the nuclear accident, Chabad is still bringing children suffering from the effects of radiation to begin new lives in Israel.  93 flights have rescued over 2700 children.

“Whoever saves a life, saves an entire world”.  Interview with Bernard Bar-Natan, the Israeli inventor of the amazing new bandage that is now standard NATO issue and has already saved countless lives.

Four new anti-cancer proteins.  Using “predictive biology” Israeli biotech Compugen has discovered protein several variants that generate antibodies to stimulate the immune system into targeting cancer cells.

New drug can treat incurable disease.  Sufferers of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) die within 6-15 months, but latest trials of Israeli biotech Can-Fite’s drug CF-102 show it is effective on the virus.

Triple good news for diabetics.  First, Israel’s D Medical unit received Canadian certification for its Spring universal infusion sets for insulin pumps.  Canada has the 6th highest incidence of Type 1 child diabetes.

USA FDA approves infusion sets.  The Food & Drugs Administration has also approved the Israeli device.

Israeli cell-based therapy to go global.  MacroCure’s breakthrough product treats skin ulcers in the legs of diabetics. The treatment is only available in Israel currently but international trials will commence soon.

Israel solves “insoluble” problem.  Some vital drugs do not dissolve and have to be administered intravenously, often with severe side effects. Now Hebrew Uni head scientist Simon Benita has invented “nano-capsules” which allow such treatments (e.g. anti-cancer drugs) to be taken orally.

Israeli medical robots set out for Europe.  International healthcare & electronics giant Philips is to use remote precision robotic-assisted control solutions from Israel’s Corindus to treat obstructed coronary arteries.

Israeli shirts are good for you.  A joint Israel-Portugal team has developed the Niturit – a T-shirt that monitors your heart and transmits data to a medical centre in real-time.  It has been chosen by Europe’s Space Agency.

Indian governor praises Israel.  The North Indian state of Haryana will adopt Israeli technology to process brackish water for agriculture.  Haryana is one of India’s most important farming and industrial states.

Israel – the largest R&D country in Europe.  Of the 40 members of the European inter-state body for Research and Development (EUREKA), Israel has the most approved projects (14 out of 89).

Cleaning up in Peru & soon the UK.  Mapal’s sewage treatment was Good News in January.  Now it has even more orders, thanks to Israeli funding and a unique oxygenation device that reduces maintenance costs by 80%.

Thought-controlled computers.  Ben Gurion Uni students have developed innovative technology that could enable people (e.g. disabled) to operate a computer without using a keyboard or mouse – only their brainwaves.

Knowing your bees.  Researchers at the Hebrew Uni have established a system for matching bees to their favourite flowers.  The knowledge will improve crop fertilisation and expand food production.

The best-liked company is Israeli.  The 6th annual TheNextWeb Conference in Amsterdam presented Onavo with the top appreciation award, plus another award for being voted the best mobile company.

Virtual worlds of film stars and musicians.  Thanks to Israeli games developer Funtactix, Paramount Pictures and Warner Music will soon give movie and music lovers the chance to interact with their showbiz favourites.

Engineering a path to success.  The Israeli charity Ort has launched a new program to allow outstanding, highly motivated yet underprivileged students to train as engineers at schools including here in Netanya.

Time to thank our friends.  The Mimouna festival is celebrated by the Moroccan Jewish community.  Sweet dishes are prepared and non-Jews are invited to thank them for storing food forbidden to Jews during Passover.

Arab and Jewish Israelis unite in Rap group.  A unique item – good news from a BBC website.

Co-existence in Maternity Ward.  Gaza woman and Israeli neighbour recover together with baby daughters.

Save a Child’s Heart pilgrimage.  Following heart surgery, Muslim and Christian children are taken on a visit to their holy sites in Jerusalem.

East Jerusalem Arabs prefer Israel.  An independent survey of 1,039 residents shows that more Arabs would prefer Israeli citizenship than PA citizenship – if Jerusalem were divided.

Even Syrians prefer Israel.  Daraa residents pleaded “Let Israel come and take Syria. Let the Jews come – anything is better than Bashar Assad.” as tanks and snipers moved in and killed civilians indiscriminately.

More Arabs join Israeli Defence Forces.  There was a 200% increase in non-Jews joining the IDF.  Muslim and Christian Arabs volunteer increasingly in order to improve their career prospects in the Start-up Nation.

Fischer raises economic growth forecast.  The Governor of the Bank of Israel says the forecast for Q1 2011 growth has increased from 3.8% to 4.5% and he wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be even higher.

Israeli unemployment nears all-time low.  The rate has dropped to 6% and the historic low of 5.9% looks likely to be breached imminently. Only 192,000 Israelis are actively seeking work.

Israeli companies expand.  The Bank of Israel’s survey for Quarter 1 2011 shows much confidence.

Moody’s give Israel’s “A1” debt rating.  They said it would be “AA” if not for some unfriendly neighbours.

On the sand dunes of Netanya.  While we’re sunbathing, these teenagers are getting fit in order to defend us.

Nothing to do with us.  A new computer virus is apparently hampering Iranian attempts to build a nuclear bomb.  The Stars virus has absolutely nothing to do with Israel (probably!).

Watch the Israeli Oscar-winning film.  A 3min trailer for the Bialik-Rogozin school in Tel Aviv that educates refugee children from Darfur, Eritrea and countries from where they fled for their lives and to safety in Israel.


Disabled Arabs & Jews work together.  A unique (and profitable) Israeli call centre employs 180 Jewish and Arab physically and mentally disabled adults.  “Call Yachol” translates as “everyone is able”.

Peace has a fighting chance.  An amazing project is bringing Israeli Arab and Jewish children together to fight for peace - literally. 400 children from 20 clubs learn the Budo martial art and respect for each other.

Peace tastes great.  4 Israeli chefs – a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian Arab and an Armenian – have founded “Taste of Peace” – which promotes co-existence through cooking.

Educating Arabs & Jews.  Hadassah Hospital’s Dr Simcha Chesner has enlisted the Israeli Ministry of Education to use his Idud program to help any Israeli child with ADHD achieve their full potential.

Israel pays firms to employ Arabs.  Hardly an apartheid policy! Arab high-tech companies are booming in the Galilee, thanks to funding and positive discrimination policies by the Jewish State in favour of Arab workers.

Israelis are the best employers.  This research report was produced by the Palestinian Arab news agency.

Israelis discover the secret of eternal life.  Yes, it’s the big one.  Israeli researchers at Haifa’s Technion say they have discovered a way to reverse the aging process.  Today they are working on mice, but soon.……. ?

Diagnose a heart attack.  This home test kit produced by Israeli start-up Novamed takes one drop of blood to re-assure you; but if it says “Rush to hospital” then call for an ambulance immediately.

Rubbish dump becomes Bike park.  13 years after it closed as a landfill site, the Ariel Sharon Park inaugurated 25km of cycle paths.  It brings new meaning to the term “re-cycling”.

Israel purifies water in China.  Israeli company IDE Technologies has built China’s largest desalination plant. It is 50 percent more efficient than any other thermal desalination facility plant in operation today.

Israel set to “electrify” Chinese roads?  Better Place - the Israeli company building Michael’s new electric car - has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the giant China Southern Power Grid.

Israel is already re-charging Hawaii.  Better Place’s electric car charging infrastructure has been deployed to Oahu – the most populous of the islands in the USA’s 51st state.

Nano-science breakthrough.  Researchers at the Hebrew University have altered nano-crystals with impurity atoms, thereby opening the way for the manufacture of nano-lasers, solar cells, sensors and transistors.

Israeli wins Humboldt prize.  The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation was awarded to Professor Menachem Magidor – ex President of the Hebrew University – for work in mathematical logic and artificial intelligence.

Scientists solve 133 year-old problem.  Haifa Technion researchers have completed a crucial component of Gibbs 1878 Theory of Surface Tension 1878 to improve the bond between ceramic materials and metals.

Computers can “learn”.  Tel Aviv University scientists and Google are working to get computers to analyse past failures in order to re-prioritise resources, route to alternative websites and even to express genuine regret.

Find what you’re “looking” for.  With Superfish’s unique Israeli-developed search-engine called “Window Shopper”, you can compare the prices of products that match the visual image of your desired item.

Green fuel breakthrough.  Primus Green Energy - a subsidiary of Israel Corporation, has developed a process to produce ecologically friendly bio-fuel for jet engines that emits 80% less pollution than gasoline.

Oil off Ashdod coast.  Discovery estimated at 120 million barrels, beneath shallow water 16km from coast.

Another great month.  The Bank of Israel’s Composite State of the Economy Index for March leapt by 0.5%.  Manufacturing, exports, trade & services revenues all improved.  Service exports increased by nearly 14%.

TASE 25 new record.  The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s key index closed at an all-time record of 1,341.89, reflecting confidence in Israel’s top companies.

Michael Coren speaks out.  In 150 seconds he brilliantly demolishes Israel Apartheid lies & explains Gaza.

Israel’s ethical army. 40 senior IDF commanders, stationed all over Israel, attended a symposium dedicated to reinforcing morality and ethics during warfare.  Plus interview with co-author of IDF’s 1994 Code of Ethics.

Welcome to Israel.  A quarter of a million tourists arrived in Israel to celebrate the festivals of Passover and Easter.  55,000 Jews visited Hebron and enjoyed trouble-free tours of the Cave of the Patriarchs.

Cousins together at last.  First cousins Liora Tamir and Aryeh Shikler both thought that they alone from their family had survived the Holocaust, until they discovered each other on the Yad Vashem Names database.

Will Leonardo DiCaprio make Aliya?  Apparently the star actor is looking to build a house in Israel as a wedding is on the cards with his Israeli supermodel girlfriend.

“There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza”.  So says the deputy head of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza.  “The supermarkets have food; there are restaurants and a nice beach.”


Third IsraAid team to Japan.  The delegation headed for the Miyagi Prefecture, one of the hardest hit areas, to provide medical relief and psycho-social support for children and their families displaced by the disaster.

After the Minsk terror attack.  The Israelis were the first send help to Belarus, including medical experts to help those injured in the 11th April blast, and experts in the field of combating terror.

Vaccines to save millions of lives.  Vacciguard’s unique HSP60 system boosts the body’s immune system and can help destroy viruses, tumours and pathogens that at present cannot even be controlled.

Groundbreaking brain tumour treatment.  The US Food & Drugs Administration has approved Novocure’s NovoTTF-100A; the first ever medical device for the treatment of cancer as an alternative to chemotherapy.

Growing up safely.  Trials by Israeli biotech Prolor of its new growth hormone have been successful.  Soon patients should be able to replace use the new drug to once a week to replace previous daily injections. 

Help for emphysema sufferers.  Israeli biotech Kamada has won a US patent for the inhalant version of its protein replacement therapy to treat congenital respiratory diseases.

MS drug trials successful.  Israel’s pharmaceutical giant Teva has completed Phase III trials of its drug Laquinimod for treating Multiple Sclerosis.

We need it now!  Israeli biotech D-Pharm’s drug DP-b99 for treating strokes is so effective and important that the US Food and Drugs Administration has fast-tracked its approval.

Israel saves Arab children’s hearts.  This week, Save a Child's Heart is treating twenty-six children from overseas at the Wolfson Medical Centre in Israel.  This includes 10 children from Gaza.  (See the CBN video.)

Organ donors save more lives.  Shahar Gabai died on her 21st birthday – the day she completed army service – but her organs have given new life to others.  Also a kidney swap saves the daughter of a Filipino caregiver.

WHO recognises Israel!  In a big improvement in relations, Israel, for the first time, signed an Agreement of Cooperation with the World Health Organization.

Water to Uganda.  The Israeli water authority is to build 11 dams and reservoirs to supply water to two million residents in Uganda's northeast Karamoja district.

Israelis & Swiss put their brains together.  This strategic collaboration program between the Hebrew University and EPFL Lausanne establishes Israel as a leading player in international brain research.

Those fiendish Jews and their life-saving innovations.  Great article “written” from the Hamas perspective.

“We are one community”.  Half of the children at Beersheba’s Hagar School are Arab residents of Beersheba and half are Jews, even though it’s almost impossible to tell who is who.

Big splash at Kalkilya zoo.  Arab and Israeli vets navigated a six-year old 1.5-ton hippo into its new home in the Palestinian Arab city.

Israeli pianist invents “real” speech tool.  Gershon Silbert has managed to convert text into human speech such that it retains expression tempo, articulation, and dynamics.  Will Stephen Hawkins get one?


De-icing planes with nano-technology.  Researchers from Shenkar School for Design in Tel Aviv have developed a hydrophobic surface to prevent ice accumulation – a major risk for the airplane industry.


Israel launches NASA deep space “flight”.  Israel’s Bareket Observatory near Modi’in teamed up with NASA for a "virtual space journey through a telescope".

The world invests in Israel.  Jan to March saw the biggest influx of funds for Israeli start-ups since Q1 2009.


SodaStream – an Israeli success story.  The soda-making giant has just raised $261.4 million on NASDAQ.  It sells its products in 41 countries and over 4 million households own a SodaStream machine.


The best wine in the world.  The Golan Heights winery has won the “Wine World Cup”; the top prize and two gold medals at Vinitaly, Italy's annual international wine fair.




Refugees celebrate freedom in Israel.  500 African migrants in Tel Aviv – including many Muslims – participated in a special Passover Seder – the festive event that commemorates the freeing of Jews from slavery.

Advancing Human Rights.  The founder of Human Rights Watch, Bob Bernstein, was so angry about the anti-Israel bias of HRW that he has started a new organisation to focus on the real Human Rights violators.


Spanish royals visit Israel.  Crown Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain visited Jerusalem to mark 25 years of diplomatic relations between Spain and Israel.  If only the UK’s Queen Elisabeth would emulate them.

Israel keeps US navy in the air.  Israeli defence giant Elbit systems has won a $15 million contract to provide management and logistics support for 19 US Navy planes.

And the Brazilian Air Force.  Elbit’s Brazilian subsidiary has won a $85 million follow-on contract to upgrade eleven Brazilian Air Force jets.

Baha’i shrine restored.  After two years’ refurbishment work, the golden dome in Haifa reveals its beauty once more.  Israel is the only Middle East country where the rights of the Baha’i community are protected.

Legion of Honour.  French President Nicolas Sarkozy awarded the country’s highest accolade to Tel Aviv’s Chief Rabbi Meir Lau (formerly Chief Rabbi of Israel) for his efforts to promote interfaith dialogue.

Justin Bieber: “Israel is an Amazing Place”.  The Canadian pop star entertained 35,000 fans at his Tel Aviv concert.  Afterwards he tweets “Never going to forget this one”.

What will Dylan sing?  Speculation mounts as to the songs that Bob Dylan will perform at his concert in June.
“Tangled up in Jews”? – No chance.  But the Passover / anti-nuclear “A hard rain’s a-gonna fall” is a good bet.

Israeli weightlifter wins European medal.  Anatoly Moshik’s bronze was the first medal won by an Israeli contestant at the games in 15 years.

From Netanya to Outer Space.  Our local tour company Ophir tours is offering personal trips to a distance of 200,000 feet for $95,000.  Cool, but unfortunately Lynette says I can’t go.

They want to become Jewish.  A group of 1000 Christians have requested to convert to Judaism so that they can emigrate to Israel, serve in the Israeli Defence Forces and establish Kibbutz communities in Samaria.

Jerusalem – what it’s all about.  This beautiful video highlights the relative importance of Israel’s capital to both Jews & Muslims.


Israeli aid team in Japan.  Some clips of the IDF providing assistance in the devastated country.

Israeli & Iranian teams work together in Japan.  Shhh!  Don’t let Mahmoud Ahmadinejad know this.

Israeli exoskeleton launches in UK.  ReWalk allows paraplegics to stand and walk up stairs.

Europe approves Israeli treatment.  Only last month Brainsway’s trials of its magnetic cortex stimulation treatment for Parkinson’s were successful.  This week it received EU CE Mark certification to market it.

Vegan alternative for medical testing.  An Israeli company, CollPlant, has found a way to replace animal sources for the production of collagen, a major bio-material used in the medical device industry.

Treatment for overweight diabetics.  MetaCure’s gastric stimulation system is designed to help type II diabetes patients lower their blood glucose and control their eating habits and body weight.

Solving hunger – bigger, healthier seeds.  Israeli agricultural research company, Kalima, is developing high-quality crops without using genetic engineering.

Stents for the brain.  Israel was a pioneer of the medical stent for unblocking arteries around the heart.  Now ITGI Medical has successfully completed studies of its brain stents that could save millions of lives.

Israeli biotech booms. Four new life-science companies have launched in the first 3 months of 2011 (more than the whole of 2010) and several more are planned for the first half of the year.  The 21 winners of the Bio Convention Contest for Life Sciences Companies shows how Israel is at the forefront of medical innovation.

How a medical start-up grows.  SMT has developed a filter to protect the brain from clots during minimally invasive procedures. Its chances for success have just been boosted by $10.5 million of funding.

Israel Good Deeds Day.  130,000 Israelis volunteered to help in hundreds of projects around the country.  Some examples are pictured here.

ZAKA expands International Rescue Unit. The Israel-based, UN-recognized volunteer rescue and recovery organization will recruit and train teams of volunteers worldwide to act as emergency medical first responders.


Watch your donation light-up African lives.  Israeli solar technology company SolarEdge Technologies and Jewish Heart for Africa show on-line how sponsors are lighting up schools, clinics and orphanages in Africa.

Israel-Korea Chamber of Commerce inaugurated.  The Korean delegation of coalition and opposition MPs announced South Korea’s goal to advance commercial and economic relations with Israel.

Demand for high-tech Israeli workers.  On average each job seeker can choose between at least 3 offers.

Educating world bankers.  At a Jerusalem conference Prof Stanley Fischer advised senior economists from central banks in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America, from the IMF, the BIS, and the OECD.

Irish bank fights fraud with Israeli software.  The Bank of Ireland can’t afford to lose any more cash.

“Intelligent” advertising.  Israeli startup justAd.TV has developed an application to broadcast advertisements during video on demand shows and movies.

No need to touch anything.  Israeli companies eyeSight and PrimeSense are at the forefront of touch-free technology.  Applications include controlling computers, navigation systems, games, fitness training etc.

We can test it.  Israeli company uTest provides a service for start-ups to test new smartphone applications.

Fast-track to Jerusalem.  New tunnels and bridges will shorten Route 1 between Tel Aviv and Israel’s capital city.  Extra lanes will cut travel time by half an hour in 2016.

Six (6) year-old Israeli sensation.  Pianist prodigy Yoav Levanon will perform at Carnegie Hall next week.  In the second video you can see that he’s too small to sit on the piano stool!

Only in Israel – Deaf-blind theatre.  The world’s only centre for professional deaf & blind actors is in Jaffa.

Israeli gymnast wins European Silver.  Alexander Shatilov won a silver medal at the 2011 European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Berlin in the men's floor exercise.  Look for him at the London 2012 Olympics.

The Iron Dome works!  The newly deployed system successfully intercepted its first Grad rocket fired by Gaza terrorists at residents of Ashkelon.  A further 9 were shot down as terrorists fired hundreds of missiles.

Don’t blind me with facts!  Palestinian Arabs have one of the world’s highest percentages of home ownership – over 80% - even in Gaza.  These are the PA’s own figures.

Everyone makes a difference.  We attended the Bar Ilan conference on improving Israel’s image where the speakers emphasised that we all need to play our part.

Black student leaders support Israel.  In an open letter, the Vanguard Leadership Group slams as “offensive” accusations of Apartheid by anti-Israel students.

Muslims speak out for Israel.  Amran Hassan at the UN and Hasan Afzal of British Muslims for Israel. 


An excellent report.  The Bank of Israel’s annual report showed Israel's economy grew well in 2010. Employment expanded, exports increased and companies invested in their future.

And prospects for 2011 improve.  The forecast for Israel’s 2011 GDP has been revised to 4.5% from 3.8%..

The miracle of our cells.  It’s just amazing to read what researchers at Haifa University have discovered about how our white blood cells go about their work.  This may lead to drugs that exploit natural cell behaviour.

How bacteria communicate.  Researchers at Hebrew University have now uncovered a major pathway that explains how bacteria execute sophisticated tasks.

Cancer treatment - in curry!  Human trials at Tel Aviv University indicate that curcumin - tumeric’s active ingredient – has a positive effect in the treatment of non-curable pancreatic cancer.

Eleven lives saved.  Three bereaved families gave permission for the transplantation of organs from their recently deceased relatives.  Further success for the new ADI/Israel transplant donor cards.

Israeli Kibbutz builds dairy farm for Hebron Arabs.  Kibbutz Afikim is using its world-leading technology to combat the milk shortage in the Palestinian Authority controlled city of Hebron – where the world’s media only ever reports conflict.

Fun in the snow.  You definitely won’t see this on the BBC.  Israeli soldiers took Palestinian Arab children cancer sufferers and their families for a day-out, playing in the snow on Mount Hermon.

Israel is changing the world.  Saul Singer – author of “Start-up Nation” gives an uplifting message to us all about how Israeli innovation is benefiting the planet.  Please let everyone on the planet hear it.

Hunger sparks uprisings.  As food shortages are given as one of the key reasons for many protests against Arab despotic leaders, it is important to review how Israel’s innovations in agriculture are feeding the world.

The start-up nation hits the road.  At the US/Israel Venture Summit, cutting-edge Israeli start-ups meet top venture capitalists, angel investors, Corporate VCs and investment bankers from throughout North America.

Israel invests in its start-ups.  Eleven new start-ups received funding from the Chief Scientist’s technology incubators for innovative projects.

Israel and Russia in outer space.  Israel and Russia have signed a space cooperation agreement, covering observation, navigation, medicine and biology in space, advanced materials and launchings.

At Europe’s atomic heart. President Shimon Peres led an Israeli delegation to the CERN nuclear research facility near Geneva where 100 Israeli scientists are working. 

Clear and Nuclear. During the visit, President Peres “radiated” clarity on the current political situation.  His next immediate stops were Britain and then Washington.  Not bad for an 87 year-old.

Opening more eyes in the sky.  Israel’s Elbit Systems inaugurated its new “state of the art” space camera laboratory that will serve the needs of Israel's space programs over the coming decades.

First planes arrive for Israel’s new fire-fighting squadron.  The squadron will have seven Air Tractor AT 802 planes and will be named for Elad Riven, a teenage Fire Scout volunteer who was killed in the Carmel Fire.

Building hydro-power for Peru.  Israel Corp subsidiary Inkia won a $1.1b contract to supply 200 megawatts per year from new hydroelectric plants in Peru.  Inkia already generates one third of Peru’s electricity.

Israelis win NASA scholarships.  Three Israeli innovators were awarded entry into the prestigious NASA graduate programme in Silicon Valley.  Their prize was presented in memory of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon.

Security for Dallas.  Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has placed a multi-million dollar follow-on order with Israeli high-tech giant NICE systems to expand its current surveillance systems.

Broadband for Houston.  Israeli network specialist Alvarion has deployed a 4G wireless broadband Smart-City network to meet the institutional and public needs of Houston Texas.  It also won a National award.

Your Phone Could Become Your Personal Translator.  A new service being developed in Haifa, Israel, called Lexifone, utilizes a two-way smart voice dictionary to enable two people to communicate.

Snapped up.  Cadent’s 3D digital scanning solutions for orthodontics and dentistry, with its Israel-based R&D centre were obviously too tempting to resist being devoured in another US take-over.

Electric car update.  Progress with Michael’s “personal project” advanced with the signing of an agreement between car supplier Better Place and the Israel Electric Company to build a re-charging network in Israel.

“The world is coming to Jerusalem”.  The International Tourism Conference – Jerusalem 2011 is the first of its kind, covering all aspects of innovation, market trends and new technologies impacting tourism.

A clean sweep.  National Clean-up Day was marked across Israel on Tuesday.  Tens of thousands of children and adults picked up garbage, campaigned for cleaner greenery and participated in educational initiatives.

Netanyahu on YouTube World View.  Watch Israel’s Prime Minister here answer the world’s top questions.

Croatia PM’s official visit.  Ms Kosor and Mr Netanyahu agreed to increase trade, tourism, security co-operation and investment.  Mr Netanyahu also thanked Ms Kosor for sending teams to fight the Carmel fires.

Mazel Tov.  The British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould had good news when his wife Celia gave birth to Rachel Elisabeth at the Tel Aviv maternity centre.  The first “sabra” for the first Jewish British Ambassador.

Surprise births.  At Ramat Gan safari, a Lar gibbon has given birth again after a gap of 11 years.  This follows shortly after another member of the endangered species at the safari gave birth after a 10-year gap.

Israel beats Latvia.  Israel won 2-1 at home to keep alive its chances of reaching Euro 2012 finals.  The winning goal was scored by Celtic’s Beram Kayal, an Israeli Arab, who praises life for Arabs in Israel.

And then Georgia.  A 1-0 win and the return of captain Yossi Benayoun gave the Israel team a further boost.

Breaking barriers through water research. Ben Gurion University’s first Jordanian PhD student, Amer Sweity, plans to bring the experience he has gained back to Jordan and other Arab countries.

Goldstone admits his report was wrong.  "If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document." He regretted the report’s accusations regarding Israel’s conduct in Gaza.


Israel’s unemployment drops sharply.  The last time that Israel’s unemployment rate (6.1%) was this low was in March 2008.

The 1st field hospital in Japan.  Israel is setting up a mobile hospital 290 miles north of Tokyo in the city of Minamisanriko, where some 10,000 people were killed or are missing following the earthquake and tsunami.

Caring for “the other” before our own.  For some in the IDF medical team to Japan this is their 3rd overseas mission in a year.  Others are heading out even as their families are sheltering from rocket attacks from Gaza.

What if it happens here?  200 Israelis & Jordanians held a joint training exercise in Israel’s southern Arava desert simulating regional preparedness for a major earthquake along the Syrian-African Rift.

Saving babies in Ghana.  Israeli neonatal specialists have established two new baby units in Kumasi - Ghana’s second largest city where 4,800 of 28,000 new babies died last year. One hospital serves 1.5 million inhabitants.

Israeli scientists honoured.  Two Hebrew University professors were awarded Canada’s highest international awards for medical researchers whose work contributes significantly to improving the quality of human life.

Positive trial results for liver disease treatment.  Nasvax’s phase IIa trial on 36 patients at Hadassah Medical Centre Ein Kerem in Jerusalem found that its anti-CD3 antibody immunotherapy was safe and effective.

The future is in the desert.  At the annual Environment 2020 Conference in Tel Aviv the director of the DESERTEC foundation announced that 'Fuelling continents with desert light is within our reach'.

Israel’s high standards recognised.  Israel has received the EU standard for securities regulation and disclosure.  Israel is the only non-EC country where its companies’ shares can be traded on European markets.


El Al returns to profit.  Israel’s national airline is flying high once more.


Dell inaugurates Israeli R&D centre.  Following last week’s news about Barclays, computer giant Dell will be developing storage technologies and cloud computing solutions, for embedding in Dell products worldwide.


“I know that face”.  Microsoft Israel has unveiled OneVision, a technology that can track and identify anyone not just in photos, but also in video.


Netanyahu praises Arab women entrepreneurs.  “I saw pride and the power to rise without restriction, and this is a wonderful thing" said Israel’s PM at the Prime Minister's Conference at the Jaffa Port.


Miracle in the midst of death.  Tragically, Arab terrorists murdered a British woman with their Jerusalem bombing.  But the keen eye of the kiosk manager prevented many more deaths.

Elizabeth Taylor – Friend of Israel.  Following the death of actress Liz Taylor, we were reminded of her love for Israel. She even offered to be exchanged for the hostages held by terrorists at Entebbe in 1976.

Natalie Portman promotes Hadassah Hospital.  The “Black Swan” Oscar winner’s latest role is as the star of a fundraising campaign for the Jerusalem medical centre that she was born in, 30 years ago.

“Nobody is above the Law”.  Although sad for Israeli politics, the jailing of ex-President Katzav shows that Israel’s justice system rules supreme.


Green Globe winners.  Israel’s Environmental Awards were announced this week.

Organic farmers use sterile insects.  The “Bio Fly” factory at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is working with Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture to replace chemical pest-control substances with environmentally friendly alternatives.


Heavens light up for “Earth Hour”.  Israel joined world efforts to promote energy saving by switching off the lights in 20 Israeli cities for one hour.  Divine support was provided with a simultaneous lightening storm.

Get ready to switch.  The time for Michael’s new electric car is getting nearer.  Israel’s first battery switching station was launched with a blessing from the Infrastructures minister.

“How does it feel?”  Fantastic!  The legendary Bob Dylan is performing in Israel on June 20th.  I’m there!!!

We can Jazz it up here too.  Jazz legend George Benson will be play solo with his band in Caesarea in July.

European Champions - Basketball.  Elitzur Ramle became the first Israeli women’s basketball team to lift a European title, beating Arras 61-53 in France to win the Eurocup.

And Squash.  Daniel Poleshchuk and Ido Burstein claimed Israel’s first ever titles on the European Squash Federation’s circuit when they won the under 17 and under 13 titles in the Welsh Junior Open in Cardiff.

Jews & Arabs play as one.  Two teams each containing both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs battled out the final of Israel Bowl 1V – Israel’s American football championship league.

March 30th is “Buy Israel Goods Day.” Please respond to the calls to boycott Israeli goods on 30th March by positively selecting Israeli products on that day.  Please thank store managers that stock Israeli products.

Great new “Good News” website.  A great new website has been set-up, by two new immigrants to Israel, to publicise Israel’s technical achievements and promote global improvements.  Please check this site regularly.


Still booming ahead.  Israel’s state-of-the-economy index for February rose by 0.4%

No need to ask – Israel sends aid.  IsraAID-FIRST started preparing its rescue mission on the same day as the Japanese earthquake and tsunami struck.

Watching reactors with Israeli cameras.  Whilst the eyes of the world are focussed on Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors, Japan is monitoring a critical core using thermal imaging cameras from Israel’s Magna BSP.

Israel provides Geiger counters.  Following a plea by the Japanese police and fire department, Israel sent 100 Geiger counters and 200 more are on their way.

New tool to predict earthquakes.  In November, Hebrew Uni scientists in Jerusalem announced a new stress model to explain tectonic shifts.  Now, Tel Aviv Uni scientists have developed a “fossil seismograph”.

‘The biggest breakthrough since Ultrasound’.  America’s Food & Drugs Administration has approved a groundbreaking non-invasive, radiation-free lung imaging system created by Israel’s Deep Breeze.

The best emergency services.  The US Army is buying another 463 ambulances from the US subsidiary of Israeli defence contractor Rabintex Industries.  They will enhance the 926 ambulances supplied previously.

Dyslexics benefit from Israeli reading system.  AgileEye, an Internet-based passive training program, promotes better teamwork between the brain and the eyes to boost reading aptitude.

Hi-tech makes billions.  16 Israelis made this year's "Forbes" The World's Billionaires list, up from 10 in 2010.

Facebook buys its first Israeli company.  Snaptu allows mobile phones to access mobile internet applications.

Helping India go wireless.  Israeli Broadband wireless systems developer Alvarion has won another multi-million dollar contract – this time to supply a 4G wireless broadband network to rural India.

Watch your favourite movie moment.  Universal Studios has brought in Israeli company AnyClip to digitalise its films and revolutionise access to individual scenes.

Weizmann scientist becomes UNESCO laureate.  Dr. Hagar Gelbard-Sagiv specialises in the neuronal basis of conciousness.  She has studied at the Haifa Technion, Weizmann Institute and now Caltech.

Israel’s future Einsteins.  The standard in the Intel-Israel Young Scientists Competition has risen yet again.

Land of milk ....  Some things are more important than money.  Dairy products manufacturer Tnuva has dedicated a new synagogue at its Tel Aviv headquarters.

Blessing from Heaven.  The level of Lake Kinneret rose 38cm (to 15cm above the lower red line) in the two weeks we were in the UK.  Perhaps our next trip to England could be sponsored by Israel’s water authority?

Gas supplies restored.  Egypt resumed its natural gas pipeline deliveries to Israel following a six-week halt due to sabotage and subsequent explosion in Egypt.

Dump the oil barons.  Nearly 2000 entrepreneurs and investors attended the Eilat Renewable Energy Conference, knowing they can no longer be held hostage to the unpredictability of Middle East fossil fuel.

“Zero tolerance against polluters”.  Israel’s parliament approved the new Environmental Enforcement Law.

Israel wins international ice-hockey tournament.  The Israeli 10-13 year-olds came out on top of 92 foreign teams in Canada despite Israel having only one ice rink and the kids having to train in roller-blades on tarmac.

“That’s why they call it The Blues”.  Chelsea midfielder and Israel national team captain Yossi Benayoun could not resist buying a £2 million apartment in the Tel Aviv development known as “The Blue Project”

Arab baby saved by “settler” paramedics.  In the village where the survivors of the Fogel family were mourning their murdered grandchildren and parents, an Arab woman was helped with an emergency delivery.

Israel is NOT an apartheid state.  As this young Arab Israeli woman states proudly on IBA news.

Israel is a “good enemy”.  This Palestinian Arab views Israel very favourably when compared to Arab states.

Israel allows record number of aid trucks into Gaza.  1,670 trucks in one week – double that in June 2010.

But no weapons!  Israeli forces boarded German-owned, French-crewed, Liberian-registered ship “Victoria” and captured Iranian-supplied (British-manufactured) arms en route to Gaza from Syria via Turkey & Egypt.

And definitely no nerve gas.  Weizmann Institute team succeeds in developing an enzyme that breaks down organophosphorus nerve agents before they can cause muscle damage.

Which new Purim music video do you prefer? (Maccabeats vs Fountainheads).  Performing the story of a previous failed attempt to annihilate the Jewish people approximately 2370 years ago.

Barclays to set up huge IT R&D centre in Israel.  Has Michael’s old firm come looking for him?


Responding to NZ disaster. Last week’s news described Israel’ rescue services. Now the Israeli Government has sent emergency aid to Christchurch for sanitation, water purification and temporary shelters.

Israelis save Briton in Jordan. Israeli hikers successfully treated a severely injured Englishman who had fallen from a high cliff near the ancient Jordanian city of Petra.

Ton-up for Israeli heart surgeon. Tel Aviv cardiologist Dr Ariel Finkelstein celebrated 100 successful aortic valve replacement catheterisations on patients over 80 years old - too old for regular open-heart surgery.

Stimulating the brain. A two-year trial of magnetic cortex stimulation by Israeli company Brainsway has proved effective and safe in the treatment of sufferers of Parkinson’s disease.

Early detection. Israeli medical company Flowsense announced success in its trials to discover early-stage acute kidney damage.

Fixing muscle injuries. Israeli Biotech Pluristem’s latest stem cell trial shows significant improvements in the recovery of muscle function.

Hope you like Gefilta fish. Because a Tel Aviv University professor has researched the gene that causes Alzheimer’s and has been able to neutralise its harmful effects using a diet rich in fish oils and omega3.

Israeli battery to power European cars. Jerusalem-developed lithium-iron-phosphate battery packs will be used to run 50,000 cars built by French-German vehicle manufacturer Mia Electric.

Heads up. Israeli defence electronics company Elbit Systems has won a $12.75 million order for an integrated helmet and display sight system for US Apache helicopter pilots.

The best defence. The IDF’s new “Trophy-Windbreaker” system intercepted a Gaza terrorist anti-tank missile for the first time.

We hear what you say. Israeli-run company DSP is providing the advanced technology chipset to the new “true-life sound” Samsung and Vtech cordless phones.

Preserving water – in London! After a six month trial, Israeli company TaKaDu has won a full contract to monitor water leaks for Thames Water. Israeli software is managing water for 75% of London’s population.

Selling together. Some 400 Palestinian Arab farmers joined thousands of Israelis at an international agricultural fair in Tel Aviv. They also received help from Israeli farming innovations.

Sitting down to peace talks? An Israeli plastics factory employs 50% Israelis and 50% Palestinian Arabs to manufacture (among other things) toilet seats. It gives another meaning to “low-level co-operation”.

Cricket, lovely cricket. To strengthen ties between Israel and India, the Indian government has announced it will be holding a special cricket tournament in Israel in March.

An Oscar for Israeli Film. “Strangers No More”, won Best Documentary Short Subject. It features pupils who escaped genocide, war and hunger to arrive in Israel at a Tel Aviv school where "no child is a stranger."

Priority parking for electric cars. The new eco-friendly Tel Aviv office tower will provide prime parking for zero-emission vehicles. A trail-blazing idea likely to set a trend worldwide in the fight against petrol guzzlers.

Arabs enjoy Israeli-made spoof Gaddafi rap. “Zenga Zenga” is enthralling those opposed to the Libyan dictator. One version even omits the original’s bikini-clad dancers so as not to offend religious sensitivities.

On March 30th please buy Israeli products. To counter a global call to boycott Israeli goods.


What an impression! Please watch this video to see some breathtaking aerial views of our tiny but varied country.


Confident of our future.  Israel’s Finance Minister opened the annual Israel Dealmaker’s Summit saying “the situation sometimes looks too good to be correct… but that's reality”.

Solving global hunger.  A Hebrew University researcher in Jerusalem has fortified crops at the cellular level.  His technique extends Israel’s position as a world leader in cutting-edge agricultural technologies.

Israel “gives energy security to EU”.   The Greek deputy environment minister looks forward to importing Israeli natural gas and providing an alternative to their current energy sources.

Dissolving bitterness.  Israel ran a week-long seminar on desalination technologies for thirty participants from Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, covering design, operation and maintenance of water desalination plants.

Rapid relief.  Scientists at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem have produced low-cost growth factor proteins that will speed up the usually slow treatment of burns injuries and skin wounds (e.g. foot ulcers) in diabetics.

Spinning a path to faster computers? Scientists at the Weizmann Institute have used DNA to filter spinning electrons.  It may lead to faster and more energy efficient computer chips.  (One for the PhD physicists, I think.)

A force to be reckoned with.  Why just spin electrons?  Other Weizmann scientists are moving molecules by spinning them like a Frisbee to open up new possibilities for optical imaging or for filtering chemicals.

Maximising power.  Another international award for the Israeli (Bar-Ilan Uni developed) system that eliminates the risk of power outages in electrical networks.

Bumper harvest.  Ben Gurion University scientists have received $1.3 million funding as part of a European project to develop robots that can detect fruit, assess them and then only pick ripe crops.

Secrets of the sea revealed.  Ben Gurion Uni researchers have synthesised the process by which crustaceans such as crayfish manage to stabilize Calcium Carbonate.  It could treat osteoporosis and improve blood clotting.

Hip hip hooray!  A 100-year-old man walks out of hospital after a successful hip operation on his birthday at Haifa’s Carmel medical centre.

Scanning the body.  Haifa Technion researchers have uncovered the secrets of ultrasound scanning.  It can lead to pain suppression techniques, fast healing of fractures and the re-evaluation of the safety of such scans.

Funding research for Arab women.  The Israel Ministry of Science has awarded $100,000 to Dr Sarab Abu-Rabia Queder of Ben Gurion Uni to study "Avenues of Economic Participation for Rural Bedouin Women".

Israeli products make your phone safe.  The “Cell La Vie” iPhone case stops 98% of radiation.  “Tawkon” will alert you when the combination of radiation from phone plus transmitting cell tower exceeds a safe level.

A trap for terrorists.  An Israeli start-up has developed an unusual mousetrap.  Some of the air surrounding a person is blown into a cage containing mice that are trained to set off alarms if they sniff explosives.  Eeek!

Big shot.  A joint test by Israel and the US of the Israeli Arrow 2 system resulted in the destruction of a rocket simulating an Iranian ballistic missile.  It proved that it protects against all missiles in the Iranian arsenal.

The diversity of Israel.  A group representing Israeli minorities has embarked on a US speaking tour.  The group includes Arabs, Druse, Ethiopians and gays.

Queuing up to visit us.  In the seven day registration period, over 40,000 applications were received for the Birthright-Taglit programme that brings young Jewish adults to Israel on free 10 day educational tours.

Fill those lungs.  PM Netanyahu has just dedicated the new Kishon River Park serving the residents in the Haifa area.  It is billed as the “Green lungs of the North” and will rehabilitate a long-time polluted river.

Returned from Munich.  There was closure for the family of one of the Israeli athletes murdered at the 1972 Munich Olympics.  His ID card was handed back by the son of the German policeman who hid it 39 years ago.

President Peres meets President Perez.  Israel’s Shimon Peres was warmly welcomed by Spain’s Head of State Florentino Perez.  “Israel is not Real Madrid” joked Peres and was rewarded with his own football jersey.

No longer Poles apart.  The visit to Israel by Polish PM Donald Tusk has led to the signing of several agreements related to water supply and sustainable energy technology management.

Humanity begins here.  Whilst other countries have abandoned its citizens living in Libya, Israel has allowed 300 ex-pat Palestinian Arabs to return to the territories following a request from Mahmoud Abbas.

Brain Surgery in Israel saves Gaza toddler.  Surgeons at Rambam hospital in Haifa removed a tumour the size of a large orange.  The hospital has treated 200 Gazans in the last six months alone.

Rescuing victims down-under.  Israeli tourists (ex medics) started treating survivors of the New Zealand earthquake – only to find that they were working alongside teams already flown in direct from Israel.


Q4 2010 Growth was “stellar”.  Analysts expected Israel’s growth for the final quarter of 2010 would be 4%.  Wrong!  It was 7.8%.  And the composite state of the economy index for Jan 2011 increased again.

Ties that bind us.  A bandage invented in Israel may have saved the life of Arizona senator Gabriella Giffords.

Fighting to save species. A few miles from Netanya, the Israeli sea turtle rescue centre runs the only sea turtle breeding program in the world. It is part of a global effort to keep the endangered sea turtle population alive.

Cyprus goes mobile.  Israeli company Amdocs has sold software to help Cyprus launch its first mobile virtual network operation.

Israel is mobile.  55 Israeli start-up companies are represented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

A Projector from your phone.  An Israeli company based in Kfar Saba is jointly developing the world’s smallest Pico projector for smartphones and for other portable electronic devices.

Core!  12,000 tons of apples per day are being exported from Israel to Syria.

Soros invests in Israel.  Seems like even one of Israel’s biggest critics can’t resist having a piece of the action.

PA accepts responsibility. The Palestinian Authority has paid out millions of dollars to settle the compensation claim of the family of two American citizens murdered by Arab terrorists in Israel in 1996.

Hit them where it hurts.  An Israeli lawyer is fighting terrorism successfully in the courts.  She has already cut over 60% of the illegal funds going to terrorists in Gaza.

From “Lost Tribe” to IDF officer.  History was made when Shalem Gin, 20, became the first Israel Defence Force officer from the Bnei Menashe community in India - descended from one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel that returned after their exile from the original Land of Israel 2700 years ago.

Meet the ancestors.  With school trips to Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs, Education minister Gidon Sa’ar is ensuring that all Israeli children will know how Jews are connected across 3 millennia to the Land of Israel. 

Purpose of ancient skyscraper uncovered.  The 11,000 year-old structure near Jericho was built to encourage moves to agricultural existence.  Computer technology and solstice maps, the psychological effects are evident.

Stalin sees red. He might turn in his grave if he knew the Israeli Army band had performed in Moscow’s Red Square.

August Burns Red.  It’s the name of another band – an American metal underground band that will perform in Tel Aviv in June. (Possibly only of interest to the under 30s).

Rapper helps readers. New immigrant and Zionist rap star “Antithesis” (also known as Samuel Green) has launched a one-month Read-a-thon to help Israeli schoolchildren improve their English.

Hitting back in Dubai.  Israeli tennis star Shahar Pe’er did well to reach the Dubai quarter-finals again this year.  Her eventual defeat against the world number one Caroline Wozniacki was no disgrace.

African refugees get kickback.  Some of the thousands of refugees from Africa that pour into Israel are able to enjoy coaching at the Refugee Development Centre thanks to Ivory Coast football star Benjamin Kamara.

Football for all.  Men and women in Arab countries may be demonstrating for basic human rights but in the Palestinian territories, Arab women celebrated the inauguration of the new women’s football league.

From “hell-hole” to Holy-land. 31 Chilean minors who were trapped underground for 68 days will be guests of Israel this coming week when they arrive with their spouses on their “Pilgrimage of Thanks”.

It was an Indian summer.  40,000 tourists from India visited Israel in 2010 – a rise of 75% compared with the previous year.  For 87% of them it was their first ever visit.  Also, 17,763 Indonesians visited Israel - perhaps surprisingly, as Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country.

And finally:-
From Tokyo with love.  We had a visit this week from the Makuya – Japanese Christians that love Israel.
Watch and hear them singing “Am Yisrael Chai!” through the streets of Jerusalem.


Israel’s exports soar.  Despite the strong Shekel, exports increased by 16.8% to $4.3bn between November 2010 and January 2011.  This compared with a slight fall during the previous 3 months.

Preventing brain damage.  Two new studies have verified the Weizmann Institute’s patented method for treating strokes, head trauma, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, glaucoma, and some brain tumours.

Combating stress.  A research group at the Weizmann Institute have identified proteins that turn off the body’s stress defences.  This may lead to treatments for post-traumatic stress syndrome, anorexia and depression.

Improving fertility.  A Weizmann Institute research team has revealed the detrimental effects on fertility of antioxidants in face creams, foods and beverages.  This has major conception and birth control implications.

 A cry for help.  An Israeli startup is developing the EpiLert - a bracelet that detects the limb movements of convulsions and sends an alert signal automatically to caregivers when a person goes into an epileptic seizure.

 “Moving” experiences.  Magen David Adom paramedics delivered two babies in separate cars when they attended two women in labour whilst on the way to hospital.  Mothers and babies are now “motoring” along.

L’Hayim – “to Life”.  The numerical value of the letters in the Hebrew word for life “Hayim” totals eighteen.  Which now equals the number of children born to a Jerusalem woman - nine girls and nine boys.

For Israelis, all life is sacred. Israeli soldiers successfully delivered a baby boy in a military ambulance when his Palestinian Arab mother went into labour in the Jordan valley. They then performed CPR to save his life.

Bees make Turkish delight!  Ignoring the rhetoric of their prime minister, Turkish beekeepers are swarming to Israel for the second annual joint Israel-Turkey bee growers' convention.

The “cream” of Israeli Agriculture.  Israel is exporting 30,000 high-yield cows to Vietnam over five years in the largest project of its kind in the world. It will completely transform Vietnam’s milk industry.

Fertile soil in China.  Israel Chemicals has won a deal to deliver 500,000 tons of potash fertiliser to several Chinese customers.

Spreading light with our neighbours.  Israel, Jordan and Turkey are together building a synchrotron – a huge device that radiates light for microscopic scientific studies.  The machine will be built near Amman, Jordan.

Pull the other one!  Israel Aerospace Industries demonstrated their “Taxibot” that tows planes from terminal gate to the runway.  At $3m each they save billions in fuel costs and airlines are queuing up to buy them.

Eco-friendly battery.  A $5m donation will enable scientists at the Haifa Technion to develop a new class of silicon-based, high-energy battery without heavy metals and with a potentially infinite shelf life.

Driven mad by bad driving?  Install this iPhone application from Israeli company Zemingo and a video of the obnoxious behaviour will be recorded and reported instantly to the authorities.

Providing wise council.  The European Research Council has elected its first Israeli to its governing body – the Scientific Council. IT expert Prof Danny Dolev of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem will serve until 2013.

Carry on studying.  American students who had to curtail their Arabic and Middle East studies in Egypt due to the recent turmoil have been welcomed into the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Catering for the disadvantaged. Top Tel Aviv kosher restaurant provides opportunities for problem teenagers.

Peace in Israel.  It may be just new noise regulations, but some of us will appreciate the extra time to relax.


Our economy is strong.  In his speech at the conference of the Institute for National Security Studies, Prof Stanley Fisher, Governor of the Bank of Israel, stated “We have a strong economy, and I believe it will successfully meet the challenges of the future”.  In particular, he highlighted:
  • Our foreign currency reserves are large enough to withstand geopolitical shocks (such as in Egypt)
  • Our defence spending is down to 9% of GDP – the OECD average. In the 1970s it was 30% of GDP
  • Our balance of payments surplus continues and now our exports exceed our imports
  • The recent gas discoveries will only improve our economic prospects

Cleaning up Lake Victoria.  Israel is working with Germany to rehabilitate contaminated regions adjacent to Lake Victoria.  The lake is a major source of livelihood to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Repairing faces. Israeli doctors have been fixing cleft palates and lips of residents in Assam, North-East India.  Over 200 people with congenital facial defects can now smile.

New molecule for cancer treatment. Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has enlisted Israeli drug company Proteologics to jointly develop six proteins for the treatment of several types of cancer.

Is your body breathing?  An Israeli device checks the amount of Oxygen in the body’s tissues to test how healthy it is.  The US Food and Drugs Administration has just given it approval.

Israel launches into Europe.  Israel’s space agency signed a Research & Development cooperation agreement with the European Space Agency.

Luck is in the air.  Israeli company Gilat Satellite networks has won a $40-$50million contract to provide a system to support 27000 state lottery sites in Texas and Illinois.

Solar energy that floats on water. Award winning Israeli company Solaris Synergy has designed solar energy grids that float on water, minimising energy production costs, whilst reducing evaporation of precious water.

Populating the desert.  Israel has built a new town in the Negev desert.  Carmit, near Beersheba aims eventually to house 2,500 families.  Another phase in making the desert bloom.

Oo la la!  French industry and energy minister Eric Besson has signed two cooperation accords in Jerusalem.  For renewable energy and joint R&D projects.  The minister headed a delegation of 20 French companies.

The Brits want some too.  The UK and Israel have established a joint council of leading scientists to conduct stem cell research for treating and curing diseases.

450 Euro MPs visit Israel.  Members of Parliament from all 27 EU countries arrived on Friday for a three-day conference to learn about Israel.

We’re working together.  Palestinian software engineers at Asal Technologies in Ramallah are coding software as outsourcers for an Israeli life sciences software firm.

On your bike!  An Israeli professor’s bike riding programme is helping to rehabilitate juvenile offenders. Challenging, strenuous activity helps to relieve aggression and build self-esteem.

Israel has all the Answers.  The Israeli company that runs search engine Answers.com has been sold for $127 million cash to a private equity firm.

Israel to host UEFA championship finals.  OK, it’s only the 2013 Under 21 finals, but it underlines Europe’s confidence in Israel’s ability to host a major sporting competition.

More help for tourists.  A new website has just been launched to help visitors find their way around Israel

Ancient treasure, in the most unlikely places. Police got more than they bargained for when conducting an arms raid.  In the backyard they discovered a stash of 2000 year-old jugs and coins.

Even a 1500 year-old church.  A Byzantine church was uncovered thanks to relics recovered from looters.  Underneath its beautiful mosaic floors is thought to be the tomb of the prophet Zechariah from 500 BCE.

Gaza exports Israeli produce to Sinai.  Gazans have so much food that they are able to supply residents of Sinai with Israeli products using their smuggling tunnels in the reverse direction.

Just another everyday miracle.  A security CCTV camera and photographer’s video capture the scenes as a Hamas rocket attack narrowly misses a wedding celebration.


Israel’s businesses are booming.  It’s nearly all good news in the latest Bank of Israel survey of Israeli companies.  For the first time since the end of the global financial crisis, Israel’s exports of services increased.

Israeli launches a “scientific revolution”. Prof Yosef Shiloh, working on DNA damage responses at Tel Aviv Uni, received the prestigious Clowes Memorial Award from the American Association for Cancer Research. 

At the “heart” of medical advances.  Developed in Israel, the Optimiser heart pulse generator was transplanted into its first Israeli patient.  Over twenty US patients receive the new device every month.

Not forgetting the brain, of course! Israeli researchers have developed a computer game called Savyon that they say can slow down the progress of Alzheimers. Israel hopes to use it to treat sufferers around the world.  In another development, trials with an Israeli developed magnetic device show promise in treating autism.

Or the legs.  The US has just approved the Israeli exoskeleton “Rewalk” that allows paralysed patients to walk again.  It already has European approval and made a dramatic appearance on the TV show “Glee”.

Or the spine. US approval has also been given for an Israeli developed robot-assisted spinal implant, for treating spinal injuries and diseases.  The company’s surgical robots are also is expanding into Europe.

Or the skin.  The US has also approved an Israeli produced skin rejuvenation device.

Beating back the bacteria.  Tel Aviv University chemistry researchers claim to be the first to have developed a technique that neutralizes the ability of bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics.

Building hospitals.  The Czech republic chose an Israeli company to expand one of its major hospitals.

Even when we die, we live on.  Following the death of a beautiful young Israeli girl, the lives of four people were saved. Another case of a tragedy turned into a miracle, thanks to the new Israeli organ donor card. (Lynette’s arrived on Friday.)

An ear to the ground.  Israel has calibrated its instruments that will detect a nuclear test should any rogue state foolishly conduct one.

Or straight from the mouth. Israel’s NICE Systems have launched a breakthrough real-time speech analytics product that can understand customer intentions.  It could revolutionise call centres.

Down the throat.  An Israeli company’s surgical lasers are about to go global.

Or over the airways.  Israel’s satellite communications systems continue to prove popular, as an American oil and gas integrator places another big order.

And in the air.  The Indian navy has commissioned its second unmanned air vehicle squadron, which will operate Israel Aerospace Industries-supplied UAV planes.

On the roads, Israel sets the standard.  As Israel gears up for the electric car, Israel’s standards for re-charging systems look likely to be adopted world-wide.

Despite the drought, water flows.  Israel’s largest municipal water pipeline has been laid in Jerusalem.

As it did 2000 years ago.  Archaeologists have cleared out a 2,000-year-old tunnel running under the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City.  The tunnel was built originally to drain rainwater near the Second Temple.

Beautifying our country.  To accompany last week’s recycling legislation, Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry has launched its “Green" campaign including a dedicated website.  Checkout that green hair!

A light to the nations.  Ten top Chinese academics visited Israel to experience the Start-up Nation at first hand.

Israel - Land of Milk and Honey.  That’s the title of a new 12-part documentary series being shown to Chinese audiences.  A joint venture from Chinese Central Television and the Israeli Embassy in Beijing.

Up for an Oscar.  An Oscar nomination has been given for a documentary about a Tel Aviv school that caters for 800 non-Israeli children with traumatic backgrounds.

So let’s party. 2010 was a record-breaking year for Tel Aviv, which saw overnight bookings climb 22 percent from the previous year to 2,230,000.  The world’s media loves it too.

Good news from our history.  Always good to remind people we meet about Israel’s past successes.  E.g. how tiny fledgling Israel re-settled most of the 850,000 Jewish refugees expelled from Arab countries after 1948.
Good response here to a recent negative (of course) opinion piece in the Guardian newspaper on this subject.

Finally, see Israel for yourself.  Amazing graphics in this 5-minute film depicting the geography of Israel.


We’re still growing.  The Bank of Israel's composite state-of-the-economy index for December 2010 increased by 0.7 percent from its November level. The index shows continued growth - in the last two months at an accelerated pace.

Our exiles will return.  Israel is bringing 350 Falash Mura (Ethiopians claiming Jewish ancestry) to the land.

Israel-funded tests save Arab lives.  Israel is the only country in the world to include genetic testing in its basket of health services.  These tests greatly reduce child mortality in the Arab Beduin population.

Opportunities for all.  Dr Rania Elkhatib is the first Israeli Arab woman to become a plastic surgeon.  In fact she says that she is the first Arab woman to become a plastic surgeon anywhere!

Israel helps eliminate Polio in Uganda. Israeli solar-powered refrigerators, supplied by Jewish Heart for Africa, were used to store vaccine for eliminating a re-occurrence of polio in Uganda.

Slowing down the aging process. New research from Israel suggesting that exercise enables you to age more gracefully may also lead to a drug to increase muscle mass and to reduce the effects of aging.

Help for diabetics.  InsuLine’s revolutionary insulin delivery patch goes on trial in Germany.

Making the blood flow.  Israeli Biotech Pluristem gets US approval for stem cell trials for treatment of blocked arteries.

And more water too!  A first-of-its-kind bio filter plant is to open near Netanya that will reclaim and purify run-off rainwater (previously lost into the sea) through layers of plants, bacteria and soil.

Even in the Air Force.  The JNF are constructing a cutting-edge energy-efficient wetlands water treatment system at the Ramon air force base that will save 80 million gallons of fresh water a year.


Cleaning up our act! To coincide with Tu-BiShvat (New Year for Trees and Israel Environment Day) Israel’s parliament approved a massive recycling programme to recycle 60% of packaging by July 1st and targets zero waste for landfill by 2020.

Canada and Israel use their brains together. A revolutionary neurological device using magnetic resonance-guided ultrasound, developed in Israel, is now being tested in Toronto.

Canadians so love Israel.  Note that in the penultimate paragraph of the previous article it says that the premier of Ontario province in Canada is so enamoured with Israel, that he bought a copy of the amazing book “Israel - Start up Nation” for each of his cabinet ministers and their staff.

Business “takes off”. Elbit systems has won yet another order for its Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – this time from the Brazilian Air Force.

Hello Mr Chips!  Microchip manufacturer Intel is recruiting 1000 more employees for its Israeli operation.  Israel is the centre of Intel’s nano-technology developments.

Israelis have real value.  Price Waterhouse survey states that although Israeli engineers are more expensive than Indian or Chinese engineers, the Israelis have many added benefits that make them worth their money.

Reducing risk to civilians.  Israel is installing smaller rockets on its helicopters to minimize collateral damage.

Arabs want Israeli citizenship.  Arab residents of East Jerusalem are lining up to request Israeli citizenship.

Big is Beautiful! Israel must be the only country in the world that celebrates beautiful women whatever shape they are.  Take a look at the annual pageant for bigger women.

However, Israel is helping the Chinese shape-up.  A new ultrasound device, that improves the shape of the body and reduces fat, has completed trials in China.

And finally, Egyptian scientist praises Israel after visit.
·        He realized there was nothing to fear and much to be learned about Israel and its Jewish and Arab citizens
·        “I thought Arabic would be something they’d stay away from, but every sign has Hebrew, Arabic and English”
·        “I met many Jewish people of Arab origin there. I did not know about that before."
·        "If people could see the 'other side' of Israel, its books and movies and science, I think that might make a difference”
·        "There is no doubt that Israeli science institutions and Israeli researchers would welcome having Arab researchers visit and collaborate with them.”
·        “It is an overall win-win game for both sides, if not more beneficial for Arab researchers."


Food for the starving! Israelis are boosting world food supplies to alleviate hunger in a way that preserves a sustainable environment.”  Read about the pitaya and the agricultural solutions Israel is bringing to the world.

Water for the thirsty!  Israel assembled a committee at the Swiss-based International Organization for Standardization to formulate universal guidelines to reusing waste-water in irrigation.  Israel’s exports of water-saving technologies total $1.5 billion a year.

Israel to remain hi-tec superpower! The future looks promising for Israel’s economic miracle to continue.

Israel has a great name! Tesco pays the Citrus Marketing Board of Israel 1 million shekels per year in order to give the “Jaffa” brand name to Peruvian and South African citrus fruits.

True friends! Canadian defence minister Peter MacKay and Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak signed a memorandum of understanding between Israel and Canada at the Israeli Defence Ministry in Tel Aviv.

Ringing the changes! Motorola Israel’s new building in Airport City is not only one of the largest buildings in the Israeli high-tech industry, but also one of the most technologically advanced, spacious, comfortable and environmentally friendly.  It opens a new era for the company in Israel.

Our loyal support! Israeli IT company Ness Technologies has won a $6 million deal with Loyalty Partner Solutions to help develop their service to the retail, travel and transportation industries.

Where there’s muck! Mapal Green Energy has seen its business surge over the past several months as it develops cheap effective sewage treatment technology

Don’t miss these gigs!  (For the younger readers) David Draiman – lead singer of metal band Disturbed explains why he loves Israel.  Separately Canadian sensation Justin Bieber reveals some fascinating information in advance of his forthcoming Tel Aviv performance.

No boycott at the LSE! A motion in favour of an academic boycott of Israel was defeated at the London School of Economics last week.

Freedom of speech! An Israeli speech therapist has restored the power of speech to a 21 year-old Palestinian Arab previously traumatised allegedly from an encounter with the IDF.

East Jerusalem Arabs prefer Israel to Palestinian state!  A poll of East Jerusalem Arabs, conducted by a joint American / Palestinian Arab organisation came out against PA control of East Jerusalem.

“Ramallah is like Europe”!  Dubai journalist Maisun Azzam declares that the world’s media has completely distorted the image of life for Palestinian Arabs.  She admits that bad news is newsworthy but good news isn’t!

Israel – where Palestinian Arabs are most welcome! Israel is the best country in the Middle East for Palestinian Arabs.  So says Mudar Zahran – a Palestinian Arab, now living in London.

Chalk and Cheese! The Israelis don’t put civilians in harm’s way, neither their own nor anyone else’s. At least they aren’t supposed to. They’ll go to jail if they do. But placing civilians in harms way is how things often go in the Arab world, I am sorry to say.

Admitting our mistakes! Israel treats and pays rent for the family of a Gaza girl paralysed by an Israeli missile that accidentally killed three other members of her family during Operation Cast Lead.

Israel was not to blame! Jawaher Abu Rahma did not die from tear gas but from the medical treatment she received at a Ramallah hospital.  She was not demonstrating but was inside a house 500 meters away.

Victory for common sense. Ben Gurion university has taken action against anti-Israel professors by requiring staff to separate their political activities from their professional responsibilities in the classroom.

Nazi collaborator’s building to become Jewish homes!  The Shepherd hotel once belonged to Hitler’s ally Amin Al-Husseini.  The British expelled Husseini in 1937 and confiscated the building. Jordan converted it into a hotel in 1948 and Israel captured it in 1967.  It was used as an Israeli court for several years before being purchased by Irving Moskowitz in 1985 for the development of housing for Jewish families.  Note that only a small part of the hotel is being demolished. The original structure is being preserved for historic value according to Jerusalem municipal laws that conserve historic sites built before 1948.


2010 was a sparkling year! Israel’s exports of polished diamond rose 48.1% to $5.9 billion in 2010 from $3.9 billion in 2009, and rough diamond exports rose to $3 billion from $1.9 billion.

Israel – the magic kingdom! A massive Disney park and multiplex is to be built in Haifa.

Providing safe harbour! Israel’s Maga Security Systems has won a big contract to secure a port in West Africa. The order follows last month's $21.4 million order to secure Kenya’s port of Mombasa.

Protecting children worldwide! For the first time, a delegation of Israeli experts trains Chinese paediatricians to diagnose and treat child abuse and neglect.

Invest in our success! The Israeli government has just implemented a new venture capital plan.  Access to venture capital has been one of the key reasons for Israel’s economic miracle over the last two decades.
(For background on this phenomenon, please read “Start-up Nation” by Dan Senor and Saul Singer.)

The power of nature! A Tel Aviv University doctorate student has identified the source of a specific hornet’s ability to generate energy from sunlight.

A breath of fresh air! Sweeping legislation governing air pollution in the country gets underway.

Goodbye fossil fuels! Israel may have discovered masses quantities of natural gas, but it has plans to become a world leader in production of clean energy.

So fill those lungs! Champion freediver Yoram Zekri is making Aliyah. Yoram can hold his breath for over six minutes and plans to use his breathing techniques to help asthma sufferers and stressed-out Israelis.
(Story and interview broadcast on IBA news 4th Jan 2011. Info about Yoram from this link)

Return to the land! Israel is successfully re-introducing animals that had disappeared from the country.

Supporting religious freedom! Israel has invested millions of shekels in upgrading the site of the Jordan river, made famous in the story of John the Baptist.

Good to be back! A month after the Carmel wildfire tore through the Yemin Orde youth village, hundreds of students returned to their refurbished homes at the boarding school.

No hiding place! Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston is working with an Israeli company to develop an application for early cancer diagnosis. BioView’s screening system can detect a single tumour cell.

No more pain! The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an Israeli company’s device for relieving lower back pain.  The invention stimulates nerves and may explain why acupuncture is so effective.

Fighting the flab! A new Israeli method to analyze fat may facilitate the breakdown of the cells that produce fat in our bodies, targeting rising rates of obesity and diabetes.

Up, up and away! Britain may have scrapped its Harrier jets but Israel’s pilot-less vertical take-off & landing jet has successfully completed the first phase of its test flights.

Returning to the Open Road! A new toll route into Tel Aviv will provide a stress-free journey to work for thousands of Israeli drivers.

What’s the damage? An Israeli Insurance company has launched an iPhone application to record and process accident claims directly at the scene.

Doesn’t it just get up your nose! A research team in Israel has developed an electronic sensor said to be even more sensitive and reliable than the nose of a sniffer dog. It utilises nano-technology and can detect explosives.

Catching the bad guys! Security monitoring systems provided by Israeli company NICE have been purchased by top US pre-paid credit card company Green Dot.

Full of eastern promise? Israel’s Makhteshim Agan Industries – the world’s 7th largest agro-chemical company – has merged with China’s National Chemical Corporation, expanding tiny Israel’s influence on the world’s most populous country.

Charging ahead! US giant General Motors made its first investment in Israel. It will use Powermat’s wireless charging mat in its new electric car – the Volt. Powermat has already sold millions of its innovative devices.

Come and see your heritage! Israel is to double its investment in Birthright tours in order to bring 50,000 youngsters to Israel each year.

And finally, to celebrate - We’ll all drink to that!  Israeli bartender Amit Gilad has won an international cocktail contest.


Powering ahead! Israel’s economy grew by 4.5% in 2010 – more than previous estimates and far exceeds the 2.7% average of OECD countries. Israel’s 6.7% unemployment rate is well below the 8.3% OECD average.

We’ve struck it rich! Israel’s Leviathan offshore natural gas deposit has been calculated to contain 16 trillion cubic feet of gas worth an estimated $45 billion - three times the size of the Tamar deposit.  Further discoveries are possible as 3D seismic surveys have commenced at the Gabriella site and will commence shortly at Gulliver.

Come and join us! A record 3.45 million visitors came to Israel in 2010 – up over 13% on the previous record year of 2008.

Healing the world! In just one month, Israel's Agency for International Development (MASHAV) has built a state-of-the-art Emergency Room in a Kenyan regional hospital.  It is the only ER facility for the area’s 6 million Kenyans.

Energizing Europe! An Israeli company is building solar energy farms in Italy.

Smart, friendly shopping! Israeli start-up Mobi-App has a new system that tells you exactly where the bargains are in the mall, as well as the people you want to meet.

Israel – centre of the world! Archaeologists have discovered 400,000 year-old teeth in a cave 12km east of Tel Aviv that suggests that modern man may have originated in Israel.

The great escape! An Israeli cargo ship belonging to the Zim company managed to evade pirates who attempted to seize the ship while it was sailing in the Indian Ocean. The Israeli ship increased speed and outran the pirates’ vessel.

Proud about Israel! Please read David Harris’s article on why he is proud to defend Israel. Particularly liked the bit about an orthodox Jewish Israeli driving instructor teaching a devout Muslim woman to drive.

We care for the other, and they care for us! Nizar Elkoury and Lubna Kadry – two Arabs happily perform their National Service at the Rambam hospital in Haifa.

A toast to our future success!

  • Ben Gurion University won 3 top awards at last month’s International Higher Education Conference

  • Hebrew University law students won first place in Red Cross competition on laws of warfare.

  • Tel Aviv University astronomers are at the forefront of discoveries about the origins and growth of black holes.

  • Bar Ilan professor Dr Oren Harman’s book “The Price of Altruism” (kindness) has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

  • At a gala ceremony, 186 Israeli immigrant university scientists received citations for scientific excellence.

  • Warning to competitors in this year’s International Mathematical Olympiad.  The Israeli team is being coached by the Davidson Institute of Science Education - the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Finally - The sky is the limit!

  • Three women graduated as Israeli Air Force pilots last week.  According to http://www.gnisrael.org.il/ one followed three generations of Israeli pilots.  Another, was born in the Amazon Basin and adopted by Israelis as a baby.
We wish all the graduates a successful and safe career guarding the Land of Israel and its people.